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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Eloise (nee)Mills/Miles ABBOTT
(F: 1821 - ?) Personal Sketches And Recollections [a|1861] Sir, ABDUL-BAHÁ, ne Abbas Effendi {IR}
(M: 1844 May 23 - 1921 Nov 28) 19237 The Secret Of Divine Civilization [n|?] 19238 Foundations Of World Unity [n|?] 19239 Baha'i World Faith [n|?] 19240 Baha'i Prayers (w BAHA'U'LLAH) [n|?] 19250 Abdu'l-Baha In London [n|?] 19279 Memorials Of The Faithful [n|?] 19284 Paris Talks [n|?] 19285 The Promulgation Of Universal Peace [n|?] 19287 Selections From The Writings Of Abdu'l-Baha [e|?] 19289 Some Answered Questions [n|?] 19292 Tablet To August Forel [n|?] 19296 Tablets Of The Divine Plan [n|?] 19312 Tablets Of 'Abdu'l-Baha [n|?] Rudolf ABICHT
(M: 1850 - 1921) Die Hauptschwierigkeiten Der Russischen Sprache [n|Ge-1897] Francis ABIGAIL
(M: 1840 - 1921) Protection As It Effects The... [?] Phineas Simon ABRAHAM {UK}
(M: c1850 - 1921 Feb 23) Eduardo (Inés) ACEVEDO DÍAZ {UY}
(M: 1851 Apr 20 - 1921 Jun 18) Brenda [Sp-1886] Ismael [Sp-1888] Nativa [Sp-1890] La Boca Del Tigre [Sp-1890] La Novela Histórica [Sp-1890] Etnología Indígena [Sp-1891] Grito De Gloria [Sp-1893] Soledad [Sp-1894] Minés [Sp-1907] Lanza Y Sable [Sp-1914] Frederick Upham ADAMS {US}
(M: 1859 Dec 10 - 1921 Aug 28) The Kidnapped Millionaires [f|1901] 15247 John Henry Smith (aka: President John Smith) [f|1905] The Bottom Of The Well [f|1906] Prof, Henry Carter ADAMS {US}
(M: 1851 Dec 31 - 1921 Aug 11) Outline Of Lectures Upon Political Economy [n|1881/86] Taxation In The United States, 1787-1816 [n|1884] A Study Of The Principles That Should Control...Public Debts [n|1887] Relation Of The State To Industrial Action [n|1887] Economics And Jurisprudence [n|1897] The Science Of Finance [n|1898] American Railway Accounting [n|1918] Description Of Industry [n|1918] Richard Calamit ADAMS {US}
(M: 1864 - 1921 Oct 4) Willis Seever ADAMS
(M: 1844 - 1921) Georges Hippolyte ADRIEN {FR}
(M: 1862 Apr 6 - 1921 Aug (or Mar or Sep) 19) (wrote as: Georges DARIEN) 15297 Le Voleur [Fr-1898] 16492 Biribi: Discipline Militaire [f|Fr-1890] Biribi [d|Fr-pub:1906/pro:1906] 16934 L'Épaulette: Souvenirs D'Un Officier [Fr-?] 18918 Bas Les Coeurs! [Fr-?] 18611 Les Vrais Sous-Offs (w Édouard DUBOUS) [Fr-?] Samuel Richard Brew Attoh AHUMA
(M: 1863 - 1921) Jean (François Victor) AICARD {FR}
(M: 1848 Feb 4 - 1921 May 13) Les Rebellions Et Les Apaisements [p|Fr-1871] Les Poèmes De Provence [p|Fr-1874] La Vénus De Milo [f|Fr-1874] La Chanson Des Enfants [p|Fr-1876] Pygmalion [d|Fr-1878] Visite En Hollande [p|Fr-1879] Miette Et Noré [p|Fr-1880] Othello; Ou, Le More De Venise [d|Fr-1881] Le Dieu Dans L'Homme [p|Fr-1885] Le Livre Des Petits [p|Fr-1886] Le Livre D'Heures De L'Amour [p|Fr-1887] Au Bord Du Désert [p|Fr-1888] Le Père Lebonnard [d|Fr-1889] Don Juan [p|Fr-1889] Jésus [p|Fr-1896] 18627 Notre-Dame-D'Amour [f|Fr-1896] L'Âme D'Un Enfant [f|Fr-1898] Tatas [f|Fr-1901] Benjamine [f|Fr-1906] Maurin Des Maures [f|Fr-1908] Le Jardin Des Enfants [p|Fr-1913] Le Témoin [p|Fr-1915] Le Sang Du Sacrifice [p|Fr-1917] Roi De Camargue [f|Fr-?] * King Of Camargue [Fr-?] (tr ?) [?] Pavé D'Amour [f|Fr-?] Fleur D'Abîme [f|Fr-?] Melita [f|Fr-?] L'Ibis Bleu [f|Fr-?] Diamant Noir [f|Fr-?] Arlette Des Mayons [f|Fr-?] Gaspard De Besse [f|Fr-?] L'Illustre Maurin [f|Fr-?] Smilis [d|Fr-?] La Légende Du Co=eur [d|Fr-?] Le Manteau Du Roi [d|Fr-?] La Milésienne [d|Fr-?] Gaspard De Besse [d|Fr-?] Alfred De Vigny [n|Fr-?] Des Cris Dans La Mêlée [Fr-?] La Vénus De Milo [n|Fr-?] (Jessie) May ALDINGTON, nee GODFREE {UK}
(F: 1872 - 1921) Love Letters That Caused A Divorce [f|1906] Songs Of Life And Love [p|1907] Meg Of The Salt Pans [f|1909] God's Toys [f|1909] A Man Of Kent [f|1911] The King Called Love [f|1914] Love Letters To A Soldier [f|1915] Roll Of Honour And Other Poems [p|1917] Songs And Poems [p|1917] Rev, George Cantrell ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1855 May 15 - 1921 Apr 25) Tales From Tennyson [n|1900] Joel Asaph ALLEN {US}
(M: 1838 Jul 19 - 1921 Aug 29) Mammals And Winter Birds Of Eastern Florida [n|1871] The American Bisons, Living And Extinct [n|1876] Monographs Of North American Rodentia (w Elliott COUES) [n|1877] History Of North American Pinnipedia [n|1880] Mammals Of Patagonia [n|1905] The Influence Of Physical Conditions In The Genesis Of Species [n|1905] Ontogenetic And Other Variations In Musk-Oxen [n|1913] Autobiographical Notes... [a|1916] Richard William ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1876 Nov 28 - 1921 Aug 28) Vaccine Therapy... [n|?/1908/10/?] Practical Vaccine Treatment For The General Practitioner [n|1919] Bacterial Diseases Of Respiration [n|?] Rev?, J B AMBLER
(M: ? - ?) I A Discourse On Female Influence [n|c1841] Margaret Steele ANDERSON
(F: 1867 - 1921) The Flame In The Wind [p|1914] A Study Of Modern Painting [n|?] Robert ANDERSON {UK}
(M: ? - ?) A Practical Exposition Of The Gospel According To St John [n|1841] Nils ANDERSSON
(M: 1864 - 1921) Ellen Gibson ANDREWS
(F: 1849 - 1921) Philip Arthur ASHWORTH {UK}
(M: 1853 - 1921 Nov) Das Wittthum, Dower, Im Englischen Recht [n|Ge-1898] Frank (Henry) ATKINS, Jr {UK}
(M: c1883 - 1921) (wrote as: [Frank AUBREY]; F ST MARS) 17567 Pinion And Paw (US: The Way Of The Wild) [f|1919] John Birdseye ATWATER
(M: 1855 - 1921) The Real Jesus Of The Four Gospels [n|1821] James AUSTEN-CARTMELL, ne CARTMELL {UK}
(M: 1862 Aug 12 - 1921 May 28) Abstract Of Trade Mark Cases [n|1892] Finance Act 1894 (Death Duties, England) [n|1894/?/?/?/1912] William AUSTEN-LEIGH {UK}
(M: c1843 - 1921 Nov 27) Chawton Manor And Its Owners (w Montagu George KNIGHT) [n|1911] 22536 Jane Austen: Her Life & Letters... (w R A AUSTEN-LEIGH) [b|1913] Richard BAGOT {UK}
