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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: ? - 1882) Charles Stuart Aubrey ABBOTT, 3rd Baron TENTERDEN of Hendon
(M: 1834 Dec 26 - 1882 Sep 22) Edwin ABBOTT
(M: 1808 May 12 - 1882 May 27) A Handbook Of English Grammar [n|1845] A Second Latin Book [n|1858] A Concordance To The Works Of Alexander Pope [n|1875] Handbook Of Arithmetic And First Steps In Algebra [n|?] Gen, Joseph Carter ABBOTT
(M: 1825 Jul 15 - 1882 Oct 8) Prof, Andrew Leith ADAMS
(M: 1827 Mar 21 - 1882 Jul (wrongly Aug) 29) Wanderings Of A Naturalist In India, The Western Himalayas... [n|1867] Notes Of A Naturalist In The Nile Valley And Malta [n|1871] On The Natural History And Archaeology Of The Nile Valley... [n|1870] Field And Forest Rambles, With Notes...Eastern Canada [n|1873] John Turville ADAMS
(M: 1805 Sep 29 - 1882) 15328,R The Lost Hunter: A Tale Of Early Times (anon?) [f|1856] 16114,ARThe Knight Of The Golden Melice: A Historical Romance [f|1857] The White Chief Among The Red Men... [1859] Rev, Henry Thomas ADAMSON
(M: c1816 - 1882 May 29) Émile AGNEL
(M: 1810 - 1882) 23211 Curiosités Judiciaires Et Historiques Du Moyen Âge [n|Fr-1858] (William) Harrison AINSWORTH
(M: 1805 Feb 4 - 1882 Jan 3) (also wrote as: Will BROWN; Cheviot TICHBURN) Poems (ps: Cheviot TICHBURN) [p|1822] December Tales [s|1823] Letters From Cockney Lands (ps: Will BROWN) [1826] Sir John Chiverton (anon w J P ASTON) [f|1826] 23564,# Rookwood [f|1834] Crichton (aka: The Admirable Crichton) [f|1837] 16215 Jack Sheppard [f|1839] The Tower Of London [f|1840] 11082 Old St Paul's: A Tale Of The Plague And The Fire [f|1841] # Guy Fawkes; Or, The Gunpowder Treason [f|1841] # The Miser's Daughter [f|1842] 2866,& Windsor Castle [f|1843] Saint James's; Or, The Court Of Queen Anne [f|1844] James The Second; Or, The Revolution Of 1688 [f|1848] 15493 The Lancashire Witches: A Romance Of Pendle Forest [f|1849] 12396,# The Star Chamber: An Historical Romance [f|1854] The Flitch Of Bacon; Or, The Custom Of Dunmow [f|1854] Ballads: Romantic, Fantastical And Humorous [p|1855] The Spendthrift [f|1857] The Life And Adventures Of Mervyn Clitheroe [f|1858] The Combat Of The Thirty, From A Breton Lay Of The 14th Century [1859] # Ovingdean Grange: A Tale Of The South Downs [f|1860] The Constable Of The Tower: An Historical Romance [f|1861] The Lord Mayor Of London; Or, City Life In The Last Century [f|1862] Cardinal Pole; Or, The Days Of Philip And Mary [f|1863] John Law, The Projector [f|1864] The Spanish Match; Or, Charles Stuart At Madrid [f|1865] # Auriol; Or, The Elixir Of Life [1865] The Constable De Bourbon [f|1866] Old Court [f|1867] Myddleton Pomfret [f|1868] The South Sea Bubble [1868] Hilary St Ives [f|1870] Talbot Harland [1871] # Boscobel; Or, The Royal Oak [f|1872] The Good Old Times: The Story Of The Manchester Rebels Of '45 [f|1873] Merry England; Or, Nobles And Serfs [f|1874] The Goldsmith's Wife [f|1875] # Preston Fight; Or, The Insurrection Of 1815 [f|1875] Chetwyn Calverley [f|1876] # The Leaguer Of Lathom: A Tale Of The Civil War... [f|1876] The Fall Of Somerset [f|1877] Beatrice Tyldesley [f|1878] Beau Nash; Or, Bath In The Eighteenth Century [f|1879] Stanley Brereton [f|1881] Historical Romances [2s|1898-1901] The Novels Of William Harrison Ainsworth [2s|1901-02] # The Spectre Bride [?] Isidore ALAUZET
