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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: c1765 - 1835) ABD Al-RAHMAN Ibn YAHYA Al-ANISI
(M: c1754 - c1835) Georg ADLERSPARRE
(M: 1760 Mar 18 - 1835 Sep 23) Olof ÅHLSTRÖM
(M: 1756 - 1835) r Quatre Sonates Pour Le Clavecin Ou Pianoforte... [m|Sw-1784] r Mer Från Hans, Op 2 [m|Sw-?] Nathaniel AMES
(M: c1750 - 1835 Jan 18) A Mariner's Sketches... (anon?) [a|1830] Nautical Reminiscences (anon?) [a|1832] 29323 An Old Sailor's Yarns [1835] Louis (Jean Jacques) ANGELY
(M: 1787 Feb 1 - 1835 Nov 16) Die Schneider-Mamsells [d|Ge-1824] Thérèse; Oder, Die Waise Aus Genf [d|Ge-1824] Dover Und Calais [d|Ge-1825] Schüler-Schwaenke [d|Ge-1825] Sieben Mädchen In Uniform [d|Ge-1825] Das Fest Der Handwerker [d|Ge-1828] Der Hunderjährige Greis [d|Ge-1828] List Und Phlegma [d|Ge-1832] Paris In Pommern [d|Ge-1839] Prinz Tu-Ta-Tu [d|Ge-?] Die Reise Auf Gemeinschaftliche Kosten [d|Ge-?] Die Hasen In Der Hasenheide [d|Ge-?] Die Beiden Hofmeister [d|Ge-?] Wohnungen Zu Vermieten [d|Ge-?] Das Ehepaar Aus Der Alten Zeit [d|Ge-?] Die Schwestern [d|Ge-?] Der Dachdecker [d|Ge-?] Schlafrock Und Uniform [d|Ge-?] Jugend Muß Austoben [d|Ge-?] Die Braut Aus Pommern [d|Ge-?] Thomas ASHE
(M: 1770 Jul 15 - 1835 Dec 17) Memoirs Of Mammoth And Other Bones Found In...Ohio [n|1806] Travels In America In 1806 [n|1808] The Spirit Of 'The Book' [f|1811] A Commercial And Geographical Sketch Of Brazil And Madeira [n|1812] The Liberal Critic [f|1812] Memoirs And Confessions [3v|1815] The Soldier Of Fortune [f|1816] The Charms Of Dandyism [f|1819] Samuel BAGSTER, the Younger
(M: 1800 Oct 19 - 1835 Jul 1) The Management Of Bees [n|1824] Christopher Columbus BALDWIN
(M: 1800 - 1835) Vincenzo (Salvatore Carmelo Francesco) BELLINI
(M: 1801 Nov 3 - 1835 Sep 23) John BENTLEY
(M: c1752 - 1835 Sep 1) The Divine Logos [n|1803] The Sacred Tree [n|1804] Sir, William BLIZARD
(M: baptised 1744 Feb 26 - 1835 Aug 27 (or 28)) (also wrote as: [CURTIUS]) Suggestions For The Improvement Of Hospitals...Institutions [n|1796] Rev, Luke BOOKER
(M: 1762 Oct 20 - 1835 Oct 1) Select Psalms And Hymns For The Use Of Churches [1796] Malvern: A Descriptive And Historical Poem [p|1798] Calista; Or, A Picture Of Modern Life [p|1803] A Moral Review Of The Conduct And Case Of Mary Ashford [1818] Description And Historical Account Of Dudley Castle [n|1825] The Springs Of Plynlimmon [p|1834] Karl/Carl August BÖTTIGER
(M: 1760 Jun 8 - 1835 Nov 17) Reise Nach Wörlitz 1797 (ed Erhard HIRSCH) [n|Ge-1988] Literarische Zustände Und Zeitgenossen (ed GERLACH & STERNKE) [n|Ge-1998] Bp, John (Mortimer) BRINKLEY
(M: baptised 1767 Jan 31 - 1835 Sep 14) Elements Of Plane Astronomy [n|1808] Kazimierz BRODZINSKI
(M: 1791 - 1835) 27835 Wieslaw: Sielanka Krakowska W Piêciu Aktach [Pl-?] Col, Thomas Duer BROUGHTON
(M: 1778 Mar 8 - 1835 Nov 16) Letters Written In A Mahratta Camp During The Year 1809 [n|1813] Selections From The Popular Poetry Of The Hindus [p|1814] Friederike (Sophie Christiane) BRUN / BLUM, nee MÜNTER