(M: 1860 Nov 8 - 1921 Dec 11 (wrongly 12)) A Roman Mystery [f|1899] Casting Of Nets [f|1901] The Just And The Unjust [f|1902] Donna Diana [f|1903] Love's Proxy [f|1904] The Passport [f|1905] Temptation [f|1907] Anthony Cuthbert [f|1908] Lakes Of Northern Italy [n|1908] The House Of Serravalle [f|1910] My Italian Year [n|1911] The Italians Of To-day [b|1912] Darneley Place [f|1912] The Gods Decide [f|1919] Rev, Emma E BAILEY {US}
(F: 1844 - 1921) Happy Day; Or, The Confessions Of A Woman Minister [a|1901] William Adolph (B) BAILLIE-GROHMAN {UK}
(M: 1851 Apr 1 - 1921 Nov 27) Tyrol And The Tyrolese [n|1875] Gaddings With A Primitive People [n|1878] Camps In The Rockies [n|1882] Sport In The Alps [n|1896] Fifteen Years Sport And Life In North America [n|1900] Das Jagdbuch Kaiser Maximilian I [n|Ge-?] The Master Of Game (jt ed) [n|1904] The Land In The Mountains [1907] Tyrol [n|1908] Sport In Art [n|1913/20] Francis Arthur BAINBRIDGE {UK}
(M: 1874 - 1921 Oct 27) Essentials Of Physiology (w J A MENZIES) [n|1914/16/19/20] Essentials Of Physiology (w J A MENZIES) (5e ed C L EVANS) [n|1925] Essentials Of Physiology (w J A MENZIES) (6e ed H HARTRIDGE) [n|1929/1931/1936/1940] Essentials Of Physiology (w MENZIES) (10e ed HARTRIDGE & D'SILVA) [n|1957] Alexander Hugh Bruce BALFOUR, 6th Baron BALFOUR of Burleigh {UK}
(M: 1849 Jan 13 - 1921 Jul 6) John Hutton BALFOUR-BROWNE {UK}
(M: 1845 Sep 13 - 1921 Sep 27 (wrongly 29)) (also wrote as: Max HILLARY; Hamilton MARSHALL) Medical Jurisprudence Of Insanity [n|1871] Law Of Carriers [n|1873] Law Of Rating [n|1874] Law Of Usages And Customs [n|1875] Law Of Railways [n|1880] Hunted Down (ps: Max HILLARY) [f|1885] Once For All (ps: Max HILLARY) [f|1885] The Turn Of The Tide (ps: Max HILLARY) [f|1896] Law Of Compensation [n|1896] The Blue Flag (ps: Max HILLARY) [f|1898] South Africa [n|1905] Essays, Critical And Political [e|1907] Nursery Verses (ps: Hamilton MARSHALL) [p|1910] War Problems [n|1914] Forty Years At The Bar [a|1916] Recollections Literary And Political [a|1917] Lady, Marie Effie BANCROFT, nee WILTON {UK}
(F: 1839 Jan 12 - 1921 May 22 (wrongly 21)) Mr & Mrs Bancroft On And Off The Stage (w Squire BANCROFT) [a|1888] The Bancrofts: Recollections Of 60 Years (w Squire BANCROFT) [a|1909] The Shadow Of Neeme [f|?] Prof, Paul (E E) BARBIER {FR?}
(M: c1846 - 1921 Sep 24) Florence Louisa BARCLAY, nee CHARLESWORTH {UK}
(F: 1862 Dec 2 - 1921 (wrongly 1920) Mar 10) (also wrote as: Brandon ROY) Guy Mervyn (ps: Brandon ROY) [f|1891] A Notable Prisoner [f|1905] The Wheels Of Time [f|1908] 3659 The Rosary [f|1909] 26235 The Mistress Of Shenstone [f|1910] The Following Of The Star [f|1911] Through The Postern Gate [f|1912] 16454 The Upas Tree: A Christmas Story For All The Year [f|1912] The Broken Halo [f|1913] The Wall Of Partition [f|1914] My Heart's Right There [f|1914] The Golden Censer [1914] In Hoc + Vince: The Story Of A Red Cross Flag [1915] 16368 The White Ladies Of Worcester: A Romance Of The Twelfth Century [f|1917] Returned Empty [f|1920] Shorter Works [s|1931] Guy Mervyn (2e w ONE of Her Daughters) [f|1932] Sir, Thomas BARCLAY {UK}
