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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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John AAS
(M: 1793 Oct 17 - 1867 Apr 6) Bondebog Eller Bondepraktik [No-1823] P Hjorts Og P S Krags Efterretninger Om Roraas Kobberverk [No-1846] Charles ABBOT, 2nd Baron COLCHESTER of Colchester
(M: 1798 Mar 12 - 1867 Oct 18) Maj-Gen, Augustus ABBOTT
(M: 1804 Jan 7 - 1867 Feb 25) The Afghan War, 1838-1842 (ed Charles Rathbone LOW) [n|1879] Maria ABDY, nee SMITH
(F: c1797 - 1867 Jul 19) Poetry [p|1834] Leonard James ABINGTON
(M: 1785 Nov 27 - 1867 Aug 7) Personal Recollections Of The Late L J Abington [a|1868] Jean Victor ADAM
(M: 1801 Jan 28 - 1867 (or 1866 or 1886) Dec 30) Prof, Alexander Maxwell ADAMS
(M: c1817 - 1867 Jul 24) Rev, Richard Newton ADAMS
(M: 1792 Apr 4 - 1867 Mar 16) Joshua ALDER
(M: 1792 Apr 7 - 1867 Jan 21) Ira (Frederick) ALDRIDGE
(M: 1807 Jul 24 - 1867 Aug 7) John Henry ALEXANDER
(M: 1812 Jun 26 - 1867 Mar 2) History Of The Metallurgy Of Iron [2v|n|1840-42] Introits [p|1844] A Universal Dictionary Of Weights And Measures, Ancient... [n|1850] Catena Dominica [p|1854] Stuart ALEXANDER
(M: c1801 - 1867 Apr 2) Sir, Archibald ALISON, 1st Baronet ALISON of Possil House
(M: 1792 Dec 29 - 1867 May 23) Travels In France During The Years 1814-15, v1 (w others) [n|1815] A History Of Scottish Criminal Law [n|1832] History Of Europe During The French Revolution [n|1833-42] History Of Europe [4v|n|1842-43] Europe From...The First To...The Third Napoleon [n|1852-59] History Of Europe From...The French Revolution... [n|1854] A Miscellaneous Essays [e|1860] Some Account Of My Life And Writings [2v|a|1883] Dean, Thomas ALLBUT
(M: 1800 - 1867 Mar 10) The Sunday Scholar's Christian Year (6e) [n|1860] Prof, Josiah ALLPORT
(M: 1784 - 1867 Feb 16) James ANDERSON
(M: 1812 - 1867) Letter From Chief Factor James Anderson To Sir Geo Simpson... [n|1856] Rev, John ANDERSON
(M: 1804 - 1867 Jan 10) Wanderings In The Land Of Israel And Through...Sinai In 1850... [n|1853] Charles John ANDERSSON
(M: 1827 - 1867 Jul 5) A Notes Of Travel In South-western Africa [n|1875] John Albion ANDREW
(M: 1818 May 31 - 1867 Oct 30) A The Errors Of Prohibition [n|1867] A Speeches Of John A Andrew At Hingham And Boston... [e|c1860] Frederick Rinehart ANSPACH
(M: 1815 Jan - 1867 Sep 16) Sons Of The Sires [n|?] Sepulchres Of Our Departed [n|1854] The Two Pilgrims [n|1857] John ANSTER
(M: 1793 - 1867 Jun 9) Prof, Charles ANTHON
(M: 1797 Nov 19 - 1867 Jul (or Jun) 29) A System Of Greek Prosody And Metre [n|1842] Dictionary Of Greek And Roman Antiquities [n|1843] Classical Dictionary [n|1841] A Manual Of Greek Literature From The Earliest Authentic... [n|1853] A A System Of Ancient And Mediæval Geography... (2v?) [n|1871] Robert Archibald ARMSTRONG
