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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Diderik Maria AALL
(M: 1842 - 1889) Frederick Randolph ABBE
(M: 1827 - 1889) Asabel ABBOTT
(M: 1805 - 1889) Sir, Francis Ottiwell ADAMS
(M: 1825 or 1826 Oct 10 - 1889 Jul 20) The Swiss Confederation [n|1889] Frère, ADELBERTUS
(M: 1811 - 1889) I Nouvelle Géographie Illustrée...Puissance Du Canada [n|Fr-1875] I Géographie Du Cours Élémentaire Ou Inférieur [n|Fr-1873] August (Engelbrekt) AHLQVIST
(M: 1826 Aug 7 - 1889 Nov 20) 22122 Elias Lönnrot: Biografiskt Utkast [b|Sw-?] Charles Philip de AINSLIE
(M: 1808 Mar 18 - 1889 Mar 23) Octavia Victoria (nee)Rogers ALBERT
(F: 1853 Dec 24 - 1889 (wrongly 1890) Aug 19) T The House Of Bondage (w A E P ALBERT) [f|1890] James ALBERY
(M: 1838 May 4 - 1889 Aug 15) Where's The Cat? [d|1880] The Dramatic Works Of James Albery [2v|d|1939] Alphonse ALKAN
(M: 1809 - 1889) Prof, William ALLAN
(M: 1837 - 1889) A Notes On Rankine's Applied Mechanics [n|1873] A Theory Of Arches [n|1874/90] A Strength Of Beams Under Transverse Loads [n|1875] Nathan ALLEN
(M: 1813 Apr 13 - 1889) The Opium Trade [n|1853] Prof, William Francis ALLEN
(M: 1830 Sep 5 - 1889 Dec 9) T Slave Songs Of The United States [n|1867] A A Latin Reader (jt ed) [n|c1869] Samuel Austin ALLIBONE
(M: 1816 Apr 7 - 1889 Sep 2) A A Critical Dictionary Of English Literature...Authors [3v|n|1854-71] Explanatory Questions On The Gospels And The Acts [n|1869] Alphabetical Index To The New Testament [n|1869] Union Bible Companion (inc: Divine Origin...Holy Scriptures) [n|1871] A Poetical Quotations From Chaucer To Tennyson (ed) [n|1873] Prose Quotations From Socrates To Macaulay [n|1875] Great Authors Of All Ages [n|1879] William ALLINGHAM
(M: 1824 Mar 19 - 1889 Nov 18) Poems [p|1850] Ballad Book [p|1865] In Fairyland [p|1870] Day And Night Songs [p|1884] Rhymes For The Young Folk [p|1887] 16839 Sixteen Poems (ed W B YEATS) [p|1905] The Fairies [?] William Allingham, A Diary (ed Helen ALLINGHAM) [a|?] By The Way (ed Helen ALLINGHAM) [?] Manuel Antonio ALONSO (y PACHECO)
(M: 1822 Oct 6 - 1889 Nov 4) Michele AMARI
(M: 1806 - 1889) 29409 La Guerra Del Vespro Siciliano [?v|n|It-1843] Thomas Coffin AMORY
(M: 1812 Oct 16 - 1889 Aug 20) A Life Of James Sullivan [2v|b|1859] A The Military Services And Public Life Of Maj-Gen John Sullivan [b|1868] Old Cambridge And New [n|1871] A Our English Ancestors [n|1872] Transfer Of Erin; Or, The Acquisition Of Ireland By England [n|1877] William Blackstone, Boston's First Inhabitant [p|1877] Memoir Of John Wingate Thornton [b|1879] Memoir Of Hon Richard Sullivan [b|1885] The Life Of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, Baronet [b|1886] Class Memoir Of George Washington Warren... [b|1886] William Blaxton [b|1886] Charles River [p|1888] Siege Of Newport [p|1888] Charles Henry ANDERSON
(M: 1838 Aug 22 - 1889 Aug 25) William Robert ANKETELL
(M: 1820 Mar 31 - 1889 Mar 9) Ludwig ANZENGRUBER
