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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Francis ADAMS
(M: 1796 Mar 13 - 1861 Feb 26) (also wrote as: A Scotch PHYSICIAN) Arundines Devae (ps: A Scotch PHYSICIAN) [1853] Joseph ADSHEAD
(M: 1800 - 1861 Feb 15) Wreck Of The 'Rothesay Castle' [1831] Prisons And Prisoners [n|1845] Prince, (Francis Charles Augustus) ALBERT (Emmanuel), (house of SAXE-COBURG And GOTHA)
(M: 1819 Aug 26 - 1861 Dec 14) Letters Of The Prince Consort [a|Ge-?] (tr E T S DUGDALE) [1938] Rev, John Taylor ALLEN
(M: c1783 - 1861 Aug 12) A Sermon Preached In The Cathedral Church Of Chester [n|1823] Andrew ANDERSON
(M: ? - 1861 Mar 1) The Game Of Draughts, Simplified And Illustrated With Diagrams [n|1878] Rev, Henry ANTHON
(M: 1795 Mar 11 - 1861 Jan 5) The True Issue For The True Churchman (w Hugh SMITH) [n|1843] Historical Notices Of St Mark's Church From 1795 To 1845 [n|1845] Nathan APPLETON
(M: 1779 Oct 6 - 1861 Jul 14) An Examination Of The Banking System Of Massachusetts [n|1831] Minimum Duties [n|1832] Speech Of Mr Appleton Of Massachusetts...30th May 1832 [n|1832] A Remarks On Currency And Banking [n|1841/?/57] Labor, Its Relations In Europe And The US Compared [n|1844] Correspondence... (w John G PALFREY) [a|1846] What Is A Revenue Standard? [n|1846] Memoir Of The Hon Abbott Lawrence [b|1856] Bank Bills Or Paper Currency [n|1856] Introduction Of The Power Loom [n|1858] A Introduction Of The Power Loom; and, Origin Of Lowell [e|1858] The Doctrines Of Original Sin And The Trinity... [n|1859] A Letter To The Hon Wm C Rives Of Virginia, On Slavery... [n|1860] Slavery And The Union [n|1860] Rev, James ASPINALL
(M: c1796 - 1861 Feb 15) Thomas Witlam ATKINSON
(M: 1799 Mar 6 - 1861 Aug 13) A Oriental And Western Siberia: A Narrative Of Seven Years [n|1858] Henry AUSTIN
(M: c1809 - 1861 Oct 9) Thoughts On The Abuses...Architecture [n|1841] Report On The Proceedings Of The Local Board Of Health Of Taunton [n|1850] Report On An Inquiry...Bromyard [n|1852] Rev, Robert BACON
(M: c1767 - 1861 May 21) Miscellaneous Pieces In Verse And Prose [p|1790] Elegiac Stanzas, Inscribed To The Memory Of Mary Ann [p|1813] Theological Essays On Various Subjects [e|1829] A Scriptural View Of The Ordinance Of Baptism [n|1843] Rev, Henry Theodore James BAGGE
(M: 1824 Feb 28 - 1861 Nov 19) Rev, William Lloyd BAILY
(M: 1828 - 1861) Our Own Birds: A Familiar Natural History Of The Birds Of The US [n|?] Our Own Birds (2e w Edward D COPE) [n|1869] Rev, John BAIRD
(M: 1799 Feb 17 - 1861 Nov 29) Anne Elizabeth BAKER
(F: 1786 Jun 16 - 1861 Apr 22) Glossary Of Northamptonshire Words And Phrases...Customs... [2v|n|1854] Rev, William Richard BAKER
(M: 1798 Sep 3 - 1861 Sep 28) Thomas Tyrwhitt BALCOMBE
(M: 1810 - 1861 Oct 13) Robert BALD
(M: 1776 - 1861 Dec 28) Hosea BALLOU, II
