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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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George ABBOTT, Jr
(M: ? - ?) An Essay On The Mines Of England [n|1833] L A ABBOTT
(M: 1813 - ?) 4667,R Seven Wives And Seven Prisons; Or,...A Matrimonial Monomaniac [f|1870] Prof, Thomas Kingsmill ABBOTT
(M: 1829 Mar 26 - 1913 Dec 18) (also wrote as: PHILALETHES) Sight And Touch: An Attempt To Disprove The Berkeleian Theory Of Vision [n|1864] Elements Of Logic [n|?/?/1895] Par Palimpsestorum Dublinensium [n|1880] Evangeliorum Versio Antehieronymiana [2v|n|1884] Essays Chiefly On The Original...Old And New Testaments [n|1892] Short Notes On Some Epistles Of St Paul [n|1892] Examples Of Celtic Ornament From The Books Of Kells And Durrow [n|1892] 'Do This In Remembrance Of Me' [n|?/1894] Celtic Ornament From The Book Of Kells [n|1895] Commentary On Ephesians And Colossians [n|1897] 'Offer This' [n|1898] Catalogue Of MSS, Trinity College, Dublin [n|1900] Elementary Theory Of The Tides [n|?/1901] International Critical Commentary [n|1897] A Critical And Exegetical Commentary On The Epistles... [n|1909] Catalogue Of Fifteenth-Century Books...Trinity College, Dublin... [n|1905] History Of The Irish Bible, Hermathena [n|1912] Kornel ABRANYI
(M: 1849 - 1913) Gróf Andrássy Gyula [Hu?-1878] A Lelánczolt Prometheuszok [Hu?-1881] Országgyülési Árny-És F [Hu?-?] Ellinor (Lily) Davenport ADAMS {UK}
(F: 1858 - 1913) Wild Raspberries: A Tale Of Love And Adventure [f|1879] Colonel Russell's Baby [f|1889] Robin's Ride: A Story For Children [f|1891] Comrades True [f|1891] The Disagreeable Duke: A Christmas Whimsicality... [f|1894] The Holiday Prize: A Modern Fairy Tale [f|1896] Little Miss Conceit [f|1896] The Palace On The Moor [f|1896] May, Guy And Jim, With Other Stories [s|1897] Miss Secretary Ethel: A Story For Girls Of To-day [f|1898] A Girl Of To-day [f|1899] Miss Mary's Little Maid [f|1899] A Queen Among Girls [f|1899] Granny's Coach-And-Four [f|1900] Betty The Bold [f|1900] Little Greycoat [f|1901] On Honour: A School And Home Story [f|1902] Those Twins! [f|1902] Elsie Wins! [f|1902] Harriet L ADAMS
(F: 1838 Sep 6 - 1913 Dec 20) Woman's Journeyings In The New Northwest [n|1892] Stephen ADAMS
(M: 1844 - 1913) John Curtis AGER
(M: 1835 - 1913) Tomás AGUERREVERE PACANINS
(M: 1860 Jan 4 - 1913 Jan 5) Deborah ALCOCK {UK}
(F: 1835 - 1913 Jan 15) (also wrote as: His DAUGHTER) The Days Of Knox [f|1871] The Dark Year Of Dundee (anon) [f|c1871] The Spanish Brothers: A Tale Of The Sixteenth Century (anon) [f|1871] Under The Southern Cross [f|1874] In The Shadow Of God [f|1877] Lessons On Early Church History (anon) [n|1879] She Hath Done What She Could: A New Year's Address To Elder Girls [n|1880] The Czar: A Tale Of The Time Of The First Napoleon (anon) [f|1882] The Roman Students; Or, On The Wings Of The Morning [f|1883] Archie's Chances, And The Child's Victory [s|1886] The Cross And The Crown:...Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes (anon) [f|1886] Walking With God: A Memoir Of...John Alcock (ps: His DAUGHTER) [b|1887] Geneviève; Or, The Children Of Port Royal [f|1889] The Seven Churches Of Asia; Or, The Seven Golden Candlesticks (anon) [f|1890] Arthur Erskine's Story: A Tale Of The Days Of Knox (anon) [f|1890] Crushed Yet Conquering (aka: A Torch To Bohemia) (anon) [f|1891] Prisoners Of Hope: A Story Of The Faith [f|1894] The Well In The Orchard [1895] Doctor Adrian: A Story Of Old Holland [f|1897] By Far Euphrates [f|1897] The Little Captives, And Other Stories [s|1898] Under Calvin's Spell [f|1902] Not For Crown Or Sceptre [f|1902] Done And Dared In Old France [f|1907] The Romance Of Protestantism [n|1908] Robert Musgrave's Adventure: A Story Of Old Geneva [f|1909] The King's Service: A Story Of The Thirty Years' War [f|1910] No Cross, No Crown [f|1910] In The City: A Story Of Old Paris [f|?] Prof, Nathaniel Henry ALCOCK
(M: 1871 Feb 12 - 1913 Jun 12) Textbook Of Experimental Physiology (w ELLISON) [n|1909] Mikolás ALÈS
(M: 1852 - 1913) William DeWitt ALEXANDER
(M: 1833 Apr 2 - 1913 Feb 21) A Short Synopsis Of The Most Essential...Hawaiian Grammar [n|1864] A Brief History Of The Hawaiian People [n|1891] History Of Later Years Of The Hawaiian Monarchy And The Revolution Of 1893 [n|1896] Hawaiian Society Sons Of The American Revolution Yearbook [n|1900] Hawaiian Geographic Names [n|1902] Oahu College: List Of Trustees, Presidents, Instructors... [n|1907] Ernest (Jackson J) ALFIERI
(M: 1864 Apr 11 - 1913 Nov) Modest Idylls For Musical Setting [1910] Charles ALLEN
(M: 1827 - 1913) A Argument In Behalf Of Hon Albert D Briggs, Railroad... [n|1876] Prof, Oscar Dana ALLEN
(M: 1836 Feb 25 - 1913) John C ANDERSON
(M: ? - 1913) Mackinaws Down The Missouri:...1866 (ed Glen BARRETT) [n|c1973] Tempest ANDERSON
(M: 1846 - 1913 Aug 26) Volcanic Studies [n|1902] Prof, Martin Register ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1842 Apr 6 - 1913 Apr 20) History Of Marietta And Washington County [n|1902] Joseph Humfrey ANGER
(M: 1826 Jun 3 - 1913 Jun 11) Prof, William John ANSORGE
(M: 1850 Apr 6 - 1913 Oct 31) Under The African Sun [1899] William Foster APTHORP
(M: 1848 Oct 24 - 1913 Feb 19) Musicians And Music-Lovers [n|?] By The Way [?] The Opera [n|?] Past And Oresent [?] Joseph-Alfred ARCHAMBAULT
(M: 1859 - 1913) I Sermon Donné À L'Assomption, Le 14 Juin 1893 [n|Fr-1893] William Jackson ARMSTRONG
(M: 1841 - 1913) An Artist Historian [n|1899] The Greatest Living Man [n|1902] The Heroes Of Defeat [n|1905] Tobias Michael Carel ASSER {NL}
(M: 1838 Apr 28 - 1913 Jul 29) Matthew ATKINSON
(M: 1827 Jan 8 - 1913 Jan 17) The Family Director [n|1844] Alfred AUSTIN
