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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Benjamin Vaughan ABBOTT
(M: 1830 Jun 4 - 1890 Feb 17) (also wrote as: BENAULEY (2)) Reports Of Decisions Of Circuit And District Courts...US [2v|n|1870-71] A Digest Of Decisions On Corporations From 1860 To 1870 [n|1872] A Treatise On The Courts Of The US And Their Practice [2v|n|1877] Dictionary Of Terms In American And English Jurisprudence [2v|n|1879] Judge And Jury [e|1880] Traveling Law School And Famous Trials [n|1880] National Digest [4v|n|1884-85] The Patent Laws Of All Nations [n|1886] ABD ALLAH FIKRI
(M: 1834 - 1890) Austin ADAMS
(M: 1826 - 1890) A Classical Learning As An Element Of Modern Scholarship [n|1867] Charles ADAMS
(M: 1808 - 1890) A Women Of The Bible [n|1851] Rev, Francis Holland ADDAMS
(M: 1826 - 1890 Jan 3) Rabbi, Nathan Marcus ADLER
(M: 1803 Jan 15 - 1890 Jan 21) John AGG
(M: ? - ?) Mac Dermot [f|1810] The Royal Sufferer [f|1810] Edwy and Elgiva [f|1811] A Month In Town [f|1814] A Month At Brussels [f|1815] Eighteen Hundred And Fifteen [f|1816] The Pavilion [f|1817] Pietro Paulo AGIUS
(M: 1837 Jun 30 - 1890 Apr 16) Ann Eliza ALBY, nee DOW
(F: 1790 - ?) Life, Adventures [a|?] Vasile ALECSANDRI
(M: 1821 - 1890) George William ALEXANDER
(M: 1802 - 1890 Nov 24) Patrick ALLAN-FRASER, ne ALLAN
(M: 1813 - 1890 Aug 17) John H ALLEN
(M: 1836 - 1890) Joseph Henry ALLEN
(M: 1820 Aug 21 - 1890 Mar 20) Ten Discourses On Orthodoxy [n|1849] Memoirs Of The Rev Hiram Withington [b|1852] Manual Of Devotion [n|1852] Hebrew Men And Times [n|1861] A A Latin Reader (jt ed) [n|c1869] A Latin Composition: An Elementary Guide To Writing In Latin [n|1875] Christian History In Three Great Periods [3v|n|1880-82] Our Liberal Movement In Theology [n|1882] Historical Sketch Of The Unitarian Movement Since The Reformation [n|1894] & Allen And Greenough's New Latin Grammar... (w J B GREENOUGH) [n|1903] Lewis Falley ALLEN
(M: 1800 - 1890) 19998 Rural Architecture [n|1852] Rev, Thomas G ALLEN
(M: c1790 - ?) Memoir Of The Rev Benjamin Allen, By His Brother [b|1832] Richard Hopkins ALLNATT
(M: 1803 - 1890 Jan 7) Amant Louis AMAGAT
(M: 1847 - 1890) Baron, Joachim (Marie Jean Jacques Alexandre Jules) AMBERT
(M: 1804 Feb 8 - 1890 Mar 31) Duplessis Mornay; Ou, Études Historiques Et Politiques... [n|Fr-1848] Rev, William Henry ANDERTON
(M: 1816 Dec 26 - 1890 Jul 28) João de ANDRADE CORVO
(M: 1824 - 1890) 28414 Theatro De João D'Andrade Corvo, I: O Alliciador; O Astrologo [d|Pt-1859] Capt, Robert W ANDREWS
(M: 1790 - ?) The Life And Adventures Of Captain...Of Sumter, North Carolina [a|1887] Elizabeth Haven APPLETON {US}
(F: 1815 Oct 16 - 1890 Nov 15) In Memory Of Elizabeth Haven Appleton [e|1891] George ARDEN
(M: 1818 - 1890 Dec 25) José ARENALES
(M: c1790 - ?) Noticias Historicas Y Descriptivas Sobre El Gran Pals... [n|Sp-?] Arabella ARGUS (ps)
(F: ? - ?) The Juvenile Spectator [1810] The Adventures Of A Donkey [f|1815] Ostentation And Liberality [f|1820] Further Adventures Of Jemmy Donkey [f|1821] Thomas Rhodes ARMITAGE
(M: 1824 - 1890 Oct 23) Benjamin John ARMSTRONG
(M: c1817 - 1890 Dec 20) Henry George ATKINSON