(M: 1796 Oct 18 - 1861 May 27) The Ancient History Of Universalism... [n|1829] A Collection Of Psalms And Hymns For...Societies And Families [n|1837] Counsel And Encouragement: Discourses On The Conduct Of Life [n|1866] William BALY
(M: 1814 - 1861 Jan 28) Rev, Bulkeley BANDINEL
(M: 1781 Feb 21 - 1861 Feb 6) Thomas BATEMAN
(M: 1821 Nov 8 - 1861 Aug 28) Elisha BATES
(M: c1779 - 1861) Edward BAYLIS
(M: c1790 - 1861 Sep 12) Edward BECK
(M: c1804 - 1861 Jan 15) Catherine Douglas BELL
(F: ? - 1861 Nov 15) (also wrote as: KATE; Cousin KATE) Unconscious Influence; Or, Horace And May [f|1856] Self-Mastery; Or, Kenneth And Hugh [f|1857] Kind Words To Domestic Servants [1857] The Diary Of Three Children; Or, Fifty-Two Saturdays [f|1858] The Way To Be Happy; Or, The Story Of Willie, The Gardener Boy [f|1859] The Head Or The Heart; Or, 'Knowledge Puffeth Up, Charity Edifieth' [f|1859] The Children's Mirror; Or, Which Is My Likeness? [f|1859] Mike, The Shop-Boy [f|1859] 'We Love Him Because He First Loved Us' [f|1860] Rosa's Wish, And How She Attained It [f|1861] Aunt Ailie [f|1861] Short Stories [s|1862] Last Hours With Cousin Kate [1862] The Grahams; Or, Home Life [f|1866] Lily Gordon; Or, The Young Housekeeper [f|1866] Hope Campbell; Or, Know Thyself [f|1866] Rest And Unrest; Or, The Story Of A Year [f|1866] Help In Time Of Need; Or, The Lord Careth For His Own [f|1866] Sydney Stuart; Or, Love Seeketh Not Her Own [f|1869] Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself; Or, The Story Of Mike, The Irish Boy [f|1871] Which Is My Likeness?; Or, Seeing Ourselves... (ps: Cousin KATE) [f|1873] Mary Elliot; Or, Kindness Of Heart [f|1876] Horace And May [f|1887] Trust In God; Or, Jenny's Trials [f|1904] Wisdom's Ways Are Pleasantness And Peace [f|1904] Sille Henrikke Christine BEYER
(F: 1803 Aug 25 - 1861 Sep 10) (wrote as: ANONYMA) Tankebilleder Eller Kvindelige Sutiationer [f|Da-1853] George BISHOP
(M: 1785 Aug 21 - 1861 Jun 14) Nathaniel Ingersoll BOWDITCH
(M: 1805 - 1861) A History Of The Massachusetts General Hospital [n|1872] John M'Neill BOYD
(M: 1812 - 1861 Feb 9) Prof, Theodor BRACKENHOEFT
(M: 1801 - 1861) James BRAIDWOOD
(M: 1800 Sep 3 - 1861 Jun 22) On The Construction Of Fire-Engines And Apparatus [n|1830] On The Means Of Rendering Large Supplies Of Water Available [n|1844] Illustrated History Of The Great Fire [n|1861] 26440 Fire Prevention And Fire Extinction [n|1866] Rev, Patrick BRONTË, ne BRUNTY
(M: 1777 Mar 17 - 1861 Jun 7) 17081 Cottage Poems [p|1811] The Rural Minstrel: A Miscellany Of Descriptive Poems [p|1813] The Letters Of The Reverend Patrick Brontë (ed Dudley GREEN) [a|2005] Richard BROOKE
(M: 1791 - 1861 Jun 14) John BROWN
(M: 1797 Aug 2 - 1861 Feb 7) The North West Passage... [n|1858/60] Maria da Felicidade do Couto BROWNE
