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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Thomas AABYE
(M: 1756 - 1820) Marie AGIER
(F: 1742 Feb 3 - 1820 Dec 22) Edmund AIKIN
(M: 1780 Oct 2 - 1820 Mar 20) Benjamin AUSTIN
(M: 1752 Nov 18 - 1820 May 4) (also wrote as: HONESTUS; [Old SOUTH]) Constitutional Republicanism [n|1803] Observations On The Pernicious Practice Of The Law (ps: HONESTUS) [n|1814] François BABY
(M: 1733 - 1820) I Le Canadien Et Sa Femme [n|Fr-c1794] Sir, Joseph BANKS, 1st Baronet BANKS of Revesby Abbey
(M: J 1743-44 Feb 2 (or Jan 4) - 1820 Jun 19) The Propriety Of Allowing A Qualified Exportation Of Wool (anon) [n|1782] A Short Account Of The Causes Of The Disease In Corn... [n|1805] #,Z The Endeavour Journal...1768-1771 (ed J C BEAGLEHOLE) [n|1962] Eaton Stannard BARRETT
(M: 1786 - 1820 Mar 20) The Rising Sun: A Serio-Comic Satiric Romance By Cervantes Hogg [f|1807] The Second Titan War Against Heaven [f|1807] All The Talents: A Satirical Poem In Three Dialogues [p|1807] 'Woman' And Other Poems [p|1810] The Heroine; Or, The Adventures Of Cherubina [f|1813] My Wife, What Wife? [f|1815] Abbé, Augustin BARRUEL
(M: 1741 Oct 2 - 1820 Oct 5) g Les Helviennes; Ou, Lettres Provinciales Philosophiques [Fr-?] Col, Daniel BOONE / BOON
(M: J 1734 Oct 22 - 1820 Sep 26) The Adventures Of Colonel Daniel Boon [a|1784] 14023 Life And Times Of Colonel Daniel Boone... (w Cecil B HARTLEY) [b|1860] Charlotte BRERETON
(F: c1720 - ?) Prof, Thomas BROWN
(M: 1778 Jan 9 - 1820 Apr 2) * Lectures On The Philosophy Of The Human Mind [2v|e|1822] Rev, Edmund BURKE
(M: 1753 - 1820 Nov 29) Letter Of Introduction To The Catholic...Of Nova-Scotia [n|1804] Remarks On The Rev Mr Stanser's Examination... [2v|n|1805] A Treatise On The First Principles Of Christianity [2v|n|1808-10] Remarks On A Pamphlet Entitled 'Popery Condemned...' [n|1809] Continuation Of The First Principles Of Christianity [n|1810] Prof, Constantin François CHASSEBO=EUF (De LA GIRAUDAIS), Comte de VOLNEY
(M: 1757 Feb 3 - 1820 Apr 25) Voyage En Egypte Et En Syrie [n|Fr-1787] Considérations Sur La Guerre Des Turcs Et De La Russie [n|Fr-1788] Tableau Du Climat Et Du Sol Des Etats-Unis [n|Fr-1803] 27931 Les Ruines; Ou, Méditations Sur Les Révolutions Des Empires [n|Fr-1791] 1397 The Ruins [n|Fr-1791] (tr anon) [1890] Ruins Of Empires [n|Fr-1791] (tr anon) (ed John MASON) [1924] 27931 Oeuvres [?v|Fr-?] Patrick COLQUHOUN
(M: 1745 Mar 14 - 1820 Apr 25) (also wrote as: A MAGISTRATE) * A Treatise On The Police Of The Metropolis (ps: A MAGISTRATE) [n|1796/96/96/97/?/1800/06] Treatise On The Commerce And Police Of The River Thames [n|1800] Thomas DOUGLAS, 5th Earl of SELKIRK
(M: 1771 (wrongly 1774) Jun 20 - 1820 Apr 8 (wrongly 6)) Observations On The Present State Of The Highlands Of Scotland [n|1805] I A Sketch Of The British Fur Trade In North America [n|1816] Emigration [n|1817] I Report Of The Proceedings...Disputes...North-West Company... [n|1819] I The Memorial Of Thomas Earl Of Selkirk... [a|1819] Peggy DOW, nee ?
