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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Théophile ABAUZIT
(M: ? - ?) Sermon Pour La Solemnité Du Jeune [Fr-1793] La Liturgie (ed) [n|Fr-1818] Prof, Joseph Hale ABBOT
(M: 1802 Sep 26 - 1873 Apr 7) Manuel ACUÑA (NARRO)
(M: 1849 Aug 26 - 1873 Dec 6) El Pasado [d|Sp-?] William ADAM
(M: 1794 - 1873) The Gem Of The Peak [n|?] Charlotte (Priscilla) ADAMS, nee COKER
(F: c1794 - 1873 Mar 9) The Stolen Child; Or, Laura's Adventures With The Travelling... [f|1838] The Child Of The Atlantic [f|1839] The Etonian; And, Geoffrey Selwood [s|1841] William Woodland [f|1845] Little Servant Maids [f|1851] Edgar Clifton; Or, Right And Wrong [f|1852] Boys At Home [f|1854] Matilda Lonsdale; Or, The Eldest Sister [f|1855] Ben Howard; Or, Truth And Honesty [f|1856] The Errand Boy; Or, Your Time Is Your Employer's [f|1858] The Useful Little Girl [f|1865] Laura And Lucy; Or, The Two Friends [f|1866] John Hartley, And How He Got On In Life [f|1878] Prof, (Jean) Louis (Rodolphe) AGASSIZ
(M: 1807 May 28 - 1873 Dec 14 (wrongly 12)) Selecta Genera Et Species Piscium, Quos...Per Brasiliam [n|La-1829] Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles [5v|n|Fr-1833-44] Histoire Naturelle Des Poissons D'Eau Douce De L'Europe... [n|Fr-1839] Description Des Echinodermes Fossiles De La Suisse [n|Fr-1839] Études Sur Les Glaciers [n|Fr-1840] Nomenclator Zoologicus [n|La-1842] Monographie Des Poissons Fossiles...Britanniques...Russie [n|Fr-1844] Notice Sur Les Glaciers [n|Fr-1844] Systome Glaciaire [n|Fr-1847] Catalogue Raisonnè Des Familles...Des Èchinodermes [n|Fr-1847] Bibliographia Zoologiae Et Geologiae [4v|n|Fr-1848] A Principles Of Zoölogy (w A A GOULD) [n|1848/56/69] Twelve Lectures On Comparative Embryology [e|1849] Classification Of Insects From Embryological Data [n|1850] Lake Superior: Its Physical Character... (w others) [n|1850] Outlines Of Comparative Physiology (w A A GOULD) [n|1851] The Structure Of Animal Life [n|1852] Contributions To The Natural History Of The USA [4v|n|1857-62] Methods Of Study In Natural History [n|1863] Geological Sketches [2v|n|1866-76] A A Journey In Brazil (w Mrs Louis AGASSIZ) [n|1868] A Address Delivered On The Centennial...Alexander Von Humboldt [n|1869] A The Primitive Diversity And Number Of Animals In Geological Times [n|1854] Rev, Robert AITKEN
(M: 1800 Jan - 1873 Jul 17) Hints, Suggestions, And Reasons For...The Church-Rate [n|1859] John Yonge AKERMAN
