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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: c1867 - c1920) Bp, Fedele ABATI
(M: 1820 - ?) Sir, William de Wiveleslie ABNEY {UK}
(M: 1843 (wrongly 1844) Jul 24 - 1920 (wrongly 1921) Dec 2 (wrongly 3)) Instruction In Photography [n|1870] A Treatise On Photography [n|1875] Thebes And Its Five Great Temples [n|1876] * The Art And Practice Of Silver Printing (w H P ROBINSON) [n|1881] The Pioneers Of The Alps (w C D CUNNINGHAM) [n|1887] Colour Measurement And Mixture [n|1891] Colour Vision: Being The Tyndall Lectures Delivered In 1894... [e|1895] The Barnet Book Of Photography (w others) [n|1898] Researches In Colour Vision And The Trichromatic Theory [n|1913] Emil ABRANYI
(M: 1850 - 1920) Márcziusi Dalok És Egyéb Kltem [Hu?-c1895] Paul (Auguste Marie) ADAM {FR}
(M: 1862 Dec 7 - 1920 Jan 1) 15943 Le Conte Futur [Fr-1893] 27566 La Force [Fr-1899] * Au Soleil De Juillet (1829-1830) [Fr-1903] Le Trust [Fr-1910] g Le Temps Et La Vie [Fr-?] Prof, Walter Frederick ADENEY {UK}
(M: 1849 Mar 14 - 1920 Sep 1) The Hebrew Utopia [n|?] From Christ To Constantine [n|?] From Constantine To Charles The Great [n|?] Theology Of The New Testament [n|?] Ezra, Nehemiah, And Esther [n|?] Canticles And Lamentations [n|?] Women Of The New Testament [n|?] How To Read The Bible [n|?] A Century's Progress [n|?] St Luke, And Galatians And Thessalonians [n|?] History Of The Greek And Eastern Churches [n|?] The New Testament Doctrine Of Christ [n|?] Christian Conception Of God [n|?] Faith To-day [n|?] The Bible Story (w ?) [n|?] Biblical Introduction (w ?) [n|?] Charles McCallon ALEXANDER {US}
(M: 1867 Oct 24 - 1920 Oct 13) Prof, Conel W O'Donel L ALEXANDER {IE}
(M: 1879 Jun 6 - 1920 Dec 17) Fluid Friction In Pipe Bends [n|?] Reinforced Concrete [n|?] Hydraulic Diagrams [n|?] Jules AMIOT
(M: 1850 - 1920) Tryggve ANDERSEN
(M: 1866 - 1920) James Drummond ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1852 Nov 11 - 1920 Nov 24) Kachari Folk Tales [s|?] Peoples Of India [n|?] A Manual Of The Bengali Language [n|?] Dan ANDERSSON
(M: 1888 - 1920) r Kolvaktarens Visor [p|Sw-1915] r Svarta Ballader [p|Sw-1917] 18317 David Ramms Arv [Sw-1919] De Tre Hemlösa [Sw-?] William Loring ANDREWS
(M: 1837 Sep 9 - 1920 Mar 19) An Index To The Illustrations In The Manuals...NY... (anon) [n|1906] Percy ANSTEY {UK}
(M: 1876 Feb 25 - 1920 Nov 23) The Abuse Of The Psychological Method In Sociology [n|?] Joshua ANTRIM
(M: c1820 - ?) The History Of Champaign And Logan Counties... [n|1872] Ann ARCHBOLD
(F: c1820 - ?) A Book For The Married And Single, The Grave And The Gay... [n|1850] Canon, George Marsham ARGLES {UK}
(M: 1841 - 1920 Feb 22) Eight Papers Of Instruction For Confirmation And First Communion [n|1877] Benjamin G ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1820 - ?) Early Life Among The Indians (w Thomas P WENTWORTH) [a|1892] Francis Abel William Taylor ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1849 Feb 15 - 1920 Dec 1) Rev, Antonio Andrea ARRIGHI {IT/US?}
(M: 1835 (or 1837) Sep 25 - 1920) The Story Of Antonio, The Galley Slave [f|1911] Charles Milner ATKINSON {UK}