(M: 1835 May 30 - 1913 Jun 2) (also wrote as: Oswald BOYLE) Randolph: A Tale Of Polish Grief [f|1854] Five Years Of It [f|1858] The Season [p|1861] An Artist's Proof [f|1864] Won By A Head [f|1866] Jessie's Expiation [f|1867] Lord Of All [f|1867] The Golden Age [p|?] Interludes [p|1872] Soliloquies In Song [p|1882] At The Gate Of The Convent [p|1885] Love's Widowhood And Other Poems [p|1889] Lyrical Poems [p|1891] Narrative Poems [p|1891] Songs Of England [p|1891] The Garden That I Love [1894] England's Darling [p|1896] The Conversion Of Winckelmann And Other Poems [p|1897] Spring And Autumn In Ireland [n|1900] Haunts Of Ancient Peace [1902] A Tale Of True Love [p|1902] Flodden Field [p|1903] Victoria The Wise [p|1903] A Lesson In Harmony [1904] The Door Of Humility [p|?] Sacred And Profane Love [p|1908] The Bridling Of Pegasus [1910] The Autobiography Of Alfred Austin... [a|1911] Haunts Of Ancient Poland [f|?] Madonna's Child [p|?] The Tower Of Babel [p|?] The Human Tragedy [p|?] Savonarola [p|?] Leszko The Bastard [p|?] Prince Lucifer [p|?] Fortunatus The Pessimist [p|?] Alfred The Great [p|?] England's Darling [p|?] The Garden That I Love [?] In Veronica's Garden [?] Lamia's Winter Quarters [?] William Edward Armytage AXON
(M: 1846 Jan 13 - 1913 Dec 27) Lancashire Gleanings [n|1883] Cheshire Gleanings [n|1884] The Annals Of Manchester:...Record From The Earliest Times... [n|1886] Bygone Sussex [n|1897] Echoes Of Old Lancashire [n|1899] The Ancoats Skylark [p|1894] Cobden As A Citizen [1907] Verses, Original And Translated [p|1910] Aluízio de AZEVEDO
(M: 1857 Apr 14 - 1913 Jan 21) O Mulatto [Pt-1881] A Casa De Pensao [Pt-1884] O Homem [Pt-1887] O Cortico [Pt-1890] A Brazilian Tenement [Pt-1890] (tr ?) [?] Wilhelm/Vilmos/William BACHER
(M: 1850 Jan 12 - 1913 Dec 26) Die Agada Der Babylonischen Amoräer [n|Ge-1878] Die Agada Der Tannaiten [2v|n|Ge-1884-90] Die Agada Der Palästinensischen Amoräer [3v|n|Ge-1892-99] Die Agada Der Tannaiten Und Amoräer [n|Ge-1902] Josceline FitzRoy BAGOT
(M: 1854 Oct 22 - 1913 Mar 1) Colonel James Grahme Of Levens: A...Sketch Of Jacobite Times [b|1886] Sir, William Henry BAILEY
(M: 1838 May 10 - 1913 Nov 22) Linnæus And The Reign Of Law [n|?] James Heaton BAKER
(M: 1829 - 1913) L Lives Of The Governors Of Minnesota [b|1908] Victoria BAKER, Mrs RYBOT
(F: c1837 - c1913) (wrote as: J MASTERMAN) The Fatal Error; Or, The Vyviannes [f|1864] Half-A-Dozen Daughters [f|1871] Worth Waiting For [f|1878] The Scotts Of Bestminster [f|1889] A Devoted Couple [f|1894] Sir, Robert Stawell BALL
(M: 1840 Jul 1 - 1913 Nov 25) A Treatise On Spherical Astronomy [n|?] 27378 The Story Of The Heavens [n|1885] Star-Land [n|1889] 24236 Time And Tide: A Romance Of The Moon [e|1889/92/95] The Cause Of An Ice Age [n|1891] In Starry Realms [n|1892] Atlas Of Astronomy [n|1892] In The High Heavens [n|1893] The Story Of The Sun [n|1893] 2298 Great Astronomers [b|1895] A Treatise On The Theory Of Screws [n|1900] The Earth's Beginning [n|1901] Popular Guide To The Heavens [n|1905] Letters And Reminiscences Of Sir Robert Ball (ed Wm V BALL) [a|1916] Timothy Horton BALL
(M: 1826 Feb 16 - 1913) Lake County, Indiana, From 1837 To 1872 [n|1873] A Glance Into The Great South-East [n|1882] A Land In The Great South-East [n|1882] Lake County, Indiana 1884 [n|1884] A Dream Of Hell, By An Orthodox Dreamer [1886] Poems And Hymns [p|1888] Notes On Luke's Gospel [n|1889] Annie B, The Dying Girl [1893] The Creek War Of 1813 And 1814 (w ?) [n|1895] The Home Of The Redeemed And Other Discourses [e|1898] Northwestern Indiana From 1800 To 1900 [n|1898] The Lake Of The Red Cedars [1898] Mount Vernon, Alabama [n|1898] Genealogical Records Of The Dinwiddie Clan Of NW'ern Indiana [b|1902] Francis Ball's Descendants [b|1902] Inspired Scriptures [n|1903] Encyclopedia Of Genealogy Of Lake County, Indiana [b|1904] Old Truth In A New Setting [n|1906] George Granville BANTOCK
