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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1746 - 1824) Diego d'ALVAREZ
(M: c1750 - 1824) Practica De La Teologia Mistica [n|Sp-?] Capt, Thomas Ajax ANDERSON
(M: c1779 - 1824 Feb 8) Poems Written Chiefly In India [p|1809] Leave Of Absence [f|1824] The Wanderer In Ceylon [n|?] Mlle, ARCHAMBAULT
(F: c1724 - ?) Dissertation Sur La Question:...L'Homme Ou De La Femme... [n|Fr-1750] John BRIGGS
(M: 1788 Dec 25 - 1824 Nov 21) Thomas BYERLEY
(M: ? - 1824) (wrote as: Reuben PERCY (1)) George Gordon Noel BYRON, 6th Baron BYRON
(M: 1788 Jan 22 - 1824 Apr 19) 15368 Fugitive Pieces [1806] Hours Of Idleness (aka: Juvenilia) [p|1807] 5131,& Childe Harold's Pilgrimage [1812-18] & Hebrew Melodies [p|1815] # Manfred [d|1817] 21700,# Don Juan [1821] 8901 The Works Of Lord Byron (ed R E PROTHERO & E H COLERIDGE) [7v|1898] Letters (ed R G HOWARTH) [a|?] Lady, Elizabeth (Christiana) CAVENDISH, Duchess of DEVONSHIRE, nee HERVEY, 1:Mrs FOSTER
(F: 1757 or 1759 May 13 - 1824 Mar 30) Anne-Hyacinthe de Saint-Leger de COLLEVILLE
(F: 1761 - 1824) Prof, John Josias CONYBEARE
(M: 1779 - 1824) An Examination Of Certain Arguments Adduced In Support Of... [n|1823] The Bampton Lectures For The Year MDCCCXXIV [n|1824] Illustrations Of Anglo-Saxon Poetry (ed W D CONYBEARE) [n|1826] John Bunnell DAVIS
(M: 1780 - 1824) & A Cursory Inquiry Into...Mortality Among Children [n|1817] Joseph Frederic Wallet DesBARRES
(M: 1722 - 1824) Blessed, Anna/Anne Katharina/Catherine EMMERICK / EMMERICH
(F: 1774 Sep 8 - 1824 Mar 9) 10866 The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ [n|?] Matthew GREGSON
(M: 1749 - 1824 Sep 25) Capt, Alexander HAMILTON
(M: 1762 - 1824 Dec 30) A Key To The Chronology Of The Hindus [n|1820] Alexander HENRY, the Elder
(M: 1739 Aug - 1824 Apr 4) I Travels And Adventures In Canada And Indian Territories... [n|1809] Alexander Henry's Travels And Adventures... (ed Milo M QUAIFE) [n|1921] Henry HOLCOMBE
(M: 1762 - 1824) The First Fruits... [a|1812] Edwin Clifford HOLLAND
(M: c1794 - 1824 Sep 11) (also wrote as: ORLANDO) Odes, Naval Songs, And Other Occasional Poems [p|1813] David H HOW
(M: 1776 - 1824) Life And Confession Of David H How... (w Joseph BADGER) [a|1824] Edward JONES
(M: 1752 Mar - 1824 Apr 18) (wrote as: Bardd y BRENIN) The Musical And Poetical Relicks Of The Welsh Bards [3v|n|1784] The Bardic Museum [n|1802] Hen Ganiadau Cymru [n|We-1820] Joseph JOUBERT
(M: 1754 May 7 - 1824 May 4) (also wrote as: [LANGEAC]) g Pensées, Essais, Maximes Et Correspondance [e|Fr-?/1850] Carl Arnold KORTUM
(M: 1745 Jul 5 - 1824 Aug 15) (wrote as: C A K) Die Märtyrer Der Mode [Ge-1778] * Leben, Meynungen...Hieronymus Jobs (aka: Die Jobsiade) [p|Ge-1784] Die Magische Laterne [Ge-1784-86] Adams Hochzeitsfeier [Ge-1788] Verteidigung Der Alchemie [Ge-1789] Baronne, Barbara Juliane de Vietinghoff de KRÜDENER
