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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Girdhar AASHIA
(M: 1613 - ?) Biagio ALDIMARI, aka Blasium ALTIMARUM
(M: 1630 - 1713) Pragmaticae, Edicta, Decreta...Regni Neapolitani [3v|n|It-1682-95] Canon, William CAVE
(M: 1637 Dec 30 - 1713 Jul 4) Primitive Christianity; Or, The Religion Of The Ancient... [2v|n|1672] Tabulae Ecclesiasticae [n|1674] Antiquitates Apostolicae; Or, The Lives, Acts...Holy Apostles [n|1675] Apostolici; Or, The History Of...Succeeded The Apostles [n|1677] A Dissertation...Government Of The Ancient Church By Bishops [n|1683] Ecclesiastici; Or, The History Of...Fathers Of The Church [n|1683] Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria... [2v|n|La-1688-98] Samuel COBB
(M: 1675 - 1713) 14528 Discourse On Criticism And Of Poetry [n|1707] Anthony Ashley COOPER, 3rd Earl of SHAFTESBURY
(M: 1671 Feb 26 - 1713 Feb 4) Enquiry Concerning Virtue [n|1699] Characteristics Of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times [n|1711/13] Arcangelo CORELLI
(M: 1653 Feb 17 - 1713 Jan 8) Thomas ELLWOOD
(M: 1639 Oct - 1713 Mar 1) Davideis [p|1712] A Collection Of Poems On Various Subjects [p|c1750] 6925 The History Of (The Life Of) Thomas Ellwood, Written By Himself [a|?] Francis HAUKSBEE, the Elder
(M: c1666 - c1713) Physico-Mechanical Experiments On Various Subjects [n|1709] Jean-Léonor LE GALLOIS, Sieur de GRIMAREST
(M: 1659 - 1713 Aug 23) 22613 La Vie De M De Molière [b|Fr-1705] George LONDON
(M: ? - 1713) Rev, Henry NEWCOME
(M: ? - 1713 May 19) The Divine Goodness A Pattern To All [n|1689] The Compleat Mother [n|1695] Transubstantiation Discuss'd [n|1705] A Serious Admonition To All Despisers Of The Clergy [n|1713] Archibald PITCAIRNE
(M: 1652 Dec 25 - 1713) Thomas RYMER
(M: c1642 - 1713 Dec 13 or 14) Edgar; Or, The English Monarch [d|1678] Tragedies Of The Last Age Considered [n|1678] Short View Of Tragedy [n|1692] Foedera [16v|n|1704-35] William SALMON
(M: 1644 - 1713) The English Herbal [n|1710] Bp, Thomas SPRAT
(M: 1635 - 1713 May 20) The Plague Of Athens [p|1659] History Of The Royal Society Of London... [n|1667] Fabian STEDMAN
(M: 1640 - 1713) (also wrote as: CAMPANISTA; A LOVER of that Art) 18567 Tintinnalogia; Or, The Art Of Ringing (ps: A LOVER of that Art) [n|1671] * Campanalogia; Or, The Art Of Ringing Improved [n|1677] Lord, YESTER
(M: 1646 - 1713)