(M: 1788 - 1867 May 25) Alfred W ARRINGTON
(M: 1810 Sep 17 - 1867 Dec 31) (also wrote as: Charles SUMMERFIELD) The Desperadoes Of The Southwest (ps: Charles SUMMERFIELD) [1847] Lives And Adventures Of The Desperadoes... (ps: Charles SUMMERFIELD) [1849] The Rangers And Regulators Of The Tanaha (ps: Ch SUMMERFIELD) [f|1856] Poems [p|1869] Henry ASHLEY
(M: 1790 - 1867 May 20) Caleb ATWATER
(M: 1778 Dec 25 - 1867 Mar 13) Descriptions Of The Antiquities Discovered In...Ohio... [n|1820] Remarks Made On A Tour To Prairie Du Chien [n|1831] Western Antiquities [n|1833] The Writings Of Caleb Atwater [e|1833] A History Of The State Of Ohio, Natural And Civil, [n|1838] An Essay On Education [n|1841] Mysteries Of Washington City, During...28th Congress [n|1844] Sarah AUSTIN, nee TAYLOR
(F: 1793 - 1867 Aug 8) Prof, Alexander Dallas BACHE
(M: 1806 Jul 19 - 1867 Feb 17) Rev, Franklin BAKER
(M: 1801 - 1867 May 25) Awly Patrick BANON
(M: ? - 1867 May 28) Observations On Hermaphroditism Illustrated By A Remarkable Case [n|1852] William BARTHOLOMEW
(M: 1793 - 1867 Aug 18) Charles(-Pierre) BAUDELAIRE
(M: 1821 Apr 9 - 1867 Aug 31) 13792 Journaux Intimes [Fr-?] Intimate Journals [Fr-?] (tr Christopher ISHERWOOD) [1930] 6099,g Les Fleurs Du Mal; Les Épaves; Bribes [p|Fr-1857] Flowers Of Evil [Fr-1857] (tr Edna MILLAY & George DILLON) [1936] 26710 Les Épaves De Charles Baudelaire [p|Fr-1866] g Curiosités Esthétiques; L'Art Romantique, Et Autres... [e|Fr-?] g Petits Poèmes En Prose; Le Spleen De Paris [Fr-?] # The Generous Gambler [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] + Poems Of Baudelaire [p|Fr-var] (tr Roy CAMPBELL) [1952] James Pierson BECKWOURTH
(M: 1798 Apr 26 - c1867) The Life And Adventures Of... (w T D BONNER) [a|1856] Robert BELL
(M: 1800 Jan 16 - 1867 Apr 12) The Ladder Of Gold: An English Story [f|1850] Hearts And Altars [f|1852] 649 Ancient Poems, Ballads & Songs Of Peasantry Of England (ed) [1857] Bartholomew BENIOWSKI
(M: c1801 - 1867 Mar 29) Charles Henry BENNETT
(M: c1830 - 1867 Apr 2) John Cook BENNETT
(M: 1804 - 1867) The History Of The Saints; Or,...Joe Smith And Mormonism [n|1842] John Charles BENTLEY
(M: 1811 - 1867) James BLACK
(M: 1787 - 1867 Apr 30) Helen Selina BLACKWOOD, Baroness DUFFERIN And CLANEBOYE, nee SHERIDAN, 2:Mrs HAY, Countess of GIFFORD
(F: 1807 - 1867 Jun 13) (also wrote as: Impulsia GUSHINGTON; Two SISTERS (1)) The Dandies Rout (w Caroline NORTON) [1819] Selections: A Set Of Ten Songs And Two Duets (w Caroline NORTON) [1829] The Charming Woman (anon) [1835] Ten Songs [1861] Lispings From Low Latitudes (ps: Impulsia GUSHINGTON) [1863] Finesse; Or, A Busy Day In Messina [d|pro:1863] Songs, Poems, & Verses [p|1894] A Selection Of The Songs Of Lady Dufferin (ed Frederick DUFFERIN) [1895] John BLAKISTON