(F: c1797 - 1861) (also wrote as: Soror DOLORES; A Coruja TROVADORA) Soror Dolores [Pt-1849] Virações De Madrugada [Pt-1854] Elizabeth Barrett BROWNING, nee MOULTON-BARRETT
(F: 1806 (or 1809) Mar 6 - 1861 Jun 30) The Battle Of Marathon [p|1820] An Essay On Mind, With Other Poems (anon) [p|1826] Prometheus Bound...And Miscellaneous Poems (anon) [p|1833] The Seraphim And Other Poems [p|1838] Poems (US: A Drama Of Exile, And Other Poems) [2v|p|1844] Poems, New Edition (US: The Poems Of Elizabeth Barrett...) [2v|p|1850] 2002,& Sonnets From The Portuguese [p|1850] & The Runaway Slave At Pilgrim's Point [1850] Casa Guida Windows [p|1851] Poems, Third Edition [2v|p|1853] Two Poems (w Robert BROWNING) [p|1854] Poems, Fourth Edition [3v|p|1856] J Aurora Leigh [p|1857/59] Poems Before Congress (US: Napoleon III In Italy...) [p|1860] Last Poems [p|1862] The Greek Christian Poets And The English Poets (US: Essays On...) [e|1863] Psyche Apocalypté (w Richard H HORNE) [d|pub:1876] 25643 'He Giveth His Beloved Sleep' [p|1880] 31015 The Poetical Works Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning [6v|p|1889-90] The Poetical Works Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (ed F G KENYON) [p|1897] 13018 The Letters Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (ed F G KENYON) [2v|a|1898] 16182 The Letters Of Robert Browning... (ed R W B BROWNING) [2v|a|1899] The Complete Poetical Works Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning [p|1900] The Complete Works Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning [6v|1900] New Poems By Robert And Elizabeth Barrett Browning (ed F G KENYON) [p|1914] The Poet's Enchiridion (ed H Buxton FORMAN) [1914] Hitherto Unpublished Poems And Stories (ed H Buxton FORMAN) [p|1914] Letters To Her Sister, 1846-1859 (ed Leonard HUXLEY) [a|1929] Twenty-Two Unpublished Letters Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning... [a|1935] Letters From Elizabeth Barrett To B R Haydon (ed M H SHACKFORD) [a|1939] Elizabeth Barrett To Miss Mitford (ed Betty MILLER) [a|1954] Elizabeth Barrett To Mr Boyd (ed Barbara P McCARTHY) [a|1955] Diary By E B B: The Unpublished Diary... (ed R HUDSON & P KELLEY) [a|1969] James BRUCE
(M: 1808 - 1861 Aug 19) Joseph Tinker BUCKINGHAM, aka Joseph Buckingham TINKER
(M: 1779 Dec 21 - 1861 Apr 10 or 11) Specimens Of Newspaper Literature, With Personal Memoirs... [2v|n|1850] Personal Memoirs And Recollections Of Editorial Life [2v|a|1852] Annals Of The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics' Association [n|1853] Catherine Dorothea BURDETT, nee BROWN / BROWNE
(F: 1784 - 1861 May 14) English Fashionables Abroad [f|1827] At Home [f|1828] Walter Hamilton [f|1846] Sir, William BURNETT
(M: 1779 Jan - 1861 Feb 16) Archdeacon, Edward John BURROW
(M: c1784 - 1861 Aug 8) Lady, Charlotte Susan Maria BURY, nee CAMPBELL, 1:Mrs CAMPBELL