(M: 1837 - 1913 Jan 15) Uterine Displacements [n|1880] On The Use And Abuse Of Pessaries [n|1884] On The Treatment Of Rupture Of The Female Perineum [n|?/1888] Prof, James William BARLOW
(M: 1826 Oct 21 - 1913 Jul 4) Remarks On Some Recent Publications Concerning Future Punishment [n|1865] Eternal Punishment And Eternal Death [n|1865] De Origine Mali: An Essay Concerning Modern Scientific Atheism [n|1872] The History Of Ireland During The...Parliamentary Independence [n|1873] The Ultimatum Of Pessimism: An Ethical Study [n|1882] A Short History Of The Normans In South Europe [n|1886] The Immortals' Great Quest ('ed') [n|1909] Canon, Samuel Augustus BARNETT
(M: 1844 Feb 8 - 1913 Jul 17) Practicable Socialism (w Mrs S A BARNETT) [n|1888/94/1915] Service Of God [n|1897] Religion And Progress [n|1907] Towards Social Reform (w Mrs S A BARNETT) [n|1909] Religion And Politics [n|1911] Vision And Service (ed Henrietta O BARNETT) [e|1917] Percy BATE
(M: 1868 - 1913 Oct 19) The English Pre-Raphaelite Painters [n|1898] Art At The Glasgow Exhibition [n|1901] The Future Of Oil Painting [n|1903] English Table Glass [n|1905] Modern Scottish Portrait Painters [n|1910] Joseph Clement BATES
(M: 1836 - 1913) (Ferdinand) August BEBEL
(M: 1840 Feb 22 - 1913 Aug 13 (or 12) (wrongly Mar 18)) Unsere Ziele [n|Ge-1870] Die Frau Und Der Socialismus [n|Ge-1879] 30646 Woman Under Socialism [n|Ge-1879] (tr Daniel de LEON) [1904] Die Mohamedanischarabische Kulturperiode [n|Ge-1884/89] 19596 Charles Fourier: Sein Leben Und Seine Theorien [b|Ge-1890] 12267 Aus Meinem Leben [3v|a|Ge-1910-14] My Life [a|Ge-1910] (tr ?) [1912] Der Deutsche Bauernkrieg [n|Ge-?] Christentum Und Socialismus [n|Ge-?] Sonntagsarbeit [n|Ge-?] Die Lage Der Arbeiter In Der Backereien [n|Ge-?] George Fairley BECK
(M: 1851 Jan 10 - 1913 Jan 13) Daybreak [p|1873] (George) Louis(=Lewis) BECKE
(M: 1855 (wrongly 1848) Jun 18 - 1913 Feb 18) 3818,Z By Reef And Palm, And Other Stories [s|1894] His Native Wife [1895] 24896 The Ebbing Of The Tide: South Sea Stories [s|1896] A First Fleet Family (w Walter JEFFERY) [f|1896] The Mystery Of The Laughlin Islands (w Walter JEFFERY) [f|1896] # Pacific Tales [s|1897] Wild Life In Southern Seas [f|1897] # The Mutineer: A Romance Of Pitcairn Island (w Walter JEFFERY) [f|1898] 24836 Rodman The Boatsteerer And Other Stories [s|1898] 24835 Rídan The Devil And Other Stories [s|1899] 12992 The Naval Pioneers Of Australia (w Walter JEFFERY) [n|1899] # Admiral Phillip: The Founding Of New South Wales (w W JEFFERY) [b|1899] Old Convict Days (ed) [1899] 23440 Edward Barry, South Sea Perler [f|1900] Tom Wallis: A Tale Of The South Seas [f|1900] 12798 By Rock And Pool On An Austral Shore, And Other Stories [s|1901] Yorke