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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Sir, William ADAMS
(M: 1783 Dec 5 - 1827 Feb 4) (wrote as: William RAWSON) Fr(SJ), Roger BAXTER
(M: 1793 - 1827 May 24) Mark BEAUFOY
(M: 1764 - 1827) Ludwig (Johann) van BEETHOVEN
(M: bap 1770 Dec 17 - 1827 Mar 26) 4749 String Quartet No 1 In F Major, Op 18 [m|1801] 12149 String Quartet No 3 In D Major, Op 18 [m|1801] 12695 String Quartet No 4 In C Minor, Op 18 [m|1801] 11001 String Quartet No 5 In A Major, Op 18 [m|1801] 13473 String Quartet No 6, Op 18 [m|1801] 7092 String Quartet No 7 In F Major, Op 59 [m|1806] 7093 String Quartet No 8 In E Minor, Op 59 [m|1806] 6871 String Quartet No 9 In C Major, Op 59 [m|1806] 11755 String Quartet No 10 In E Flat Major, Op 74, 'Harp' [m|1809] 11002 String Quartet No 11 In F Minor, Op 95, 'Serioso' [m|1810] 13078 String Quartet No 12 In E Flat Major, Op 127 [m|1825] 7507 String Quartet No 13 In B Flat Major, Op 130 [m|1825] 13079 String Quartet No 14 In C Sharp Minor, Op 131 [m|1826] 13153 String Quartet No 15 In A Minor, Op 132 [m|1826] 5634 Große Fuge In B Flat Major (For String Quartet), Op 133 [m|1826] 12237 String Quartet No 16 In F Major, Op 135 [m|1826] 13065 Beethoven's Letters 1790-1826 [a|Ge-?] (tr Lady WALLACE) [2v|1866] 3528 Beethoven (ed F KERST) [a|Ge-?] (tr H E KREHBIEL) [1905] William BIGGS
(M: 1755 - 1827) 26799 Narrative Of The Captivity Of William Biggs...Kickapoo... [n|?] William BLAKE
(M: 1757 Nov 28 - 1827 Aug 12) D Poetical Sketches [p|1783] Tiriel [1788-89] 1934,D& The Songs Of Innocence [1789] & The Book Of Thel [1789] D& The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell [1790] The French Revolution [n|1791] D America - A Prophecy [p|1793] D& Visions Of The Daughters Of Albion [p|1793] 1934,& The Songs Of Experience [p|1794] D& The Book Of Urizen [p|1794] D The Book Of Ahania [p|1795] D The Book Of Los [p|1795] The Ghost Of Abel [1822] The Letters Of William Blake (ed A Geoffrey KEYNES) [a|1980] D The Song Of Los [p|?] D Europe - A Prophecy [p|?] D Selections From The Four Zoas [p|?] D Verses From The Gates Of Paradise [p|?] D Selections From Milton [p|?] D The Pickering Manuscript [p|?] D Poems From The Rossetti Manuscript [p|?] D Poems From Letters [p|?] 574 Poems Of William Blake [p|?] 30526 Illustrations Of The Book Of Job [?] D Collected Poems [p|?] [21 poems] [p|?] & [complete poetry and prose] [p|?] George CANNING
(M: 1770 Apr 11 - 1827 Aug 8) Poems [p|1823] The Knave Of Hearts [1787] Ernst Florenz Friedrich CHLADNI
(M: 1756 Nov 30 - 1827 Apr 3) Entdeckungen Über Die Theorie Des Klanges [n|Ge-1787] Über Den Ursprung Der Von Pallas Gefundenen...Eisenmassen [n|Ge-1794] Die Akustik [n|Ge-1802] Über Feuer-Meteore... [n|Ge-1819] Beiträge Zur Praktischen Akustik Und Zur...Instrumentenbau [n|Ge-1821] Über Die Hervorbringung Der Menschlichen Sprachlaute [n|Ge-1824] Robert Stevenson COFFIN
(M: 1797 - 1827) Life Of The Boston Bard [a|1825] Archibald CONSTABLE
(M: 1774 - 1827) Constable's Miscellany...Publications... [82v|1826-35] David DAVIS
(M: 1745 - 1827) (wrote as: Dafis CASTELLHYWEL) Joseph DUFOUR
(M: 1752 - 1827) I Les Sauvages De La Mer Pacifique... [n|Fr-1804] (Niccolò) Ugo FOSCOLO
(M: 1778 Feb 6 - 1827 Sep 10) Augustin(-Jean) FRESNEL
(M: 1788 May 10 - 1827 Jul 14) g Sur La Diffraction De La Lumière [n|Fr-?] Rev, Freeborn GARRETTSON
(M: 1752 - 1827) The Experience And Travels Of Mr Freeborn Garrettson... [a|1791] Sir, Ambrose Hardinge GIFFARD