(M: 1785 (wrongly 1788) Feb 8 - 1867 Jun 4) Twelve Years' Military Adventure... (anon) [2v|n|1829] Twenty Years In Retirement (anon) [2v|a|1836] Rev, Miles BLAND
(M: 1786 Oct 11 - 1867 Dec 27) Philip Augustus BOECKH
(M: 1785 - 1867) Public Economy Of Athens [n|Ge-?] (tr Sir G C LEWIS) [1828] Prof, Francis/Franz BOPP
(M: 1791 Sep 14 - 1867 Oct 23) A Comparative Grammar... [n|Ge-1833-52] (tr ?) [1845-50] Adrien-Jean-Baptiste-François BOURGOGNE
(M: 1785 Nov 12 - 1867 Apr 25) 11176 Memoires Du Sergent Bourgogne [a|Fr-1812] William BOWNESS
(M: 1809 - 1867 Dec 27) Arthur Stanley BRIDE
(M: 1804 - 1867) Guthrum Castle (aka: Edrick The Saxon) [f|1836] William BRINTON
(M: 1823 Nov 20 - 1867 Jan 17) (also wrote as: W B) William Henry BROCKETT
(M: 1804 Jan - 1867 Jan 15) George BRODIE
(M: 1786 - 1867 Jan 22) Rev, William Robert BROWELL
(M: c1807 - 1867 Aug 15) John Charles BROWN
(M: 1805 - 1867 May 8) Rev, Joseph BROWN
(M: c1800 - 1867 Aug 13) Charles Farrar BROWNE
(M: 1834 Apr 26 - 1867 Mar 3) (wrote as: Artemus WARD) R Artemus Ward, His Book [f|1862] R Artemus Ward, His Travels [f|1865] Artemus Ward Among The Fenians [f|1866] R Artemus Ward In London, And Other Papers [f|1867] R Artemus Ward's Panorama (UK: Artemus Ward's Lecture) [f|1869] 3271 The Complete Works Of Artemus Ward [s|1867/84/98/1970] Artemus Ward, Complete [s|1890] Letters Of Artemus Ward To Charles E Wilson 1858-1861 [a|1900] Artemus Ward's Best Stories [s|1912] Selected Works Of Artemus Ward [s|1924/70] Maj, James BROWNE
(M: ? - ?) Indian Tracts [n|1787] Henry BRYANT
(M: 1820 May 12 - 1867 Feb 2) The Radical Cure Of Inguinal Hernia [n|1851] Leicester Silk BUCKINGHAM
(M: 1825 Jun 29 - 1867 Jul 15) Edward Gould BUFFUM
(M: 1820 - 1867 Oct 24) L Six Months In The Gold Mines [n|1850] Thomas BULFINCH
(M: 1796 Jul 15 - 1867 May 27) 4925,B&EThe Age Of Fable [1] [n|1855] 4926 The Age Of Chivalry [2] [n|1858] 4927 Legends Of Charlemagne [3] [n|1863] 4928 Bulfinch's Mythology [1+2+3] [e|?] 3327 The Age Of Fable (aka: Bulfinch's Mythology) (ed E E HALE) [n|?] Shakespeare Adapted For Reading Classes [1865] Oregon And Eldorado [1866] Legends Of King Arthur [?] Stories Of Gods And Heroes [?] George Albion CALHOUN
(M: 1788 - 1867) Rev, John CAMPBELL
(M: 1795 Oct 5 - 1867 Mar 26) Jethro [1839] Maritime Discovery And Christian Missions [n|1840] Pastoral Visitation [n|1841] The Martyr Of Erromagna [1842] Life Of David Nasmyth [b|1844] Wesleyan Methodism [n|1847] Popery, Ancient And Modern [n|1865] William CARPMAEL
(M: 1804 Feb 27 - 1867 Jul 9) Thomas CARTER
(M: c1818 - 1867 Aug 9) Rev, A CEDARHOLM
(M: 1822 - 1867) Biography Of Rev A Cedarholm... [a|1878] Charles CHASE
(M: 1841 - 1867) Life And Confessions Of Charles Chase, Executed... [a|1867] Rev, Richard Seymour Conway CHERMSIDE