(F: 1765 Jun 3 - 1835 Mar 25) Tagebuch Einer Reise Durch Die...Schweiz [n|Ge-1800] Episoden Aus Reisen Durch Das Südliche Deutschland... [n|Ge-1808] Sitten- Und Landschaftsstudien Von Neapel Und...Umgebungen [n|Ge-1818] Briefe Aus Rom [n|Ge-1818] Gedichte [p|Ge-1795/1812/20] Wahrheit Aus Morgenträumen Und Idas Ästhetische Entwickelung [n|Ge-1824] Römisches Leben [n|Ge-1833] Edmund Plunkett BURKE
(M: 1802 - 1835) Prof, James Gilbert BURNETT
(M: ? - 1835 Jul 27) Fr, José Agustín CABALLERO
(M: 1762 Aug 28 - 1835 Apr 6) Rev, Joseph CALDWELL
(M: 1773 Apr 21 - 1835 Jan 27) T The Numbers Of Carlton, Addressed To The People Of NC... [n|1828] T Autobiography And Biography Of...First President...Uni, NC [a|1860] John CARY
(M: ? - 1835) Cary's New And Correct English Atlas [n|1787] The Names And Situations Of The Constellations [n|c1795] Fredrik/Fredric CEDERBORGH
(M: 1784 - 1835) r Ottar Trallings Levnadsmålning [Sw-?] William COBBETT
(M: 1763 Mar 9 - 1835 Jun 18) (also wrote as: Peter PORCUPINE) Observations On The Emigration Of Dr Priestley [n|1794] A Bone To Gnaw For The Democrats [1795] A Kick For A Bite [1795] The Scare-Crow [1796] Life Of Tom Paine [b|1796] Life And Adventures Of Peter Porcupine [1796] Grammar Of The English Language [n|1817] A Year's Residence In The United States [n|1818-19] A The American Gardener [n|1821] * Cottage Economy [n|1821] ...The Protestant 'Reformation' In England And Ireland [n|1824-27] French Grammar [n|1824] The Woodlands [n|1825] The Poor Man's Friend [n|1826] Treatise On Corn [n|1828] The English Gardener [n|1829] 15510 Advice To Young Men [n|1829] I The Emigrant's Guide, In Ten Letters... [n|1829] * Rural Rides [n|1830/53] Legacy To Labourers [n|1834] Legacy To Parsons [n|1835] State Trials [?] Charles COOTE
(M: 1760 - 1835 Nov 19) Elements Of The Grammar Of The English Language [n|1788/1806] The History Of England From The Earliest Dawn...1783 [9v|n|1791-98] History Of The Union Of The Kingdoms Of Great Britain And Ireland [n|1802] Sketches Of The Lives And Characters Of Eminent English Civilians [n|1804] Matthias COP
(M: 1797 - 1835) David CUSICK
(M: c1780 - c1835) David Cusick's Sketches Of Ancient History Of The Six Nations [n|1828] I The Iroquois Trail (w William M BEAUCHAMP) [n|1892] Princess, Izabela CZARTORYSKA, nee Countess FLEMING
(F: 1746 Mar 3 - 1835 Jul 15) John DAVIDSON
(M: 1750 - 1835) Reminiscences [a|1916] Robert DAVIES
(M: 1769 - 1835 Dec 1) (wrote as: Bardd NANTGLYN) Diliau Barddas [We-1827] Leithiadur Neu Ramadeg Cymraeg [n|We-1808/?/?/?/48] Joseph-Philippe-François DELEUZE
(M: 1753 Mar - 1835 Oct 30) Histoire Et Description Du Museum Royal D'Histoire Naturelle [n|Fr-1823] Charles Edward DODD
(M: ? - 1835 Apr 15) William DUANE
(M: 1760 - 1835) The Mississippi Question [n|1803] A Military Dictionary [n|1810] An Epitome Of The Arts And Sciences [n|1811] A Visit To Colombia [n|1826] Jacques-Antoine DULAURE
