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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1659 - 1715) * Traité Des Eunuques [Fr-?] Prof, Gilbert BURNET
(M: 1643 Sep 18 - 1715 Mar 7) Memoirs Of The...Dukes Of Hamilton [b|1677] History Of The Reformation In England [3v|n|1679/81/1714] ...The Life And Death Of...John Earl Of Rochester [b|1680] Life Of Sir Matthew Hale [b|1682] Exposition Of The Thirty-Nine Articles [n|1699] The History Of My Own Times [n|1724-34] Journal Of Lord Russell's Last Week [n|1739] Thomas BURNET
(M: c1635 - 1715 Sep 27) Telluris Theoria Sacra [n|La-1681] * The Sacred Theory Of The Earth [n|La-1681] (tr ?) [1684-90] Archaeolgiae Philosophicae [n|La-?] Mme, la CONNETABLE De COLONNA, aka Marie de MANCINI
(F: 1640 - 1715) Thomas CRANLEY
(M: fl c1635) Capt, William DAMPIER
(M: baptised 1651 Sep 5 (or 1652 Jun 8) - 1715 Mar) A Voyage Around The World [n|1697] #I A New Voyage Round The World [n|1697] I Voyages And Descriptions [n|1699] 15675,I A Voyage To New Holland [n|1703] Capt Dampier's Vindication Of His Voyage To The South Seas... [n|1707] 15685,I A Continuation Of A Voyage To New Holland [n|1709] Myles DAVIES
(M: 1662 - c1715) Mohsin FANI
(M: c1615 - ?) * The Dabistán [?-?] (tr David SHEA & Anthony TROYER) [?] Antoine GALLAND
(M: 1646 - 1715) John HAMMOND
(M: fl c1635-63) Leah And Rachel... [1656] John LANGFORD
(M: 1640 - 1715 or 1716) Nicolas LÉMERY
(M: 1645 Nov 17 - 1715 (wrongly 1717) Jun 19) Pharmacopée Universelle [n|Fr-1697] Traité Universel Des Drogues Simples [n|Fr-1698] Traité De L'Antimoine [n|Fr-1707] Louis-Armand de LOM d'ARCE, Baron de LAHONTAN / LA HONTAN
(M: 1666 Jun 9 - 1715) I Nouveaux Voyages De Mr Le Baron De Lahontan [n|Fr-1703] I New Voyages To North America [n|Fr-1703] (tr anon?) [1703] Lahontan's Voyages [n|Fr-1703] (tr ?) [1932] Nicolas MALEBRANCHE
(M: 1638 - 1715) Élie MARION
(M: 1678 May 31 - 1715 Nov 29) Mary MONCK
(F: c1678 - 1715) Charles MONTAGU, 1st Earl of HALIFAX
(M: 1661 Apr 16 - 1715 May 19) The Hind And The Panther... (w Matthew PRIOR) [1687] Francis MOORE
(M: 1657 Jan 29 - c1715) Old Moore's Almanack [1st annual edn] [n|1697] Robert NELSON
(M: 1656 Jun 22 - 1715 Jan 16) Transubstantiation Contrary To Scripture [n|1687] The Practice Of True Devotion (anon) [n|1698/1715] An Earnest Exhortation To House-keepers... [n|1702/?/?/1715] Companion For The Festivals And Fasts Of The Church Of England [n|1704] The Whole Duty Of A Christian...Question And Answer (anon) [n|1704] The Necessity Of Church Communion Vindicated... (anon) [n|1705] Instructions For Those That Come To Be Confirmed... [n|1706] The Great Duty Of Frequenting The Christian Sacrifice [n|1707] The Life Of Dr George Bul [b|1713] An Address To Persons Of Quality And Estate [n|1715] Songling PU
(?: 1640 - 1715) 26161 [Xing Shi Yin Yuan] [f|Ch-?] Abp, François de SALIGNAC, de LA MOTHE FÉNELON
(M: 1651 Aug 6 - 1715 Jan 7) g Traité De L'Éducation Des Filles [n|Fr-1687] + Treatise On The Education Of Daughters [n|Fr-1687] (tr T F DIBDIN) [1805] Traité Du Ministère Des Pasteurs [n|Fr-1688] Réfutation Du Système Du Père Malebranche Sur La Nature... [n|Fr-1688] 13914 Lettre À Louis XIV (w Henri GUILLEMIN) [n|Fr-1694] Explication Des Maximes Des Saints Sur La Vie Intérieure [n|Fr-1697] C The Maxims Of The Saints [n|Fr-1697] (tr ?) [?] 30779,g Les Aventures De Télémaque Suivies..D'Aritonoüs [Fr-1699] The Adventures Of Telemachus [Fr-1699] (tr ?) [1699] g Dialogues Des Morts, Composés Pour...Un Prince [n|Fr-1712] g Traité De L'Existence Et Des Attributs De Dieu [n|Fr-1712-18] 11044 The Existence Of God [n|Fr-1712-18] (tr ?) [?] Lettre Sur Les Occupations De L'Académie [n|Fr-1714] Fables Et Opuscules Pédagogiques [s|Fr-1718] g Dialogues Sur L'Éloquence En Générale... [n|Fr-1718] g Direction Pour La Conscience D'Un Roi [n|Fr-1734] C Spiritual Progress [n|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] Twenty Seven Moral Tales And Fables [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1729] g Sermons Et Entretiens Sur Divers Sujets [e|Fr-?] Thomas SAVERY
(M: c1650 - 1715) & The Miner's Friend; Or, An Engine To Raise Water By Fire [n|1702] Peter SLYNEHEAD
(M: ? - c1715) Nahum TATE, ne TEATE
(M: 1652 - 1715 Jul 30 (wrongly Aug 12)) Brutus Of Alba; Or, The Enchanted Lovers [d|1678] The Loyal General [d|1680] Richard II [d|1681] King Lear [d|1681] The Fall Of Coriolanus [d|1681] Cuckold's Haven [d|1685] A Duke And No Duke [d|1687] Thomas TYLDESLEY
(M: 1657 Apr 3 - 1714-15) WANG Ang
(?: 1615 - ?) 26888 [Ben Cao Bei Yao] [n|Ch-?] Thomas WHARTON, 1st Marquess of WHARTON
(M: 1648 Aug - 1715 Apr 12) Marc Antonio ZIANI
(M: 1653 - 1715)