(F: 1775 Jan 28 - 1861 Mar 31 (or Apr 1)) (also wrote as: A LADY) Poems On Several Occasions (ps: A LADY) [p|1797] Self-Indulgence [f|1812] Conduct Is Fate [f|1822] Alla Giornata; Or, To The Day (anon) [1826] Flirtation (anon) [f|1827] Journal Of The Heart (1st series) (ed anon) [1830] The Exclusives [f|1830] Separation (anon) [1830] The Three Great Sanctuaries Of Tuscany [n|1833] The Disinherited And The Ensnared (anon) [f|1834] Journal Of The Heart (2nd series) (ed anon) [1835] 29232 The Lady's Own Cookery Book, And New Dinner-Table Directory [n|?/1835/?] The Devoted (anon) [f|1836] The Divorced [f|1837] Love [f|1837] Diary Illustrative Of The Times Of George The Fourth (anon) [f|1838] The History Of A Flirt [f|1840] Family Records; Or, The Two Sisters [f|1841] The Manoeuvering Mother [f|1842] The Roses [f|1853] The Lady Of Fashion [f|1856] The Two Baronets [f|1864] Rev, Charles CAMERON
(M: c1807 - 1861 Dec 2) John CAMPBELL, 1st Baron CAMPBELL of St Andrews
(M: 1779 Sep 15 - 1861 Jun 23 (wrongly 22 or 24)) * Atrocious Judges:...Judges Infamous As Tools Of Tyrants... [n|1856] Prof, Edward CARDWELL
(M: 1787 Aug 3 - 1861 May 23) Edward CHAPPELL
(M: 1792 Aug 10 - 1861 Jan 21) I Narrative Of A Voyage To Hudson's Bay In HMS 'Rosamond' [n|1817] Douglas CHEAPE
(M: 1797 - 1861 Sep 1) Rev, Joseph Sylvester CLARK
(M: 1800 Dec 19 - 1861 Aug 17) Repairing The Breach [n|1855] God's Remembrance Of Bethel [1856] James CLARKE
(M: 1798 - 1861 Sep 25) John CLAYTON
(M: c1820 - 1861 Sep 14) Alexander CLENDINEN
(M: c1786 - 1861) Arthur Hugh CLOUGH
(M: 1819 Jan 1 - 1861 Nov 13) 1393,& Amours De Voyage [p|?] George COGGESHALL
(M: 1784 Nov 2 - 1861 Aug 6) Sir, Francis Ephraim COHEN
(M: 1788 Jul - 1861 Jul 6) (wrote as: Francis PALGRAVE) A History Of The Anglo-Saxons [n|1831] The Rise And Progress Of The English Commonwealth [n|1832] Essay On The Authority Of The King's Council [n|1834] Truth And Fictions Of The Middle Ages [n|1837] The Merchant And The Friar [f|1844] The History Of Normandy And England [4v|n|1851-64] Herbert COLERIDGE
(M: 1830 Oct 7 - 1861 Apr 23) Arthur Bloxham CORNER
(M: 1803 Jan 29 - 1861 Jan 17) Charles CROCKER
(M: 1797 Jun 22 - 1861 Oct 6) John CROSS
(M: 1807 Jan 18 - 1861 Jan 1) Prof, James CUMMING
(M: 1777 Oct 23 - 1861 Nov 10) Rev, John William CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1780 Jan 3 - 1861 Sep 30) Rev, William CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1805 Oct 2 - 1861 Dec 14) Ross CUTHBERT
(M: 1776 Feb 17 - 1861 Aug 28) Prince, Adam (Jerzy) CZARTORYSKI
(M: 1770 Jan 14 - 1861 Jul 15) Essai Sur La Diplomatie [n|Fr-1830] Life Of J U Niemcewicz [b|1860] Alexander I Et Czartoryski, Correspondance [a|Fr-1865] Memoires Et Correspondance Avec Alex I [2v|a|Fr-1887] Memoirs Of Czartoryski [a|Fr-1887] (tr ?) [2v|1888] Elias DARNELL
(M: ? - 1861) Canon, John DAVIES
(M: c1810 - 1861 Oct 21) Robert Kearsley DAWSON
