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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1789 - 1833) Johann Friedrich ABEGG
(M: 1765 - 1833) Thomas ALLEN
(M: 1803 - 1833) P The History And Antiquities Of London... [5v|n|1827-37] Robert ANDERSON
(M: 1770 Feb 1 - 1833 Sep 26) Lt-Col/Prof, John BAILLIE
(M: 1772 - 1833 Apr 20) A Digest Of Mohummudan Law [n|1805] Sophie BERNHARDI, nee TIECK, 2:Mrs von KNORRING
(F: 1775 Feb 28 - 1833 Oct 12) Bambiocciaden [Ge-1797] Julie Saint Albain [Ge-1801] Wunderbilder Und Träume In Elf Märchen [s|Ge-1802] Dramatische Fantasieen [Ge-1804] Flore Und Blancheflur [p|Ge-1822] Evremont [Ge-1836] Bei Aller Brüderlichen Liebe [a|Ge-1991] Barna(=Barnabas) BIDWELL
(M: 1763 Aug 23 - 1833) The Mercenary Match [d|c1784] Sir, Thomas BOWSER
(M: 1748 - 1833 Jun) Memoirs Of The Late War In Asia [n|1788] Lt, William BRADLEY
(M: c1757 - 1833 Mar 13) A Voyage To New South Wales [n|1969] Bewick BRIDGE
(M: 1767 - 1833) Thomas Attwood BRIDGEN
(M: ? - 1833) A BRITON (ps)
(M: ? - ?) Dedication On Dedication [n|1753] John BROADLEY
(M: c1785 - 1833 Jun 6) Memoirs Of Master John Shawe [b|1824] Edmund CARTWRIGHT
(M: 1773 - 1833) Joseph CLARK
(M: 1745 - 1833) John CROSSE
(M: 1786 Jul 7 - 1833 Oct 20) Account Of The Grand Musical Festival...In...York [n|1825] Sir, George DALLAS, 1st Baronet DALLAS of Harley Street
(M: 1758 Apr 6 - 1833 Jan 14) A Vindication Of The Justice And Policy Of The Late Wars... (anon) [n|1806] Reuben DAVIES
(M: 1808 - 1833) (wrote as: Prydydd y COED) Claire DEMAR
(F: 1800 - 1833) Charles Isaac Mungo DIBDIN, aka Charles Isaac PITT, aka Charles DIBDIN the Younger
(M: 1768 Oct 27 - 1833 Jan 13 or 15 (or Jun 14)) Poetical Attempts, By A Young Man [p|1792] Young Arthur; Or, The Child Of Mystery [p|1819] A History Of The London Theatres [n|1826] Nothing Superfluous [d|pro:1829] The Physiological Mentor; Or, Lessons From Nature [p|c1834] Rev, Thomas EVANS
(M: 1764 - 1833) (wrote as: Tomos Glyn COTHI) EZEKIEL FEIWEL Ben ZEEV WOLF
(M: 1755 - 1833) Ritter, Paul Johann Anselm von FEUERBACH
(M: 1775 - 1833) Maria FLAXMAN
(F: 1768 - 1833) (wrote as: A LADY) A FRIEND to the Peace and Prosperity of Ireland (ps)
(M: ? - ?) 25235 A Dialogue Between Dean Swift And Tho Prior, Esq [1753] Pedro Andrés GARCÍA
(M: c1758 - 1833) 27757 Nuevo Plan De Fronteras De La Provincia De Buenos-Aires... [n|Sp-?] * Diario De La Expedicion De 1822 A...Sud De Buenos-Aires [n|Sp-1836] * Diario De Un Viage A Salinas Grandes...Buenos Aires [n|Sp-?] Rev, Robert GRADWELL
(M: 1777 Jan 26 - 1833 Mar 15) James GRANT
(M: baptised 1772 Sep 6 - 1833 Nov 11) # Narrative Of A Voyage Of Discovery To NSW...'Lady Nelson'... [n|1803] (Marguerite Andrée) Élisa GUIZOT, nee DILON
(F: 1804 Mar 20 - 1833 Mar 11) Arthur Henry HALLAM
(M: 1811 - 1833) (also wrote as: T H E A) Remains [1834] An Impartial HAND (ps)
(M: ? - ?) An Examination Of Two Printed Papers... [n|1753] Thomas Carson HANSARD
(M: 1776 - 1833) Typographia: An Historical Sketch Of The Origin...Of Printing [n|1825] William HARROD
(M: ? - ?) Sevenoke [p|1753] The Patriot [d|pub:1769] Adrian Hardy HAWORTH
(M: 1767 - 1833 Aug 24) Observations On The Genus Mesembryanthemum [n|1794] Lepidoptera Britannica [n|La-1803-28] Synopsis Plantarum Succulentarum [n|La-1812] Saxifragëarum Enumeratio [n|La-1821] Richard HEBER