(M: 1854 Nov 6 - 1920 Dec 5) Jeremy Bentham: His Life And Work [b|1905] The Magistrate's Practice (13e) [1916] Wilmer ATKINSON {US}
(M: 1840 - 1920) Wilmer Atkinson [a|1920] Rev, Thomas AUDEN {UK}
(M: 1836 - 1920 Nov 11) Shrewsbury: A Historical And Topographical Account Of The Town [n|1905] Jules Berlioz d'AURIAC
(M: 1820 - ?) 13598 Jim L'Indien (w Gustave AIMARD) [Fr-?] Le Mangeur De Poudre (w Gustave AIMARD) [Fr-1891] Maria AZEVEDO, aka CAJU, aka Francisca JULIA, aka Francisca Julia da Silva MUNSTER
(F: 1871 - 1920) Edith Annesley BADHAM {AU}
(F: 1853 Dec 6 - 1920 May 17) A Trip To Java [n|1909] Java Revisited And Malaya [n|1912] James BAKER {UK}
(M: 1847 Jan 1 - 1920 Jun 24) Quiet War Scenes [?] Poems And Translations [p|1879] Days Afoot And European Sketches [1881] John Westacott [f|1886] By The Western Sea [1889] Our Foreign Competitors [1892] Mark Tillotson [f|1892] A Forgotten Great Englishman [1894] Pictures From Bohemia [1894] The Gleaming Dawn [1896] The Cardinal's Page [1898] A Double Choice [f|1901] A National Education To National Advancement [n|1904] The Inseparables [f|1905] A Plea For Power For The Church Of England [n|1906] Anglicanus [?] The Harrogate Tourist's Centre: Its Beauties And Historic Glories [n|1906] Literary And Biographical Studies [n|1908] Austria: Her People And Their Homelands [n|1912] Reminiscent Gossip Of Men And Matters [n|1913] Bohemia And Her People: A Buffer State Against Berlin [n|1917] A Leader Of Men (Mayor S Harold Baker) [b|1919] John Gilber/Gilbert BAKER {UK}
(M: 1834 Jan 13 - 1920 Aug 16) North Yorkshire: Studies Of Its Botany, Geology, Climate... [n|1863] Synopsis Filicum (w Sir W J HOOKER) [n|1868] Elementary Lessons In Botanical Geography [n|1875] Flora Of Mauritius And The Seychelles [n|1877] A Flora Of The English Lake District [n|1885] Handbook Of The Fern-Allies [n|1887] Handbook Of The Amaryllideæ [n|1888] Handbook Of The Bromeliaceæ [n|1889] Handbook Of The Irideæ [n|1892] William BANKS {CA}
(M: c1855 - 1920 Mar 15) 25562 William Adolphus Turnpike [f|1913] Ramiro BARBARO Di SAN GIORGIO {MT}
(M: 1840 Apr 9 - 1920 Aug 12) Charles BARNARD
(M: 1838 - 1920 Apr 11) R Gardening For Money [f|1869] R Farming By Inches; Or, 'With Brains, Sir' [f|1869] R The Soprano [f|1869] R The Strawberry Garden [f|1871] 31247,R Camilla: A Tale Of A Violin [f|1874] R Money And Music [f|1874] (Conradine) BARNER-AAGAARD, nee BARNER {DK}
(F: 1836 May 23 - 1920 Feb 21) (wrote as: Annitta CARELL) Charlotte Amalie [f|Da-1878] John George BARTHOLOMEW {UK}
(M: 1860 Mar 22 - 1920 Apr 16) Survey Atlas Of Scotland [n|1895] Citizen's Atlas [n|1898] Atlas Of Meteorology [n|1899] Survey Atlas Of England And Wales [n|1903] Survey Gazetteer Of British Isles [n|1904] Atlas Of World's Commerce [n|1907] Imperial Indian Gazetteer Atlas [n|1908] Atlas Of Zoogeography [n|1911] Isaac Rieman BAXTER
(M: 1850 - 1920) The Temple Of Alanthur [1886] The Prophet And Other Poems [p|1888] Songs Of The Spirit [p|1891] Beyond The Bank Of Mist [p|1895] Songs Of The Stars [p|1904] Poems And Plays [p|1921] Wynne Edwin BAXTER {UK}
