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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Antti Amatus AARNE
(M: 1867 - 1925) Vergleichende Märchenforschungen [n|Ge-1908] Suomen Kansan Arvoituksia [Fi-1922] AARON {US}
(M: ? - ?) T The Light And Truth Of Slavery: Aaron's History [a|1845] Everett Vergnies ABBOT {US}
(M: 1862 Feb 3 - 1925) Jacques Henry ABENDANON / ABENDENON
(M: 1852 - 1925) Karl ABRAHAM {DE}
(M: 1877 May 3 - 1925 Dec 25) Clinical Papers And Essays On Psycho-Analysis [e|1955] Briefe 1907-1926 [a|Ge-?/1980] Psychoanalytische Studien / Gesammelte Werke [2v|e|Ge-1999] Israël ABRAHAMS {UK}
(M: 1858 Nov 26 - 1925 Oct 6) Aspects Of Judaism [n|1895] Jewish Life In The Middle Ages [n|1896] 13678 Chapters On Jewish Literature [n|1899] Hebrew Lessons [n|1903] Maimonides [b|1903] Festival Studies [n|1905] A Short History Of Jewish Literature [n|1906] 6971 Judaism [n|1906] Macaulay On Jewish Disabilities [n|1909] Rabbinic Aids To Exegesis [n|1910] 9886 The Book Of Delight And Other Papers [n|1913] Annotated Hebrew Prayer Book [n|1914] Studies In Pharisaism And The Gospels (1st series) [n|1917] Essay On The Future Of Palestine [n|1918] Chosen Peoples [n|1918] * By-Paths In Hebraic Bookland [n|1920] Poetry And Religion [n|1921] Permanent Values [n|1923] Studies In Pharisaism (2nd series) [n|1924] Campaigns In Palestine From Alexander The Great [n|1927] Jean Alexandre ABRANT
(M: 1825 - ?) Sir, William Mitchell ACWORTH {UK}
(M: 1850 Nov 22 - 1925 Apr 2) The Railways Of England [n|1889] The Railways Of Scotland [n|1890] The Railways And The Traders [n|1891] Elements Of Railway Economics [n|1905] Historical Sketch Of State Railway Ownership [n|1920] Prof, David Stow ADAM {UK/AU?}
(M: 1859 Feb 9 - 1925 Jan 31) Cardinal Elements Of The Christian Faith [n|1911] Presbyterianism [n|1913] Christianity And War [n|1915] A Handbook Of Christian Ethics [n|1925] Prof, George Burton ADAMS {US}
(M: 1851 Jun 3 - 1925 May 26) Civilization During The Middle Ages [n|1894] The Growth Of The French Nation [n|1896] European History [n|1899] & The History Of England From The Norman... (1066-1216) [n|1905] The Origin Of The English Constitution [n|1912/20] An Outline Sketch Of English Constitutional History [n|1918] The British Empire And A League Of Peace [n|1919] A Constitutional History Of England [n|1920] Council And Courts In Anglo-Norman England [n|1926] Select Documents Of English Constitutional History (jt ed) [n|?] Rev, James Alonzo ADAMS {US}
(M: 1842 May 21 - 1925 Jun 4) (wrote as: GRAPHO) Olonel Hungerford's Daughter: Story Of An American Girl [f|1896] Victoria: Maid - Matron - Monarch [1901] Progressive Teacher [1917] Sir, William Rylands Dent ADKINS {UK}
(M: 1862 May 11 - 1925 Jan 30) Our County: Sketches In Pen And Ink...Men Of Northamptonshire [n|1893] The Victoria History Of The County Of Northampton (jt ed) [n|1902] Charles Francis AIKEN {US}
(M: 1863 Apr 8 - 1925 Jul 8) Wilfrid AIRY {UK}
(M: c1836 - 1925 Oct 8) On The Ancient Trade Weights Of The East [n|c1918] On The Arabic Glass Weights [n|1920] Levelling And Geodesy [n|?] Weighing Machines [n|?] John Daniel Kerr AITKEN {AU}
(M: 1867 Jan 4 - 1925 Jan 9) The Coming Day And Other Verses [p|1908] Rudolf Waldemar ÅKERBLOM
(M: 1851 - 1925) Rep, De Alva Stanwood ALEXANDER {US}