(M: 1807 - 1882) Ramen ALDANA
(M: 1832 Jun 30 - 1882 Aug 16) Honor Y Felicidad [d|Sp-?] Nobleza De Corazón [d|Sp-?] Una Prenda De Venganza [d|Sp-?] La Cabeza Y El Corazón [d|Sp-?] Sir, James ALDERSON
(M: 1794 (or 1800) Dec 30 - 1882 Sep 13) Diseases Of The Stomach And Alimentary Canal [n|1847] Sir, Hugh ALLAN
(M: 1810 Sep 29 - 1882 Dec 9) Sophia ALLBUT, nee MORT
(F: 1807 Sep 4 - 1882 Sep 13) Prof, William Henry ALLEN
(M: 1808 Mar 27 (or 23) - 1882 Aug 29) A Eulogy On The Character And Services Of The Late Daniel Webster [b|1853] Zachariah ALLEN
(M: 1795 Sep 15 - 1882 Mar 17) Practical Tourist [n|1825] Practical Mechanics [n|?] Philosophy Of The Mechanics Of Nature [n|1852] Solar Light And Heat [n|1879] Marianna Angelica de ANDRADE
(F: 1840 - 1882) Olegario Víctor ANDRADE
(M: 1839 Mar 6 - 1882 Oct 30) Aplausos Y Quejas: Al Inspirado Cantor De La Raza Latina [Sp-1890] Ion ANDREESCU
(M: 1850 - 1882) János ARANY
(M: 1817 Mar 1 - 1882 Oct 28) Buda Halala [Hu-1864] Arany Janos Balladai [Hu-1896] Rev, John Hervey ASHWORTH
(M: 1795 - 1882 Aug 4) Hurstwood: A Tale Of The Year 1715 (anon) [f|1823] The Saxon In Ireland; Or, The Rambles Of An Englishman... (anon) [f|1851] The Young Curate; Or, The Quicksands Of Life (anon) [f|1859] Rathlynn (anon) [f|1864] John Partington ASTON
(M: 1805 Nov 9 - 1882 May 11) Sir John Chiverton (anon w W H AINSWORTH) [f|1826] Moses Baruch AUERBACH
(M: 1812 Feb 28 - 1882 Feb 8) (wrote as: Berthold AUERBACH) Friedrich Der Große: Sein Leben Und Wirken [b|Ge-1834] Das Judenthum Und Die Neueste Literatur [n|Ge-1836] Spinoza [f|Ge-1837] Dichter Und Kaufmann [f|Ge-1840] Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten [s|Ge-1843-54] Black Forest Village Stories [s|Ge-1843-54] (tr ?) [1874] Oskar [d|Ge-1844] Schrift Und Volk: Grundzüge Der Volksthümlichen Literatur [n|Ge-1846] Tagebuch Aus Wien [n|Ge-1849] Andree Hofer [d|Ge-1850] Deutsche Abende [e|Ge-1851] Neues Leben [f|Ge-1852] Der Wahrspruch [d|Ge-1854] Der Wahlbruder [d|Ge-1855] Barfüßele [f|Ge-1856] Little Barefoot [f|Ge-1856] (tr ?) [1914] Joseph Im Schnee [f|Ge-1860] Joseph In The Snow [f|Ge-1860] (tr ?) [3v|1861] Goethe Und Die Erzählungskunst [n|Ge-1861] Edelweiss [Ge-1861] Edelweiss [Ge-1861] (tr ?) [1869] Auf Der Höhe [f|Ge-1865] On The Heights [Ge-1865] (tr ?) [1912] Das Landhaus Am Rhein [f|Ge-1869] A The Villa On The Rhine [f|Ge-1869] (tr ?) [2v|1869] The Country House On The Rhine [f|Ge-1869] (tr ?) [3v|1870] Zur Guten Stunde [s|Ge-1871-75] Waldfried [f|Ge-1874] Drei Einzige Töchter [s|Ge-1875] Tausend Gedanken Des Collaborators [n|Ge-1876] Nach Dreißig Jahren: Neue Dorfgeschichten [s|Ge-1876] Landolin Von Reutershöfen [f|Ge-1878] Der Forstmeister [f|Ge-1879] Brigitta [f|Ge-1880] Briefe An Seinen Freund Jakob Auerbach [2v|a|Ge-1884] A German Tales [s|Ge-?] (tr ?) [1869] 22665 Christian Gellert's Last Christmas [f|Ge-?] (tr ?) [?] Guilherme d'AZEVEDO