(M: 1806 Jun 12 - 1873 Nov 18) (also wrote as: Paul PINDAR) Tales Of Other Days (ps: J Y A) [1830] A Numismatic Manual; Or, Guide To The Study Of Greek, Roman... [n|1832] A Descriptive Catalogue Of Rare And Unedited Roman Coins [n|1834] Roman-British Coins Described And Illustrated [n|1836] Catalogue D'Une Partie De La Collection...Chevalier De Horta [n|Fr-1839] A Numismatic Manual [n|1840] A Glossary Of Provincial Words And Phrases In Use In Wiltshire [n|1842] Coins Of The Romans Relating To Britain [n|1844] Ancient Coins Of Cities And Princes, Geographically Arranged... [n|1846] A List Of Tokens Issued By Wiltshire Tradesmen In The 17th C [n|1846] Numismatic Illustrations Of The Narrative...New Testament [n|1846] Examples Of Coffee House, Tavern, And Tradesmen's Tokens... [n|1847] An Archaeological Index To Remains Of Antiquity Of The Celtic... [n|1847] An Introduction To The Study Of Ancient And Modern Coins [n|1848] Tradesmen's Tokens Current In London And Its Vicinity...1648... [n|1849] Spring-Tide; Or, The Angler And His Friends [1850] Roman And Other Sepulchral Remains Discovered At...Stone [n|1851] Remarks On Some Of The Weapons Of The Celtic And Teutonic Races [n|1852] Legends Of Old London [n|1853] Wiltshire Tales [1853] Ancient Gold Ornaments [n|1853] Remains Of Pagan Saxondom [n|1855] 'Furca Et Fossa':...Capital Punishment In The Middle Ages [n|1858] Rev, Joseph ALLEN
(M: 1790 Aug 15 - 1873 Feb 23) Historical Account Of Northborough [n|1826] History Of The Worcester Association [n|1868] Allen Genealogy [b|1969] Richard L ALLEN
(M: 1808 - 1873) ...Analysis Of The Mineral Fountains At Saratoga Springs [n|1844] Hand-book Of Saratoga, And Stranger's Guide [n|1859] William ALLEN
(M: 1780 - 1873) The History Of Norridgewock [n|1849] A Bingham Land [n|1876] Joseph Franz von ALLIOLI
(M: 1793 - 1873) Rev, William AMBROSE
(M: 1813 Aug 1 - 1873 Oct 31) (also wrote as: EMRYS) Gweithiau Y Parch W Ambrose [e|We-1875] Gweithiau Rhyddieithol Y Parch [e|We-1876] Ceinion Emrys [We-1876] William James ANDERSON
(M: 1812 - 1873 May 13) Canadian History And Biography... [b|1867] The Life Of FM, HRH Edward, Duke Of Kent [b|1870] The Valley Of The Chaudiere: Its Scenery And Gold Fields [n|1872] Alexander ANDREWS
(M: c1824 - 1873 Nov 19) Thomas Chisholm ANSTEY
(M: 1816 - 1873 Aug 12) Rev, William Edmond ARMITAGE
(M: 1830 - 1873) A Unselfish Patriotism [n|1862] John ARROWSMITH
(M: 1790 Apr 23 - 1873 May 2) Edward ASH
(M: c1797 - 1873 Dec 23) Gertrudis (Gómez) de AVELLANEDA, Mrs SABADOR / VERDUGO
(F: 1814 (or 1816) Mar 23 - 1873 Feb 1) (also wrote as: La PEREGRINA) Leoncia [d|Sp-1840] Sab [f|Sp-1841] Poesias [p|Sp-1841] Baltasar [d|Sp-?] Guatimozín [f|Sp-?] Sab [f|Sp-?] Obras Completas [5v|Sp-1869-71] Wenceslas AYGUALS De IZEO
(M: 1801 - 1873) Marie L'Espagnole; Ou, La Victime D'Un Moine [Fr-1846] Stanley Clark BAGG
(M: 1820 - 1873) (wrote as: STELLA) Leisure Moments [p|1871] Robert BAILEY
(M: 1773 - ?) The Life And Adventures... [a|1822] Rev, John BANNISTER
(M: 1816 Feb 25 - 1873 Aug 30) Prof, William BARKER
(M: c1810 - 1873 Sep 11) Charles M BARRAS