(F: 1764 - 1824) 26825,g Valérie [Fr-?] Pierre-Louis LACRETELLE, Aîné
(M: 1751 Oct 10 - 1824 Sep 5) (also wrote as: M D L C) Prof, Louis Mathieu LANGLÉS
(M: 1764 - 1824 Jan 28) Ancient And Modern Monuments Of Hindostan [n|1824] Sophia LEE
(F: 1750 - 1824 Mar 13) & Almeyda, Queen Of Grenada [1796] The Life Of A Lover [f|1804] Ormond; Or, The Debauchee [f|1810] The Recess [f|?] John LEMPRIERE
(M: c1765 - 1824) Lempriere's Universal Biography [b|1825] William LITTELL
(M: 1768 - 1824 Sep 26) Epistle Of William, Surnamed Littell... [1806] Festoons Of Fancy... [p|1814] Capel LOFFT, the Elder
(M: 1751 Nov 14 - 1824 May 26) The Praises Of Poetry [p|1775] Observations On Mrs Macaulay's History Of England [n|1778] Eudosia; Or, A Poem On The Universe [p|1781] An Essay On The Law Of Libels [n|1785] Three Letters On The Question Of Regency... [e|1788] Observations On The First Part Of Dr Knowles's 'Testimonies' [n|1789] An History Of The Corporation And Test Acts [n|1790] An Essay On The Effect Of A Dissolution Of Parliament... [n|1791] Remarks On The Letter Of The Rt Hon Edmund Burke... [n|1791] On The Revival Of The Cause Of Reform In The Representation... [n|1809] Laura; Or, An Anthology Of Sonnets [5v|p|1814] Vladimir Ignatievitch LUKIN
(M: 1757 - 1824) Pierre MAINE De BIRAN
(M: 1766 - 1824) Journal [a|Fr?-?] Joseph MARRYAT
(M: 1757 Oct 8 - 1824) Rev, Miles MARTINDALE
(M: 1756 - 1824 Aug) Francis MASERES
(M: 1731 Dec 15 - 1824 May 19) & Criminal Libel And The Duty Of Juries (w Joseph TOWERS) [n|?] Richard Lee MASON
(M: c1780 - 1824) 27002 Narrative Of Richard Lee Mason In The Pioneer West, 1819 [n|1915] Rev, Charles Robert MATURIN
(M: 1782 - 1824 Oct 30) The Fatal Revenge; Or, The Family Of Montorio [1807] The Wild Irish Boy [1808] The Milesian Chief [1811] Bertram [d|1816] Manuel [d|1817] Women; Or, Pour Et Contre [1818] Fredolfo [d|1819] 1831,# Melmoth The Wanderer [f|1820] The Albigenses [1824] Rev, Thomas MAURICE
(M: 1754 (wrongly 1784) - 1824 Mar 30) The History Of Hindustan [n|1795] A Dissertation On The Oriental Trinities [n|1800] Modern History Of Hindustan [n|1802-10] Indian Antiquities [n|1806] Morris Smith MILLER
(M: 1779 - 1824) Joachim (Christian) NETTELBECK
(M: 1738 Sep 20 - 1824 Jan 29) 23333 Ein Mann [a|Ge-?] William OXBERRY
(M: 1784 Dec 18 - 1824 Jun 9) James PARKINSON
(M: 1755 Apr 11 - 1824 Dec 21) 23777 An Essay On The Shaking Palsy [n|1817] Robert PATTERSON
(M: 1743 - 1824) Treatise Of Practical Arithmetic, Intended For The Use Of Schools [n|1818] Tommaso PIROLI
(M: 1750 - 1824) 17231 Antiquités D'Herculanum (w F PIRANESI & P PIRANESI) [6v|n|Fr-1804] Miss, (Rachel) PRESCOTT
(F: ? - 1824 Dec) Poems [p|1812] Rufus PUTNAM
(M: 1738 - 1824) The Memoirs... [a|1903] John KING
(M: c1753 - 1824 Aug) (wrote as: Jacob REY) Thoughts On The Difficulties...In Which The Peace Of 1783... [n|1783] Susanna ROWSON, nee HASWELL