(M: 1846 (wrongly 1845) Jul 17 - 1925 Jan 30) 22591 A Political History Of The State Of New York [?v|n|1906] History And Procedure Of The House Of Representatives [n|1916] Four Famous New Yorkers [1923] Queen, ALEXANDRA (Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia), of Great Britain (house of SAXE-COBURG And GOTHA), nee (house of SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-SONDERBURG-GLÜCKSBURG) {DK/UK}
(F: 1844 Dec 1 - 1925 Nov 20) Queen Alexandra's Christmas Gift Book [n|1908] Sir, (Thomas) Clifford ALLBUTT {UK}
(M: 1836 Jul 20 - 1925 Feb 22) On The Use Of The Ophthalmoscope In Diseases Of The Nervous System [n|1871] On Visceral Neuroses [n|1884] A System Of Medicine (ed) [n|1896] A System Of Gynæcology (ed) [n|1896] Science And Medieval Thought [n|1901] The Rise Of The Experimental Method In Oxford [n|1902] Notes On The Composition Of Scientific Papers [n|1904/?/1923] The Historical Relations Of Medicine And Surgery...16th Century [n|1905] On Professional Education, With Special Reference To Medicine [n|1906] Hospitals, Medical Science, And Public Health [n|1908] Palissy, Bacon, And The Revival Of Natural Science [n|1914] Diseases Of The Arteries, Including Angina Pectoris [2v|n|1915] Science In The School [n|1917] Greek Medicine In Rome [n|1921] Greco-Roman Medicine And Other Historical Essays [e|1921] Arteriosclerosis [n|1925] James Lane ALLEN {US}
(M: 1849 Oct 21 - 1925 Feb 18) Flute And Violin And Other Kentucky Tales And Romances [s|1891] The Blue-Grass Region Of Kentucky [s|1892] * Sister Dolorosa [1892] John Grey [1893] 11532,N A Kentucky Cardinal [f|1894] 13554 Aftermath: Part Second Of A Kentucky Cardinal [f|1896] A Summer In Arcady [f|1896] 2316 The Choir Invisible [f|1897] The Increasing Purpose [f|1899] 3791 The Reign Of Law [f|1900] 12482 The Mettle Of The Pasture [f|1903] 9179 The Bride Of The Mistletoe [f|1909] The Doctor's Christmas Eve [f|1910] The Heroine In Bronze [f|1912] The Last Christmas Tree [p|1914] The Sword Of Youth [f|1915] 15385 A Cathedral Singer [f|1916] + The Emblems Of Fidelity [1917] The Kentucky Warbler [f|1918] The Alabaster Box [f|1923] The Landmark [s|1925] William ALLISON {UK}
(M: 1851 Apr 30 - 1925 (wrongly 1923) Jul 15) (also wrote as: BLINKHOOLIE; [Special COMMISSIONER]; Joseph SLAPKINS) Blair Athol [f|1881] A Tory Lordling [f|1887] Blairmount: Memories Of Men And Horses [n|1922] The Parson And The Painter (ps: Joseph SLAPKINS) [1892] The British Thoroughbred Horse: His History And Breeding [n|1901/07] 'My Kingdom For A Horse' [a|1919] Alberto Augusto de ALMEIDA PIMENTEL
(M: 1849 - 1925) 22509 O Poeta Chiado [Pt-1903] Floriano ALVES Da COSTA {BR}
(M: 1825 - ?) 24619 O Passeio Dos Bardos Ao Baldeador [p|Pt-1848] Maj, Henry Graeme ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1882 - 1925 Jun 28) The Medical And Surgical Aspects Of Aviation [n|1919] Arthur ANDREWS {UK/AU?}
(M: 1848 Feb 4 - 1925 Feb 14) History Of Albury [n|1912] First Settlement Of The Upper Murray, 1835-1845 [n|1920] Australasian Tokens And Coins [n|1921] Sir, Archibald Edward Harbord ANSON {UK}
(M: 1826 Apr 16 - 1925 Feb 26) About Others And Myself, 1745-1920 [a|1920] Adèle Sophia Cornelia von ANTAL-OPZOOMER {NL}