(M: 1826 Mar 17 - 1873 Mar 31) Richard BEAMISH
(M: 1798 Jul 16 - 1873 Nov 20) Prof, Elto Martens BEIMA
(M: 1801 (wrongly 1807) Jan 9 - 1873 Feb 24) Judge, Henry Adams BELLOWS
(M: 1803 - 1873) Highland Light And Other Poems [p|1921] Vladimir Grigorevich BENEDIKTOV
(M: 1807 Nov 5 - 1873 Apr 14) [Stikhotvoreniia Benediktova] [p|Ru-1835] [Stikhotvoreniia - Vtoraia Kniga] [p|Ru-1838] [Stikhotvoreniia - Pervaia Kniga] [p|Ru-1842] [Stikhotvoreniia] [3v|p|Ru-1856] [Novyia Stikhotvoreniia] [p|Ru-1857] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed I P POLONSKY) [3v|p|Ru-1883-84] [Sochineniia] (ed I P POLONSKY) [2v|p|Ru-1902] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed L I GINZBURG) [p|Ru-1939] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed F I PRIIMA) [p|Ru-1983] [Stikhotvoreniia] (ed V I SAKHAROV) [p|Ru-1991] [Stikhotvoreniia] [p|Ru-1992] (Julius) Roderich BENEDIX
(M: 1811 Jan 21 - 1873 Sep 26) Deutsche Volkssagen [6v|Ge-1839-41/51] Gedenkbuch Für Das Leben 1[Ge-841]] Gesammelte Dramatische Werke [27v|d|Ge-1846-75] Bilder Aus Dem Schauspielerleben [a|Ge-1847] Der Mündliche Vortrag [Ge-1859] Das Wesen Des Deutschen Rhythmus [n|Ge-1862] Die Landstreicher [f|Ge-1867] Die Shakespearomanie [n|Ge-1873] Katechismus Der Deutschen Verskunst [n|Ge-1879] Katechismus Der Redekunst [n|Ge-1881] Volkstheater [20v|d|Ge-1882] Haustheater [2v|d|Ge-1891] Der Weiberfeind [d|Ge-?] Das Bemooste Haupt [d|Ge-?] Dr Wespe [d|Ge-?] Der Steckbrief [d|Ge-?] Der Alte Magister [d|Ge-?] Eigensinn [d|Ge-?] Die Eifersüchtigen [d|Ge-?] Der Liebesbrief [d|Ge-?] Die Schuldbewußten [d|Ge-?] Die Verlobung [d|Ge-1862] Das Stiftungsfest [d|Ge-?] Mathilde [d|Ge-?] Die Hochzeitsreise [d|Ge-?] Der Vetter [d|Ge-?] Das Lügen [d|Ge-?] Ein Lustspiel [d|Ge-?] Das Gefängnis [d|Ge-?] Der Störenfried [d|Ge-?] Die Dienstboten [d|Ge-1865] Aschenbrödel [d|Ge-?] Die Zärtlichen Verwandten [d|Ge-?] María Bibiana BENÍTEZ (CONSTANZA)
(F: 1783 Dec 1 - 1873 Apr 18) Alexander BERRY
(M: 1781 Nov 31 - 1873 Sep 17) Reminiscences [a|1912] Rev, Samuel BEST
(M: 1802 Dec 2 - 1873 Jan 20) Robert BIGSBY
(M: 1806 Apr 11 - 1873 Sep 27) John BISHOP
(M: 1797 Sep 15 - 1873 Sep 29) On Articulate Sounds, And On The Causes...Impediments Of Speech [n|1851] Researches Into The Pathology And Treatment Of Deformities... [n|1852] Ambrose BLACKLOCK
(M: 1816 - 1873 Feb 11) Isa(=Isabella Jane) BLAGDEN
(F: 1817 - 1873 Jan 26) (wrote as: Ivory BERYL) Agnes Tremorne [f|1861] The Cost Of A Secret [f|1863] Nora And Archibald Lee [f|1867] The Crown Of A Life [f|1869] Henry BLISS
(M: 1797 - 1873 Jul 31) FR Pres, Charles-Louis-Napoléon BONAPARTE, aka NAPOLÉON, III
(M: 1808 Apr 20 - 1873 Jan 9) * History Of Julius Caesar [b|Fr-?] (tr ?) [2v|1865] Frederick BOUCHER
