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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1794 - 1847) Grace AGUILAR
(F: 1816 Jun 2 - 1847 Sep 16) A Home Influence: A Tale For Mothers And Daughters [f|1847] 12361,A The Mother's Recompense: A Sequel To 'Home Influence' [f|1850] 12725,A The Vale Of Cedars; Or, The Martyr [f|1850] Woman's Friendship [1851] 18387,A The Days Of Bruce: A Story From Scottish History [f|1852] A The Women Of Israel [1872] A Home Scenes And Heart Studies [1873] Charles Rochemont AIKIN
(M: 1775 Aug 25 - 1847 Mar 20) Syllabus Of A Course Of Lectures On Chemistry... (w Arthur AIKIN) [n|1799] A Concise View Of All The Most Important Facts...The Cow-Pox [n|?/1801] A Dictionary Of Chemistry And Mineralogy (w Arthur AIKIN) [3v|n|1807-14] Sir, James ANNESLEY
(M: c1780 - 1847 Dec 14) Vasil Evstatiev APRILOV
(M: 1789 Aug 1 - 1847 Oct 14) Rev, William Jessup ARMSTRONG
(M: 1796 Oct 29 - 1847 Nov 27) Nathaniel Harrington BANNISTER
(M: 1813 Jan 13 - 1847 Nov 2) Putnam [d|1844] England's Iron Days [1837] Amable BERTHELOT
(M: 1777 - 1847 Nov 24) I Essai De Grammaire Française:...De L'Abbé Girard [n|Fr-1840] Count, Magnus Fredrik Ferdinand BJÖRNSTJERNA
(M: 1779 Oct 10 - 1847 Oct 6) The Theogony Of The Hindoos With Their...Philosophy And Cosmogony [n|?] Francisco Javier BLANCHIE (y PALMS)
(M: 1822 - 1847) Natal Jacome BONEM
(M: ? - ?) L Tratado Dos Principaes Fundamentos Da Danca... [n|Pt-1767] Sir, Richard Henry BONNYCASTLE
(M: 1791 - 1847 Nov 3) * Spanish America [2v|n|1818] I The Canadas In 1841 [2v|n|1842] Newfoundland In 1842 [2v|n|1842] Canada And The Canadians In 1846 [2v|n|1846] 20014,I Canada And The Canadians [2v|n|1849] I The Canadas In 1851 [n|1852] Canada, As It Was, Is, And May Be [2v|n|1852] Sir, John Bernard BOSANQUET
(M: 1773 May 2 - 1847 Sep 26) Anne François Hippolyte BOUTET-MONVEL
(F: c1779 - 1847) (wrote as: Mlle MARS) 25039 Mémoires De Mademoiselle Mars [Fr-1849] Joshua Arthur BRANDON
(M: 1822 - 1847) Parish Churches (w Raphael BRANDON) [2v|n|1851] Alexandre BRONGNIART
(M: 1770 Feb 5 - 1847 Oct 7) Traité Des Arts Céramiques [n|Fr-?/1854] Petrus (Abraham Samuel) van Limburg BROUWER
(M: 1795 - 1847) 6712 Akbar: Een Oostersche Roman [f|Du?-?] Sir, Harford Jones BRYDGES
(M: 1764 - 1847 Mar 17) An Account Of The Transactions Of His Majesty's Mission...Persia [n|1834] A Letter On The Present State Of British Interests...In Persia [n|1838] Bp, Francesco Saverio CARUANA
(M: 1759 Jul 7 - 1847 Nov 17) Prof, Thomas CHALMERS
(M: 1780 Mar 17 (or 13) - 1847 May 30 (or 31)) A Series Of Discourses On The Christian Revelation...Astronomy [n|1817] Rev, William COGSWELL
(M: 1810 - 1847) Andrew COMBE
(M: 1797 Oct 27 - 1847 Aug 9) Observations On Mental Derangement [n|1831] The Principles Of Physiology Applied To...Health... [n|1834] * The Physiology Of Digestion...Principles Of Dietetics [n|1936] Physiological And Moral Management Of Infancy [n|1840] Rev, Ezekiel COOPER
(M: 1763 - 1847) T Beams Of Light On Early Methodism In America [n|1887] Lewis Nockalls COTTINGHAM
