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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Rev, Abiel ABBOT
(M: 1765 Nov 14 - 1859 Jan 31) Statement Of Proceedings In The First Society In Coventry, CT [n|1811] History Of Andover, From Its Settlement To 1829 [n|1829] Genealogical Register Of...George Abbot... (w Ephraim ABBOT) [b|1847] Eliza(=Elizabeth) ACTON
(F: 1799 Apr 17 - 1859 Feb 13) & Poems [p|1826] Modern Cookery For Private Families [n|1845] The English Bread Book [n|1857] Sergey/Sergei Timofeyevich/Timofeevich AKSAKOV
(M: J 1791 Sep 20 - J 1859 Apr 30) [Chronicles Of A Russian Family] [Ru-1856] [Recollections] [Ru-1856] A Russian Gentleman [Ru-1856] (tr ?) [1917] Years Of Childhood [Ru-1858] (tr ?) [1916] [A Russian Schoolboy] [Ru-?] William Andrus ALCOTT
(M: 1798 Aug 6 - 1859 Mar 29) (also wrote as: An Old PHYSICIAN) ...The First Public School In Hartford, Conn [n|1832] Essay On The Construction Of School-Houses [n|1832] A Word To Teachers [n|1833] 23860,& The Young Man's Guide [n|1833] The House I Live In [n|1834] Story Of Ruth The Moabitess [1835] The Happy Family Made Happier [1835] & The Adventures Of Lot, The Nephew Of Abraham [1836] The Life Of Peter The Apostle [b|1836] Story Of The Prodigal [1836] Tea And Coffee... [1836] Address Delivered Before American Physiological Society [n|1837] The Young Wife [n|1837] The Young Missionary [n|1837] The Young House Keeper [n|1838] 30478 Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned By Medical Men... [n|1838] The Young Husband; Or, Duties Of Man In The Marriage Relation [n|1839] Jesus At Nain [1839] Dosing And Drugging [1839] Sketches Of William Penn [b|1839] Confessions Of A School Master [a|1839] Travels Of Our Saviour [n|1840] 9054 The Young Woman's Guide To Excellence [n|1840] The Sabbath School As It Should Be [n|1841] Paul's Shipwreck [n|1842] Slate And Black Board Exercises [n|1842] The Mother's Medical Guide In Children's Diseases [n|1842] The Use Of Tobacco... [n|1844] The Story Of Ananias And Sapphira (ed D P KIDDER) [1844] The Beloved Physician [1845] The Voice Of Salomon To Young Men [1846] The Fiery Chariot [1846] Paul At Ephesus [n|1846] A Familiar Letters To Young Men On Various Subjects [e|1849] Letters To A Sister [n|1850] Lectures On Life And Health [n|1853] The Physiology Of Marriage (ps: An Old PHYSICIAN) [n|1856] Tall Oaks From Little Acorns [1856] The Moral Philosophy Of Courtship And Marriage [n|1857] The Young Woman's Book Of Health [n|1859] Forty Years In The Wilderness Of Pills And Powders [a|1859] 10482 The Young Mother: Management Of Children In Regard To Health [n|?] Prof, James Waddel/Waddell ALEXANDER
(M: 1804 Mar 13 - 1859 Jul 31) A The Life Of Archibald Alexander, DD, LLD [b|1854] Discourses On Christian Faith And Practice [n|1858] A Sacramental Discourses... [n|?/1860] A Forty Years' Familiar Letters Of James W Alexander, DD [2v|a|1860] A Thoughts On Preaching Being Contributed To Homiletics [n|1863] Forty Years' Familiar Letters Of James W Alexander [a|1880] Consolation [n|?] Thoughts On Family Worship [n|?] Plain Words To A Young Communicant [n|?] The American Mechanic And Workingman [e|?] Gift To The Afflicted [n|?] William ALEXANDER