(M: 1823 - 1867 Jul 30) (also wrote as: Richard S CHERMSI) Ned Locksley, The Etonian (ps: Richard S CHERMSI) [f|1863] Sermons (ed George RAWLINSON) [e|1868] John Rutter CHORLEY
(M: c1807 - 1867 Jun 29) Jean CIVIALE
(M: 1792 Jul 5 - 1867 Jun 18) La Lithotritie Et La Taille [n|Fr-1872] * Manhood Perfectly Restored [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] Rev, William Keatinge CLAY
(M: 1797 - 1867 Apr 26) An Historical Sketch Of The Prayer Book [n|1849] Private Prayers Put Forth By Authority...Queen Elizabeth (ed) [n|1851] Histories Of The Four Adjoining Parishes...Cambridge [4v|n|1859-69] Rev, Henry CLISSOLD
(M: c1797 - 1867 Jan 10) William Turner COGGESHALL
(M: 1824 Sep 6 - 1867 Aug 2) R Easy Warren And His Contemporaries [f|1854] R Oakshaw; Or, The Victims Of Avarice [f|1855] Oakshaw [1855] The Protective Policy In Literature [n|1859] R Frontier Life And Character In The South And West [f|1860] The Poets And Poetry Of The West [n|1860] A Lincoln Memorial: The Journeys Of Abraham Lincoln... [b|1865] William Birmingham COSTELLO
(M: 1800 - 1867 Aug 15) Prof, Victor COUSIN
(M: 1792 Nov 28 - 1867 Jan 14) g Cours D'Histoire De La Philosophie Morale... [n|Fr-?] * Lectures On The True, The Beautiful, And The Good [e|Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] * The Youth Of Madame De Longueville [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] Samuel Gurney CRESSWELL
(M: c1828 - 1867 Aug 14) Rev, Andrew CRICHTON
(M: 1837 May 22 - 1867 Jul 13) The Confessions Of A Wandering Soul [n|?] John DALTON
(M: 1792 Jun 29 - 1867 Jan 20) History Of The County Of Dublin [2v|n|1838] The History Of Drogheda [2v|n|1844] History Of Ireland To The Year 1245 [2v|n|1845] Prof, Charles Giles Bridle DAUBENY
(M: 1795 Feb 11 - 1867 Dec 13) Samuel DAVENPORT
(M: 1763 Dec 10 - 1867 Jul 15) Charles Augustus DAVIS
(M: c1795 - c1867) Letters Written During The Presidential Tour... [a|1833] Letters Of J Downing... [e|1834] Dean, Richard DAWES
(M: c1793 - 1867 Mar 10) James Dunwoody Brownson DE BOW
(M: 1820 Jul 10 - 1867 Feb 27) Louisiana Historical Society [n|1850] A The Industrial Resources...Southern & Western States [n|1852] The Southern States... [n|1856] The Interest In Slavery Of The Southern Non-Slave Holder [n|1860] Tennessee Central Or Pacific Railroad [n|1866] Alfred DELVAU
(M: 1825 - 1867 May 3) (also wrote as: Un PROFESSEUR de Langue Verte) * Dictionnaire Érotique Moderne (&ps: Un PROFESSEUR...) [n|Fr-1864] Bridget DERGAN
(M: 1843 - 1867) The Life And Confession Of...Who Murdered Mrs Ellen Coriell [a|1867] Prof, Daniel DEWAR