(M: 1839 Nov 29 - 1889 Dec 10) Der Pfarrer Von Kirchfeld [d|Ge-1870] Der Meineidbauer [d|Ge-1871] Die Kreuzelschreiber [d|Ge-1872] 2189 Der G'wissenswurm [d|Ge-1874] Hand Und Herz [d|Ge-1875] Doppelselbstmord [d|Ge-1875] Der Schandfleck [f|Ge-1876] Das Vierte Gebot [d|Ge-1877] Wolken Und Sunn'schein [s|Ge-1888] Der Fleck Auf Der Ehr [d|Ge-1889] Lt, ARCHER
(M: ? - ?) Circumstantial Account Of The Wreck Of...'Pho=enix' [n|1809] James Henry (later)Lawrence ARCHER
(M: 1823 Jul 28 - 1889 Mar 14) Thomas ASHE
(M: 1836 Jun - 1889 Dec 18) Poems [p|1859] Dryope And Other Poems [p|1861] Pictures, And Other Poems [p|1865] The Sorrows Of Hypsipyle [p|1867] Edith; Or, Love And Life In Chesire [p|1873] Lecture And Notes On Shakspere [n|1883] Table Talk And Omniana [n|1884] Miscellanies, Aesthetic And Literary [n|1885] Poems [p|1885] Songs Of A Year [p|1888] Asher ASHER
(M: 1837 Feb 16 - 1889 Jan 7) (also wrote as: [ALIQUIS]) The Jewish Rite Of Circumcision [n|He-?] (tr) [1873] (Guillaume Victor) Émile AUGIER
(M: 1820 Sep 17 - 1889 Oct 25) La Cigue [d|Fr-1844] The Adventuress [d|Fr-1848] (tr ?) [1888] Gabrielle [d|Fr-1849] Monsieur Poirier's Son-In-Law [d|Fr-1854] (tr ?) [?] La Ceinture Doree [d|Fr-1855] The Marriage Of Olympe [Fr-1855] (tr ?) [1915] Les Effrontees [d|Fr-1861] Le Fils De Giboyer [d|Fr-1862] Maitre Guerin [d|Fr-1864] Lions Et Renards [d|Fr-1869] Paul Forestier [d|Fr-?] A Paul Forrester [d|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1871] Madame Caverlet [d|Fr-1876] Les Fourchambault [d|Fr-1878] Churchill BABINGTON
(M: 1821 Mar 11 - 1889 Jan 12) Prof, Antonio BACHILLER y MORALES
(M: 1812 Jun 7 - 1889 Jan 10) Antigüedades Americanas: Oficina Del Faro Industrial [Sp-1845] Prontuario De Agricultura Para El Uso De...Isla De Cuba [n|Sp-1856] Elementos De Filosofía Del Derecho O Curso De Derecho Natural [n|Sp-1857] Apuntes Para La Historia De Las Letras...En La Isla De Cuba [n|Sp-1859] Cuba Primitiva: Origen, Lenguas, Tradiciones E Historia... [n|Sp-1883] Cuba:...Pérdida De La Habana Hasta La Restauración Española [n|Sp-1883] William Johnson BACON
(M: 1803 - 1889) Peter Carpenter BAKER
(M: 1822 - 1889) European Recollections [n|1861] Franklin:...Before The New York Typographical Society [n|1865] Edward (Green) BALFOUR
(M: 1813 Sep 6 - 1889 Dec 8) Cholera:...In India Where Cholera Has Never Appeared... [n|1852] The Localities In India, Exempt From Cholera [n|1856] Cyclopædia Of India And Of Eastern And Southern Asia [n|1857/71] The Supplement To The Cyclopaedia Of India And Of Eastern...Asia [n|1858] The Timber Trees, Timber And Fancy Woods...India... [n|1862] Medical Hints To The People Of India [n|?/1876] John BALL
(M: 1818 Aug 20 - 1889 Oct 21) Guide To The Western Alps [n|1863] The Central Alps, Including The Bernese Oberland [n|1864] Guide To The Eastern Alps [n|1868] Journal Of A Tour In Marocco And The Great Atlas (w J D HOOKER) [n|1878] Notes Of A Naturalist In South America [n|1887] Hints And Notes, Practical And Scientific, For...The Alps [n|1899] Prof, Frederick Augustus Porter BARNARD