(M: 1812 - c1890) Letters On The Laws Of Man's Nature And Development (w H MARTINEAU) [n|1851] William Parsons ATKINSON
(M: 1820 - 1890) A Books And Reading [n|1860] Napoléon AUBIN
(M: 1812 - 1890 Jun 12) Olympe AUDOUARD
(F: 1830 - 1890) Rev, Giles Bushnell AVERY
(M: 1815 - 1890) Autobiography [a|1891] Edward Colborne BABER
(M: 1843 Apr 30 - 1890 Jun 16) Rev, John BAILLIE
(M: 1816 Aug 23 - 1890 Jun 17) A A Memoir Of Captn W T Bate, R N [b|?] Alexander Dundas Ross Wishart BAILLIE-COCHRANE, 1st Baron LAMINGTON
(M: 1816 Nov 27 - 1890 Feb 15) Sir, Edward BAINES
(M: 1800 May 28 - 1890 Mar 2) A Companion To The Lakes Of Cumberland, Westmoreland... [n|1829] History Of The Cotton Manufacture [n|1835] The Social, Educational...State Of The Manufacturing Districts [n|1843] A Visit To The Vaudois Of Piedmont [n|1855] Benjamin A BAKER
(M: 1818 Apr 4 - 1890 Sep 6) A Glance At New York [d|1848] Rev, Adin BALLOU
(M: 1803 Apr 23 - 1890 Aug 5) Practical Christian Socialism [n|1854] Primitive Christianity And Its Corruptions [n|1870] Autobiography [a|1896] Joseph Sugar BALY
(M: 1817 - 1890 Mar 27) Inácio de Vilhena BARBOSA
(M: 1811 - 1890) Peter William BARLOW
(M: 1847 - 1890 Apr) George BARNARD
(M: c1807 - 1890 Sep 29) John BARNETT
(M: 1802 Jul 15 - 1890 Apr 17) A BARRISTER (ps)
(M: ? - ?) A Constitutional Critique On The Doctrine & Law [n|c1810] William Edward BAXTER
(M: 1825 Jun 24 - 1890 Aug 10) Rev, Arthur BEARD
(M: c1824 - 1890 Aug 3) Lady, Diana BELCHER, nee JOLIFFE
(F: c1805 - 1890 May 1) William BELL
(M: ? - ?) Descriptive Guide To The Stream Of Time [n|1810] August BELMONT
(M: 1816 - 1890) Adolphe BELOT
(M: 1829 Nov 6 - 1890 Dec 17) La Vénus De Gordes [d|Fr-1876] A Parisian Sultana [f|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1879] Une Affolée D'Amour [Fr-1894] Francis BENNOCH
(M: 1812 Jun 25 - 1890 Jun 28) Mary Eleanor BENSON
(F: 1863 Oct 10 - 1890 Oct 27) At Sundry Times And In Divers Manners [f|1891] José Ramón BETANCOURT
(M: 1823 Jul 6 - 1890) Una Feria De La Caridad En 183... [f|Sp-(1841)/58] Thomas Plantagenet BIGG-WITHER
(M: 1845 Oct 8 - 1890 Jul 19) Pioneering In South Brazil [2v|n|1878] John BISHOP
(M: 1818 Jul 31 - 1890 Feb 3) Half Hours At The Organ (ed) [m|1863] William BLADES
(M: 1824 Dec 5 - 1890 Apr 28) The Life/Biography And Typography Of William Caxton... [b|1861] A Catalogue Of Books Printed By...William Caxton [n|1865] A List Of Medals...In Connection With Printers... [n|1869] Shakespeare And Typography [n|1872] A Guide To...Loan Collection Of The Caxton Celebration... [n|1877] 1302 The Enemies Of Books [n|1880/88] Numismata Typographica [n|1883] An Account Of The German Morality Play [n|1885] On...Who Was The Inventor Of Printing? [n|1887] The Use And Development Of Signatures In Books [n|1890] The Pentateuch Of Printing, With A Chapter On Judges [n|1891] Books In Chains, And Other Bibliographical Papers [n|1892] Some Account Of The Typography Of St Alban's... [n|?] Henry BLECKLY
(M: 1812 Oct - 1890 Jan 24) Caroline BOADEN
(F: c1790 - after 1839) William Thompson; Or, Which Is He? [d|pub:1829] Fatality [d|pub:1829] The First Of April [d|pub:1830] Don Pedro The Cruel And Don Manuel The Cobbler! [d|pub:1838] Catherine BOOTH, nee MUMFORD
