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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1840 - 1909) ABGAR-SOLTAN
(M: 1856 - 1909) Jules ADELINE
(M: 1845 - 1909) Andrew Jackson AIKENS
(M: 1830 - 1909) L Men Of Progress: Wisconsin (jt ed) [b|1897] William AIKMAN
(M: 1824 - 1909) 4055 The Future Of The Colored Race In America [n|(1862)/1862] A Life At Home; Or, The Family And Its Members [1870] Heavenly Recognition [1883] Rev, Percy Clough AINSWORTH
(M: 1873 - 1909 Jul 1) The Pilgrim Church And Other Sermons [e|1909] 13267 The Threshold Grace: Meditations In The Psalms [n|(?)/1910] A Thornless World And Other Sermons [e|1911] St Paul's Hymn To Love [n|1913] The Blessed Life [n|1923] Edward Hamilton AITKEN
(M: 1851 - 1909 Apr 25) (wrote as: EHA) The Tribes On My Frontier [e|(?)/1883] 7953 Behind The Bungalow [e|(?)/1889] A Naturalist On The Prowl; Or, In The Jungle [n|1894] The Five Windows Of The Soul; Or, Thoughts On Perceiving [n|1898] 10962 Concerning Animals And Other Matters [n|1914] The Common Birds Of Bombay [n|1919] Isaac ALBÉNIZ
(M: 1860 - 1909) Gabriel ALEXANDER
(M: ? - ?) My Grandfather's Farm [f|1829] Sines ALGE
(M: 1847 - 1909) Newson's First German Book (w W H BUELL, S HAMBURGER & W RIPPMANN) [n|1901] Newson's German Reader (w Walter H BUELL & Walter RIPPMANN) [n|1901] Newson's First French Book (w Walter H BUELL & Walter RIPPMANN) [n|1901] Newson's Second French Book (w Walter H BUELL & Walter RIPPMANN) [n|1901] Prof, Marcus Blakey ALLMOND
(M: 1851 Aug 17 - 1909) Estelle: An Idyl Of Old Virginia [1884] Agricola: An Easter Idyl [1885] An Outline Of Latin Syntax And Rules For Gender [n|1885] Fairfax, My Lord: An Historical Poem [p|1892] Addresses And Lectures [e|?] Miscellaneous Poems [p|?] Alexander ANDERSON
(M: 1845 Apr 30 - 1909 Jul 11) (wrote as: SURFACEMAN) A Song Of Labour And Other Poems [p|1873] The Two Angels And Other Poems [p|1875] Songs Of The Rail [?/?/1881] Ballads And Sonnets [p|1879] George Webb APPLETON
(M: 1845 - 1909 Jun 12) Frozen Hearts [f|1878] Catching A Tartar [f|1879] Jack Allyn's Friends [f|1880] A Terrible Legacy: A Tale Of The South Downs [f|1887] The Co-Respondent [f|1894] A Philanthropist At Large [f|1896] The Blue Diamond Mystery [f|c1898] François The Valet [n|1899] Rash Conclusions [f|1902] The Romance Of A Poor Young Girl [f|c1903] A Forgotten Past [f|c1903] The Lady In Sables [f|1904] The Mysterious Miss Cass [f|1904] The Luck Of Bella Barton [f|1905] The Rook's Nest [f|1905] The Ingenious Captain Cobbs [f|1906] A Fool And His Folly [f|c1906] Miss White Of Mayfair [f|1906] The Silent Passenger [f|1906] The Duchess Of Pontifex Square [f|1907] The House On The Thames [f|1907] The Willoughby Affair [f|1908] The Down Express [f|1908] The Dexter Entanglement [f|1909] Doctor Dale's Dilemma [f|1909] A Comedy Of The Unexpected [f|1910] A Hundred Years Of French History, 1789-1889 [n|?] A Fair Sinner [d|?] Zana [d|?] The Co-Respondent [d|?] Jack The Handy Man [d|?] The Unbidden Guest [d|?] William Henry ARCHER
(M: 1825 Nov 13 - 1909 Apr 29) Noctes Catholicae: The Position Of Catholics In Victoria... [n|1884] Hugh Oakley ARNOLD-FORSTER