(M: 1809 May 5 - 1889 Apr 27) A Treatise On Arithmetic [n|1830] Observations On The Education Of The Deaf And Dumb [n|1834] No Just Cause For The Dissolution Of The Union... [n|1851] Art Culture [n|1854] Letters On College Government [e|1855] Universities In Their Relation To Popular Education [n|1857] Gratitude Due For National Blessings... [n|1857] A Letter To The Hon...Trustees Of The Uni Of Mississippi [n|1858] Letter To The President Of The United States [n|1863] Machinery And Processes Of The Industrial Arts [n|1869] Analysis Of Some Statistics Of Collegiate Education [n|1870] The Metric System Of Weights And Measures [n|1872] International Coinage [n|1874] Obligation Of The State...Education Of Its Citizens [n|1879] Mono-Metallism, Bi-Metallism And International Coinage [n|1879] Two Papers On Academic Degrees [e|1880] Should American Colleges Be Open To Women... [n|1882] Pyramid Metrology [n|1884] The Imaginary Metrological System Of...Gizeh [n|1884] Reform Needed In Manner Of Conducting Presidential... [n|1885] Balance For Determining Specific Gravities By Inspection [n|1888] Theory Of Magic Squares And Magic Cubes [n|1888] John BARR
(M: 1809 - 1889 Sep 18) Poems And Songs [p|1861/74] Richard BARRETT
(M: 1789 - ?) Michael Joseph BARRY
(M: 1817 - 1889 Jan 23) A Waterloo Commemoration [?] Echoes From Parnassus [?] Lays Of The War [?] Six Songs Of A Beranger [?] Heinrich And Leonore, An Alpine Story [?] Ireland, As She Was, As She Is, And As She Shall Be [?] Irish Emigration Considered [?] Songs Of Ireland (jt ed) [?] Charles Spence BATE
(M: 1819 Mar 16 - 1889 Jul 29) John Frederic La Trobe BATEMAN
(M: 1810 May 30 - 1889 Jun 10) Robert BAXTER
(M: 1802 - 1889 Oct 8) Edward BAYARD
(M: 1806 - 1889) Prof, Samuel BEAL
(M: 1825 Nov 27 - 1889 Aug 20) Mayor, William BEAMONT
(M: 1797 - 1889 Jun 6) Winwick: Its History And Antiquities [n|1879] Walks About Warrington...Beginning Of The Present Century [n|1887] Charles BEAUMONT
(M: 1820 Nov 3 - 1889 Sep 2) Genealogies Des Familles Des La Beauce [b|Fr-1905] Genealogies Des Familles De La Côte De Beaupré [b|Fr-1912] Philip BECK
(M: 1854 - 1889 Dec 24) Miles Joseph BERKELEY
(M: 1803 Apr 1 - 1889 Jul 30) George Phillips BEVAN
(M: 1830 Aug 13 - 1889 Aug 3) Washington Irving BISHOP
(M: 1856 - 1889 May 13) Fredrik BJÖRNSTRÖM
(M: 1833 - 1889) Edward Litt Leman BLANCHARD
(M: 1820 Dec 11 - 1889 Sep 4) Adams's Illustrated Descriptive Guide To The Watering-Places... [n|1848/51/55] Adams's Pocket London Guide Book [n|1851] Adams's Descriptive Guide To The Channel Islands... [n|1859] Bradshaw's Guide Through London... [n|1860] A Handy Book On Dinners [n|1860] Temple Bar [f|?] A Man Without Destiny [f|?] Curé, Louis-Édouard BOIS
(M: 1813 Sep 11 - 1889 Sep) I Études Et...Noël Brûlart De Sillery (w J B A FERLAND) [b|Fr-1855] I Le Colonel Dambourgès [b|Fr-1866] I Notice Sur M Jos O Leprohon, Archiprêtre... [b|Fr-1870] I Le Juge A Mabane: Étude Historique [b|Fr-1881] Paul David Gustav du BOIS-REYMOND
(M: 1831 Dec 2 - 1889 Apr 7) Fr, Jean-Baptiste Zacharie BOLDUC
(M: 1818 Nov 30 - 1889 May 8) I Mission De La Colombie, Lettre Et Journal... [n|Fr-1843] I Mission De La Colombie, Deuxième Lettre Et Journal... [n|Fr-1843] Horatius BONAR
(M: 1808 Dec 19 - 1889 Jul 31) A Stranger Here:...One To Whom To Live Was Christ... [n|1853] TC God's Way Of Peace: A Book For The Anxious [n|c1861] I British Children In Canadian Homes (w Ellen Agnes BILBROUGH) [n|1879] C The Rent Veil [n|?] & God's Way Of Holiness [n|?] & The Everlasting Righteousness [n|?] & Follow The Lamb [n|?] Mary Louise BOOTH
