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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Simon-Joseph ABRY
(M: 1675 - 1756) Abbess, Maria AGUILAR, aka Sor Maria Agueda de San Ignacio
(F: 1695 Mar 3 - 1756 Feb 25) James ALEXANDER
(M: 1691 - 1756) John BOSWELL
(M: 1698 - 1756) Thomas COOKE, aka 'Hesiod' COOKE
(M: 1703 Dec 6 - 1756 Dec 29 (wrongly 20)) Love The Cause And Cure Of Grief; Or, The Innocent Murderer [d|pro:1744] César Chesneau DU MARSAIS / DUMARSAIS
(M: 1676 Jul 17 - 1756 Jun 11) g Des Tropes [Fr-?] Logique Et Principes De Grammaire [n|Fr-1792] Elizabeth ELSTOB
(F: 1683 - 1756) 15329 An Apology For The Study Of Northern Antiquities [n|1715] Johann Hermann FURSTENAU
(M: 1688 - 1756) Alexander GARDEN
(M: 1685 - 1756 Sep 27) George HALKET / HACKET
(M: ? - 1756) Dr, Alexander HAMILTON
(M: c1712 - 1756 May 11) (also wrote as: Loquacious SCRIBBLE, Esq) Itinerarium [1744] The History Of The Ancient And Honorable Tuesday Club [?] Eliza HAYWOOD, nee FOWLER
(F: c1693 - 1756 Feb 25) Love In Excess [f|1719] The British Recluse [f|1722] A Wife To Be Lett [d|pro:1724] The Fatal Secret [f|1724] Mary Stuart, Queen Of Scots [b|1725/26] Memoirs Of A Certain Island Adjacent To Utopia... [f|1725] Secret Histories, Novels And Poems [f|1725] The Secret History Of...Caramania [f|1727] The Opera Of Operas [d|1733] Adventures Of Eovasi, Princess Of Ijaveo [f|1736] 10804 The Fortunate Foundlings [1744] 15455 Life's Progress Through The Passions (anon?) [1748] * The History Of Miss Betsy Thoughtless [f|1751] The History Of Jemmy And Jenny Jessamy [f|1753] Francesco Saverio QUADRIO
(M: 1695 - 1756) Sir, Dudley RYDER
(M: 1691 - 1756 May 25) Owen SYLLAVAN (ps)
(M: ? - 1756) A Short Account... [a|1756] Izumo TAKEDA
(M: 1688 - 1756) Charles VINER
(M: 1678 - 1756) A General Abridgement Of Law And Equity [23v|n|1742-53] Anne WENTWORTH
(F: fl 1676-79) & The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [n|c1677] Johannes Jakob ZIMMERMANN
(M: 1695 - 1756)