(M: 1839 (or 1846) - 1882) 17639 A Alma Nova [Pt-1874] Rev, John Harris BACKHOUSE
(M: 1826 - 1882 Dec 17) Margaret Jewett BAILEY
(F: c1812 - 1882) R The Grains; Or, Passages In The Life Of Ruth Rover [f|1854] Urania Locke BAILEY, nee STOUGHTON
(F: 1820 - 1882 Mar 25) Rev, Edward BAINES
(M: 1801 Aug 1 - 1882 Apr 20) Francis Maitland BALFOUR
(M: 1851 Nov 10 (or 11) - 1882 Jul 19 (wrongly Aug 5)) Monograph On The Development Of Elasmobranch Fishes [4v|n|1878] Treatise On Comparative Embryology [2v|n|1880] * The Works Of Francis Maitland Balfour [4v|e|1885] (Henri-)Auguste BARBIER
(M: 1805 Apr 29 (or 28) - 1882 Feb 13) Les Mauvais Garçons (w Alphonse ROYER) [Fr-1830] Iambes [p|Fr-1832] Il Pianto [Fr-1833] Satires Et Poèmes [p|Fr-1837] Nouvelles Satires [Fr-1840] Rimes Héroïques [p|Fr-1840] Chants Civils Et Religieux [Fr-1841] Hymne À La France [Fr-1844] Rimes Légères: Chansons Et Odelettes [p|Fr-1851] Silves [Fr-1864] g Satires [Fr-1865] Trois Passions [Fr-1867] Silves Et Rimes Légères [p|Fr-1872] Etudes Dramatiques [Fr-1874] Contes Du Soir [Fr-1879] Histoires De Voyage, Souvenirs Et Tableaux, 1830-1872 [Fr-1880] Chez Les Poètes [Fr-1882] Souvenirs Personnels Et Silhouettes Contemporaines [Fr-1883] Tablettes D'Umbrano [Fr-1884] Promenades Au Louvre [Fr-1884] Poésies Posthumes [p|Fr-1884] Etudes Littéraires Et Artistiques [Fr-1888] Nouvelles Études Littéraires Et Artistiques [Fr-1889] g Iambes Et Poèmes (ed Ch-M GARNIER) [p|Fr-1907] g Chroniques De La Régence Et Du Règne De Louis XV [Fr-?] Bernard BARKER
(M: ? - 1882 Sep 13) Eliot The Younger: A Fiction In Freehand [f|1878] Christopher BARKER
(M: 1815 - 1882) The Associative Principle During The Middle Ages [n|1859] Bp, Frederic BARKER
(M: 1808 Mar 17 - 1882 Apr 6) On The Rise Of The Errors Of The Church Of Rome [e|1840] Thirty-Six Psalms, With Commentary And Prayer For Use In Families [n|1854] John Gross BARNARD
(M: 1815 May 19 - 1882 May 14) A The Dangers And Defences Of New York [n|1859] William BAYES
(M: 1823 - 1882 Dec 8) Ambrogio BAZZERO
(M: 1851 - 1882) 9641 Ugo: Scene Del Secolo X [f|It-1876] 19048 Storia Di Un'Anima [d|It-pub:1885] Rev, Henry Whitney BELLOWS
(M: 1814 Jun 11 - 1882 Jan 30) Restatements Of Christian Doctrine In Twenty-Five Sermons [e|1860] Unconditioned Loyalty [n|1863] The Old World In Its New Face: Impressions Of Europe... [2v|n|1868-69] The Testimony Of Ninety Years [1868] Historical Sketch Of The Union League Club [n|1879] Twenty-Four Sermons In All Souls Church, New York, 1865-1881 [e|1886] Friedrich Wilhelm BENEKE
(M: 1824 - 1882) * Über Die Wirkung Des Nordsee-Bades [n|Ge-1855] George BENN
(M: 1801 Jan 1 - 1882 Jan 8) De Robigne Mortimer BENNETT
(M: 1818 Dec 23 - 1882 Dec 6) The World's Sages, Infidels, And Thinkers... [n|1876] Thirty Discussions, Bible Stories: Essays And Lectures [e|1876] Champions Of The Church: Their Crimes And Persecutions [n|1878] Truth Seeker Around The World [n|1882] Ralph BERNAL OSBORNE
(M: 1808 Mar 26 - 1882 Jan 4) Rev, Leopold John BERNAYS
(M: 1820 Dec 28 - 1882 Oct 25) John BINGLE