(M: 1787 Oct 24 - 1847 Oct 13) Plans Of Westminster Hall [n|1822] Plans...Chapel Of King Henry VII At Westminster Abbey [2v|n|1822-29] Working Drawings Of Gothic Ornament [n|1823] The Ornamental Metal Worker's Director (aka: The Smith...) [n|1823] William COX
(M: c1805 - 1847) Crayon Sketches (anon) [1833] Joshua CRISTALL
(M: 1768 - 1847) George CROSFIELD
(M: 1785 May 26 - 1847 Dec 15) Prof, William CROTCH
(M: 1775 Jul 5 - 1847 Dec 29) Robert Mackenzie DANIEL
(M: baptised 1813 (wrongly 1814) Sep 4 - 1847 Mar 21) The Scottish Heiress [f|1843] The Gravedigger [f|1843] The Young Widow [f|1844] The Young Baronet [f|1845] Prof, William DEALTRY
(M: 1775 Jul 20 - 1847 Oct 15) The Principles Of Fluxions [n|1810] Rev, Thomas Frognall DIBDIN
(M: 1776 Aug 31 - 1847 Nov 18) (also wrote as: A MEMBER of the Roxburghe Club; Cato PARVUS; Mercurius RUSTICUS) An Introduction To...Editions Of The Greek And Latin Classics [n|1802/04/08/27] 28540 The Bibliomania; Or, Book-Madness... [n|1809] Typographical Antiquities; Or,...England, Scotland And Ireland [n|1810] Bibliotheca Spenceriana [4v|n|1814-15] The Bibliographical Decameron [3v|n|1817] 16224 A Bibliographical, Antiquarian...Tour In France & Germany [3v|n|1821] * The Library Companion [n|1824] La Belle Marianne [f|1824] Bibliophobia [n|1832] Reminiscences Of A Literary Life [2v|a|1836] A Bibliographical...Tour In The Northern Counties Of England... [n|1838] Cranmer (ps: A MEMBER of the Roxburghe Club) [f|1839] Blackstone's Rights Of Persons [n|?] Law Of The Poor Rate [n|?] Prof, Johann Friedrich DIEFFENBACH
(M: 1792 Feb 1 - 1847 Nov 11) Über Das Schielen Und Die Heilung Desselben Durch Die Operation [n|Ge-?] Die Transfusion Des Blutes Und Die Einspritzung... [n|Ge-1828] Chirurgische Erfahrungen [4v|n|Ge-1829-35] Surgical Observations On The...Nose [n|Ge-?] (tr ?) [1833] Durchschneidung Der Sehnen Und Muskeln [n|Ge-1841] Über Das Schielen [n|Ge-1842] Operative Chirurgie [n|Ge-1844-48] Peter DILLON
(M: 1788 (or 1785) Jun 15 - 1847 Feb 9) Narrative And Successful Result Of A Voyage...South Seas [2v|n|1829] Conquest Of Siberia And The History...Russia And China... (ed) [e|1842] Job DURFEE
(M: 1790 Sep 20 - 1847 Jul 26) Sir, John Eardley EARDLEY-WILMOT, ne WILMOT, 1st Baronet EARDLEY-WILMOT of Berkswell Hall
(M: 1783 Feb 21 - 1847 Feb 3) Sir, Edward Hyde EAST, 1st Baronet EAST of Calcutta
(M: 1764 Sep 9 - 1847 Jan 8) Treatise Of Pleas Of The Crown [2v|n|1803] A Report Of The Cases Of Sir Francis Burdett...Charles Abbott [n|1811] Reports Of Cases In The Court Of King's Bench... (w DURNFORD) [5v|n|1817] Francis Smith EASTMAN
(M: 1803 - c1847) Rev, John ELY
(M: 1793 Aug 20 - 1847 Oct 9) Review Of Non-Conformity [n|1825] Alexander Hill EVERETT
(M: 1790 Mar 19 - 1847 Jun 29) Europe [n|1822] America [n|1827] Essays, Critical And Miscellaneous [e|1845-46] C J von FELDTENSTEIN
(M: ? - ?) Die Kunst Nach Der Chorographie Zu Tänze... [n|Ge-1767] L Erweiterung Der Kunst Nach Der Chorographie... [n|Ge-1772] William FELL
(M: 1758 - 1847) Robert FELLOWES