(F: 1857 - 1925) (wrote as: Adèle Sophia Cornelia WALLIS) In Troubled Times [f|1883] Royal Favour [f|1884] Rev, James D ANTHONY {US}
(M: 1825 - ?) Life And Times Of Rev J D Anthony [a|1896] Newton Wynne APPERLEY (Sr) {UK}
(M: 1846 Jul 29 - 1925 Jan 21) North Country Hunting Half A Century Ago [n|1924] A Hunting Diary (ed E W CUMING) [n|1926] The Nimrod Game Book [n|?] Sport In Wales Thirty Years Ago [n|?] An Old Coaching Road [n|?] Joseph Louis ARCHAMBAULT {CA}
(M: 1849 Jun 19 - 1925 May 27) William ARKWRIGHT {UK}
(M: 1857 Apr 21 - 1925 Feb 19) The Pointer And His Predecessors [n|1906] Knowledge And Life [e|1913] The Trend [f|1914] Utinam: A Glimmering Of Goddesses [1917] His Own Soul [p|1920] Evelyn Oliver ASHE {UK}
(M: c1864 - 1925 Apr 17) Besieged By The Boers:...Life And Events In Kimberley... [n|1900] Charles Sumner ASHLEY {US}
(M: 1864 Jan 1 - 1925 Nov 25) The Financial Question [n|1895] Clara ASPINALL {UK/AU?}
(F: c1825 - ?) Three Years In Melbourne [n|1862] Hubert Delaval ASTLEY {UK}
(M: 1860 Jul 14 - 1925 May 26) My Birds In Freedom And Captivity [n|?] George Ashdown AUDSLEY {UK/US?}
(M: 1838 Sep 6 - 1925 Jun 21) Handbook Of Christian Symbolism (w William AUDSLEY) [n|1865] Keramic Art Of Japan (w James Lord BOWES) [n|1875] Descriptive Catalogue Of Art Works In Japanese Lacquer... [n|1875] Popular Dictionary Of Architecture And The Allied Arts [n|1880] Outlines Of Ornament In The Leading Styles [n|1882] Polychromatic Decoration As Applied To Buildings... (w W AUDSLEY) [n|1882] The Art Of Chromolithography [n|1883] Ornamental Arts Of Japan [n|?] The Practical Decorator [n|?] The Art Of Organ Building [2v|n|1905] Colour In Dress [n|1912] The Organ Of The 20th Century [n|1919] Maria Rebecca AUDUBON {US}
(F: 1843 - 1925) Audubon And His Journals [2v|b|(?)/1897] An Irish BACHELOR (ps)
(M: ? - ?) The Freaks Of Cupid [f|1845] Loring Woart BAILEY {CA}
(M: 1839 Sep 28 - 1925 Jan 10) Sir, Jervoise Athelstane BAINES {UK}
(M: 1847 Oct 17 - 1925 Nov 26) Imperial Census Of 1881 [2v|n|1882] Census Of India 1891: General Report [n|1893] Ethnography: Castes And Tribes [n|1912] James Hutchins BAKER {US}
(M: 1848 Oct 13 - 1925 Sep 10) Elementary Psychology [n|1890] University Ideals [n|1897] American Problems [n|1907] Educational Aims And Civic Needs [n|1913] American University Progress And College Reform...Society [n|1916] After The War - What? [n|1918] Of Himself And Other Things [a|1922] James BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1841 - 1925) (also wrote as: Robert DUDLEY) 6866 The Story Of Siegfried [1882] The Story Of Roland [1883] A Story Of The Golden Age [1887] 30235 Six Centuries Of English Poetry: Tennyson To Chaucer [n|1892] 11582 Old Greek Stories: Third Reader Grade [1895] 18442 Fifty Famous Stories Retold [s|1896] School Reading By Grades [n|1897] 11174 Four Great Americans: Washington, Franklin, Webster, Lincoln [b|1897] Hero Tales Told In School [1904] Barne's Elementary History Of The United States [n|1908] Fourth Reader (w Ida C BENDER) [n|1911] 30559 Eighth Reader (w Ida C BENDER) [n|1911] 6168 Fifty Famous People: A Book Of Short Stories [b|1912] 15616 Hero Tales [1914] In My Youth [a|1914] Barnes's Elementary History Of The United States [n|?/1918] In The Days Of My Youth [a|1923] Louisa BALDWIN, nee MACDONALD {UK}