(M: 1855 - 1909 Mar 12) How To Solve The Irish Land Question [n|?] The Citizen Reader [n|?] The Laws Of Everyday Life [n|?] This World Of Ours [n|?] In A Conning Tower; Or, How I Took HMS 'Majestic' Into Action [n|1888] Things New And Old [7v|?] Our Home Army [n|?] A History Of England [n|1897] Army Letters [1898] The Coming Of The Kilogram [n|1899] Our Great City [n|1900] The Army In 1906: A Policy And A Vindication [n|1906] English Socialism Of To-day [n|1908] Capt, ASH
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: SCRUTATOR) The Mania Of The Day; Or, The Effects Of Universal Education [n|1829] William Biddle ATKINSON {US}
(M: 1832 Jun 21 - 1909 Nov 23) Hints In The Obstetric Procedure [n|1879] Physicians And Surgeons Of The United States [n|1879] Therapeutics Of Gynecology And Obstetrics [n|1881] Isaiah Winslow AYER {US}
(M: c1825 - 1909 Apr 29) 8543 The Great North-western Conspiracy In All Its...Details [n|?/?/1865] Joseph Edward BADGER, Jr
(M: 1848 - 1909) (wrote as: Harry HAZARD; A H POST; Ralph ROY) The Forest Princess; Or, The Kickapoo Captives [f|1871] Roving Joe (ps: A H POST) [a|1882] 783 The Lost City [1898] The Masked Guide [f|?] Redlaw, Half-Breed [f|?] Squatter Dick [f|?] The Indian Spy [f|?] The Mad Ranger [f|?] Robert Nisbet BAIN
(M: 1854 Nov 18 - 1909 May 10) Gustavus III And His Contemporaries [b|1894] Hans Christian Andersen [b|1895] Charles XII And The Collapse Of The Swedish Empire [n|1895] The Pupils Of Peter The Great, 1697-1740 [b|1897] The Daughter Of Peter The Great [n|1899] Peter III, Emperor Of Russia, 1762 [b|1902] Scandinavia:...History Of Denmark, Norway, And Sweden, 1513-1900 [n|1904] The First Romanovs, 1613 To 1725 [n|1905] Slavonic Europe:...History Of Poland And Russia From 1469 To 1796 [n|1907] 29672 Cossack Fairy Tales And Folk Tales (tr) [s|1916] Carlo BAJONA
(M: 1839 - 1909 Jan 1) Charlotte Alice BAKER
(F: 1833 - 1909) I True Stories Of New England Captives Carried To Canada... [n|1897] Frederic Henry BALFOUR
(M: 1846 - 1909 May 22) (wrote as: Ross George DERING; A MEMBER of the Evangelization Society) Preaching The Gospel (ps: A MEMBER of the Evangelization Society) [n|1872] Waifs And Strays From The Far East [e|1876] Idiomatic Dialogues In The Peking Colloquial [n|1883] Taoist Texts, Ethical Political And Speculative [n|1884] Leaves From My Chinese Scrap-Book [n|1887] Giraldi; Or, The Curse Of Love (ps: Ross George DERING) [f|1889] The Virgin's Vengeance (ps: Ross George DERING) [f|1889] The Undergraduate (ps: Ross George DERING) [f|1891] Dr Mirabel's Theory (ps: Ross George DERING) [f|1893] The Song Of Songs, Which Is Solomon's [d|1893] Cherryfield Hall: An Episode In The Career Of An Adventuress [f|1895] Unthinkables [e|1897] Empirical Essays (aka: The Higher Agnosticism) (anon?) [e|1897] The Expiation Of Eugene [f|1905] 16099 Austin And His Friends [f|1906] Eginhard von BARFUS
(M: 1825 Nov 7 - 1909 Feb 20) Am Elefantensee [f|Ge-1896] Emily Mary BARTON
(F: 1817 - 1909) Hilary BAUERMAN