(M: 1839 Aug 30 - 1921 Dec 23) The Future Water Supply Of Birmingham [n|1891] The Class-Leader At Work [n|1905] Charles Joseph BARNES {US}
(M: 1837 - 1921) 13853 New National First Reader (w Harlan H BALLARD & S Proctor THAYER) [1883] New National Second Reader [c1883] New National Third Reader [c1884] 15825 New National Fourth Reader (w J Marshall HAWKES) [1884] New National Fifth Reader [1885] Henry BARNES {UK}
(M: 1842 Jul 20 - 1921 Apr 21) The President's Address On The Medical History Of Carlisle [n|1896] On Roman Medicine And Roman Medical Inscriptions... [n|1914] James Buckner BARRY {US}
(M: 1821 - ?) A Texas Ranger And Frontiersman... [a|1932] Ulric BARTHE {CA}
(M: 1853 Sep 13 - 1921 Aug 3) Similia Similibus [1916] William Lehman Ashmead BARTLETT {UK}
(M: 1851 - 1921 Jul 28) (wrote as: William Lehman Ashmead Bartlett BURDETT-COUTTS) The Brookfield Stud [n|1891] The Sick And Wounded In South Africa [n|1900] Lest We Forget [n|?] Maj, (Radcliffe James) Lindsay BASHFORD {UK}
(M: 1881 Feb 6 - 1921 Aug 20) Everybody's Boy [1912] Splendrum [1914] Cupid In The Car [1914] Canon, Charles Gardiner BASKERVILLE {UK}
(M: 1830 Oct 20 - 1921 Feb 28) Abba Father [n|?] Sidelights On Ephesians And On Philippians [n|?] Hints To Sunday School Teachers [n|?] John Pawley BATE {UK}
(M: 1857 - 1921 Feb 10) Notes On The Doctrine Of Renvoi [n|?] Declaration Of London [n|?] Robert Edward BAYNES {UK}
(M: 1849 Sep 27 - 1921 Sep 9) The Book Of Heat [n|1878] Lessons On Thermodynamics [n|1878] Col, Joseph Lievesley/Livesley BEESTON {AU}
(M: 1859 Sep 19 - 1921 Mar) 15896 Five Months At Anzac: A Narrative Of Personal Experiences... [n|1916] James Cockburn BELANY {UK}
(M: ? - ?) A Treatise Upon Falconry [n|1841] Robert Stanley Warren BELL {UK}
(M: 1871 Jun 27 - 1921 Sep 26) (also wrote as: Hawksley BRETT) The Businesses Of A Busy Man [f|1894] The Cub In Love [1897] The Papa Papers [1898] Bachelorland [1899] Tales Of Greyhouse [f|1901] Love The Laggard [f|1901] J O Jones [f|1903] Jim Mortimer [f|1904] The Duffer [f|1905] Cox's Cough-Drops [f|1906] Green At Greyhouse [f|1908] Company For George [d|pro:1910] Company For George [1911] Black Evans [f|1912] The Mystery Of Markham [f|1913] Dormitory Eight [f|1914] The Secret Seven; Smith's Week [s|1915] Young Couples [f|1918] Greyhouse Days [s|1918] The Three Prefects: A Public School Story [f|1918] Happy Beginnings [1919] Poleson Of Greyhouse [n|1932] Sir, (Alan) Henry BELLINGHAM, 4th Baronet BELLINGHAM of Castle Bellingham {UK?}
(M: 1846 Aug 28 - 1921 Jun 9) Social Aspects: Catholicism Versus Protestantism [n|1878] Charles Edwin BENNETT
(M: 1858 - 1921) & A Latin Grammar [n|?/c1908] 15665 New Latin Grammar [n|1918] & A New Latin Composition [n|?/c1919] Corp, Royal Augustus BENSELL {US}
(M: 1838 - 1921) All Quiet On The Yamhill, The Civil War In Oregon (ed G BARTH) [n|1959] Micha Josef BERDYCZEWSKI, later BIN-GORION {SU}
(M: 1865 Aug 7 - 1921 Nov 18) (also wrote as: Micha Josef BIN-GORION) Der Born Judas [6v|Ge-1924] Sinai Und Garizin [Ge-1926] Die Sagen Der Juden [5v|Ge-1927] Col, Charles Edward de la Poer BERESFORD {UK}