(M: 1755 Dec 3 - 1835 Aug 18) (also wrote as: D***; J-A D***; X) Pogonologie; Ou, Histoire...De La Barbe (ps: J-A D***) [n|Fr-1786] Défense Des Propriétaires Des Biens Nationaux (ps: D***) [n|Fr-1814] Causes Secrètes Des Excès De La Révolution (ps: X) [n|Fr-1815] Des Divinités Génératrices; Ou, Du Culte Du Phallus... [n|Fr-1825] Baron, Guillaume DUPUYTREN
(M: 1777 - 1835) On The Injuries And Diseases Of Bones [n|Fr-?] (tr F Le G CLARK) [1847] Bp, Thomas ELRINGTON
(M: 1760 Dec 18 - 1835 Jul 30) Thoughts On The Principles Of Civil Government...Law Of Nature [n|1793] Reflections On The Appointment Of Dr Milner...Clergy Of Ireland [n|1809] An Inquiry Whether The Disturbances In Ireland...Tythes [n|1822] Miscellaneous Observations On A Letter Of J K L [n|1824] Joseph EVE
(M: 1760 May 24 - 1835 Nov 14) Better To Be [p|1823] Baron, Pierre Alexandre Édouard FLEURY De CHABOULON
(M: 1779 Apr 14 - 1835 Sep 28) 25616 Les Cent Jours [2v|b|Fr-1820] 22345 Memoirs Of The Private Life...Napoleon In 1815 [b|Fr-?] (tr anon) [1820] John FORSTER
(M: 1773 - 1835 Feb 22) Treatise On The Free Grace Of God [n|1820] Francis GODWIN
(M: ? - 1835 Aug 30) John G GORTON
(M: ? - 1835) General Biographical Dictionary [b|1928] William GRAY
(M: 1801 Jan 10 - 1835 Nov 29 (or 27)) Historical Sketch Of The Origin Of English Prose Literature [n|1835] John Henry GROSE
(M: before 1735 - after 1783) A Voyage To The East Indies [n|1757/64/72] Jean-Jacques GUIZOT, le Jeune
(M: 1789 Oct 12 - 1835) (also wrote as: M G) Rev?, Jonathan Lee HALE
(M: 1790 - 1835) A Sermon, Delivered February 23, 1825... [n|1825] Rev, Henry HALLIWELL
(M: 1765 Aug - 1835 Jan 15) Prof, Hendrik Arent HAMAKER
(M: 1789 Feb 25 - 1835 Oct 7 (wrongly 1836 May)) Thomas HARDING
(M: c1757 - 1835 May 6) A New View Of Time [n|?] Laetita-Matilda HAWKINS
(F: baptised 1759 Aug 8 - 1835 Nov 22) Letters On The Female Mind, Its Powers And Pursuits [n|1793] The Countess And Gertrude; Or, Modes Of Discipline [f|1811] Rosanne; Or, A Father's Labour Lost [f|1814] Sermonets (w Henry HAWKINS) [n|1814] Heraline; Or, Opposite Proceedings [f|1821] Annaline; Or, Motive-Hunting (anon; Attrib) [f|1824] Felicia Dorothea HEMANS, nee BROWNE
(F: 1793 (or 1794) Sep 25 - 1835 May 16) & Poems [p|1808] J On The Restoration Of The Works Of Art To Italy [1816] J Hymns On The Works Of Nature For The Use Of Children [1827] J Records Of Woman, With Other Poems [p|1828] Early Blossoms [p|1836] Collected Works [1839] & The Domestic Affections And Other Poems [p|?] & England And Spain; Or, Valour And Patriotism [?] & The Sceptic [p|?] & Wallace's Invocation To Bruce [p|?] John HEWITT
(M: ? - c1835) Rev, Robert HINDMARSH
(M: 1759 Nov 8 - 1835 Jan 2) James HOGG, aka 'The Ettrick Shepherd'
