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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Alexander ALLEN
(M: 1814 - 1842) Manuel de ARAUCHO
(M: 1803 Feb 14 - 1842 or 1852) Carta Al Proyectista Del Banco [Sp-1828] Fillán, Hijo De Dermidio [Sp-1830] Un Paso En El Pindo [p|Sp-1835] Prof, Thomas ARNOLD, the Elder
(M: 1795 Jun 13 - 1842 Jun 12) A The History Of Rome [3v|n|1838-42] Lectures Of Modern History [e|1842] History Of The Later Roman Commonwealth [n|1845] 13151,A The Christian Life: Its Course, Its Hindrances And Its Helps [n|1856] Fr, Felipe ARROYO De La CUESTA
(M: ? - 1842) Gramatica Mutsun [n|Sp-1816] 11081 Grammar Of The Mutsun Language... [n|Sp-1816] (tr ?) [1861] Henry Martin ATKINS
(M: 1818 - 1842) Ascent To The Summit Of Mont Blanc...August 1837 [n|1838] Rufus AVERY
(M: 1758 - 1842) Narrative Of Jonathan Rathbun (w Jonathan RATHBUN) [b|1840] Fr, Justus AZZOPARDI
(M: fl c1762) John BANIM
(M: 1798 Apr 3 - 1842 Aug 13) (also wrote as: Abel O'HARA; [A TRAVELLER]) Tales Of The O'Hara Family (1st series) (w Michael BANIM) [1825] Tales Of The O'Hara Family (2nd series) (w Michael BANIM) [1826] The Boyne Water [f|1826] The Croppy (w Michael BANIM) [1828] The Denounced [1830] The Smuggler [f|1831] The Bit O' Writin, And Other Tales [s|1838] Father Connell (w Michael BANIM) [f|1842] Damon And Pythias [c1860] The Peep O' Day; Or, John Doe And Crohoore Of The Billhook [f|?] Peter Of The Castle And The Fetches [s|?] Walter BATES
(M: 1760 - 1842) Companion For Caraboo:...Henry Frederic More Smith... [b|?/1817] * The Mysterious Stranger, Or, Adventures Of Henry More Smith [b|1855] Sir, William BEATTY
(M: ? - 1842 Mar 25) 15233 Authentic Narrative Of The Death Of Lord Nelson [b|1807] Sir, Charles BELL
(M: 1774 (or 1778) Nov - 1842 Apr 28) Anatomy And Philosophy Of Expression [n|1806] A New Idea Of The Anatomy Of The Brain [n|1811] The Nervous System Of The Human Body [n|1830] Marie Henri BEYLE
(M: 1783 Jan 23 - 1842 Mar 23) (wrote as: STENDHAL) De L'Amour [Fr-1822] 798 Scarlet And Black [f|Fr-1830] Scarlet And Black [f|Fr-1830] (tr ?) [1926] Scarlet And Black [f|Fr-1830] (tr C K SCOTT MONCRIEFF) [?] Scarlet And Black [f|Fr-1830] (tr Margaret E B SHAW) [1953] # The Red And The Black [f|Fr-1830] (tr ?) [?] 796 La Chartreuse De Parme [f|Fr-1839] # The Charterhouse Of Parma [f|Fr-1839] (tr C K SCOTT MONCRIEFF) [1925] 797 L'Abbesse De Castro... [s|Fr-?] # The Abbess Of Castro... [s|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] 801 Les Cenci [Fr-?] 802 Vittoria Accoramboni [Fr-?] 803 La Duchesse De Palliano [Fr-?] # Armance [Fr-?] 30977 La Vie De Rossini [2v|b|Fr-?] Jonathan BINNS, Jr
(M: 1771 - 1842 Dec 27) Margaret BLENNERHASSET, nee AGNEW
(F: c1788 - 1842) (wrote as: A LADY) I The Widow Of The Rock, And Other Poems [p|1824] Nicolas Gaspard BOISSEAU
(M: 1765 Oct 15 - 1842 Mar 9) Jean Nicolas BOUILLY
(M: 1763 Jan 24 - 1842 Oct 17 (or Apr 25)) L'Abbé De L'Épée [d|Fr-1799] Mes Récapitulations [a|Fr-1836] 12251 Contes À Mes Petites Amies [s|Fr-?] 25646 Léonore; Ou, L'Amour Conjugal [d|Fr-?] Clemens (Maria von) BRENTANO
