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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1749 - 1830) * Relación Geográfica E Histórica De La Provincia De Missiones [n|Sp-1836] Robert ANDERSON
(M: 1749 (or 1750) Jan 7 - 1830 Feb 20) Life Of Samuel Johnson, LLD [b|1815] Rev, Samuel AUSTIN
(M: 1760 Oct 7 - 1830 Dec 4) Account Of The Life Of The Late Reverend Mr David Brainerd [b|1793] View Of The Economy Of The Church Of God [n|1807] Dissertations Upon Several...Articles Of Christian Theology [n|1826] Sir, Frederick Augusta BARNARD
(M: 1743 Sep 1 - 1830 Jan 27) Robert BARNARD
(M: ? - 1830 Mar 21) (Dorothea Friderika) Emilie(=Aemilia) von BERLEPSCH, nee von OPPEL, 1:Mrs HARMES
(F: baptised 1755 Nov 26 - 1830 Jul 27) Einige Bermerkungen Zur...Schweitzer-Revolution [n|Ge-1799] François Xavier BLANCHET
(M: 1776 Apr 3 - 1830 Jun 24) Simón (José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad) BOLÍVAR (y PALACIOS PONTE y BLANCO)
(M: 1783 Jul 24 - 1830 Dec 17) Henrietta Maria BOWDLER
(F: 1750 (or 1754) - 1830 Feb 25) Sermons On The Doctrines And Duties Of Christianity (anon) [e|1801] Pen Tamar; Or, The History Of An Old Maid [f|1830] Caroline Stéphanie Félicité (nee)Du Crest (de Saint-Aubin ?) (SILLERY-)BRULART, Comtesse de GENLIS
(F: 1746 Jan 25 - 1830 Dec 31) Theatre Of Education [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1781] g Adèle Et Théodore; Ou, Lettres Sur L'Éducation [Fr-1782] Adelaide And Theodore [Fr-1782] (tr ?) [1783] Tales Of The Castle [Fr-1784] (tr ?) [1785] Beauty And The Monster [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1785] Alphonsine [Fr-?/?] (tr ?) [1807] + A Child Of Nature [Fr-?] (tr Elizabeth INCHBALD) [1815] The Duchess De La Valliere; And, Madame Maintenon [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1837] g Les Chevaliers Du Cygne; Ou, La Cour De Charlemagne [Fr-?] Arthur CLIFFORD
(M: 1778 - 1830) Margaret COMPTON, Marchioness of NORTHAMPTON, nee DOUGLAS-MACLEAN-CLEPHANE
(F: c1792 - 1830 Apr 2) & Irene (anon) [p|1833] (Henri) Benjamin CONSTANT (De REBECQUE / REBEQUE)
(M: 1767 Oct 25 - 1830 Dec 10) 13861,g Adolphe: Anecdote Trouvée Dans Les Papiers D'Un Inconnu [f|Fr-1816] g De Madame De Staël Et De Ses Ouvrages [n|Fr-?] 28078,g De L'Esprit De Conquête Et De L'Usurpation [n|Fr-?] Le Journal Intime [a|Fr-1887-89] g Le Cahier Rouge De Benjamin Constant [a|Fr-1907] g Principes De Politique [n|Fr-?] g Wallstein [d|Fr-?] Cécile [f|Fr-1951] 28078 Quelques Réflexions Sur Le Théâtre Allemand [n|Fr-1842] Borgo DAL BORGO
(M: c1730 - ?) Mulla, FIRUZ Bin KAUS / KAWOOS
(M: 1758 - 1830 Oct 8) The George-Namah (ed RUSTAM Bin KAIKOBAD) [2v|p|1837] Baron, (Jean Baptiste) Joseph FOURIER
(M: 1768 Mar 21 - 1830 May 16) Théorie Analytique De La Chaleur [n|Fr-1822] The Analytical Theory Of Heat [n|Fr-1822] (tr ?) [1878] John FREEMAN-MITFORD, ne MITFORD, 1st Baron REDESDALE