(M: 1834 - 1909 Dec 5) On The Occurrence Of Celestine In The Nummulitic... (w C FOSTER) [n|1869] Alfred Walter BAYES
(M: 1832 - 1909 Jun 26) Arthur William à BECKETT
(M: 1844 Oct 25 - 1909 Jan 14) (also wrote as: A BRIEFLESS, Junior; Bertie VYSE) Comic Guide To The Royal Academy (w Gilbert à BECKETT) [1863] Fallen Amongst Thieves [f|1869] Our Holiday In The Highlands (w F C BURNAND) [1874] The Shadow Witness And The Doom Of St Quirec [1875] The Ghost Of Grimstone Grange And The Mystery Of Mostyn Manor [1877] Tracked Out, Hard Luck, Stone Broke [1879] Papers From Pump Handle Court (ps: A BRIEFLESS, Junior) [1884] Modern Arabian Nights [1885] The Member For Wrottenborough [1895] Greenroom Recollections [1896] The Modern Adam [1899] London At The End Of The Century [1900] The À Becketts Of Punch [1903] The Tunnel Mystery [1905] Recollections Of A Humorist [a|1907] On Strike (ps: Bertie VYSE) [?] Augustus Henry BEESLY
(M: 1839 - 1909 Aug 5) 10860 The Gracchi Marius And Sulla: Epochs Of Ancient History [n|1877] Thomas Alfred BERNIER
(M: 1844 Aug 15 - 1909 Jan 18) Manitoba, Champ D'Immigration [n|Fr-?] Shelford BIDWELL
(M: 1848 Mar 6 - 1909 Dec 18) Curiosities Of Light And Sight [n|1899] Charles Robert Webster BIGGAR
(M: 1847 - 1909 Oct 16) + Sir Oliver Mowat [2v|b|1905] Sereno Edwards BISHOP
(M: 1827 - 1909) Reminiscences Of Old Hawaii [a|1916] Jemima BLACKBURN, nee WEDDERBURN
(F: 1823 May 1 - 1909 (or 1910) Aug 9) Illustrations From Scripture By An Animal Painter [n|1854] Birds Of Nature [n|1862] Birds From Moidart [n|1895] Jemima: The Paintings And Memoirs... (ed Robert FAIRLEY) [n|1988] Edwin Gordon BLACKMORE
(M: 1837 Sep 21 - 1909 Feb 20) The Decisions Of The Right Hon Evelyn Denison [n|1881] The Decisions Of The Right Hon Sir H B W Brand [n|1882-87] Manual Of The Practice...House Of Assembly Of South Australia [n|1885] Manual Of The Practice...Legislative Council Of South Australia [n|1889] The Law Of The Constitution Of South Australia [n|1894] The Decisions Of The Right Hon Arthur Wellesley Peel, 1884-1889 [n|1900] The Story Of The South Australian Bushmen's Corps [n|1900] Samuel BLIXEN (CLARET)
(M: 1867 - 1909 May 22) Cobre Viejo [e|Sp-1890] Un cuento del Tío Marcelo [d|Sp-1891] Frente A La Muerte [d|Sp-1892] Prolegómenos De Literatura E Historia Compendiada... [n|Sp-1892] Estudio Compendiado De La Literatura Contemporánea [2v|n|Sp-1894] Jauja [d|Sp-1895] Primavera [d|Sp-1896] Leyendas Guaraníes: Impresiones, Tradiciones, Anécdotas [n|Sp-1902] Casos, Dichos Y Anécdotas [n|Sp-1909] Lucien BOPPE
(M: 1834 Jul 4 - 1909 Mar 21) Traité De Sylviculture [n|Fr-1889] Cours De Technologie Forestières [n|Fr-1887] Chasse Et Pêche En France [n|Fr-1900] Les Forêts (w JOLYET) [n|Fr-1901] Percy BOULTON
(M: 1840 - 1909 May 15) Emma BOULTWOOD, Mrs DIXON