(F: 1829 Jan 7 - 1890 Oct 4) V Female Ministry; Or, Woman's Right To Preach The Gospel [n|1859] V Female Teaching; Or, The Rev A A Rees Versus Mrs Palmer [n|1861] V Papers On Practical Religion [e|1879] V Papers On Aggressive Christianity [e|1883] I Aggressive Christianity: Practical Sermons [e|c1883] The Salvation Army In Relation To The Church And State [n|1883] V The Iniquity Of State Regulated Vice [n|1884] 6669,I Godliness [e|1884] I The Holy Ghost [n|c1885] V Popular Christianity [e|1887/88] Edward Thomas BOOTH
(M: c1842 - 1890 Feb 8) Elias Cornelius BOUDINOT
(M: 1835 - 1890 Sep 27) Reply Of The Southern Cherokees (w William Penn ADAIR) [n|1866] Dionysius Lardner BOURSIQUOT
(M: 1820 (or 1822) Dec 26 (or 20) - 1890 Sep 18 (or 19)) (wrote as: Dion BOUCICAULT) London Assurance [d|1841] Old Heads And Young Hearts [d|1844] Used Up [d|1844] Don Caesar De Bazan [d|1844] The Corsican Brothers [d|1852] Faust And Marguerite [d|1854] Louis XI [d|1855] The Poor Of New York [d|1857] & The Octoroon; Or, Life In Louisiana [d|1859] The Colleen Bawn [d|1860] Arrah-Na-Pogue [d|1864] Rip Van Winkle (w Joseph JEFFERSON) [d|1865] The Long Strike [d|1866] London By Night (w others) [d|1868] 3702 Foul Play (w Charles READE) [f|1869] The Shaughraun [d|1874] The O'Dowd [d|1880] The Art Of Acting [1917] & Railway Economy [?] Francis BOWEN
(M: 1811 Sep 8 - 1890 Jan 21) 24648 A Theory Of Creation (anon) [n|1845] A Principles Of...Science Applied To...Religion [n|1855] Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste BOYARD
(M: 1790 - ?) g La Bourse Et Ses Spéculations... [Fr-?] William Waters BOYCE
(M: 1818 Oct 24 - 1890 Feb 3) Admission Of Kansas [n|1858] Mary Louisa BOYLE
(F: 1810 Nov 2 - 1890 Apr 7) The State Prisoner: A Tale Of The French Regency [f|1837] The Forester: A Tale Of 1688 [f|1839] Charles Booth BRACKENBURY
(M: 1831 Nov 7 - 1890 Jun 20) George Partridge BRADFORD
(M: 1807 Feb 16 - 1890 Jan 26) Boyrereau BRINCH, aka Jeffrey BRACE
(M: ? - ?) T The Blind African Slave; Or, Memoirs Of Boyrereau Brinch [a|1810] Frederick BRINE
(M: 1829 Jun 6 - 1890 May 30) Albert BRISBANE
(M: 1809 Aug 22 - 1890 May 1) Social Destiny Of Man [n|1840] General Introduction To Social Science [n|1876] Albert Brisbane: A Mental Biography... [a|1893] William BROCKIE
(M: 1811 Mar 1 - 1890 Oct 20) William BROSS
(M: 1813 - 1890) Banking [n|1852] Address Before The Mechanics Institute [n|1853] The Rail-Roads, History And Commerce Of Chicago [n|1854] ...Resources Of The Far West... [n|1866] A America As A Field For...The Christian Scholar [n|1866] History Of Chicago [n|1876] Immortality [n|1877] Biographical Sketch Of The Late Gen B J Sweet... [b|1878] Chicago And The Sources Of Her Past And Future Growth [n|1880] Illinois And The Thirteenth Amendment... [n|1884] Legend Of The Delaware [n|1887] George William BROWN
(M: 1812 - 1890) * Baltimore And The Nineteenth Of April, 1861: A Study...War [n|1887] Rev, James BROWN
(M: 1834 - 1890 Nov 8) The Life Of A Scottish Probationer [Thomas Davidson] [b|1877] Life Of John Eadie, DD, LLD [b|1878] Life Of William B Robertson, DD, Of Irvine [b|1888] Rev, Marcus Blake BROWNRIGG
