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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Charlotte Colgate ABBE
(F: 1817 Mar 23 - 1885 Feb 19) Jenó/Eugenius ÁBEL
(M: 1858 - 1885) Adalékok A Humanismus Trténetéhez Magy [Hu-1880] Iskandar ibn Yaqub ABKARIYUS
(M: ? - 1885) The Lebanon In Turmoil, Syria And The Powers In 1860 [n|c1860] [Nawadir Al-Zaman Fi Waqa I Jabal Lubnan] [n|Ar-?] Edmond (François Valentin) ABOUT
(M: 1828 Feb 14 (or 24) - 1885 Jan 16) g La Grèce Contemporaine [n|Fr-1855] Tolla [f|Fr-1855] g Le Roi Des Montagnes [f|Fr-1856] The King Of The Mountains [f|Fr-1856] (tr M L BOOTH) [1856] 14381,A The Roman Question [Fr-?] (tr H C COAPE) [1859] Trente Et Quarante [Fr-1858] 13704 L'Homme A L'Oreille Cassée [Fr-1861] Colonel Fougas' Mistake [f|Fr-1861] (tr J E MAITLAND) [2v|1878] 20724 The Man With The Broken Ear [Fr-1861] (tr ?) [?] Le Cas De M Guerin [Fr-1862] g Le Nez D'Un Notaire [Fr-1862] Madelon [f|Fr-1863] Le Progrès [n|Fr-1865] Causeries [e|Fr-1865-66] L'Infâme [f|Fr-1867] L'ABC Du Travailleur [n|Fr-1868] Handbook Of Social Economy, Or, The Worker's ABC [n|Fr-1868] (tr ?) [1872] Le Roman D'Un Brave Homme [f|Fr-1880] 18092 Germaine [Fr-?] 22813 La Mère De La Marquise [Fr-?] The Story Of An Honest Man [f|Fr-?] (tr ?) [3v|1880] Franz ABT
(M: 1819 Dec 22 - 1885 Mar 31) Mrs Henry, (Marian) ADAMS, nee HOOPER, aka 'Clover' {US}
(F: 1843 Sep 13 - 1885 Dec 6) Letters Of Mrs Henry Adams, 1865-1883 (ed Ward THORON) [a|1936] Mrs J S ADAMS, nee ?
(F: 1845 - 1885) 15895,R Allegories Of Life [f|1872] Anthony ADAMS-REILLY
(M: 1834 or 1836 - 1885) Rev, John Logan AIKMAN
(M: 1820 Mar 10 - 1885 Sep 13) Prof, Michele Antonio ALBANESE
(M: 1832 - 1885 Jan 5) Randal Hibbert ALCOCK
(M: 1833 Jul 21 - 1885 Nov 9) Rev, Joseph ALDEN
(M: 1807 Jan 4 - 1885 Aug 30) Elements Of Intellectual Philosophy [n|1866] A Christian Ethics; Or, The Science Of Duty [n|1866] A A Text-Book Of Ethics For Union Schools And Bible Classes [n|1867] A Alden's Citizen's Manual: A Text-Book On Government... [n|1869] Thoughts On The Religious Life [n|1879] Science Of Government In Connection With American Institutions [n|1886] The Example Of Washington [n|?] First Steps In Political Economy [n|?] Sir, James Edward ALEXANDER
(M: 1803 Oct 16 - 1885 Apr 2) Travels From India To England [n|1827] Travels Through Russia And The Crimea [2v|n|1830] Transatlantic Sketches... [2v|n|1833] Sketches In Portugal During The Civil War Of 1834 [n|1835] Narrative Of A Voyage...The Colonies Of Western Africa [2v|n|1837] Expedition Of Discovery Into The Interior Of Africa [2v|n|1838] Life Of Field Marshal, His Grace The Duke Of Wellington [2v|b|1839-40] I L'Acadie; Or, Seven Years Explorations In British America [2v|n|1849] Passages In The Life Of A Soldier [a|1857] Incidents Of The Last Maori-War In New Zealand [n|1863] Bush Fighting [n|1873] Cleopatra's Needle, The Obelisk Of Alexandria [n|1879] John ALLAN