(M: 1748 Aug 18 - 1830 Jan 16) A Treatise On The Pleadings In Suits In The Court Of Chancery... [n|1777] Nathaniel Brassey HALHED
(M: 1751 May 25 - 1830 Feb 18) A Code Of Gentoo Laws...Pandits... [n|1776] [Bengali Grammar] [n|1778] A Narrative Of The Events In Bombay And Bengal... [n|1779] Sarah HALL, nee EWING
(F: 1761 Oct 30 - 1830 Apr 8) George HAMILTON
(M: 1783 - 1830) A General Introduction To The Study Of The Hebrew Scriptures [n|1814] William HAZLITT
(M: 1778 Apr 10 - 1830 Sep 18) 5085,& Characters Of Shakespeare's Plays [n|1817-18] 16209 Lectures On The English Poets [e|1818-19] A View Of The English Stage [n|1818-21] Lectures On The English Comic Writers [e|1819] Letter To William Gifford [n|1819] Dramatic Literature Of The Age Of Elizabeth [n|1820] 3020 Table Talk; Or, Original Essays On Men And Manners [e|1821-22] 2049 Liber Amoris; Or, The New Pygmalion [1823] 11068 The Spirit Of The Age: Contemporary Portraits [1825] Notes On A Journey Through France And Italy [n|1826] Conversations Of James Northcote [1830] * Hazlitt On English Literature (ed Jacob ZEITLIN) [e|1913] Essays (ed Percy Van Dyke SHELLY) [e|1924] The Life Of Napoleon Bonaparte [b|?] Fugitive Writings [?] The Round Table [?] Winterslow [e|?] Sketches And Essays [e|?] Characteristics [?] The Principles Of Human Action [n|?] William HICKEY
(M: c1749 - 1830) Memoirs [a|1913-1925] Elias HICKS
(M: 1748 - 1830) The Quaker [4v|1827-28] Journal [a|1832] Edward HOBSON
(M: 1782 - 1830 Sep 7) Thomas HOLLIS
(M: 1818 - 1830 Oct 14) John HOWEL / HOWELL
(M: 1774 - 1830) (also wrote as: Ioan ab HYWEL; Ioan GLANDYFROEDD) William HUSKISSON
(M: 1770 Mar 11 - 1830 Sep 15) Essays On Political Economy (anon) [e|1830] The Huskisson Papers (ed Lewis MELVILLE) [a|1931] William IOOR
(M: c1760 - c1830) Independence... [d|1805] The Battle Of Eutaw Springs [d|1807] Sir, John Macdonald KINNEIR
(M: 1782 Feb 3 - 1830 Jun 11) Károly KISFALUDY
(M: 1788 - 1830) (Trophime-)Gérard LALLY, Marquis de LALLY-TOLENDAL, originally ?
(M: 1751 Mar 5 - 1830 Mar 11) La Cour Plénière Ressucitée [Fr-1789] Plaidoyer Pour Louis XVI [Fr-1793] Defense Des Emigrés Français [n|Fr-1797] LI Ruzhen
(?: c1763 - c1830) 25377 [Jing Hua Yuan] (f) PCh-?] Capt, Engelbert LUTYENS
(M: 1784 - 1830) Letters Of Captain Engelbert Lutyens [a|1915] Rev, James MacGREGOR
(M: 1759 - 1830 (wrongly 1820) Mar 3) Dain A Chomhadh Crabhuidh [p|SG-1819] A Few Remains Of The Rev James MacGregor, DD (ed G PATTERSON) [e|1859] John MacTAGGART
(M: 1791 - 1830) I Three Years In Canada [2v|n|1829] Lady, Clementina (nee)Elphinstone MALCOLM
(F: c1780 - 1830 Nov 10) A Diary Of St Helena (ed Arthur Knyvet WILSON) [a|1929] Thomas MAYHEW
(M: 1810 - 1830 Apr 13) A Complete History Of An Action At Law [n|1828] Ambition (w J F A BAYARD & P DUPORT) [d|pro:1830] Agostino NAUDI
(M: 1783 Feb 27 - 1830 Nov 11) William NEWTON