(M: 1844 - 1920 Oct 1) (also wrote as: Llewellin ACTON) The Law And Practice Of The Supreme Court Of Judicature [n|1874] The Domesday Book For The County Of Sussex [n|1876] The Domesday Book For The County Of Kent [n|1877] The Domesday Book For The County Of Middlesex [n|1877] The Judicature Acts And Rules 1873-1878 [n|1883] Milton Tercentenary [n|1908] Frances Courtenay BAYLOR {US}
(F: 1848 Jan 20 - 1920 Oct 19) Behind The Blue Ridge [f|1887] Juan And Juanita [f|1888] Claudia Hyde (UK: Claudia) [f|1894] Miss Nina Barrow [f|1897] Adelia Belle BEARD {US}
(F: 1857 - 1920) 25462 Little Folks' Handy Book (w Lina BEARD) [1910] 18525 On The Trail: An Outdoor Book For Girls (w Lina BEARD) [n|1915] Mother Nature's Toy-Shop (w Lina BEARD) [1918] Rev, David BEARNE {UK}
(M: 1856 Feb 28 - 1920 Feb 25) The Golden Stair [f|1903] The Ridingdale Boys [s|1904] Lance And His Friends [f|1905] A Ridingdale Year [f|1905] Paying The Price [s|1905] The Organist Of Laumont [s|1905] Little Vagabonds [s|1906] Tommie And His Mates [f|1907] Claude Danvil, Artist [f|1908] Barnaby Bright [f|1908] Charlie Chitterwick [f|1908] Roddy The Dreamer [f|1909] Anthony Brown [s|1913] A Boy Scout's Christmas [s|1913] Dick Bradley's Quest [f|1913] At The Dagger's Point [s|1915] Sweeter Than Honey [f|1915] The Ghost Of Ballynooly [f|1915] Grandfather Christmas [f|1919] A Happy Penalty [f|1926] Eyes To The Blind [f|1927] George L BEER {US}
(M: 1872 Jul 26 - 1920 Mar 15) Mirza Aziz BEG
(M: 1865 - 1920) John Hyslop BELL {UK}
(M: c1832 - 1920 May 5) W E BENHAM {US}
(M: 1820 - ?) The Life And Writings Of W E Benham... [a|1882] Luigi BERTELLI {IT}
(M: 1858 or 1860 - 1920) (also wrote as: VAMBA) The Prince And His Ants [It-?] (tr S F WOODRUFF) [1910] * Il Giornalino Di Gran Burrasca [It-?] (tr ?) [?] Erskine BEVERIDGE {UK}
(M: 1851 Dec - 1920 Aug 10) Churchyard Memorials Of Crail [n|1893] A Bibliography Of Dunfermline And West Fife [n|1901] Coll And Tiree, Their Prehistoric Forts & Ecclesiastical... [n|1903] North Uist, Its Archæology And Topography [n|1911] The Burgh Records Of Dunfermline, 1488-1584 (ed) [n|1917] Miss, BLACKWELL
(F: ? - ?) Ernestine; Or, The Child Of Mystery [f|1840] Ellen Braye; Or, The Fortune-Teller (anon) [f|1841] Sen, Henry William BLAIR {US}
(M: 1834 Dec 6 - 1920 Mar 14) 11114 Debate On Woman Suffrage In The Senate Of The US... (w others) [n|1887] Nathaniel Paine BLAKER {UK}
(M: 1835 - 1920 Mar 12) Sussex In Bygone Days [n|1906] Benjamin Lester BOWEN {US}
(M: 1860 - 1920) 24072 First Italian Readings (ed) [n|1897] Rev, Cyrus Townsend BRADY {US}
(M: 1861 Dec 20 - 1920) Recollections Of A Missionary In The Great West [a|1900] 29316 Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer: A Romance Of The Spanish Main [f|1903] 20791 For Love Of Country [f|1903] Indian Fights And Fighters [n|1903] The Southerners: A Story Of The Civil War [f|1905] The Patriots: The Story Of Lee And The Last Hope [f|1906] The Ring And The Man [f|1909] 20910 South American Fights And Fighters [n|1910] The Better Man [f|1910] The West Wind: A Story Of Red Men And White In Old Wyoming [f|1912] Secret Service: Being The Happenings Of A Night In Richmond [f|1912] The Fetters Of Freedom [f|1913] Britton Of The Seventh: A Romance Of Custer... [f|1914] 20515 The Eagle Of The Empire: A Story Of Waterloo [f|1915] 14606 And Thus He Came: A Christmas Fantasy [1916] 15343 A Little Book For Christmas [1917] The Man Who Won [1919] 21681 A Little Traitor To The South [?] John Alfred BRASHEAR {US}