The Adventurer And Other Stories [s|1901] 24996 The Tapu Of Banderah (w Walter JEFFERY) [f|1901] 24838 Tessa; The Trader's Wife [s|1901] Breachley, Black Sheep [f|1902] The Jelasco Brig [f|1902] 24999 The Strange Adventure Of James Shervington... [s|1902] + Helen Adair [f|1903] 24805 Chinkie's Flat And Other Stories [s|1904] The Adventures Of A Supercargo [f|1906] The Settlers Of Karossa Creek [1906] Tom Gerard [f|1905] Notes From My South Sea Log [n|1905] Sketches From Normandy [n|1906] The Settlers Of Karossa Creek, And Other Stories... [s|1907] The Pearl Divers Of Roncador Reef, And Other Stories [s|1908] 24895 The Call Of The South [s|1908] The Adventures Of Louis Blake [f|1909] 'Neath Austral Skies [f|1909] Bully Hayes, Buccaneer, And Other Stories [s|1913] # Short Stories [s|?] Sir, Frederick George Denham BEDFORD
(M: 1838 Dec 28 - 1913 Jan 30) The Sailor's Handbook [n|?/?] The Sailor's Handbook (3e w O F GILLETT) [n|1906] Jean Amable BÉLANGER
(M: 1832 Sep 22 - 1913 Mar 16) Mes Vers [p|Fr-1882] Andrew Beatson BELL
(M: 1831 Sep 10 - 1913 Jan 6) Digest Of Cases In The Supreme Court Of Scotland (jt ed) [n|1868] Canon, George Charles BELL
(M: c1833 - 1913 Jan 6) Religious Teaching In Secondary Schools [n|1896/98] Sir, William James BELL
(M: 1859 May 3 - 1913 Apr 2) The Sale Of Food And Drugs Acts, 1886-1904 [n|?] Sir, William BELLAIRS
(M: 1828 Aug 28 - 1913 Jul 24) The Transvaal War, 1880-1881 [n|1885] The Military Career [n|1889] Washington José Pedro BERMÚDEZ (y ESTAVILLO)
(M: 1847 May 7 - 1913) Gov, James Henderson BERRY
(M: 1841 - 1913) An Autobiography... [a|1913] (Daniel Ludwig) Ernst BETCHE
(M: 1851 Dec 31 - 1913 Jun 28) Handbook Of The Flora Of New South Wales (w Charles MOORE) [n|1893] A Census Of New South Wales Plants (w J H MAIDEN) [n|1916] George BIDIE
(M: 1830 Apr 3 - 1913 Feb 19) Report On The Ravages Of Borer Insect On Coffee Estates [n|1869] Handbook Of Practical Pharmacy [n|?/1883] Catalogue Of Gold Coins In Government Central Museum, Madras [n|1874] Report On Neilgherry Loranthraceous Parasitical Plants... [n|1874] Descriptive Catalogue Of Raw Products Of S India... [n|1878] Native Dyes Of Madras [n|1879] Pagoda Or Varaha Coins Of S India [n|1883] Sand-Binding Plants Of Southern India [n|1883] Austin BIERBOWER
(M: 1844 - 1913) From Monkey To Man; Or, Society In The Tertiary Age [f|1894] John Shaw BILLINGS
(M: 1838 - 1913) ...Library Of Surgeon-General's Office (w R FLETCHER) [n|1880-95] Clifton BINGHAM
(M: 1859 - 1913) 17068 The Animals' Rebellion [p|?] The Animals' Trip To Sea [p|?] The Animals' Picnic [p|?] Col, George P BISSELL
(M: ? - before 1914) 24307 The Twenty-Fifth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers... (w others) [n|1913] Lillie BLAKE, nee DEVEREUX, 1:Mrs UMSTED, aka 'Tiger Lily'
(F: 1833 or 1835 Aug 12 - 1913 Dec 30) R Southwold [f|1859] R Rockford; Or, Sunshine And Storm [f|1863] R Fettered For Life; Or, Lord And Master [f|1874] Arthur Ames BLISS
(M: 1859 - 1913) Blockley Days: Memories And Impressions...Physician, 1883-1884 [a|1916] Rev, Thomas Allen BLYTH
