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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1865 Jun 11 - 1893 Nov 29) Zur Syntax Raouls De Houdene [n|Ge-1888] Belle(=Isabella) (nee?)Kendrick ABBOTT
(F: 1842 Nov 3 - 1893 Dec 27) 4955,R Leah Mordecai [f|1875] Sir, John Joseph Caldwell ABBOTT
(M: 1821 (wrongly 1811) Mar 12 - 1893 Oct 30) The Argenteuil Case [n|1860] The Insolvent Act Of 1864 [n|1864] Speech Of The Hon J J C Abbott, Leader Of The Senate [n|1889] Functions Of The Senate [n|1890] William ABBOTT
(M: ? - ?) Correspondence Of Messrs Abbott, Parry, And Maitland... [b|1813] Rev, Daniel ACE
(M: 1813 Apr 6 - 1893 Aug 27) Francis (William Lauderdale) ADAMS
(M: 1862 Sep 27 - 1893 Sep 4) (also wrote as: Agnes FARRELL) Henry, And Other Tales [p|1884] Australian Essays [e|1886] Madeline Brown's Murderer [f|1887] Poetical Works [p|1887] Songs Of The Army Of The Night [p|1888] John Webb's End; Or, Strong As Death [f|1889] Australian Life [s|1892] The Melbournians [f|1892] The Australians: A Social Sketch [n|1893] The Mass Of Christ [p|1893] The New Egypt: A Social Sketch [n|1893] Tiberius [d|pub:1894] A Child Of The Age [f|1894] Lady Lovan (&ps: Agnes FARRELL) [f|1895] Essays In Modernity: Criticism And Dialogues [e|1899] John Stowell ADAMS
(M: ? - 1893) 4669,RA Town And Country; Or, Life At Home And Abroad... [f|1855] Charles Oswald ALLAN
(M: c1847 - 1893 Aug 10) Ellen (nee?)Palmer ALLERTON
(F: 1835 - 1893) Annabel, And Other Poems [p|1885] Walls Of Corn, And Other Poems [p|1894] Poems Of The Prairie [p|?] John ALLISON
(M: 1814 - 1893 Mar 3) Ignacio Manuel ALTAMIRANO
(M: 1834 - 1893) 10825 La Navidad En Las Montanas [Sp-?] Charles ANDERSON
(M: 1827 - 1893 Mar 26) Words And Works In A London Parish [n|1873] The Curate Of Shyre [1874] New Readings Od Old Parables [n|1876/82] All Things Pertaining To Life [n|1879] James ANDERSON
(M: 1853 - 1893 Feb 28) Some Ocular And Nervous Afflictions... [n|1889] Thomas ARCHER
(M: 1830 - 1893 Aug 5) Wayfe Summers: The Story Of An Inner And An Outer Life [f|1863] P The Pauper, The Thief, And The Convict [n|1865] The Frog's Parish Clerk, And His Adventures In Strange Lands [f|1865] Great Fun Stories (w Thomas HOOD) [1866] Strange Work [f|1868] Mysterious Disappearances [Benjamin Speke] (anon) [1868] Alexandra: A Gift Book To The Alexandra Orphanage For Infants (ed) [1870] A Fool's Paradise [f|1870] 'About My Father's Business' [n|1876] Decisive Events In History [n|1878] Pictures And Royal Portraits Illustrative Of...History [2v|n|1878] William Ewart Gladstone And His Contemporaries [4v|n|1883/98-99] By Fire And Sword: A Story Of The Huguenots [f|1885] 28996 Miss Grantley's Girls, And The Stories She Told Them [s|1885] The War In Egypt And The Soudan [4v|n|1885-87] Little Tottie, And Two Other Stories [s|1886] Our Sovereign Lady Queen Victoria: Her Life And Jubilee [4v|b|1888] Our Sunday Book Of Reading And Pictures (ed) [n|1889] Twelve Stories From Early English History [e|1890] Twenty Stories And Biographies From English History 1066 To 1485 [e|1890] The Stuart Period, With Biographies Of Leading Persons [n|1891] The Tudor Period, With Biographies Of Leading Persons [n|1891] The Highway Of Letters (Fleet-Street), And Its Echoes... [n|1893] Queen Victoria: Her Life And Reign (w Amelia H STIRLING) [b|1901] Phil Nolan's Last Stake: What The Fairies Did For Dan Doolan [?] Rates And Taxes, And How They Were Collected [s|?] The Key Of The Piano [?] Terrible Telegrams [?] How Richard And Cicely Danced For The King [?] Samuel Chapman ARMSTRONG
(M: 1839 - 1893) Education For Life [n|1913] Armstrong's Ideas On Education For Life [n|1940] Federico ASENJO (y ARETEAGA)
(M: 1831 Apr 12 - 1893 Aug 30) Maj, Waller ASHE
(M: c1840 - c1893) * The Story Of The Zulu Campaign (w E V EDGELL) [n|1880] Personal Records Of The Kandahar Campaign (ed) [n|1881] Robert Stone ASHTON
(M: 1830 Jun 25 - 1893 Sep 4) Charles Edward AUSTIN