(F: c1762 - 1824 Mar 2) Victoria [f|1786] Mary; Or, The Test Of Honour [f|1789] The Inquisitor; Or, Invisible Rambler [f|1788] Poems On Various Subjects [p|1788] A Trip To Parnassus [p|1788] 171 Charlotte: A Tale Of Truth (aka: Charlotte Temple) [f|1791] Mentoria; Or, The Young Lady's Friend [f|1791] Rebecca; Or, The Fille De Chambre [f|1794] Slaves In Algiers [d|1794] The Volunteers [d|1795] The Female Patriot [d|1795] Trials Of The Human Heart [f|1795] Americans In England (aka: Columbian Daughters) [d|1796] The American Tar [d|1796] Reuben And Rachel; Or, Tales Of Old Times [f|1798] Miscellaneous Poems [p|1804] An Abridgement Of Universal Geography [n|1805] A Spelling Dictionary [n|1807] A Present For Young Ladies [n|1811] Youth's First Step In Geography [n|1811] Hearts Of Oak [d|1811] Sarah; Or, The Examplary Wife [f|1813] Biblical Dialogues Between A Father And His Family [n|1822] Exercises In History, Chronology, And Biography... [n|1822] Charlotte's Daughter... (aka: Lucy Temple) [f|1828] Thomas Macnamara RUSSELL
(M: c1740 - 1824) Windham William SADLER
(M: 1796 - 1824) Ærostation [1817] Jane SAVAGE, Mrs ROLLESTON
(F: 1752-53 - 1824) Charles SMITH
(M: c1749 - 1824) François Balthazar SOLVYNS
(M: 1760 - 1824 Oct 10) Les Hindous [n|Fr-1807-12] Ignaz SPECKLE
(M: 1754 - 1824) Jane TAYLOR
(F: 1783 Sep 23 - 1824 Apr 13) Original Poems For Infant Minds (w Ann TAYLOR) [p|1804] Rhymes For The Nursery (w Ann TAYLOR) [p|1806] Hymns For Infant Minds (w Ann TAYLOR) [p|1810] Signor Topsy Turvey... (w Ann TAYLOR) [1810] Original Hymns For Sunday School (w Ann TAYLOR) [1812] Display, A Tale For Young People [1815] Essays In Rhyme [1816] Contributions Of Q Q [1824] J Memoirs, Correspondence And Poetical Remains Of Jane Taylor [a|1832] J Little Ann... (w Ann TAYLOR & A O'KEEFFE) [p|1883] * The Writings Of Jane Taylor... (ed I TAYLOR, Jr) [s|1832] John TAYLOR
(M: 1753 Dec c19 - 1824 Aug 21) An Inquiry Into...The Government Of The United States [n|1814] & Construction Construed And Constitutions Vindicated [n|1820] & Tyranny Unmasked [n|1821] New Views On The Constitution [n|1823] Arator [1831] Charles THOMSON
(M: 1729 Nov 29 - 1824 Aug 14) I Causes Of The Alienation Of The [Delaware And Shawanese]... [n|1867] Carl Franz van der VELDE
(M: 1779 Sep 27 - 1824 Apr 6) Der Flibustier [f|Ge-1818] Prinz Friedrich [f|Ge-1820] Die Eroberung Von Mexiko [f|Ge-1821] Die Lichtensteiner [f|Ge-1822] Die Wiedertäufer [f|Ge-1822] Der Maltheser [f|Ge-1822] Arwed Gyllenstierna [f|Ge-1823] Die Patrizier [f|Ge-1823] Der Böhmische Mägdekrieg [f|Ge-1824] Christine Und Ihr Hof [f|Ge-1824] Die Gesandtschaftsreise Nach China [f|Ge-1825] Das Horoskop [f|Ge-1825] A Son Of Sweden [f|Ge-?] (tr ?) [1879] William WALTON
(M: 1740 - 1824) Narrative Of The Captivity And Sufferings Of Benjamin Gilbert... [n|1784] James WHITE
(M: c1755 - 1824) Johann Wilhelm Heinrich ZIEGENBEIN
(M: 1766 - 1824)