(M: 1840 - 1920) The Autobiography Of A Man Who Loved The Stars [a|1925] Rev, James Franck BRIGHT {UK}
(M: 1832 May 29 - 1920 Oct 22) The Marlborough French Grammar (6e) [n|1871] English History For The Use Of Public Schools [n|1875] * A History Of England [5v|n|1880-1904] Maria Theresa [b|1897] Joseph II [b|1897] Zebulon Reed BROCKWAY {US}
(M: 1827 - 1920) Fifty Years Of Prison Service [a|1912] Rhoda BROUGHTON {UK}
(F: 1840 Nov 29 - 1920 Jun 5) V Cometh Up As A Flower: An Autobiography [f|1867] Not Wisely, But Too Well [f|1867] * Red As A Rose Is She [f|1870] 'Good-Bye Sweetheart!' [f|1872] 12304 Nancy [f|1873] Tales For Christmas Eve (aka: Twilight Stories) [s|1873] Joan [f|1877] Second Thoughts [f|1880] Belinda [f|1883] k Doctor Cupid [f|1886] Betty's Visions; and, Mrs Smith Of Longmains [s|1886] Alas! [f|1890] A Widower Indeed (w Elizabeth BISLAND) [f|1891] Mrs Bligh [f|1892] A Waif's Progress [f|1894] A Beginner [f|1894] Scylla Or Charybdis? [f|1895] Dear Faustina [f|1897] The Game And The Candle [f|1899] Foes In Law [f|1900] Lavinia [f|1902] Mamma [f|1908] The Devil And The Deep Sea [f|1910] Between Two Stools [f|1912] Concerning A Vow [f|1914] A Thorn In The Flesh [f|1917] A Fool In Her Folly [f|1920] # [Collected Stories] [s|?] Rev, Allen Henry BROWN {US}
(M: 1820 - ?) A Pioneer Of Southern New Jersey... [a|1901] Sir, Charles BRUCE {UK}
(M: 1836 - 1920 Dec 13) Die Geschichte Von Nala [n|Ge-1862] Poems [p|1865] The Broad Stone Empire [n|1910] The True Temper Of Empire [n|1912] Milestones On My Long Journey [a|1917] William BRUCE {UK}
(M: ? - 1920 Oct 24) Sciatica: A Fresh Study [n|1913] Robert BRYAN {UK}
(M: 1858 - 1920) Odlau Cân [p|We-1901] Tua'r Wawr [p|We-1921] Mrs George, BRYCE, nee ? {CA}
(F: 1839 - 1920) I Historical Sketch Of The Charitable Institutions Of Winnipeg [n|1899] Rev, James Monroe BUCKLEY {US}
(M: 1836 Dec 16 - 1920 Feb 8) Two Weeks In The Yosemite And Vicinity [n|1873] A Christians And The Theater [n|1875] Oats Or Wild Oats?: Common Sense For Young Men [n|1885] The Midnight Sun, The Tsar And The Nihilist [1886] Faith-Healing [n|1892] A Hereditary Consumptive's Successful Battle For Life [1892] Travels In Three Continents: Europe, Africe, Asia [n|1895] A History Of Methodists In The United States [n|1896] Extemporaneous Oratory... [n|1898] Christian Science And Other Superstitions [n|1899] Faith-Healing, Christian Science & Kindred Phenomena [n|1906] The Fundamentals And Their Contrasts [n|1906] The Wrong And Peril Of Woman Suffrage [n|1909] Theory And Practice Of Foreign Missions [n|1911] Constitutional And Parliamentary History Of The Methodist... [n|1912] Thomas John BUCKTON
(M: ? - ?) # Western Australia, Comprising A Description Of Australind [n|1840] China Trade [n|?] Arthur Henry BULLEN {UK}
(M: 1857 - 1920 Feb 29) 10656 A Collection Of Old English Plays (ed) [4v|d|1882] 27129 Lyrics From The Song-Books Of The Elizabethan Age [n|1886] More Lyrics [n|1887] England's Helicon (ed) [p|1899] * Speculum Amantis, Love Poems, From Rare Songbooks... [?] Sir, Henry (Charles) BURDETT {UK}
