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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(?: ? - ?) The Clothier's Letter To The Inhabitants Of The Liberties [1759] Gen, George Robert AINSLIE
(M: 1776 - 1839 Apr 16) Rev, Timothy ALDEN
(M: 1771 Aug 28 - 1839 Jul 5) An Account Of Sundry Missions Among...Senecas And Munsees... [a|1827] Rev, Archibald ALISON
(M: 1757 - 1839 May 17) Essays On The Nature And Principles Of Taste [e|1790] Sermons, Chiefly On Particular Occasions [2v|e|1814] Miguel ÁLVAREZ De SOTOMAYOR y ABARCA
(M: 1767 - 1839) John ANDERSON
(M: 1798 Aug 16 - 1839 Sep 21) Historical Account Of The Family Of Frisel Or Fraser [n|1825] The State Of Society And Knowledge In The Highlands Of Scotland [n|1827] Henry ANGELO
(M: 1760 - c1839) The Reminiscences Of Henry Angelo [2v|a|1830] William APESS / APES
(M: 1798 Jan 31 - 1839) A Son Of The Forest [a|1829/31] The Increase Of The Kingdom Of Christ [e|1831] The Experience Of Five Christian Indians Of The Pequod Tribe [n|1833] 12486 Indian Nullification Of The Unconstitutional Laws Of Mass... [n|1835] Eulogy On King Philip:...The Odeon, In Federal Street, Boston [n|1836] On Our Own Ground (ed Barry O'CONNELL) [e|1992] Marguerite-Victoire BABOIS
(F: 1760 - 1839) Ebenezer BAILEY
(M: 1795 Jun 25 - 1839 Aug 5) Capt, Andrew BARCLAY
(M: 1759 - 1839 Sep) Life Of Captain Andrew Barclay [a|1854] Edmund Henry BARKER
(M: c1789 - 1839 Mar 21) James BARLOW
(M: 1766 - 1839 Aug 24) Henry BATE
(M: ? - ?) 26991 A Short System Of English Grammar [n|1759] Gabriele von BAUMBERG, Mrs BACSÁNYI
(F: 1768 Mar 24 - 1839 Jul 24) Sämmtliche Gedichte [p|Ge-1800] Amor Und Hymen [p|Ge-1807] Solomon BAYLEY
(M: c1771 - c1839) T A Narrative Of Some Remarkable Incidents In The Life Of... [a|1825] Thomas Haynes BAYLY
(M: 1797 Oct 13 - 1839 Apr 22) Outlines Of Edinburgh, And Other Poems [p|1822] Erin And Other Poems [p|1822] The Witness [d|pro:1829] Perfection; Or, The Lady Of Munster [d|pro:1830] Musings And Prosings [1833] Weeds Of Witchery [p|1835] Kindness In Women [s|1837] Tom Noddy's Secret [d|1838] Friends And Neighbours [d|pro:1839] Poems (ed GRISEWOLD) [p|1843] Songs Of The Affections [p|1932] William BELL
(M: ? - 1839 Aug 6) A Dictionary And Digest Of The Law Of Scotland (2e w G ROSS) [n|1861] William Henry Cavendish BENTINCK, Lord BENTINCK
(M: 1774 Sep 14 - 1839 Jun 17) The Correspondence Of Lord William Bentinck [a|1977] John BETHUNE
(M: c1806 - 1839 Sep) Lectures On Practical Economy (w Alexander BETHUNE) [1839] Prince, Pierre Louis Jean Casimir de BLACAS d'AULPS
(M: 1771 Jan 10 or 12 - 1839 Nov 17) Extrait Du Mémoire Justificatif...Comte De Blacas D'Aulps [a|Fr-1815] John BLACKFORD
(M: 1771 - 1839) T Ferry Hill Plantation Journal... (ed Fletcher M GREEN) [a|1961] Philipp W G A BLUMENHAGEN, aka Wilhelm BLUMENHAGEN
(M: 1781 - 1839) Eva Von Troth [f|Ge-?] (tr ?) [2v|1841] James BOADEN