(M: 1778 Sep 9 - 1842 Jul 28) 18463 Romanzen Von Rosenkranz [s|Ge-1852] Fairy Tales... [s|Ge-1852] (tr Kate Freiligrath KROEKER) [1885] More Fairy Tales... [s|Ge-1852] (tr Kate Freiligrath KROEKER) [1888] 2380 Das Märchen Von Dem Myrtenfräulein [f|Ge-?] 4501 Gockel, Hinkel Und Gackeleia [Ge-?] 4502 Die Mehreren Wehmuller [Ge-?] 4503 Geschichte Vom Braven Kasperl Und Dem Schönen Annerl [Ge-?] 4504 Aus Der Chronika Eines Fahrenden Schülers [Ge-?] 4505 Die Drei Nüsse [Ge-?] Thomas BRIDGES
(M: ? - ?) (also wrote as: Caustic BAREBONES, a Broken Apothecary) The Adventures Of A Banknote (anon) [f|1770] Charles (Armitage) BROWN
(M: 1786 - 1842 Jun 5) James BUTLER
(M: c1755 - 1842) Fortune's Foot-Ball; Or, The Adventures Of Mercutio [f|1797-98] James Martin CAWDELL
(M: 1781 - 1842) The Roseharp; For Beauty, Loyalty And Song [1835] The Wandering Rhymer (anon) [p|1826] Michel CELARIE
(M: 1754 - 1842) Rev, William Ellery CHANNING, the Elder
(M: 1780 Apr 7 - 1842 Oct 2) The Duties Of Children... [n|1807] Baltimore Sermon [n|1819] The Moral Argument Against Calvinism [n|1820] Unitarian Christianity Most Favorable To Piety [n|1826] Remarks On American Literature [n|1830] & Slavery [n|?] Thomas CHAPMAN
(M: ? - ?) 15407 The Cyder-Maker's Instructor, Sweet-Maker's Assistant... [n|1762] David CHISHOLME
(M: c1796 - 1842 Sep 24) The Lower-Canada Watchman (anon) [n|1829] MacDonald CLARKE
(M: 1798 Jun 18 - 1842 Mar 5) Elixir Of Moonshine By The Mad Poet [p|1822] John Sell COTMAN
(M: 1782 May 16 - 1842 Jul 24) Etchings Of Ancient Buildings In England [n|1811] Specimens Of Norman And Gothic Architecture In...Norfolk [n|1817] Excursions In The County Of Norfolk (w Thomas CROMWELL) [n|1818] Sepulchral Brasses In Norfolk [n|1819] 30172 Architectural Antiquities Of Normandy (w Dawson TURNER) [n|1822] Sir, Alexander CROKE
(M: 1758 Jul 22 - 1842 (wrongly 1843) Dec 27) Genealogical History Of The Croke Family [2v|n|1823] Alexander CSOMA
(M: 1784 Apr 4 - 1842 Apr 11) Allan CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1784 Dec 7 - 1842 Oct 30 (or 29)) (also wrote as: HIDALLAN) Sir Marmaduke Maxwell [d|1820] The King Of The Peak [1822] Traditional Tales Of The English And Scottish Peasantry [s|1822] The Songs Of Scotland, Ancient And Modern [p|1825] Paul Jones [f|1826] Sir Michael Scott [f|1828] Lives Of...British Painters, Sculptors & Architects [6v|b|1829-33] Lord Roldan [f|1836] # Brief View Of The Progress Of Interior Discovery In NSW [n|?] Lt-Col, William Henry DENNIE
(M: c1785 - 1842 Apr 6) Narrative Of Campaigns In Sind, Beluchistan, And Afghanistan [n|1843] R-Adm, Jules (Sebastien Cesar) DUMONT D'URVILLE
(M: 1790 - 1842 May 8) John (Colin) DUNLOP
(M: c1785 - 1842 Feb) * History Of Roman Literature, From Its Earliest Period... [2v|n|1823] Prof, Amos EATON
(M: 1776 May 17 - 1842 May 6 or 10) Manual Of Botany For The Northern States [n|1817] Index To The Geology Of The Northern States [n|1818] Geological And Agricultural Survey Of The District...Erie Canal [n|1824] The Philosophical Instructor [n|1824] Manual Of The Botany Of North America [n|1833] Treatise On Engineering And Surveying [n|?] José de ESPRONCEDA y LARA
(M: 1808 Mar 25 - 1842 May 23) 15781 El Estudiante De Salamanca And Other Selections (w George Tyler NORTHUP) [n|?] Helena Andreyevna FADEYEVA, Mrs von HAHN
(F: c1813 - c1842) (wrote as: Zenaida R) George (Augustus Frederic) FITZ-CLARENCE, 1st Earl of MUNSTER