(M: 1794 - 1859 Dec 21) Abridgement Of Acts Of Sederunt [n|1838] An Abridgement Of Acts Of Parliament Of Scotland [n|1841] Plan And Description Of The Original Electro-magnetic Telegraph [n|1851] William Pulteney ALISON
(M: 1790 - 1859 Sep 22) John ALLEN
(M: 1790 Sep 26 - 1859 Feb 15) State Churches And The Kingdom Of Christ [n|1853] History Of The Borough Of Liskeard And Its Vicinity [n|1856] Pedro de ANGELIS
(M: 1784 Jun 29 - 1859 Feb 10) 13458 Derroteros Y Viages À La Ciudad Encantada... (ed) [Sp-1836] 16105 Colección De Viages Y Expediciónes À...Patagonia (ed) [e|Sp-1837] * Colección De Obras Y Documentos...Rio De La Plata (ed) [e|Sp-?] Alexandre Privat d'ANGLEMONT
(M: 1815 Aug 21 - 1859 Jul 18) George Wilfred ANTHONY
(M: 1810 - 1859 Nov 14) (wrote as: Gabriel TINTO, Esq) Prof, Giovanni Gaetano AQUILINA
(M: 1809 - 1859 Dec) Bettina(=Elisabeth) (Catharina) (nee)Brentano von ARNIM
(F: 1785 Apr 4 - 1859 Jan 20) Goethe's Correspondence With A Child [Ge-1835] (tr ?) [1837] Die Günderode (ed Paul ERNST) [Ge-1904] Clemens Brentanos Frühlingskranz [2v|Ge-1907] William Delafield ARNOLD
(M: 1828 Apr 7 - 1859 Apr 9) (also wrote as: PUNJABEE) Oakfield; Or, Fellowship In The East (ps: PUNJABEE) [f|1853] The Palace At Westminster, And Other Historical Sketches [n|1855] Fewton Robinson ATKINSON
(M: 1784 Nov 12 - 1859 Jun 9) Capt, George Francklin ATKINSON
(M: 1822 May 8 - 1859 Dec 15) Pictures From The North, In Pen And Pencil... [n|1848] The Campaign In India, 1857-58... [n|1859] 'Curry And Rice', On Forty Plates... [n|1859] Indian Spices For English Tables [n|1860] John AUGUSTUS
(M: 1785 - 1859) A Report Of The Labors Of John Augustus For The Last Ten... [a|1852] John AUSTIN
(M: 1790 Mar 3 - 1859 Dec 17) The Province Of Jurisprudence Determined [n|1832] Lectures On Jurisprudence; Or, The Philosophy Of Positive Law [e|1863] Delia Salter BACON
(F: 1811 Feb 2 - 1859 Sep 2) Tales Of The Puritans [1831] 7235 The Bride Of Fort Edward [1839] 8207 The Philosophy Of The Plays Of Shakespeare Unfolded [n|1857] Karl BAEDEKER
(M: 1801 Nov 3 - 1859 Oct 4) The Dominion Of Canada [n|?/?/1907] Das Rheinthal Von Mainz Bis Köln (ed) [n|Ge-?] Robert BAKER
(M: 1793 Nov - 1859 Dec 24) A Lecture On The Economy Of Farming [n|1852] William BAKER
(M: 1784 - 1859 Feb 22) Alphonse (Victor Chrétien) BALLEYDIER, Baron BALLEYDIER
(M: 1810 (or 1818) Jan 15 - 1859 Nov 10) Nouvelles Lyonnaises [Fr-1843] Les Bords Du Rhône, De Lyon À La Mer, Chroniques Et Légendes [n|Fr-1843] Histoire Politique Et Militaire Du Peuple De Lyon... [3v|n|Fr-1845-46] Rome Et Pie IX [n|Fr-1847] Histoire De La Garde Mobile Depuis Les Barricades De Février [n|Fr-1848] La Première Légion À Cherbourg: Impressions De Voyage [n|Fr-1848] Turin Et Charles-Albert [n|Fr-1848] Histoire De La Garde Républicaine [n|Fr-1848] Le Couvent Et La Caserne Des Célestins [n|Fr-1849] Dieu Ne Le Veut Pas; Ou, Les Révolutionnaires...Eux-Mêmes [n|Fr-1849] Visite Rendue Par L'Angleterre À La France [n|Fr-1849] La Vérité Sur Les Affaires De Naples...Monsieur Gladstone [n|Fr-1851] Histoire De La Révolution