(M: 1850 Oct 23 - 1921 Aug 22) The Conquest Of Oran [n|?] A Historical Account Of The Beresford Family [b|?] Federico Ramón BERMÚDEZ y ORTEGA {DO}
(M: 1884 Aug or Sep 29 - 1921 Mar or Apr 3) Oro Virgen [n|Sp-1910] Los Humildes [p|Sp-1916] Las Liras Del Silencio (ed Rafael V MONTALVO) [Sp-1923] Todas Las Poesías De Federico Bermúdez [p|Sp-1986] Canon, Edward Russell BERNARD {UK}
(M: 1842 - 1921 Apr 24) Arsène BESSETTE
(M: 1873 - 1921) 19497 Le Débutant: Ouvrage Enrichi...Dessins De Busnel... [f|Fr-1914] Theobald (Theodor Friedrich Alfred) von BETHMANN-HOLLWEG {DE}
(M: 1856 Nov 29 - 1921 Jan 1) Reflections On The World War [n|Ge-1920] (tr George YOUNG) [1920] Edward John BEVAN {UK}
(M: 1856 Dec 11 - 1921 Oct 17) 22620 Researches On Cellulose 1895-1900 (w C F CROSS) [n|1901] Researches On Cellulose II (1900-1905) (w C F CROSS) [n|1906] Researches On Cellulose III (1905-1910) (w C F CROSS) [n|1912] Col, John BIDDULPH {UK}
(M: 1840 Jul 25 - 1921 Dec 31) Tribes Of The Hindoo Koosh [n|1880] The Nineteenth And Their Times:...Four Cavalry Regiments... [n|1899] Stringer Lawrence, The Father Of The Indian Army [b|1901] 11399 The Pirates Of Malabar, and An Englishwoman In India... [e|1907] Melville Madison BIGELOW {US}
(M: 1846 Aug 2 - 1921 May 4) Law Of Estoppel [n|?] Leading Cases In Law Of Torts [n|?] Law Of Torts [n|?] Placita Anglo-Normannica [n|?] History Of English Procedure [n|?] Law Of Fraudulent Conveyances [n|?/?] Law Of Bills, Notes, And Cheques [n|?/?] Law Of Wills [n|?] A False Equation: The Problem Of The Great Trust [n|?] Emerson Bristol BIGGAR {CA}
(M: 1853 Mar 6 - 1921 May 31) Anecdotal Life Of Sir John Macdonald... [b|1891] David (Scull) BISPHAM {US}
(M: 1857 Jan 5 - 1921 Oct) A Quaker Singer's Recollections [a|1920] Rev, Antoinette Louisa (nee)Brown BLACKWELL {US}
(F: 1825 May 20 - 1921 Nov 5) Shadows Of Our Social System [n|1855] Studies In General Science [n|1869] R The Island Neighbors [f|1871] The Sexes Throughout Nature [n|1875] The Making Of The Universe [n|1914] Alexander Alexandrovitch BLOK {SU?}
(M: 1880 Nov 28 - 1921 Aug 7) The Scythians [Ru-1918] (tr ?) [1920] The Twelve [Ru-1918] (tr ?) [1920] Alexander Wynter BLYTH {UK}
(M: 1844 - 1921 Mar 30) Dictionary Of Hygiene And Public Health [n|?] Foods, Their Composition And Analysis [n|?/?/1895] Poisons, Their Effects And Detection [n|?/?/?/1906] Diet In Relation To Health And Work [n|1884] A Manual Of Public Health [n|1890] Lectures On Sanitary Law [n|1893] Emilio BOBADILLA y LUNAR {CU}