(F: 1831 Apr 19 - 1889 Mar 5) Joseph Firth BOTTOMLEY-FIRTH
(M: 1841 Feb 21 - 1889 Sep 3) Jean Antoine BOUTHILLIER
(M: ? - ?) I Traité D'Arithmétique Pour L'Usage Des Écoles [n|Fr-1809] George Meares Countess BOWEN
(M: 1803 Jan 14 - 1889 Sep 1) (also wrote as: APOSYNAGOGOS) The Language Of Theology Interpreted, In A Series Of...Lectures [e|1836] Modern Parables; Or, The Voices Of Revelation... (ps: APOSYNAGOGOS) [n|?] Rev, John Cox BOYCE
(M: 1827 - 1889 Aug 21) The House Of Percival [f|1871] Frost And Thaw [f|1873] Rev, William Binnington BOYCE
(M: 1803 or 1804 Nov 9 - 1889 Mar 8) (also wrote as: W B B; His Oldest Surviving FRIEND) A Grammar Of The Kafir Language [n|1834] Contemplation Of The Holy Scriptures [n|1834] Notes On South African Affairs From 1834 To 1838 [n|1838] A Grammar Of The Kafir Language (2e w William Jafferd DAVIS) [n|1844] Statistics Of Protestant Missionary Societies, 1872-3 (ps: W B B) [n|1874] Six Lectures Upon The Old Testament [e|1878] The Higher Criticism And The Bible [n|1881] Introduction To The Study Of History [n|1884] Rev, Edward BRADLEY
(M: 1827 Mar 25 - 1889 Dec 12) (wrote as: Cuthbert BEDE) 4644 The Adventures Of Mr Verdant Green, An Oxford Freshman [f|1853-57] Nearer And Dearer: A Tale Out Of School [f|1858] Fairy Fables [s|1858] The White Wife [s|1868] Little Mr Bouncer And His Friend, Verdant Green [f|?] John BRAGG
(M: 1821 - 1889) Sonnets And Short Poems (1st series) [p|1883] Sonnets And Short Poems (2nd series) [p|1890] William Pratt BREED
(M: 1816 - 1889) A Anthropos [1865] Prof, August BREISKY
(M: 1832 Mar 25 - 1889 May 25) Über Den Einfluss Der Kyphose Auf Die Beckengestalt [n|Ge-1865] John BRIGHT
(M: 1811 Nov 16 - 1889 Mar 27) Speeches On Parliamentary Reform By John Bright, MP [e|1866] 7080 Speeches On Questions Of Public Policy (ed J E T ROGERS) [2v|e|1868] Public Addresses (ed J E Thorold ROGERS) [e|1879] Public Letters Of The Right Hon John Bright, MP (ed H J LEECH) [a|1885] I Women's Disabilities Removal Bill [n|1889] The Diaries Of John Bright (ed R A J WALLING) [a|1930] Henry William BRISTOW
(M: 1817 May 17 - 1889 Jun 14) John BROCKLESBY
(M: 1811 - 1889) * The Amateur Microscopist; Or, Views Of The Microscopic World [n|1851] John Edward BROMBY
(M: 1809 May 23 - 1889 Mar 4) Sermons An The Earlier Chapters Of Genesis [e|1880] Justin McCarty BROWNE
(M: 1830 Aug 30 - 1889 Jul 21) Robert BROWNING
(M: 1812 May 7 - 1889 Dec 12) Pauline: A Fragment Of A Confession (anon) [1833] Paracelsus [1835] k Strafford: An Historical Tragedy [d|pub:1837] Sordello [1840] Bells And Pomegranates [8v|1841-46] 2880 A Blot In The 'Scutcheon [d|1843] Poems [2v|p|1849] 6670 Christmas-Eve And Easter-Day [1850] 17393 Men And Women [2v|1855] * Dramatis Personae [1864] The Poetical Works Of Robert Browning [6v|p|1868] # D The Ring And The Book [4v|p|1868-69] Balaustion's Adventure, Including A Transcript From Euripides [1871] Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, Saviour Of Society [1871] Fifine At The Fair [1872] * Red Cotton Night-Cap Country; Or, Turf And Towers [1873] Aristophanes' Apology, Including A Transcript From Euripides [1875] * The Inn Album [1875] * Pacchiarotto And How He Worked In Distemper, With Other Poems [p|1876] La Saisiaz, And The Two Poets Of Croisic [1878] * Dramatic Idyls (1st series) [1879] Dramatic Idyls (2nd series) [1880] Jocoseria [1883] * Ferishtah's Fancies [1884] * Parleyings With Certain People Of Importance In Their Day [1887] * Asolando, Fancies And Facts, With A List Of Poems & Plays [1890] * The Complete Poetic And Dramatic Works Of Robert Browning [p|1895] Dramatic Lyrics [The Poetical Works Of Robert Browning] [p|1896] 16182 The Letters Of Robert Browning... (ed R W B BROWNING) [2v|a|1899] 16376 Browning's Shorter Poems (ed Franklin T BAKER) [p|1899/1917] * In A Balcony [1902] 28041 Selections From The Poems And Plays (ed Myra REYNOLDS) [p|1909] Twenty-Two Unpublished Letters Of Elizabeth Barrett Browning... [a|1935] 4253 Dramatic Romances [?] 18343,& The Pied Piper Of Hamelin [?] Joseph Goldsborough BRUFF
(M: 1804 - 1889) Gold Rush [1944] Oliver Joseph BURKE
(M: 1825 - 1889 Mar 4) James Dawson BURN
(M: c1801 - c1889) Three Years Among The Working-Classes In The US During The War [n|1865] The Autobiography Of A Beggar Boy [?] Prof, George Henry CALVERT
(M: 1803 Jan 2 - 1889 May 24) (also wrote as: An AMERICAN) Illustrations Of Phrenology [e|1832] A Volume From The Life Of Herbert Barclay [f|1833] A Summary Of Phrenology...The Bust Approved By Dr Spurzheim [n|1833] A Lecture On German Literature... [n|1836] Count Julian [1840] Cabiro [2v|p|1840-60] Miscellany Of Verse And Prose [p|1840] Scenes And Thoughts In Europe (1st series) (ps: An AMERICAN) [n|1846] Poems [p|1847] Scenes And Thoughts In Europe (2nd series) (ps: An AMERICAN) [n|1852] Oration On The Occasion...Anniversary Of The Battle Of Lake Erie [n|1853] Introduction To Social Science: A Discourse In Three Parts [n|1856] Comedies [1856] Joan Of Arc [p|1860] The Gentleman [1863] Arnold And André [d|pub:1864] Anyta And Other Poems [p|1866] First Years In Europe [n|1866] Ellen: A Poem For The Times [p|1867] Goethe: His Life And Works [b|1872] Mirabeau [d|pub:1873] The Maid Of Orleans [d|pub:1873] Brief Essays And Brevities [e|1874] 12896 Essays Æsthetical [e|1875] A Nation's Birth And Other National Poems [p|1876] The Life Of Rubens [b|1876] Charlotte Von Stein [b|1877] Wordsworth: A Biographic Æsthetic Study [b|1878] Shakespeare: A Biographic Æsthetic Study [b|1879] Count Rudolf [d|pub:1879] Coleridge, Shelley, Goethe: Biographic Æsthetic Studies [b|1880] Life, Death, And Other Poems [p|1882] Angeline [p|1883] Threescore, And Other Poems [p|1883] Sibyl [p|1883] The Nazarene [p|1883] Brangonar [d|pub:1883] Talk About Shakespeare [n|1886] John Archibald CAMPBELL
(M: 1811 - 1889) T Recollections Of The Evacuation Of Richmond, April 2d 1865 [a|1880] Rev, John Moore CAPES
(M: 1812 Aug 19 - 1889 Jan 14) The Mosaic-Worker's Daughter [f|1868] The Buckhurst Volunteers [f|1869] (Estelle) Zulma CARRAUD, nee TOURANGIN-COURANT