De Rome, Tableau Religieux... [2v|n|Fr-1851] Histoire Des Révolutions De L'Empire D'Autriche...1848 Et 1849 [n|Fr-1853] Histoire De La Guerre De Hongrie En 1848-1849... [n|Fr-1853] Veillées De Famille [Fr-1855] Veillées Maritimes [Fr-1856] Histoire De L'Empereur Nicolas (Trente Années De Règne) [2v|n|Fr-1857] Histoire De Sainte Gudule Et Du Saint Sacrement Du Miracle [n|Fr-1859] Veillées De Vacances [Fr-1859] Veillées Du Presbytère [Fr-1860] Veillées Du Peuple [Fr-1862] Une Promenade Historique [n|Fr-1863] Histoire D'Un O=Euf De Pâques [Fr-1876] Le Petit Chaperon Blanc [Fr-1876] Récits Du Foyer [Fr-1876] Valeria; Ou, Les Premiers Chrétiens Et Autres Histoires [s|Fr-1890] I Valeria; Or, The First Christians [s|Fr-1890] (tr ?) [c1890] Francis BARKER
(M: c1773 - 1859 Oct 8) Rev, John Tyrell BAYLEE
(M: c1815 - 1859 Oct 31) Robert BAYLEY
(M: ? - 1859 Nov 14) Rev, John BAYNE
(M: 1806 Nov 16 - 1859 Nov 3) Thomas BEAUMONT
(M: 1795 Jul 1 - 1859 Oct 16) Rev, Joseph BELCHER
(M: 1794 Apr 5 - 1859 Jul 10) Jacob BELL
(M: 1810 Mar 5 - 1859 Jun 12) Robert BENT
(M: ? - 1859 Dec 6) The London Catalogue Of Books (ed) [n|1839] Archdeacon, Edward BERENS
(M: c1777 - 1859 Apr 7) 20932 Advice To A Young Man Upon First Going To Oxford [n|1832] Bp, Christopher BETHELL
(M: 1773 Apr 21 - 1859 Apr 19) Charles BINDLEY
(M: 1796 - 1859 Feb 12) (wrote as: Harry HIEOVER) Friedrich BLEEK
(M: 1793 Jul 4 - 1859 Feb 27) Einleitung In Das Alte Testament [n|Ge-?/?/1869] Einleitung In Das Alte Testament (4e) (ed Julius WELLHAUSEN) [n|Ge-1878] Einleitung In Das Neue Testament [n|Ge-?/?/1875] Synoptische Erklärung Der Drei Ersten Evangelien [n|Ge-1862] Lura Anna BOIES
(F: 1835 - 1859) Rural Rhymes [p|1859] Rev, James Shergold BOONE
(M: 1799 Jun 30 - 1859 Mar 24) Rev, George BOOTH
(M: c1792 - 1859 Jun 21) Pétrus(=Joseph-Pierre) BOREL (d'HAUTERIVE), aka 'le Lycanthrope'
(M: 1809 Jun 26 - 1859 Jul 14) g Rhapsodies [p|Fr-1831] g Champavert [s|Fr-1833] Madame Putiphar [f|Fr-1839] Hannah BOWDEN, nee MARSH
(F: 1823 - 1859 Jul 3) Bp, John BOWEN
(M: 1815 Nov 21 - 1859 May 28) Rev, Patrick BREWSTER
(M: 1788 Dec 20 - 1859 Mar 26) William John BRODERIP
(M: 1789 Nov 21 - 1859 Feb 27) John BROWN
(M: 1800 May 9 - 1859 Dec 2) The Public Life... [a|1860] Meshach BROWNING
(M: 1781 - 1859) R Forty-Four Years Of The Life Of A Hunter [a|1859] Rev, George Washington BURNAP
(M: 1802 Nov 30 - 1859 Sep 8) Lectures On The Doctrines Of Christianity [e|1835] Sectarianism Both Catholic And Protestant [n|1835] Lectures To Young Men [e|1840] A Lecture On The Social Influence Of Trade [n|1841] The Professions [n|1842] Lectures On The History Of Christianity [e|1842] Commemorative Discourse... [n|1843] The End Of The World [n|1844] Discourse On...The Pusey Controversy [n|1844] Miscellaneous Writings Of G W Burnap [e|1845] ...Lectures On The Principal Passages Of The Scriptures [e|1845] The Sphere And Duties Of Woman [n|1847] The Position Of Unitarianism Defined [n|1848] Discourses On The Rectitude Of Human Nature [n|1850] Review Of The Life, Character & Writings Of Elias Hicks [b|1851] The Philosophical Tendencies Of The American Mind [n|1852] Origin And Causes Of Democracy In America [n|1854] Christianity, Its Essence And Evidence [n|1855] The Influence Of Literature In A Republic [n|1857] A Popular Objections To Unitarian Christianity... [n|?] John BURTT