(M: 1798 - 1861 Mar 28) Rev, Henry Thomas DAY
(M: c1799 - 1861 Sep 27) Alain Auguste Victor DE FIVAS
(M: 1846 - 1861 Mar 24) Bp, Thomas DEALTOY
(M: 1795 - 1861 Mar 4) Rev, Joseph Frederick DENHAM
(M: c1801 - 1861 Jan 26) Rev, James Blatch Piggot DENNIS
(M: c1815 - 1861 Jan 12) George Horatio DERBY
(M: 1823 Apr 3 - 1861 May 15) (also wrote as: John PHOENIX; SQUIBOB) LR Phoenixiana; Or, Sketches And Burlesques [s|1855] R The Squibob Papers [s|1865] DESMOS (ps)
(?: 1819 - 1861) R Old Toney And His Master [f|1861] Stephen DICKSON
(M: c1761 - ?) The Union Of Taste And Science [p|1799] Benjamin DOCKWRAY
(M: 1786 - 1861 Nov 4) Rev, William DODSWORTH
(M: 1798 - 1861 Dec 10) Discourses On The Lord's Supper [n|1835] The Priest's Companion [n|1843] Sermons In Advent [e|1849] Clarendon [f|1850] Rev, John William DONALDSON
(M: 1811 Jun 7 - 1861 Feb 10) Sir, Howard DOUGLAS, 3rd Baronet DOUGLAS of Carr
(M: 1776 Jan 23 - 1861 Nov 9) Essay On The Principle And Construction Of Military Bridges [n|1816] Observations On The Motives, Errors...Of M Carnot's...Defence [n|1819] Naval Evolutions On The Battle Of The Saints [n|1832] Naval Warfare Under Steam [n|1857] Modern Systems Of Fortification [n|1859] Sen, Stephen Arnold DOUGLAS
(M: 1813 Apr 23 - 1861 Jun 3) Speech...To Refund The Fine Imposed On Gen Jackson... [n|1844] Speech In Reply To Mr Soule... [n|1850] A Speech...On The 'Measures Of Adjustment' [n|1851] Letters...Against The Attacks Of Judge Breese... [n|1851] Speech...Richmond, Virginia, July 9 1852 [n|1852] Speech...On The Monroe Doctrine [n|1853] Inauguration Of Mill's Equestrian Statue Of Andrew Jackson [n|1853] Speech Of Senator Douglas...November 9 1854 [n|1854] Speech...On The Nebraska Territory [n|1854] Letter...Vindicating...Position On The Nebraska Bill... [n|1854] Speech...On Nebraska And Kansas [n|1854] Speech...Anniversary Of American Freedom [n|1854] River And Harbor Improvements [n|1854] Letter...Editor Of The State Capitol Reporter, Concord, NH [n|1854] Execution Of The United States Laws [n|1855] Remarks In Reply To Senator Collamer... [n|1856] Speech...On Kansas Territorial Affairs [n|1856] Kansas-Lecompton Convention: Speech... [n|1857] Speech...Against The Admission Of Kansas... [n|1858] Popular Sovereignty In The Territories [n|1859] Non-Intervention - Popular Sovereignty [n|1859] Speeches...New Orleans, Philadelphia & Baltimore [e|1859] Letter Of Judge Douglas In Reply To Speech Of Dr Gwin... [n|1859] Non-Interference By Congress With Slavery... [n|1860] Speeches...On The Invasion Of States... [n|1860] Admission Of Kansas Under The Wyandott [n|1860] Speech Before The Legislature Of Illinois... [n|1861] Speech...On The State Of The Union... [n|1861] Brief Treatise Upon Constitutional And Party Questions... [n|1866] Political And Social Condition Of The South [n|1880] An American Continental Commercial Union Or Alliance [n|1889] North American Trade [n|1911] Autobiography Of Stephen A Douglas [a|1913] The Montgomery Address Of Stephen A Douglas [n|1939] Letters [a|1961] The Dividing Line Between Federal And Local Authority [n|?] Ernest Augustus EDGCUMBE, 3rd Earl of MOUNT EDGCUMBE