(M: 1787 - 1867 May 28) Laoidhean O'n Scriptur Naomha [m|SG-1806] Christ The Light Of The World [n|1814] Discourses Illustrative Of The Designs Of Christianity... [n|1818] The Glories Of Christ's Kingdom [n|1820] The Nature And Obligations Of Personal And Family Religion [n|?/?/1821] God, The Chief Good, And Chief End Of Man [n|1822] On The Duties Of The Young [n|?/1822] Elements Of Moral Philosophy [n|1826] A Dictionary Of The Gaelic Language (w Norman MACLEOD) [2v|n|1831] The Nature, Reality, And Efficacy Of The Atonement [n|1831] Observations On The Character, Customs And Superstitions...Irish [n|1832] Gaelic Sermons (ed) [e|1835] The Evidences Of Divine Revelation [n|1838] Ceithir Searmoinan [SG-1840] The Church; Or, A Comprehensive View Of The Doctrines... [n|1845] The Holy Spirit: His Personality, Divinity, Office And Agency... [n|1847] A Manual Of Family And Private Devotions [n|1850] The Communion Services Of The Church Of Scotland [n|1859] The Believer's Treasury [n|1862] Elements Of Systematic Divinity [3v|n|1866] Mary Coburn DEWEES
(F: fl 1787) Dean, William DIGBY
(M: ? - ?) Twenty-One Lectures On Divinity [e|1787] Digby Mackworth DOLBEN
(M: 1848 Feb 8 - 1867 Jun 28) Poetical Works [p|1864-67] The Poems Of Digby Mackworth Dolben (ed Robert BRIDGES) [p|1911] Sir, Stuart Alexander DONALDSON
(M: 1812 Dec 16 (wrongly 10) - 1867 Jan 11) Mexico Thirty Years Ago [a|1866] Copies Of Letters To Sir Daniel Cooper [n|?] Samuel DORIA
(M: 1807 Feb 14 - 1867 Dec 18) Frank Lewis DOWLING
(M: 1823 Oct 18 - 1867 Oct 10) Louisa Jane Campbell DOWNES, nee DOWSE
(F: ? - 1867) (wrote as: Vere HALDANE) Our Charlie [f|1865] Thrice His: 'His To Guard, To Serve, To Save!' (anon) [f|1866] Henry DUNLOP
(M: 1799 - 1867 May 10) Martin DUTNALL
(M: c1838 - 1867 Sep 8) Georges EASTNER
(M: 1810 - 1867) Edwin EDDISON
(M: c1823 - 1867) History Of Worksop:...Sherwood Forest And The Neighborhood [n|1854] James EDMESTON
(M: 1791 Sep 10 - 1867 Jan 7) James ESPINASSE
(M: 1798 - 1867 Mar 16) Serafín ESTÉBANEZ CALDERÓN
(M: 1799 Dec 27 - 1867 Feb 15) (also wrote as: El SOLITARIO) De La Conquista Y Pirdida De Portugal [n|Sp-1883] 25074 Novelas Y Cuentos [s|Sp-?] Heraclio FAJARDO
(M: 1833 - 1867 or 1868) Camila O'Gorman [d|Sp-1856] Michael FARADAY
(M: 1791 Sep 22 - 1867 Aug 25) 14986 Experimental Researches In Electricity [n|1839-55] 14474,& The Chemical History Of A Candle [n|1861] On The Various Forces Of Nature... [n|1863] Life And Letters [a|1870] & A Course Of Six Lectures On The Various Forces Of Matter... [e|?] John FAWCETT
(M: 1789 Dec 8 - 1867 Oct 26) Benjamin FERRIS
(M: 1780 - 1867) (also wrote as: AMICUS ?) A History Of The Original Settlements On The Delaware [n|1846] A Slavery Among The Puritans (ps: AMICUS) [n|?] Ilia (Marie) FIBIGER
(F: 1817 Oct 5 - 1867 Jun 10) Rev, David Dudley FIELD