(M: 1762 May 23 - 1839 Feb 16) Ozmyn And Daraxa [m|1793] Fontainville Forest [d|1794] The Italian Monk [d|1797] Aurelio And Miranda [d|pro:1798/pub:1799] Cambro-Britons [1798] A Rainy Day [p|1801] The Voice Of Nature [d|1803] The Maid Of Bristol [d|1803] Life Of Kemble [2v|b|1825] Life Of Mrs Siddons [2v|b|1827] Man Of Two Lives (anon) [f|1828] Life Of Mrs Jordan [2v|b|1831] Memoirs Of Mrs Inchbald [2v|b|1833] The Doom Of Giallo; Or, The Vision Of Judgment [f|1835] The Man Of Two Lives [f|?] Jean Baptiste BOUCHER-BELLEVILLE
(M: 1763 Jul 23 - 1839 Sep 6) Manuel Abrégé De Controverse [n|Fr-?] Gamaliel BRADFORD
(M: 1795 - 1839) (also wrote as: A GENTLEMAN of Massachusetts) Writer (ps: A GENTLEMAN Of Massachusetts) [e|1822] History And Analysis Of The Supposed Automaton Chess Player... [n|1826] Address Delivered Before The Massachusetts Society...Intemperance [n|1826] Capt, Edward Pelham BRENTON
(M: 1774 Jul 20 - 1839 Apr 6) Naval History Of Great Britain From The Year 1783 To 1822 [5v|n|1823] Life And Correspondence Of John, Earl Of St Vincent [2v|b|1838] James BROWN
(M: c1752 - 1839 Jan 19) Robert BURTS
(M: ? - 1839) R The Sea-King [f|1851] Bp, Samuel BUTLER
(M: 1774 Jan 30 - 1839 Dec 4) Antient Geography [n|?] Mathew CAREY
(M: 1760 Jan 28 - 1839 Sep 26) The Porcupiniad: A Hudibrastic Poem [p|1796] The Olive Branch; Or, Faults On Both Sides... (anon?) [1814] Autobiographical Sketches [a|1829] Miscellaneous Essays [e|1830] John CHAMBERS
(M: c1781 - 1839 Jul 28) Edward COLEMAN
(M: c1767 - 1839) John COOKE
(M: c1752 - 1839 Jan 1) A Treatise On Nervous Diseases [2v|n|1820] Prof, Thomas COOPER
(M: 1759 Oct 22 - 1839 (or 1840) May 11) (also wrote as: Adam HORNBROOK) Letters On The Slave Trade [n|1787] Propositions Respecting The Foundation Of Civil Government [n|1787] Political Essays [e|1799] Tracts On Medical Jurisprudence [n|1819] Treatise On The Law Of Libel And The Liberty Of The Press [n|1830] The Statutes At Large Of South Carolina [5v|n|1836-39] Lectures On The Elements Of Political Economy [e|?] Rev, John DUNCUMB
(M: 1765 - 1839 Sep 19) General View Of The Agriculture Of The County Of Hereford [n|1805] William DUNLAP
(M: 1766 Feb 19 - 1839 Sep 28) The Father; Or, American Shandyism [d|1789] Darby's Return [d|1789] Fatal Deception (aka: Leicester) [d|1794] Fontainville Abbey [1795] 29229 André [d|1798] The Italian Father [1799] Life Of Charles Brockden Brown [b|1815] History Of The American Theatre [n|1832] History Of The Rise And Progress Of The Arts In The US [n|1834] Thirty Years Ago; Or, The Memoirs Of A Water Drinker [1836] History Of New York For Schools [n|1837] History Of The Netherlands, Province Of New York... [n|1839-40] History Of The Rise And Progress Of The Arts Of Design [n|1918] Baron, Honoré Marie Nicolas DUVEYRIER
(M: 1753 Dec 6 - 1839 May 25) (also wrote as: Baron D V; Abbé de VERMOND) Rev, Thomas FALCONER