(M: 1797 Mar 23 - 1861 Sep 3) Rev, Edward ELIOT
(M: 1789 May 22 - 1861 Nov 1) Thomas Flower ELLIS
(M: 1796 - 1861 Apr 5) Ralph FARNHAM
(M: 1756 Jul 7 - 1861 Dec 26) A Biographical Sketch...Survivor...Battle Of Bunker Hill [a|1860] Antoine Julien FAUCHERY
(M: c1827 - 1861 Apr 27) Calino, Charge D'Atelier (w Théodore BARRIÈRE) [d|Fr-pro:1856] La Résurrection De Lazare [d|Fr-pub:1856] Lettres D'Un Mineur En Australie [n|Fr-1857] Letters From A Miner In Australia [n|Fr-1857] (tr A R CHISHOLM) [1965] Rev, Andrew FERRIER
(M: ? - 1861) Thomas Liversedge FISH
(M: c1782 - 1861 Mar 22) William Henry FITTON
(M: 1780 Jan - 1861 May 13) R-Adm, John Frederick FITZGERALD-De ROS
(M: 1804 Mar 6 - 1861 Jun 19) James FORBES
(M: 1773 or 1793 May - 1861 Jul 6) Hortus Ericaceous Woburnensis [n|1825] Salictum Woburnense [n|1829] Hortus Woburnensis [n|1833] * Journal Of A Horticultural Tour Through Germany...1835 [n|1837] Pinetum Woburnense [n|1839] Sir, John FORBES
(M: 1787 Oct 18 - 1861 Nov 13) Original Cases Illustrating The Use Of The Stethoscope [n|1824] Cyclopædia Of Practical Medicine (w CONNOLLY & TWEEDIE) [4v|n|1833-35] A Physician's Holiday In Switzerland [n|1848] Sight Seeing In Germany [n|1856] Joseph James FORRESTER, (life) Baron de FORRESTER
(M: 1809 May 27 - 1861 May 12) James William FORSTER
(M: c1782 - 1861 May 28) Hugh FORTESCUE, 2nd Earl FORTESCUE, aka Viscount EBRINGTON
(M: 1783 Feb 13 - 1861 Sep 14) Prof, Andrew FYFE
(M: 1792 Jan 18 - 1861 Dec 31) Rice GARLAND
(M: c1795 - 1861) Mrs Thomas, (Hannah Ransome) GELDART, nee MARTIN
(F: c1819 - 1861 Sep 26) 11290 Emilie The Peacemaker [f|1851] Kate Hall; Or, One Of The Graces [f|1853] The Second Mother (w Emma MARSHALL) [f|1862] Truth Is Everything [?] Nursery Guide [?] Stories Of England And Her Forty Counties [?] Thoughts For Home [?] Isidore GEOFFROY SAINT-HILAIRE
(M: 1805 Dec 16 - 1861 Nov 10) * Histoire Générale Et Particulière Des Anomalies... [n|Fr-1832-37] Essais De Zoologie Generale [n|Fr-1841] Vie Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire [b|Fr-1847] Acclimatation Et Domestication Des Animaux Utiles [n|Fr-1849] Histoire Naturelle Générale Des Règnes Organiques... [3v|n|Fr-1854-62] g Définitions Diverses De L'Espèce Organique... [Fr-1859] Lettres Sur Les Substances Alimentaires... [n|Fr-1856] * Movement Of The International Literary Exchanges... (w A VATTEMARE) [n|?] Prof, Josiah Willard GIBBS (Sr)
(M: 1790 Apr 30 - 1861 Mar 25) Philological Studies With English Illustrations [n|1856] A New Latin Analyst [1859] Teutonie Etymology [n|1860] Maria Dolores Eliza Rosanna GILBERT, 1:Mrs JAMES, 2:Mrs HULL, aka Countess von LANDSFELD