(M: 1862 Jul 24 - 1921 Jan 1) (wrote as: Fray CANDIL; Dagoberto MÁRMARA) Sal Y Pimienta (ps: Dagoberto MARMORA) [Sp-1881] Relámpagos [p|Sp-1884] Mostaza [Sp-1885] Reflejos De Fray Candil (ps: Fray CANDIL) [Sp-1886] Fiebres [p|Sp-1889] Capirotazos [Sp-1890] Críticas Instantáneas [Sp-1891] Triquitraques [Sp-1892] Solfeo [Sp-1894] La Vida Intelectual I Batiburrillo [n|Sp-1895] Escaramuzas [Sp-1898] Novelas En Germen [Sp-1900] Vórtice [p|Sp-1902] Grafómanos De América [2v|Sp-1902] A Fuego Lento [f|Sp-1903] Al Través De Mis Nervios [Sp-1903] Sintiéndome Vivir: Salidas De Tono [Sp-1906] Muecas [Sp-1908] Con La Capucha Vuelta [Sp-1909] Bulevar Arriba, Bulevar Abajo (Psicología Al Vuelo) [Sp-1911] Viajando Por España [Sp-1912] En La Noche Dormida [f|Sp-1913] En Pos De La Paz: Pequeñeces De La Vida Diaria [f|Sp-1917] Rojeces De Marte [p|Sp-1921] Artículos Periodísticos De Emilio Bobadilla [Sp-1952] Selección De Poemas [p|Sp-1962] Crítica Y Sátira [Sp-1964] Alberto BOCCARDI
(M: 1854 - 1921) 27158 Il Peccato Di Loreta [f|It-1896] Harriet Ann BOOMER
(F: 1835 - 1921) I Notes From Our Log In South Africa [n|1880] Francis William BOURDILLON {UK}
(M: 1852 Mar 22 - 1921 Jan 13) (also wrote as: V) Among The Flowers And Other Poems [p|1878] Ailes D'Alouette [1890] A Lost God [1891] Sursum Corda [1893] Nephelé [1896] Minuscula [1897] Through The Gateway [1902] The Early Editions Of The Roman De La Rose [n|1906] Preludes And Romances [1908] Verses (ps: V) [p|1910] Prof, Émile BOUTROUX {FR}
(M: 1845 Jul 28 - 1921 Nov 21 (or 22)) De La Contingence Des Lois De La Nature [n|Fr-1874] De L'Idée De Loi Naturelle Dans La Science Et...Philosophie [n|Fr-1895] Questions De Morale Et D'Éducation [n|Fr-1895] Pascal [n|Fr-1900] [?] [n|Fr-1900] (tr ?) [1902] Etudes D'Histoire De La Philosophie [n|Fr-1901] [?] [n|Fr-1901] (tr ?) [1912] Science Et Religion Dans La Philosophie Contemporaine [n|Fr-1908] [?] [n|Fr-1908] (tr ?) [1909] William James [n|Fr-1911] William James [n|Fr-1911] (tr ?) [1912] The Beyond That Is Within [n|1912] Philosophy And War [n|1916] Sir, Frank BOWDEN, 1st Baronet BOWDEN of the City of Nottingham {UK}
(M: 1848 Jan 30 - 1921 Apr 25) Cycling For Health And Points For Cyclists [n|1913] George Augustus BRACKETT {US}
(M: 1826 - 1921) A Winter Evening's Tale [a|1880] Prof, George Stewardson BRADY {UK}
(M: 1832 Apr 18 - 1921 Dec 25) A Monograph Of The Post-Tertiary Entomostraca Of Scotland [n|1874] A Monograph Of The Free And Semi-Parasitic Copepoda... [3v|n|1878-80] Report On The Ostracoda Dredged By HMS Challenger...1873-1876 [n|1880] Report On The Copepoda Collected By HMS Challenger...1873-76 [n|1883] Rev, Henry Athanasius BRANN
(M: 1837 Aug 15 - 1921) Waifs And Strays [2v|e|1909] Curious Questions [n|?] Truth And Error [n|?] The Age Of Unreason [n|?] Most Reverend John Hughes, First Archbishop Of New York [b|?] Edward BREKHUS {US}
(M: 1872 - 1921) Edward Brekhus... [a|1897] Yosef Haim/Hayyim BRENNER {SU}
(M: 1881 - 1921 May 2) [In The Winter] [f|He-1904] [Around The Point] [f|He-1904] [Nerves] [f|He-1910] [From Here And There] [f|He-1911] [Breakdown And Bereavement] [f|He-1920] [Collected Works] [s|He-1978-85] John Matthew Fortescue BRICKDALE {UK}
(M: 1869 - 1921 Jun 2) The Chemical Basis Of Pharmacology (w Francis FRANCIS) [n|1908] Juhani BROFELDT {FI}
