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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: ? - c1751) Henri François d'AGUESSEAU
(M: 1668 - 1751) Tomaso (Giovanni) ALBINONI
(M: 1671 Jun 8 - 1751 (or 1750) Jan 17) Rev, John BOLD
(M: 1679 - 1751) Robert BURSCOUGH
(M: 1651 - ?) Rev, Philip DODDRIDGE
(M: 1702 Jun 26 - 1751 Oct 26) The Family Expositor; Or, A Paraphrase...Of The NT [6v|n|1739-56] 26097 Submission To Divine Providence In The Death Of Children [n|1740] C The Rise And Progress Of Religion In The Soul [n|1745] Some Remarkable Passages In The Life Of Col James Gardiner [b|1747] The Principles Of The Christian Religion [p|1751] Course Of Lectures On Pneumatology, Ethics And Divinity [e|1763] 11253 The Life Of Col James Gardiner:...Battle Of Prestonpans... [b|1832] William HAMILTON, of Gilbertfield
(M: c1665 - 1751 May 24) John HERVEY, 1st Earl of BRISTOL
(M: 1665 Aug 27 - 1750-51 Jan 20) John KELLY
(M: c1680 - 1751 Jul 16) Batty LANGLEY
(M: baptised 1696 Sep 14 - 1751) New Principles Of Gardening [n|1728] Pomona; Or, The Garden Fruit, Illustrated... [n|1729] James LOGAN
(M: 1674 - 1751) Experimenta Et Meletemata De Plantarum Generatione [n|La-1747] Scientific Papers Of James Logan (ed Roy N LOKKEN) [e|1972] Jean-Philippe LOŸS De CHÉSEAUX
(M: 1718 - 1751) Traité De La Comete [n|Fr-1744] Henry ST JOHN, 1st Viscount BOLINGBROKE
(M: 1678 Oct 1 - 1751 Dec 12) Letter To Sir William Wyndham [a|1717] Letters On The Study And Use Of History [e|1752] A Dissertation On Parties [n|1735] A Letter On The Spirit Of Patriotism [n|1736] The Idea Of A Patriot King [n|1749] Some Reflections On The Present State Of The Nation [n|1749] Reflection On Exile [n|1752] Philosophical Works [e|1752] Collected Works [e|1752] 5132 Letters To Sir William Windham And Mr Pope [a|?] Michel-Étienne TURGOT, Marquis de SOUSMONT
(M: 1690 - 1751) Rev, George WHITE
(M: ? - buried 1751 Apr 29) Johann Heinrich ZEDLER
(M: 1706 - 1751)