(F: 1780 - 1820) Joseph Rodman DRAKE
(M: 1795 Aug 7 - 1820 Sep 21) 317 The Culprit Fay And Other Poems [p|1835] Works [p|1935] The Croaker Papers (w Fitz-Greene HALLECK) [p|?] A The American Flag [?] Joseph FOUCHÉ
(M: 1759 - 1820) 18942 Mémoires De Joseph Fouché, Duc D'Otrante... [?v|a|Fr-1824] Maj-Gen, John GARSTIN
(M: 1756 - 1820 Feb 16) Richard GRIFFITH
(M: c1720 - ?) The Gordian Knot [f|1769] Elizabeth HAM
(F: 1783 - 1820) (also wrote as: E H) Elgiva; Or, The Monks [p|1824] Elizabeth Ham, By Herself 1783-1820 [a|1945] James HARRIS, 1st Earl of MALMESBURY
(M: 1746 Apr 21 - 1820 Nov 21) Diaries (ed J H HARRIS) [a|1844] Letters (ed J H HARRIS) [a|1870] Diaries And Correspondence... [a|1970] Mme, du HAUSSET
(F: c1720 - ?) 3883 Memoirs Of Louis XV/XVI [n|Fr-?] (tr ?) [7v|?] Rev, William HAWKES
(M: 1759 Feb 10 - 1820 Aug 1) Sermons By The Late Rev W H (ed Rev W SHEPHERD) [2v|e|1823] William HAYLEY
(M: 1745 Oct 29 - 1820 Nov 12) 10010 The Eulogies Of Howard [1791] 9048 Ballads ... Founded On Anecdotes Relating To Animals [p|1805] 8948 Poems On Serious And Sacred Subjects [p|1818] William HAZLITT
(M: 1737 Apr 18 - 1820 Jul 16) (also wrote as: [W H]; [PHILALETHES]; [An Old UNITARIAN]) Sermons For The Use Of Families [e|1808] Rev, Thomas JONES
(M: 1756 - 1820) James KEIR
(M: 1735 Sep 29 - 1820 Oct 11) Treatise On The Different Kinds Of Elastic Fluids Or Gases [n|1777/79] Reflections On The Invasion Of Great Britain By The French Armies [n|1803] Thomas KNIGHT
(M: ? - 1820 Feb 4) Joseph LATHROP
(M: 1731 - 1820) Sermons... [e|1821] George LAWSON
(M: 1749 - 1820) David LEWIS
(M: 1790 - 1820) The Confession, Or Narrative, Of David Lewis [a|1820] I S Anna LIDDIARD, nee WILKINSON
(F: c1775 - c1820) Poems [p|1810] The Sgelaighe; Or, A Tale Of Old, With A Second Edition Of Poems [f|1811] Kenilworth And Farley Castle [p|1813] Kenilworth [d|1815] Sir, Alexander MACKENZIE
(M: 1764 - 1820) I Voyages From Montreal...Pacific Oceans...1789 And 1793 [n|1801] I A General History Of The Fur Trade From Canada...North-west [n|c1801] I A Narrative, Or Journal Of Voyages...Mr Maclauries [n|1802] I Tableau Historique Et Politique Du Commerce...Canada [n|Fr-1807] Leonard MACNALLY
(M: 1752 - 1820 Feb 13) W L MANSEL
(M: 1753 - 1820) John MARTIN
(M: 1741 - 1820) Familiar Dialogues Between Americus And Britannicus [n|1776] Imposture Detected [n|1787] Animal Magnetism Examined [n|1790] Thomas MARTYN
(M: c1740 - c1820) James MORRIS {US}
(M: 1752 - 1820) Memoirs... [a|1933] Judith Sargent Stevens MURRAY
(F: 1751 - 1820) (wrote as: CONSTANTIA) The Gleaner [3v|1798] NGUYEN Du
(M: 1765 or 1766 - 1820) Kieu [Vi-?] (tr Michael COUNSELL) [2012] James OGILVIE
(M: 1775 - 1820) Philosophical Essays [e|1816] Walley Chamberlain OULTON