(M: c1788 - 1859 Jul 5) (wrote as: J B) Luis Camillo CALCAÑO
(M: 1829 May 22 - 1859 Jul 14) Maria Hutchins CALLCOTT
(F: 1799 - 1859 Apr 3 (wrongly 1881 Aug 19)) Home Among Strangers [f|1848] The Singer's Alphabet; Or, Hints On The English Vowels [n|1849] Daily Charity; Or, How To Bestow Your Charity Every Day... [n|1853] The Power Of Meekness [1853] A Few Household Hints And Lessons Of Conduct For Female Servants [n|1856] The Two Firesides; Or, The Mechanic And The Tradesman [f|1859] John CAMIDGE
(M: 1790 - 1859 Sep 21) Henry Edmund CARRINGTON
(M: 1806 Mar 16 - 1859 Feb 5) Owen Browne James CARTER
(M: c1806 - 1859 Mar 30) Dean, George CHANDLER
(M: c1779 - 1859 Feb 3) Rufus CHOATE
(M: 1799 Oct 1 - 1859 Jul 13) James CLARKE
(M: 1793 - 1859) Rev, Thomas CLELAND
(M: ? - 1859) Memoirs [a|1859] António (José) COELHO LOUSADA
(M: 1828 Nov 4 - 1859 Jul 23) 29979 Os Tripeiros: Romance-Chronica Do Seculo XIV [f|Pt-1857] David COX
(M: 1783 Apr 29 - 1859 Jun 7) Thomas CRANE
(M: 1808 - 1859 Jul 15) 23460 Abroad (w Ellen HOUGHTON) [p|?] At Home (w Ellen HOUGHTON) [p|?] Sophia Frederica Christina CRICHTON-STUART, Marchioness of BUTE, nee Lady, RAWDON-HASTINGS
(F: 1809 Feb 1 - 1859 Dec 28) Sir, Francis Sacheverel/Sacheverell DARWIN
(M: 1786 Jun 17 - 1859 (wrongly 1866) Nov 6) Travels In Spain And The East, 1808-1810 [n|1927] Rufus DAWES
(M: 1803 - 1859) Geraldine, Athenia Of Damascus [1839] Miscellaneous Poems [p|1839] Nix's Mate [1839] Thomas Philip DE GREY, 2nd Earl DE GREY
(M: 1781 Dec 8 - 1859 Nov 14) Thomas DE QUINCEY
(M: 1785 (or 1786) Aug 15 - 1859 Dec 8) 2040,D& Confessions Of An English Opium-Eater [1822/56] On The Knocking At The Gate In Macbeth [1823] 31563 Walladmor [2v|1825] The Arts Of Cheating, Swindling... (w BULWER-LYTTON & JERROLD) [1825] On Murder Considered As One Of The Fine Arts [1827] Klosterheim; Or, The Masque [1832] Lake Reminscences [1834-40] The Logic Of Political Economy [n|1844] Suspiria De Profundis [1845] 6359 The English Mail-Coach And Other Essays [e|1849] 6314 Biographical Essays [b|1851] 7306 Autobiographic Sketches [a|1853] Collected Works (ed D MASSON) [14v|1889-90] 18862 The Uncollected Writings Of Thomas De Quincey [2v|1890] 23788 The Posthumous Works Of Thomas De Quincey (ed A H JAPP) [2v|1891] 16026 Revolt Of The Tartars (ed William Edward SIMONDS) [?] 6123 Theological Essays And Other Papers [e|?] 6148 Narrative And Miscellaneous Papers [2v|e|?] 6171 Memorials And Other Papers [e|?] 6672 The Caesars [?] 6881 Notebook Of An English Opium-Eater [?] 10708 Miscellaneous Essays [e|?] Charles-Gaspard DELESTRE-POIRSON
(M: 1790 Aug 22 - 1859 Nov 21) Angélina; Ou, Amour Et Mystère [d|Fr-1843] L'Embarras Du Choix; Ou, Quatre Filles À Marier (w LAURENCIN) [d|Fr-1840] 9893 Le Comte Ory (w Eugène SCRIBE) [m|?] George Drysdale DEMPSEY
(M: ? - 1859 Nov 14) A Rudimentary Treatise On The Locomotive Engine In All Its Phases [n|1866] Michael Aislabie DENHAM