(M: 1844 Jan 7 - 1913 Jul 19) Notes In Recreative Science [n|?] Joseph James Insull [b|1863] Sir William Harpur, Lord Mayor Of London In 1561 [b|?] John Bunyan And His Church [n|?] The Stranger's Guide To The Bedford Schools [n|1864] Burt's Bedford Directory And History Of The Churches... [n|?] John Jukes [b|1866] The Bedford Directory And Almanac [n|1866] Carter's Directory And History Of The...Churches Of Bedford [n|1869] Metallography As A Separate Science [n|1871] The History Of Bedford [n|1873] John Huss [b|1879] The Oxford Handbook Of Logic [n|1880] The Undergraduate's Guide To The Holy Gospels [n|?] Lecture Notes On Human Physiology [n|1881] Questions And Exercises In Advanced Logic [n|1881] Rudiments Of Faith And Religion [n|?] Guide To Matriculation And Responsions At Oxford [n|?] Handbook For The Clergy [n|1893] The History Of Stoke-In-Coventry [n|1897] The Thirty-Nine Articles [n|?/?/1899] Oxford Translations Of The Classics (ed) [n|?] The Oxford Science Primers (ed) [n|?] Oxford Aids To The Schools (ed) [n|1878-85] Henry Charles BOISRAGON
(M: ? - ?) The Importance And Advantages Of Philosophical Enquiry [n|1833] Aubrey BOUCICAULT
(M: 1869 (or 1868) Jun 23 - 1913 Jul 10) Rev, Edward McKendree BOUNDS {US}
(M: 1835 Aug 15 - 1913 Aug 24) C Power Through Prayer [n|?] C The Necessity Of Prayer [n|?] C The Possibilities Of Prayer (ed Homer W HODGE) [n|1923] The Reality Of Prayer (ed Homer W HODGE) [n|1924] The Essentials Of Prayer (ed Homer W HODGE) [n|1925] & The Weapon Of Prayer [n|?] Philéas Frédéric BOURGEOIS
(M: 1855 Nov 17 - 1913 Apr 3) (Louis-)Maurice BOUTET De MONVEL
(M: 1850 or 1851 - 1913) Jeanne D'Arc [Fr-1897] Jeanne D'Arc [Fr-1897] (tr ?) [1907] & Joan Of Arc [Fr-1897] (tr ?) [1918] Stephen H BRANCH
(M: 1813 - ?) The Life Of Stephen H Branch [a|1857] Prof, Charles Augustus BRIGGS
(M: 1841 Jan 15 - 1913 Jun 8) Biblical Study [n|1883] American Presbyterianism [n|1885] Messianic Prophecy [n|1886] Whither? [n|1889] Biblical History [n|1890] Authority Of Holy Scripture [n|1891] The Bible, The Church, And The Reason [n|1892] The Higher Criticism Of The Hexateuch [n|1893] The Messiah Of The Gospels [n|1894] The Messiah Of The Apostles [n|1895] General Introduction To The Study Of Holy Scripture [n|1899] The Incarnation Of Our Lord [n|1903] New Light On The Life Of Jesus [b|1904] Ethical Teaching Of Jesus [n|1904] Commentary On The Psalms [n|1906-07] The Papal Commission And The Pentateuch (w F von HÜGEL) [n|1906] Church Unity [n|1909] Ernest Edward BRIGGS
(M: 1866 Jan 12 - 1913 Sep 8) Angling And Art In Scotland [n|1909] Annie(=Anna) BRIGHT, nee WRIGHT, 1:Mrs PILLARS
(F: 1840 Jul 14 - 1913 Jun 21) A Soul's Pilgrimage [f|1907] What Life In The Spiritualist World Really Is [n|1912] John BRITTAIN
(M: 1849 Nov 22 - 1913 Mar 17) Outlines Of Nature Lessons [n|?] Teacher's Manual Of Nature Lessons [n|?] Elementary Agriculture And Nature Study [n|?] Gracius Joseph BROINOWSKI
(M: 1837 Mar 7 - 1913 Apr 11) The Cockatoos And Nestors Of Australia And New Zealand [n|1888] The Birds Of Australia [6v|n|1891] Charles (Hallam Elton) BROOKFIELD