(M: c1796 - 1885 May 21) (also wrote as: A BEEFEATER; A KN-OXONIAN; A Special REPORTER) Jacob Poul AMERSFOORDT
(M: 1817 - 1885) Andreas ANDERSON
(M: ? - ?) Mental Recreations [f|1805] Bp, David ANDERSON
(M: 1814 Feb 10 - 1885 Nov 5) Notes Of The Flood At The Red River 1852 [n|1852] The Net In The Bay; Or,...Moose And Albany [n|1854] Frederick H ANDREWS
(M: 1804 - 1885) Prof, Thomas ANDREWS
(M: 1813 Dec 19 - 1885 Nov 26) The Scientific Papers Of The Late Thomas Andrews [e|1889] Edward ARCHER
(M: 1816 Nov 8 - 1885 Jun 16) James Moncrieff ARNOTT
(M: 1794 - 1885 May 27) Timothy Shay ARTHUR
(M: 1809 Jun 6 - 1885 Mar 6) Temperance Tales [s|1843] A Daughter; Or, Life And Its Changes [f|1850] R Seed-Time And Harvest; Or, Whatsoever A Man Soweth... [f|1851] R Stories For Parents [s|1851] R Stories For Young Housekeepers [s|1851] R The Tried And The Tempted [f|1851] 4616,R Lessons In Life, For All Who Will Read Them [f|1851] 4624,RA Off-Hand Sketches, A Little Dashed With Humour [f|1851] 4627,R The Lights And Shadows Of Real Life [f|1851] R The Way To Prosper; Or, In Union There Is Strength [f|1851] R The Ways Of Providence, Or 'He Doeth All Things Well' [f|1851] 4621,R The Two Wives; Or, Lost And Won [f|1851] 4617,R Woman's Trials; Or, Tales And Sketches From The Life Around Us [f|1851] 4618,R Words For The Wise [f|1851] A The History Of Georgia... (w W H CARPENTER) [n|1852] 15389,R True Riches; Or, Wealth Without Wings [f|1852] 4626,R Married Life: Its Shadows And Sunshine [f|1852] 24437 The Last Penny And Other Stories [s|1852] 24753 Who Are Happiest? And Other Stories [s|1852] A The History Of Virginia... (w W H CARPENTER) [n|1853] A Our Little Harry, And Other Poems And Stories [p|1853] R The Old Man's Bride [f|1853] R Sparing To Spend; Or, The Loftons And Pinkertons [f|1853] 4587,R Finger Posts On The Way Of Life [f|1853] 4595,R Heart-Histories And Life-Pictures [f|1853] 4584,R Home Lights And Shadows [f|1853] 4628,R The Iron Rule; Or, Tyranny In The Household [f|1853] 4630,R The Home Mission [f|1853] R The Angel Of The Household [f|1854] 4629,R Home Scenes, And Home Influence [f|1854] 4744,R Ten Nights In A Bar-Room, And What I Saw There [f|1854] 4632,R The Good Time Coming [f|1855] R The Mother's Rule; Or, The Right Way And The Wrong Way [f|1856] R What Can Woman Do? [f|1856] 4620,R The Wedding Guest [f|1856] 4619,R Words Of Cheer For The Tempted, The Toiling And The Sorrowing [f|1856] 4593,R Friends And Neighbours; Or, Two Ways Of Living In The World [f|1856] R Our Homes [f|1856] R The Withered