(M: 1819 Jun 22 - 1893 Apr 8) Henry William AUSTIN
(M: 1825 Aug 10 - 1893 Dec 16) Stella AUSTIN
(F: c1847 - 1893 Aug 16) Stumps: A Story For Children [f|1873] Francis BAILY
(M: ? - ?) An Epitome Of Universal History [2v|n|1813] Account Of The Revd John Flamsteed [b|1835] Eustace James Campbell BAIRD
(M: 1860 - 1893) Harriette Newell (nee)Woods BAKER
(F: 1815 Aug 19 - 1893) (also wrote as: Aunt HATTIE; Mrs Madeline LESLIE) R Cora And The Doctor (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1855] R The First And The Second Marriages (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1856] R The Household Angel In Disguise (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1857] R The Two Homes; Or, Earning And Spending (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1862] 26616 Minnie's Pet Dog (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 26617 Minnie's Pet Parrot (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 28682 Minnie's Pet Cat (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 26620 Minnie's Pet Horse (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 26619 Minnie's Pet Lamb (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 26618 Minnie's Pet Monkey (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1864] 25201 The Lost Kitty (ps: Aunt HATTIE) [f|1867] 23683 Bertie's Home; Or, The Way To Be Happy (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] Bertie And The Carpenters (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] Bertie And The Masons (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] Bertie And The Plumbers (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] Bertie And The Painters (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] 26497 Bertie And The Gardeners (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1868] R Juliette; Or, Now And Forever (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1869] R Behind The Curtain; Or, Leelinau (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1869] R The Breach Of Trust (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1869] R Art And Artlessness (ps: Mrs Madeline LESLIE) [f|1875] Sir, Samuel White BAKER
(M: 1821 Jun 8 - 1893 Dec 30) 3231 The Rifle And The Hound In Ceylon [n|1854] 2036,A Eight Years Wandering In Ceylon (aka: Eight Years In Ceylon) [n|1855/90] 3668 The Albert N'Yanza, Great Basin Of The Nile [1] [n|1866] 2125 The Nile Tributaries Of Abyssinia [2] [n|1867] Cast Up By The Sea: A Boy's Story [f|1869] 3607 Ismailia [n|1874] 3656 Cyprus, As I Saw It In 1879 [n|1879] True Tales For My Grandsons [1883] 3657 Wild Beasts And Their Ways [n|1890] 3233 In The Heart Of Africa [abr of 1+2] [n|1970] Ellen BARLEE {UK}
(F: c1825 - 1893 Feb 20) (also wrote as: A Clergyman's DAUGHTER; L N) Helen Lindsay (ps: A Clergyman's DAUGHTER) [f|1859] Thinking And Acting [f|1861] Joseph Guillaume BARTHE
(M: 1816 or 1818 - 1893 Aug 4) John BARTHOLOMEW
(M: 1831 Dec 25 - 1893 Mar 30) William Holms Chambers BARTLETT
(M: 1804 - 1893) A Elements Of Natural Philosophy [n|1850/?/67/?/68] Anna Pavlovna BARYKOVA
(F: 1839 - 1893) Dean, Josiah BATEMAN
(M: c1802 - 1893 May 8) (also wrote as: SENEX) (Karl August Ludwig) Hermann BAUMGARTEN
(M: 1825 Apr 28 - 1893 Jun 19) Gervinus Und Seine Politschen Überzeugungen [n|Ge-1853] Der Deutsche Liberalismus: Eine Selbstkritik [n|Ge-1866] Anmerkungen Zu Treitschkes 'Deutsche Geschichte' [2v|n|Ge-1883] Francis BAYLEY
(M: 1803 Feb 6 - 1893 May 4) Gen, Pierre Gustave Toutant BEAUREGARD
(M: 1818 May 28 - 1893 Feb 20) Principles And Maxims Of The Art Of War [n|1863] Report On The Defense Of Charleston [n|1864] Auguste BÉCHARD
(M: 1828 Feb 18 - 1893 Aug 30) I Biographie De M François Vézina...La Banque Nationale [b|Fr-1878] I L'Honorable Joseph-G Blanchet [b|Fr-1884] I L'Hon Pierre Garneau [b|Fr-1884] I M L'Abbé François Pilote, Curé De Saint-Augustin [b|Fr-1885] Marcus BECK
(M: c1843 - 1893 May 21) Emily Ernst BELL, nee ?