(F: 1845 - 1925 Feb 25) A Martyr To Mammon [f|1886] The Story Of A Marriage [f|1889] Richard Dare [f|1894] The Shadow On The Blind [s|1895] # Collected Stories [s|?] Walter William Rouse BALL {UK}
(M: 1850 - 1925 Apr 4) Guide To The Bar [n|1878-1904] 31246 A Short Account Of The History Of Mathematics [n|1888/93/1901/?] History Of Mathematics [n|1888/1919] History Of Study Of Maths At Cambridge [n|1889] Mathematical Recreations And Problems Of Past And Present Times [n|1892/?/96] Algebra [n|1890-97] Newton's 'Principia' [n|1893] Primer Of History Of Maths [n|1895/1914] History Of Trinity College Cambridge [n|1899] 26839 Mathematical Recreations And Essays [e|1905] Trinity College Cambridge [n|1906] History Of The First Trinity Boat Club [n|1908] The King's Scholars And King's Hall (anon) [n|1917] * Cambridge Papers [e|1918] The Genesis And History Of Newton's Principia [n|?] Records Of Admission To Trinity College, 1546-1900 [n|?] Edgar Addison BANCROFT {US}
(M: 1857 Nov 20 - 1925 Jul 28 (wrongly 27)) The Chicago Strike Of 1894 [n|1895] Destruction Or Regulation? [n|1907] Sherman Law And Recent Decisions [n|1911] Sherman Act And Corporate Regulation [n|1911] In Memoriam Robert Mather 1859-1911 [b|1912] Why We Are In The War [n|c1918] Doctor Gunsaulus, The Citizen [n|1921] Marshal Foch [e|1921] Speeches And Addresses Of His Excellency The Late... [e|1926] The Mission Of America, And Other War-Time Speeches [e|1927] Belgium [n|1917] The Moral Sentiment Of The People The Foundation Of National Greatness [n|?] Henry Ebenezer BARFF {AU}
(M: 1857 Jul 9 - 1925 May 2) A Short Historical Account Of The University Of Sydney [n|1902] John Stewart BARNEY {US}
(M: c1868 - 1925 Nov 22) 7826 L P M: The End Of The Great War [1915] Canon, Daniel William BARRETT {UK}
(M: c1848 - 1925 Sep 10) Life And Work Among The Navvies [n|?/1880/?/85] Sketches Of Church Life In...Essex And Hertfordshire [n|1902] The Royal Prisoner Of Holdenby [1910] Diocesan Charts For Peterborough And St Albans [?] Francis E H Joyce BARRETT {UK}
(M: 1869 - 1925 Jan 19) Contemporary Music Criticisms [e|?] Sir, William Fletcher BARRETT {UK}
(M: 1844 Feb 10 - 1925 May 26) A Fragment Of Faraday's Electrical Discoveries [n|1873] Edison, And Some Of His Inventions [b|1879] Easy Lessons In Science (ed) [n|1880] Practical Physics (w William BROWN) [n|1892] Early Chapters In Science (ed) [n|1899] Introductory Practical Physics [n|1906] On The Threshold Of A New World Of Thought [n|1908] Psychical Research [n|1911] Seeing Without Eyes [n|1911] Swedenborg: The Savant & The Seer [b|1912] Creative Thought And The Problem Of Evil [n|1910/14] On The Threshold Of The Unseen [n|1917] The Religion Of Health [n|1925] The Divining-Rod: An Experimental And Psychological Investigation [n|1926] Death-Bed Visions (ed Florence E BARRETT) [n|1926] Thoughts Of An English Mystic [n|?] Life And Letters Of C C Massey [b|?] A New World Of Thought:...Phenomenon Of Spiritualism [n|?] Prof, Edwin Henry BARTON {UK}
(M: 1858 Oct 23 - 1925 Sep 23) A Text-book Of Sound [n|1908/14/19/22] Analytical Mechanics [n|1911/1924] Practical Physics For Colleges And Schools (w T P BLACK) [1912/18/19] An Introduction To The Mechanics Of Fluids [n|1915] Ernest Harold BAYNES {US?}
