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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Caspar ABEL
(M: 1676 Jul 14 - 1763 Jan 11) Jubelfest Des Brandenburgischen Unterthanen [p|Ge-1700] Preußische Und Brandenburgische Reichs- Und Staatshistorie [2v|n|Ge-1701] Abbildung Eines Rechtschaffenen Predigers [p|Ge-1710] Preußische Und Brandenburgische Reichs- Und Staatsgeographie [2v|n|Ge-1711] Deutsche Und Sächsische Altertümer [3v|n|Ge-1729-32] Stift-, Stadt- Und Landchronica Des Fürstenthums Halberstadt [n|Ge-1745] Hannah Archer ALLEN
(F: fl c1683) John BYROM
(M: 1692 Feb 29 - 1763 Sep 26 (or 28)) Pastoral [?] Private Journal And Literary Remains [a|?] CAO Xueqin, ne CAO Zhan
(M: c1717 - 1763) 24264 [Hung Lou Meng = A Dream Of Red Mansions] [f|Ch-?] 9603 ...The Dream Of The Red Chamber [f|Ch-?] (tr H B JOLY) [2v|1892] Mary COLLYER
(F: c1716 - c1763) Olof von DALIN
(M: 1708 Aug 29 - 1763 Aug 12) (also wrote as: Arngrim BERSERK) Brynilda [Sw-1738] Den Afwundsiuke [Sw-1738] Sagan Om Hästen [Sw-1740] Swenska Friheten [Sw-1742] Svea Rikes Historia [4v|Sw-1747-62] Witterhets-Arbeten [6v|Sw-1767] Jared ELIOT
(M: 1685 Nov 7 - 1763 Apr 22) Richard FINCH
(M: 1710 - 1763) 28401 Free And Impartial Thoughts, On The Sovereignty Of God [n|?/1745] Thomas GODFREY, Jr
(M: 1736 Dec 4 - 1763 Aug 3) The Court Of Fancy [p|1762] 29222,A The Prince Of Parthia [d|1759] Juvenile Poems On Various Subjects... [p|1765] Jacques-Martin HOTTETERRE
(M: 1674 Sep 29 - 1763 Jul 16) William HOUSCHONE
(M: ? - ?) Scotland Pulling Down The Gates Of Rome [n|1683] Samuel IZACKE
(M: 1663 - ?) Remarkable Antiquities Of The City Of Exeter (w Richard IZACKE) [n|1723] Rev, John JACKSON
(M: 1686 - 1763) Johann Gottlieb JANITSCH
(M: 1708 Jun 19 - c1763) William KING
(M: 1685 - 1763) The Toast [1736] Political And Literary Anecdotes Of His Own Times [?] Brother, LAMECH
(M: ? - 1763) Sieur, Raveneau de LUSSAN
(M: 1663 - ?) Journal Du Voyage Fait A Lamer Du Sud Avec Les Flibustiers... [n|Fr-1688] A Journal Of A Voyage Made Into The South Sea [n|Fr-1688] (tr ?) [1704] ...Voyage Into The South Seas In 1684... [n|Fr-1688] (tr ?) [?] Raveneau De Lusan... [n|Fr-1688] (tr Marguerite Eyer WILBUR) [1930] Alain Manesson MALLET
(M: ? - ?) Description De L'Univers [5v|n|Fr-1683] Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de MARIVAUX
(M: 1688 Feb 4 - 1763 Feb 12) (also wrote as: M D***) Le Jeu De L'Amour Et Du Hasard [d|Fr-1730] Love In Livery [d|Fr-1730] (tr ?) [?] La Vie De Marianne [unfinished] [f|Fr-1731-41] Le Paysan Parvenu [unfinished] [f|Fr-1735-36] Le Legs [d|Fr-1736] The Legacy [d|Fr-1736] (tr ?) [1915] Les Fausses Confidences [d|Fr-1737] False Confessions [d|Fr-1737] (tr ?) [1958] L'Épreuve (ps: M D***) [d|Fr-1740] 12504 A Selection From The Comedies Of Marivaux (ed E W OLMSTEAD) [d|Fr-1901] + The Generous Artifice [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] Hedvig Charlotte/Charlotta NORDENFLYCHT
(F: 1718 - 1763) Thomas PERCIVAL
(M: 1719 Sep 1 - 1763) A Letter Occasioned... [n|1759] Abbé, Antoine François PRÉVOST (d'EXILES)
(M: 1697 Apr 1 - 1763 Dec 23) 17983 (Les Aventures Du Chevalier Des Grieux Et De) Manon Lescaut [f|Fr-1731] 468 Manon Lescaut [Fr-1731] (tr anon) [?] 23610 Voyages Du Capitaine Robert Lade... (anon) [Fr-1764] Mémoires D'Un Homme De Qualité [Fr-?] George PSALMANAZAR
(M: c1679 - 1763 May 3) Description Of Formosa [n|1704] A General History Of Printing [n|c1728] Memoirs [a|1764] William SHENSTONE
(M: 1714 Nov 13 - 1763 Feb 11) Poems Upon Various Occasions (anon) [p|1737] The Judgment Of Hercules (anon) [p|1741] The School-Mistress (anon) [p|1742] Pastoral Ballad [1755] The Works In Verse And Prose Of William Shenstone [2v|1764] The Works In Verse And Prose Of W Shenstone, Esq [3v|1764-69] Essays On Men And Manners [e|?] Songs And Ballads [p|?] Odes [p|?] Levities; Or, Pieces Of Humour [?] Elegies [p|?] Inscriptions [?] Moral Pieces [?] William SMELLIE
(M: 1697 - 1763 Jun 5) James STERLING
(M: c1701 - 1763 Nov 10) An Epistle To The Hon Arthur Dobbs [n|1752] Zeal Against The Enemies Of Our Country... [n|1755]