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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: c1730 - 1804 Jun) De Scorbuto [n|1772] Medical Remarks On Natural Spontaneous And Artificial Evacuations [n|1788] A Practical Essay On The Good And Bad Effects Of Sea-Water... [n|1795] A Preliminary Introduction To The Act Of Sea Bathing [n|1795] Richard Pepper ARDEN, 1st Baron ALVANLEY of Alvanley
(M: 1744 (or 1745) May 20 - 1804 Mar 19) Chevalier, José Nicolas de AZARA
(M: 1731 - 1804) Mme, BELOT
(F: 1719 - 1804) Anica BOSKOVIC
(F: 1714 - 1804) Rev, Jonathan BOUCHER {US}
(M: 1737-38 Mar 12 - 1804 Apr 27) A View Of The Causes...Of The American Revolution [n|1797] Sermons [e|1797] Reminiscences Of An American Loyalist, 1738-1789 (ed J BOUCHIER) [a|1925] Jacob BRYANT
(M: 1715 - 1804 Nov 14) 19153 A New System; Or, An Analysis Of Antient Mythology [3/3/6v|n|1774/75/1807] Aagje(=Agatha) DEKEN
(F: 1741 Dec 10 - 1804 Nov 14) Stichtelijke Gedichten [p|Du-1775] Brieven Over Verscheidene Onderwerpen [2v|Du-1780-81] 10400 Historie Van Mejuffrouw Sara Burgerhart (w Betje WOLFF) [f|Du-1782?] Historie Van Den Heer Willem Leevend (w Betje WOLFF) [f|Du-1784] Mengelpoëzie [p|Du-1785] Brieven Van Abraham Blankaart (w Betje WOLFF) [f|Du-1788] Dichterlijke Wandelingen Door Bourgondië (w Betje WOLFF) [f|Du-1789] Historie Van Cornelia Wildschut (w Betje WOLFF) [f|Du-1796] Geschrift Eener Bejaarde Vrouw [Du-?] Lyon-François DES ROYS
(M: 1768 - 1804) Le Dernier Des Romains [d|Fr-1798] Sir, William FAWCETT / FAUCITT
(M: 1728 - 1804 Mar 22) Rev, John GANO
(M: 1727 - 1804) Biographical Memoirs... [a|1806] William GILPIN
(M: 1724 Jun 4 - 1804 Apr 5) A Dialogue Upon The Gardens...Viscount Cobham At Stowe (anon) [n|1748] The Wye And South Wales [n|1782] The Lakes [n|1789] ...The High-Lands Of Scotland [n|1789] Remarks On Forest Scenery... [2v|n|1791] Three Essays On Picturesque... [e|1792] Observations On The Western Parts Of England... [n|1798] The West Of England And The Isle Of Wight [n|1798] The Highlands [n|1800] Johann Friedrich GMELIN
(M: 1748 Aug 8 - 1804 Nov 1) Allgemeine Geschichte Der Gifte [2v|n|Ge-1776-77] Allgemeine Geschichte Der Pflanzengifte [n|Ge-1777] Allgemeine Geschichte Der Mineralischen Gifte [n|Ge-1777] Einleitung In Die Chemie [n|Ge-1780] Beyträge Zur Geschichte Des Teutschen Bergbaus [n|Ge-1783] Über Die Neuere Entdeckungen In Der Lehre Von Der Luft... [n|Ge-1784] Grundsätze Der Technischen Chemie [n|Ge-1786] Grundriß Der Pharmazie [n|Ge-1792] Geschichte Der Chemie [n|Ge-1799] Allgemeine Geschichte Der Thierischen Und Mineralischen Gifte [n|Ge-1806] Richard GRAVES, the Younger
(M: 1715 May 4 - 1804 Nov 23) (also wrote as: A NONAGENARIAN) The Spiritual Quixote; Or, The Summer's...Geoffrey Wildgoose [f|1772] Columella; Or, The Distressed Anchoret [f|1776] Eugenius; Or, Anecdotes Of The Golden Vale [f|1785] Recollection (w William SHENSTONE) [1788] Plexippus; Or, The Aspiring Plebian [f|1790] The Invalid:...Health And Long Life (ps: A NONAGENARIAN) [n|1804] Bertie GREATHEED, the Younger
(M: c1781 - 1804 Oct 8) Alexander HAMILTON
(M: 1757 Jan 11 - 1804 Jul 12) 1404 The Federalist Papers (w James MADISON & John JAY) [e|1787-88] A Few Of Hamilton's Letters... (ed Gertrude ATHERTON) [a|1903] Papers [26v|e|1961-79] Ludwig Ferdinand HUBER
(M: 1764 Sep 14 - 1804 Dec 24) Das Heimliche Gericht [d|Ge-1790-95] Vermischte Schriften Von Dem Verfasser Des Heimlichen Gerichts [e|Ge-1793] Sämtliche Werke Seit Dem Jahre 1802 [4v|Ge-1807-19] Thomas JAMES
(M: 1748 Oct 19 - 1804 Sep 23) An Account Of King's College-Chapel, In Cambridge (anon) [n|1769] Compendium Of Geography [n|?] ...Euclid's Fifth Book... [n|?] William JUDD
(M: ? - 1804) Immanuel KANT
