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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Masatake ABE {JP?}
(M: 1649 - 1704) Thomas ATKINSON
(M: 1604 - ?) Paolo BOCCONE
(M: 1633 Apr 24 - 1704 Dec 22) Icones Et Descriptiones Rariorum Plantarum Siciliae... [n|La-1674] Jacques Bénigne BOSSUET
(M: 1627 Sep 25 - 1704 Apr 12) g Discours Sur L'Histoire Universelle [n|Fr-1681] g Oraisons Funèbres [b|Fr-1689] g Oraison Funèbre De...Prince Louis De Bourbon [b|Fr-?] g Oraison Funèbre De Anne De Gonzague De Clèves [b|Fr-?] g Oraison Funèbre De Henriette-Marie De France [b|Fr-?] g Oraison Funèbre De Henriette-Anne D'Angleterre [b|Fr-?] g Oraison Funèbre De Marie-Thérèze D'Autriche [b|Fr-?] g De La Connaissance De Dieu Et De Soi-Même [n|Fr-?] g Sermon Du Mauvais Riche [n|Fr-?] g Sermon Sur L'Ambition [n|Fr-?] g Sermon Sur La Passion [n|Fr-?] g Sermon Sur La Providence [n|Fr-?] g Sermon Sur La Mort Et La Brieveté De La Vie [n|Fr-?] P Louis BOURDALOUE
(M: 1632 - 1704) g Sermons Pour Tous Les Jours Du Carême [e|Fr-?] Thomas BROWN
(M: 1663 - 1704 Jun 16) Amusements Serious And Comical [1700] Rev, Abraham DE LA PRYME
(M: 1671 Jan 15 - 1704 Jun 13) [Diary] [a|1870] John GADBURY
(M: 1627 - 1704) Philastrogus Knavery Epitomized [n|1652] Ephemerides [n|1672] Rev, William HUBBARD
(M: c1621 - 1704 Sep 14) Narrative Of The Troubles With The Indians In New-England [n|1677] The Happiness Of A People In The Wisdome Of Their Rulers [n|1676] Testimony Of The Order Of The Gospel In Churches [n|1701] A General History Of New England... [n|1815] Benjamin KEACH
(M: 1640 - 1704) Instructions For Children... [n|1664] War With The Devil... [n|1676] Jane LEAD, nee WARD
(F: 1624 or 1623 - 1704) & The Heavenly Cloud Now Breaking [n|1681] & The Revelation Of Revelations [n|1683] & The Enochian Walks With God [n|1694] & The Wonders Of God's Creation... [n|1695] & The Laws Of Paradise [n|1695] & A Message To The Philadelphian Society...Second Message... [e|1696] & The Tree Of Faith, And, The Ark Of Faith [e|1696] & A Revelation Of The Everlasting Gospel-Message [n|1697] & The Messenger Of An Universal Peace [n|1698] & The Signs Of The Times Forerunning The Kingdom Of Christ... [n|1699] & The Ascent To The Mount Of Vision [n|1699] & The Wars Of David And The Peaceable Reign Of Solomon [n|1700] Sir, Roger L'ESTRANGE
(M: 1616 Dec 17 - 1704 Dec 11) Marquis, Guillaume (François Antoine) de L'HÔPITAL
(M: 1661 - 1704 Feb 2) Analyse Des Infiniment Petits Pour L'Intelligence... [n|Fr-1696] John LOCKE
(M: 1632 Aug 29 - 1704 Oct 28) & Treatise On Civil Government [1] [n|1690] 7370,WE&Second Treatise Of (Civil) Government [2] [n|1690] 10615 An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding (anon) [4v|n|1690] & Some Thoughts Concerning Education [n|1693] Observations Upon The Growth And Culture Of Olives And Vines [n|1766] Two Treatises Of Government [1+2?] [2v|e|?] A Letter Concerning Toleration [n|?] & Further Considerations Concerning Raising The Value Of Money [n|?] Leonard MEAGER
(M: c1624 - c1704) Fr, Charles PLUMIER
(M: 1646 Apr 20 - 1704 Nov 20) Description Des Plantes De L'Amérique [n|Fr-1693] L'Art De Tournier [n|Fr-1701] Traité Des Fougères De L'Amérique [n|Fr-1704] John QUELCH
(M: c1666 - 1704)