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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Antonio CAMPO
(M: ? - ?) Cremona Fedelissimo Citta Et Nobilissima Coloniae De Romani [It-1645] Florent CARTON, Sieur d'ANCOURT
(M: 1661 Nov 1 - 1725 Dec 6 or 7) (wrote as: Florent Carton DANCOURT) Le Notaire Obligeant [d|Fr-pro:1685] La Désolation Des Joueuses [d|Fr-pro:1687] Le Chevalier À La Mode [d|Fr-1687] La Folle Enchère [d|Fr-1690] Les Bourgeoises De La Mode [d|Fr-1692] Les Vendanges De Suresnes [d|Fr-1694] Le Mari Retrouvé [d|Fr-1698] Les Bourgeoises De Qualité [d|Fr-1700] Les Trois Cousines [d|Fr-1700] Le Galant Jardinier [d|Fr-1704] Le Divertissement De Sceaux [d|Fr-1705] Le Diable Boiteux [d|Fr-1707] La Comédie Des Comédiens [d|Fr-1710] William COWARD
(M: c1657 - c1725) (also wrote as: Estibius PSYCHALETHES) Nathaniel CROUCH
(M: c1632 - c1725) The Young Man's Calling [1678] Choice Emblems... [1684] Delightful Fables In Prose And Verse [1691] Winter-Evening Entertainments [c1725] Johann Wilhelm ITTER
(M: ? - 1725) George MACKENZIE
(M: 1669 - 1725) Lives And Characters Of The Eminent Writers Of The Scots Nation [3v|b|1708-22] Paul RAPIN De THOGRAS
(M: 1661 Mar 25 - 1725 May 25) Alessandro SCARLATTI
(M: 1660 May 2 - 1725 Oct 24) SUGIMORI Nobumori
(M: 1653 - 1725 (or 1724) Jan 6) (wrote as: CHIKAMATSU Monzaemon) The Love Suicide At Amijima [d|Ja-1720] (tr Donald H SHIVELY) [1953] William WAGSTAFFE
(M: 1685 - 1725) * A Comment Upon The History Of Tom Thumb [1711] Thomas WALTER
(M: 1696 - 1725) Choice Dialogue Between John Faustus...Jack Tory... [1720] The Grounds And Rules Of Musick Explained... [n|1721] The Sweet Psalmist Of Israel [1722] Daniel WHISTLER
(M: ? - ?) Disputatio Medica Inauguralis De Morbo Puerili Anglorum [n|La-1645] Capt, John WHITE
(M: 1684 - 1725) Scout Journals, 1725 [a|1907] John WISE
(M: 1652 Aug 16 - 1725 Apr 5) The Churches Quarrel Espoused [n|1710] A Vindication Of The Government Of New-Englands Churches [n|1717] A Word Of Comfort To A Melancholy Country [n|1721] Juan de ZAVALETA
(M: 1625 - ?)