(M: 1801 - 1873 Oct 26) The Indian Archipelago [n|1857] Authentic Information Regarding The British Colony Of Tasmania [n|1859] Dan Beach BRADLEY
(M: 1804 Jul 18 - 1873 Jun 23) Thomas Shaw BRANDRETH
(M: 1788 Jul 24 - 1873 May 27) Julius Lucius BRENCHLEY
(M: 1816 Nov 30 - 1873 Feb 24) A Journey To Great Salt Lake City [n|1861] Jottings During The Cruise Of...South Sea Islands In 1865 [n|1873] Manuel BRETÓN De Los HERREROS
(M: 1796 Dec 19 - 1873 Nov 8) A La Vejez Viruelas [d|Sp-pro:1824] Obras De Breton De Herreros [5v|d|Sp-1883] John Romeyn BRODHEAD
(M: 1814 Jan 2 - 1873 May 6) Henriette BROWN, Mrs GUIBORD
(F: c1810 - 1873 Apr 2) I Plaidoires Des Avocats...Vs La Fabrique De Montréal... [n|Fr-1870] Isaac Baker BROWN, the Elder
(M: 1812 Jun 8 - 1873 Feb 3) On Some Diseases Of Women Admitting Of Surgical Treatment [n|1854/61/66] On The Curability Of Certain Forms Of Insanity...In Females [n|1866] Prof, Robert BUCHANAN
(M: 1785 - 1873 Mar 2) Fragments Of The Table Round [1860] Vow Of Glen Trenil And Other Poems [p|1862] Tragic Dramas From Scottish History [1868] Wallace [d|1856/pro:1862] Edward (George Earle) BULWER (later BULWER-LYTTON), 1st Baron LYTTON of Knebworth
(M: 1803 May 25 - 1873 Jan 18) (also wrote as: E L BULWER; Pisistratus CAXTON) Ismael: An Oriental Tale With Other Poems [p|1820] Delmour; Or, The Tale Of Sylphid, And Other Poems (anon) [p|1823] The Arts Of Cheating, Swindling... (w T DE QUINCEY & D JERROLD) [1825] Sculpture [p|1825] 7761 Falkland (anon?) [1827] O'Neill; Or, The Rebel [1827] 7623 Pelham; Or, The Adventures Of A Gentleman (anon?) [f|1828] 7639 The Disowned (anon?) [f|1829] 7630 Devereux (anon?) [f|1829] 7735 Paul Clifford (anon?) [f|1830] The Siamese Twins: A Satirical Tale Of The Times [f|1831] 7609 Eugene Aram [f|1832] 7756 Godolphin [f|1833] Asmodeus At Large (anon) [1833] England And The English [n|1833] A Letter To A Late Cabinet Minister On The Present Crisis [n|1834] 1565,#,EThe Last Days Of Pompeii [f|1834] 8206 The Pilgrims Of The Rhine (anon?) [f|1834] 1396 Rienzi: The Last Of The Roman Tribunes [f|1835] The Student: A Series Of Papers [f|1835] The Duchess De La Vallière [1836] Outre-Mer [1835] 6156 Athens: Its Rise And Fall [2v|n|1837] 7649 Ernest Maltravers [f|1837] 9761 Leila; Or, The Siege Of Granada [f|1837] 9774 Alice; Or, The Mysteries [f|1838] 2461 The Lady Of Lyons [d|1838] 9762 Calderon, The Courtier (anon?) [f|1838] Richelieu; Or, The Conspiracy [d|1838] The Sea Captain; Or, The Birthright [d|1839] Hyperion [1839] Voices Of The Night [p|1839] Money [d|1840] 9755 Night And Morning [f|1841] Ballads And Other Poems [p|1841] Eva, The Ill-Omened Marriage, And Other Poems [p|1842] 2664 Zanoni [f|1842] Poems On Slavery [p|1842] 7727 The Last Of The Barons [f|1843] The Spanish Student [1843] The New