(M: baptised 1770 Dec 9 (wrongly 1772 Jan 25) - 1835 Nov 21) The Mountain Bard [p|1807] The Shepherd's Guide:...Treatise On The Diseases Of Sheep [n|1807] The Forest Minstrel [p|1810] The Queen's Wake [p|1813] Pilgrims Of The Sun [p|1815] The Brownie Of Bodsbeck [f|1817] The Surpassing Adventures Of Allan Gordon [b|1818] Jacobite Reliques [1819] The Three Perils Of Man [f|1822] The Three Perils Of Woman [f|1823] 2276 The Private Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner [f|1824] Queen Hynde [p|1826] The Brownie Of The Black Haggs [f|1828] k The Shepherd's Calendar [2v|1829] Songs By The Ettrick Shepherd [p|1831] The Domestic Manner And Private Life Of Sir Walter Scott [b|1834] Tales And Sketches Of The Ettrick Shepherd [s|1837] # Collected Stories [s|?] Memoir Of The Author's Life [a|1972] Freiherr, (Friedrich) Wilhelm (Christian Karl Ferdinand) von HUMBOLDT
(M: 1767 Jun 22 - 1835 Apr 8 (wrongly 7)) Ideen Zu Einem Versuch, Die Grenzen Der Wirksamkeit... [n|Ge-1792] 21801 Briefe An Eine Freundin [Ge-1891] On The Limits Of State Action [n|1810] Henry HUNT
(M: 1773 - 1835) 8685 Memoirs Of Henry Hunt, Esq [3v|a|1820-22] Henry David INGLIS
(M: 1795 - 1835 Mar 20) (also wrote as: Derwent CONWAY) Tales Of The Ardennes (ps: Derwent CONWAY) [1825] Narrative Of A Journey Through Norway, Part Of Sweden... [n|1826] Solitary Walks Through Many Lands [n|1828] A Tour Through Switzerland And The South Of France... [n|1830] Spain In 1830 [n|1831] The New Gil Blas; Or, Pedro Of Peñaflor [f|1832] The Tyrol, With A Glance At Bavaria [n|1833] Ireland [n|1834] William Henry IRELAND, aka Samuel IRELAND, aka 'Shakespeare' IRELAND
(M: 1775 (wrongly 1777) Aug 2 - 1835 Apr 17) Miscellaneous Papers And Legal Instruments...William Shakespeare [1795] Vortigern And Rowena [d|pro:1796] Vortigern; and, Henry The Second [d|pub:1799] The Life Of Napoleon Bonaparte [b|1828] Rizzio; Or, Scenes In Europe...16th Century (ed G P R JAMES) [f|1849] Roswell JUDSON
(M: 1769 - 1835) Elias Kent KANE
(M: 1794 - 1835) Henry Cogswell KNIGHT
(M: 1789 Jan 29 - 1835 Jan 10) (also wrote as: Arthur SINGLETON, Esq) Abbé, Gervais de LA RUE
(M: 1751 Sep 7 - 1835 Sep 24 (or 27)) Essais Historiques Sur La Ville De Caen Et Son Arrondissement [2v|n|Fr-1820] Recherches Sur La Tapisserie...Conquête De L'Angleterre... [n|Fr-1824] Essais Historiques Sur Les Bardes, Les Jongleurs... [3v|n|Fr-1834] Recherches Historiques Sur La Prairie De Caen [n|Fr-1837] Mémoires Historiques Sur Le Palinod De Caen [n|Fr-1841] Recherches Sur La Tapisserie De Bayeux [n|Fr-1841] Nouveaux Essais Historiques Sur La Ville De Caen [e|Fr-1842] Lt-Gen, John LE COUTEUR
(M: 1761 - 1835 Apr 23) Letters From India [n|1790] William LINLEY
(M: c1771 - 1835 May 6) Richard LLWYD
(M: 1752 - 1835 Dec 29) (wrote as: BARD of Snowdon) Beaumaris Bay [p|1800] Gayton Wake; Or, Mary Dod [p|1804] Poems, Tales, Odes, Sonnets, Translations From The British [p|1804] Prof, Matthew LUMSDEN
(M: 1777 - 1835 Mar 31) Hugh H McCLUNE
(M: ? - 1835) Miscellanea [a|1907] Prof, Thomas M'CRIE, the Elder