(F: c1840 - 1893 Jul 8) A First Appearance [f|1871] George BENNETT
(M: 1804 Jan 31 - 1893 Sep 29) Wanderings In New South Wales... [2v|n|1834] Gatherings Of A Naturalist In Australasia [n|1860] Robert Lubbock BENSLY
(M: 1831 Aug 24 - 1893 Apr 23) Prof, Robert BENTLEY
(M: 1821 Mar 25 - 1893 Dec 24) A Manual Of Botany [n|1861/70/73/82/87] Botany [n|1875] The Student's Guide To Structural, Morphological...Botany [n|1883] The Student's Guide To Systematic Botany [n|1884] Edward Ralph BLACKETT
(M: 1835 - 1893 Jun 18) Shingleborough Society [f|1874] Sir, Stevenson Arthur BLACKWOOD
(M: 1832 May 22 - 1893 Oct 2) James Gillespie BLAINE
(M: 1830 Jan 31 - 1893 Jan 27) 21128 Twenty Years Of Congress [2v|a|1884-86] Émile BLANCHE
(M: 1820 - 1893) 26353 Des Homicides Commis Par Les Aliénés [n|Fr-?] Henry Francis BLANFORD
(M: 1834 Jun 3 - 1893 Jan 23) William Daniel BLATCHLY
(M: 1838 - 1893) Henry BLUMBERG
(M: c1828 - 1893 Jun 5) Sarah Tittle BOLTON, nee BARRETT
(F: 1814 Dec 18 - 1893 Aug 4) Songs Of A Life-Time [p|1892] Frederick BOYLE
(M: 1841 - 1893) Fools Of Fortune [f|1876] The Golden Prime [f|1882] A Good Hater [f|1885] An English Vendetta [f|1887] The Treasure Of Thorburns [f|1887] Her Evil Genius [f|1891] William BOYNE
(M: 1853 Nov 17 - 1893 Nov 18) (also wrote as: W B) William Dunlop BRACKENRIDGE
(M: 1810 - 1893) Canon, Edward Henry BRADBY
(M: 1827 Dec 15 - 1893 Dec 1) Cdre, Horatio BRIDGE
(M: 1806 Apr 8 - 1893 Mar 20) 7937 Journal Of An African Cruiser (ed Nathaniel HAWTHORNE) [1845] Personal Recollections Of Nathaniel Hawthorne [b|1893] Linus Pierpont BROCKETT
(M: 1820 - 1893) (also wrote as: Captain Powers HAZELTON) Idiots And The Efforts At Their Improvement [n|1856] The Philanthropic Results Of The War In America [n|1863] The Life And Times Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1865] The Camp, The Battle-Field, And The Hospital [n|1866] Our Great Captains [1866] 21853,A Woman's Work In The Civil War (w Mary C VAUGHAN) [n|1867] Men Of Our Day [b|1868] The Commercial Traveller's Guide Book [n|1871] The History Of The Franco-German War Of 1870-71 [n|1871] The Year Of Battles [n|1871] The Great War Of 1870 Between France And Germany [n|1871] Paris Under The Commune [n|1871] Walter Powell, Of Melbourne And London [b|1872] The Silk Industry In America [n|1876] The Conquest Of Turkey [n|1878] & The Bogomils Of Bulgaria And Bosnia [n|1880] Our Western Empire [n|1882] Our Country's Wealth & Influence (ed) [n|1882] The Story Of The Karen Mission In Bassein 1838-1890 [n|1891] Scouts, Spies & Heroes...Civil War (ps: Capt Powers HAZELTON) [1892] Benjamin BROOK
(M: ? - ?) The Lives Of The Puritans [3v|n|1813] George BROOK
(M: 1857 Mar 17 - 1893 Aug 12) Bp, Phillips BROOKS
(M: 1835 Dec 13 - 1893 Jan 23) A The Life And Death Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1865] Lectures On Preaching [e|1877] The Influence Of Jesus [n|1879] The Candle Of The Lord [n|1881] Sermons Preached In Englsh Churches [e|1883] 14497 Addresses [e|1889] The Light Of The World [n|1890] Essays And Addresses [e|1892] The Law Of Growth [n|1902] 27563 Heart's-Ease [n|1909] Anne Judith BROWN, Mrs BROWN, aka PENNY