(M: 1770 (or 1771) May 15 - 1847 Feb 6) (also wrote as: PHILALETHES) A Picture Of Christian Philosophy [n|1798/99/1800/03] An Address To The People [n|1799] Morality United With Policy [n|1800] The Anti-Calvinist [n|1800/01] Religion Without Cant [n|1801] The Guide To Immortality [3v|n|1804] Poems [p|1806] A Body Of Theology [n|1807] The History Of Ceylon, From The Earliest... (ps: PHILALETHES) [2v|n|1817] The Rights Of Property Vindicated [n|1818] The Religion Of The Universe [n|1836] Common-Sense Truths [n|1844] Sir, John FRANKLIN
(M: 1786 Apr 16 (or 15) - 1847 Jun 11) 13518,I Narrative Of A Journey To The Shores Of The Polar Sea... [3v|n|1823] I Narrative Of A Second Expedition To The...Polar Sea... [n|1828] # Narrative Of Some Passages In The History Of Van Diemen's Land [n|1845] I Thirty Years In The Arctic Regions [n|1859] Frans Mikael FRANZÉN
(M: 1772 Feb 9 - 1847 Aug 14) r Minnesanteckningar Ofver Utmerkte Svenske... [3v|b|Sw-1848-60] Erik Gustaf GEIJER
(M: 1783 - 1847) Capt, William Nugent GLASCOCK
(M: c1787 - 1847 Oct 8) Naval Sketch-Book; Or, The Service Afloat And Ashore [1826] Sailors And Saints; Or, Matrimonial Manoeuvres [f|1829] The Naval Service Or Officers' Manual For...His Majesty's Ships [n|1836] Tales Of A Tar, With Characteristic Anecdotes [1836] Land Sharks And Sea Gulls [f|1838] Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard GRANDVILLE
(M: 1803 - 1847) * Comical People [1852] Carl/Karl Friedrich August GROSSE, Marquis von GROSSE, Graf von VARGAS
(M: 1768 Jun 5 - 1847 Mar 15) Über Das Erhabene [Ge-1788] Helim; Oder, Über Die Seelenwanderung [Ge-1789] Der Genius: Aus Den Papieren Des Marquis C* Von G** [Ge-1790-94] Kleine Romane [s|Ge-1793-95] La Palinière [Ge-1793] Der Dolch [Ge-1794] The Dagger [Ge-1794] (tr ?) [1795] Spanische Novellen [s|Ge-1794-96] Morgenländische Erzählungen [s|Ge-1795] Der Blumenkranz [2v|Ge-1795] Chlorinde [Ge-1796] Liebe Und Treue [2v|Ge-1796] Decameron Vom Grafen Von Vargas [Ge-1797] Der Zerbrochene Ring [2v|Ge-1797] Horrid Mysteries [Ge-?] (tr Peter WILL) [1796] Joseph John GURNEY
(M: 1778 Aug 2 - 1847 Jan 4) Essays On The Evidences, Doctrines...Of Christianity [e|1825] History, Authority And Use Of The Sabbath [n|1831] The Moral Character Of Jesus Christ [b|1832] A Winter In The West Indies [n|1840] A Journey In North America, Described...Letters To Amelia Opie [n|1841] Religion And The New Testament [n|1843] Prisons In Scotland And The North Of England (w Elizabeth FRY) [n|?] William HARPER
(M: 1790 - 1847) Samuel HARRIS
(M: 1774 - c1847) Memoirs Of Miss Mary Campbell... [b|1820] Training Children For The Conversion Of The World [n|1840] Dean, William HERBERT
(M: 1778 Jan 12 - 1847 May 28) Musae Etonensis (ed) [n|1795] Select Icelandic Poetry [p|1804-06] Miscellaneous Poetry [p|1806] Amaryllidaceae: An Attempt...The Monocotyledonous Orders [n|1837] Attila, King Of The Huns [b|1841] Collected Works [1842] Richard Porter HEWITT
(M: 1790 - 1847 Sep 1) Rev, Joseph Thomas James HEWLETT