(M: 1868 - 1925) Polaris [1922] Jimmie: The Story Of A Black Bear Cub [1923] The Sprite [1924] Canon, William BAZELEY {UK}
(M: 1843 - 1925 Jul 12) Records Of Matson And The Selwyns [n|?] Matson In Tudor And Early Stuart Times [n|?] The Bibliographer's Manual Of Gloucestershire Literature (w ?) [n|?] Battle Of Tewkesbury [n|?] William M BEAUCHAMP
(M: 1830 - 1925) I The Iroquois Trail (w David CUSICK) [n|1892] Frank Evers BEDDARD {UK}
(M: 1858 Jun 19 - 1925 Jul 14) Animal Coloration [n|1892] Text-book Of Zoogeography [n|1895] A Monograph Of The Oligochæta [n|1895] Structure And Classification Of Birds [n|1898] * The Cambridge Natural History, v10: Mammalia [n|?] Cardinal, Louis Nazaire BEGIN {CA}
(M: 1840 Jan 10 - 1925 Jul 18 or 19) La Primauté Et L'Infaillibilité Des Souverains Pontifes [n|Fr-?] La Sainte Écriture Et La Règle De Foi [n|Fr-1874] Le Culte Catholique [n|Fr-1875] Aide-mémoire, Ou Chronologie De L'Histoire Du Canada [n|Fr-1886] I Chronologie De L'Histoire Des États-Unis D'Amerique [3v|n|Fr-1895] I Chronologie De L'Histoire Du Canada [n|Fr-1899] Catéchisme De Controverse [n|Fr-1902] Lady, Blanche St John BELLAIRS, nee MOSCHGISKER {UK?}
(F: c1848 - 1925 Jan 24) Gossips With Girls And Maidens, Betrothed And Free [1887/88] J T BENETT
(?: ? - ?) The Sicilian [f|1845] Arthur Christopher BENSON {UK}
(M: 1862 Apr 24 - 1925 Jun 17) (also wrote as: J B; Christopher CARR; H L G) 16438 Memoirs Of Arthur Hamilton, BA... (ps: Christopher CARR) [1886] William Laud [1887] Men Of Might (w H F W TATHAM) [1892] Le Cahier Jaune: Poems [p|1892] Dr Samuel Parr [1893] Poems [p|1893] Genealogy Of The Family Of Benson Of Banger House... [b|1895] Thomas Gray [1895] Essays [e|1896] Lord Vyet, And Other Poems [p|1897] Hos Versus In Obitum Viri Insignis Gulielmi Ewart Gladstone... [c1898] The Life Of Edward White Benson...Archbishop Of Canterbury [b|1899] Fasti Etonenses: A Biographical History Of Eton [n|1899] The Professor And Other Poems [p|1900] The Schoolmaster [n|1902] The Myrtle Bough [n|1903] The Hill Of Trouble [s|1903] Rossetti [b|1904] (The Life Of) Alfred Tennyson [b|1904] 30326 The Thread Of Gold [f|1905] Peace, And Other Poems [p|1905] 4615 The Upton Letters (ps: T B) [n|1905] Edward Fitzgerald [n|1905] 18882 The Isles Of Sunset [1905] Walter Pater [n|1906] 4614 From A College Window [e|1906] The House Of Quiet: An Autobiography [f|1906] The Gate Of Death [1906] 4612 The Altar Fire [1907] Beside Still Waters [1907] 4613 At Large [e|1908] The Poems Of A C Benson [p|1909] Until The Evening [1909] 11911 The Silent Isle [1910] Ruskin: A Study In Personality [n|1911] The Leaves Of The Tree: Studies In Biography [b|1911] 21536 Paul The Minstrel And Other Stories [s|1911] 15964 The Child Of The Dawn [f|1912] Thy Rod And Thy Staff [1912] The Secret Of Christ: The Essentials Of Christianity [n|1912] Along The Road [1913] 20423 Joyous Gard [e|1913] 4510 Watersprings [f|1913] 4611 Where No Fear Was: A Book About Fear [e|1914] & The Orchard Pavilion [f|1914] 18615,HGHugh: Memoirs Of A Brother [b|1915] 4652 Escape, And Other Essays [e|1915] 12264 Father Payne [f|1915] Meanwhile, A Packet Of War Letters (ps: H L G) [1916] The Life And Letters Of Maggie Benson [b|1917] 13548 Cambridge Essays On Education (ed) [e|1917] The Happy Warrior: A Sight Of General Smuts