(M: 1772 Nov - 1835 Aug 3 (or 5)) (also wrote as: Scoto BRITANNUS; A Scots PRESBYTERIAN) The Duty Of Christian Societies Towards Each Other... [n|1797] Statement Of The Difference Between...The Reformed Church... [n|1807] Letters On The Late Catholic Bill (ps: A Scots PRESBYTERIAN) [n|1807] Free Thoughts On The Late Religious... (ps: Scoto BRITANNUS) [n|1817] Life Of Andrew Melville [2v|b|1819/24] Two Discourses On The Unity Of The Church... [e|1821] The Progress And Suppression Of The Reformation In Spain... [n|1829] Sermons [e|1836] Lectures On The Book Of Esther [n|1838] Memoir Of Mr John Murray [b|?] Sketch Of The Progress Of The Reformation In Spain [n|?] The Suppression Of The Reformation In Spain [n|?] The History Of The Reformation In Italy [n|?] Life Of Dr Andrew Rivet [b|?] Life Of Patrick Hamilton [b|?] Life Of Francis Lambert, Of Avignon [b|?] Life Of Alexander Henderson [b|?] John M'CULLOCH / MacCULLOCH
(M: 1773 Oct 6 - 1835 Aug 20) A Description Of The Western Islands Of Scotland [n|1819] A Geological Classification Of Rocks... [n|1821] The Highlands And Western Islands Of Scotland [n|1824] Malaria [n|1827] An Essay On The Remittent Diseases [n|1828] The System Of Geology [n|1831] Proofs And Illustrations Of The Attributes Of God [n|1837] Alexander Greenfield MACDONELL
(M: ? - 1835 Feb) A Narrative Of Transactions In The Red River Country [n|1819] Solomon MACK
(M: 1735 - ?) A Narrative Of The Life Of Solmon Mack... [a|c1811] John MARSHALL {US}
(M: 1755 Sep 24 - 1835 Jul 6) 18591 The Life Of George Washington [5v|b|1804-07] History Of The American Colonies [n|1824] An Autobiographical Sketch [a|1937] Thomas James MATHIAS
(M: c1754 - 1835 Aug 31) An Heroic Epistle To The Rev R Watson (anon) [n|1780] Heroic Address In Prose [n|1780] Runic Odes Imitated From The Norse Tongue [p|1781] Essay On The Evidence...Poems Attributed To Thomas Rowley [n|1783] Pursuits Of Literature; Or, What You Will [p|1794] A Letter To The Lord Marquis Of Buckingham [1796] Works [1800] Prose On Various Occasions, Literary And Political [e|1801] Sonetti De Piu Illustri Poeti D'Italia [p|It-1802] Lyrica Sacra, Excerpta Ex Hymnis Ecclesiae Antiquis [1818] Specimens Of Antient Hymns Of The Western Church [n|1835] Walter MAXWELL
(M: ? - ?) Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale, De Emeticorum Usu [n|La-1755] James MITCHELL
(M: c1808 - 1835 Aug 19) William MOTHERWELL
(M: 1797 Oct 13 - 1835 Nov 1) (also wrote as: Isaac BROWN) Renfrewshire Characters And Scenery (ps: Isaac BROWN) [p|1824] Minstrelsy, Ancient And Modern [n|1827] Poems, Narrative And Lyrical [p|1832] Cecil (Marryat) NORRIS
(M: ? - ?) Three Nights [f|1886] Hugh's Sacrifice [f|1886] Captain Fortescue's Handful [f|1887] 'Never Say Die!': A Tale Of Adventure In The Scilly Isles [f|1891] Henry O'BRIEN
(M: 1808 - 1835 Jun 28) The Round Towers Of Ireland; Or, The Mysteries Of Freemasonry... [n|1834] Charles Antoine Guillaume PIGAULT De l'ÉPINOY
(M: 1753 Mar 8 - 1835 Jul 24) (wrote as: PIGAULT-LEBRUN) Le Pessimiste [d|Fr-1789] 26810 L'Amour Et La Raison [d|Fr-1791] Les Dragons Et Les Bénédictines [d|Fr-1791] L'Enfant Du Carnaval [f|Fr-1792] Les Dragons En Cantonnement [d|Fr-1794] Les Barons De Felsheim [f|Fr-1798] Les Rivaux D'Eux-Mêmes [d|Fr-1798] Angélique Et Jeanneton De La Place Maubert [f|Fr-1799] Mon Oncle Thomas [f|Fr-1799] Les Cent-Vingt Jours [f|Fr-1799] La Folie Espagnole [f|Fr-1799] M