(M: 1772 Dec 24 - 1839 Feb 19) Joseph FIÉVÉE
(M: 1767 Apr 9 - 1839 May 7) (also wrote as: J F) g La Dot De Suzette; Ou, Histoire De Madame De Senneterre [Fr-?] 20886 Frédéric (ps: J F) [f|Fr-?] Wilbur FISK
(M: 1792 - 1839) The Science Of Education [n|1832] William FRANCKLIN
(M: 1763 - 1839 Apr 12) The History Of The Reign Of Shah-Aulam...Hindustan [n|1798] Inquiry Concerning The Site Of The Ancient Palibothra [4v|n|1815-22] Conte, Georgio GALLESIO
(M: 1772 - 1839) Traité Du Citrus [n|Fr-1818] John GALT
(M: 1779 May 2 - 1839 Apr 11) (also wrote as: Rev T CLARK; Isha GALT) Cursory Reflections On Political And Commercial Topics [n|1812] The Life And Administration Of Cardinal Wolsey [b|1812] The Tragedies Of Maddelen, Agamemnon, Lady Macbeth, Antonia... [1812] Voyages And Travels [n|1812] Letters From The Levant [n|1813] The Majolo [f|1816] The Life And Studies Of Benjamin West [b|1816] The Appeal [1818] 8857,& The Life, Studies, And Works Of Benjamin West, Esq [b|1820] The Earthquake [f|1820] Glenfell [1820] Tour Of Europe And Asia (ps: T CLARK) [2v|n|1820] The Ayrshire Legatees [f|1821] 1310 The Annals Of The Parish [f|1821] The Steam-Boat [f|1821] The Provost [f|1822] Sir Andrew Wylie [f|1822] The Entail [f|1823] 1296 The Provost [f|1823] The Gathering Of The West [f|1823] 30749 Ringan Gilhaize [f|1823] The Spaewife [f|1823] Modern Geography And History (ps: T CLARK) [n|1823] The Bachelor's Wife [1824] Rothelan [f|1824] The Omen [f|1825] The Last Of The Lairds [f|1826] Lawrie Todd; Or, The Settlers In The Wood [f|1830] Southennan [f|1830] 10421 The Life Of Lord Byron [b|1830] Bogle Corbet; Or, The Emigrants [f|1831] The Lives Of The Players (&ps: Isha GALT) [f|1831] I The Canadas, As They At Present Commend Themselves... [n|1832] & The Radical: An Autobiography [f|1832] The Member [f|1832] Stanley Buxton [f|1832] The Autobiography Of John Galt [2v|a|1833] Eben Erskine; Or, The Traveller [f|1833] The Ouranalogos; Or, The Celestial Volume [f|1833] Poems [p|1833] The Stolen Child [1833] Stories Of The Study [s|1833] Literary Life And Miscellanies [3v|a|1834] A Contribution To The Greenock Calamity Fund [n|1834] Efforts By An Invalid [1835] The Gambler's Dream [f|1837] The Demon Of Destiny, And Other Poems [p|1839] The Provost, And Other Tales [s|1842] Works (ed D S MELDRUM & W ROUGHHEAD) [1936] & The History Of Gog And Magog [?] Rev, John GENEST
(M: 1764 - 1839 Dec 15) ...The English Stage From The Restoration In 1660 To 1830 [10v|n|1832] Capt, Alexander GERARD
(M: 1792 - 1839 Dec 15) On The Valley Of The Setlej River In The Himalaya Mountains [n|1825] Account Of Koonawur, In The Himalaya (ed G LLOYD) [n|1841] Davies GILBERT, ne GIDDY
(M: c1767 - 1839 Dec 24) James GILLMAN
(M: 1782 - 1839) 8957 Life Of Samuel Taylor Coleridge [b|1838] John GLADDING
(M: 1784 - 1839) Genealogical Chart Of The Gladding Family [1865] George GRAVES