Heart [f|1857] A Friends And Neighbours; Or, Two Ways Of Living In The World (ed) [1858] A Steps Towards Heaven; Or, Religion In Common Life [e|1858] 4631,R The Hand But Not The Heart, Or,...Jessie Loring [f|1858] 4625,R Lizzy Glenn; Or, The Trials Of A Seamstress [f|1859] 4622,R Trials And Confessions Of A Housekeeper [f|1859] A Stories For Young Housekeepers [s|1859] R The Angel And The Demon [f|1860] 4588,R The Allen House; Or, Twenty Years Ago And Now [f|1860] R The Tavern-Keeper's Victims; Or, Six Nights...Washingtonians [f|1860] R Light On Shadowed Paths [f|1864] R Sunshine At Home, And Other Stories [s|1864] R Out In The World [f|1864] R Growler's Income Tax [f|c1864] R Nothing But Money [f|1865] R What Came Afterwards [f|1865] R Sowing The Wind And Other Stories [s|1865] R Our Neighbors In The Corner House [f|1866] 4623,R New Temperance Tales, No 1, The Son Of My Friend [f|c1867] Lights And Shadows Of Real Life [n|1867] 4591,R After A Shadow, And Other Stories [s|1868] 4590,R After The Storm [f|1868] 4589,R All's For The Best [f|1869] R Not Anything For Peace, And Other Stories [s|1869] R The Peacemaker, And Other Stories [s|1869] R Tom Blinn's Temperance Society, And Other Tales [s|1870] RA Orange Blossoms, Fresh And Faded [s|1871] R Three Years In A Man-Trap [f|1872] 4592,R Cast Adrift [f|1873] R Woman To The Rescue [f|1874] 4586,R Danger; Or, Wounded In The House Of A Friend [f|1875] 13509,A Grappling With The Monster; Or, The Curse...Of Strong Drink [n|1877] R The True Path, And How To Walk Therein [f|1888] 29829 Hair Breadth Escapes: Perilous Incidents...Japan, Cuba... [n|1889] 16073 Wreaths Of Friendship (w F C WOODWORTH) [?] Agnes; Or, The Possessed [?] Peter Christen ASBJØRNSEN
(M: 1812 Jan 15 - 1885 Jan 5) r Norske Folkeeventyr (w Jørgen MOE) [s|No-1841-44] Popular Tales From The Norse (w MOE) [s|No-1841-44] (tr G W DASENT) [1888] Norwegian Fairy Tales (w MOE) [s|No-1841-44] (tr H & J GADE) [1924] * Tales From The Fjeld [s|No-?] (tr G W DASENT) [1874] 30973 East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon (w MOE) [s|No-?] (tr ?) [1928] James Jones ASTON
(M: 1822 Dec 12 - 1885 Jan 17) AR Pres, Nicolás (Remigio Aurelio) AVELLANEDA (SILVA)
(M: 1837 (or 1836) Oct 3 (or 1) - 1885 Dec 26) Estudios Sobre Tierras Publicas [n|Sp-?] William Scrope AYRTON
(M: 1804 Apr 28 - 1885 May 3) Edmund BACON
(M: 1785 - ?) Alan BAGOT
(M: 1856 Jun 1 - 1885 Apr 22) William BAKER, aka Anselm BAKER, aka Frater ANSELM
(M: 1833 Jan 23 - 1885 Feb 11) (wrote as: F A) Rev, Krishna Mohan BANERJEA
(M: 1813 - 1885 May 11) A Discourse Delivered At The Hindu College... [n|1849] Dialogues On The Hindu Philosophy [n|1862] The Relation Between Christianity And Hinduism [n|1882] Christian Apologist [n|1982] From Exclusivism To Inclusivism (ed K P ALEAZ) [e|1998] Aryan Witness [?] John Warner BARBER