(M: 1794 Jan 29 - 1842 Mar 20) Journal Of A Route Across India, Through Egypt To England [n|1819] An Account Of The British Campaign Of 1809 [n|1831] Rev, Thomas Dudley FOSBROKE, ne FOSBROOKE
(M: 1770 May 27 - 1842 Jan 1) Hugh Ker FOSTER
(M: 1810 May 18 - 1842 Apr 4) Parnassian Leaves [p|1828] Judge, John Leslie FOSTER
(M: c1780 - 1842 Jul 10) On The Principles Of Commercial Exchanges...England And Ireland [n|1804] Augustus Heinrich Christian GELPKE
(M: 1769 - 1842) 18471 Über Die Schrecklichen Wirkungen Des...Kometen... [n|Ge-?] Joseph-Marie de GÉRANDO
(M: 1772 - 1842) Le Fabuliste Des Familles [Fr-1853] Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm GESENIUS
(M: 1786 Feb 3 - 1842 Oct 23) Hebrew & English Lexicon Of The Old Testament [?-?] (tr E ROBINSON) [?] Rev, Francis GOODE
(M: c1797 - 1842 Nov 19) The Better Covenant [e|?/?/?/?/1848] William GOODHUGH
(M: c1798 - 1842 May 23) The Gate To The French, Italian, And Spanish Unlocked (anon) [n|1827] The Gate To The Hebrew, Arabic, And Syriac... (anon) [n|1827] Motives To The Study Of Biblical Literature...Lectures [8v|n|1838] The Bible Cyclopædia; Or, Illustrations...Sacred Writings [2v|n|1841] Maria GRAHAM, nee DUNDAS, 2:Lady CALLCOTT
(F: 1785 (wrongly 1786) Jul 19 - 1842 (wrongly 1844) Nov 21 (or 28)) (also wrote as: Maria CALLCOTT) Journal Of A Residence In India [n|1812] Letters On India, With Etchings And A Map [n|1814] Memoirs Of The Life Of Nicholas Poussin [b|1820] Three Months Passed In The Mountains East Of Rome...1819 [n|1821] Journal Of A Residence In Chile During The Year 1822... [n|1824] 21201 Journal Of A Voyage To Brazil And Residence...1821, 1822, 1823 [n|1824] Voyage Of The HMS 'Blonde' To The Sandwich Islands [n|1826] A Short History Of Spain (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [n|1828] Description Of The Chapel Of The Annunziata Dell'Arena (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [n|1835] Little Arthur's History Of England (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [n|1835] Histoire De France Du Petit Louis (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [n|Fr-1836] Essays Towards The History Of Painting (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [e|1836] The Little Bracken-Burners (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [s|1841] A Scripture Herbal (ps: Maria CALLCOTT) [n|1842] James GRAHAME
(M: 1790 - 1842 Jul 3) ...The United States Of North America [4v|n|1827-36] Rev, Edmund GRINDROD
(M: 1786 Feb 28 - 1842 May 1) Britain's Loss Deplored, And The Rod Of God Acknowledged [n|1820] The Proud Abased [n|1822] Pious Ancestors Imitated [n|1832] The Duties, Qualifications, And Encouragements Of Class-Leaders [n|1835] Wesleyan Methodism Viewed In Retrospect [n|1839] A Compendium Of The Laws And Regulations Of Wesleyan Methodism [n|1842] Capt, Thomas HAMILTON
(M: 1789 - 1842 Dec 7) The Youth And Manhood Of Cyril Thornton [f|1827] Annals Of The Peninsular Campaigns, From MDCCCVIII To MDCCCXIV [n|1829] Men And Manners In America [n|1833] Mauritz HANSEN
(M: 1794 - 1842) Thaddeus Mason HARRIS
(M: 1768 - 1842) 10677 Biographical Memorials Of James Oglethorpe [b|?] John Sidney HAWKINS
(M: baptised 1758 Feb 11 - 1842 Aug 12) An History...Origin And Establishment Of Gothic Architecture [n|1813] An Inquiry Into...Greek And Latin Poetry [n|1817] An Inquiry Into The Nature Of...Thorough Bass On A New Plan [n|1817] Arnold Hermann Ludwig HEEREN