(M: ? - 1859 Sep 10) (also wrote as: AUTOLYCUS; M A D) Marceline(-Félicité-Josèphe) DESBORDES-VALMORE
(F: 1786 Jun 20 - 1859 Jul 23) Les Pleurs [Fr-1833] I L'Enfant Des Champs-Elysées [Fr-1871] g Élégies, 1833-1859 [p|Fr-?] g Oeuvres Poétiques, I, 1819-1833 [p|Fr-?] 14258 Le Livre Des Mères Et Des Enfants [2v|Fr-?] (Johann Peter Gustav) Lejeune DIRICHLET
(M: 1805 Feb 13 - 1859 May 5) Vorlesungen Über Zahlentheorie (ed Richard DEDEKIND) [e|Ge-1863] Sarah DISRAELI
(F: 1802 - 1859 Dec 19) (wrote as: Fair STAR) A Year At Hartlebury (w CHERRY) [f|1834] William DUFTON
(M: c1806 - 1859 Oct 17) The Nature And Treatment Of Deafness... [n|1844] Mary Laura DUTTON
(F: 1836 - 1859) Woman's Temptation [f|1860] Charlotte Ann/Anne EATON, nee WALDIE
(F: 1788 Sep 28 - 1859 Apr 28) (also wrote as: An ENGLISHWOMAN; A Near OBSERVER; An Englishwoman RESIDENT at Brussels in June 1815) The Battle Of Waterloo (ps: A Near OBSERVER) [n|1815] Narrative Of A Residence In Belgium...1815 (ps: ...RESIDENT...) [n|1817] The Battle Of Waterloo, Also Of Ligny... (ps: A Near OBSERVER) [n|1817] Rome In The Nineteenth Century (anon?) [3v|n|1820] Continental Adventures (anon?) [f|1826] The Days Of Battle; Or,...Waterloo (ps: ...RESIDENT...) [n|1853] Waterloo Days [n|1888] Ebenezer EATON
(M: 1777 - 1859) Robert Leslie ELLIS
(M: 1817 Aug 25 - 1859 May 12) Gov, Mountstuart ELPHINSTONE
(M: 1779 Oct 6 - 1859 Nov 20) History Of India [2v|n|1841] An Account Of The Kingdom Of Caubul...Persia, Tartary And India [n|1815] The Rise Of The British Power In The East (ed E COLEBROKE) [n|1887] James ESDAILE
(M: 1808 Feb 6 - 1859 Jan 10) Mesmerism In India And Its Practical Application... [n|1846] Joaquín EZQUERRA Del BAYO
(M: 1793 Sep 11 - 1859 Aug 14) William Trant FAGAN
(M: 1801 - 1859 May 9 or 16) John FANE, 11th Earl of WESTMORELAND
(M: 1784 Feb 3 - 1859 Oct 16) (also wrote as: An Officer EMPLOYED in His Army) Charles FARLEY
(M: 1771 - 1859 Jan 28) Raymond And Agnes; Or, The Castle Of Lindenburgh [d|1797] The Magic Oak: A Christmas Pantomime [d|1799] Aggression; Or, The Heroine Of Yucatan [d|1805] Harlequin And Mother Shipton [d|1826] John FINCHAM
(M: c1785 - 1859 Dec 15) Elizabeth FISHER, nee MUNRO
(F: 1759 - ?) Memoirs Of Mrs Elizabeth Fisher, Of The City Of New York... [a|1810] William Stephenson FITCH
(M: 1793 - 1859 Jul 17) Henry FORBES
(M: 1804 - 1859 Nov 24) Henry Edward Vassall FOX, 4th Baron HOLLAND
(M: 1802 Mar 7 - 1859 Dec 18) The Journal Of The Hon Henry Edward Fox [a|1923] John FROST
(M: 1800 - 1859) R Border Wars Of The West [n|1853] 26965 Heroes And Hunters Of The West (anon) [n|1853] Thomas GARRARD
(M: 1787 - 1859 Dec 18) Gov, George Rockingham GILMER {US}
(M: 1790 Apr 1 - 1859 Nov 16) Sketches Of Some Of The First Settlers Of Upper Georgia... [b|1926] GOPAL CHANDRA SAHU
(M: c1832 - 1859) Prosper-Parfait GOUBAUX
(M: 1795 Jun 10 - 1859 Jul 31) (wrote as: DINAUX (2)) Rev, Henry GREY
(M: 1778 Feb 11 - 1859 Jan 13) A Catechism On Baptism [n|?/?/?/1842] Wilhelm Carl GRIMM