(F: 1825 Apr 9 - 1893 Dec 18) Ford Madox BROWN
(M: 1821 Apr 16 - 1893 Oct 6) The Diary Of Ford Madox Brown (ed Virginia SURTEES) [a|1981] Rev, Thomas BROWN
(M: 1811 - 1893 Apr c10) Notes On The Mountain Limestone And Lower Carboniferous Rocks... [n|1861] On The Old River Terraces Of The Earn And Teith [n|1872] Annals Of The Disruption [n|1893] Frans Ferdinand BRUMMER
(M: 1847 Jan 27 - 1893 Oct 24) 27898 Runoelmia 1 [p|Fi-1878] 27899 Runoelmia 2 [p|Fi-1882] Sebastian BRUNNER
(M: 1814 - 1893) Rom Und Babylon: Eine Beleuchtung Confessioneller Zustände... [Ge-1852] Matthew Hughes George BUCKLE
(M: 1802 - 1893 Feb 26) David C BUNNELL
(M: 1793 - ?) The Travels And Adventures Of David C Bunnell... [a|1831] Gov, Benjamin Franklin BUTLER
(M: 1818 Nov 5 - 1893 Jan 11) Butler's Book... [a|1892] Edwin Lassetter BYNNER
(M: 1842 Aug 5 - 1893 Aug 5 or Sep 4) Nimport [f|1878] Agnes Surriage [1886] The Chase Of The Meteor [s|1892] Penelope's Suitors [1884] The Begum's Daughter [1890] Zachary Phips [1892] Tritons [f|?] William Frederick CAMPBELL, 2nd Baron STRATHEDEN And CAMPBELL
(M: 1824 Oct 15 - 1893 Jan 21) Prof, Alphonse (Louis Pierre) Pyrame/Pyramus de CANDOLLE
(M: 1806 Oct 28 - 1893 Apr 4) Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis [?v|n|La-?] (José) Julián (Herculano) del CASAL (y De La LASTRA)
(M: 1863 Nov 7 - 1893 Oct 21) (also wrote as: Conde de CAMORS; Paul VASILI) Hojas Al Viento [p|Sp-?] Nieve [p|Sp-?] Bustos Y Rimas [p|Sp-1893] Francis William Henry CAVENDISH
(M: 1820 Feb 6 - 1893 Jan 12) Margaret CHALMERS
(F: ? - ?) & Poems [p|1813] John David CHAMBERS
(M: 1805 - 1893 Aug 22) (J A) Ulysse CHEVALIER
(M: 1804 Jul 15 - 1893 Apr 10) Essais Historiques Sur Les Hôpitaux...Ville De Romans [e|Fr-1865] 10824 Un Tournoi A Romans En 1484 [n|Fr-1888] Rev, Charles Peter CHRETIEN
(M: 1820 - 1893 May 3) Benjamin CLARKE
(M: 1836 Jul 16 - 1893 Jan 31) (also wrote as: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words') The Life Of Jesus For Young People (ps: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words') [b|1868] The Lad With The Loaves (ps: The EDITOR of 'Kind Words') [n|1869] Crocker The Clown: A Tale For Boys [f|1869/77] The First Heroes Of The Cross [1870] The Toll-Keepers, And Other Stories For The Young [s|1871] My First And Last Voyage [1871] Across The Sea: Some Thoughts On The Voyage Of Life [n|1872/86] From Tent To Palace; Or, The Story Of Joseph [b|1872] Pounceford Hall: A Story Of School Life [f|1873] Saved Through The Children: The Story Of Jonah And Nineveh [b|1875] Will Norbury: A Tale Of The Cornish Coast [f|1875] The Land Of The Pigtail, Its People And Customs... [n|1875] In The Corn Fields: The Story Of Ruth [b|1875] Life's Emblems: A Companion Volume To 'Across The Sea' [n|1876] The Infant Zephyr: A Tale Of