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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Lady, Grisell/Grizel BAILLIE, nee HOME / HUME
(F: 1665 Dec 25 - 1746 Dec 6) Robert BLAIR
(M: 1699 - 1746 Feb 4) Wilhelm Christian GMELIN
(M: 1684 Sep 30 - 1746 Apr 3) Das Große Geheimniß Der Offenbarung Jesu Christi In Uns [n|Ge-?] Sir, Thomas HANMER, 4th Baronet HANMER of Hanmer
(M: 1676 (or 1677) Sep 24 - 1746 May 7) 14899 Some Remarks On The Tragedy Of Hamlet (anon; attrib) [n|?] James HOWARD
(M: ? - ?) The English Mounsieur [d|1666] All Mistaken; Or, The Mad Couple [d|c1667] Prof, Francis HUTCHESON
(M: 1694 Aug 8 - 1746 Nov 1) Thoughts On Laughter [n|1725] k An Inquiry Into The Original Of Our Ideas Of Beauty And Virtue [e|1725/26/?/38] An Essay On The Nature And Conduct Of The Passions And Affections [e|1728] Considerations On Patronages, Addressed To Gentlemen Of Scotland [n|1735] Philosophiae Moralis Institutio Compendiaria... [n|La-1742] Metaphysicae Synopsis: Ontologiam, Et Pneumatologiam... [n|La-1742] A System Of Moral Philosophy, In Three Books [n|1755] Logicae Compendium [n|La-1756] Joseph François LAFITAU
(M: 1681 - 1746 (or 1740)) I Moeurs Des Sauvages Ameriquains Comparées... [4v|n|Fr-1724] Mary LEAPOR
(F: 1722 - 1746) Colin MACLAURIN
(M: 1698 Feb - 1746 Jun 14) Geometria Organica [n|La-1720] De Linearum Geometricarum Proprietatibus [n|La-1720] Treatise On Fluxions [2v|n|1742] Treatise On Algebra [n|1748] Account Of Newton's Discoveries [n|c1749] Rev, Charles OWEN
(M: ? - 1745-46 Feb) Philip PAIN
(M: fl c1666) Daily Meditations [p|1666] Thomas SOUTHERNE / SOUTHERN
(M: 1659 or 1660 - 1746 May 22 or 26) The Loyal Brother; Or, The Persian Prince [d|1682] The Disappointment; Or, The Mother In Fashion [d|1684] The Wives Excuse; Or, Cuckolds Make Themselves [d|1692] The Maids Last Prayer; Or, Any Rather Than Fail [d|1692] The Fatal Marriage [d|1694] Oroonoko [d|1695] The Fate Of Capua [d|1700] The Spartan Dame [d|1719] Money The Mistress [d|1729] Plays Written By Thomas Southerne [d|pub:1774] John Peter ZENGER
(M: 1697 - 1746 Jul 28) A Brief Narrative Of The Case And Tryal Of J P Zenger [a|1736] Peter ZORN
(M: 1682 - 1746)