Timon [p|1846] Confessions Of A Water Patient, In A Letter To W Harrison Ainsworth [n|1846] 7691 Lucretia; Or, The Children Of Night [f|1846] Evangeline [p|1847] A Word To The Public [n|1847] 7684 Harold: The Last Of The Saxon Kings [f|1848] 7605 The Caxtons: A Family Picture [f|1849] King Arthur [p|1849] Letters To John Bull Esquire [1851] Not So Bad As We Seem [d|1851] 7714 My Novel (ps: Pisistratus CAXTON) [f|1853] Address To The Associated Societies Of The University Of Edinburgh [n|1854] Speech Delivered At The Leeds Mechanics' Institution [n|1854] 7671 What Will He Do With It? (ps: Pisistratus CAXTON) [f|1858] Speech On The Representation Of The People Bill [n|1859] 14195 The Haunted And The Haunters [1859] St Stephen's [p|1860] The New Reform Bill [n|1860] 7701 A Strange Story (anon?) [f|1862] Caxtoniana: A Series Of Essays On Life... [e|1862] Tales Of A Wayside Inn [1863] The Boatman (ps: Pisistratus CAXTON) [1864] Lost Tales Of Miletus [1866] The Rightful Heir [d|1868] Miscellaneous Prose Works [1868] Walpole; Or, Every Man Has His Price [1869] 1951 The Coming Race [s|1871] Christmas: A Mystery [p|1872] 7658 Kenelm Chillingly: His Adventures And Opinions (anon?) [f|1873] 7749 The Parisians [f|1873] Pamphlets And Sketches [e|1875] Quarterly Essays [e|1875] 8573 Pausanias, The Spartan (ed ?) [f|1876] 7608 Zicci [f|1876] Life, Letters And Literary Remains (ed R BULWER-LYTTON) [a|1883] 7736 Tomlinsoniana [?] 8654 The Fallen Star; Or, The History Of A False Religion (ps: E L BULWER) [f|?] * The Poetical Works Of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart, MP [p|?] Thomas Belden BUTLER
(M: 1806 - 1873) * The Philosophy Of The Weather [n|1856] Frederick Crayce CALVERT
(M: 1819 Nov 14 - 1873 Oct 24) Rev, Robert Smith CANDLISH
(M: 1806 Mar 23 - 1873 Oct 19) Elizabeth Catherine Thomas CARNE
(F: 1817 Dec 16 - 1873 Sep 7) (also wrote as: John Altrayd WITTITTERLY) Three Months' Rest At Pau...1859 (ps: John Altrayd WITTITTERLY) [n|1860] Gov, Salmon Portland CHASE, aka 'Old Mr Greenbacks' {US}
(M: 1808 Jan 13 - 1873 May 7) Inside Lincoln's Cabinet: The Civil War Diaries... (ed D H DONALD) [a|1954] Prof, (Victor Euphémion) Philarète CHASLES
(M: 1798 Oct 8 - 1873 Jul 19) 11766 Contes Bruns (w Honoré de BALZAC & Charles RABOU) [s|Fr-?] Caroline CHESEBROUGH / CHESEBRO'
(F: 1825 Mar 30 - 1873 Feb 16) R Dream-land By Daylight [f|1851] R Isa [f|1852] R The Children Of Light [f|1853] R Susan, The Fisherman's Daughter; Or, Getting Along [f|1855] R Philly And Kit; Or, Life And Raiment [f|1856] R Victoria; Or, The World Overcome [f|1856] R Peter Carradine; Or, The Martindale Pastoral [f|1863] R The Foe In The Household [f|1871] Rev, Temple CHEVALLIER
(M: 1794 Oct 19 - 1873 Nov 4) William Harvie CHRISTIE