(M: 1773 - 1833) Godfrey HIGGINS
(M: 1773 - 1833) Anacalypsis [2v|n|1836] Rowland HILL
(M: 1744 - 1833) Divine Hymns... [1790] Village Dialogues [f|1801] Betty IRELAND (ps)
(F: ? - ?) 23390 True Life Of Betty Ireland [1753] Mary JEMISON
(F: 1743 - 1833) 6960,I A Narrative Of The Life Of Mrs Mary Jemison (w J E SEAVER) [b|1824] Maria Jane JEWSBURY, Mrs FLETCHER
(F: 1800 Oct 25 (wrongly 1793 Sep 25) - 1833 Oct 4 (or 3)) (also wrote as: M J J) Phantasmagoria; Or, Sketches Of Life And Literature [2v|p|1825] Letters To The Young [n|1828] Letters Addressed To Her Young Friends [n|1829] Lays For Leisure Hours [p|1829] The Three Histories [s|1830] Richard JONES
(M: 1772 - 1833) (wrote as: Cymro GWYLLT) Comte, Jean-Baptiste JOURDAN (de la Haute-Vienne)
(M: 1762 Apr 29 - 1833 Nov 23) Opérations De L'Armée Du Danube [n|Fr-1799] Mémoires Pour Servir À L'Histoire De...1796 (anon) [a|Fr-1818] g Le Guerrier Philosophe; Ou, Mémoires De M Le Duc De ** [Fr-?] J E KRUSE
(M: ? - ?) Allgemeiner Und Besonders Hamburgischer Contorist [n|Ge-1753] Adrien Marie LEGENDRE
(M: 1752 Sep 18 - 1833 Jan 10) Nouvelles Méthodes Pour La Détermination Des Orbites Des Comètes [n|Fr-1806] Exercices De Calcul Intégral [3v|n|Fr-1811-16] Traité Des Fonctions Elliptiques [2v|n|Fr-1825-26] Elements Of Geometry & Trigonometry [n|Fr-?] (tr Ch DAVIES) [1844] Selected Propositions [n|Fr-?] (tr Ch DAVIES) [1875] James LOSH
(M: 1763 - 1833) Diaries And Correspondence [a|1962] Rev, Alexander McLEOD / M'LEOD
(M: 1774 - 1833) A Negro Slavery Unjustifiable: A Discourse [n|1802] A Scriptural View Of The Character...Of The Present War [n|1815] Sir, John MALCOLM, aka Peter WHITTEN
(M: 1769 May 2 - 1833 May 30) Political History Of India [n|1811] Sketch Of The Sikh [n|1812] History Of Persia [n|1815] Memoir Of Central India [n|1823] Political History Of India From 1784 To 1823 [n|1826] Life Of Lord Clive [b|1836] William MARSHALL
(M: 1749 - 1833) Marshall's Scottish Airs, Melodies, Strathspeys, Reels [m|1835] Rev, Daniel MERRILL
(M: 1765 - 1833) Autobiography... [a|1833] Amos MINER
(M: 1785 - 1833 Dec 27) Trial, Life And Confession...John Smith (w S S SOUTHWORTH) [a|1833] Henri MONOD
(M: 1753 - 1833) Hannah MORE
(F: 1745 Feb 2 - 1833 Sep 7) (also wrote as: Will CHIP; COELEBS; ONE of the Laity; A Good Old PAPIST) A Search After Happiness [d|pub:1773] + The Inflexible Captive [d|pub:1774/pro:1775] Sir Eldred Of The Bower; and, The Bleeding Rock [s|1776] 30524,k Percy [d|pub:1777/pro:1777] Ode To Dragon, Mr Garrick's House-Dog, At Hampton [p|1777] 19595 Essays On Various Subjects, Principally...For Young Ladies [e|1777] The Works Of Miss Hannah More In Prose And Verse [1778] + The Fatal Falsehood [d|pub:1779/pro:1779] Sacred Dramas...Sensibility [d|pub:1782] Florio; and, The Bas Bleu (anon) [p|1786] Slavery [p|1788] Thoughts On The Importance Of The Manners Of The Great... [n|1788] Bishop Bonner's Ghost (ps: A Good Old PAPIST) [1789] An Estimate Of The Religion...World (ps: ONE Of The Laity) [1791] Village Politics, Addressed To All The Mechanics... (ps: Will CHIP) [1792] Remarks On The Speech Of M Dupont [n|1793] The Cottage Cook; Or, Mrs Jones's Cheap Dishes [n|1795] The Sunday School [1795] The History Of Tom White The Postilion [f|1795] * The Shepherd Of Salisbury