(M: 1800 - 1847 Jan 23) Peter Priggins, The College Scout (anon) [f|1841] The Parish Clerk (anon) [f|1841] College Life; Or, The Proctor's Note-Book [f|1843] Parsons And Widows (anon) [f|1844] Great Tom Of Oxford (anon) [f|1846] Dunster Castle: An Historical Romance Of The Great Rebellion [f|1846] Sir, William HILLARY, 1st Baronet HILLARY of Danbury Place
(M: 1771 Jan 4 - 1847 Jan 5) 27322 An Appeal To The British Nation On...Preservation...Shipwreck [n|1825] Charles HOOTON
(M: c1810 May 10 - 1847 Feb 16) The Adventures Of Bilberry Thurland [f|1836] Colin Clink [f|(1837)/1841] St Louis' Isle; Or, Texiana [n|1847] Woodhouselee; Or, The Astrologer [f|1848] Launcelot Wedge [f|(1847)/1849] Mary Jane HOW, nee GORDON
(F: 1816 - 1847) Life And Confession... (w J S CALHOUN) [a|1847] Rev, Thomas Smart HUGHES
(M: 1786 Aug 25 - 1847 Aug 11) Travels In Sicily, Greece, And Albania [2v|n|1820/30] An Address To The People Of England...Cause Of The Greeks... [n|1822] Considerations Upon The Greek Revolution... [n|1823] A Defence Of The Apostle St Paul... [n|1824] On The Miracles Of St Paul [n|1824] A Letter To Godfrey Higgins On...His 'Horæ Sabbaticæ' [n|1826] The Doctrine Of St Paul Regarding The Divine Nature Of Jesus... [n|1827] An Examination Of St Paul's Doctrine...Divinity Of Christ... [n|1828] History Of England [7v|n|1846] An Essay On The Political System Of Europe [n|1855] John Christian HÜTTNER
(M: c1765 - 1847 May 24) Joseph Balthazar INGINAC
(M: 1777 - 1847 May 9) Gen, Thomas JAMES
(M: 1782 - 1847) Three Years Among The Indians And Mexicans [a|1846] Josef JUNGMANN
(M: 1773 - 1847) James KENDRICK
(M: 1771 Jan 14 - 1847 Nov 30) James KENT
(M: 1763 Jul 31 - 1847 Dec 12) Commentaries On American Law [4v|n|1826-30] Mary (Anne) LAMB
(F: 1764 Dec 3 - 1847 May 20) 20657,DBTales From Shakespear (w Charles LAMB) [1807] Specimens Of English Dramatic Poets... (w Charles LAMB) [1808] Mrs Leicester's School (w Charles LAMB) [s|1809] Poetry For Children (w Charles LAMB) [p|1809] 9365 The Works Of Charles And Mary Lamb (w C LAMB) (ed E V LUCAS) [6v|?] Richard LEE
(M: 1747 - ?) A Short Narrative Of The Life Of Mr Richard Lee [a|1804] Isabella LICKBARROW
(F: 1784 - 1847) & Poetical Effusions [p|1814] Frederick LINGARD
(M: 1811 - 1847 Jul 4) Prof, Robert LISTON
(M: 1794 Oct 28 - 1847 Dec 7) Practical Surgery, With One Hundred And Twenty Engravings... [n|1837] Elements Of Surgery [n|?/1840] Rev, Walter Macon LOWRIE
(M: 1819 Feb 18 - 1847 Aug 19) Memoirs Of The Rev Walter M Lowrie, Missionary To China [a|1849] Henry Francis LYTE
(M: 1793 Jun 1 - 1847 Nov 20) George McCLELLAN
(M: 1796 - 1847) Valedictory Address Delivered To...Jefferson Medical College [n|1836] Principles And Practice Of Surgery [n|1848] Regional Anatomy In Its Relation To Medicine And Surgery [n|1891] Manuel MANRIQUE JÉREZ
(M: 1826 - 1847) Fardunji MARZBAN
(M: 1787 - 1847 Mar 23) (Jakob Ludwig) Felix MENDELSSOHN (BARTHOLDY)
(M: 1809 Feb 3 - 1847 Nov 4) George MENZIES
(M: c1796 - 1847 Mar 4) Album Of The Table Rock, Niagara Falls... (ed) [n|1846] The Posthumous Works Of The Late George Menzies [p|1850] Prince, Achille (Charles Louis Napoléon) MURAT