(M: 1796 May 15 - 1882 Apr 10) A Letter To The ... Secretary Of State For The Colonies [n|1832] Letter To ... Lord Glenelg [n|1837] Past And Present Records Of Newcastle [n|1873] Richard White BLACKMORE
(M: c1792 - 1882 Jun 28) (Jean Joseph Charles) Louis BLANC
(M: 1811 (or 1813) Oct 29 (or 28) - 1882 Dec 6) g Organisation Du Travail [n|Fr-1845?] History Of The French Revolution [12v|n|Fr-1847-62] History Of Ten Years 1830-1840 [n|Fr-1841-44] (tr ?) [1844-45] John Marriott BLASHFIELD
(M: 1811 Nov 1 - 1882 Dec 15) Henry BLEBY
(M: 1809 Mar 16 - 1882 May 22) Romance Without Fiction [1874] A ...Results Of Emancipation In The British WI Colonies [n|?] Josiah, The Maimed Fugitive [1969] The Stolen Children [?] George BODINGTON
(M: c1800 - 1882 Feb 5) Gio Antonio BONELLI
(M: 1819 May 3 - 1882 Nov 20) Samuel Richard BOSANQUET
(M: 1800 Apr 1 - 1882 Dec 27) Walter McWilliam BOURKE
(M: 1838 - 1882 Jun 8) Rev, Willson BRAILSFORD
(M: 1803 - 1882 Mar 3) Bp, Milton Palmer BRAMAN
(M: 1799 - 1882) Henry Hegart BREEN
(M: 1805 Jun 26 - 1882 Nov 2) Warrawarra, The Carib Chief: A Tale Of 1770 [f|1876] St Lucia: Historical, Statistical, And Descriptive [n|?] John (J) BRENT
(M: 1808 Aug 21 - 1882 Apr 23) The Battle Cross: A Romance Of The Fourteenth Century [f|1845] Ellie Forrestere [f|1850] Charles BRIOT
(M: 1817 - 1882) * Théorie Des Fonctions Elliptiques (w Jean Claude BOUQUET) [n|Fr-1875] André Théodore BROCHARD
(M: 1810 - 1882) Des Bains De Mer Chez Les Enfants [n|Fr-?] Sea-Air And Sea-Bathing For Children... [n|Fr-?] (tr W STRANGE) [1865] Louise de BROGLIE, Comtesse d'HAUSSONVILLE
(F: 1817 Mar 1 - 1882) Rev, Richard Sinclair BROOKE
(M: c1802 - 1882 Aug 6) Preb, Joshua William BROOKS
(M: c1790 - 1882 Feb 17) Herbert BROOM
(M: 1815 - 1882 May 2) A Selection Of Legal Maxims [n|1845] Commentaries On The Common Law... [n|1856] Constitutional Law Viewed In Relation To Common Law... [n|1866] The Philosophy Of Law [n|1876] The Missing Will [f|1877] The Unjust Steward [f|1879] Constitutional Law Viewed In Relation To Common Law (2e w DENMAN) [n|1885] Dr, John BROWN
(M: 1810 Sep 22 - 1882 May 11) Horæ Subsecivæ [3v|e|1858-82] 5420 Rab And His Friends [1862] 27153 Spare Hours [e|1862] Sir Henry Raeburn And His Works [n|1876] Hablot Knight BROWNE
(M: 1815 Jun 11 (or 15) - 1882 Jul 8) (wrote as: PHIZ) Sketches Of The Seaside And The Country [n|1869] Andrew BUCHANAN
(M: 1798 Dec 10 - 1882 Jul 9) George BUDD
(M: 1808 Feb - 1882 Mar 14) John BULLOCH
(M: 1805 - 1882 Dec) Studies Of The Text Of Shakespeare [n|1878] Rosina (Anne Doyle) BULWER, Lady LYTTON, nee WHEELER
(F: 1802 Nov 4 (or 2) - 1882 Mar 12) Chevely; Or, The Man Of Honour [f|1839] The Budget Of The Bubble Family [f|1840] The Prince-Duke And The Page [f|1841] Bianca Capello: An Historical Romance [f|1842] Memoirs Of A Muscovite [f|1844] The Man Of The People [f|1845] The Peer's Daughters [f|1850] Miriam Sedley; Or, The Tares And The Wheat [f|1851] The School For Husbands; Or, Molière's Life And Times [f|1852] Behind The Scenes [f|1854] Very Successful [f|1856] The World And His Wife; Or, A Person Of Consequence [f|1858] Clumber Chase (ps: George Gordon SCOTT) [f|1871] Shells From The Sands Of Time [e|1876] A Blighted Life [a|1880] Unpublished Letters Of Lady Bulwer Lytton... (ed S M ELLIS) [a|1914] Selina BUNBURY