(M: 1760 - 1842) Reflections On The Politics Of Ancient Greece [n|Ge?-?] (tr BANCROFT) [1824] History Of The States Of Antiquity [n|Ge?-?] (tr G BANCROFT) [1828] History Of The Political System Of Europe [n|Ge?-?] (tr BANCROFT) [2v|1828-29] George HOLLIS
(M: 1793 - 1842 Jan 2) William HONE
(M: 1780 Jun 3 - 1842 Nov 6 (or 8)) Political Litany [1817] * Every-Day Book [1826-27] * Table-Book [1827-28] * The Ghost Of Chatham: A Vision (anon; attrib) [?] Rev, James HOOPER
(M: 1769 - 1842) Life And Sentiments Of James Hooper, Minister... [a|1834] Joseph HOPKINSON
(M: 1770 Nov 12 - 1842 Jan 15) Henry HOWARD
(M: 1757 - 1842) Remarks On The Erroneous Opinions Entertained...Catholic Religion [n|1825] Indication Of Memorials, Monuments, Paintings...Howard Family [b|1834] Jacques Antoine François HUTIN, aka FRANCISQUE Aîné
(M: 1796 Nov 25 - 1842) & Hans Of Iceland (w DUPUIS-DELCOURT & HUTIN) [Fr-?] (tr MORLOCK) [c2002] Dean, John IRELAND
(M: 1761 Sep 8 - 1842 Sep 2 (or 1)) Five Discourses ... Christianity By The Antient Jews And Greeks [e|1796] Vindicae Regiae; Or, A Defence Of The Kingly Office [n|1797] Letters Of Fabius [n|1801] I Nuptiæ Sacræ; Or,...Of Marriage And Divorce (anon) [n|1801] The Claims Of The Establishment [n|1807] Paganism And Christianity Compared [e|1809/25] Rev, William JONES
(M: 1784 Feb 6 - 1842 Oct 19) Deity Of Christ [n|1824] Essay On Covetousness [n|1836] Jean-Sébastien-Eugène JULIA De FONTENELLE
(M: 1790 Oct 29 - 1842 Feb) 18806 Manuel Complet Des Fabricans De Chapeaux En Tous Genres [n|Fr-?] Patrick KELLY
(M: c1755 - 1842 Apr 5) A Practical Introduction To Spherics And Nautical Astronomy [n|1796] Elements Of Book-keeping... [n|1801] Universal Cambist [n|1811] Metrology; Or, An Exposition Of Weights And Measures... [n|1816] A Dissertation On Weights And Measures... [n|1817] Oriental Metrology... [n|1832] (Edward) Augustus KENDALL
(M: 1776 - 1842) Keeper's Travels In Search Of His Master [f|1798] The Crested Wren [1799] The Swallow [1800] Burford Cottage And Its Robin Red-Breast [1835] The English Boy At The Cape: An Anglo-African Story [f|1835] Trelawney Of Trelawne; Or, The Prophecy [f|1837] John Bellenden KER
(M: c1765 - 1842) ...Archaeology Of Our Popular Phrases... [4v|n|1834-42] Edward Augustus KIMBALL
(M: c1776 - 1842 Oct 14) Alexis Vasilievitch KOLTZOV
(M: 1808 - 1842) Sr, de LA CUISSE
(M: ? - ?) L Le Répertoire Des Bals [n|Fr-c1762] Maj, Abraham LEGGETT
(M: 1755 - 1842) The Narrative Of Major Abraham Leggett... (ed C L BUSHNELL) [a|1865] Thomas LEWIS
(M: 1759 - 1842) Rev, Joshua LINGARD
(M: 1798 - 1842 Nov 30) Thomas Henry LISTER
(M: 1800 - 1842 Jun 5) Granby (anon) [f|1826] Herbert Lacy [f|1828] Epicharis [d|pro:1829] Arlington [f|1832] The Life And Administration Of Edward, First Earl Of Clarendon [b|1837] Alexander McDONELL / MACDONELL
(M: 1762 - 1842 Mar 18) k Diary Of Gov Simcoe's Journey From Humber Bay...1793 [n|1890] Lt-Col, John MACPHERSON
(M: c1742 - ?) Soldiering In India, 1764-1787 (w A MACPHERSON) (ed W C MACPHERSON) [n|1928] William MAGINN, aka Ralph Tuckett SCOTT
(M: 1793 Jul 10 - 1842 Aug 21 (or 20)) (also wrote as: Morgan O'DOHERTY) Whitehall; Or, Days Of George IV [f|1827] John Manesty, The Liverpool Merchant (ps: Morgan O'DOHERTY) [f|1844] Benjamin Heath MALKIN