(M: 1835 Jul 23 - 1890 Jul 31) The Cruise Of The Freak [n|1872] Daniel Harmon BRUSH {US}
(M: 1813 - 1890) ...Growing Up With Southern Illinois, 1820-1861 (ed M M QUAIFE) [a|1944] Oliver Bell BUNCE
(M: 1828 Feb 8 - 1890 May 15) 15519 Love In '76: An Incident Of The Revolution [d|1857] The Morning Of Life [d|1848] Marco Bozzaris [d|1850] R A Bachelor's Story [f|1859] R Life Before Him [f|1860] R Bensley: A Story Of To-day [f|1863] The Opinions And Disputations Of Bachelor Bluff [e|1881] George BURNETT
(M: 1822 Mar 9 - 1890 Jan 23) Maj, Thomas Seymour BURT
(M: 1805 - 1890 Mar 8) (also wrote as: Koi HAI) Miscellaneous Papers On Scientific Subjects...India [3v|e|1837-68] Narrative Of A Late Steam Voyage From England To India [n|1840] Account Of An Excursion In...Ancient Inscriptions...India [n|1847] A Metrical Epitome Of The History Of England... [n|1852] Poems Consisting Of Tales From The Classics (ps: Koi HAI) [p|1853] Account Of A Voyage To India, Via The Mediterranean [n|1859] The History Of England, From The Earliest Records... [n|1886] Sir, Richard Francis BURTON
(M: 1821 Mar 19 - 1890 Oct 20) (also wrote as: Haji Abdu AL-YAZDI; Frank BAKER; A E I; F R G S) Goa, And The Blue Mountains; Or, Six Months Of Sick Leave [n|1851] Scinde; Or, The Unhappy Valley [2v|n|1851] Sindh, And The Races That Inhabit The Valley Of The Indus [n|1851] Falconry In The Valley Of The Indus [n|1852] A Complete System Of Bayonet Exercise [n|1853] 4658 Personal Narrative Of A Pilgrimage To El Medina & Mecca [3v|n|1855] 6886 First Footsteps In East Africa; Or, An Exploration Of Harar [n|1856] The Lake Regions Of Central Africa: A Picture Of Exploration [n|1860] The Lake Regions Of Central Equatorial Africa [n|1860] A City Of The Saints & Across The Rocky Mountains To California [n|1861] Abeokuta And The Camaroons Mountains [n|1863] Wanderings In West Africa From Liverpool... (ps: F R G S) [n|1863] A Mission To Gelele, King Of Dahome [2v|n|1864] The Nile Basin, v1: Showing Tanganyika To Be Ptolemy's... [n|1864] The Guide-Book: A Pictorial Pilgrimage To Mecca And Medina [n|1865] Stone Talk (ps: Frank BAKER) [1865] * Wit And Wisdom From West Africa (ed) [n|1865] Explorations Of The Highlands Of The Brazil [2v|n|1869] Letters From The Battle-Fields Of Paraguay [n|1870] 2400 Vikram And The Vampire [?-?] (tr) [1870] Proverbia Communia Syriaca [n|1871] Unexplored Syria: Visits To The Libanus, The Tull El Saf... [2v|n|1872] Zanzibar: City, Island, And Coast [2v|n|1872] * Ultima Thule; Or, A Summer In Iceland [2v|n|1875] & A New System Of Sword Exercise For Infantry [n|1876] Etruscan Bologna [n|1876] 5760 Two Trips To Gorilla Land And The Cataracts Of The Congo [2v|n|1876] Scind Revisited, With Notices Of The Anglo-Indian Army [2v|n|1877] The Gold-Mines Of Midian And The Ruined Midianite Cities [n|1878] 7111 The Land Of Midian (Revisited) [2v|n|1879] The Ogham-Runes And El-Mushajjar [n|1879] Correspondence With His Excellency Riaz Pasha Upon...Midian [n|1880] 6036,& The Kasidah Of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi (ps: Haji Abdu AL-YAZDI) [p|1880] Report On Two Expeditions To Midian [n|1880] Report Upon The Minerals Of Midian [n|1880] Camoens: His Life And His