(M: 1798 Feb 2 - 1885 Jun 22) T A History Of The Amistad Captives (ed) [n|1840] A The Loyal West In The Times Of The Rebellion (w Henry HOWE) [n|1865] A All The Western States And Territories... [n|1867] Connecticut Historical Collections [n|?/1836] Roque BARCIA (MARTÍ)
(M: 1821 (or 1823) Apr 4 - 1885 Jul 2) Cuestión Pontificia [Sp-1855] 15046 Un Paseo Por Paris, Retratos Al Natural [Sp-1863] Rev, Richard William BARNES
(M: c1811 - 1885 May 27) John BARON
(M: c1816 - 1885 Aug 3) Scudamore Organs [1858/68/88] Anglo-Saxon Witness...Communion [n|1869] The Greek Origin Of The Paostles' Creed [n|1885] James BARR
(M: 1820 - 1885 Apr 4) The Old Identities [1879] Gov, Thomas Welles BARTLEY
(M: 1812 Feb 11 - 1885 Jun 20) Constitutional Amendment For Three Presidents Instead Of One [n|1878] Louisa Mary BARWELL, nee BACON
(F: 1800 Mar 4 - 1885 Feb 2) Edward, The Crusader's Son [f|1836] Jane Carr BATEMAN, nee TERRY
(F: 1817 - 1885) The Netherwoods Of Otterpool (anon) [f|1858] Who Is To Have It? (anon) [f|1859] Forgiveness [f|1860] The Two Families; Or, The Power Of Religion [f|1864] Ierne Of Armorica: A Tale Of The Time Of Chlovis [f|1873] Evan Buchanan BAXTER
(M: 1844 - 1885 Jan 14) Henry Wolsey BAYFIELD
(M: 1795 - 1885 Mar 10) Levi BEARDSLEY
(M: 1785 - ?) Reminiscences... [a|1852] Joseph BEAUMONT
(M: 1830 - 1885 Nov 22) Marriage With A Deceased Wife's Sister [n|1851] The Law And Practice Of Bills Of Sale [n|1855] The Life Of The Rev Joseph Beaumont, MD [b|1856] What Is Lord Elgin To Do? [n|1857] The New Slavery:...Indian And Chinese...In British Guiana [n|1871] A Treatise On Agricultural Holdings And The Law Of Distress... [n|1883] Léon BEAUVALLET
(M: 1829 - 1885) A Rachel And The New World [Fr-?] (tr anon) [1856] Il Signor Pulchinella [Fr-1857] Henry Corry Rowley BECHER
(M: 1817 Jun 5 - 1885 Jul 6) Rev, Wazir BEG
(M: c1827 - 1885 Jan 4) Manual Of Presbyterian Principles [n|1870] Sir, Julius BENEDICT
(M: 1804 Nov 27 (wrongly Dec 24) - 1885 Jun 5) James Earle BENHAM
(M: c1851 - 1885 Jul 11) William BENHAM
(M: c1816 - 1885 Sep 16) Thomas Randle BENNETT
(M: 1821 - 1885 Feb 23) John Richard Digby BESTE, ne John Richard BEST
(M: 1806 Apr 26 - 1885 Aug 7) (wrote as: An/The Old AUTHOR in a New Walk; An English CATHOLIC) Transalpine Memoirs (ps: An English CATHOLIC) [2v|n|1826] Transrhenane Memoirs [n|1828] Cuma, The Warrior-Bard Of Erin, And Other Poems [p|1829] Satires And The Beggar's Coin [p|1831] The New Poor Law In Practice [n|1837] Odious Comparisons; Or, The Cosmopolite In England [2v|1839] The Pope (ps: An Old AUTHOR in a New Walk) [f|1840] Isidora (ps: The Old AUTHOR in a New Walk) [f|1841] The Wabash; Or, Adventures Of An English Gentleman's... [2v|1855] Modern Society In Rome (aka: Coming Out) [f|1856] Alcazar; Or, The Dark Ages [f|1857] Holy Readings, Giving The Cream Of Many Books In One (anon) [n|1868] Nowadays; Or Courts, Courtiers, Churchmen, Garibaldians... [2v|1870] Catholic Hours [n|?] Luis Victoriano BETANCOURT (y SALGADO)