De Kinglin [f|Fr-1800] Théodore [f|Fr-1800] Métusko [f|Fr-1800] M Botte [f|Fr-1802] Citateur [2v|n|Fr-1803] Jérôme [f|Fr-1804] La Famille Luceval [f|Fr-1806] L'Homme À Projets [f|Fr-1807] Une Macédoine [f|Fr-1811] Tableaux De Société [f|Fr-1813] Adélaïde De Méran [f|Fr-1815] Mélanges Littéraires Et Critiques [Fr-1816] Le Garçon Sans Souci (w R PERRIN) [f|Fr-1816] M De Roberval Et L'Officieux [f|Fr-1818] L'Homme À Projets [f|Fr-1819] Nous Le Sommes Tous [f|Fr-1819] L'Observateur [f|Fr-1820] Le Beau-Père Et Le Gendre [f|Fr-1820] O=Euvres Complètes [20v|Fr-1822-24] Histoire De France Abrégée, À L'Usage Des Gens Du Monde [n|Fr-1823-28] La Sainte-Ligue [f|Fr-1829] Contes À Mon Petit-Fils [2v|Fr-1831] George PINCKARD
(M: 1768 - 1835 May 15) Notes On The West Indies [3v|n|1806] Suggestions For Restoring The Moral Character...Of The Poor [n|1835] Graf, (Karl) August (Georg Maximilian) von PLATEN-HALLERMÜNDE
(M: 1796 Oct 24 - 1835 Dec 5) Der Schatz Des Rhampsinit [d|Ge-1825] Die Verhändnißvolle Gabel [d|Ge-1826] Der Romantische Oedipus [d|Ge-1829] Die Liga Von Cambrai [d|Ge-1833] Isaac POCOCK
(M: 1782 Mar 2 - 1835 Aug 25 (or 23 or 24)) Yes And No [d|1808] Hit Or Miss [d|1810] The Miller And His Men [d|1813] The Magpie Or The Maid? [d|1815] Robinson Crusoe [d|1817] Rob Roy MacGregor (w Sir Walter SCOTT) [d|1818] The Robber's Bride [d|1829] Maj, David PRICE
(M: 1762 - 1835 Dec 16 (or 18)) Chronological Retrospect; Or,...Mahommedan History [3v|n|1811-21] Essay Towards The History Of Arabia Antecedent To...Mahommed [n|1824] Account Of The Siege And Reduction Of Chaitur [n|1831] The Last Days Of Krishna [n|1831] Memoirs Of The Early Life And Service Of A Field Officer (anon) [a|1839] Dr, (William) Owen PUGHE / OWEN PUGHE
(M: 1759 Aug 7 - 1835 Jun 4) (also wrote as: IDRISON) The Cambrian Biography [b|1803] Hu Gadarn [We-1822] Antoine QUATRESOUX De PARCTELAINE
(M: 1786 - 1835) Juan Facundo QUIROGA
(M: 1790 - 1835) Johann Wilhelm RECHE
(M: 1764 - 1835) Typographia; Oder, Die Buchdruckerkunst [n|Ge-1823] Prof, Caspar Jacob Christiaan REUVENS
(M: 1793 Jan 22 - 1835 Jul 26 (or 23)) Collectanea Litteraria [n|?-1815] Auguste RIGAUD
(M: 1760 - 1835) Comte, Pierre-Louis ROEDERER
(M: 1754 Feb 15 - 1835 Dec 17 or 18) Dialogue Concernant Le Colportage Des Marchandises [n|Fr-1783] En Quoi Consiste La Prospérité D'Un Pays [n|Fr-1787] De La Députation Aux États Généraux [n|Fr-1788] Réflexions Sur Quelques Bruits Concernant Les Prétendus... [n|Fr-1791] Mémoires Sur L'Administration Du Département De Paris [n|Fr-1795] Des Institutions Funéraires Convenables À Une République [n|Fr-1795] De L'Intérêt Des Comités De La Convention [n|Fr-1795] Mémoires D'Économie Publique, De Morale Et De Politique [2v|n|Fr-1799] De La Philosophie Moderne Et De...Révolution Française [n|Fr-1799] Opuscules De Littérature Et De Philosophie [3v|n|Fr-1800-04] La Première Et Deuxième Année Du Consulat De Bonaparte [n|Fr-1802] Petits Écrits Concernant De Grands Écrivains [n|Fr-1803] De La Propriété Considérée Dans...Les Droits