(F: 1802 - 1882 Sep 8) A Visit To My Birthplace (anon) [1821] Early Recollections (anon) [f|1825] The Pastor's Tales (anon) [f|1826] Cabin Conversations And Castle Scenes: An Irish Tale (anon) [f|1827] Annot And Her Pupil: A Simple Story (anon) [f|1827] Stories From Church History (anon) [s|1828] A Visit To My Birth Place (anon) [1829] Retrospections: A Soldier's Story (anon) [f|1829] The Abbey Of Innismoyle (anon) [1829] Eleanor (anon) [f|1830] Gertrude And Her Family (anon) [f|1830] Tales Of My Country (anon) [s|1833] My F B (anon) [f|1833] My Early Adventure During The Peninsular Campaigns Of Napoleon [1834] Recollections Of Ireland [1839] Coombe Abbey:...Tale Of The Reign Of James The First (anon) [f|1843] The Star Of The Court; Or, The...Queen Of England, Anne Boleyn [1844] Rides In The Pyrenees [2v|n|1844] Stories For Children [s|1844] Evenings In The Pyrenees (ed) [1845] The Indian Babes From The Wood [1845] The Triumph Of Truth; Or, Henry And His Sister [f|1847] Evelyn; Or, A Journey From Stockholm To Rome In 1847-48 [f|1849] A Visit To The Catacombs, Or First Christian Cemeteries At Rome [1849] The Blind Clergyman, And His Little Guide [f|1850] Stories For Schools [s|1851] Little Dora Playfair; Or, 'I Won't Go To School' [f|1851] The Brother's Sacrifice: A French Story [f|1851] Life In Sweden, With Excursions In Norway And Denmark [n|1853] Glory, Glory, Glory: A Story For Little Children [f|1855] Silent John; Or, The Picture Of The Good Shepherd Expounded [1856] Our Own Story; Or, The History Of Magdalene And Basil St Pierre [1856] The Lost One Found [1856] A Summer In Northern Europe [n|1856] Little Mary; Or, The Captain's Gold Ring [f|1857] Russia After The War: The Narrative Of A Visit To That Country [n|1857] Sir Guy D'Esterre [1858] My First Travels: Including Rides In The Pyrenees... [n|1859] Edward, The Infant-School Boy [f|1860] Madame Constance:...A Frenchwoman In England ('ed') [f|1861] Tales [s|1862] Sampson The Fisherman And His Son [f|1862] The Blind Curate's Child [f|1863] The Castle And Hovel; Or, The Two Sceptics [f|1864] Florence Manvers [f|1865] Lady Flora; Or, The Events Of A Winter In Sweden... [f|1870] The Smuggler's Cave [f|1897] 6757 Fanny, The Flower-Girl; Or, Honesty Rewarded [s|?] Rep, Edmund BURKE
(M: 1809 Jan 23 - 1882 Jan 25) The Protective System Considered In Connection With...Tariff... [e|1846] James Henry BURKE
(M: 1816 Feb 27 - 1882 Jun 27) Arthur Coke BURNELL
(M: 1840 Jul 11 - 1882 Oct 12) The Aindra School Of Sanskrit Grammarians [n|1875] D Hobson-Jobson:...Anglo-Indian... (w Henry YULE) [n|1886/1903] Handbook Of South Indian Palæography [n|?] The Portuguese In India [n|?] William Richard Mulharen BURTIS
(M: 1818 - 1882 Dec 12) New Brunswick, As A Home For Emigrants [n|1860] I The New Dominion [p|1867] Hans BUSK
(M: 1815 May 11 - 1882 Mar 11) The Rifleman's Manual [n|1858] Rifle Volunteers [n|1859] The Navies Of The World [n|1859] Handbook For Hythe [n|1860] Maiden-Hours And Maiden-Wiles Designed By Beaujolais [1869] George Slade BUTLER