(M: 1781 May 20 - 1867 Apr 15) A History Of The Towns Of Haddam And East-Haddam [n|1814] A Sermon Preached At Haddam... [n|1814] A Statistical Account Of The County Of Middlesex, Conn [n|1819] A History Of The County Of Berkshire, Mass (ed) [n|1844] A History Of The Town Of Pittsfield In Berkshire County, Mass [n|1844] An Historical Sketch...Church In Stockbridge, Massachusetts [n|1853] Centennial Address [n|1853] The Genealogy Of The Brainerd Family In The United States [b|1857] 30231 The Vote That Made The President [n|1877] Jean Pierre Marie FLOURENS
(M: 1794 Apr 13 - 1867 Dec 8) Essai Sur Quelques Points De La Doctrine De La Revulsion Et De La Derivation [n|Fr-1813] Experiences Sur Le Système Nerveux [n|Fr-1825] Cours Sur La Génération, L'Ovologie, Et L'Einhryologie [n|Fr-1836] Analyse Raisonnée Des Travaux De G Cuvier [n|Fr-1841] Recherches Sur Le Développement Des Os Et Des Dents [n|Fr-1842] Anatomie Générale De La Peau Et Des Membranes Muqueuses [n|Fr-1843] Buffon, Histoire De Ses Travaux Et De Ses Idées [n|Fr-1844] Fontenelle; Ou, De La Philosophie Moderne Relativement... [n|Fr-1847] Théorie Expérémentale De La Formation Des Os [n|Fr-1847] De La Longévété Humaine Et De La Quantité De Vie... [n|Fr-1854] Histoire De La Découverte De La Circulation Du Sang [n|Fr-1854] Cours De Physiologie Comparée [n|Fr-1856] Recuesi Des Lloges Historiques [n|Fr-1856] De La Vie Et De L'Intelligence [n|Fr-1858] De La Raison, Du Genie, Et De La Folie [n|Fr-1861] Ontologie Naturelle [n|Fr-1861] Examen Du Livre Du M Darwin Sur L'Origine Des Espèces [n|Fr-1864] Abby(=Abigail) H FOLSOM, nee ?
(F: c1792 - 1867) William Wallace FYFE
(M: c1816 - 1867 Sep 25) Rev, Frederick FYSH
(M: c1811 - 1867) William GAIRDNER
(M: 1793 Nov 11 - 1867 Apr 28) Alexander GIBSON
(M: 1800 Oct 24 - 1867 Jan 16) Rev, William GIBSON
(M: 1808 May 8 - 1867 Jun 8) The Position Of The Church Of Ireland... [n|1835] The Year Of Grace...1859 [n|1860] Archdeacon, John Douglas GILES
(M: c1812 - 1867 Feb 5) Joseph GLASS
(M: 1792 - 1867 Dec 29) Sarah Ann GLOVER
(F: c1785 - 1867 Oct 20) Rev, William GOODELL
(M: 1792 - 1867 Feb 18) The Rights And Wrongs Of Rhode Island [1842] The Democracy Of Christianity [n|1849] The Rest Of Heaven...Rev Daniel Temple [b|1851] The Old And The New; Or, The Changes Of Thirty Years... [n|1853] Our National Charters, For The Millions [n|1860] Forty Years In The Turkish Empire (6e) [a|1883] A The Kansas Struggle Of 1856 [n|?] John GOODSIR
(M: 1814 Mar 14 - 1867 Mar 6) George Farquhar GRAHAM
(M: 1789 Dec 28 - 1867 Mar 12) Rev, John Hamilton GRAY
(M: 1800 Dec 29 - 1867 Apr 20) Rev, Thomas GROSE
(M: 1806 - 1867 Mar 21) Joseph GUY, the Elder
(M: 1784 May 4 - 1867 Jan 16) Guy's Elements Of Astronomy [n|1819] The Illustrated London Geography [n|1852] Fitz-Greene HALLECK
(M: 1790 Jul 8 - 1867 Nov 19) Fanny [p|1819] & Alnwick Castle With Other Poems [p|1827] A The Poetical Works Of Fitz-Greene Halleck [p|1847] The Croaker Papers (w J R DRAKE) [p|?] Rev, James HAMILTON
