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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1727 Jun (or Jul) 1 - 1779 Sep 30) Heroica Deo Carmina [p|La-1769] Geografia Hidraulica [n|Sp-?] Johann/Jean ADAM
(M: c1705 - 1779 Nov 13) Elizabeth Frances AMHERST, aka Elizabeth Frances THOMAS
(F: c1716 - 1779) Dr, John ARMSTRONG
(M: c1709 - 1779 Sep 7) (also wrote as: Launcelot TAYLOR) The Art Of Preserving Health [p|1744] Luisa BERGALLI, Mrs GOZZI
(F: 1703 - 1779) Antonio María BUCARELI y URSÚA
(M: 1717 - 1779) Reglamento [n|1773] Samuel BUCK
(M: 1696 - 1779 Aug 17) Buck's Antiquities (w Nathaniel BUCK) [3v|n|1774] Thomas CHIPPENDALE
(M: baptised 1718 Jun 5 - 1779 Nov) Jemima CONDICT
(F: 1754 - 1779) Capt, James COOK
(M: J 1728 Oct 27 - 1779 Feb 14) Sailing Directions [n|1766-68] 21915,I Directions For Navigating On...South Coast Of Newfoundland [n|1766] 15777,I A Voyage Towards The South Pole And Round The World... [2v|n|1777] I A Voyage To The Pacific Ocean... (w James KING) [4v|n|1784] I The Three Voyages Of Captain James Cook Round The World [7v|n|1821] Voyages Of Discovery (ed John BARROW) [n|1871] Captain Cook's Journal During His First... (ed W J L WHARTON) [n|1893] The Three Voyages Of Captain James Cook (ed Guy N POCOCK) [n|1941] 8106 Captain Cook's Journal During The First Voyage Round The World [n|?] Alexander DOW
(M: c1735 - 1779 Jul 31) History Of Hindostan [3v|n|1768] Zingis [d|pro:1769/pub:1769] Sethona [d|pro:1774] William Henry DRAYTON
(M: 1742 - 1779) Memoirs Of The American Revolution [n|1821] Letter From Freeman Of South Carolina [n|?] Honora EDGEWORTH, nee SNEYD
(F: ? - 1779) Practical Education (w Richard Lovell EDGEWORTH) [e|1780] David FERRIS
(M: 1707 - 1779) Memoirs... [a|1855] David GARRICK
(M: 1717 Feb 19 - 1779 Jan 20) Lethe; Or, Aesop In The Shades [d|1740] The Lying Valet [d|1741] Miss In Her Teens [d|1747] Lilliput [d|1756] + Katherine And Petruchio [d|1756] & Florizel And Perdita [d|1756] The Male Coquette; Or, Seventeen Fifty Seven [d|1757] The Guardian [d|1759] Harlequin's Invasion [d|1759] The Enchanter; Or, Love And Magic [d|1760] The Farmer's Return From London [d|1762] The Clandestine Marriage (w COLMAN) [d|1766] The Country Girl [d|1766] Neck Or Nothing [d|1766] Cymon [d|1767] Linco's Travels [d|1767] A Peep Behind The Curtain; Or, The New Rehearsal [d|1767] The Jubilee [d|1769] The Irish Widow [d|1772] A Christmas Tale [d|1773] The Meeting Of The Company; Or, Bayes's Art Of Acting [1774] Bon Ton; Or, High Life Above Stairs [d|1775] The Theatrical Candidates [1775] May-Day; Or, The Little Gypsy [d|1775] Romeo And Juliet [d|?] Augustus John HERVEY, 3rd Earl of BRISTOL
(M: 1724 May 19 - 1779 Dec 23) The Earl Of Bristol's Speech...23o Aprilis, 1779 [n|1779] Augustus Hervey's Journal (ed David ERSKINE) [a|1953] Hinrich Philip JOHNSEN
(M: 1716 - 1779) Prof, Peter KAHN
(M: 1715 - 1779) Peter/Pehr KALM
(M: 1716 - 1779) Travels Into North America... [Sw-1753-61] (tr ?) [1770-71] I Observations On The Inhabitants, Climate... (w John BARTRAM) [n|1751] I Mémoires De La Société Historique De Montréal [2v|n|Fr-1880] The America Of 1750... (ed A B BENSON) [2v|n|1937] William KENRICK
(M: c1725 - 1779) (wrote as: A FRIEND) A Defence Of Mr Kenrick's Review Of Dr Johnson's Shakespeare [n|1766] John LANGHORNE
(M: 1735 Mar - 1779 Apr 1) & Solyman And Almena: An Oriental Tale [f|?] John MacCODRUM, aka Iain MacCODRUM
(M: 1693 - 1779 Apr 14) Richard MARSH
(M: ? - ?) The Vanity And Danger Of Modern Theories [n|1699] The Advantage Of Learning In Religion [n|1715] Corbyn MORRIS
(M: 1710 - 1779) 16233 Fixing The True Standards Of Wit [n|1744] Lewis MORRIS
(M: 1700 - 1779) Morgan RHYS
(M: 1716 - 1779) William WARBURTON
(M: 1698 Dec 24 - 1779 Jul 7) The Divine Legation Of Moses [n|1738-41] A View Of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy [n|1754] The Doctrine Of Grace [n|1762] & On Mr David Hume's Essay On The Natural History Of Religion [n|?] Thomas WEST
(M: 1716 or 1720 - 1779 Jul 19) The Antiquities Of Furness [n|1774] A Guide To The Lakes (anon) [n|1778] A Guide To The Lakes In Cumberland, Westmorland... (anon) [n|1780] Eleazar WHEELOCK
(M: 1711 - 1779) ...Indian Charity-School At Lebanon [n|1763-75] Anna Green WINSLOW
(F: 1759 - 1779) 20765,I Diary Of Anna Green Winslow (ed Alice Morse EARLE) [a|1894] Alessandro ZORZI
(M: 1747 - 1779)