(M: 1750 - 1830) William ORME
(M: 1787 - 1830) Memoirs Of John Urquhart [b|1855] Augustus PRINSEP
(M: 1803 Mar 31 - 1830 Oct 10) The Journal...Calcutta To Van Diemen's Land (ed Mrs A PRINSEP) [n|1981] James RENNELL
(M: 1742 - 1830 Mar 29) Memoir And Map Of Hindostan [n|1783] The Marches Of The British Armies In The Peninsula Of India [n|1792] Elucidations Of The African Geography [n|1793] The Geographical System Of Herodotus Examined And Explained... [n|1800] Observations On The Topography Of The Plain Of Troy [n|1814] Rev, William ROBY
(M: 1766 Mar 23 - 1830 Jan 11) Denys SCULLY
(M: 1773 May 4 - 1830 Oct 25) Penal Laws [n|1811] Alexander SMYTH
(M: 1765 - 1830 Apr 17) Thomas SOMERVILLE
(M: 1741 - 1830) My Own Life And Times [a|?] William Francis SULLIVAN
(M: 1756 - 1830) The History Of Mr Rightway And His Pupils [n|1816] Early Habits; Or, The Effects Of Attention And Neglect [f|1816] Juvenile Sketches [1817] Portraits From Life; Or, The History Of Charles And Charlotte [f|1817] Emulation; Or, The Benefit Of Good Example [n|1817] Plesant Stories; Or,...Ben The Sailor And Ned The Soldier [s|1818] The Young Truants [f|1818] The Recluse; Or, The Hermit Of Windermere [f|1818] William SURTEES
(M: 1781 - 1830) Twenty-Five Years In The Rifle Brigade [a|1833] John TODD
(M: 1779 - 1830) Speech Of Mr Todd Of Pennsylvania, On The Tarriff Bill [n|1824] William TUDOR
(M: 1779 Jan 28 - 1830 Mar 9) Letters On The Eastern States [e|1820] Miscellanies [1821] The Life Of James Otis Of Massachusetts [b|1823] Gebel Teir [1829] Richard John UNIACKE
(M: 1753 Nov 22 - 1830 Oct 11) Wilhelm WAIBLINGER
(M: 1804 Nov 21 - 1830 Jan 17) Lieder Der Griechen [Ge-1823] Phaëton: Zwey Theile [Ge-1823] Vier Erzählungen Aus Der Geschichte Des Jetzigen Griechenlands [Ge-1825] Drei Tage In Der Unterwelt [Ge-1826] Blüthen Der Muse Aus Rom: 1827 [Ge-1829] Anna Bullen, Königin Von England [d|Ge-pub:1829] Gesammelte Werke (ed H Von CANITZ) [9v|Ge-1839-40/42] Gedichte (ed Eduard MÖRIKE) [p|Ge-1844] Liebe Und Haß (ed André FAUCONNET) [Ge-1914] Friedrich Hölderlins Leben, Dichtung Und Wahnsinn [Ge-1947] Wandertage Des Jungen Waiblinger (ed Herbert MEYER) [Ge-1948] Die Tagebücher, 1821-1826 (ed E BREITMEYER & H MEYER) [a|Ge-1956] Mein Flüchtiges Glück: Eine Auswahl (ed Wolfgang HARTWIG) [Ge-1974] Taschenbuch Aus Italien Und Griechenland Auf Das Jahr 1829 [2v|Ge-?] David WALKER
(M: 1785 Sep 28 - 1830) 16516 Walker's Appeal [n|1829/30] Peter William WATSON
(M: baptised 1761 Aug 26 - 1830 Sep 1) Dendrologica Britannica [2v|n|1825] Isaac WILKINS
(M: 1742 - 1830) My Services...During The American Revolution [a|1890] Prof, Johann Rudolf WYSS
(M: 1782 Mar 4 - 1830 Mar 21) Idyllen, Volkssagen, Legenden...Aus Der Schweiz [2v|n|Ge-1815-22] Reise In Das Berner Oberland [2v|n|Ge-1816-17] Edler, Johann Michael von ZIMMERL
(M: 1758 - 1830) Sigmund Wilhelm ZIMMERN
(M: 1796 - 1830)