Strolling Life [f|1878] Christian Gellert ... And Other Stories [s|1879] Barton Ferris: A Tale Of Village Life And Work [f|1879] Centenary Service Of Song [n|1880] The Thompsons; Or, Scenes From Country Life [f|1881] Tales Out Of School, Illustrative Of Schoolboy Life [s|1882] The Blackboard In The Sunday School [n|1884] Wakefordbridge: A Story Of Christian Service [f|1886] Broken Legs, But Sound Hearts [b|1887] Col, Francis Coningsby Hannam CLARKE
(M: 1842 Feb 4 - 1893 Aug 27) The Franco-German War, 1870-1871 [5v|n|1874-90] Staff Duties [e|1884] Staff Duties (2e w J S ROTHWELL) [e|1890] Henry Savile/Saville CLARKE
(M: 1841 - 1893 Oct 5) Love Wins (w L DU TERREAUX) [d|1873] The Modern Macbeth: And Other Political Verses [p|1885] Alice In Wonderland [d|pub:1886] A Lyrical Lover [d|pub:1886] Pendarvon (w A WATSON) [d|?] A Fight For Life (w L DU TERREAUX) [d|?] That Beautiful Biceps [d|?] A Tale Of A Telephone [d|?] Dr, Charles CLAY
(M: 1801 Dec 27 - 1893 Sep 19) Geological Sketches And Observations On Fossil Vegetable... [n|1839] The Results Of...Extirpation Of Diseased Ovaria... [n|1842] History Of The Currency Of The Isle Of Man [n|1849] Observations On The Term Of Utero-Gestation [n|1855] The Complete Handbook Of Obstetric Surgery [n|1856/70/74] Charles Mathew CLODE
(M: 1818 Jul - 1893 Nov 4) Preb, Robert Henry COBBOLD
(M: 1819 - 1893 Sep 16) Ernst August Karl Johannes Leopold Alexander Eduard, Duke of COBURG-GOTHA
(M: 1818 Jun 21 - 1893 Aug 22) Maria Jane COLEMAN, nee DAVIES, later MAULE?
(F: c1833 - 1893 Nov 20) Fr(SJ), Henry James COLERIDGE
(M: 1822 Sep 20 - 1893 Apr 13) Vita Vitae Nostrae Meditantibus Proposita [n|1869] The Life And Letters Of St Francis Xavier [2v|b|1872] The Life Of Our Life [18v|1876-92] The Prisoners Of The King:...Catholic Doctrine Of Purgatory [n|1878] The Works And Words Of Our Saviour Gathered...Four Gospels [n|1882/97] D C COLESWORTHY
(?: 1810 - 1893) R The Old Bureau, And Other Tales [s|1861] Joseph Hutchins COLTON
(M: 1800 - 1893) Colton's Traveler And Tourist's Guide-Book Through The USA [n|1857] Colton's Common School Geography [n|1872] A The Western Tourist And Emigrant's Guide... [n|?] Charles William COOPER
(M: c1819 - 1893 Jan 15) Frontenac, Lennox & Addington [n|1856] Matthew CORNER
(M: 1831 - 1893 Dec 7) Robert COWTAN
(M: 1817 - 1893 Mar 30) (also wrote as: A MAN of Kent) Rev, Samuel COX
(M: 1826 Apr 19 - 1893 Mar 27 (wrongly 29)) Salvator Mundi; Or, Is Christ The Saviour Of All Men? [n|1877] A Commentary On The Book Of Job [n|1880] The Larger Hope [n|1883] Richard CRAWLEY
(M: 1840 Dec 26 - 1893 Mar 30) Rev, Joseph CROSS
(M: 1813 - 1893) A Year In Europe [n|1858] The American Pastor In Europe [n|1860] Edens Of Italy [n|1883] Church Reader For Lent (ed) [n|1885] Days Of My Years [a|1891] Rev, Henry William CROSSKEY
(M: 1826 Dec 7 - 1893 Oct 1) James CROSTON