(M: 1786 Feb 24 - 1859 Dec 16) Fairy Tales (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr Edgar TAYLOR) [1823] 2591 Fairy Tales (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr TAYLOR & EDWARDES) [?] 5314 Household Tales (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr ?) [?] & Household Tales (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr Margaret HUNT) [1884] 19068 Household Stories (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr Lucy CRANE) [1886] 11027 Grimm's Fairy Stories (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr ?) [1922] k Kinder Und Hausmärchen Gesammelt... (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1857] * Deutsche Märchen (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-1921] Folk-lore And Fable (w AESOP, H C ANDERSEN & J GRIMM) [c1909] * Deutsche Sagen (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-?] Josepha Heath GULSTON
(F: 1811 - 1859 Nov 15) (wrote as: T[=Talbot] G[=GWYNNE]) The School For Fathers: An Old English Story [f|1852] The Life And Death Of Silas Barnstarke [f|1853] The School For Dreamers: A Story Of The Present Age [f|1853] Nanette And Her Lovers [f|1854] Young Singleton [f|1856] Henry HALLAM
(M: 1777 Jul 9 - 1859 Jan 21) * A View Of The State Of Europe During The Middle Ages [n|1818] * Constitutional History Of England [n|1827] Introduction To The Literature Of Europe... [n|1837-39] William Richard HAMILTON
(M: 1777 Jan 9 - 1859 Jul 11) William Alers HANKEY
(M: 1771 Aug 15 - 1859 Mar 23) Archdeacon, Charles HARDWICK
(M: 1821 Sep 22 - 1859 Aug 8) (also wrote as: C H) History Of The Articles Of Religion [n|1852] Christ And Other Masters [n|1855] History Of The Christian Church During The Reformation [n|1865] Rev, George HARRIS
(M: 1794 May 15 - 1859 Dec 24) Unitarianism [n|1818] Christianity And Church Of Irelandism [n|1835] The Great Business Of Life [n|1847] Charles HART
(M: 1797 May 19 - 1859 Mar 29) Rev, Henry Philip HAUGHTON
(M: 1812 - 1859 May 7) Arthur HENFREY
(M: 1819 Nov 1 - 1859 Sep 7) Thomas Kibble HERVEY
(M: 1799 Feb 4 - 1859 Feb 27) + The Poetical Sketch-Book, Including A Third Edition Of Australia [1829] The Devil's Progress (anon) [p|1830] Gems Of Modern Sculpture (anon) [p|1831] The Book Of Christmas [1836] The Amaranth: A Miscellany Of Original Prose And Verse (ed) [1839] The English Helicon Of The Nineteenth Century (ed) [1841] The Poems Of T K H (ed Mrs T K HERVEY) [p|1866] Edward HIGHTON
(M: 1817 Aug 13 - 1859 Nov 13) John Sheridan HOGAN
(M: 1815 - 1859 Dec) Rev, Arthur George Harper HOLLINGSWORTH
(M: 1802 - 1859 Jan 2) Edward HOLMES
(M: 1797 - 1859 Sep 4) Robert HOLMES
(M: 1765 - 1859 Nov 30) Rev, Richard HORRABIN
(M: ? - 1859 Dec 13) Thomas HORSFIELD
(M: 1773 May 12 - 1859 Jul 24) Rev, John HOWSON
(M: 1787 - 1859 Jan 23) Edward HUGHES
(M: 1819 - 1859 Jul 30) Freiherr, (Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich) Alexander von HUMBOLDT
(M: 1769 Sep 14 - 1859 May 6) The Equinoctial Plants [n|1805] Ideas For A Geography Of Plants... [n|1805] Views Of Nature With Scientific Commentaries [e|1808] Travels [n|Ge-1814-21] (tr Helen M WILLIAMS) [1814-29] Voyage Aux Régions Équinoxiales Du Nouveau Continent [n|Fr-?] 6322 Equinoctial Regions Of America [n|Fr-?] (tr ?) [3v|?] * Kosmos [5v|n|Ge-1845-62] 14565 Cosmos [n|Ge-1845-62] (tr E C OTTE) [1851] 22659 Rede, Gehalten Bei Der Eröffnung...Naturforscher...1828 [e|Ge-?] 22761 Ideen Zu Einer Physiognomik Der Gewächse [n|Ge-?] Alexander HUME