(F: c1838 - 1909 Dec 3) (wrote as: Emma LESLIE) The Two Orphans: A Tale For The Young [f|1863] Trial And Trust; Or, Ellen Morden's Experience Of Life [f|1864] Ellerslie House: A Book For Boys [f|1867] Teddy's Dream; Or, A Little Sweep's Mission [f|1868] The Heir Of Hazlewood; Or, 'All Things Work Together...' [f|1868] The Gold Bracelet [f|1869] Harry Lawley And His Maiden Aunts [f|1869] Daybreak In Italy [1870] Milly's Errand; Or, Saved To Save [f|1870] Soldier Fritz, And The Enemies He Fought (anon) [f|1871] The Orphan And The Foundling; Or, Alone In The World [f|1872] Elsie's Dowry: A Tale Of The Franco-German War [f|1872] Constancia's Household: A Story Of The Spanish Reformation [f|1872] Percy Raydon; Or, Self-Conquest [f|1872] Maggie's Message (anon) [f|1872] Faithful, But Not Famous: A Historical Tale (anon) [f|1872] Fanny The Flower Girl; and, Esther's Trial (anon) [s|1872] The Giant Conquered [f|1872] Charley Hope's Testament (anon) [f|1872] Myra's Pink Dress [f|1873] The Captives [f|1873] Fanny's Bible Text (anon) [1873] Peter The Apprentice:...Tale Of The Reformation In England (anon) [f|1873] Eliza Metcalf's Basket; Or, Policy Not Principle [f|1873] Helen's Victory (anon) [f|1873] Glaucia, The Greek Slave (anon) [f|1874] The Ferryman's Family; Or, Daisy Hope's Fortune [f|1874] Edward's Conquest And Other Tales [s|1874] The Little Gipsy (anon) [f|1874] Sunbeam Susette; and, The Little Gipsy [s|1874] Hilda; Or, The Golden Age (anon) [f|1874] Tom Perry's Venture [f|1874] Lizzie's Promise [f|1874] Esther's Regret [f|1874] Herbert's Debt [f|1875] Squire Lynne's Will [f|1875] Out Of The Mouth Of The Lion; Or, The Church In The Catacombs (anon) [f|1875] The Hermit Of Livry: A Tale Of The Days Of Calvin [f|1877] From Bondage To Freedom: A Tale Of The Rise Of Mohammedanism (anon) [f|1877] George's Temptation [f|1878] Arthur Egerton's Ordeal; Or, God's Ways Not Our Ways [f|1878] Esther's Sixpence, And Other Tales [s|1879] Crissy's Little Mother [f|1879] The Chained Book [f|1879] Amy's Probation (anon) [f|1880] 19136 Hayslope Grange: A Tale Of The Civil War [f|1880] Caught In The Toils: A Story Of A Convent Schools [f|1880] Tom Morris's Error, And Other Stories [s|1880] Before The Dawn: A Tale Of Wycliffe And Bohemia [f|1880] Cecily: A Tale Of The English Reformation [f|1881] Charley's Log: A Story Of Schoolboy Life (anon) [f|1882] The Water Waifs: A Story Of Canal Barge Life [f|1882] Tom, The Boater: A Tale Of English Canal Life [f|1882] Only A Little Fault [1882] A Slip At Starting; Or, Johnny's First Place [f|1883] The Gipsy Queen [f|1884] Dearer Than Life: A Tale Of The Times Of Wycliffe [f|1884] Marion And Augusta; Or, Love And Selfishness [f|1884] Saxby: A Tale Of Old And New England [f|1884] At The Sign Of The Blue Boar: A Story Of The Reign Of Charles II [f|1884] Margaret's Journal; Or, Steps Upward [f|1884] Gytha's Message: A Tale Of Saxon England [f|1885] Tom Watkins' Mistake [f|1885] 21797 A Sailor's Lass [f|1886] Stories From French History [1886] Hidden Seed; Or, A Year In A Girl's Life [f|1886] The Martyr's Victory: A Tale Of Danish England [f|1886] Through Stress And Strain: A Story Of The Huguenot Persecution [f|1887] That Vulgar Girl [f|1887] 20307 Kate's Ordeal [f|1887] The Life And Reign Of Queen Victoria [b|1887/97] Gretchen's Holiday [f|1887] How The Strike Began: A Story For Girls [f|1888] By Little And Little: A Tale Of The Spanish Armada [f|1888] The Magic