(M: 1771 - 1827 Apr 30) Mme F P G, (Élizabeth Charlotte) Pauline GUIZOT, nee de MEULAN
(F: 1773 Nov 2 - 1827 Aug 1) 14309 Nouvelles Et Contes Pour La Jeunesse [s|Fr-?] 7054 Worlds Best Histories, France v7 (w F P G GUIZOT) [n|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] George HARRISON
(M: c1747 - 1827) Notices On The Slave-Trade [n|1804] Wilhelm HAUFF
(M: 1802 Nov 29 - 1827 Nov 18) (also wrote as: H CLAUREN) Kriegs- Und Volks-Lieder (ed) [Ge-1824] 13451 Der Mann Im Mond (ps: H CLAUREN) [Ge-1825] 6726 Lichtenstein: Romantische Sage...Württembergischen... [f|Ge-1826] The Banished [f|Ge-1826] (tr anon) [3v|1839] Die Bettlerin Vom Pont Des Arts [f|Ge-(1826)] The True Lover's Fortune [f|Ge-(1826)] (tr anon) [1843] Josephine [f|Ge-(1826)] (tr anon) [1844] A Constant Lover [f|Ge-(1826)] (tr John NISBET) [1893] 6638 Mährchen-Almanach Auf Das Jahr 1826... [Ge-1826] 6892 Mitteilungen Aus Den Memoiren Des Satan [s|Ge-1826-27] Memoirs Of Beelzebub [s|Ge-1826-27] (tr anon) [1846] Fairy Tales [s|Ge-1826-27] 13452 Controvers-Predigt Über H Clauren Und Den Mann Im Monde [n|Ge-1827] Phantasien Im Bremer Rathskeller [s|Ge-1827] Jud Süss [f|Ge-(1827)] The Jew Suss: A Tale Of Stutgard In 1737 [f|Ge-(1827)] (tr anon) [1845] The Wine-Ghosts Of Bremen [Ge-1827] (tr E SADLER & C FLETCHER) [1889] 6639 Märchen-Almanach Für Söhne...Auf Das Jahr 1827 (ed) [Ge-c1827] 6640 Märchen-Almanach Für Söhne...Auf Das Jahr 1828 (ed) [Ge-c1828] Novellen [s|Ge-1828] Phantasien Und Skizzen [Ge-1828] Sämmtliche Schriften (ed Gustav SCHWAB) [Ge-1830] Select Popular Tales [Ge-var] (tr anon) [s|1845] The Caravan [Ge-var] (tr George Payn QUACKENBOS) [s|1850] 24593 The Oriental Story Book [s|Ge-?] (tr George Payn QUACKENBOS) [1855] Arabian Days' Entertainments [Ge-var] (tr Herbert Pelham CURTIS) [s|1858] Wilhelm Hauff's Werke (ed Adolf STERN) [Ge-1878] Prosaische Und Poetische Werke [Ge-1879] Little Mook... (aka: Longnose The Dwarf...) [Ge-var] (tr PINKERTON) [s|1881] Tales Of The Caravan, Inn, And Palace [Ge-var] (tr E L STOWELL) [s|1881] Werke (ed Max MENDHEIM) [Ge-1891] Wilhelm Hauffs Werke (ed Felix BOBERTAG) [5v|Ge-1891-92] Sämtliche Werke (ed Carl Georg von MAASSEN) [5v|Ge-1923] Werke (ed Hermann ENGELHARDT) [2v|Ge-1961-62] Hauffs Werke (ed Leopold MAGON) [2v|Ge-1962] Werke (ed Bernhard ZELLER) [2v|Ge-1969] Sämtliche Werke (ed Sibylle von STEINSDORFF) [3v|Ge-1970] Sämtliche Märchen (ed Sibylle von STEINSDORFF) [s|Ge-1979] Märchen (ed Jürgen JAHN) [s|Ge-1982] Sämtliche Märchen (ed Hans-Heino EWERS) [s|Ge-1986] Dwarf Long-Nose [Ge-?] (tr Doris ORGEL) [?] 6725 Othello [f|Ge-?] 22664 The Severed Hand [Ge-?] (tr ?) [?] Rev, Alexander HAY
(M: 1780 Jun 16 - 1827 May 17) Rev, John Haddon HINDLEY
(M: 1765 Oct - 1827 Jun 17) James HOOK
(M: 1746 - 1827) Guida Di Musica...Pianoforte [n|1790/1810] John Dunn HUNTER
(M: c1798 - 1827) Manners And Customs Of Several Indian Tribes... [n|1823] Rev, Richard JOHNSON
(M: c1753 - 1827 Mar 13) 4052,Z An Address To The Inhabitants Of...New South Wales... [n|1794] Some Letters Of Rev Richard Johnson (ed G MACKANESS) [a|1954] Stephen JONES
(M: c1763 - 1827 Dec 20) Fakir, KHAIRUDDIN MUHAMMAD
(M: 1751 - c1827) Ibratnama [n|?-?] William KITCHINER
(M: 1775 - 1827) The Shilling Kitchener; Or, Oracle Of Cookery For The Million [n|1861] Apicius Redivivus, Or, The Cook's Oracle [n|?] 28681 The Cook's Oracle; and, Housekeeper's Manual [n|?] * The Art Of Invigorating And Prolonging Life [n|?] François Alexandre Frédéric de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD, Duc de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD & LIANCOURT