(M: 1843 (or 1842) Mar 23 - 1885 Jun 8) George BILLER
(M: 1811 Nov 20 - 1885 Apr 24) Samuel BIRCH
(M: 1813 Nov 3 - 1885 Dec 27) Gallery Of Antiquities [n|1842] Introduction To The Study Of Hieroglyphics [n|1857] History Of Ancient Pottery [n|1857/73] Records Of The Past (ed) [12v|n|1873-77] Rev, William BLACKLEY
(M: c1798 - 1885 Mar 29) Dean, Joseph Williams BLAKESLEY / BLAKSLY
(M: 1808 Mar 6 - 1885 Apr 18) Jean Claude BOUQUET
(M: 1819 Sep 7 - 1885 Sep 9) * Théorie Des Fonctions Elliptiques (w Charles BRIOT) [n|Fr-1875] Etude Des Fonctions D'Une Variable Imaginaire (w Charles BRIOT) [n|Fr-1886] Bp, Ignace BOURGET
(M: 1799 Oct 30 - 1885 Jun 8) I Vie De Saint Viateur, Confesseur Et Lecteur...De Lyon [b|Fr-1897] Carmen BOZELLO y GUZMÁN
(F: 1856 - 1885) Samuel BRADFORD, Jr
(M: 1803 - c1885) Some Incidents In The Life Of Samuel Bradford, Senior [b|1880] Antoine (Nicolas) BRAUN
(M: 1815 Feb 5 - 1885 Feb 1) I Une Fleur Du Carmel,...Marie-Lucie-Hermine Frémont... [b|Fr-1881] Capt, Charles BREWER
(M: 1804 Mar 27 - 1885 Oct 11) Reminiscences [a|1884] Hugh BROWN
(M: c1800 - 1885 Aug 27) William Alexander Francis BROWNE
(M: 1805 - 1885 Mar 2) Henry Graves BULL
(M: c1818 - 1885 Oct 31) The Herefordshire Pomona (w Robert HOGG) [n|1876] Rev, Frederic BULLEY
(M: c1810 - 1885 Sep 3) Thomas Percival BUNTING
(M: 1810 Oct 19 - 1885 Dec 16) Col, Frederick Gustavus BURNABY
(M: 1842 Mar 3 - 1885 Nov 11) A Ride To Khiva [1876] Elizabeth BYRON, nee FROST, 2:Mrs STRUTT
(F: c1785 - after 1862) (also wrote as: Mrs BYRON; Elizabeth STRUTT) Anti-Delphine [f|1806] & Drelincourt And Rodalvi (ps: Mrs BYRON) [f|1807] The Borderers (anon?) [f|1812] Genevieve; Or, The Orphan's Visit [f|1818] The Hermit Of Dumpton Cave [Joseph Croome Petit] (anon?) [b|1823] Practical Wisdom; Or, The Manual Of Life (anon?) [n|1824] Triumphs Of Genius And Perseverance (ps: Elizabeth STRUTT) [1827] A Spinster's Tour In France, The States Of Genoa... (anon?) [n|1828] The Young Christian's Companion (ps: Elizabeth STRUTT) [n|1830] Six Weeks On The Loire, With A Peep Into La Vendée (anon?) [n|1833] Chances And Changes: A Domestic Story (anon?) [f|1835] The Book Of The Fathers (ps: E S) [n|1837] Domestic Residence In Switzerland (ps: Elizabeth STRUTT) [2v|n|1842] A Wreath For The Altar Of The New Church [p|1842] The Story Of Psyche [1852] The Feminine Soul: Its Nature And Attributes (ps: Elizabeth STRUTT) [1857] The Curate And The Rector (ps: Elizabeth STRUTT) [1859] George Frederick CAMERON
