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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Ivar (Andreas) AASEN
(M: 1813 Aug 5 - 1896 Sep 23) Henry Eugene ABBEY
(M: 1846 - 1896) Austin ABBOTT
(M: 1831 Dec 18 - 1896 Apr 19) (also wrote as: BENAULEY (1)) Reports Of Practice Cases Determined ... (w B V ABBOTT) [n|1855] Reports And Decisions Of The New York Court Of Appeals [4v|n|1873-78] Digests Of New York Statutes, And Reports Of US Courts... [33v|n|1873] Official Report Of The Trial Of Henry Ward Beecher [2v|n|1875] New Cases, Mainly New York Decisions [17v|n|1877-86] Trial Evidence [n|1880/?] Trial Brief For Civil Jury Cases [n|1885] Trial Evidence (3e w J K BYARD & J McG SMITH) [n|1918] Sir, James ABBOTT
(M: 1807 Mar 12 - 1896 Oct 6) Narrative Of A Journey From Heraut To Khiva, Moscow... [n|1884] ABD (ALLAH) Al-NADIM
(M: 1845 - 1896) John Lynch ADAIR
(M: 1828 Apr 12 - 1896 Oct) Compiled Laws Of The Cherokee Nation [n|1881] Constitution And Laws Of The Cherokee Nation [n|1893] Charles Coles ADLEY
(M: c1830 - 1896 Apr 11) Zealous ADVOCATE for the Abolition of the Slave Trade (ps)
(?: ? - ?) The Interference Of The British Legislature... [n|1816] Adam AINSLIE
(M: 1807 - 1896) William Francis AINSWORTH
(M: 1807 Nov 5 - 1896 Nov 27) Sir, Charles Umpherston AITCHISON
(M: 1832 May 20 - 1896 Feb 18) A Manual Of The Criminal Law Of The Panjab [n|1860] A Collection Of Treaties, Engagements, And Sunnuds... (ed) [n|1862] Lord Lawrence [b|1892] Étienne ALLAIRE
(M: 1822 - 1896) Alexander ALLARDYCE
(M: 1841 or 1846 Jan 21 - 1896 Apr 22) The City Of Sunshine [f|1877] Memoir Of The Honourable George Keith Elphinstone... [b|1882] Balmoral: A Romance Of The Queen's Country [f|1893] Earlscourt: A Novel Of Provincial Life [f|1894] Prof, Ira Wilder ALLEN {US}
(M: 1827 - 1896 Dec) A A Collection Of Facts: History Of...Antioch College [n|1858] Rep, John Bassett ALLEY
(M: 1817 Jan 17 - 1896 Jan 19) A Speech Of Hon John B Alley, Of Mass, On...Republican Party [n|1860] Francis Hobson APPACH
(M: 1826 - 1896 Jan 27) Johann Wilhelm APPELL
(M: 1830 - 1896 Jan 8) Elizabeth APPLETON
(F: ? - ?) Edgar [f|1816] Paul (Auguste) ARÈNE
(M: 1843 Jun 26 - 1896 Dec 17) Pierrot Héritier [d|Fr-1865] Jean-Des-Figues [Fr-1868] Les Comédiens Errants (w V VERNIER) [d|Fr-1873] Un Duel Aux Lanternes [d|Fr-1873] L'Ilote (w Charles MONSELET) [d|Fr-1875] Le Char (w A DAUDET) [d|Ge-1875] La Gueuse Parfumée [Fr-1876] Le Prologue Sans Le Savoir (w H ERVILLE) [d|Fr-?] Contes De Noël [s|Fr-1879] Les Contes En Cent Lignes [Fr-1880] Au Bon Soleil [Fr-1880] Paris Ingénu [Fr-1882] La Vraie Tentation Du Grand Saint-Antoine [Fr-1880] Des Alpes Aux Pyrénées (w A FOURNIER) [Fr-1884] Vingt Jours En Tunisie [Fr-1884] Mobilier Scolaire [p|Fr-1886] Contes De Paris; Contes De Provence; L'Âne De Nazaire... [s|Fr-1887] La Chèvre D'Or [Fr-1889] The Golden Goat [Fr-1889] (tr Frances Wilson HUARD) [1921] Nouveaux Contes De Noël [s|Fr-1891] Le Midi Bouge [Fr-1891] Les Ogresses [Fr-1891] Domnine [f|Fr-1894] Friquette Et Friquets [Fr-1896] Août De Provence [Fr-?] La Veine D'Argile [s|Fr-1928] Rev, Thomas ARMITAGE
(M: 1819 Aug 2 - 1896 Jan 20) Lectures On Preaching, Its Ideal And Inner Life [n|1880] A History Of The Baptists [n|1886] William Henry ARMSTRONG