Runes: A Tale Of The Times Of Charlemagne [f|1888] Shucks: A Story For Boys [f|1888] Pretty Miss Hathaway [f|1888] The Making Of A Hero [f|1888] Saved By Love: A Story Of London Streets [f|1889] For France And Freedom: A Tale Of The French Revolution [f|1889] The Cousins [f|1889] Aunt Selina's Legacy: A Story For Girls [f|1889] Audrey's Jewels: A Tale Of The English Revolution [f|1889] A Gypsy Against Her Will [f|1889] The Story Of A Christmas Sixpence [f|1890] Bolingbroke's Folly [f|1890] Bertie Danby's Training [f|1890] Arthur's Temptation; Or, A Bad Beginning [f|1890] A Dangerous Friend; Or, Tom's Three Months In London [f|1890] Hilda; Or, The Golden Age [f|1890] Marion And Augusta [f|1890] Letty Raymond's Training [f|1890] Gerald's Dilemma [f|1890] For Merrie England [f|1890] A London Rose [f|1891] The Seed She Sowed: A Tale Of The Great Dock Strike [f|1891] Lady Marjorie: A Story Of Methodist Work A Hundred Years Ago [f|1892] Eric, A Waif: A Story Of Last Century [f|1892] Brave Bessie Westland: A Story Of Quaker Persecution [f|1893] How Rosie Helped Mabel; Or, The Story Of A Birthday Doll [f|1894] Sowing Beside All Waters: A Tale Of The Early Church [f|1895] Our Little Lady [f|1895] The Stolen Roses [f|1896] In The Gypsies' Van; Or, Caught In A Trap [f|1896] Lizzie's Experiment: A Story Of London Life [f|1896] Bob And His Rabbits; Or, A False Start In Life [f|1897] Through Storm To Calm: A Tale Of Last Century [f|1897] Our Little Nan [f|1897] A London Rose; and, Kate's Ordeal [s|1898] Arthur Ranyard's Training [f|1898] Elsie's Scholarship, And Why She Surrendered It [f|1898] Leila's Quest, And What Came Of It [f|1900] 26104 That Scholarship Boy [f|1900] Lina's Fortune (aka: The Mystery Of Rosabelle) [f|1900] At The 'Sign Of The Golden Fleece': A Story Of Reformation Days [f|1900] Arthur's Inheritance; Or, How He Conquered [f|1901] Dearer Than Life [f|1903] Saved By Love [f|1904] On The Emperor's Service: A Story Of The Time Of Constantine [f|1905] A Young Lady Of Quality: A Story Of The Great Methodist Revival... [f|1906] Brought Out Of Peril [f|1906] Esther's Triumph [f|1908] At The Sign Of The Blue Boar [f|1910] The Prisoner Of Prague [f|1910] Rev, George BOURNE
(M: ? - ?) The Picture Of Quebec (w James SMILLIE) [n|1829] Henry Richard Fox BOURNE / FOX BOURNE
(M: 1837 - 1909 Feb 2) English Seamen Under The Tudors [2v|n|1868] 13351 The Life Of Thomas, Lord Cochrane... (w Thomas COCHRANE) [2v|b|1869] Désiré Magloire BOURNEVILLE
(M: 1840 May 16 - 1909 May 29) William Ingersoll BOWDITCH
(M: 1819 - 1909) Sir, Edward BOYLE, 1st Baronet BOYLE of Ockham
(M: 1849 Sep 6 - 1909 Mar 19) Principles Of Rating [n|?] The Law of Compensation (Lands Clauses Acts) [n|?] Law Of Railway And Canal Traffic [n|?] Ward BRADFORD
(M: 1809 - ?) Biographical Sketches... [a|c1891] Thomas Waldron BRADLEY
(M: 1821 - 1909) (wrote as: Shelsley BEAUCHAMP) Grantley Grange: Benedicts And Bachelors [f|1874] Nelly Hamilton [f|1875] Oswald BRAND
(M: c1857 - 1909 Aug 19) Dean, John BRISTOW
(M: c1835 - 1909 Dec 15) Principles Of Science And Religion The Same [n|1894] Prayer, Praise, And Thanksgiving [n|?] George Tisdale BROMLEY
