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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1732 - 1775 Jun 23) James ABERCROMBY
(M: 1707 - 1775) An Examination Of The Acts Of Parliament...Our American Colonies [n|1752] Feliz Joseph de ABREU y BERTODANO
(M: c1700 - 1775) Tratado Juridico-Politico, Sobre Pressas De Mar... [n|Sp?-1746] Rev, Amos ADAMS
(M: 1728 (or 1727) Sep 1 - 1775 Oct 5) Religious Liberty [n|1767] A Concise Historical View Of...Improvement In New England... [n|1769] Thomas ASHTON
(M: 1716 - 1775) Pierre Laurent Beyrette/Buirette de BELLOY
(M: 1727 Nov 17 - 1775 Mar 5) (wrote as: Dormont de BELLOY) g Gabrielle De Vergy [Fr-?] g Gaston Et Bayard [Fr-?] g Le Siège De Calais [Fr-?] Pierre-Joseph BERNARD
(M: 1708 Aug 26 - 1775 Nov 1) (also wrote as: GENTIL-BERNARD; SIEUR) g L'Art D'Aimer [Fr-?] Les Surprises De L'Amour [n|Fr-1748] Fr, João Baptista de CASTRO
(M: 1700 - 1775) * Mappa De Portugal Antigo, E Moderno [n|Pt-1762] Fr, Emmanuel CRESPEL
(M: c1703 - 1775 Apr 28) Juan Antonio EGUIARRETA
(M: 1712 - c1775) Bp, Robert FORBES
(M: 1708 - 1775) * The Lyon In Mourning (ed Henry PATON) [3v|e|1895-96] Caetano de GOUVEA PACHECO
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: Cosme da GUARDA) Vida E Accoeno Do Famoso E Felicissima Sevagy [b|Pt-1695] Life Of The Celebrated Sevagy [b|Pt-1695] (tr ?) [1930] 'Sir', John HILL
(M: baptised 1714 Nov 17 - 1775 Nov 22 (or 21)) The Useful Family Herbal [n|1755] The British Herbal [n|1756] The Vegetable System [26v|n|1756-75] 30099 Hypochondriasis: A Practical Treatise On...The Hyp And Hypo [n|1766] Virtues Of British Herbs [n|1771] A Decade Of Curious Insects [n|1773] Antoine LE PAGE DU PRATZ
(M: ? - 1775) 9153 History Of Louisisana [n|Fr-?] (tr anon) [?] Freiherr, Karl Ludwig von PÖLLNITZ
(M: 1692 Feb 25 - 1775 Jun 23) Mémoires [a|Fr-1734] * The Memoirs Of Charles-Lewis... [a|Fr-1734] (tr S WHATLEY) [2v|1737/39] Josiah QUINCY, 'Jr', the Elder
(M: 1744 Feb 23 - 1775 Apr 26) Observations On...The Boston Port-Bill [n|1774] Jacob SPEX
(M: 1704 - 1775)