Lusiads [2v|b|1881] A Glance At The 'Passion-Play' [n|1881] How To Deal With The Slave Scandal In Egypt (ps: A E I) [n|1881] The Partition Of Turkey (ps: A E I) [n|1881] The Thermae Of Monfalcone (Aqua Dei Et Vitae) [n|1881] Lord Beaconsfield [b|c1882] 8821 To The Gold Coast For Gold (w Verney Lovett CAMERON) [2v|n|1883] The Book Of The Sword [n|1884] Three Months At Abbazia (w Isabel BURTON) [n|c1888] Anthropological Notes On The Sotanic Zone Of Sexual Inversion... [n|c1890] The Memorial Edition Of The Works... (ed Isabel BURTON) [7v|e|1893-94] * The Jew, The Gypsy And El Islam [n|1898] The Sentiment Of The Sword: A Country-House Dialogue [1911] Canon, George BUTLER
(M: 1819 Jun 11 - 1890 Mar 14) Principles Of Imitative Art [n|1852] Village Sermons [e|1856] Essay On The Raphael Drawings [n|?] Lady, (Adelaide) CADOGAN, nee PAGET {UK}
(F: 1820 Jan - 1890 Aug 21) Illustrated Games Of Patience [n|1875] 21642 Illustrated Games Of Solitaire Or Patience [n|1914] John Walker CALDWELL
(M: 1825 - 1890) Wathen Mark Wilks CALL
(M: 1817 Jun 7 - 1890 Aug 20) Henry CALLAWAY
(M: 1817 Jan 17 - 1890 Mar 26) James Valentine CAMPBELL
(M: 1823 - 1890) Outlines Of The Political History Of Michigan [n|1876] Annotations...Walker's Chancery Reports [n|1878] Henry CAMPKIN
(M: c1815 - 1890 Apr 6) Un Ancien CANADIEN (ps)
(M: ? - ?) Aux Électeurs Du Bas-Canada [Fr-c1810] Thomas CARNELLY
(M: 1857 - 1890 Aug 27) Henry Bernard CARPENTER
(M: 1840 - 1890 Jul 17) (also wrote as: H B C) William Lant CARPENTER
(M: 1841 - 1890 Dec 23) Rev, John CARRY
(M: 1824 Mar 3 - 1890 Dec 23 (or 1891 Jan)) An Exposure Of The Mischievous...Temperance Society's... [n|1885] James P CASSIDY
(M: ? - ?) L A Treatise On The Theory And Practice Of Dancing... [n|1810] Camilo/Camillo (Ferreira Botelho) de CASTELO BRANCO / CASTELLO BRANCO, 1st Visconde de CORRÊA BOTELHO
(M: 1825 Mar 16 - 1890 Jun 1) Anátema [Pt-1851] Mistérios De Lisboa [Pt-1854] 27364 A Filha Do Arcediago [Pt-1854] Livro Negro De Padre Dinis [Pt-1855] 23486 Folhas Cahidas, Apanhadas Na Lama [p|Pt-1854] 29740 A Neta Do Arcediago [Pt-1856] Onde Está A Felicidade? [Pt-?] Where Is Happiness? [Pt-?] (tr ?) [1856] Um Homem De Brios [Pt-1856] Lágrimas Abençoadas [Pt-?] Cenas Da Foz [Pt-?] 26025 Carlota Ângela [f|Pt-?] Vingança [Pt-?] 29435 O Que Fazem Mulheres [Pt-?] What Women Do [Pt-?] (tr ?) [1858] O Romance De Um Homem Rico [Pt-?] As Três Irmãs [Pt-?] 16425 Amor De Perdição: Memorias D'Uma Familia [Pt-1879] Love Of Perdition [Pt-?] (tr ?) [1862] Doomed Love: A Family Memoir [Pt-1879] (tr Alice R CLEMENTE) [2000] Coisas Espantosas [Pt-?] O Irônico [Pt-1862] Coração, Cabeça E Estômago [Pt-1862] 23203 Scenas Contemporaneas [Pt-1862] * Estrelas Funestas [Pt-?] 26103 Annos De Prosa [Pt-1863] Aventuras De Basílio Fernandes Enxertado [Pt-1863] O Bem E O Mal [Pt-1863] Estrelas Propícias [Pt-1863] Memórias De Guilherme Do Amaral [Pt-1863] 27541 Agulha Em Palheiro [Pt-?] 