(M: 1811 Feb 17 - 1859 Feb 4) The Lyric Gems Of Scotland (ed) [1856] Rev, John Higgs HUNT
(M: 1780 - 1859 Nov 17) (James Henry) Leigh HUNT
(M: 1784 Oct 19 - 1859 Aug 28) The Story Of Rimini [p|1816] Hero And Leander [p|1819] Sir Ralph Esher [f|1832] 28260 Captain Sword And Captain Pen [p|1835] A Legend Of Florence [d|1840] Imagination And Fancy [1844] The Foster-Brother: A Tale Of The War Of Chiozza [f|1845] Wit And Humour [1846] 10635 Stories From The Italian Poets [2+v|1846] Men, Women, And Books [n|1847] A Jar Of Honey From Mount Hybla [1848] The Town [1848] The Autobiography Of Leigh Hunt [a|1850/60] Table Talk [1851] The Old Court Suburb [1855] Selected Essays [e|?] Rev, Cort HUTHERSAL
(M: c1797 - 1859 Sep 14) Joseph Murray INCE
(M: 1806 - 1859 Sep 24) Rev, James INMAN
(M: 1776 - 1859 Feb 2) A Treatise On Navigation And Nautical Astronomy [n|1821] An Introduction To Naval Gunnery [n|1828] An IRISHMAN (ps)
(M: ? - ?) A Defence Of Great Britain, Against A Charge Of Tyranny... [n|1779] Washington IRVING
(M: 1783 Apr 3 - 1859 Nov 28) (also wrote as: Friar Antonio AGAPIDA; Geoffrey CRAYON, Gent; Diedrich KNICKERBOCKER; Jonathan OLDSTYLE; Launcelot WAGSTAFFE) Salmagundi... (w others) [1807-08] 13042 History Of New York... (ps: Diedrich KNICKERBOCKER) [1809] 2048 The Sketch-Book Of Geoffrey Crayon (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [e|1819-20] 41,QN The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow [f|1820] & Rip Van Winkle [?] 14228 Bracebridge Hall; Or, The Humorists [1822] 13514 Tales Of A Traveller [1824] 8519 History Of The Life And Voyages Of Christopher Columbus [b|1828] 3293 A Chronicle Of The Conquest Of Granada [1829] The Companions Of Columbus [1831] & Legends Of The Alhambra [1832] #N A Tour Of The Prairies (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [1] [1835] Legends Of The Conquest Of Spain (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [2] [1835] 7948 Abbotsford And Newstead Abbey (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [3] [1835] The Crayon Miscellany (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [3v|1+2+3] [1835] 1371 Astoria; Or, Enterprise...Rocky Mountains (w Pierre M IRVING) [1836] Captain Bonneville [f|1837] 7993 Oliver Goldsmith [b|1840] A Book Of The Hudson [1849] Mahomet And His Successors [2v|1849-50] 8571,R Wolfert's Roost, And Other Papers, Now First Collected [f|1855] 7002 Life Of George Washington [5v|b|1855-59] 20656 Old Christmas From The Sketch Book Of Washington Irving [1875] Western Journals [a|1944] Complete Works [1969-?] 877 Little Britain [?] 1850 Old Christmas [?] 7994 The Crayon Papers (ps: Geoffrey CRAYON) [?] The Works Of Washington Irving [1956] Dolph Heyliger: A Story Of Bracebridge Hall [f|1901] John Angell JAMES
(M: 1785 Jun 6 - 1859 Oct 1) The Church In Earnest [n|?/?/?/1851] Manuel John JOHNSON
(M: 1835 May 23 - 1859 Feb 28) Rev?, James KENDALL
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