Plain, and Other Tales [s|1795] The Two Shoemakers (aka: The History Of...) [f|1795] The Way To Plenty; Or, The Second Part Of Tom White [f|1795] The Two Wealthy Farmers, Or, The History Of Mr Bragwell [f|1795] Cheap Repository (1st series) [3v|1795] Robert And Richard; Or, The Ghost Of Poor Molly... [f|1796] The Apprentice Turned Master; Or, The Second...Two Shoemakers [f|1796] The History Of Idle Jack Brown...Third Part...Two Shoemakers [f|1796] The Shopkeeper Turned Sailor [f|1796] Jack Brown In Prison...Fourth Part...Two Shoemakers [f|1796] The Hackney Coachman; Or, The Way To Get A Good Fare [f|1796] Sunday Reading - On Carrying Religion...Common Business Of Life [1796] Turn The Carpet; Or, The Two Weavers [1796] Betty Brown, The St Giles's Orange Girl [f|1796] Sunday Reading - The Grand Assizes [1796] The History Of Mr Bragwell; Or, The Two Wealthy Farmers, Part III [f|1796] A Hymn Of Praise For The Abundant Harvest Of 1796 [1796] Sunday Reading - The History Of The Two Wealthy Farmers, Part IV [f|1796] The Two Wealthy Farmers,...Adventures Of Miss Bragwell, Part V [f|1796] Black Giles The Poacher [f|1796] Sunday Reading - Bear Ye One Another's Burthens [1796] The Good Militiaman [1797] Tawny Rachel (aka: The Fortune-Teller) [f|1797] The Two Gardeners [1797] The History Of Hester Wilmot [f|1797] Sunday Reading - The Servant Man Turned Soldier [f|1797] The Lady And The Pye; Or, Know Thyself [f|1797] Sunday Reading - The Strait Gate And The Broad Way [f|1797] The History Of Mr Fantom, The New Fashioned Philosopher... [f|1797] Sunday Reading - The Pilgrims [f|1797] Dan And Jane; Or, Faith And Works [f|1797] The Two Wealthy Farmers, Or, The Sixth Part...Mr Bragwell [f|1797] The Two Wealthy Farmers, Or, The Seventh... [f|1797] The Plum-Cakes; Or, The Farmer And His Three Sons [n|1797] Strictures On The Modern System Of Female Education [2v|n|1799] Cheap Repository (2nd series) [3v|1800] The Works Of Hannah More [s|1801] Hints Towards Forming The Character Of A Young Princess [2v|n|1805] * Coelebs In Search Of A Wife (ps: COELEBS) [2v|1808] Practical Piety; Or,...Religion Of The Heart... [2v|n|1811] Christian Morals [2v|n|1813] An Essay On The Character And Practical Writings Of St Paul [2v|n|1815] Poems [p|1816] Moral Sketches Of Prevailing Opinions And Manners [n|1819] The Twelfth Of August (aka: The Feast Of Freedom) [1819] Bible Rhymes On The Names Of All The Books... [1821] The Spirit Of Prayer [1825] Letters [a|1834] Miscellaneous Works [2v|1840] The Letters Of Hannah More (ed R Brimley JOHNSON) [a|1926] 15034 Stories For The Young [s|?] The Happy Waterman [?] Fr, Antonio OCHOA y ACUNA
(M: 1783 Apr 27 - 1833 Aug 4) (also wrote as: [Pastor ANTIMIO]) Don Alfonso [d|Sp-1811] Poesias De Un Mexicano [p|Sp-1820] Amor Per Apoderado [d|Sp-1831] John O'KEEFE
(M: 1747 - 1833 Feb 4) John O'KEEFFE / O'KEEFE
(M: 1747 Jun 24 - 1833 Feb 4) Tony Lumpkin In Town [d|1778] The Poor Soldier (w William SHIELD) [d|1783] + Wild Oats [d|1791] + The Castle Of Andalusia [d|1782] + Fontainebleau [1785] Omai: A Voyage 'Round the World [d|1785] Love In A Camp [d|?] The Son-In-Law [d|?] Agreeable Surprise [d|?] + The Farmer [?] + The London Hermit [?] + The Highland Reel [?] Andrew PICKEN