(M: 1830 Feb 1 - 1893 Sep 1) Sir, Alexander CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1814 Jan 23 - 1893 Nov 28) Ladak: Physical, Statistical, And Historical... [n|1854] Bhilsa Topes [n|1854] The Ancient Geography Of India [n|1871] The Stupa Of Bharhut [n|1879] The Book Of Indian Eras [n|1883] Coins Of Ancient India From The Earliest Times...7th C [n|1891] Mahabodhi [n|1892] Coins Of Medieval India [n|1894] Prof, John CUNNINGHAM
(M: 1819 May 9 - 1893 Sep 1) 25353 The Ordinance Of Covenanting [n|1843] Church History Of Scotland [2v|n|1859/82] The Quakers: An International History [n|1869] New Theory Of Knowing And Known [n|1874] The Growth Of The Church [n|1886] Sir, William George CUSINS
(M: 1833 Oct 14 - 1893 Aug 31) Rev, Thomas Grayson DASHIELL
(M: 1830 - 1893) A Pastor's Recollections [a|1875] Charles DAVIDSON
(M: 1810 Sep 23 - 1893 Jan 16) Davidson's Precedents And Forms In Conveyancing [n|1864] Concise Precedents In Conveyancing, Revised... [n|1883] Concise Precedents In Conveyancing With Practical Notes... (ed) [n|1899] Rev, John Henry DAVIES
(M: 1850 - 1893 Apr 16) (also wrote as: D; J H D) Egypt [p|1876] Albion's Fall: A Prophecy Of Doom (ps: J H D) [p|1880] Random Rhymes, 1865 To 1885 [p|1886] Some Welsh Legends, And Other Poems [p|1893] James William DAVIS
(M: 1846 Apr 15 - 1893 Jul 21) Henry DAY
(M: 1820 - 1893 Aug 10) The Acts Of Congress Affecting...Union Pacific Railroad... [n|1874] A Lawyer Abroad: What To See And How To See [n|1874] From The Pyranees To The Pillars Of Hercules [n|1883] Augusta Chambers DE GRUCHY, nee SMITH
(F: 1842 - 1893 Mar 3) Lalage [f|1875] Octavia's Lovers (anon) [f|1880] Under The Hawthorn, And Other Verse [p|1893] Henry Churchill DE MILLE / DeMILLE
(M: 1853 Sep 17 - 1893 Feb 5 or 10) Prof, Charles (Alexander) Force DEEMS
(M: 1820 Dec 4 - 1893 Nov 18) The Life Of Dr Adam Clarke [b|1840] The Triumph Of Peace And Other Poems [p|1840] Devotional Melodies [1842] The Home Altar [1850] Hymns For All Christians (jt ed) [m|1869/81] Jesus [b|1872] The Light Of The Nations [Jesus] [b|1880] Sermons [e|1885] The Gospel Of Common Sense [n|1888] The Gospel Of Spiritual Insight [n|1891] My Septuagint [n|1892] Autobiography Of Charles Force Deems [a|1897] Marc-André/Adrien DELPIT
(M: 1849 Jan 30 - 1893 Jan 5 (or 6)) (wrote as: Albert DELPIT) Thérésine [Fr-1888] 18015 Jean-Nu-Pieds: Chronique De 1832 [Fr-?] John Bailey DENTON
(M: 1814 Nov 26 - 1893 Nov 19) Theodore DISTIN
(M: 1823 - 1893 Apr 12) Edmund Saul DIXON
(M: 1809 Mar 9 - 1893 Apr 10) (also wrote as: Eugene Sebastian DELAMER) Abner DOUBLEDAY
(M: 1819 - 1893) 24972 Reminiscences Of Forts Sumter And Moultrie In 1860-61 [n|1976] 20762 Chancellorsville And Gettysburg: Campaigns Of The Civil War, VI [n|1882] Rev, David Alfred DOUDNEY
(M: 1811 Mar 8 - 1893 Apr 21) Lady, Gertrude Georgina DOUGLAS, Mrs STOCK
(F: 1842 Aug 21 - 1893 Nov 25) (wrote as: George DOUGLAS) Brown As A Berry [f|1874] Linked Lives [f|1876] The Red House By The River [f|1876] Mar's White Witch [f|1877] Nature's Nursling: A Romance From Real Life [f|1885] A Wasted Life And Marr'd [f|1892] George Marley/Morley DOWDESWELL
