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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1708 - 1789) Memorie Del Porto Di Pesaro [It-1774] Rev, William ADAMS
(M: 1706 - 1789 Feb 13) Essay On Hume's Essay On Miracles [n|1752] Ethan ALLEN
(M: J 1737-38 (or 1739) Jan 10 - 1789 Feb 12 or 11) A Narrative Of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity [a|1779] A Vindication Of The Opposition Of...Vermont To...NY [n|1779] & Reason, The Only Oracle Of Man [n|1784] & The Best Of Ethan Allen (ed John W KRUEGER) [?] Thomas BAKER
(M: ? - ?) 14467 The Fine Lady's Airs [1709] Joseph(=Giuseppe Marc Antonio) BARETTI
(M: 1719 Apr 25 - 1789 May 5) An Account Of The Manners And Customs Of Italy [n|1768] A Journey From London To Genoa [n|1770] Mary BARTLETT
(F: ? - 1789) Frances BROOKE, nee MOORE
(F: 1724 (or 1745) Jan 12 - 1789 Jan c23) (also wrote as: Mary SINGLETON, Spinster) Virginia: A Tragedy, With Odes, Pastorals And Translations [d|1756] I Letters From Juliet Lady Catesby... (w M J RICCOBONI) [f|1760] I& The History Of Lady Julia Mandeville (anon?) [f|1763] The Old Maid (ps: Mary SINGLETON, Spinster) [1764] 16300,I&The History Of Emily Montague [f|1769] The Excursion [f|1777] The Siege Of Sinope [d|1781] Rosina (anon) [d|1783] Marian [d|1788] The History Of Charles Mandeville [f|1790] John CLELAND
(M: baptised 1709 Sep 24 - 1789 Jan 23) 25305,#WMemoirs Of A Woman Of Pleasure (aka: Fanny Hill) [f|1749] The Memoirs Of A Coxcomb [f|1751] The Surprises Of Love [f|1764] François Joseph CUGNET
(M: 1720 Jun 26 - 1789 Sep 16) Thomas DAY
(M: 1748 Jun 22 - 1789 Sep 28) 30274 The History Of Sandford And Merton [f|1783-89] The History Of Little Jack [f|1788] Fr(SJ), James DENNETT
(M: 1702 Jun 11 - 1789 Mar 1) Fr(SJ), Filippo Salvatore GILII, aka Felipe Salvador GILIJ
(M: 1721 Jul 26 - 1789 Mar 10) Sagio Di Storia Americana [4v|n|It-1780-84] Sir, John HAWKINS
(M: 1719 Mar 30 (or 29) - 1789 May 21) The General History Of The Science And Practice Of Music [n|1776] Life Of Johnson [b|1787] Baron, Paul Henri Dietrich Thiry d'HOLBACH
(M: 1723 Dec 8 - 1789 Jun 21) g La Morale Universelle [n|Fr-?] g Le Christianisme Dévoilé [n|Fr-1767] Le Bon-Sens; Ou, Idées Naturelles... [n|Fr-1772] 7319 Good Sense [n|Fr-1772] (tr ?) [?] g Système De La Nature Ou Des Loix Du Monde Physique... [n|Fr-?] g Théologie Portative [n|Fr-?] 31275 Letters To Eugenia [Fr-?] (tr Anthony C MIDDLETON) [1857] * Ecce Homo [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] * De La Cruauté Religieuse [n|Fr-?] Rev, Philip HOLLAND
(M: 1722 - 1789 Jan 2) The Importance Of Learning [n|1760] Sermons On Practical Subjects [2v|e|1792] Finnur JÓNSSON
(M: 1704 - 1789) Abbé, François LE GUERNE
(M: 1725 - 1789) I Lettre De M L'Abbé Le Guerne, Missionaire De L'Acadie [n|Fr-1889] John LEDYARD
(M: 1751 - 1789 Jan 10) ...Captain Cook's Last Voyage To The Pacific Ocean [n|1783] John LOVEDAY
(M: 1711 - 1789) Diary Of A Tour In 1732 Through Parts Of England... [n|1890] John MORGAN
(M: 1735 - 1789) A Discourse Upon Medical Schools In America [n|1765] ...Union Between Great Britain And Her American Colonies [n|1766] A Recommendation Of Inoculation... [n|1776] Fielding OULD
(M: 1710 - 1789) John PARKE
(M: 1754 Apr 7 - 1789 Dec 11) The Lyric Works Of Horace... [p|1786] Victor RIQUETI, Marquis de MIRABEAU
(M: 1715 - 1789) Barry ST LEGER
(M: 1737 - 1789) William SAVAGE
(M: 1720 - 1789 Aug 27) Elizabeth SCOT
(F: 1729 - 1789) & Alonzo And Cora, With Other Original Poems... [p|1801] Hugh SMITH
(M: c1736 - 1789) 28549 A Treatise On Foreign Teas (anon) [n|?] An Essay On The Nerves [n|?] John WALTERS
(M: 1760 - 1789) Rev, Edward WHITEHEAD
(M: c1713 - 1789 Mar 14) John WILSON
(M: 1720 Jun 30 - 1789 Jun 2) Joao XAVIER De MATTOS
(M: ? - 1789) Freiherr, Friedrich August ZORN Von PLOBSHEIM
(M: 1711 - 1789) Mme, E de ZOUTELANDT
(F: ? - ?) Memoires De Jean De Wit [b|Fr-1709]