(M: 1857 May 19 - 1913 Oct 20) The Twilight Of Love [1893] Random Reminiscences [a|1902] Judge, Henry Billings BROWN
(M: 1836 Mar 2 - 1913 Sep 4) Memoir... (w Charles A KENT) [a|1915] Brown's Admiralty Reports [n|?] William Garrott BROWN
(M: 1868 Apr 24 - 1913) Official Guide To Harvard University [n|1899] 31068 Andrew Jackson [b|1900] A History Of Alabama [n|1900] Golf [n|1902] 27579 Stephen Arnold Douglas [1902] The Lower South In American History [n|1902] Virginia: A History Of The People [n|1903] The Foe Of Compromise And Other Essays [e|1903] A Gentleman Of The South [1903] Life Of Oliver Ellsworth [b|1905] The New Politics And Other Papers [e|1914] William Harvey BROWN
(M: 1862 - 1913) Francis Fisher BROWNE
(M: 1843 Dec 1 - 1913 May 11) 14004 The Every-day Life Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1886] Ludwik BRUNER
(M: 1871 - 1913) 28014 Jeden Miesiac Zycia: Utwory Proza [Pl-1900] Mary BRYAN, nee EDWARDS
(F: 1842 (or 1838) May 17 - 1913 Jun 15) Henry Francis BULLER
(M: 1843 - 1913 Oct 20) Kingsmead [f|1893] A Bachelor's Family [f|1895] Where Two Tides Meet [f|1896] Rev, Ethelbert William BULLINGER
(M: 1834 Dec 15 - 1913 Jun 6) * The Witness Of The Stars [n|1893] Holiness: God's Way Better Than Man's [n|?/1914] Critical Lexicon And Concordance To The Greek New Testament [n|?] Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible [n|?] How To Enjoy The Bible [n|?] The Book Of Job [n|?] Number In Scripture [n|?] John BULLOCH
(M: 1837 - 1913) Life Of Jamesone, The Scottish Vandyck [b|?] Harriet Emma BURTON
(F: ? - ?) & The White-Rose Wreath, With Other Poems (anon?) [p|1833] Arthur de BUSSIÈRES
(M: 1877 Jan 20 - 1913 May 7) Paavo Eemil CAJANDER
(M: 1846 Dec 24 - 1913 Jun 14) 13318 Runoelmia [Fi-1914] Lord, Archibald CAMPBELL
(M: 1846 Dec 18 - 1913 Mar 29) Jacob CARTER
(M: 1813 - ?) My Drunken Life [a|1848] William CARTER
(M: 1836 - 1913 Feb 2) Judge, James Joseph CASEY
(M: 1831 Dec 25 - 1913 Apr 5) Justice's Manual With The Justices' Statute And Notes Thereon [n|1872] Victorian Parliamentary Debates [n|?] Henry William CAVE
(M: 1854 - 1913 Oct 28) Picturesque Ceylon, v1: Colombo And The Kelani Valley [n|1893] Picturesque Ceylon, v2: Kandy And Peradeniya [n|1894] Picturesque Ceylon, v3: Nuwara Eliya And Adam's Peak [n|1895] The Ruined Cities Of Ceylon [n|1897/1900/03/07] Golden Tips: A Description Of Ceylon And Its Great Tea Industry [n|1900/?/04] Picturesque Ceylon And Its Ruined Cities [4v|n|1904] The Book Of Ceylon: Being A Guide To Its Railway System... [n|1908] The Ceylon Government Railway [n|1910/12] Paul de CAZES
(M: 1841 Jun 17 - 1913 May 28) I Notes Sur Le Canada [n|Fr-1882] I Le Petit Manuel Canadien [n|Fr-1884] I Code De L'Instruction Publique De La Province De Québec [n|Fr-1888] Charles Frederic CHAMBERLAYNE
(M: 1855 - 1913) A Treatise On The Modern Law Of Evidence [n|1911] Agnes Dunbar CHAMBERLIN, nee MOODIE
(F: 1833 - 1913) I North American Wild Flowers (w Catherine Parr TRAILL) [n|c1870] Rev, James CHAPMAN
(M: 1849 May 18 - 1913 Dec 18) Arsène Arnaud CLARETIE
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