Politiques [n|Fr-1819] Louis XII [n|Fr-1820] François Ier [n|Fr-1825] Comédies Historiques, De Louis XII À La Mort De Henri IV [3v|n|Fr-1827-30] 28230 Conséquences Du Système De Cour Établi Sous François Ier [n|Fr-1830] Nouvelles Bases D'Élection [n|Fr-1830] * L'Esprit De La Révolution De 1789 [n|Fr-1831] Chronique De Cinquante Jours, Du 20 Juin Au 10 Août 1792 [n|Fr-1832] Adresse D'Un Constitutionnel Aux Constitutionnels [n|Fr-1835] Mémoires Pour Servir L'Histoire De La Société Polie En France [n|Fr-1835] Rev, George ROGERS
(M: c1741 - 1835 Dec 15) Michael Thomas SADLER
(M: 1780 Jan 3 - 1835 Jul 29) The Law Of Population [2v|n|1830] Michael SCOTT
(M: 1789 Oct 30 - 1835 Nov 7) 7281 Tom Cringle's Log [f|(1829-33)/1836] The Cruise Of The 'Midge' [f|(1834-35)/1836] Richard SHARP, aka 'Conversation' SHARP
(M: 1759 - 1835 Mar 30) Letters And Essays In Poetry And Prose (anon) [1834] Sir, John SINCLAIR, 1st Baronet SINCLAIR of Ulbster
(M: 1754 May 10 - 1835 (wrongly 1815) Dec 21) Thoughts On The Naval Strength Of The British Empire [n|1782] Lucubrations During A Short Recess [n|1782] Observations On The Scottish Dialect [n|1783] History Of The Public Revenue Of The British Empire [n|1784] Statistical Account Of Scotland [21v|n|1791-99] General Report On The Agricultural State...Of Scotland [5v|n|1805] Code Of Health [4v|n|1807] Account Of The Systems Of Husbandry Adopted In...Scotland [n|1812] Code Of Agriculture [n|1817] The Correspondence Of The Right Honourable Sir John Sinclair... [2v|a|1831] Charlie Seymour [1831] John Edmonds STOCK
(M: c1774 - 1835 Oct 4) Benjamin TALLMADGE
(M: 1754 - 1835) Memoir... [a|1904] Sir, William Elias TAUNTON
(M: 1773 - 1835 Jan 11) Thomas TAYLOR
(M: 1758 May 15 - 1835 Nov 1) The Eleusinian And Bacchic Mysteries [n|1790] A Vindication Of The Rights Of Brutes [n|1792] 10214 Introduction To The Philosophy And Writings Of Plato [n|1804] Theoretic Arithmetic [n|1816] François Xavier TESSIER
(M: 1800 - 1835 Dec 24) Rev, Joseph THOMAS
(M: 1791 - 1835) The Life Of The Pilgrim, Joseph Thomas... [a|1817] Robert THOMAS
(M: c1753 - 1835 Sep 25) The Modern Practice Of Physic [n|?/1807/?/?/?/19/21] Elkanah TISDALE
(M: c1750 - c1835) Lt-Col, James TOD
(M: 1782 Mar 19 (or 20) - 1835 Nov 17) Annals And Antiquities Of Rajasthan... [n|1829-32] Travels In Western India [n|1839] (Joaquín) Telesforo de TRUEBA y COSSÍO
(M: 1799 Jan 5 - 1835 Oct 4 (or 12)) 29916 Gomez Arias; Or, The Moors Of The Alpujarras [f|1826] Life Of Hernán Cortés [b|1826] La España Romántica [Sp-1827] The Castilian [1829] The Conquest Of Perú [n|1830] The Count Of Castile [1830] The Romance Of History - Spain [1830] Los Bandos De Castilla; O, El Caballero Del Cisne [Sp-1830] The Incognito [f|1831] Paris And London [f|1831] The Exquisites; Or, A New Portraiture Of Exclusive Society [d|pro:1832] Salvador The Guerrilla [f|1834] The Royal Delinquent [d|?] The Arrangement [d|?] Call Again Tomorrow [d|?] Mr And Mrs Pringle [d|?] William TURTON
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