(M: 1833 - 1896) (wrote as: A CITIZEN-SOLDIER) 23565,R Red-Tape And Pigeon-Hole Generals [f|1864] Henry ASBURY
(M: 1810 - 1896) Rep, James Mitchell ASHLEY
(M: 1824 Nov 14 - 1896 Sep 16) Success of the Calhoun Revolution [n|1860] The Rebellion - Its Causes And Consequences [n|1861] The Union Of The States: The Majority Must Govern [n|1861] 'Initiate Emancipation' [n|1862] The Liberation And Restoration Of The South [n|1864] Impartial Suffrage The Only Safe Basis Of Reconstruction [n|1866] Representative Government Can Only Be Maintained... [n|1869] Reminiscences Of The Great Rebellion [n|1890] The Impending Political Epoch [n|c1891] Duplicate Copy Of The Souvenir From The Afro-American League... [n|1894] Harcourt Richard AUBREY
(M: 1818 - 1896 May 30) Louis AUDAIN, pére
(M: 1828 Aug 25 - 1896) Discours À Trois Jeunes Haïtiens [Fr-1858] Thomas James AUSTIN
(M: c1820 - 1896 Aug 16) Richard (Heinrich Ludwig) AVENARIUS
(M: 1843 Nov 19 - 1896 Aug 18) William Morrant BAKER
(M: 1839 Oct 20 - 1896 Oct 3) John Loraine BALDWIN
(M: 1809 Jun 1 - 1896 Nov 25) (also wrote as: A GLOW-WORM) Nicholas BALL
(M: 1828 - 1896) The Pioneers Of '49 [n|1891] Voyages...1838 To 1853... [a|1895] Rev, Elisha BALLEY
(M: 1813 Sep 11 - 1896 Jan 25) Frederick BARNARD
(M: 1846 May 26 - 1896 Sep 27) Behind A Brass Knocker (w Charles Henry ROSS) [n|1883] Sir, Joseph BARNBY
(M: 1838 Aug 12 - 1896 Jan 28) Benjamin Thomas BARTON
(M: 1840 Mar 30 - 1896 Dec 3) History Of The Borough Of Bury And Neighbourhood... [n|1874] Rev, John BATE
(M: c1826 - 1896 Oct 1) The Class Leader's Assistant [n|1865/?/?/?/68] A Cyclopædia Of Illustrations Of Moral And Religious Truths [n|1865] Speaking To The Life: A Book For All [n|1866] Objections To The Methodist Class-Meeting Answered [n|1866] Aids To The Spiritual Life, Day By Day [n|1868/74] An Inquiry Into The Eternal Punishment Of The Wicked [n|1871] 31143 Talkers [1878] Christian Giving [n|1879] The Class Leader's Treasury, And Christian's Directory [n|1881] The Perils Of Ritualism In The Churches [n|1881] Influence Of Mind On Mind [n|1883] Outspoken: Dedicated To The Churches [n|1888] Work, Workers And Wages [n|1892] The Daily Course Of The Christian Life (anon) [n|1894] Peter BAYNE
(M: 1830 Oct 19 - 1896 Feb 10) Harriet (Elizabeth) BEECHER, Mrs STOWE
(F: 1811 Jun 14 - 1896 Jul 1) (also wrote as: Harriet Beecher STOWE) Primary Geography For Children... (w Catharine BEECHER) [f|1833] 203,DQ& Uncle Tom's Cabin; Or, Life Among The Lowly (ps: H B STOWE) [f|1851-52/52] & A Key To Uncle Tom's Cabin (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1853] 13945 Sunny Memories Of Foreign Lands (ps: Harriet B STOWE) [2v|n|1854] 31390 The May Flower (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [e|1855] & The Christian Slave:...Uncle Tom's Cabin (ps: Harriet B STOWE) [d|1855] Dred: A Tale Of The Great Dismal Swamp (ps: Harriet B STOWE) [f|1856] The Minister's Wooing (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [f|1859] 31522 The Pearl Of Orr's Island (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [f|1862] Ages Of Sorrento (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1862] Religious Poems (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [p|1867] Little Pussy Willow (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1867-68/70] J Oldtown Folks (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [f|1869] 6598 The American Woman's Home (ps: Harriet B STOWE) (w C E BEECHER) [n|1869] Principles Of Domestic Science (ps: H B STOWE) (w C E BEECHER) [n|1870] 14061 Lady Byron Vindicated:...Byron Controversy... (ps: H B STOWE) [n|1870] 12354 Pink And White Tyranny (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1871] My Wife And I (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1871] 22320 (Sam Lawson's) Oldtown Fireside Stories (ps: Harriet B STOWE) [s|1872] The New Housekeeper's Manual (ps: H B STOWE) (w C E BEECHER) [n|1873] Palmetto-Leaves (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1873] We And Our Neighbors (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1875] & Poganuc People (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [1878] 31217 Household Papers And Stories (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [e|1896] 2486 Queer Little Folks (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [?] 10723 Betty's Bright Idea; Deacon Pitkin's Farm... (ps: H B STOWE) [s|?] 11171 Uncle Tom's Cabin [Young Folks' ed] (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [f|?] A House And Home Papers (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [?] A Woman In Sacred History (ps: Harriet Beecher STOWE) [?] Thomas BEGGS
(M: 1808 Nov 6 - 1896 Mar 30) An Inquiry Into The Extent And Causes Of Juvenile Depravity [n|1849] Juvenile Delinquency And Reformatory Institutions [n|1857] Marion Agnes BENGOUGH {UK}
(F: 1856 - 1896 Oct 3) So Near Akin [f|1891] In A Promised Land [f|1893] Bp, Edward White BENSON
(M: 1829 Jul 14 - 1896 Oct 11) The Apocalypse [1900] P G BERTICHEN
(?: 1796 - ?) Rio De Janeiro E Seus Arrabaldes [Pt-1857] Charlotte BICKERSTETH, Mrs WARD
(F: 1822 Jun 17 - 1896 Sep 11) (also wrote as: C B; His SISTER; Their SISTER) Doing And Suffering (ps: Their SISTER) [b|1860] Dawn And Sunrise [Barbara Sophia Gordon] (ps: C B) [b|1860] The Sayings Of The King (ps: His SISTER) [n|1862] Broad Shadows On Life's Pathway (anon) [1862] The Post Of Honour (anon) [1863] Sure Words Of Promise (anon) [1865] New Series Of Children's Sunday Books (anon w Harriet BICKERSTETH) [n|1865] Lending A Hand; Or, Help For The Working Classes (anon) [1866] Life In The Ghetto; Or, The Jewish Physician (anon) [1873] Judge, John BIRD
(M: 1815 - 1896 May 28) The Annals Of Natal, 1495-1845 [2v|n|1888] The World's Young Days [p|1889] Mnemosyne [p|1891] Rev, Charles Ingham BLACK
(M: c1821 - 1896 Jun 29) Charles Francis BLACKBURN
(M: 1828 Aug 5 - 1896 May 9) Colin BLACKBURN, (life) Baron BLACKBURN
(M: 1813 May 18 - 1896 Jan 8) a Treatise On The Effect Of The Contract Of Sale... [n|1845] A Treatise On...Sale (3e w W N RAEBURN & L C THOMAS) [n|1910] Mathilde BLIND, previously COHEN