At Cambridge... [n|1917] The Reed Of Pan: English Renderings Of Greek Epigrams... [n|1922] The Trefoil: Wellington College, Lincoln And Truro [b|1923] Magdalene College, Cambridge [n|1923] Memories And Friends [a|1924] The Book Of The Queen's Dolls' House (jt ed) [n|1924] Everybody's Book Of The Queen's Dolls' House (ed) [n|1924] Souvenir Book Of The Queen's Dolls' House (ed) [n|1924] Chris Gascoyne: An Experiment In Solitude [f|1924] Selected Poems [p|1924] The House Of Menerdue [f|1925] A Thought For Every Day (ed M A STANTON) [1925] Charles Sayle [1925] The Canon [f|1926] Rambles And Reflections [1926] The Art Of The Biographer [n|1926] The Diary Of Arthur Christopher Benson (ed Percy LUBBOCK) [a|1926] # Cressage [f|1927] Basil Netherby [s|1927] Ernest George Binckes BERGHOLT {UK}
(M: 1856 Feb 14 - 1925 Nov 18) Principles And Practice Of Whist [n|1902] Double Dummy Bridge Problems [n|1905] Hoyle's Games Modernized (ed) [n|1909] First New Book Of Patience Games [n|1914] Second New Book Of Patience Games [n|1914] Royal Auction Bridge [n|1917] Rover Bridge [n|?] Outlaw Bridge [n|?] Compendium Of Poker [n|?] Compendium Of Dominoes [n|?] Contract Bridge [n|?] Translations Into Latin Elegiac Verse [n|1918] Complete Handbook Of Solitaire [n|1920] Bergholt's Modern Auction [n|1925] Prof, Clovis BEVENOT {UK}
(M: c1852 - 1925 Feb 21) Sir, Ramkrishna Gopal BHANDARKAR
(M: 1837 Jul 6 - 1925 Aug) First Book Of Sanskrit [n|?] Second Book Of Sanskrit [n|?] Early History Of The Deccan [n|?] Sanskrit And The Derived Languages [n|?] Vaisnavism, Saivism, And Minor Religious Systems [n|?] Guido BIAGI {IT}
(M: 1855 Jan 29 - 1925 Jan 6) The Private Life Of The Florentines [n|?] Men And Manners Of Old Florence [n|?] The Last Days Of Shelley [b|?] Napoleon Inconnu [b|Fr-?] Le Novelle Antiche [n|It-?] Vita Di Giuseppe Giusti [b|It-?] Aneddoti Letterari [n|It-?] Vocabolario Italiano Di Niccolo Tommaseo Compendiato E Rifatto [n|It-?] Indice Del Mare Magnum Di F Marucelli [n|It-?] Passatisti [b|It-?] La Divina Commedia Nella Figurazione Artistica... [n|It-?] Rivista Delle Biblioteche E Degli Archivi [n|It-?] Mary Frances BILLINGTON {UK}
(F: 1862 - 1925 Aug 27) Woman In India [n|1895] Marriage: Its Legal Preliminaries And Social Observances (ed) [n|1900] Women In Journalism [n|1903] The Red Cross In War [n|1914] The Roll-Call Of Serving Women [n|1915] Norvel BLAIR {US}
(M: 1825 - ?) T Book For The People [n|1880] Life Of Norvel Blair, A Negro Citizen Of Morris, Grundy Co, Ill [a|1880] Prof, Charles Albert BLANCHARD {US}
(M: 1848 - 1925) President Blanchard's Autobiography... [a|1915] Emil Karl BLÜMML {AT}
(M: 1881 Oct 25 - 1925 Apr 26) Die Volksliedbewegung In Deutsch-Österreich [n|Ge-1910] Altwiener Bilder Und Gestalten (w Gustav GUGITZ) [n|Ge-1920] Von Leuten Und Zeiten Im Alten Wien (w Gustav GUGITZ) [n|Ge-1922] Aus Mozarts Freundes- Und Familienkreis [n|Ge-1923] John Edward Courtenay BODLEY {UK}
(M: 1853 Jun 6 - 1925 May 28) France [2v|n|1898] L'Anglomanie Et Les Traditions Françaises [n|Fr-1899] The Coronation Of Edward VII:...European And Imperial History... [n|1903/11] The Church In France [n|1906] Cardinal Manning, And Other Essays [e|1912] L'Age Mécanique Et Le Déclin De L'Idéalisme En France [n|Fr-1913] The Romance Of The Battle-Line In France [n|1920] William BOLLES