(M: 1854 Sep 24 - 1885 Sep 17) Lyrics On Freedom, Love And Death (ed Charles J CAMERON) [p|1887] John Francis CAMPBELL
(M: 1822 Dec 29 - 1885 Feb 17) William CARLETON
(M: c1835 - 1885 Aug) Joseph Edwards CARPENTER
(M: 1813 Nov 2 - 1885 May 6) Prof, William Benjamin CARPENTER
(M: 1813 Oct 29 - 1885 Nov 10) Fr, Salvatore Agostino CARUANA
(M: 1825 Aug 28 - 1885 Dec 24) Prof, Hugues Charles Stanislaus CASSAL
(M: 1818 Apr 1 - 1885 Mar 11) Pedro Pablo del CASTILLO
(M: 1816 - 1885) Rosalía de CASTRO, Mrs MURGUÍA
(F: 1837 Feb 27 - 1885 Jul 15) La Flor [p|Sp-1857] La Hija Del Mar [Sp-1859] Flavio [Sp-1861] El Cadiceño [Sp-1863] Cantares Gallegos [p|Ga-1863] A Mi Madre [p|Sp-1863] Contos Da Miña Terra [s|Ga-1864] Ruinas [Sp-1866] Las Literatas [Sp-1866] El Caballero De Las Botas Azules [Sp-1867] Follas Novas [p|Ga-1880] El Primer Loco [Sp-1881] El Domingo De Ramos [Sp-1881] Padrón Y Las Inundaciones [Sp-1881] En Las Orillas Del Sar [p|Sp-1884] Joseph Edouard CAUCHON
(M: 1816 Dec 31 - 1885 Feb 23) I Notions Élémentaires De Physique... [e|Fr-1841] Maria (nee)Weston CHAPMAN
(F: 1806 Jul 24 - 1885) Songs Of The Free And Hymns Of Christian Freedom [1836] Right And Wrong In Boston [1836] Right And Wrong In Massachusetts [1839] Pinda: A True Tale [1840] How Can I Help Abolish Slavery?; Or, Counsels To...Converted [n|1855] Memorials Of Harriet Martineau [b|1877] Jean de CHARPENTIER
(M: 1786 Dec 7 - 1885 Dec 12) Alvin Wood CHASE
(M: 1817 - 1885 May 25) A Guide To Wealth!: Over One Hundred Valuable Recipe... [n|1858] Dr Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-Keeper... [n|1873] Dr Chase's Third, Last And Complete Receipt Book [n|1887] k Dr Chase's New Receipt Book [n|1889] Dr Chase's Recipes; Or, Information For Everybody [n|?] Côme Séraphin CHERRIER
(M: 1798 Jul 22 - 1885 Apr 10) I L'Honorable F-A Quesnel [Frederic Auguste] [b|Fr-1878] Charles Henry CHEVALLIER
(M: c1823 - 1885 May 8) Adolph Friedrich CHRISTIANI
(M: 1836 - 1885) The Principles Of Expression In Pianoforte Playing [n|1885] Dean, William CHRISTIE
(M: 1817 - 1885 Dec c20) Lewis Jacob CIST
(M: 1818 Nov 20 - 1885 Mar 30) Trifles In Verse: A Collection Of Fugitive Poems [p|1845] John CLARE
(M: c1820 - 1885 Oct 12) Olive (nee?)Cleaveland CLARKE
(F: 1785 - ?) Things That I Remember [a|1881] Thomas (Barnes) COCHRANE, 11th Earl of DUNDONALD
(M: 1814 Apr 18 (wrongly 14) - 1885 Jan 15) 13351 The Life Of Thomas, Lord Cochrane... (w H R F BOURNE) [2v|b|1869] Bp, Robert Aston COFFIN
(M: 1819 Jul 19 - 1885 Apr 6) John COLQUHOUN
(M: 1805 Mar 6 - 1885 May 27) Rev, Thomas CONANT
(M: 1785 - ?) The Autobiography Of Thomas Conant [a|1861] (John) Wilbye COOPER