(M: 1847 Mar 18 - 1920 Apr 29) Burdett's Official Intelligence Of British...Securities [17v|n|?] The National Debt [n|?] The Sinking Funds Of The National Debt [n|?] National Debts Of The World [n|?] Local Taxation In England And Wales [n|?] London Water Companies [n|1891] Light Railways [n|?] Municipal, County, And Indian Finance [n|?] Colonial Loans, Finance, And Development [n|?] Seventeen Years Of Securities [n|?] The Patriotic Fund [n|?] The Admiralty And The Country [n|?] Hospitals And Asylums Of The World [4v|n|?] Cottage Hospitals [n|?] Pay Hospitals Of The World [n|?] The Relative Mortality Of Large And Small Hospitals [n|?] Burdett's Hospitals And Charities [n|?] A Year-Book Of Philanthropy [n|?] The Uniform System Of Accounts For Hospitals And Institutions [n|?] Hospitals And The State [n|1881] Unhealthiness Of Public Institutions [n|?] Architects, Hospitals, And Asylums [n|?] A History Of The Hospital Saturday And Sunday Funds [n|?] The National Pension Fund For Nurses And Officials [n|?] A National Pension Fund For Workers Among The Sick In The US [n|?] A Practical Scheme For Old Age Pensions [n|?] Nurses' Food, Work, And Recreation [n|?] The Registration Of Nurses [n|?] How To Become A Nurse [n|?] The Nursing Profession, How And Where To Train [n|?] Housing Of The Poor [n|?] Dwellings Of The Middle Classes [n|?] Helps In Sickness And To Health [n|?] Burdett's Official Nursing Directory [n|?] The Future Of The Hospitals [n|?] Luke BURKE {CA}
(M: ? - ?) Phrenological Enquiries, Parts I And II [n|1840] Lady, Georgiana BURNE-JONES, nee MacDONALD {UK}
(F: 1840 - 1920 Feb 22) Prof, William Snow BURNSIDE {IE?}
(M: 1839 - 1920 Mar 11) Theory Of Equations (w Arthur W PANTON) [n|1881/86/92/1901/04] Ronald Montagu BURROWS {UK}
(M: 1867 Aug 16 - 1920 May 14) Florilegium Tironis Graecum (w W F WALTERS) [n|1904] The Discoveries In Crete [n|1907] James BURSTON {AU}
(M: 1856 May 1 - 1920 Mar 4) Round About The World On Bicycles [n|1890] Caspar Henry BURTON, Jr {US}
(M: 1887 - 1920) Letters Of Caspar Henry Burton, Jr (ed Spence BURTON) [a|1921] George Wyman BURY {UK}
(M: 1874 Jan 3 - 1920 Sep 23) The Land Of Uz [1911] Arabia Infelix [1915] 26981 Pan-Islam [n|1919] Canon, William BURY {UK}
(M: 1839 - 1920 Apr 1) Charity And The Poor Law [n|?] Outdoor Relief; Or, A More Excellent Way [n|?] Rachel Barton BUTLER {US}
(F: c1888 - 1920 Nov 24) Henry Anson BUTTZ
(M: 1835 - 1920) Sir, John William BYERS {UK}
(M: 1852 - 1920 Sep 20) Sayings, Proverbs, And Humour Of Ulster [n|1904] The Evolution Of Obstetric Medicine [n|1912] Tetragenus Septicæmia (w HOUSTON) [n|1913] F B C (ps)
(?: ? - ?) 25681 The Quadrupeds' Pic-Nic [p|1840] John H CALDWELL
(M: 1820 - ?) R The Mysterious Messenger [f|1860] R The Thurstons Of The Old Palmetto State [f|1861] Moritz (Benedikt) CANTOR {DE}
(M: 1829 Aug 23 - 1920 Apr 10) Vorlesungen Über Geschichte Der Mathematik [4v|n|Ge-1880-1908] Fr(SJ), Andrea CARAFFA
(M: ? - ?) Elementorum Physicae Mathematicae [n|La-1840] Rev, John Abner CARGILE {US}
(M: 1843 Oct 26 - 1920 Oct 28) The Autobiography... [a|1891] George (Francis) CARLINE {UK}
(M: 1855 - 1920 Nov (wrongly Dec) 28) Tomás CARRIÓN MADURA {PR}