(M: c1770 - 1820) Thomas POWELL
(M: ? - 1820) Edgar And Elfrida [c1790] Michael POWERS
(M: 1769 - 1820) Life Of Michael Powers...Murder Of Timothy Kennedy [a|1820] Walley Chamberlin QULTON
(M: c1770 - c1820) Winthrop SARGENT
(M: 1753 May 1 - 1820 Jan 3) José SOURRYÁERE De SOUILLAC
(M: 1750 - 1820) * Descripción Geográfica De Un Nuevo Camino...Cordillera [n|Sp-1837] 18784 Itinerario De Buenos-Aires A Cordoba [n|Sp-?] Anders (Erikson) SPARRMAN
(M: 1748 Feb 27 - 1820 Aug 9) Museum Carlsonianum... [4v|n|La-1786-89] Resa Till Goda Hopps-Udden [3v|n|Sw-1783-1818] A Voyage To The Cape Of Good Hope [n|Sw-1783-1818] (tr ?) [1789] A Voyage Round... [n|Sw-1783-1818] (tr H V BEAMISH & A MACKENZIE-GRIEVE) [1944] Svensk Ornithologie [n|Sw-1805-16] Edward TOPHAM
(M: c1751 - 1820 Apr 26) Benjamin TRUMBULL
(M: 1735 Dec 19 - 1820 Feb 2) A Complete History Of Connecticut [n|1797/1818] General History Of The United States [n|1810] A Compendium Of The Indian Wars In New England [n|1924] James TYSON
(M: 1797 - 1820) Pompée VALENTIN, Baron de VASTEY
(M: 1781 (or 1745) - 1820 Oct) Le Système Colonial Dévoilé [n|Fr-1814] Réflexions Adressées Aux Haïtiens De L'Ouest Et Du Sud [n|Fr-1815] Le Cri De La Patrie [n|Fr-1815] Le Cri De La Conscience [n|Fr-1815] Réflexions Sur Une Lettre De Mazères [n|Fr-1816] Réflexions Politiques Sur Quelques Ouvrages...Concernant Haïti [n|Fr-1817] Essai Sur Les Causes De La Révolution Et Des Guerres...Haïti [n|Fr-1819] James WATSON
(M: 1795 - 1820 Jun 24) Benjamin WEST
(M: 1738 Oct 10 - 1820 Mar 11) The Life And Studies Of Benjamin West, Esq (ed John GALT) [a|1816] James WHITE
(M: 1775 - 1820) Falstaff's Letters [?] Eliezer WILLIAMS
(M: 1754 - 1820) Antonio José XAVIER MONTEIRO
(M: ? - 1820) Arthur YOUNG
(M: 1741 Sep 11 - 1820 Apr 12) Reflections On The Present State Of Affairs At Home And Abroad [n|1759] Farmer's Letters To The People Of England [n|1768] A Course Of Experimental Agriculture [n|1770] Farmer's Calendar [n|1771] A Six Months' Tour Through The North Of England [n|1771] A Six Weeks' Tour Through The Southern Counties... [n|?] Political Arithmetic [n|1774] 22387 A Tour In Ireland [n|1780] Travels In France [2v|n|1792] A General View Of The Agriculture Of Oxfordshire [n|1809] The Autobiography Of Arthur Young (ed M BETHAM-EDWARDS) [a|1898] Bernardo ZAMAGNA
(M: 1735 - 1820) Prof, Patrick Benedict ZIMMER
(M: 1752 Feb 22 - 1820 Oct 16) Dissertatio Dogmatica De Vera Et Completa... [n|La-1784] Fides Existentiae Dei [n|La-1791] Theologiae Christianae Specialis Et Theoreticae [n|La-1802-06] Philosophische Religionslehre [n|Ge-1805] Philosophische Untersuchung Über Den Allgemeinen Verfall... [n|Ge-1809] Untersuchung Über Den Begriff Und Die Gesetze Der Geschichte [n|Ge-1817]