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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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AARON Ben JACOB, the Great (of Karlin)
(M: 1736 - 1772) Richard ABBOTT
(M: fl 1692-1727) Gottfried ACHENWALL
(M: 1719 - 1772) Anmerkungen Über Nordamerika [n|Ge-?] 24752 Achenwall's Observations On North America [n|Ge-?] (tr J G ROSENGARTEN) [1903] John Conrade AMMAN
(M: ? - ?) 12014 The Talking Deaf Man [n|1692] Jakob BAEGERT
(M: 1717 - 1772) Vicente BARBOSA
(M: ? - ?) 19947 Compendio Da Relaçam, Que Veyo Da India O Anno De 1691 [n|Pt-1692] Charles Clinton BEATTY
(M: c1715 - 1772 Aug 13) John CANTON
(M: 1718 - 1772) Charles Pinot DUCLOS
(M: 1704 Feb 12 - 1772 Mar 26) g Acajou Et Zirphile [f|Fr-?] g Considérations Sur Les Moeurs De Ce Siècle [n|Fr-?] g Histoire De Louis XI [n|Fr-?] g Histoire De Madame De Luz, Anecdote Du Règne De Henri IV [Fr-?] g Le Philosophe [n|Fr-?] g Mémoires Pour Servir À L'Histoire Des Moeurs Du XVIIIe Siècle [Fr-?] Joshua EATON
(M: 1714 - 1772) (Marie-)Justine(-Benoîte) FAVART, nee DURONCERAY
(F: 1727 Jul 15 - 1772 Apr 21) g Les Trois Sultanes (w Charles S FAVART) [Fr-?] Samuel FOTHERGILL
(M: 1715 Sep 9 - 1772 Jun 15) JIANG Risheng
(?: ? - ?) 27218 [Taiwan Wai Ji] [Ch-1692] Samuel JOHNSON
(M: 1696 Oct 14 - 1772 Jan 6) Ethices Elementa [n|La?-1746] Elementa Philosophica [n|La?-1752] English And Hebrew Grammar [n|1757] Samuel Johnson... (ed Carol SCHNEIDER & Herbert SCHNEIDER) [?v|1929] William LOGAN
(M: 1747 - 1772) Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale, De Regimine Phthisicorum [n|La-1770] John MASON
(M: ? - ?) 13274 A Little Catechism With Little Verses...For Little Children [n|1692] Andrés PIQUER
(M: 1711 - 1772) Discurso Sobre La Aplicacion De La Philosophia...Religion [n|Sp-1757] Philosophia Moral Para La Juventud Española [n|Sp-1775] 12840 Logica [Sp-1781] Obras Póstumas Del Doctor Don Andres Piquer [Sp-1785] Prof, Robert Joseph POTHIER
(M: 1699 Jan 9 - 1772 Mar 2) Pandectae Justinianae In Novum Ordinem Digestae [n|La-1748-52] Traité Des Obligations [n|Fr-1761] Du Contrat De Vente [n|Fr-1762] Du Contrat De Bail [n|Fr-1764] Du Contrat De Société [n|Fr-1765] Des Contrats De Prêt De Consomption [n|Fr-1766] Du Contrat De Depot Et De Mandat [n|Fr-1766] Du Contrat De Nantissement [n|Fr-1767] O=Evres De Pothier (ed Jean Joseph BUGNET) [Fr-1845] Bryan SHEEHAN
(M: ? - 1772) The Life Of Bryan Sheehan... [a|1772] Robert STOBO
(M: 1727 - c1772) Emanuel SWEDENBORG
(M: 1688 Jan 29 - 1772 Mar 29) The True Christian Religion [n|?-?] (tr ?) [1771] The Future Life [n|?-?] (tr Lady WILDE) [1874] & The Heavenly City [n|?-?] (tr Lee WOOFENDEN) [?] 17368,& Heaven And Its Wonders And Hell... [n|?-?] (tr John C AGER) [?] Angelic Wisdom Concerning... [n|La-1764] (tr ?) [1794] Angelic Wisdom Concerning... [n|La-1764] (tr R Norman FOSTER) [1868] 16627 Angelic Wisdom Concerning... [n|La-1764] (tr John AGER) [1905] Angelic Wisdom Concerning... [n|La-1764] (tr W C DICK & E J PULSFORD) [1950] 18507 Angelic Wisdom About Divine Providence [n|La-1764] (tr W F WUNSCH) [?] Angelic Wisdom About Divine Providence [n|La-1764] (tr G F DOLE) [?] Delitiæ Sapientiæ De Amore Conjugiali [n|La-1768] 11248 Delights Of Wisdom Pertaining To Conjugial Love [n|La-1768] (tr ?) [1892] 14026 Spiritual Life And The Word Of God [n|?] 15768 The Gist Of Swedenborg (ed Julian K SMYTH & William F WUNSCH) [n|?] 16044 Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets [n|?-?] (tr ?) [?] New Jerusalem And Its Heavenly Doctrines [n|?] Arcana Caelestia [n|La-?] Prof, William WILKIE
(M: 1721 Oct 5 - 1772 Oct 10) The Epigoniad [9v|p|1757] John WOOLMAN
(M: 1720 Oct 19 - 1772 Oct 7) Some Considerations On The Keeping Of Negroes [n|1754/62] Considerations On Pure Wisdom And Human Policy [n|1758] Considerations On The True Harmony Of Mankind [n|1770] Epistle [1772] C The Journal Of John Woolman [a|1774] A First Book For Children [1774] Plea For The Poor (aka: Word Of...Caution To The Rich) [n|1793] Israel ZAMOSC
(M: ? - 1772) Franz Xaver ZECH
(M: 1692 - 1772) Honorati Leotardi J C Et Senatoris Niciensis Liber Singula [La-1761] Freiherr, Johann Jacob ZWIERLEIN
(M: 1699 - 1772)