(M: 1769 Mar 23 - 1842 May 26) Essays On Subjects Connected With Civilization [e|1795] A Father's Memoirs Of His Child [1806] James MARSH
(M: 1794 Jul 19 - 1842 Jul 3) Rev, Henry MATURIN
(M: c1772 - 1842 Jan 3) Robert MUDIE
(M: 1777 Jun 28 - 1842 Apr 29) (also wrote as: Laurence LANGSHANK) The Maid Of Griban [p|1819] Glenfergus [f|1819] Things In General (ps: Laurence LANGSHANK) [1824] Babylon The Great [2v|n|1825] A Second Judgment On Babylon The Great [2v|n|1829] The Feathered Tribes Of The British Islands [2v|n|1834] The Natural History Of Birds [n|1834] London And Londoners [n|?/1836] Samuel Phillips NEWMAN
(M: 1797 Jun 6 - 1842 Feb 10) Caesar OTWAY
(M: 1780 - 1842 Mar 16) Sir, William OUSELEY
(M: 1767 - 1842 Sep) * The Bakhtyar Nama [Pe-?] (tr) [?] Rev, John PEAK
(M: 1761 - 1842) Memoir Of Elder John Peak [a|1832] Henry SAVERY
(M: 1791 Aug 4 - 1842 Feb 6) (also wrote as: Simon STUKELEY) The Hermit In Van Diemen's Land (ps: Simon STUKELEY) [e|1829] # Quintus Servinton (anon) [f|1830-31] William SCOTT
(M: ? - 1842 Oct 21) Bp, Philip Nicholas SHUTTLEWORTH
(M: 1782 or 1783 Feb 9 - 1842 Jan 6) Jean-Charles-Léonard SIMONDE De SISMONDI
(M: 1773 May 19 - 1842 Jun 25) Tableau De L'Agriculture Toscane [n|Fr-1801] De La Richesse Commerciale [n|Fr-1803] Histoire Des Républiques Italiennes Du Moyen Âge [n|Fr-1809-18] De L'Intérêt De La France À L'Égard De La Traite Des Nègres [n|Fr-1814] Examen De La Constitution Française [n|Fr-1815] Political Economy [n|Fr-1815] Nouveaux Principes D'Économie Politique [n|Fr-1819] Histoire Des Français [n|Fr-1821-44] Les Colonies Des Anciens Comparées À Celles Des Modernes [n|Fr-1837] Études De Sciences Sociales [n|Fr-1837] Études Sur L'Économie Politique [n|Fr-1837] Précis De L'Histoire Des Français [n|Fr-1839] Fragments De Son Journal Et Correspondance [n|Fr-1857] Henry Harpur SPRY
(M: 1804 - 1842 Sep 4) Modern India:...Resources And Capabilities Of Hindustan [2v|n|1837] William Gray SWETT
(M: ? - before 1843) Five Sermons Of The Late William Gray Swett [e|1843] Viktor Grigorevich TEPLIAKOV
(M: 1804 Aug 15 - 1842 Oct 14) [Stikhotvoreniia Viktora Tepliakova] [2v|p|Ru-1832-36] [Pisma Iz Bolgarii] [n|Ru-1833] John THORP
(M: 1742 - ?) Antonio de VIEDMA
(M: ? - ?) * Diario De Un Viage A La Costa De Patagonia [n|Sp-c1765] (Marie) Élisabeth (Louise) (nee)VIGÉE-LE BRUN
(F: 1755 Apr 16 - 1842 Mar 30) 23019 Souvenirs De Madame Louise-Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun [a|Fr-?] & Memoirs Of Madame Vigée Lebrun [a|Fr-?] (tr Lionel STRACHEY) [?] Rev, Thomas WARE
(M: 1758 - 1842) Sketches Of The Life And Travels Of Rev Thomas Ware... [a|1839] Elkanah WATSON
(M: 1758 Jan 22 - 1842 Dec 5) Men And Times Of The Revolution (ed Winslow C WATSON) [a|1856] Susanna WATTS
(F: 1768 - 1842) 25895 A Walk Through Leicester: Being A Guide To Strangers [n|1804] James WHAREY
(M: 1789 - 1842) Sketches Of Church History [n|1840] Samuel WOODWORTH
(M: 1785 Jan 13 - 1842 Dec 9) (also wrote as: SELIM) The Champions Of Freedom [2v|1816] LaFayette [d|1824] The Forest Rose [d|1825] The Widow's Boy [d|1825] The Life And Confession Of... (w James HUDSON) [b|1825] A Melodies, Duets, Songs, And Ballads [p|1826] Agustin Juan Vicente ZAMORANO
(M: 1798 - 1842) Adolf ZIEMANN
(M: 1807 - 1842)