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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Johann Lorenz ALBRECHT
(M: 1732 - 1773) Grundliche Einleitung... [n|Ge-?] Levi AMES
(M: 1752 - 1773 Oct 21) The Last Words And Dying Speech... [a|1836] Pietro Santi BARTOLI
(M: ? - ?) Admiranda Romanarum Antiquitatum Ac Veteris Sculpturae Vestigia [n|La-1693] Columna Cochlis M Aurelio Antonino Augusto Dicata... [n|La-?] Hubert-François BOURGUIGNON
(M: 1699 Mar 26 - 1773 Apr 20) (wrote as: Hubert-François GRAVELOT) Fr, Alban BUTLER
(M: G 1710 Oct 24 - 1773 May 16) 20450 Lives Of The Fathers, Martyrs, And Principal Saints [4v|b|1756-59] Rev, John CLAYTON
(M: 1709 - 1773 Sep 25) Friendly Advice To The Poor [n|1755] ? de CROS
(M: ? - ?) * Letter From Monsieur De Cros...Sir Wm Temple's Memoirs... [n|1693] John CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1729 - 1773 Sep 18) Love In A Mist [d|1747] Poems, Chiefly Pastoral [p|1766] John GREGORY
(M: 1724 - 1773) + A Father's Legacy to His Daughters [1809] John HAWKESWORTH, aka H GREVILLE
(M: c1715 - 1773) 14013 Almoran And Hamet: An Oriental Tale In Two Volumes [f|1761] An Account Of The Voyages Undertaken...Southern Hemisphere (ed) [n|1773] John HUTCHINS
(M: 1698 - 1773) The History And Antiquities Of Sherbourne...Dorset [n|1815] History Of The Blandford Division Of The County Of Dorset [n|1860] The History And Antiquities Of The County Of Dorset [n|1861] Charles JENNENS
(M: 1700 - 1773) Samuel JOHNSON
(M: 1691 - 1773) (wrote as: Hurlo THRUMBO) 20535 The Merry-Thought; Or, The Glass-Window And Bog-House Miscellany [1731] George LYTTELTON, 1st Baron LYTTELTON
(M: 1709 Jan 17 - 1773 Aug 22 or 24) 17667 Dialogues Of The Dead [1760] The History Of The Life Of Henry The Second [b|1767-71] Ignazio Saverio MIFSUD
(M: 1722 Feb 16 - 1773 Jun 28) Marianne-Agnès PILLEMENT, Dame de FAUQUES
(F: c1720 - 1773) (wrote as: AUTEUR d'Abassaï) Abbassaï: Histoire Orientale [Fr-1753] I La Derniere Guerre Des Bêtes [3v|Fr-1758] Last War Of The Beasts [Fr-1758] (tr ?) [1758] History Of The Marchioness De Pompadour [b|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1760] Oriental Anecdotes [Fr-?] (tr ?) [1764] Johann Joachim QUANTZ
(M: 1697 Jan 30 - 1773 Jul 12) Versuch Einer Anweisung Die Flöte Traversiere Zu Spielen [n|Ge-1752] On Playing The Flute [n|Ge-1752] (tr Edward R REILLY) [1966] Philip Dormer STANHOPE, 4th Earl of CHESTERFIELD
(M: 1694 Sep 22 - 1773 Mar 24) 3361 Letters To His Son, And Others [a|1774] Letters To His Godson [a|1890] Todu YOSHIMASU
(M: 1702 - 1773) Jan ZACH
(M: 1699 - 1773) Philip ZWEERTS
(M: ? - 1773)