(M: c1825 - 1885 Mar 19) Henry Charles COOTE
(M: 1814 or 1815 - 1885 Jan 4) The Practice Of The Ecclesiastical Courts [n|1847] The New Practice Of The High Court Of Admiralty In England [n|1860] A Neglected Fact In English History [n|1864] Ordinances Of Some Secular Guilds Of London 1354-1496 [n|1871] Vortigern, Not Hengist, The Invader Of Kent [n|1876] Coote's Common Form Practice [n|?] Rev, William John COPELAND
(M: 1804 Sep 1 - 1885 Aug 26) Rev, George Elwas CORRIE
(M: 1793 Apr 28 - 1885 Sep 20) Thomas CRAMPTON
(M: 1817 - 1885 Apr 13) Ida Bruce CROCKETT, Mrs BASCOM
(F: 1854 - 1885) Adam CROOKS
(M: 1827 Dec 11 - 1885 Dec 28) Reform Government In Ontario [n|1879] Rev, George CURREY
(M: 1816 Apr 7 - 1885 Apr 30) Dr, J CURRIE
(M: ? - ?) Febrile Disease [n|1805] Fr(SJ), John CURTIS
(M: 1794 Jun 19 - 1885 Nov 9) John Watson DALBY
(M: 1799 Nov 11 - 1885 Jun 4) Poems [p|1822/26] Tales, Songs And Sonnets [s|1866] Rev, Samuel Chenery DAMON
(M: 1815 Feb 15 - 1885 Feb 7) A Puritan Missions In The Pacific [n|1868] Thomas DAVIDSON
(M: 1817 May 17 - 1885 Oct 16) British Fossil Brachiopoda [6v|n|?] David Christopher DAVIES
(M: 1827 - 1885 Sep 19) Herbert DAVIES
(M: 1818 Sep 30 - 1885 Jan 4) Francis DAVIS
(M: 1810 Mar 17 - 1885 Oct 7) James William DAVISON
(M: 1813 Oct 5 - 1885 Mar 24) Edward DAVY
(M: 1806 Jun 16 - 1885 Jan 27) John DELAFONS
(M: ? - ?) A Treatise On Naval Courts Martial [n|1805] Martin Robison DELANY
(M: 1812 May 6 - 1885 Jan 24) 17154 The Condition, Elevation...Of The Colored People Of The US [n|1852] Blake; Or, The Huts Of America [1859/61-62/1970] 22118 Official Report Of The Niger Valley Exploring Party [n|1861] Principia Of Ethnology [n|1878] Thomas William DOANE
(M: 1852 - 1885 Aug 8) * Bible Myths, And Their Parallels In Other Religions [n|1882] Pavol DOBŠINSKÝ
(M: 1828 Mar 16 - 1885 Oct 22) Slovenské Povesti [s|Cz-1858-61] Prostonárodnie Obyčaje, Povery A Hry Slovenské [Cz-1880] Rev, Joseph Pennel DOBSON
(M: 1801 - 1885 Apr 11) Rev, James DODDS
(M: 1812 - 1885 Sep 3) (also wrote as: J D) A Century Of Scottish Church History [n|1846] Coast Missions: A Memoir Of T Rosie [b|1862] True Strength [n|1864] The Eminent Men Of Dumfriesshire [b|?/1873] Jeanie Wilson, The Lily Of Lammermoor (ps: J D) [b|1876] Memoir Of The Rev Peter Hope, BD [b|1879] Personal Reminiscences And Biographical Sketches [a|1887] James Lowry DONALDSON
(M: 1814 Mar 17 - 1885 (wrongly 1895) Nov 4) R Sergeant Atkins [f|1871] Thomas Leverton DONALDSON
(M: 1795 Oct 19 - 1885 Aug 1) Francis Samuel DRAKE
(M: 1828 Feb 22 - 1885 Feb 22) 24321 Tea Leaves: Being A Collection Of Letters And Documents... [n|1884] William Barker DRURY
(M: 1812 - 1885 Jan 9) Francis DUNCAN