(F: 1821 (or 1818) Feb 17 - 1861 Jan 17) (wrote as: Lola MONTEZ) Anecdotes Of Love [n|1858] I The Arts Of Beauty; Or, Secrets Of A Lady's Toilet [n|1858] Lectures Of Lola Montez, Including Her Autobiography [e|1858] Alexander GILCHRIST
(M: 1828 Apr 25 - 1861 Nov 30) Life Of Etty [b|1855] Life Of Blake (w Anne GILCHRIST) [b|1863] Lionel GISBORNE
(M: 1823 - 1861 Mar 9) John Robert GODLEY
(M: 1814 - 1861 Nov 17) Oliver GOLDSMITH
(M: 1794 Jul 6 - 1861 Jun (wrongly Jul) 23) The Rising Village [p|1825] I The Rising Village, With Other Poems [p|1834] The Autobiography Of Oliver Goldsmith [a|1943] Louis GOMPERTZ
(M: ? - 1861 Dec 2) Rev, John Henry GOOCH
(M: c1801 - 1861 Jul 22) Mrs Charles, Catherine Grace Frances GORE, nee MOODY
(F: c1799 - 1861 Jan 29) The Broken Hearts [f|1823] 9387 Theresa Marchmont; Or, The Maid Of Honour [f|1824] The Bond: A Dramatic Poem [p|1824] The Lettre De Cachet; and, The Reign Of Terror [s|1827] Hungarian Tales [s|1829] Romances Of Real Life [s|1829] Women As They Are, Or, Manners Of The Day [f|1830] The Historical Traveller [2v|1831] Pin Money [f|1831] The Tuileries (aka: The Soldier Of Lyons) [f|1831] Mothers And Daughters: A Tale Of The Year 1830 [f|1831] The School For Coquettes [d|pro:1831] Lords And Commons [d|pro:1831] The Opera [f|1832] The Fair Of May Fair (aka: The Miseries Of Marriage) [f|1832] The Sketch Book Of Fashion [3v|n|1833] Polish Tales [s|1833] The Hamiltons; Or, The New Era [f|1834] The Queen's Champion [d|pro:1834] Modern Honour; Or, The Sharper Of High Life [d|pro:1834] King O'Neil; Or, The Irish Brigade [f|1835] The King's Seal (w James KENNEY) [d|pro:1835] The Maid Of Croissey; Or, Theresa's Vow [d|pro:1835] King O'Neil; Or, The Irish Brigade [d|pro:1835] The Diary Of A Désennuyée [f|1836] Mrs Armytage; Or, Female Domination [f|1836] Don John Of Austria [d|pro:1836] Memoirs Of A Peeress; Or, The Days Of Fox [f|1837/59] Stokeshill Place; Or, The Man Of Business [f|1837] A Tale Of A Tub [d|pro:1837] The Maid Of Croissey; Or, Theresa's Vow [f|1838] The Heir Of Selwood; Or, Three Epochs Of A Life [f|1838] The Rose Fancier's Manual [n|1838] Mary Raymond And Other Tales [s|1838] The Woman Of The World [f|1838] The Cabinet Minister [f|1839] The Courtier Of The Days Of Charles II With Other Tales [s|1839] A Good Night's Rest; Or, Two In The Morning [d|pro:1839] Dacre Of The South; Or, The Olden Time [d|pub:1840] The Dowager; Or, The New School For Scandal [f|1840] Preferment; Or, My Uncle The Earl [f|1840] Greville; Or, A Season In Paris [f|1841] Cecil; Or, The Adventures Of A Coxcomb [f|1841] Cecil, A Peer: A Sequel to 'Cecil' (aka: Ormington) [f|1841] Paris In 1841 [n|1842] Modern French Life [Fr-var] (tr var) (ed) [s|1842] The Man Of Fortune And Other Tales [s|1842] The Ambassador's Wife [f|1842] Fascination And Other Tales (ed) [s|1842] The Money-Lender [f|1843] Modern Chivalry; Or, A New Orlando Furioso (ed W H AINSWORTH) [2v|1843] The Banker's Wife; Or, Court And City [f|1843] Agathonia [f|1844] The Birthright And Other Tales [s|1844] Quid Pro Quo; Or, The Day Of The Dupes [d|pub:1844/pro:1844] The Popular Member; The Wheel Of Fortune [3v|1844] Self [3v|1845] The Story Of A Royal Favourite [f|1845] The Snow Storm: A Christmas Story [f|1845] Peers And Parvenus [f|1846] New Year's Day (aka: The Lost Son) [f|1846] Men Of Capital [f|1846] The Débutante; Or, The London Season [f|1846] Sketches Of English Character [2v|n|1846/52] Castles In The Air [f|1847] Temptation And Atonement, And Other Tales [s|1847] The Inundation; Or, Parson And Peace [f|1847] The Diamond And The Pearl [f|1849] Adventures In Borneo: A Tale Of Shipwreck [f|1849] The Dean's Daughter; Or, The Days We Live In [f|1853] Progress And Prejudice [f|1854] Transmutation (aka: The Lord And The Lout) [f|1854] Mammon; Or, The Hardships Of An Heiress [f|1855] A Life's Lessons [3v|1856] The Two Aristocracies [f|1857] Heckington [f|1858] Rev, Andrew GRAY
(M: 1805 Nov 2 - 1861 Mar 10) David GRAY
(M: 1838 Jan 29 - 1861 Dec 3) Poems [p|1864] Henry GRAY
(M: 1827 (or 1825) - 1861 Jun 13 (wrongly 8)) B Anatomy Of The Human Body (20e) [n|1858/60/?/?/?/?/?/?/80/.../1918] Richard Wilson GREENE
(M: 1792 - 1861 Mar 23) Richard Cornwallis GRIFFIN-NEVILLE, 4th Baron BRAYBROOKE of Braybrooke
(M: 1820 Mar 17 - 1861 Feb 22) Antiqua Explorata:...Result Of Excavations Made At Chesterford [n|1847] Sepulchra Exposita; Or,...The Opening Of Some Barrows [n|1848] Saxon Obsequies, Illustrated By Ornaments And Weapons...1851 [n|1852] Catalogue Of Rings In The Collection Of R C Neville [n|1856] The Romance Of The Ring; Or, The History...Of Finger Rings [n|1856] Eugène GUINOT
(M: 1812 - 1861 Feb 9) k La Cour Du Grand-Duc [f|Fr-1843] John Mathew GUTCH
(M: 1776 - 1861 Sep 20) %& Caraboo: A Narrative Of A Singular Imposition (w Mary WILLCOCKS) [1817] Elizabeth HADFIELD, nee TAYLOR
(F: c1818 - 1861 Mar 23) Sir, John HALL
(M: 1779 - 1861 Jan 21) Observations Upon The Warehousing System And Navigation Laws... [n|1821] Plain Statement Of Facts Connected With St Katharine's Dock [n|1824] Letter On Obstructions Of River Thames [n|1827] Rev, William John HALL
(M: 1793 - 1861 Dec 16) Christopher Henry HEBB
(M: 1771 - 1861 Oct 26) Prof, John Stephens HENSLOW
(M: 1796 Feb 6 - 1861 May 16) Sidney HERBERT, 1st Baron HERBERT Of LEA
(M: 1810 Sep 16 - 1861 Aug 2) Samuel Prout HILL
(M: 1821 - 1861 Oct 23) Tarquin The Proud, And Other Poems [p|1843] A Monody On The Death Of Sir George Gipps [p|1847] Eaton HODGKINSON
(M: 1789 Feb 26 - 1861 Jun 18) Rev, Joseph Lowther HODGSON
(M: 1818 Sep 27 - 1861 Mar 29) Rev, John HOLDEN
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