(M: 1870 (or 1872) Jan 4 - 1920 Mar 13) Charles (Edward) CARRYL {US}
(M: 1841 Dec 30 - 1920 Jul 3) 25031 Davy And The Goblin [1884] 24379 The Admiral's Caravan [1891] The River Syndicate And Other Stories [s|1899] Daniel CARTER
(M: fl 1840-63) Rev, Conway Edward CARTWRIGHT {CA}
(M: 1837 May 15 - 1920 Jan 26) Lena, A Legend Of Niagara, And Other Poems [p|1860] Life And Letters Of The Late Hon Richard Cartwright (ed) [b|1876] Miguel CASTILLO AMENGUAL {VE}
(M: 1882 - 1920 Jan 9) Aurelia CASTILLO De GONZÁLEZ {CU}
(F: 1842 - 1920) Egerton (Smith) CASTLE {UK}
(M: 1858 Mar 12 - 1920 Sep 16) Schools And Masters Of Fencing [n|1884] Bibliotheca Dimicatoria [1891] The Story Of Swordsmanship [n|1891] Consequences [f|1891] La Bella And Others [1892] English Book-Plates [n|1892] Saviolo (w W H POLLOCK) [d|1893] 26045 The Light Of Scarthey [f|1895] The Jerningham Letters [1896] 'Young April' [f|1899] The Pride Of Jennico (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1899] Desperate Remedies [d|1899] Marshfield The Observer [f|1900] The Bath Comedy (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1900] The Secret Orchard (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1901] The House Of Romance [s|1901] The Star Dreamer (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1903] To The Tune Of Little Red Heels (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1903] Incomparable Bellairs (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1904] French Nan (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1905] Rose Of The World (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1905] 'If Youth But Knew!' (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1906] My Merry Rockhurst (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1907] Wroth (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1908] Flower O' The Orange, And Other Stories (w Agnes CASTLE) [s|1908] Diamond Cut Paste (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1909] Panther's Cub (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1910] The Lost Iphigenia (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1911] The Grip Of Life (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1912] Love Gilds The Scene, And Women Guide The Plot (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1912] Chance The Piper (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1913] The Golden Barrier (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1913] The Ways Of Miss Barbara (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1914] Our Sentimental Garden (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1914] A Little House In Wartime (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1915] The Hope Of The House (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1915] Forlorn Adventurers (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1915] Count Raven (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1916] The Wind's Will (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1916] The Third Year In The Little House (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1916] The Black Office, And Other Chapters Of Romance (w Agnes CASTLE) [s|1917] Wolf-Lure (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1917] Minniglen (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1918] Little Hours In Great Days (w Agnes CASTLE) [n|1919] The Chartered Adventurer (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1919] New Wine (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1919] John Seneschal's Margaret (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1920] Pamela Pounce (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1921] Romances In Red (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1921] Kitty And Others (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1922] Minuet And Foxtrot (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1922] Enchanted Casements (w Agnes CASTLE) [f|1923] Thomas CATLING {UK}
(M: 1838 Sep 23 - 1920 Dec 25) Autobiography [a|1910] Marko CEPENKOV {BG}
(M: 1828 - 1920 Dec 29) Albert John CHALMERS {UK}
(M: 1870 Mar 28 - 1920 Apr 5) Manual Of Tropical Medicine (w CASTELLANI) [n|?] First-Aid [n|?] Physiological Chemistry [n|?] Simple Medical Directions [n|?] (James) Julius CHAMBERS {US}
(M: 1850 Nov 21 - 1920 Feb 12) A Mad World And Its Inhabitants [1877] On A Margin: A Wall Street Story [f|1884] Lovers Four And Maidens Five: A Story Of The Allegheny Mountains [f|1886] 'In Sargasso' Missing: A Romance Of The Sargasso Sea [f|1896] Woman's Mistake [1896] The Rascal Club [1897] The Destiny Of Doris: A Travel-Story Of Three Continents [1901] The Mississippi River And Its Wonderful Valley [n|1910] Book Of New York: forty years' recollections of the American metropolis [a|1912] News Hunting On Three Continents [a|1921] News Hunting On Three Continents [n|1921] # Seven, Seven, Seven - City: A Tale Of The Telephone [f|?] The Joy Of Living [n|?] Jack Sturgeon Of Fiskkill [?] Anna Alice CHAPIN {US?}
(F: 1880 - 1920) The Deserters (w George C JENKS) [f|1912] 16907 Greenwich Village [1917] Kostantinos CHATZOPOULOS {GR?}
(M: 1868 - 1920) 31437 [Superhuman] [f|Gr-1915] 31403 [Simple Manners] [Gr-1920] 20175 [Autumn] [Gr-?] Lena CHRIST {DE}
(F: 1881 Oct 30 - 1920 Jun 30) Erinnerungen Einer Überflüssigen [Ge-1912] Lausdirndlgeschichten [Ge-1913] Unsere Bayern Anno 14 [Ge-1914] Mathias Bichler [Ge-1914] Unsere Bayern Anno 14/15 [2v|Ge-1915] Die Rumplhanni [Ge-1916] Bauern [Ge-1919] Madame Bäuerin [Ge-1919] William CHURCHILL {US}
(M: 1859 - 1920 Jun 9) A Princess Of Fiji [1892] The Polynesian Wanderings: Tracks Of The Migration...Melanesia [n|1910] Beach-La-Mar, The Jargon Or Trade Speech Of The Western Pacific [n|1911] Easter Island, Rapanui Speech And The Peopling Of...Polynesia [n|1912] The Subanu:...Mountain Folk Of Mindanao (w John Park FINLEY) [n|1913] Sissano: Movements Of Migration Within And Through Melanesia [n|?] Samoan Kava Custom [n|1916] Club Types Of Nuclear Polynesia [n|191] William Brown CHURCHWARD {UK}
(M: 1844 Dec 24 - 1920 Sep 26) My Consulate In Samoa [a|1887] 'Blackbirding' In The South Pacific [n|1888] Jem Peterkin's Daughter: An Antipodean Novel [f|1892] Jonathan Prince CILLEY (Jr)
(M: 1836 - 1920) 14750 Bowdoin Boys In Labrador [n|c1895] Canon, John Erskine CLARKE {UK}
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