26988 Amor De Salvação [Pt-1864] A Filha Do Doutor Negro [Pt-1864] Vinte Horas De Liteira [Pt-1864] O Esqueleto [Pt-1865] A Sereia [Pt-1865] A Enjeitada [Pt-1866] O Judeu [Pt-1866] 26110 O Olho De Vidro [Pt-1866] A Queda De Um Anjo [Pt-1866] O Santo Da Montanha [Pt-1866] A Bruxa Do Monte Córdova [Pt-1867] Os Mistérios De Fafe [Pt-1868] 25844 Voltareis Ó Christo? [Pt-1871] * Livro De Consolação [Pt-1872] 26017 O Regicida [Pt-1874] A Caveira Da Mártir [Pt-1876] 21406 Novelas Do Minho [Pt-1875-77] Eusébio Macário [Pt-1879] 24514 Luiz De Camões: Notas Biograficas [b|Pt-1880] 24339 Suicida [Pt-1880] A Corja [Pt-1880] 19375 A Senhora Rattazzi [Pt-1880] A Brasileira De Prazins [Pt-?] The Brazilian Girl From Prazens [Pt-?] (tr ?) [1882] 25846 O General Carlos Ribeiro [Pt-1884] 17927 A Queda D'Um Anjo [Pt-1887] 29417 D Antonio Alves Martins [b|Pt-1889] 30176 O Carrasco De Victor Hugo José Alves [Pt-1902] 24691 O Vinho Do Porto [Pt-1903] 26913 O Assassino De Macario [d|Pt-1903] 22977 Lagrimas Abençoadas [Pt-1906] 22616 Salve, Rei! [p|Pt-1915] 28310 Scenas Da Foz / Solemnia Verba [Pt-?] 30461 A Morgadinha De Val-D'Amores [d|Pt-?] Édouard(-Thomas) CHARTON
(M: 1807 May 11 - 1890 Feb 27) Frederick CHASE
(M: 1840 - 1890) A History Of Dartmouth College And The Town Of Hanover, NH [n|1891] (Louis Gratien Charles) Alexandre CHATRIAN
(M: 1826 Dec 26 - 1890 Sep 3) (wrote as: ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN (1)) George CHATT
(M: c1838 - 1890 Nov 8) Pierre Joseph Olivier CHAUVEAU
(M: 1820 May 30 - 1890 Apr 4) I L'Abbé Jean Holmes Et Ses Conférences De Notre-Dame [n|Fr-1876] I Histoire Du Canada... (w F-X GARNEAU) [n|Fr-1883] Rev, George Barrell CHEEVER
(M: 1807 Apr 17 - 1890 Oct 1) The American Common-Place Book Of Prose (ed) [1828] Studies In Poetry [n|1830] The American Common-Place Book Of Poetry (ed) [1831] Some Of The Principles According To Which This World Is Managed [n|1833] Defence In Abatement Of Judgment For An Alleged Libel... [n|1836] The Poets Of America, With Occasional Notes (ed) [1840] God's Hand In America [n|1841] Punishment By Death: Its Authority And Expediency [n|1842] The Elements Of National Greatness [n|1843] Characteristics Of The Christian Philosopher [n|1843] Lectures On The Pilgrim's Progress And...John Bunyan [e|1844] Sophisms Of The Apostolical Despotism [n|1844] The True History Of Deacon Giles' Distillery [n|1844] The Hierarchical Despotism [n|1844] Wanderings Of A Pilgrim In The Shadow Of Mont Blanc [1845] A Defence Of Capital Punishment (w Taylor LEWIS) [n|1846] The Pilgrim In The Shadow Of The Jungfrau Alp [n|1846] A Sermon...Foreign Evangelical Society... [n|1847] The Dream [1848] The Hill Difficulty, And Some Experiences Of Life... [n|1849] Voices Of Nature To Her Foster-Child... [1852] A The Powers Of The World To Come... [n|1853] A Right Of The Bible In Our Public Schools [n|1854] Travels Among Alpine Scenery [n|1855] Lectures On The Life, Genius And Insanity Of Cowper [b|1856] A God Against Slavery... [n|1857] The Commission From God, Of The Missionary Enterprise... [n|1858] The Sin Of Slavery, The Guilt Of The Church... [n|1858] A The Fire And Hammer Of God's Word Against...Slavery [n|1858] The Curse Of God Against Political Atheism [n|1859] The Guilt Of Slavery And The Crime Of Slave Holding... [n|1860] God's Way Of Crushing The Rebellion [n|1861] Rights Of The Colored Race To Citizenship... [n|1864] Impartial Suffrage A Right [n|1866] A Protest Against The Robbery Of The Colored Race... [n|1866] The Republic Or The Oligarchy? [n|1866] The Prose Writers Of America (ed) [1876] Faith, Doubt, And Evidence [n|1881] God's Timepiece For Man's Eternity [n|1883] Memorabilia Of George B Cheever... [1890] Victorine CHOQUET