(M: 1754 - 1839) British Ornithology:...With A Coloured Representation... [n|1811] Ovarium Britannicum:...The Eggs Of Such Birds As Are Natives... [n|1816] Georges Maurice de GUÉRIN
(M: 1810 - 1839) Sir, Andrew HALLIDAY
(M: 1782 (or 1781) Mar 17 - 1839 Sep 7) Remarks On The Present State Of Lunatic Asylums In Ireland [n|1808] History Of The House Of Hanover [n|1826] A General View Of...Asylums In Great Britain And Ireland... [n|1828] The West Indies: The Nature...The Windward And Leeward Colonies [n|1837] Stephen Love HAMMICK
(M: 1804 - 1839) Practical And Experimental Chemistry...Arts And Manufactures [n|1838] Martin Bladen Edward HAWKE
(M: 1777 Apr 17 - 1839 Sep 14) Poems On Hunting [p|1842] José María HEREDIA y HEREDIA, aka HEREDIA y CAMPUZANO
(M: 1803 Dec 31 - 1839 May 21 or 7) Poesías [p|Sp-1825/32] Obras Poéticas (ed Antonio BACHILLES y MORALES) [p|Sp-1875] George Peter HOLFORD
(M: c1768 - 1839 Apr 30) Dean, William HOLMES
(M: ? - ?) The Country Clergyman's Advice To His Parishioners (anon) [n|1759] Abram KAUFMAN
(M: ? - 1839) (Franz Johann Karl) Andreas KRETZSCHMER
(M: 1775 - 1839) Deutsche Volkslieder Mit Ihren Original-Weisen [2v|p|Ge-?] Charles Philippe LAFONT
(M: 1781 - 1839) John LAWRENCE
(M: 1753 Jan 22 - 1839 Jan 17) (also wrote as: Bennington MOUBRAY) A Philosophical And Practical Treatise On Horses... [2v|n|1796-98] The New Farmer's Calendar [n|1800] The Modern Land Steward [n|1801] A General Treatise On Cattle, The Ox And Swine [n|1805] The History And Delineation Of The Horse, In All His Varieties [n|1809] A Memoir Of The Late Sir T C Bunbury [b|1821] The Horse In All Its Varieties And Uses [n|1829] William LEGGETT
(M: 1801 Apr 30 - 1839 May 29) Leisure Hours At Sea [p|1825] Journals Of The Ocean [p|1826] Tales & Sketches By Country Schoolmaster [s|1829] Naval Stories [s|1834] Political Writings [2v|e|1840] & Democratick Editorials (ed Lawrence H WHITE) [e|c1984] Patrick Brady LEIGH
(M: ? - 1839 May 8) Elizabeth LEVESON GOWER, Duchess of SUTHERLAND, nee SUTHERLAND
(F: 1765 May 24 - 1839 Jan 29) William LIGHT
(M: 1786 Apr 27 - 1839 Oct 6) Sicilian Scenery [n|1823] Views Of Pompeii [n|1828] A Brief Journal Of The Proceedings Of William Light [n|1839] Charles LLOYD
(M: 1775 Feb 12 - 1839 Jan 16) Edmund Oliver [f|1798] Nugae Canorae [p|1819] Isabel [f|1820] Edmund LODGE
(M: 1756 Jun 13 - 1839 Jan 16) Portraits Of Illustrious Personages In Great Britain... [b|1814-34] Deborah LOGAN, nee NORRIS
(F: 1761 - 1839) The Norris House [a|1867] Benjamin LUNDY
(M: 1789 - 1839) The War In Texas [n|1836] Mrs Charles, (Sarah) LUSHINGTON, nee GASCOIGNE
(F: c1785 - 1839) Narrative Of A Journey From Calcutta To Europe...1827-28 [n|1829] William MACMICHAEL
(M: 1783 Nov 30 - 1839 Jan 10) Journey From Moscow To Constantinople In The Years 1817, 1818 [n|1819] The Gold-Headed Cane [n|1827] Sir, Frederick Lewis MAITLAND