(M: 1861 Sep 11 - 1921 Aug 8) (wrote as: Juhani AHO) 8494 Omatunto [Fi-?] 9082 Muistatko [Fi-?] 10481 Rautatie [Fi-?] 10863 Juha [Fi-?] 11967 Sanomalehtimiesajoiltani [Fi-?] 13564 Ensimmaiset novellit [Fi-?] 13566 Muuan markkinamies [Fi-?] 13580 Helsinkiin [Fi-?] 13581 Hellmannin Herra; Esimerkin Vuoksi; Maailman Murjoma [Fi-?] 13593 Yksin [Fi-?] 13662 Papin Tytaer [Fi-?] 13663 Papin Rouva [Fi-?] 13691 Lastuja [Fi-?] 13768 Katajainen Kansani [Fi-?] 13769 Lohilastuja Ja Kalakaskuja [Fi-?] 13779 Minka Mitakin Tyrolista [Fi-?] 13780 Minka Mitakin Italiasta [Fi-?] 13849 Panu - Naytelma [Fi-?] 13850 Panu [Fi-?] 13873 Tuomio [Fi-?] 13874 Rauhan Erakko [Fi-?] 13919 Muistelmia Ja Matkakuvia [Fi-?] 13920 Kevat Ja Takatalvi [Fi-?] J W BROOKS
(?: ? - ?) Elements Of Prophetic Interpretation [n|1841] Canon, George Rickards BROWNE {UK}
(M: 1854 Feb 20 - 1921 Sep 23) National Service [n|1915] John Leck BRUCE {AU}
(M: 1850 Oct 16 - 1921 Nov 29) The Australian Sanitary Inspector's Textbook (aka: ...Handbook) [n|1901] William (J) Ironside BRUCE {UK}
(M: c1877 - 1921 Mar 21) A System Of Radiography With An Atlas Of The Normal [n|?] X-Ray Examination [n|?] Choyce's System Of Surgery [n|?] X-Ray Treatment [n|?] Churchill's System Of Treatment [n|?] William Speirs BRUCE {UK}
(M: 1867 Aug 1 - 1921 Oct 28 (or 31)) Scientific Results Of The Voyage Of SY 'Scotia', 1902-1903 [n|1907] Polar Exploration [n|?] John BURGESS
(M: 1821 - ?) Pleasant Recollections... [a|1887] A Voice From The Past: Fifty Years Echo [a|1894] H J BURROUGHS
(M: ? - 1921 Mar 29) John BURROUGHS, aka 'Pepacton' {US}
(M: 1837 Apr 3 - 1921 Mar 29) Notes On Walt Whitman, As Poet And Person [n|1867] 4203 Wake-Robin [1871] 4279 Winter Sunshine [1875] 5177 Birds And Poets [1877] 6355 Locusts And Wild Honey [1879] Pepacton [1881] Fresh Fields [1884] Signs And Seasons [1886] 3163 Birds And Bees, Sharp Eyes, And Other Papers [e|1887] Indoor Studies [1889] Riverby [1894] 7441 The Writings Of John Burroughs [1895] 30342 Whitman: A Study [n|1896] 31292 A Year In The Fields [s|1896] The Light Of Day [1900] 24388 Squirrels And Other Fur-Bearers [1900] 20448 The Wit Of A Duck And Other Papers [e|1901] Literary Values [1902] 7404 John James Audubon [b|1902] Far And Near [1904] 30249 Ways Of Nature [n|1905] Bird And Bough [p|1906] 29312 Camping With President Roosevelt [n|(1906)/1906] Camping And Tramping With Roosevelt [n|1907] Leaf And Tendril [1908] 14108,& In The Catskills: Selections From The Writings Of... [e|1910] 26046 Bird Stories From Burroughs [1911] 5706 Time And Change [1912] The Summit Of The Years [1913] 18335 The Breath Of Life [1915] + Under The Apple Trees [1916] Accepting The Universe [1920] 30246 Under The Maples [n|1921] 18903 The Last Harvest [e|1922] 7280 My Boyhood (w Julian BURROUGHS) [a|1922] The Heart Of John Burroughs's Journals [n|1928] George Dames BURTCHAELL {IE}
(M: 1853 Jun 12 - 1921 Aug 18) Genealogical Memoirs Of The Members Of Parliament For Kilkenny [b|1888] Alfred BUTLER
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