(M: 1817 - 1909) The Long Ago And The Later On; Or, Recollections Of Eighty Years [a|1904] Jeanne-Henriette BRUYÈRE
(M: 1845 Oct 12 - 1909 Mar 18) (wrote as: Cécile BRUYÈRE) The Spiritual Life And Prayer (anon) [n|Fr-?] (tr var) [1900] Dudley BUCK
(M: 1839 Mar 10 - 1909 Oct 6) Dictionary Of Musical Terms [n|1882] * The Influence Of The Organ In History [n|1882] Franklin Agustus BUCK {US}
(M: 1826 - 1909) L A Yankee Trader In The Gold Rush [a|1930] Freiin, Frieda von BÜLOW
(F: 1858 - 1909) Sir, (William) Henry BUNDEY
(M: 1838 Jan 30 - 1909 Dec 6) Some Suggestions On Land Reform [n|1872] Trade Unions [n|1877] Reminiscences Of 25 Years' Yachting In Australia [n|1888] The Punishment Of Criminals [n|1893] The Conviction Of Innocent Men [n|1900] Sir, Owen Tudor BURNE
(M: 1837 Apr 12 - 1909 Feb 3) British Agents In Afghanistan [n|1879] Clyde And Strathnairn [n|1891] Memories [a|1907] Lord Strathnairn [?] Imperial Assemblage At Delhi [n|?] Dawson BURNS
(M: 1828 - 1909 Aug 22) A The Bases Of The Temperance Reform [n|1873] Oliver Cromwell And Other Poems [p|1887] Temperance History [n|1889] Temperance In The Victorian Age [n|1897] Rev, Arthur Gray BUTLER
(M: 1831 (or 1832) Aug 19 - 1909 Jan 10) Charles I [d|pub:1874] Harold [d|pub:1892] Choice Of Achilles, And Other Poems [p|1900] The Three Friends: A Story Of Rugby In The Forties [f|1900] Hodge And The Land [p|1907] Henry Thomas BUTTERWORTH
(M: 1809 - ?) Reminiscences And Memories Of...And Nancy Irvin Wales, His Wife [a|1886] Joshua William CALDWELL
(M: 1856 - 1909) Robert CALDWELL
(M: 1843 - 1909) (wrote as: Andrew COCHRANE) Frances (Boyd) CALHOUN
(F: 1867 Dec 25 - 1909 Jun) 5187 Miss Minerva And William Green Hill [f|1909] Alexander James CAMPBELL
(M: 1815 Apr 3 - 1909 Oct 20) Book Of Prayers For Social And Public Worship (ed) [n|1874] Fifty Years Of Presbyterianism In Victoria: A Jubilee Sketch [n|1889] Col, Walter CAMPBELL
(M: ? - before 1909) The Old Forest Ranger; Or, Wild Sports Of India... [n|1842/45/53] Chauncey de Leon CANFIELD
(M: 1843 - 1909) L The Diary Of A Forty-Niner [a|1906] Andrew P CANOVA
(M: 1835 Oct 30 - 1909 Dec 17) Life And Adventures In South Florida [a|1885] Rosa Nouchette CAREY
(F: 1840 Sep 24 - 1909 Jul 19) (also wrote as: Le VOLEUR) Nellie's Memories: A Domestic Story [f|1868] 28717 Wee Wifie (anon?) [f|1869] Barbara Heathcote's Trial (anon?) [f|1871] Robert Ord's Atonement (anon?) [f|1873] Wooed And Married [f|1875] * Heriot's Choice [f|1879] Queenie's Whim [f|1881] Mary St John [f|1882] 28463 Not Like Other Girls [f|1884] For Lilias [f|1885] 16080 Uncle Max [f|1887] Esther Cameron's Story: A Tale Of Life And Influence [f|1887] 6850 Esther [f|1887] Aunt Diana [f|1888] Only The Governess [f|1888] Merle's Crusade [f|1889] (The Search For) Basil Lyndhurst [f|1889] 28925 Lover Or Friend? [f|1890] 28651 Our Bessie [f|1891] Averil [f|1891] Sir Godfrey's Grand-daughters [f|1892] 'But Men Must Work' [f|1892] The Old, Old Story [f|1894] Mrs Romney [f|1894] Little Miss Muffet [f|1894] Tiney's Birthday Gift [f|1894] By Order