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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Gio Petro Francesco AGIUS De SOLDANIS
(M: 1712 Oct 31 - 1770 Jan 30) Mark AKENSIDE
(M: 1721 Nov 9 - 1770 Jun 23) The Pleasures Of Imagination [p|1744/57] Odes On Several Subjects [p|1745] A The Poetical Works Of Mark Akenside (ed Rev Alexander DYCE) [p|1863] 9814 Poetical Works Of Akenside (ed George GILFILLAN) [p|?] Alasdair MacMhaighstir ALASDAIR
(M: c1695 - c1770) (wrote as: Alexander MACDONALD) Bernhard Siegfried ALBINUS
(M: 1697 Feb 22 - 1770 Sep 9) Tabulae Sceleti Et Musculorum Corporis Humani [n|La-1747] Charles AVISON
(M: 1709 - 1770) Essay On Musical Expression [n|1752] Freiherr, Jakob Friedrich von BIELFELD
(M: 1717 Mar 5 - 1770 Apr 5) Institutions Politiques [n|Fr-1762] Elements Of Universal Erudition [n|Fr-1767] (tr W HOOPER) [1770] Nathaniel BUCK
(M: c1700 - c1770) Buck's Antiquities (w Samuel BUCK) [3v|n|1774] Thomas CHATTERTON
(M: 1752 Nov 20 - 1770 Aug 24 or 25) (also wrote as: Thomas ROWLEY) 13037 The Rowley Poems [p|?] Collected Works [1803] Alexander CRUDEN, aka 'the Corrector'
(M: 1701 May 31 - 1770 Nov 1) Concordance To The Holy Scriptures [n|1737] A Complete Concordance To The Holy Scriptures [n|?] Zacchaus DAVIES
(M: 1737 - 1770) Princess, Natalia (Borisovna) DOLGORUKAIA
(F: c1713 - c1770) The Memoir Of Princess Natalia Borisovna Dolgorukaia [a|1767] Richard EDWARDS {US}
(M: 1727 - 1770) Richard Edwards (Sheriff's Deputy) Of Hartford Colony... [a|1924] Hannah GLASSE, nee REYNOLDS
(F: baptised 1708 Mar 14 - 1770 Sep 1) The Art Of Cookery Made Plain And Easy [n|1747] The Servant's Directory; Or, The House-Keeper's Companion [n|1757] The Compleat Confectioner [n|1760] Thomas GURNEY
(M: 1705 - 1770) Brachygraphy [n|1750] Henry JONES
(M: 1721 - 1770 Apr) 31397 The Earl Of Essex [d|1753] The Relief; Or, Day Thoughts [p|1754] Kew Garden [p|1763] The Isle Of Wight [p|1766] Clifton [p|1767] Shrewsbury Quarry [p|1769] John JORTIN
(M: 1698 Oct 23 - 1770 Sep 5) Philippe MACQUER
(M: 1720 Feb 15 - 1770 Jan 27) Abrégé Chronologique De L'Histoire Ecclésiastique... [2v|n|Fr-1751] Annales Romaines; Ou, Abrégé Chronologique De L'Histoire...(n) [Fr-1756] Abrégé Chronologique...Espagne... (w HÉNAULT & LACOMBE) [n|Fr-1759] Dictionnaire Portatif Des Arts Et Métiers [2v|n|Fr-1766] Dictionnaire Raisonné Universel Des Arts Et Métiers (w JAUBERT) [n|Fr-1773] Rev, Philip MORANT / MOURANT
(M: 1700 Oct 6 - 1770 Nov 25) Carlo Alessi PISANI
(M: 1711 Nov 3 - 1770 Jun 15) Antoine QUARTIER
(M: ? - ?) (also wrote as: F A Q) 26432 L'Esclave Religieux, Et Ses Avantures [Fr-1690] Domingos dos Reis QUITA
(M: 1728 - 1770) Richard ROLT
(M: c1725 - 1770 Mar 2) William RONKLEY
(M: fl c1690) The Child's Week's-Work [1712] Herman ROSENCRANTZ
(M: 1716 - 1770) The Life And Confession Of Herman Rosencrantz, Executed... [a|1770] Rev, John SEDDON
(M: 1724 Dec 8 - 1770 Jan 22) A Form Of Prayer... [n|1763] Capt, George SHELVOCKE, the Elder
(M: ? - ?) A Voyage Round The World...1718 [n|1726] Rev, Daniel STANTON
(M: 1708 - 1770) A Journal... [a|1772] James STIRLING, aka Jacobo STIRLING
(M: 1692 May - 1770 Dec 5) Lineae Tertii Ordinis Neutonianae [n|La-1717] Catherine TALBOT
(F: 1720 - 1770) Edward WESTON
(M: c1702 - 1770) The Englishman Directed In The Choice Of His Religion [n|1748] George WHITEFIELD
(M: 1714 - 1770) Journals [7v|a|1738-41] Five Sermons On The Following Subjects... [e|1846] Hymns For Social Worship [p|1753] Works [6v|1771-72] & To...Wesley, In Answer To His Sermon, Entitled Free Grace [n|?] C Sermons [e|?] Antonio ZANON
(M: 1696 - 1770) Della Utilità Morale, Economica, E Politica... [n|It-1774] Dell'Agricoltura, Dell'Arti, E Del Commercio [n|It-1763-66] Saggio Di Storia Della Medicina Veterinaria [n|It-1770] Marcin Jozef ZEBROWSKI
(M: 1702 - 1770)