(M: 1788 - 1833 Nov 23) (also wrote as: Christopher KEELIVINE) Tales And Sketches Of The West Of Scotland [s|1829] The Sectarian [f|1829] The Dominie's Legacy [f|1830] Travels And Researches Of Eminent Missionaries [n|1830] The Canadas, As They At Present Commend...To...Emigrants [n|1832] Waltham [f|1833] The Black Watch [f|1834] Marquis, Anne Bernard Antoine de Gournay de RAIGECOURT
(M: 1763 - 1833) Correspondance Du Mis & De La Mise De Raigecourt... [a|Fr-1892] Caeser REYNOLDS
(M: 1803 - 1833) Confessions Of Two Malefactors, Teller & Reynolds... [a|1833] Christopher ROBINSON
(M: 1766 - 1833) Collectanea Maritima [n|1801] Raja Rammohan ROY
(M: 1772 - 1833 Sep 27) Sir, William Oldnall RUSSELL
(M: 1785 - 1833 Jan 22) A Treatise On Crimes And (Indictable) Misdemeanors [2v|n|1819] John SARGEANT
(M: 1789 - 1833) Anne-Jean-Marie-René SAVARY, 1st Duc de ROVIGO
(M: 1774 Apr 26 - 1833 Jun 2) 20108 Mémoires Du Duc De Rovigo, Pour Servir...Napoléon [6v|a|Fr-?] John Thomas SMITH
(M: 1776 - 1833) Antiquities Of London [n|1800] Vagabondiana; Or, The Anecdotes Of Mendicant Wanderers... [1817] Nollekens And His Times [b|1828] Cries Of London [1839] A Book For A Rainy Day...1766-1833 [1845] William SOTHEBY
(M: 1757 Nov 9 - 1833 Dec 30) Poems (aka: A Tour Through Parts Of Wales...) [p|1790] The Battle Of The Nile [p|1799] The Cambrian Hero; Or, Llewelyn The Great (anon; attrib) [c1800] The Siege Of Cuzco [d|pub:1800] Julian And Agnes; Or, The Monks Of The Great St Bernard [d|pro:1801/pub:1801] A Poetical Epistle To Sir George Beaumont, Bart [1801] Oberon, Or, Huon De Bordeaux; and, Orestes [d|pub:1802] Saul [p|1807] Constance De Castile [p|1810] A Song Of Triumph [1814] Tragedies: The Death Of Darnley; Ivan; Zamorin And Zama;... [d|pub:1814] Ivan [d|pub:1816] Ellen; Or, The Confession [d|pub:1816] Farewell To Italy, And Occasional Poems [p|1818] Poems [p|1825] Italy And Other Poems [p|1828] Lines Suggested By The Third Meeting Of The BAAS...Cambridge... [1834] Sir, Banastre TARLETON
(M: 1754 - 1833 Jan 23) Rev, John TAYLOR
(M: 1752 Oct 27 - 1833 Apr 12) Thoughts On Missions [n|1820] A History Of Ten Baptist Churches... [a|1823] A History Of Clear Creek Church: and Campbellism Exposed [e|1830] William TELLER
(M: 1805 - 1833) Confessions Of Two Malefactors... [a|1833] Capt, Watkin TENCH
(M: c1759 - 1833 May 7) Letters Written In France, To A Friend In London...1794...1795 [n|1796] 3535,Z A Narrative Of The Expedition To Botany Bay [1] [n|1789] 3534,Z A Complete Account Of The Settlement At Port Jackson [2] [n|1793] Sydney's First Four Years [1+2] [n|1964] Rahel VARNHAGEN, nee LEVIN
(F: 1771 May 19 - 1833 Mar 7) Rev, W Manning WALKER
(M: 1784 Feb 16 - 1833 Dec 23) Thomas E WELLS
(M: 1782 - 1833) #Z Michael Howe: The Last...Bush-Rangers Of Van Dieman's Land [b|1818] William WILBERFORCE
(M: 1759 Aug 24 - 1833 Jul 29) 25709 A Practical View Of The Prevailing Religious System... [n|1797] Appeal To The Religion, Justice And Humanity...Negro Slaves... [n|1823] 10683 Lettre À L'Empereur Alexandre Sur La Traite Des Noirs [n|Fr-?] * The Private Papers Of William Wilberforce (ed A W WILBERFORCE) [e|?] * A Letter On The Abolition Of The Slave Trade [n|?] Samuel Hull WILCOCKE
(M: c1766 - 1833 Jul 3) I A Narrative Of Occurrences In The Indian... (w E ELLICE) [n|1817] Andrzej ZOGLOWEK
(M: 1770 - 1833) Aryeh Loeb ZUENZ
(M: c1773 - 1833)