(M: 1821 Mar 4 - 1882 Apr 11) James Erskine CALDER
(M: 1808 Jun 8 (or 18) - 1882 Feb 20) Some Account Of The Wars, Extirpation, Habits...Tribes Of Tasmania [n|1875] Marquesa, Frances Erskine CALDERÓN De La BARCA, nee INGLIS
(F: 1804 Dec 23 - 1882 Feb 6) (also wrote as: Madame C- de la B-) 9364,J Life In Mexico During A Residence Of Two Years In That Country [n|1843] The Attaché In Madrid, Or, Sketches Of The Court Of Isabella II (anon) [1856] Life In Mexico: The Letters Of Fanny Calderón De La Barca [a|1966] William Hutchins CALLCOTT
(M: 1807 - 1882 Aug 5) Simón CAMACHO
(M: 1824 - 1882) Demetrio CAMARDA
(M: 1821 - 1882) Col, George Poulett/Powlett CAMERON
(M: 1805 or 1806 - 1882 Feb 12) Personal Adventures And Excursions In Georgia, Circassia... [n|1845] The Romance Of Military Life [n|1853] Letter To The Right Honourable Edward Cardwell...Cadet System... [n|1870] (A) Fabio CAMPANA
(M: 1815 (or 1819) Jan 14 - 1882 Feb 1 or 2) Dugald CAMPBELL
(M: c1818 - 1882 May 12) A Practical Text-Book Of Inorganic Chemistry [n|1849] José María CÁRDENAS y RODRIGES
(M: 1812 - 1882) George Alfred CARTHEW
(M: 1807 Jun 20 - 1882 Oct 21) Silas CASEY
(M: 1807 Jul 12 - 1882 Jan 22) Rev, William CECIL
(M: 1792 - 1882 Feb 10) Prof, James CHALLIS
(M: 1803 Dec 12 - 1882 Dec 3) Astronomical Observations Made At...Cambridge [12v|n|1832-64] Lectures On Practical Astronomy [e|1865] 27237 An Essay On The Scriptural Doctrine Of Immortality [n|1880] James Tift CHAMPLIN
(M: 1811 - 1882) A Concise Practical Grammar Of The English Language [n|1850] A Short And Comprehensive Greek Grammar [n|1852] A Text-Book In Intellectual Philosophy... [n|1860] Lessons On Political Economy [n|1868] A Historical Discourse...August 2d 1870 [n|1870] Constitution Of The United States [n|1880] A First Principles Of Ethics [n|?] Charlotte CHANTER, nee KINGSLEY
(F: 1828 - 1882) Over The Cliffs [f|1860] Joseph Lemuel CHESTER
(M: 1821 Apr 30 - 1882 May 26) The Visitation Of London, Anno Domini 1633... (jt ed) [n|1880/83] Sir, Robert CHRISTISON
(M: 1797 Jul 18 - 1882 Jan 27) Clement Claiborne CLAY (Jr)
(M: 1816 Dec 13 - 1882 Jan 3) ...Indiscriminate Donation Of Public Lands (w A P BUTLER) [n|1854] President's Veto Message [n|1854] Speech...On The Contest In Kansas... [n|1856] Speech...Depredations Of The Creek Indians In 1836 [n|1856] Speech On The Bill To Admit Kansas [n|1858] Speech...To Repeal The Fishing Bounties [n|1858] A Speech (Of Hon C C Clay Jr) On Slavery Issues... [n|1859] Invasion Of Harper's Ferry [n|1859] Rev, Augustus CLISSOLD (Jr)
(M: 1797 - 1882 Oct 30) Rev, William Benton CLULOW
(M: c1802 - 1882 Apr 16) Titus COAN
(M: 1801 Feb 1 - 1882 Dec 1) Life In Hawaii...1835-1881 [a|1882] Harriet COLE
(F: 1841 - 1882) I Songs From The Valley; Or, The Valley Of Vision [p|1879] Sir, Henry COLE
(M: 1808 Jul 15 - 1882 Apr 18) (wrote as: Felix SUMMERLY) A Hand-book For The Architecture, Tapestries...Hampton Court [n|1841] A Hand-book For Free Picture Galleries [n|1842] A Hand-book For Holidays Spent In And Near London (ed) [n|1842] Handbook For The City Of Canterbury [n|1843] (Felix Summerly's) Hand-book For The National Gallery [n|1843] A Glance At The Temple Church [n|1843] F S's Day's Excursions Out Of London [n|1843] 30418 Traditional Nursery Songs Of England (ed) [p|1843] The Home Treasury (ed) [1845] F S's Pleasure Excursions [6v|n|1846] William COMSTOCK