(F: 1796 Mar 24 - 1889 Apr 24) 18715 La Petite Jeanne; Ou, Le Devoir [Fr-1852] 15626 Contes Et Historiettes A L'Usage Des Jeunes Enfants... [Fr-1853] Maurice; Ou, Le Travail [Fr-1853] Lettres De Famille; Ou, Modèles De Style Épistolaire... [n|Fr-1855] Les Métamorphoses D'Une Goutte D'Eau [Fr-1864] Historiettes Véritables Pour Les Enfants De Quatre À Huit Ans [Fr-1864] Une Servante D'Autrefois [Fr-1866] Le Livre Des Jeunes Filles, Simple Correspondance [n|Fr-1867] Les Veillées De Maître Patrigeon... [Fr-1868] Les Goûters De La Grand-mère [Fr-1868] Renier Hubert Ghislain CHALON
(M: 1802 - 1889) Catalogue D'Une Trés-Riche Mais Peu Nombreuse...Livres [Fr-?] The Fortsas Hoax [Fr-?] (tr William BLADES) [?] Elizabeth CHAMBERLAINE, Mrs VON HOFF
(F: ? - before 1890) Thomas King CHAMBERS
(M: 1818 Oct 16 - 1889 Aug 15) Joseph CHAMPION
(M: ? - ?) A New And Practical Sett Of Engrossing Copies In Single Lines [n|1809] Henry William CHANDLER
(M: 1828 Jan 31 - 1889 May 16) * Remarks On The Practice And Policy Of Lending Bodleian... [n|?] Peleg Whitman CHANDLER
(M: 1816 - 1889) Memoir Of Governor Andrew, With Personal Reminiscences [b|1880] Harriet Vaughan CHENEY, nee FOSTER
(F: 1796 - 1889) (also wrote as: AUTHOR of Divers Unfinished Manuscripts) A Peep At The Pilgrims In Sixteen Hundred Thirty Six (ps:...) [f|1824] 17351,I The Rivals Of Acadia: An Old Story Of The New World (anon) [f|1827] Nikolai CHERNISHEVSKY / CHERNYSHEVSKY
(M: 1828 - 1889) Prof, Michel Eugène CHEVREUL
(M: 1786 Aug 31 - 1889 Apr 8) Recherches Chimiques Sur Les Corps Gras D'Origine Animale [n|Fr-1823] Leçons De Chimie Appliquée À La Teinture [n|Fr-1830] De La Loi Du Contraste Simultané Des Couleurs [n|Fr-1839] The Principles Of Harmony...Colors [n|Fr-1839] (tr Ch MARTEL) [1854] De La Baguette Divinatoire, Et Des Tables Tournantes [n|Fr-1864] Histoire Des Connaissances Chimiques [n|Fr-1866] De La Méthode A Posteriori Expérimentale... [n|Fr-1870] Oeuvres Scientifiques De Michel-Eugène Chevreul [e|Fr-1886] Edward Richard CHRISTIE
(M: c1858 - 1889 Apr 19) Rev, Samuel Woodcock CHRISTOPHERS
(M: 1810 Apr 25 - 1889 Aug 14) Rufus CLARK
(M: 1819 - 1889) Early History Of The South Ridge [n|1980] George Rochfort CLARKE
(M: 1801 - 1889 Sep 29) Frederick E CLAY
(M: 1838 Aug 3 - 1889 Nov 24) Langdon COLBORNE
(M: 1835 Sep 15 - 1889 Sep 16) Rev, William Morris COLLES
(M: c1819 - 1889 Feb 1) Sisters Of Mercy, Sisters Of Misery [n|1852] Romanism Refuted [n|1855] The Great Question Answered [n|1855] 'Called, And Chosen, And Faithful' [n|1870] (William) Wilkie COLLINS
(M: 1824 Jan 8 - 1889 Sep 23) Memoirs Of The Life Of William Collins, Esq, RA [b|1848] 3606,#,&Antonina; Or, The Fall Of Rome [f|1851] 4605 Basil (aka: The Crossed Path) [f|1852] & Mr Wray's Cash Box (US: The Stolen Mask) [f|1852] 7893,& Hide And Seek; Or, The Mystery Of Mary Grice [f|1854] 1626,& After Dark [s|1856] The Dead Secret [f|1857] 1917,& The Queen Of Hearts [s|1859] 583,DQX The Woman In White [f|(1859-60)/1860] 28367 Rambles Beyond Railways; Or, Notes In Cornwall Taken A-foot [n|1861] 1438 No Name [f|1862] My Miscellanies [s|1862] T The Stolen Mask; Or, The Mysterious Cash-Box [f|1864] 1895,& Armadale [f|1866] No Thoroughfare (w Charles DICKENS) [d|pub:1867] 155,DQ The Moonstone [f|1868] 1586,& Man And Wife [f|1870] 3632,& Poor Miss Finch: A Domestic Story [f|1872] 1623,& The New Magdalen [f|1873] 1625 The Frozen Deep, And Other Stories [s|1874] 7891 The Dead Alive [1874] Alicia Warlock [s|1875] 1621 Miss Or Mrs? [s|1875] 1622 The Law And The Lady [f|1875] 1624,& The Two Destinies [f|1876] 1588 A Rogue's Life: From His Birth To His Marriage [f|1879] 1630 Little Novels [s|1879] 7894 The Fallen Leaves [f|1879] 170 The Haunted Hotel: A Mystery Of Modern Venice [f|1879] 3633 Jezebel's Daughter [f|1880] 1587 The Black Robe [f|1881] 7892,& Heart And Science: A Story Of The Present Time [f|1883] 1629,& I Say 'No'; Or, The Love-Letter Answered [f|1884] The Ghost's Touch And Other Stories [s|1885] 1627 The Evil Genius [f|1886] 3634,& The Guilty River [f|1886] 1630,& Little Novels [s|1887] 1975,& The Legacy Of Cain [f|1889] 7890,& Blind Love (w Walter BESANT) [f|1889] 1406 Perils Of Certain English Prisoners (w Charles DICKENS) [f|1923] Percy And The Prophet [f|1924] 1423 No Thoroughfare (w Charles DICKENS) [f|?] 1465 The Wreck Of The Golden Mary (w Charles DICKENS) [f|?] 1628 My Lady's Money [f|?] 2006 A Fair Penitent [f|?] The Lighthouse [d|?] Rev, Frederick William Portlock COLLISON
(M: 1814 May 22 - 1889 Jun 21) Rev, John COMPSTON
(M: 1828 Jan 9 - 1889 Apr 21) Alexandre da CONCEIÇÃO
(M: 1842 - 1889) Francis Roubiliac CONDER
(M: 1815 - 1889 Dec 18) (wrote as: A Civil ENGINEER) Personal Recollections Of English Engineers [b|1868] Eliza COOK
(F: 1817 or 1818 Dec 24 - 1889 Sep 23) Complete Collected Poems [p|1870] 29732 The Old Arm-Chair [p|1886] Canon, Frederick Charles COOK
(M: c1804 - 1889 Jun 22) Edward COOPER
(M: ? - ?) Practical And Familiar Sermons [e|1809] Two Sermons Preached At Wolverhampton [e|1816] Frederick William COSENS
(M: 1819 - 1889 Dec 10) (also wrote as: [F W C]) Thomas Daniel COWDELL
(M: ? - ?) The Nova Scotia Minstrel [p|1809/?/17] A Poetical Account Of The American Campaigns... (anon) [p|1815] Rep, Samuel Sullivan COX, aka 'Sunset' COX
(M: 1824 Sep 30 - 1889 Sep 10) Three Decades Of Federal Legislation, 1855 To 1885 [a|1886] A Eight Years In Congress, From 1857 To 1865 [n|?] John Gregory CRACE
(M: 1809 - 1889 Aug 13) John Kershaw CRAIG
(M: 1801 - 1889 Sep 17) James Coutts CRAWFORD
(M: 1817 Jan 19 - 1889 Apr 8) David Goodman CROLY
(M: 1829 Nov 3 - 1889 Apr 29) Miscegenation [1864] Primer Of Positivism [n|1871] Frederick CROMBIE
(M: c1826 - 1889 Jun 19) Sarah CROMPTON
(F: 1802 - 1889 May 13) Thomas Francis CROSSE
(M: 1819 Feb 12 - 1889 Jan 8) John Thomas CROSSLEY
(M: 1800 - 1889 Apr 29) Edward Micklethwaite CURR
(M: 1820 Dec 25 - 1889 Aug 3) (also wrote as: E M C) Pure Saddle Horses [n|1863] An Essay On Scab In Sheep [n|1865] Recollections Of Squatting In Victoria [n|1883] The Australian Race: Its Origins, Languages, Customs [4v|n|1886-87] Frivolities (ps: E M C) [p|?] Francis CUTHBERTSON
(M: 1833 Dec 3 - 1889 Dec 1) John Call DALTON
(M: 1825 - 1889) John Call Dalton, MD, USV [a|1892] Robert DAMON
(M: 1814 - 1889 May 4) Henry John DANIEL
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