(M: 1724 Apr 22 - 1804 Feb 12) 5684 & The Metaphysical Elements Of Ethics [n|Ge-1780] (tr Th K ABBOTT) [?] 6342 Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft [n|Ge-1781] The Critique Of Pure Reason [n|Ge-1781] (tr J M D MEIKLEJOHN) [?] 4280 Critique Of Pure Reason [n|Ge-1781] (tr ?) [?] 5682 & Fundamental Principles Of...Morals [n|Ge-1785] (tr Th K ABBOTT) [?] Introduction To...Morals [n|Ge-1785] (tr W HASTIE) [?] * Kritik Der Praktischen Vernunft [n|Ge-1788] 5683 & The Critique Of Practical Reason [n|Ge-1788] (tr Th K ABBOTT) [1909] ...Æsthetic Judgement [n|Ge-1790] (tr James C MEREDITH) [1912] ...Teleological Judgement [n|Ge-1790] (tr J C MEREDITH) [1919] Science Of Right [n|Ge-1790] (tr W HASTIE) [?] Kant's Prolegomena And Metaphysical... [e|Ge-var] (tr E B BAX) [1883] & Prolegomena To Any Future Metaphysics [n|Ge-?] (tr ?) [?] * Die Religion Innerhalb Der Grenzen Der Blossen Vernunft [n|Ge-?] Allgemeine Naturgeschichte [n|Ge-?] Cosmogony [n|Ge-?] (tr W HASTIE) [1900] * Kritik Der Urtheilskraft [n|Ge-?] * Zum Ewigen Frieden [n|Ge-1795] 30821 Beantwortung Der Frage: Was Ist Aufklärung? [n|Ge-?] Charlotte LENNOX, nee RAMSAY
(F: 1720 - 1804 Jan 4) & The Life Of Harriot Stuart, Written By Herself [f|1750] The Female Quixote; Or, The Adventures Of Arabella [f|1752] Shakespear Illustrated [1753] Angelica; Or, Quixote In Petticoats [d|1758] The History Of Henrietta [f|1758] Sophia [f|1762] The Sister [d|1769] Old City Manners [1775] Euphemia [f|1790] Rev, John Blair LINN
(M: 1777 Mar 14 - 1804 Aug 30) The Poetical Wanderer [1796] Bourville Castle (w William DUNLAP & C B BROWN) [d|1797] The Death Of Washington [p|1800] The Powers Of Genius [1801] Valerian [unfinished] [p|1805] Robert MACFARLANE
(M: 1734 - 1804) History Of The First Ten Years Of...George The Third (anon) [n|1782] Jacques NECKER
(M: 1732 Sep 30 - 1804 Apr 9) Sur La Législation Et Le Commerce Des Grains (anon?) [n|Fr-1775] Thomas PERCIVAL
(M: 1740 Sep 29 - 1804 Aug 30) Medical Ethics [n|1803] Essays, Medical... [e|1767-72] Philosophical, Medical, And Experimental Essays [e|1776] Moral And Literary Dissertations [n|1784] Henrik Gabriel PORTHAN
(M: 1739 Nov 9 - 1804 Mar 16) Rev, Joseph PRIESTLEY
(M: J 1733 Mar 13 (or 18) - 1804 Feb (or May) 6 (or 8)) Essay On The First Principles Of Government [n|1768] Examination Of Scottish Philosophy [n|1774] The History And Present State Of Electricity [n|1767] 29734 Experiments And Observations On Different Kinds Of Air [n|?/1775] An Essay On The Immateriality And Immortality Of The Soul... [n|1778] Letters To...Edmund Burke [e|1791] Unitarianism Explained And Defended [n|1796] A General History Of The Christian Church [n|1802] & Directions For Impregnating Water With Fixed Air [n|?] & Disquisitions Relating To Matter And Spirit [n|?] * Letters To A Philosophical Unbeliever [n|?] William SAVERY
(M: 1750 - 1804) Five Sermons And A Prayer [e|1805] John THOMAS
(M: 1730 - c1804) John TOBIN
(M: 1770 Jan 28 - 1804 Dec 7 or 8) George WALDRON
(M: 1755 Oct or May 14 - 1804 Dec 27) (wrote as: George BARRINGTON) # A Voyage To Botany Bay [n|1801] # The History Of New South Wales [n|1802] The History Of New Holland [n|1808] # A Sequel To A Voyage To Botany Bay [n|?] Christian Felix WEISSE / WEISZE
(M: 1726 - 1804) Sarah WISTER
(F: 1761 Jul 20 - 1804 Apr 21) Betje(=Elisabeth) WOLFF, nee BEKKER
(F: 1738 Jul 24 - 1804 Nov 5) Bespiegelingen Over Het Genoegen [Du-1763] Bespiegelingen Over Den Staat Der Rechtheid... [n|Du-1765] Walcheren In 4 Zangen [Du-1769] De Menuet En De Domineespruik [Du-1772] Onveranderlijke Santhortsche Geloofsbelijdenis... [Du-1774] 10400 Historie Van Mejuffrouw Sara Burgerhart (w Aagje DEKEN) [f|Du-1782] Historie Van Den Heer Willem Leevend (w Aagje DEKEN) [f|Du-1784-85] Mengelpoëzie [p|Du-1785] Brieven Van Abraham Blankaart (w Aagje DEKEN) [f|Du-1787-89] Dichterlijke Wandelingen Door Bourgondië (w Aagje DEKEN) [f|Du-1789] Historie Van Cornelia Wildschut (w Aagje DEKEN) [f|Du-1793-96] Geschrift Eener Bejaarde Vrouw [Du-?] Gaspar XUAREZ
(M: 1731 - 1804) Philip YORKE
(M: 1743 - 1804) Georgios Ioannou ZABIRAS / ZAVIRAS
(M: 1744 - 1804) Benigno ZERAFA
(M: 1726 Aug 25 - 1804 Mar 20) Johann Friedrich ZOLLNER
(M: 1753 - 1804)