(F: 1841 (wrongly 1847) Mar 21 - 1896 Nov 26) (also wrote as: Claude LAKE) V Poems (ps: Claude LAKE) [p|1867] V The Prophecy Of St Oran And Other Poems [p|1881] V George Eliot [b|1883] Tarantella [f|1885] Life Of Madame Roland [b|1886] V The Heather On Fire: A Tale Of The Highland Clearances [p|1886] V Shelley's View Of Nature Contrasted With Darwin's [n|1886] Madame Roland [b|1886] V The Ascent Of Man [p|1889] V Dramas In Miniature [p|1891] V Songs And Sonnets [p|1893] V Birds Of Passage: Songs Of The Orient And Occident [p|1895] The Poetical Works Of Mathilde Blind (ed Arthur SYMONS) [p|1900] Richard BLOXAM
(M: 1808 - 1896 Feb 23) Emil Heinrich du BOIS-REYMOND
(M: 1818 Nov 7 - 1896 Dec 26) Juana BORRERO
(F: 1877 May 17 or 18 - 1896 Mar 8 or 9) François Firmin BOUCHER
(M: ? - ?) I François Firmin Boucher À Ses Concitoyens [Fr-c1816] William Penn BOUDINOT
(M: 1830 Feb 4 - 1896) John Gregory BOURKE
(M: 1846 Jun 23 - 1896 Jun 8) * The Medicine-Men Of The Apache [n|1892] John Cooke BOURNE
(M: c1815 - 1896 Feb 15) London & Birmingham Railway [n|1839] The History And Description Of The Great Western Railway [n|1846] Thomas Tracy BOUVE
(M: 1815 - 1896) Juan José BRACHO
(M: 1858 - 1896 Feb 28) Ben/Benjamin BRIERLEY
(M: 1825 Jun 26 - 1896 Jan 18) (wrote as: AB-O'-TH'-YATE) Irkdale; Or, The Odd House In The Hollow [f|1865] Frederick BRODIE
(M: 1823 Jul 19 - 1896 Aug 14) Jane Octavia BROOKFIELD, nee ELTON
(F: 1821 Mar 25 - 1896 Nov 27) Only George [f|1866] Not Too Late [f|1868] Influence [f|1871] Not A Heroine [f|1873] Sir, Frederick Napier BROOME
(M: 1842 Nov 18 - 1896 Nov 26) Poems From New Zealand [p|1868] The Stranger Of Seriphos [p|1869] Eliza BROWN
(F: ? - 1896) John BROWN {US}
(M: 1820 - 1896) Autobiography Of Pioneer... [a|1941] Sir, James BROWNE
(M: 1839 Sep 16 - 1896 Jun 13) Scepticism - Credulity = 0 [n|1882] (Josef) Anton BRUCKNER
(M: 1824 Sep 4 - 1896 Oct 11) Therese BRUMMER, nee CASSE
(F: 1833 - 1896) Amédée BRUN
(M: 1868 Apr 5 - 1896 Sep 1) Rev, Richard George BULKELEY
(M: 1838 - 1896 Sep 13) Through The Breakers [f|1877] Ann Tuttle (nee)Jones BULLARD
(F: 1808 Jan - 1896) (wrote as: Mrs CAUSTIC) R Matrimony; Or, Love Affairs In Our Village Twenty Years Ago [f|1853] Hannah Ann BULLOCK
(F: ? - ?) & History Of The Isle Of Man... [n|1816] Henry Cuyler BUNNER
(M: 1855 Aug 3 - 1896 May 11) In Partnership (w Brander MATTHEWS) [s|1879] Airs From Arcady And Elsewhere [p|1884] The Midge [1886] 30662 The Story Of A New York House [f|1887] 'Short Sixes' [s|1891] Zadoc Pine [s|1891] 'Made In France' [1893] More 'Short Sixes' [s|1894] 21597 Jersey Street And Jersey Lane: Urban And Suburban Sketches [1896] Rev, Robert Ferrier BURNS
(M: 1826 Dec 23 - 1896 Apr 5) Maj, Rollo (Gillespie) BURSLEM
(M: c1813 - 1896 Mar 26) 11902 A Peep Into Toorkisthan [n|1846] Lady, Isabel BURTON, nee ARUNDELL
(F: 1831 Mar 20 - 1896 Mar 21 or 22) The Inner Life Of Syria, Palestine, And The Holy Land [n|1875] The Revival Of Christianity In Syria [n|c1875] Arabia, Egypt, India: A Narrative Of Travel [n|1879] Prevention Of Cruelty, And Anti-Vivisection [n|1879] Three Months At Abbazia (w Richard F BURTON) [n|c1888] The Life Of Captain Sir Richd F Burton [b|1893] 6402,J The Romance Of Isabel, Lady Burton (ed W H WILKINS) [a|1897] The Passion-Play At Ober-Ammergau [n|1900] Stephen Mannington CAFFYN
(M: 1850 (wrongly 1851) May 15 - 1896 Oct (wrongly Sep) 2) Miss Milne And I [f|1889] Poppy's Tears [f|1890] Sir, Henry George CALCRAFT
(M: 1836 Apr 12 - 1896 Jan 22) James Edwin CAMPBELL {US}