(M: 1777 Sep 7 - 1839 Nov 30) 28934 The Surrender Of Napoleon [b|?] James MAITLAND, 8th Earl of LAUDERDALE
(M: 1759 Jan 26 - 1839 Sep 10 (or 13)) Journal During The Residence In France...1792 [n|1792] Bp, Herbert MARSH
(M: 1757 Dec 10 - 1839 May 1) Dissertation On The Origin...Three First Canonical Gospels [n|1801] Address To The Members Of The...University Of Cambridge [n|1811] Inquiry Into The Consequences Of...Prayer Book With The Bible... [n|1812] History Of The Translations...Made Of The Scriptures [n|1812] Comparative View Of The Churches Of England And Rome [n|1814] John MAYLEM
(M: 1739 - ?) The Conquest Of Louisburg [p|1758] Gallic Perfidy [p|1758] Robert MILLHOUSE
(M: 1788 Oct 14 (or 17) - 1839 Apr 13) Tebaldo MONZANI
(M: c1762 - 1839 Jul 14) Hezekiah NILES
(M: 1777 Oct 10 - 1839 Apr 2) Prince, Aleksandr Ivanovich ODOEVSKY
(M: 1802 Nov 26 - 1839 Aug 15) [Polnoe Sobranie Stikhotvorenii Kniazia...] (ed A E ROZEN) [p|Ru-1883] [Sochineniia] (ed M N MAZAEV) [Ru-1893] [Polnoe Sobranie Stikhotvorenii I Pisem] (ed D D BLAGOI) [p|Ru-1934] [Stikhotvoreniia] [p|Ru-1936] [Stikhotvoreniia, Biblioteka Poeta...] (ed V G BAZANOV) [p|Ru-1954] [Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii] [Ru-1958] An OFFICER at Fort Frontenac (ps)
(M: ? - ?) A Letter To The Right Honourable William Pitt, Esq [n|1759] Gov, Aaron OGDEN
(M: 1756 Dec 3 - 1839 Apr 19) Autobiography Of Col Aaron Ogden, Of Elizabethtown [a|1893] Gideon OUSELEY
(M: 1762 Feb 24 - 1839 May 13) Ferdinando PAER
(M: 1771 (or 1774) Jul 1 - 1839 May 3) Johann Gottfried von PAHL
(M: 1768 Jun 12 - 1839 Apr 18) (also wrote as: ALETHINOS, Sebastian KÄSBOHRER, Athanasius WURMSAMEN) * Bertha Von Wöllstein [f|Ge-1794] * Ulrich Von Rosenstein: Eine Geschichte Aus Der Ritterzeit [f|Ge-1795] Magister Ulrich Höllriegel [f|Ge-1802] Leben Und Thaten Des Ehrwürdigen Paters Simpertus [Ge-?] Ichabod Jeremiah PERRY
(M: 1759 (or 1758) Nov 14 - 1839 Apr 19) Reminiscences Of The Revolution [a|1915] Mary PILKINGTON
(F: 1766 - 1839) Obedience Rewarded, And Prejudice Conquered [1797] Tales Of The Hermitage [1798] Tales Of The Cottage [1799] & Original Poems [p|?] Winthrop Mackworth PRAED
(M: 1802 Jul 26 - 1839 Jul 15) Lillian: A Fairy Tale [1823] Australasia [p|1823] Athens [p|1824] The Ascent Of Elijah [p|1831] Speech Of Mr Winthrop Praed, In Committee On The Reform Bill [n|1832] Trash, Dedicated Without Respect To James Halse Esq MP [1833] Political Poems [p|1835] Intercepted Letters About The Infirmary Bazaar, No 1-4 [1836] The Poetical Works Of...First Collected (ed Rufus W GRISWOLD) [p|1844] Charades [1852] Lillian, And Other Poems (ed Rufus W GRISWOLD) [p|1852] The Poetical Works Of... (ed W A WHITMORE) [2v|p|1859-60] Prof, Pierre PRÉVOST
(M: 1751 Mar 3 - 1839 Apr 8) De L'Origine Des Forces Magnetiques [n|Fr-1788] Recherches Physico-Mecaniques Sur La Chaleur [n|Fr-1792] Essai Sur Le Calorique Rayonnant [n|Fr-1809] Rev, Marmaduke PRICKETT