(M: 1801 Jan 21 - 1847 Apr 15) Lettres Sur Les Etats-Unis [e|Fr-1830] Esquisse Morale Et Politique... [Fr-1832] (tr ?) [1833] Esquisse Morale Et Politique... [Fr-1832] (tr ?) [1849] Exposition Des Principes Du Gouvernment Republican... [Fr-1833] Macvey NAPIER (Sr)
(M: 1776 - 1847) Joseph Clay NEAL
(M: 1807 Feb 3 - 1847 Jul 17) Charcoal Sketches; Or, Scenes In A Metropolis (1st series) [1838] In Town And About [1843] Peter Ploddy And Other Oddities [1844] Charcoal Sketches (2nd series) [1848] The Misfortunes Of Peter Faber, And Other Sketches [1856] Charcoal Sketches: Three Books Complete In One [1865] Sylas NEVILLE
(M: ? - ?) The Diary Of Sylas Neville, 1767-1788 (ed Basil COZENS-HARDY) [a|1950] Daniel O'CONNELL
(M: 1775 - 1847) Liberty Or Slavery? [n|1863] OFFICER on Board the Said Ship [The Dolphin] (ps)
(M: ? - ?) A Voyage Round The World, In His Majesty's Ship, The Dolphin... [n|1767] Dermot O'PHEILLY (ps)
(M: ? - ?) The Ants [1767] Henriette von PAALZOW, nee WACH
(F: 1788 - 1847 Oct 30) Godwie Castle [f|Ge-1838] St Roche [f|Ge-1839] St Roche [f|Ge-1839] (tr J J MORIER) [1847] Thomas Thyrnau [f|Ge-1843] The Citizen Of Prague [f|Ge-1843] (tr Mary HOWITT) [1846] Jakob Van Der Nees [f|Ge-1847] Ein Schriftstellerleben [a|Ge-1855] Fr, Jacques PAQUIN
(M: 1791 Sep 19 - 1847 Dec 7) John Ranicar PARK
(M: 1778 - 1847) * An Amicable Controversy With A Jewish Rabbi... [n|1832] Richard Brinsley PEAKE
(M: 1792 Feb 19 - 1847 Oct 4 (wrongly 24)) French Characteristic Costumes [n|1816] The Bridge That Carries Us Safe Over [d|pro:1817] Wanted, A Governess [d|pro:1818] % Presumption (aka: Frankenstein) [d|1823] Snobson's 'Seasons' [1838] Memoirs Of The Colman Family [2v|b|1841] The Adventures Of Cartouche, The Celebrated French Robber [f|1844] The Title Deeds [d|pro:1847] The Meltonians [d|?] Rev, William PEARSON
(M: 1767 Apr 23 - 1847 Sep 6) Speeches...Young Gentlemen Of The Seminary [e|1801] Practical Astronomy [2v|n|1824-29] Sir, George PHILIPS
(M: 1766 Mar 24 - 1847 Oct 3) Timothy PITKIN
(M: 1766 Jan 21 - 1847 Dec 18) Canon, Joseph Holden POTT
(M: 1759 - 1847 Feb 16) Poems [p|1779] Elegies; and, Seimane, A Tragedy [1782] Essay On Landscape-Painting, With Remarks On The Different Schools [n|1783] The Tour Of Valentine [1786] Testimonies Of St Paul Concerning Justification [n|1846] John POWER
(M: 1758 - 1847) Rev, Jedediah PREBLE, 3rd
(M: 1765 - 1847) Birth, Parentage, Life And Experience Of... [a|1830] Turner PRESCOTT
(M: 1806 Oct 17 - 1847 Mar 3) Rev, David PURVIANCE {US}
(M: 1766 Nov 14 - 1847 Aug 19) T The Biography Of Elder David Purviance (w Levi PURVIANCE) [a|1848/1940] Johann/János Ladislav/László PYRKER (Von OBERWART)
(M: 1772 Nov 2 - 1847 Dec 4) Historische Schauspiele [d|Ge-1810] * Tunisias [p|Ge-1820] * Perlen Der Heiligen Vorzeit [Ge-1823] 29465 Rudolph Von Habsburg: Ein Heldengedicht in zwölf Gesängen [p|Ge-1824] Johann Ladislav Pyrker's Sämmtliche Werke [3v|Ge-1832-33] Bilder Aus Dem Leben Jesu Und Der Apostel [Ge-1843] Lieder Der Sehnsucht Nach Den Alpen [Ge-1845] Nicholas J QUACKENBOS
(M: 1781 - 1847) Dorothy QUILLINAN, nee WORDSWORTH, aka Dora QUILLINAN
(F: 1804 Aug 16 (wrongly 14) - 1847 Jul 9) Rev, Francis John Harrison RANKIN