(F: 1813 Nov 30 - 1890 Aug 3) (wrote as: Louise ACKERMANN) Contes [s|Fr-1855] Contes Et Poèsies [s|Fr-1863] Oeuvres De L Ackermann [Fr-1885] Pensées D'Une Solitaire [a|Fr-1903] Sen, Isaac Peckham CHRISTIANCY
(M: 1812 Mar 12 - 1890 Sep 8) A Address Of The Hon...Law Department Of The Michigan Uni [n|1860] Dean, Richard William CHURCH
(M: 1815 Apr 25 - 1890 Dec 9 (wrongly 10)) St Wulfstan [b|1844] St Anselm [b|1870] The Beginnings Of The Middle Ages [n|1877] Human Life And Its Conditions [n|1878] 31101 Spenser [b|1879] 13888 Bacon [b|1884] Miscellaneous Essays [e|1888] 12092 The Oxford Movement: Twelve Years, 1833-1845 [n|1891] Cathedral And University Sermons [e|1892] Life And Letters Of Dean Church (ed Mary C CHURCH) [a|1895] The Message Of Peace, And Other Christmas Sermons [e|1896] * Dante And Other Essays [e|1897] 11771 Occasional Papers: Selected From The Guardian...1846-1890 [e|1897] Benjamin CLARKE
(M: 1813 Sep 5 - 1890 Feb 4) On Systematic Botany And Zoology [n|1870] Charles Tempest CLARKSON {UK}
(M: c1835 - 1890) Police! (w Joseph Hall RICHARDSON) [n|1889] The Rogues' Gallery (w Joseph Hall RICHARDSON) [n|1890] Timothy CLAXTON
(M: 1790 - ?) Memoir Of A Mechanic [a|1839] Henry Coe COAPE
(M: 1810 - 1890 Apr 1) (wrote as: Mervyn MERRITON) The Ringwoods Of Ringwood [f|1873] What Will Society Say?: A Story Of Society And The Stage [f|1880] Alexander Dundas Ross COCHRANE WISHEART BAILLIE, Lord LAMINGTON
(M: 1816 - 1890 Feb 15) (wrote as: Alexander Baillie COCHRANE) Lucille Belmont [f|1848] Ernest Vane [f|1849] Florence The Beautiful [f|1854] John COLBORNE
(M: 1830 - 1890 Feb 13) Albert COLBY
(M: 1827 - 1890) Incidents In The Life Of Albert Colby [a|1875] Sir, Thomas Edward COLEBROOKE, 4th Baronet COLEBROOKE of Gatton
(M: 1813 Aug 19 - 1890 Jan 11) Journal Of Two Visits To The Crimea In The Autumns Of 1854 & 1855 [n|1856] Memoir Of The Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone [b|1861] Life Of The Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone [b|1884] Small Holdings And School Fees [n|1885] Joshua COMSTOCK
(M: 1790 - ?) A Short History... [a|1822] Margaret Cockburn CONKLING, nee ?, aka Mrs Albert STEELE
(F: 1814 - 1890) (also wrote as: Henry LUNETTES) * Memoirs Of The Mother And Wife Of Washington [b|1855] A American Gentleman's Guide To Politeness And Fashion (?e) [n|1858] A American Gentleman's Guide To Politeness And Fashion (?e) [n|1860] Daniel CONNOLLY
(M: 1836 - 1890 Aug 25) Hermann CONRADI {DE}
(M: 1862 Jul 12 - 1890 Mar 8) Unser Credo [n|Ge-1885] Brutalitäten: Skizzen Und Studien [Ge-1886] Rezension 'Quartett' [Ge-1886] Lieder Eines Sünders [Ge-1887] Phrasen [f|Ge-1887] Adam Mensch [f|Ge-1889] Hermann Conradis Gesammelte Schriften (ed PETERS & SSYMANK) [3v|Ge-1911] Joseph COOPER
(M: 1810 Nov 9 - 1890 May 4) The Temperance Minstrel [p|1856] Rev, John CORBIN
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