(M: 1867 Sep 28 - 1896 Jan 26) Driftings And Gleanings [1887] Echoes From The Cabin And Elsewhere [1895] William CAMPBELL
(M: 1810 Jul 17 - 1896 Aug 20) The Crown Lands Of Australia [n|1855] The Discovery Of Gold In Victoria [n|1856] Farewell Address To The Electors Of The North-west Province [n|1882] Ruggiero CARABOTT
(M: 1860 - 1896 Jan 21) John CARR {US}
(M: 1827 - 1896) Pioneer Days In California [a|1891] A Vulcan Among The Argonauts [a|1936] Charles Rooking CARTER
(M: 1822 - 1896 Jul 22) Thomas W CASKEY
(M: 1816 - 1896) Caskey's Last Book, Containing An Autobiographical Account... [a|1896] John Gibson CAZENOVE
(M: 1821 - 1896 Sep 30) Anatole CERFBERR
(M: 1835 Jul 6 - 1896) Répertoire De La Comédie Humaine De H De Balzac (w CHRISTOPHE) [Fr-1877] 17635 Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine (w CHRISTOPHE) [Fr-1877] (tr McSPADDEN) [?] Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine (w CHRISTOPHE) [Fr-1877] (tr G B IVES) [?] William CHALLINOR
(M: 1821 Mar 10 - 1896 Mar 21) Franklin CHAMBERLIN
(M: 1821 - 1896) Elizabeth CHARLES, nee RUNDLE
(F: 1828 Jan 2 - 1896 Mar 28) (also wrote as: Mrs Rundle CHARLES) The Voice Of Christian Life In Song [?] The Chronicles Of The Schönberg-Cotta Family [b|c1863] Sketches Of Christian Life In England In The Olden Time (anon) [1864] Diary Of Mrs Kitty Trevylyan (anon) [f|1865] Winifred Bertram, And The World She Lived In (anon) [f|1866] The Draytons And The Davenants: A Story Of The Civil Wars (anon) [f|1868] On Both Sides Of The Sea: A Story Of The Commonwealth... (anon) [f|1868] The Women Of The Gospels, The Three Wakings... (anon) [p|1868] Diary Of Brother Bartholomew... (anon) [1870] The Victory Of The Vanquished: A Tale Of The First Century (anon) [f|1870] The Cottage By The Cathedral, And Other Parables [n|1872] Against The Stream:...An Heroic Age In England (anon) [f|1873] Conquering And To Conquer:...Rome In The Days Of St Jerome (anon) [f|1876] The Bertram Family (anon) [1876] Lapsed But Not Lost: A Story Of Roman Carthage (anon) [f|1877] Joan The Maid: Deliverer Of England And France (anon) [f|1879] Sketches Of The Women Of Christendom (anon) [n|1880] An Old Story Of Bethlehem [1884] Three Martyrs Of The Nineteenth Century (anon) [b|1885] The Great Prayer Of Christendom: Thoughts...Lord's Prayer (anon) [n|1886] Songs Old And New (anon) [1887] Martyrs And Saints Of The First Twelve Centuries (anon) [n|1887] 'By Thy Cross And Passion' (anon) [n|1887] By The Coming Of The Holy Ghost: Thoughts For Whitsuntide (anon) [n|1888] By Thy Glorious Resurrection And Ascension: Easter... (anon) [n|1888] The Beatitudes: Thoughts For All Saints Day (anon) [n|1889] 'By The Mystery Of Thy Holy Incarnation' (anon) [n|1890] Within The Veil: Studies In The Epistle To The Hebrews [n|1891] Lady Augusta Stanley [b|1892] The Book Of The Unveiling:...Revelation Of S John The Divine [n|1892] 35346 The Ravens And The Angels... (ps: Mrs Rundle CHARLES) [s|1894] Allen William CHATFIELD
(M: 1808 Oct 2 - 1896 Jan 10) Henry Theodore CHEEVER