(M: 1808 - 1873 Mar 19) (wrote as: A BUSHMAN) 8883,Z A Love Story [f|1841] Henry James CLARK
(M: 1826 Jun 22 - 1873 Jul 1) Lewis Gaylord CLARK
(M: 1808 Oct 5 - 1873 Nov 3) Knick-Knacks From An Editor's Table [1852] James CLAY
(M: 1804 - 1873 Sep 26) (wrote as: J C) Rev, John Payne CLEAVELAND
(M: 1799 - 1873) A A Discourse...Collegiate And Theological Education At The West [n|1865] (Mrs Archer), Caroline CLIVE, nee MEYSEY WIGLEY
(F: 1801 Jun (or Jul) 30 (or 24) - 1873 Jul 14 (wrongly 11 or 13)) (wrote as: Paul FERROL; V) Essays On The Human Intellect... (ps: Paul FERROL) [e|1827] V IX Poems (ps: V) [p|1840/41] V I Watched The Heavens (ps: V) [p|1842] Saint Oldooman: A Myth Of The Nineteenth Century... (anon) [1845] V The Queen's Ball (ps: V) [p|1847] The Valley Of The Rea (ps: V) [p|1851] V The Morlas (ps: V) [p|1853] #,V Paul Ferroll (ps: V) [f|1855/56] V Poems (ps: V) [p|1856/72] V Year After Year (anon) [f|1858] #,V Why Paul Ferroll Killed His Wife (anon) [f|1860] V John Greswold (anon) [f|1864] Poems By V, Including The IX Poems (ed Alice GREATHED) [p|1890] Rev, Thomas Oswald COCKAYNE
(M: 1807 - 1873 Jun 2 or 3) Charles Allston COLLINS
(M: 1828 Jan 25 - 1873 Apr 9 (wrongly 10)) The Bar Sinister [f|1864] Strathcairn [f|1864] At The Bar [f|1866] William COOKE
(M: 1785 - 1873 Mar 2) Practical Treatise On Tinea Capitis Contagiosa And Its Cure [n|1810] Caution To The Public; Or, Hints Upon The...Scarlet Fever [n|1831] A Commentary Of Medical And Moral Life [n|1853] Charles Purton COOPER
(M: 1793 - 1873 Mar 26) Rev, Edward Meredith COPE
(M: 1818 Jul 28 - 1873 Aug 5) Henry Thomas Lowry CORRY
(M: 1803 Mar 9 - 1873 Mar 6) Zechariah COZENS / COUSINS
(M: ? - ?) Tour Through The Isle Of Thanet [n|1793] John CRAWFORD
(M: 1816 Aug 31 - 1873 Dec 13) Memorials Of The Town And Parish Of Alloa [n|1874] Robert CURZON, 14th Baron (de la) ZOUCHE of Harringworth
(M: 1810 Mar 16 - 1873 Aug 2) Donald DALRYMPLE
(M: 1814 - 1873 Sep 19) William DALTON
(M: 1802 - 1873) The Dalton Journal: Two Whaling Voyages... (ed Niel GUNSON) [n|1990] Thomas DAVIES
(M: 1820 - 1873) Cofiant A Phregethau Y Diweddar Barch [n|We-1877] Thomas Blaides DE WALDEN
(M: 1811 - 1873 Sep 26) Richard DEAKIN
(M: 1808 - 1873 Feb 18) Frederic Auguste DEMETZ
(M: 1796 - 1873) Rapports À M El Comte De Montalivet [Fr-1837] Emanuel (Oscar Menahem) DEUTSCH
(M: 1829 Oct 28 - 1873 May 12) Charles DICKENS
(M: ? - ?) An Occasional Sermon, Preached At The Two Hemingfords... [n|1793] Ashton Wentworth DILKE
(M: 1850 Aug 11 - 1873 Mar 12) Henry DIRCKS
(M: 1806 Aug 26 - 1873 (wrongly 1875) Sep 17) The Life And Labours Of The Second Marquis Of Worcester [b|1865] Sen, James DIXON
(M: 1814 Aug 5 - 1873 Mar 27) American Labor: Its Necessities And Prospects [n|1852] Peace And Re-union [n|1866] Anastasia Marice DOLBY, nee ?
