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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1700 - 1782) A Calm And Dispassionate Vindication Of The Professors [n|1749] Richard BENTLEY
(M: c1708 - 1782 Oct 26) Daniel BERNOULLI
(M: 1700 Jan 29 - 1782 Mar 17) Lord, Robert BERTIE
(M: 1721 - 1782) Abp, Jemmett BROWNE
(M: c1703 - 1782 Jun 9) A Letter From A Clergyman Of The Diocess Of Corke [n|1749] José de CADALSO y VÁZQUEZ
(M: 1741 Oct 8 - 1782 Feb 27) Don Sancho García, Conde De Castilla [d|Sp-1771] Los Eruditos Á La Violeta [f|Sp-1772] Ocios De Mi Juventud [p|Sp-1773] Noches Lúgubres [Sp-1789-90] Cartas Marreucas [f|Sp-1793] Juan CRESPÍ
(M: 1721 - 1782) Juan Crespí (ed Herbert E BOLTON) [1927] Henri-Louis DUHAMEL Du MONCEAU
(M: baptised 1700 Jul 20 - 1782 Aug 22 (or 13 or 23)) Éléments De L'Architecture Navale [n|Fr-1752] Traité Des Arbres Et Arbustes Qui Se Cultivent En France [n|Fr-1755] La Physique Des Arbres [n|Fr-1758] Traité Des Semis Et Plantations Des Arbres...Culture [n|Fr-1760] Histoire D'Un Insecte Qui Devore Les Grains... (w M TILLET) [n|Fr-1762] Traité De L'Exploitation Des Bois [n|Fr-1764] Traité Du Transport Des Bois Et De Leur Conservation [n|Fr-1767] Traité Géneral Des Pêches [n|Fr-?] Éléments D'Agriculture [n|Fr-?] Traité Des Arbres Fruitiers [n|Fr-?] Robert FLEMING, the Younger
(M: ? - ?) The Blessedness Of Those Who Die In The Lord [n|1702] Apocalyptical Key, Published In 1702... [n|1793] Henry HOME, Lord KAMES
(M: 1696 - 1782 Dec 27) Essays Upon Several Subjects In Law [e|1732] Essays On The Principles Of Morality And Natural Religion [e|1751] Introduction To The Art Of Thinking [n|1761] * Elements Of Criticism [n|1762] Sketches Of The History Of Man [n|1776] Charles LEE
(M: 1731 - 1782 Oct 2) Andreas Sigismund MARGGRAF
(M: 1709 Mar 3 - 1782 Aug 7) Robert MONCKTON
(M: 1726 Jun 24 - 1782 May 3) Kane O'HARA
(M: c1713 - 1782 Jun 17) John PARRY, aka PARRI Ddall, Rhiwabon
(M: c1710 - 1782 Oct) Sir, John PRINGLE
(M: 1707 Apr 10 - 1782 Jan 18) I The Life Of General James Wolfe, The Conqueror Of Canada [b|1760] William SACHEVERELL
(M: ? - ?) & An Account Of The Isle Of Man (ed J G CUMMING) [n|1702] Daniel (later Carlson) SOLANDER
(M: 1733 Feb 19 - 1782 May 13) Fossilia Hantoniensis Collecta [n|La-1766] The Natural History Of Many ... Uncommon Zoophytes...John Ellis [n|1786] John TOWNLEY
(M: 1697 - 1782) Pietro Antonio Domenico Bonaventura TRAPASSI
(M: 1698 Jan 3 - 1782 Apr 12) (wrote as: Pietro METASTASIO) 11685 L'Endimione [It-1721] 11684 Il Sogno Di Scipione [It-1735] Johanna Charlotte UNZER, nee ZIEGLER
(F: 1725 Nov 27 - 1782 Jan 28) Versuch In Scherzgedichten [p|Ge-1751] Grundriß Einer Weltweißheit Für Das Frauenzimmer [n|Ge-1751] Sittliche Und Zärtliche Gedichte [p|Ge-1754] Fortgesetzte Versuche In Sittlichen Und Zärtlichen Gedichten [p|Ge-1766] Grundriß Einer Natürlichen Historie Und Eigentlichen Naturlehre [p|Ge-1767] Joseph VERNON
(M: 1738 - 1782) Girolamo Francesco ZANETTI
(M: 1713 - 1782) Dell' Origine E Della Antichità Della Moneta Viniziana Ragio [n|It-1750] Eustachio ZANOTTI
(M: 1709 - 1782) Petr Fedorovich ZHUKOV
(M: 1736 - 1782) ZUIE
(M: ? - 1782)