(M: 1814 - 1896 or 1897) The Whale And His Captors [1849] Memorials Of The Life And Trials Of A Youthful Christian... [1851] A The Island World Of The Pacific [n|1851] Life In The Sandwich Islands [n|1851] A Reel In A Bottle For Jack In The Doldrums [1852] A Tract For The Times [1859] Autobiography And Memorials Of Ichabod Washburn (w I WASHBURN) [b|1878] Correspondencies Of Faity [1885] Biblical Eschatology [1893] Francis James CHILD
(M: 1825 Feb 1 - 1896 Sep 11) * English And Scottish Ballads (ed) [8v|p|1857] * English And Scottish Popular Ballads (ed) [10v|p|1883-98] Gilbert William CHILD
(M: 1832 Mar 10 - 1896 Dec 1) Daniel Kinnear CLARK
(M: 1821 - 1896 Jan 22) Locomotive Engineering And The Mechanism Of Railways (w Z COLBURN) [n|1864] Prof, Dougan CLARK
(M: 1828 - 1896) Christ Our Sanctification [n|1877] The Offices Of The Holy Spirit [n|1878] Instructions To Christian Converts [n|1889] Holy Ghost Dispensation [n|1891] 6657 The Theology Of Holiness [n|?] Henry Ebenezer CLAY
(M: 1844 - 1896 Dec 27) Two And Two: A Story Of The Australian Forests... [p|1873] Westralian Poems [p|1907] Poems (ed S E BROOKING) [p|1910] William Alexander CLOUSTON
(M: 1813 - 1896) 13032 The Book Of Noodles: Stories Of Simpletons [s|1888] 16949 Flowers From A Persian Garden And Other Papers [1890] 21130 Book Of Wise Sayings [n|1893] Popular Tales And Fictions [?] * A Group Of Eastern Romances And Stories (ed) [?] Book Of Sindibad (ed) [?] Bakhtyar Nama (ed) [?] Arabian Poetry For English Readers (ed) [?] Robert Hawley CLUTTERBUCK
(M: c1837 - 1896 Aug 29) Notes On The Parishes Of Fyfield, Kimpton... (2e w E D WEBB) [n|1898] Charles Carleton COFFIN
(M: 1823 Jul 26 - 1896 Mar 2) (also wrote as: CARLETON) 28571 My Days And Nights On The Battle-field [1864] 22913 Winning His Way [f|1866] A The Seat Of Empire [1870] R Caleb Krinkle [f|1875] The Boys Of '76 [1876] Old Times In The Colonies [1880] * The Boys Of '61; Or, Four Years Of Fighting [n|1881] Building The Nation [1883] * Following The Flag, From August, 1861 To November, 1862... [1892] 29849 Daughters Of The Revolution And Their Times, 1769-1776 [f|1895] Story Of Liberty [n|?] Our New Way Round The World [n|?] Judge, Alfred Whaley COLE
(M: 1823 - 1896) He Cape And The Kaffirs; Or,...Five Years...In South Africa [n|1852] Hope: A Story Of Chequered Life [f|1853] 'Who's Your Friend?' And Other Matters [1855] The World In Light And Shade: Its Comicalities And Eccentricities [1855] The Honeymoon [f|1855] Legends In Verse [p|1855] Lorimer Littlegood, Esq [f|1858] Three Idyls Of A Prince [p|1860] Poetic Wit And Legends In Verse (w others) [1876] Reminiscences Of My Life And Of The Cape Bench And Bar [a|1896] Hubert Montague COOKSON
(M: 1870 (wrongly 1865) May 12 - 1896 Nov c5) (wrote as: Hubert (Montague) CRACKANTHORPE) Sentimental Studies And A Set Of Village Tales [s|1895] Last Studies [f|1897] Vicente CORONADO
(M: 1830 Oct 27 - 1896 Mar 23) Thomas Charles Stewart CORRY
(M: c1825 - 1896 May 20) Hiram CORSON
(M: 1804 - 1896) On The Statistics Of 3036 Cases Of Labor [n|1886] The Corson Family [b|1906] John CORYTON
(M: 1826 Jan 24 - 1896 Nov 7) Bp, Arthur Cleveland COXE, ne COX