(M: c1805 - 1839 Mar 3) Comte, Hyacinthe Louis de QUÉLEN
(M: 1778 Oct 8 - 1839 Dec 31) Discours De Réception À L'Académie Française [n|Fr-1824] Manuels Pour L'Administration Des Sacrements... [3v|n|Fr-1837-38] Rice REES
(M: 1804 - 1839) Adelaide REINHOLD
(F: ? - 1839) (wrote as: François BERTHOLD) Gaspard-Clair-François-Marie RICHE, Baron de PRONY
(M: 1755 Jul 22 - 1839 Jul 29) Stephen Peter RIGAUD
(M: 1774 - 1839) Correspondence Of Scientific Men Of The 17th Century (ed) [2v|b|1841] Georg Alexander RUPERTI
(M: 1758 - 1839) James RYAN
(M: c1794 - 1839) George SAUNDERS
(M: baptised 1762 Sep 26 - 1839 Jul 26) A Treatise On Theatres [n|1790] Dorothea SCHLEGEL, nee MENDELSSOHN
(F: 1763 Oct 24 - 1839 Aug 3) Florentin (anon) [f|Ge-1801] Andrew SCOTT
(M: 1757 - 1839) Poems, Chiefly In The Scottish Dialect [p|1811] Judge, Jonathan SEWELL
(M: 1766 Jun 6 - 1839 Nov 12) (Margaret) Emily SHORE
(F: 1819 Dec 25 - 1839 Jul 7) Journal Of Emily Shore (ed Arabella SHORE & Louisa SHORE) [a|1891] James SMITH
(M: 1775 Feb 10 - 1839 Dec 24) 3769 Rejected Addresses (w Horatio SMITH) [1812] Horace In London (w Horatio SMITH) [1813] William SMITH
(M: 1769 Mar 23 - 1839 Aug 28) Delineation Of The Strata Of England And Wales [n|1815] Lady, Hester Lucy STANHOPE
(F: 1776 Mar 12 - 1839 Jun 23) Remarks Upon Hermodactylus [Fr-?] (tr Arthur MACHEN) [1933] Arabella (Jane) SULLIVAN, nee BRAND
(F: c1797 - 1839 Jan 27) Recollections Of A Chaperon [s|1831] Tales Of The Peerage And Peasantry [s|1835] Edward Allen TALBOT
(M: 1801 - 1839 Jan 9) I Five Years' Residence In The Canadas...1823 [2v|n|1824] Edgar TAYLOR
(M: 1793 Jan 28 - 1839 Aug 19) Thomas UNDERWOOD
(M: c1739 - ?) Liberty [p|1768] Abp, Johan Olof WALLIN
(M: 1779 Oct 15 - 1839 Jun 30) 20135 The Angel Of Death [p|Sw-?] (tr A W ALMQVIST) [1884/92] The Angel Of Death [p|Sw-?] (tr Clement B SHAW) [1910] Gallegina WATIE / UWATI
(M: 1802 - 1839 Jun 22) (wrote as: Elias BOUDINOT) Poor Sarah; Or, The Indian Woman [Ce-1833] (tr ?) [1833] William Harris WHARTON
(M: 1802 - 1839) 7355 Texas (anon) [1836] Col, Adam WHITE
(M: 1790 - 1839 Jan 28) Considerations On The State Of British India [n|1822] Lewis WILBER
(M: 1816 - 1839 Oct 3) Dying Confession Of Lewis Wilber...Murder Of Robert Barber... [a|1839] Rev, John WILLIAMS
(M: 1796 - 1839 Nov (or Oct) 20) A Narrative Of Missionary Enterprises In The South Sea Islands [n|1837] Rev, Roger Carus WILSON
(M: 1792 - 1839 Dec 15) Dean, James WOOD
(M: 1761 - 1839 Apr 23) Philemon WRIGHT
(M: 1760 - 1839 Jun 2) Thomas YEATES
(M: 1768 Oct 9 - 1839 Oct 7) Indian Church History [n|1818] Remarks On The Bible Chronology... [n|1830] A Dissertation On The Antiquity Of The Pyramids [n|1833] Remarks On The History Of Ancient Egypt [n|1835] William YULE
(M: 1764 - 1839) Karl Friedrich ZEPERNICK
(M: 1751 - 1839)