(M: ? - ?) An Explanatory And Phonographic Pronouncing Dictionary [n|1845] Comm, Giacomo BONI {IT}
(M: 1859 Apr 25 - 1925 Jul 10 (or 7 or 19)) Aedes Vestae [n|?] Fons Tuturnae [n|?] Prisco-Latin And Romulean Sepulcretum In The Roman Forum [n|?] Methods Of Archæological Excavations [n|?] Hibernica [n|?] Forum Ulpium [n|?] Trajanic Legends And Column Of Trajan [n|?] Dalle Origini [n|?] Bimbi Romulei [n|?] Porta Capena [n|?] Terra Mater [n|?] Mura Urbane [n|?] Flora Palatina [n|?] The Tower Of St Mark, Venice [n|?] Gustave (Amaury René) BOURCARD {FR}
(M: 1846 Oct 12 - 1925 (wrongly 1923) Jun 17) Les Estampes Du XVIII Siècle [n|Fr-1885] Les Françaises Du XVIII Siècle... (w De GRANGES De SURGÈRES) [n|Fr-1887] Dessins Gouaches Estampes Et Tableaux Du XVIII Siècle [n|Fr-1893] Felix Buhot: Catalogue Descriptif De Son O=Euvre Gravé [n|Fr-1899] A Travers Cinq Siècles De Gravures [n|Fr-1903] Graveurs Et Gravures: Essai De Bibliographie [n|Fr-1910] La Cotes Des Estampes [n|Fr-1912] Léon Victor Auguste BOURGEOIS {FR}
(M: 1851 May 29 - 1925 Sep 29) Solidarité [n|Fr-1894] Education De La Démocratie [n|Fr-1897] Philosophie De La Solidarité [n|Fr-1902] La Déclaration Des Droits [n|Fr-1903] Pour La Société Des Nations [n|Fr-1910] La Politique De La Prévoyance Sociale [n|Fr-1914] Le Pacte De 1919 Et La Société Des Nations [n|Fr-1920] Le Traité De Versailles [n|Fr-1920] Élémir BOURGES
(M: 1852 - 1925) g Le Crépuscule Des Dieux [Fr-?] John Milne BRAMWELL {UK}
(M: 1852 May 11 - 1925 Jan 16) On Imperative Ideas [n|?] James Braid, Surgeon And Hypnotist [b|?] On The Evolution Of Hypnotic Theory [n|?] Hypnotic Anæsthesia [n|?] Hypnotic And Post-Hypnotic Appreciation Of Time [n|?] Secondary And Multiplex Personalities [n|?] Suggestion, Its Place In Medicine And Scientific Research [n|?] Hypnotism In The Treatment Of Insanity And Allied Disorders [n|?] Dipsomania And Its Treatment - By Suggestion [n|?] Hypnotism, Its History, Practice, And Theory [n|1903] Hypnotism And Treatment By Suggestion [n|1909] Rev, Peter L BRANSTETTER {US}
(M: 1825 - ?) Life And Travels [a|1913] Mrs, BRERETON, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) Woman's Influence [f|1845] Antonio S BRICEÑO {VE}
(M: ? - 1925) Sophia BRIGGS
(F: ? - ?) The Gitana [f|1845] Adolphe BRISSON {FR}
(M: 1860 - 1925 Aug 28) Portraits Intimes [Fr-?] Florise Bonheur [Fr-?] L'Envers De La Gloire [Fr-?] Paris Intime [Fr-?] Coindu Parnasse [Fr-?] Le Théâtre Et Les Mo=eurs [Fr-?] Nos Humoristes [Fr-?] Pointes Sèches [Fr-?] La Comédie Littéraire [Fr-?] Les Prophêtes [Fr-?] Le Théâtre Contemporain [9v|Fr-?] Mourant BROCK
(M: ? - ?) Glorification [1845] Beatrice Marian BROMLEY, nee ? {ZA?}
(F: 1861 - 1925) Where The Aloe Grows, And Other Songs Of South Africa [p|1912] The Song Of Table Bay, And Other Verses [p|1924] Charles Allan La Touche BROUGH {UK}
(M: ? - 1925 May 5) Law Of Parliamentary Elections [n|?] The Monroe Doctrine [n|?] Anchylostomiasis [n|?] Joseph BROUGH {UK}
(M: 1852 Mar 16 - 1925 Dec 7) The Study Of Mental Science [n|1902] John James Graham BROWN {UK}
(M: 1853 - 1925 Feb 28) Medical Diagnosis (4e) [n|1897] Treatment Of Nervous Diseases [n|1905] Mary (nee)Norcott BRYAN {US}
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