(M: 1804 - 1882) R Betsey Jane Ward (Better-Half To Artemus) [f|1866] Rev, Robert COOKE
(M: c1820 - 1882 Jun 18) William Scudder COOLEY
(M: c1809 - 1882 Feb 7) Sir, John Rose CORMACK
(M: 1815 - 1882 May 13) Joseph Olivier CÔTÉ
(M: 1820 Apr 7 - 1882 Apr 24) Virginia Georgia COWDIN, nee POINDEXTER, 1:Mrs POINDEXTER
(F: 1818 Apr 14 - 1882 May 20) R Ellen; Or, The Fanatic's Daughter [f|1860] Lucy CRANE
(F: 1842 Sep 22 - 1882 Mar 31) B CRAVEN
(?: 1822 - 1882) R Mary Barker [f|1865] Edwards CRISP
(M: 1806 Dec 10 - 1882 Nov 15) George CRITCHETT
(M: 1817 Mar 25 - 1882 Nov 1) William CYPLES
(M: 1831 Aug 31 - 1882 Aug 24) Satan Restored [p|1859] Philip The Dreamer [f|1866] An Inquiry Into The Process Of Human Experience [n|1880] Hearts Of Gold [f|1883] Pottery Poems [p|?] Richard Henry DANA, Jr
(M: 1815 Aug 1 - 1882 Jan 6) 2055,L Two Years Before The Mast [a|1840/69/72/76] The Seaman's Friend (UK: The Seaman's Manual) [1841] * To Cuba And Back [1859] Elements Of International Law By Wheaton [n|1866] Speeches In Stirring Tones [1910] John Nelson DARBY
(M: 1800 Nov 18 - 1882 Apr 29) (wrote as: J N D) Breathings From The Poems Of J N D [p|1932] Charles (Robert) DARWIN
(M: 1809 Feb 12 - 1882 Apr 19) 944 The Voyage Of The Beagle [n|1839] 2690 Structure And Distribution Of Coral Reefs [n|1842] Geological Observations On Coral Islands [n|1844] 3620 Geological Observations On South America [n|1846] 22764 On The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection [n|1859/60] The Fertilisation Of Orchids [n|1862] 2485 The Movements And Habits Of Climbing Plants [n|1864] 2871,& The Variation Of Animals And Plants Under Domestication [2v|n|1868/75] 2300 The Descent Of Man... [n|1871/74] 1227,& The Expression Of The Emotions In Man And Animals [n|1872] 5765,& Insectivorous Plants [n|1875] Cross And Self-Fertilisation [n|1876] 5605 The Power Of Movement In Plants [n|1880] 2355 Formation Of Vegetable Mould Through The Action Of Worms [n|1881] 2087 Life And Letters Of Charles Darwin (ed Francis DARWIN) [2v|a|1887] 2739 More Letters Of... (ed Francis DARWIN & A C SEWARD) [2v|a|1903] 22728 The Foundations Of The Origin Of Species [e|1909] Sketch Of 1842 [a|?] 2010 Autobiography And Selected Letters [a|?] 4022 Coral Reefs [e|?] 3054 Volcanic Islands [n|?] 3807 The Different Forms Of Flowers On Plants Of The Same Species [n|?] 4346 Effects Of Cross & Self-Fertilisation In The Vegetable Kingdom [n|?] * A Monograph On The Sub-Class Cirripedia [n|?] * Journal Of Researches Into The Natural History And Geology... [n|?] Geological Observations On The Volcanic Islands [n|?] John Marriott DAVENPORT
(M: 1809 Sep - 1882 Jan 31) Rev, Ebenezer DAVIES
(M: 1808 - 1882 Feb 3) 10898 American Scenes, And Christian Slavery: A Recent Tour...US [n|1849] Rev, Nathan DAVIS
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