(M: 1805 - 1847) The White Man's Grave: A Visit To Sierra Leone In 1834 [n|1836] The Man Without Soul [f|1838] William Leman REDE
(M: 1802 - 1847 Apr 3) Robert RICHARDSON
(M: 1779 - 1847) Travels Along The Mediterranean And Parts Adjacent [n|1822] Dudley RYDER, 1st Earl of HARROWBY
(M: 1762 Dec 22 - 1847 Dec 26) Rev, William SHEPHERD
(M: 1768 Oct 11 - 1847 Jul 21) Life Of Poggio Bracciolini [b|1801] Bp, Walter Augustus SHIRLEY
(M: 1797 May 30 - 1847 Apr 21) A Charge To The Clergy Of The Archdeaconry Of Derby [n|1846] The Supremacy Of The Holy Scripture [e|1847] Letters And Memoir Of The Late... (ed Thomas HILL) [a|1849] Henry SMITH
(M: 1798 - 1847) (wrote as: H; An OFFICER Who Served in General Atkinson's Brigade) The Expedition Against The Sauk And Fox Indians, 1832 [n|1914] William SMITH
(M: 1769 Feb 7 - 1847 Dec 17) History Of Canada, From Its First Discovery... [2v|n|1815] Guido SORELLI
(M: 1796 Aug 17 - 1847 Jun (or May) 28) La Peste: Poema Di Guido Sorelli [p|It-?] (tr Julia PARDOE) [1834] Le Mie Confessioni [It-1836] Isabella Degli Aldobrandi [d|1838] The Nun Of Florence [d|1840] John TANNER, aka 'The Grey Hawk'
(M: c1780 - c1847) I A Narrative Of The Captivity And Adventures Of John Tanner... [a|1830] I Mémoires De John Tanner [2v|a|Fr-1835] I Trente Années Dans Les Déserts De L'Amérique Du Nord [n|Fr-c1885] Sharon TURNER
(M: 1768 Sep 24 - 1847 Feb 13) History Of The Anglo-Saxons... [n|1799-1805] Sacred History Of The World [n|?] Stephen TURNEY
(M: 1811 - 1847) The Remarkable Life And Confessions Of Stephen Turney [a|1847] Thomas UNDERWOOD
(M: ? - ?) The Impartialist [p|1767] Poems [p|1768] Alexandre Rodolphe VINET
(M: 1797 Jun 17 - 1847 May 4) Mémoire En Faveur De La Liberté Des Cultes [n|Fr-1826] Chrestomathie Française [n|Fr-1829] Essai Sur La Conscience [n|Fr-1829] Discours Sur Quelques Sujets Religieux [n|Fr-1831] 20700 Études Sur La Littérature Française Au XIXe Siècle [n|Fr-1840-51] Nouveaux Discours [n|Fr-1841] Essai Sur La Manifestation Des Convictions Religieuses [n|Fr-1842] Pastoral Theology [n|Fr-?] (tr Thomas H SKINNER, Sr) [1854] Homiletics [n|Fr-?] (tr Thomas H SKINNER, Sr) [1854] Histoire De La Littérature Française Au XVIIe Siècle [n|Fr-?] Études Sur Pascal [n|Fr-?] Études Sur Les Moralistes Aux XVe Et XVIe Siècles [n|Fr-?] Histoire De La Prédication Parmi Les Réformes De France [n|Fr-?] Thomas Griffiths WAINEWRIGHT
(M: 1794 Oct - 1847 (or 1852) Aug 17) (also wrote as: [Janus WEATHERCOCK]; Egomet BONMOT; [Cornelius Van VINKBOOMS]) 'Some Passages' In The Life, Etc Of Egomet Bonmot, Esq [a|1825] Essays And Criticisms (ed W Carew HAZLITT) [e|1880] Richard Henry WILDE
(M: 1789 Sep 24 - 1847 Sep 10) Conjectures...Concerning...Tasso [2v|1842] Hesperia [p|1867] Authentic Account Of Wilde's Alleged Plagiarism [1871] Taliesin WILLIAMS
(M: 1787 - 1847) (wrote as: Taliesin ab IOLO) Robert WILSON
(M: 1747 - ?) The Travels Of That Well-Known Pedestrian, Robert Wilson [a|1807] William YOUATT
(M: 1776 - 1847) 9478 The Dog [n|1845] Theodor Maximilian ZACHARIAE
(M: 1781 - 1847)