Of The Brotherhood (ps: Le VOLEUR) [f|1895] My Little Boy Blue [f|1895] The Mistress Of Brae Farm [f|1896] For Love Of A Bedouin Maid (ps: Le VOLEUR) [f|1897] Cousin Mona [f|1897] Other People's Lives [s|1897] 22883 Doctor Luttrell's First Patient [f|1897] Mollie's Prince [f|1898] In The Tsar's Dominions (ps: Le VOLEUR) [f|1899] Twelve Notable Good Women Of The XIXth Century [b|1899] My Lady Frivol [f|1899] Life's Trivial Round [f|1900] The Champington Mystery (ps: Le VOLEUR) [f|1900] Rue With A Difference [f|1900] 4005 Herb Of Grace [f|1901] The Highway Of Fate [f|1902] A Passage Perilous [f|1903] Effie's Little Mother [f|1903] At The Moorings [f|1904] The Household Of Peter [f|1905] The Mistress Of Brae Farm [f|1906] 'No Friend Like A Sister' [f|1906] The Angel Of Forgiveness [f|1907] The Sunny Side Of The Hill [f|1908] The Key Of The Unknown [f|1909] Miguel Antonio CARO
(M: 1843 - 1909) Mother, Margaret Anne CARROLL
(F: 1835 Feb 23 - 1909 Nov 29) (wrote as: Mary Teresa Austin CARROLL) I Life Of Catherine McAuley...Religious Sisters Of Mercy [b|1871] Leaves From The Annals Of The Sisters Of Mercy [n|?] Céleste de CHABRILLAN, nee VÉNARD, aka Céleste MOGADOR
(F: 1824 Dec 27 - 1909 Feb 18) Mémoires [a|Fr-?] Les Voleurs D'Or [f|Fr-?] Miss Pewell [f|?] The Emigrants [f|?] Henrique CHAUMER
(M: 1854 - 1909 Sep 25) Olga Nikolaevna CHIUMINA
(F: 1865 - 1909) Rufus Wheelwright CLARK
(M: 1844 - 1909) Our Church Work And The New Year [n|1874] The Church In Thy House [n|1890] Address Before The Society Of Colonial Wars Of The States [n|1903] Charles CLARKE
(M: 1826 Nov 28 - 1909 Apr 6) Sixty Years In Upper Canada [a|1908] Rev, Thomas Ebenezer CLEWORTH
(M: 1854 Apr 2 - 1909 Apr 5) Edwin Delos COE
(M: 1840 Jun 11 - 1909 May 5) Reminiscences Of A Pioneer In The Rock River Country [a|1908] Rhoda M COFFIN, nee JOHNSON
(F: 1826 - 1909) Rhoda M Coffin: Her Reminiscences... (ed Mary Coffin JOHNSON) [a|1910] John Phillips COLDSTREAM
(M: 1842 Jun 6 - 1909 Dec 25) Robert COLLIER, 2nd Baron MONKSWELL
(M: 1845 Mar 26 - 1909 Dec 22) Collier On Contributaries [n|?] Kate Grenville [f|?] George Frederick Russell COLT
(M: 1837 Jan 14 - 1909 Dec 20) John CONWAY {AU}
(M: 1843 Feb 3 - 1909 Aug 22) Benoît Constant COQUELIN, aîné
(M: 1841 Jan 23 - 1909 Jan (wrongly Feb) 27) L'Art Et Le Comédien [n|Fr-1880] Molière Et Le Misanthrope [n|Fr-1881] L'Arnolphe De Molière [n|Fr-1882] Les Comédiens [Fr-1882] L'Art De Dire Le Monologue (w E A H COQUELIN) [Fr-1884] Tartuffe [Fr-1884] L'Art Du Comédien [n|Fr-1894] Ernest Alexandre Honoré COQUELIN, cadet
(M: 1848 May 15 or 16 - 1909 Feb 8) Le Livre Des Convalescents [Fr-1880] Le Monologue Moderne [n|Fr-1881] Fairiboles [Fr-1882] L'Art De Dire Le Monologue (w B C COQUELIN) [Fr-1884] Le Rire [Fr-1887] Pirouettes [Fr-1888] William Joseph CORBET
(M: 1824 Dec 12 - 1909 Dec 1) William Hooper COUNCILL
(M: 1848 Jul 12 - 1909) Lamp Of Wisdom; Or, Race History Illuminated... [1898] Bright Side Of The Southern Question [1978] William Price CRAIGHILL
(M: 1833 - 1909) Francis Marion CRAWFORD
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