(F: c1824 - 1873 Feb 18) Patrick Edward DOVE
(M: 1815 Jul 31 - 1873 Apr 28) Edward DUNSTERVILLE
(M: 1796 Dec 2 - 1873 Mar 11) Jacob EARLY
(M: 1835 - 1873) Bp, John EARLY
(M: 1786 Jan 1 - 1873 Nov 5) Belle EDMONDSON
(F: 1840 - 1873) T Diary, January-November, 1864 [a|c1999?] Max von EELKING
(M: 1813 - 1873) Memoirs, And Letters And Journals [a|1868] Samuel Mackenzie ELLIOTT
(M: 1811 Apr 9 - 1873 May 1) William EWART
(M: 1819 May 10 - 1873 Feb 17) Lessons For Writing From Dictation [n|1849] Anchurus And Other Poems [p|1851] Bp, Alexander EWING
(M: 1814 Mar 25 - 1873 May 22) Rev, James Grantham FAITHFULL
(M: 1817 - 1873 Mar 12) (also wrote as: A Christian PILGRIM) Justification By Faith, Cleared From Error,...Scripture... [n|1847] Wayside Thoughts (ps: A Christian PILGRIM) [n|1863] Confirmation Hymns [m|1867] Louis Philippe R FENWICK DE PORQUET, ne FENWICK
(M: 1796 - 1873 Aug 26) Rev, Isaac FERRIS
(M: 1798 - 1873) Memorial Discourse; Or, Fifty Years' Ministry In The Reformed... [a|1871] Warren Angus FERRIS {US}
(M: 1810 - 1873) & Life In The Rocky Mountains, 1830-1835 [a|1940] Ernest(-Aimé) FEYDEAU
(M: 1821 Mar 16 - 1873 Oct 27 or 29) (also wrote as: Une COCODETTE) Histoire Générale Des Usages Funèbres Et...Anciens [3v|n|Fr-1857-61] Fanny [f|Fr-1858] Le Secret Du Bonheur [2v|n|Fr-1864] L'Allemagne En 1871 [n|Fr-1871] Mémoires D'Un Coulissier [Fr-?] Souvenirs D'Une Cocodette (ps: Une COCODETTE) [Fr-?] Edward FITZBALL, ne BALL
(M: baptised 1793 Mar 20 - 1873 Oct 27) Edda [d|pro:1820] Alonzo And Imogine [d|pro:1821] The Fortunes Of Nigel [d|pro:1822] Joan Of Arc [d|pro:1822] The Innkeeper Of Abbeville [d|pro:1822] Peveril Of The Peak [d|pro:1823] Waverley [d|pro:1824] The Floating Beacon [d|pro:1824] The Pilot [d|pro:1825] The Flying Dutchman [d|pro:1827] The Inchcape Bell [d|pro:1828] The Earthquake; Or, The Spectre Of The Nile [d|pro:1828] The Red Rover [d|pro:1829] Jonathan Bradford; Or, The Murder At The Roadside Inn [d|pro:1833] Thalaba The Destroyer [d|pro:1836] Azael [d|pro:1851] Nitocris [d|pro:1855] Thirty-Five Years Of A Dramatic Author's Life [a|1859] Robin Hood [d|pro:1860] John Wickham FLOWER
(M: 1807 Aug 11 - 1873 Apr 11) John Wells FOSTER
(M: 1815 Mar 4 - 1873 Jun 29) Report On The Geography And Topography...Lake Superior... [2v|n|1850-52] A The Mississippi Valley, Its Physical Geography...Wealth [n|1869] Mineral Wealth And Railroad Development [n|1872] Prehistoric Races Of The United States [n|1873] Fitzstephen FRENCH
(M: 1801 Dec 7 - 1873 Jun 4) Henry William FULLER
(M: 1820 Jan 11 - 1873 Dec 18) On Theumatism, Rheumatic Gout, And Sciatica... [n|1854] On Diseases Of The Chest [n|1862] On Diseases Of The Lungs And Air-Passages [n|1867] Émile GABORIAU
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