(M: 1809 Sep 5 - 1893 Dec 2 (wrongly 3)) Stanislaus DRAPEAU
(M: 1821 Jul 28 - 1893 Feb 21) I Biographie De Sir N F Belleau [b|Fr-1883] Julius A DRESSER
(M: 1838 - 1893) Sir, John Hay DRUMMOND-HAY
(M: 1816 Jun 1 - 1893 Nov 27) Baron, (Pierre-Emmanuel-)Albert DU CASSE
(M: 1813 Nov 16 - 1893 Mar 15) (also wrote as: Valois de FORVILLE (1)) 30604 Les Rois Frères De Napoléon Ier [n|Fr-1883] Souvenirs D'Un Aide De Camp Du Roi Jérôme [Fr-1890] * Histoire Anecdotique De L'Ancien Théâtre En France [n|Fr-?] Olaus Fredrik DUUS {US}
(M: 1824 - 1893) Frontier Parsonage:...Norwegian Pastor In Wisconsin, 1855-1858 [a|1947] John Sullivan DWIGHT
(M: 1813 May 13 - 1893 Sep 5) Dame, Elizabeth EASTLAKE, nee RIGBY
(F: 1809 Nov 17 (or 27) - 1893 Oct 2) A Residence On The Shores Of The Baltic [n|1841] Photography [n|1857] Five Great Painters [n|1883] Arthur Shelly EDDIS
(M: 1817 Jan 11 - 1893 May 23) Joseph Ketchum EDGERTON
(M: 1818 - 1893) 28064 The Relations Of The Federal Government To Slavery [n|1861] Arthur Wellesley EDIS
(M: 1840 - 1893 Dec 9) John EDMOND
(M: 1816 Aug 12 - 1893 Oct 7) Rev, Griffith William EDWARDS
(M: c1821 - 1893 Jan 29) Thomas Selby EGAN
(M: c1815 - 1893 May 11) Principles Of Rowing By Oarsmen (anon?) [n|1846] Philip Henry EGERTON
(M: 1824 Aug 9 - 1893 Jan 17) Journal Of A Tour Through Spiti [n|1864] Canon, John ELLERTON
(M: 1826 Dec 16 - 1893 Jun 15) Sir, George Job ELVEY
(M: 1816 Mar 27 - 1893 Dec 9) Frederick William EVANS
(M: 1808 Jun 9 - 1893 Mar 6) Autobiography Of A Shaker; and, Revelation Of The Apocalypse [a|1869] Capt, Charles Alden John FARRAR
(M: 1842 - 1893 Jan 8) Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book To Rangeley...Lakes [n|1876] Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book To Moosehead Lake... [n|1878] Camp Life In The Wilderness [1879] Eastward, Ho!; Or, Adventures At Rangeley Lakes [1880] Farrar's Illustrated Guide Book To The Androscoggin Lakes [n|1883] Down The West Branch [1886] From Lake To Lake [1887] Through The Wilds [1892] Rev, Thomas FARRAR
(M: c1830 - 1893 Aug 21) Benjamin FAWCETT
(M: 1808 Dec - 1893 Jan 12) George FIELDING
(M: ? - ?) Surgical Cases, With Practical Observations [n|1813] Sir, George FINDLAY
(M: 1829 May 18 - 1893 Mar 26) Thomas Campbell FINLAYSON
(M: 1836 Feb 5 - 1893 Feb 7) Boyle Travers FINNISS / FINNIS
(M: 1807 Aug 18 - 1893 Dec 24) Constitutional History Of South Australia [n|1886] Gordon Sullivan FORBES
(M: 1820 Mar 29 - 1893 Apr 26) Wild Life In Canara And Ganjam [n|1885] Emily Ellsworth FORD, Mrs FOWLER
(F: 1826 - 1893) Early Prose And Verse (jt ed) [1893] Charles Henry FOX
(M: c1858 - 1893 May 12) Sir, William FOX
(M: 1812 Jun 9 - 1893 Jun 23) Marie Luise von FRANÇOIS
(F: 1817 Jun 27 - 1893 Sep 25) Die Letzte Reckenburgerin [Ge-1871] The Last Von Reckenburg [Ge-1871] (tr J M PERCIVAL) [1887] A FRIEND of Truth and of Honorable Peace (ps)
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(M: 1863 - 1893)