(M: 1814 Nov 27 - 1867 Nov 24) 3627 The Life Of John Bunyan [b|1845] Lives Of Bunyan, Henry And Hall [b|1853] The Lamp And The Lantern [1854] William John HAMILTON
(M: 1805 Jul 5 - 1867 Jun 27) James Astbury HAMMERSLEY
(M: c1815 - 1867 (wrongly 1869) Mar 11) Sir, Stephen Love HAMMICK, 1st Baronet HAMMICK of Cavendish Square
(M: 1777 Feb 28 - 1867 Jun 15) Practical Remarks On Amputations, Fractures...The Urethra [n|1830] Rev, John HANNAH
(M: 1792 Nov 3 - 1867 Dec 29) The Method Of Man's Reconciliation With God (w F J JOBSON) [n|1857] Henry HARBAUGH
(M: 1817 Oct 28 - 1867 Dec 28) A The Heavenly Recognition [n|1851] Rev, David HARRIS
(M: 1771 - 1867 Oct 18) George Frederick HARRIS
(M: 1797 - 1867 Nov 25) (wrote as: Rudolph NORDMANN) Sir, William Snow HARRIS
(M: 1791 Apr 1 - 1867 Jan 22) Julia Catherine HART, nee BECKWITH
(F: 1796 Mar 10 - 1867 Nov 28) (also wrote as: An AMERICAN) I St Ursula's Convent; Or, The Nun Of Canada [f|1824] I Tonnewonte; Or, The Adopted Son Of America (ps: An AMERICAN) [f|1831] Edward HAWKINS
(M: 1780 May 5 - 1867 May 22) Silver Coins Of England, Arranged And Described [n|1841] Silver Coins Of England, Arranged And Described (2e w R L KENYON) [n|1876] Medallic Illustrations Of The History Of Great Britain And Ireland [n|1885] Edmund HAYES
(M: 1804 - 1867 Apr 29) Bp, William HIGGIN
(M: 1793 Sep 27 - 1867 Jul 12) A Charge Delivered At The Visitations Of The Dioceses... [n|1851] Rev, Alexander HILL
(M: 1785 Jul 19 - 1867 Jan 27) Worthington HOOKER
(M: 1806 - 1867) * Science For The School And Family [3v|n|1863-65] Elias HOWE
(M: 1819 Jul 9 - 1867 Oct 3) L Complete Ball-Room Hand Book... [n|c1858] L American Dancing Master, And Ball-Room Prompter [n|1862] L The Pocket Ball-Room Prompter [n|c1886] Rev, John Henry HOWLETT
(M: 1781 Jun 10 - 1867 Oct 10) Rev, Edward HULL
(M: 1789 - 1867 Jan 6) Robert Hope Alston HUNTER
(M: 1805 - 1867 Jun 22) Canon, Henry HUNTINGFORD
(M: 1787 Sep 19 - 1867 Nov 2) Bp, Levi Silliman IVES
(M: 1797 Sep 16 - 1867 Oct 13) Introductory Address Of The Hist Soc Of The Uni Of N Carolina [n|1844] The Trials Of A Mind In Its Progress To Catholicism [a|1854] Richard Henry JACKSON
(M: c1812 - 1867 Jan 10) Robert Edmund JACKSON, later SCORESBY-JACKSON
(M: 1833 Oct 22 - 1867 Feb 1) Edward JAMES
(M: 1807 - 1867 Nov 3) Has Dr Wiseman Violated The Law? [n|1851] John JAMES
(M: 1811 Jan 22 - 1867 Jul 4) The History And Topography Of Bradford [n|1841] History Of The Worsted Manufacture In England [n|1857] Continuation & Additions To The History Of Bradford And Its Parish [n|1866] Alexander Bryan JOHNSON
(M: 1786 May 29 - 1867 Sep 9) Rev, Henry KEBBEL
(M: 1772 - 1867 Jul 13) George Wilkins KENDALL
(M: 1809 Aug 22 - 1867 Oct 21) Narrative Of The Texan Santa Fe Expedition [2v|n|1844] The War Between The United States And Mexico [n|1851] Prof, Charles Rann KENNEDY