(M: 1818 May 10 - 1896 Jul 20) Advent: A Mystery [1837] St Jonathan: The Lay Of A Scald [1838] Athanasion [1842] Halloween: A Romaunt [1842] Christian Ballads [p|1845/47/65?] + Halloween, A Romaunt, With Lays, Meditative And Devotional [1845] May-Morning At Magdalen College [1850] The Commemoration Of The Faithful Departed [n|1852] Impressions Of England; Or,...English Scenery And Society [n|1856] Counsels Of Unity [n|1856] Thoughts On The Services [n|1859] The Church And The Press [n|1859] The Criterion: A Means Of Distinguishing Truth From Error [n|1866] Moral Reforms Suggested In A Pastoral Letter [n|1869] Das Vaticanische Concil [n|Ge-1870] The Signs Of The Times As Connected With The Vatican Council [n|1870] Apollos; Or, The Way Of God [n|1873] Assault Of The Bishop Of Western New York [n|1875] Covenant Prayers [n|1876] The Ladye Chace [1876] The Daily Round [1880] The Laity: Their Vocation And Ministry In The Church [n|1884] Institutes Of Christian History [n|1887] The Paschal: Poems For Passion-Tide And Easter [p|1889] Holy Writ And Modern Thought [n|1892] The Genesis Of The American Prayer Book [n|1893] A An Apology For The Common English Bible [n|?] Rev, William Whiting CRANE
(M: 1805 - 1896) Autobiography And Miscellaneous Writings Of Elder W W Crane [a|1891] George CRAWSHAY
(M: 1821 - 1896 Mar 13) Antonio CRESPO GUTIÉRREZ
(M: 1870 - 1896 Apr 19) Frederick Nicholls CROUCH
(M: 1808 Jul 31 (or 30) - 1896 Aug 18 (or 19)) The Songs And Legends Of Ireland [m|c1838] Sir, Joseph Archer CROWE
(M: 1825 Oct 20 - 1896 Sep 6) Reminiscences [a|?] Manuel de la CRUZ y FERNÁNDEZ
(M: 1861 Sep 17 - 1896 Feb 19) (wrote as: El ACADÉMICO de Banes; Un ACADÉMICO de la Lengua; Un Colaborador ASIDUO; EMMANUEL; Juan de las GUÁSIMAS; ISAÍAS; MICROS; Un OCCIDENTAL; Un REDACTOR; Raimundo ROSAS; Juan SINCERO y BONIFACIO SÁNCHEZ) James CUDDON
(M: 1816 - 1896 Dec 23) Sir, George Webbe DASENT
(M: 1817 May 22 - 1896 Jun 11) 8933 Popular Tales From The Norse [s|1859] Annals Of An Eventful Life [f|1870] Three To One; Or,...The Life Of Amicia Lady Sweetapple [f|1872] Half A Life [f|1874] The Vikings Of The Baltic:...The North In The 10th Century [f|1875] Norse Wonder Tales [s|1909] Prof, Gabriel Auguste DAUBRÉE
(M: 1814 Jun 25 - 1896 May 29) Felix Gregory DE FONTAINE
(M: 1832 or 1834 - 1896 Dec 11) Joseph Henry DEEBLE
(M: 1819 Oct 18 - 1896 Aug 23) Frederick Charles DENISON
(M: 1846 Nov 22 - 1896 Apr 15) Archdeacon, George Anthony DENISON
(M: 1805 Dec 11 - 1896 Mar 21) George DENMAN
(M: 1819 Dec 23 - 1896 Sep 21) The Story Of The Kings Of Rome In Verse [p|1889] Intervalla: Verses Greek, Latin And English [p|1898] William Richard DENNY
(M: c1863 - 1896 May 2) João de DEUS
(M: 1830 - 1896) 24847 Ramo De Flores [p|Pt-1869] 27599 Flores Do Campo [Pt-?] Charles Culliford Boz DICKENS, aka Charles DICKENS, Jr
(M: 1837 Jan 6 - 1896 Jul 20) Dickens's Dictionary Of London [n|1879] Dickens's Dictionary Of The Thames [n|1879] Mamie(=Mary) DICKENS
(F: 1838 Mar 6 - 1896 Jul 23) (wrote as: His Eldest DAUGHTER) 27234 My Father As I Recall Him [Charles Dickens] [b|c1897] James DIXON
(M: 1813 - 1896 Jan 3) A Guide To The Practical Study Of Diseases Of The Eye [n|1855/?/66] Mary Abigail DODGE
(F: 1833 Mar 31 - 1896 Aug 17) (also wrote as: Gail HAMILTON) 2385 Gala-Days (anon?) [?/1863] * A New Atmosphere (ps: Gail HAMILTON) [1865] & Woman's Wrongs: A Counter-Irritant [1868] Anna Hanson DORSEY, nee McKENNEY
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