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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: ? - c1718) Abbé, Gaspard ABEILLE
(M: 1648 - 1718 May 22) Argélie, Reine De Thessalie [d|Fr-pro:1673] Les Devoirs De La Terre Et Du Ciel [n|Fr-1675] Coriolan [d|Fr-pro:1676] Lyncée [d|Fr-pro:1678] Soliman [d|Fr-pro:1680] Crispin Bel Esprit [d|Fr-pro:1681] Hercule [d|Fr-pro:1681] Thomas ABERNETHIE
(M: fl 1638-41) Bathsheba BOWERS
(F: c1672 - 1718) Benjamin CHURCH
(M: 1639 - 1718) Entertaining Passages Relating To Philip's War (w Thomas CHURCH) [n|1716] The History Of King Philip's War (w Thomas CHURCH) [n|1772] The History Of The Eastern Expeditions... [n|1867] Rev, Drue CRESSENER
(M: baptised 1642 Jan 13 - 1718 Feb 20) The Judgments Of God Upon The Roman-Catholick Church [n|1689] A Demonstration Of...Protestant Application Of The Apocalypse [n|1690] Bp, Richard CUMBERLAND
(M: 1631 Jul 15 - 1718 Oct 9) De Legibus Naturae Disquisitio Philosophica [n|La-1672] An Essay Towards The Recovery Of The Jewish Measures And Weights [n|1686] Sanchoniatho's Phoenician History... [n|1720] Origines Gentium Antiquissimae [n|1724] Dean, Lawrence FOGG
(M: c1630 - 1718 Feb 27) Ferdinando GORGES
(M: 1630 - 1718) America Painted To The Life [n|1658-59] KONG Shangren
(?: 1648 - 1718) 24324 [Tao Hua Shan = Peach Blossom Fan] [Ch-?] Fr, Xyste LE TAC
(M: 1650 - 1718 Apr 10) Peter (Anthony) MOTTEUX
(M: 1660 Feb 18 - 1718 Feb 18) Jacques OZANAM
(M: 1640 Jun 16 - 1718 Apr 3) Table Des Sinus, Tangentes, Et Sécantes [n|Fr-1670] Methode Générale Pour Tracer Des Cadrans [n|Fr-1673] Geometrie Pratique [n|Fr-1684] Traité Des Lignes Du Premier Genre [n|Fr-1687] De L'Usage Du Compas [n|Fr-1688] Dictionnaire Mathématique [n|Fr-1691] Cours De Mathématiques [5v|n|Fr-1693] [?] [n|Fr-1693] (tr ?) [1712] Traité De La Fortification [n|Fr-1694] Récréations Mathématiques Et Physiques [2v|n|Fr-1694] Nouvelle Trigonométrie [n|Fr-1698] Méthode Facile Pour Arpenter [n|Fr-1699] Nouveaux Éléments D'Algèbre [n|Fr-1702] La Géographie Et Cosmographie [n|Fr-1711] La Perspective [n|Fr-1711] Récréations Mathématiques Et Physiques (2e w J ÉMONTUCLA) [n|Fr-1778] Thomas PARNELL
(M: 1679 - buried 1718 Oct 24) William PENN
(M: 1644 Oct 14 - 1718 Jul 30) The Sandy Foundation Shaken [n|1668] Truth Exalted, In A Short But Sure Testimony [n|1668] No Cross, No Crown: A Discourse...The Holy Cross Of Christ [n|1669] Treatise On Oaths [n|1672] England's Present Interest Considered [n|1672] An Address To Protestants Of All Persuasions [n|1679] A Letter To The Free Society Of Traders [n|1683] Some Fruits Of Solitude (anon) [n|1693] An Essay Towards The Present And Future Peace Of Europe [n|1693] More Fruits Of Solitude [n|?] & William Penn's Advice To His Children [n|?] & A Key, Opening The Way To Every Capacity... [n|?] 19377 A Brief Account Of The Rise And Progress Of...Quakers [n|?] 20534 A Sermon Preached At The Quaker's Meeting House...1694 [n|?] Prof, Adriaan/Adrian/Adrien RELAND, aka Hadrianus RELANDUS
(M: 1676 (or 1678) Jul 17 - 1718 Feb 5) Galatea: Lusus Poetica [p|La?-1701] De Religione Mohammedica Libri Duo [n|La-1705] Of The Mahometan Religion [3v|n|La-1705] (tr ?) [1712] Palaestina Ex Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata [n|La-1714] Nicholas ROWE
(M: baptised 1674 Jun 30 - 1718 Dec 6) The Ambitious Stepmother [d|1700] Tamerlane [d|1702] The Fair Penitent [d|1703] The Biter [d|1704] + Ulysses [d|1706] The Royal Convert [d|1707] 16275 Some Account Of The Life Of Mr William Shakespear [b|1709] 30505,k The Tragedy Of Jane Shore [d|1714] Lady Jane Grey [d|1715] Collected Works [1727] Rev, Richard WROE
(M: 1641 Aug 21 - 1717-18 Jan 1) Jacob ZEEUS
(M: 1686 - 1718)