(M: 1808 - 1867 Dec 17) New Rules For Pleading [n|?/1841] Poems, Original And Selected [p|1843] A Treatise On Annuities [n|1846] Specimens Of Greek And Latin Verse [1853] Hannibal [p|1866] William Stopford KENNY
(M: 1788 - 1867 Nov 16) Nathaniel Lipscomb KENTISH
(M: 1797 - 1867 Oct 11) The Present State Of New South Wales [n|1835] The Political Economy Of New South Wales [n|1838] Essay On Capital Punishment [n|1842] Work In The Bush ... Thought In The Bush ... Van Diemen's Land [p|1846] The Question Of Questions [1855] William KIDD
(M: 1803 - 1867 Jan 7) Kidd's Picturesque Pocket Companion To Brighton, Worthing, Bognor... [n|1830] Picturesque Pocket Companion To Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs... [n|1831] Kidd's New Guide To The 'Lions' Of London... [n|1832] The Canary: A Cage And A Chamber Bird [1854] Reuben KING
(M: 1779 - 1867) Michael Rophino LACY
(M: 1795 Jul 19 - 1867 Sep 20) Rophino LACY
(M: c1797 - 1867 Sep 20) Armand LANUSSE
(M: 1812 - 1867) Frederick LAWRENCE
(M: 1821 - 1867 Oct 25) (also wrote as: A BARRISTER) The Life Of Henry Fielding [b|1855] Culverwell V Sidebottom (ps: A BARRISTER) [n|1857] Sir, William LAWRENCE, 1st Baronet LAWRENCE of Ealing Park
(M: 1783 Jul 16 - 1867 Jul 5) Treatise On Hernia [n|1807] A Treatise On Ruptures [n|1810/?/16/?/38] An Introduction To The Comparative Anatomy And Physiology... [n|1816] Lectures On Physiology, Zoology And The Natural History Of Man [n|1819] Lectures On Surgery At St Bartholomew's Hospital [e|1830] A Treatise On The Diseases Of The Eye [n|1833] The Hunterian Oration...On The 14th Of February 1834 [n|1834] Lectures On Surgery [n|1863] William LAWRENCE
(M: 1791 - 1867) 29263 The Autobiography Of Sergeant William Lawrence (ed G NUGENT) [a|1886] Robert LEMON
(M: 1800 - 1867 Jan 3) David LEWIS
(M: 1783 - 1867) Recollections Of A Superannuate (ed S M MERRILL) [a|1857] John LILLIE
(M: 1812 Dec 16 - 1867 Feb 23) William LINN
(M: 1790 - 1867) The Life Of Thomas Jefferson... [b|1834] Benjamin Hall LLANOVER, 1st Baron LLANOVER
(M: 1802 Nov 8 - 1867 Apr 27) Lady, Catharine LONG, nee WALPOLE
(F: 1797 (or 1798) - 1867 Aug 20) Sir Roland Ashton: A Tale Of The Times [f|1844] The Midsummer Souvenir [p|1846] The First Lieutenant's Story [f|1853] George LONGMORE
(M: 1793 - 1867) The Charivari; Or, Canadian Politics (anon) [p|1824] The War Of The Isles [p|1826] Matilde; Or, The Crusaders [d|1827] The Spirit Of The Age [p|1837] The Missionary [p|1839] Guy Alric, And Other Poems [p|1844] Don Juan, A Sequel [p|1850] Florio; Or, The Muse And The Maid [p|1851] Euphrosyne, A Turkish Tale, With Other Poems [p|1851] Byzantium [p|1855] The Pilgrims Of Faith [p|1860] John LONSDALE
(M: 1788 Jan 17 - 1867 Oct 19) Rev, John Marshall LOWRIE
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(M: fl c1787)