(M: 1747 Jan 11 - 1827 Mar 27) Marquis, Pierre Simon de LAPLACE
(M: 1749 Mar 23 - 1827 Mar 5) Celestial Mechanics [n|Fr-1779-1825] (tr N BOWDITCH) [1829-38] Celestial Mechanics [n|Fr-1779-1825] (tr Mary SOMERVILLE) [1831] Exposition Du Systeme Du Monde [n|Fr-1796] Essai Philosophique Sur Les Probabilites [n|Fr-1814] Jean-Charles Thibault de LAVEAUX
(M: 1749 Nov 17 - 1827 Mar 15) * Dictionnaire Critique Et Raisonné Du Langage Vicieux... [n|Fr-?] William MITFORD
(M: 1744 Feb 10 - 1827 Feb 10) History Of Greece [n|1785-1810] Wilhelm MÜLLER
(M: 1794 - 1827) Peter NEWBY
(M: 1745 - 1827 Dec 16) Poems [2v|p|1790] Hugh OWEN
(M: 1761 - 1827) Some Account Of The Ancient And Present State Of Shrewsbury [n|1808] A History Of Shrewsbury (w J B BLAKEWAY) [2v|n|1825] Joseph (von) PLANTA
(M: 1744 Feb 21 - 1827 Dec 3) 10069 An Account Of The Romansh Language [n|1776] Robert POLLOK
(M: 1798 Oct 19 - 1827 Sep 15 (or 18)) The Course Of Time [p|1827] Tales Of The Covenanters [p|?] Comte, Joseph Geneviève de PUISAYE
(M: 1755 Mar 6 - 1827 Oct 13) Agustin de QUINTO
(M: 1774 - 1827) William RAY
(M: 1771 - 1827) Poems...To Which Is Added A Brief Sketch Of The Author's Life [p|1821] David RICHARDS
(M: 1751 - 1827) (wrote as: Dafydd IONAWR) Rev, Legh RICHMOND
(M: 1772 Jan 29 - 1827 May 8) (wrote as: A CLERGYMAN of the Church of England) 19615 The Dairyman's Daughter [b|1810] 19671 The Annals Of The Poor [1826] The Father Of The Church [?] James Everett SEAVER
(M: 1787 - 1827) 6960,I A Narrative Of The Life Of Mrs Mary Jemison (w Mary JEMISON) [b|1824] Charlotte von STEIN, nee von SCHARDT
(F: 1742 Dec 25 - 1827 Jan 6) Rev, Abel THORNTON
(M: 1799 - 1827) The Life Of Elder Abel Thornton... [a|1828] Robert TOWNSON
(M: baptised 1762 Apr 4 - 1827 Jun 27) Observationes Physiologicae De Amphibiis [n|La-1794] Travels In Hungary [n|1797] Philosophy Of Mineralogy [n|1798] Tracts And Observations In Natural History And Physiology [n|1799] St George TUCKER
(M: J 1752 Jun 29 - 1827 Nov 10) Liberty: A Poem On The Independence Of The US [p|1788] * A Dissertation On Slavery [n|1796] The Probationary Odes Of Jonathan Pindar [1796] * Hansford: A Tale Of Bacon's Rebellion [f|?] Dmitrii Vladimirovich VENEVITINOV
(M: J 1805 Sep 14 - J 1827 Mar 15) [Sochineniia] (ed N M ROZHALIN) [2v|Ru-1829-31] [Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii] (ed A P PIATKOVSKY) [Ru-1862] [Polnoe Sobranie Stikhotvorenii] [Ru-1884] [Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii] (ed B V SMIRENSKY) [Ru-1934] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed V L KOMAROVICH) [Ru-1940] [Izbrannoe] (ed B V SMIRENSKY) [Ru-1956] [Polnoe Sobranie Stikhotvorenii] (ed B V NEIMAN) [Ru-1960] [Stikhotvoreniia, Proza] (ed M A CHERNYSHEV & E A MAIMIN) [Ru-1980] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed V I SAKHAROV) [Ru-1982] Christian August VULPIUS, aka Anshelmo Mercello THURING, aka Tirso de MILANO
(M: 1762 Jan 23 - 1827 Jun 26) Carlos WILCOX
(M: 1794 Oct 22 - 1827 May 29) Remains [1828] Helen Maria WILLIAMS
(F: 1762 - 1827 Dec 15) Edwin And Eltruda [p|1782] 11054 Poems [2+v|p|1786/91] Julia [1790] Letters [a|1790-95] * Letters From France [n|1794] Perourou, The Bellows-Mender [1801] ...The Events That Have Lately Taken Place In France [n|1815] & Poems On Various Subjects [p|1823]