(M: ? - ?) & A Description Of The Island Of St Helena [n|1805] William Augustine DUNCAN
(M: 1811 Mar 12 - 1885 Aug) An Appeal From The Unjust Decision Of The Very Rev Vicar General [n|1843] A Plea For The New South Wales Constitution [n|1856] Account Of A Memorial ... By Captain Pedro Fernandez De Quir [n|1874] Memoir Of ... Joseph Monnier, SM [b|1876] Oscar DUNN
(M: 1844 Feb 14 - 1885 Apr 15) (also wrote as: Charles de SOULANGES) Pourquoi Nous Sommes Français [n|Fr-1870] L'Union Des Partis Politiques Dans La Province De Québec [n|Fr-1874] Dix Ans De Journalisme [n|Fr-1876] Manuel De Dessin Industriel...Maîtres D'Écoles Primaires [n|Fr-1877] Lecture Pour Tous [n|Fr-1878] 13230 Glossaire Franco-Canadien Et Vocabulaire...Canada [n|Fr-1880] Une Disparition Mystérieuse (ps: Charles de SOULANGES) [Fr-1884] Rai Bahadur, Shoshee/Sasi Chunder/Chandra DUTT
(M: 1824 or 1825 - 1885 or 1886) (also wrote as: BURTON) Miscellaneous Verse [p|1848] A Vision Of Sumeru, And Other Poems [p|1878] Bengaliana: A Dish Of Rice And Curry [f|1880] The Great Wars Of India [1884] Half Hours With Nature [1884] The Wild Tribes Of India [1884] The Works Of Shoshee Chunder Dutt [6v|1884] Realities Of Indian Life [1885] The Young Zamindar [f|1885] Bangaliana: a dish of rice and curry [1892] José Antonio ECHEVERRÍA
(M: 1815 - 1885 Mar 11) (also wrote as: El ANTICUARIO; J A E; ECHEVERRÍA; El PEREGRINO; ZACARÍAS) Rev, Obadiah ECHOLS
(M: 1785 Dec 1 - ?) The Autobiography Of Rev Obadiah Echols... [a|1870] Preb, Charles Page EDEN
(M: 1807 Mar 13 - 1885 Dec 14) John David EDWARDS
(M: 1805 - 1885 Oct 24) Dr, William ELDER
(M: 1806 Jul 23 - 1885 Apr 5) R Periscopics; Or, Current Subjects Extemporaneously Treated [f|1854] R The Enchanted Beauty, And Other Tales, Essays & Sketches [s|1855] Biography Of Elisha Kent Kane [b|1857] The Doctrine And Policy Of Protection [n|1860] The Debt And Resources Of The United States [n|1863] How Our National Debt Can Be Paid [n|1865] A The Western States: Their Pursuits And Policy [n|1865] How The Western States Can Become The Imperial Power... [n|1865] The American Farmer's Markets At Home And Abroad [n|1870] A Short History Of A Long Fight [n|1871] A Questions Of The Day: Economic And Social [n|1871] A Memoir Of Henry C Carey [b|1880] Conversations On The Principal Subjects Of Political Economy [n|1882] Elleanor ELDRIDGE
(F: 1785 - ?) Memoirs Of Elleanor Eldridge [a|1838] Elleanor's Second Book... [a|1839] Henriqueta ELISA
(F: 1843 - 1885) Rev, Henry Thomas ELLACOMBE, ne ELLICOMBE
(M: 1790 - 1885 Jul 30) Practical Remarks On Belfries And Ringers [n|1850] The Church Bells Of Somerset [n|1875] The History Of The Parish Of Bitton In...Gloucester [n|1883] Rev, Joseph ELLIOTT
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