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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Lucien AARON
(M: 1872 - 1929) Alsace-Lorraine, La Carte Au Liséré Vert (anon?) [Fr-?/?/?/1911] Charles Dietrich August Frederick ABBETMEYER
(M: 1867 - 1929) Prof, Herbert Vaughan ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1865 Jan 3 - 1929 Mar 24) Plymouth Hymnal, For The Church, The Social Meeting...Home [n|1893] English Composition (w Franklin T BAKER) [n|1908] Enoch George ADAMS
(M: 1829 - ?) Lt-Col, Agar (Stewart Allan Masterton) ADAMSON {CA}
(M: 1865 Dec 25 - 1929 Nov 21) Letters Of Agar Adamson, 1914 To 1919 (ed N M CHRISTIE) [a|1997] Sir, James Albert Manning AIKINS {CA}
(M: 1851 Dec 10 - 1929 Mar 1) (Ainslie) Douglas AINSLIE {UK}
(M: 1838 Jul 9 - 1929 Dec 15) London Pride [d|1870] Russia [n|1880] Reynard The Fox [1886] Glances Over Past And Present [1913] Adventures [1922] Auretta (nee)Roys ALDRICH {US}
(F: 1829 - after 1913) Kindergarten Hand Book [n|1877] Children, Their Models And Critics [n|?] Life And How To Live It [n|1900] Prof, William Menzies ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1858 May 12 - 1929 Aug 30) Demonic Possession In The New Testament [n|1902] Charles Edward ALLAN {UK}
(M: 1861 May 23 - 1929 Dec 17) Housing Of The Working Classes Acts (w F J ALLAN) [n|1898/1901/11/16] Law Of Compensation (w Balfour BROWNE) [n|?] Law Of Light Railways (w Cyril DODD) [n|?] Law Of Goodwill [n|?] Arthur Hadrian ALLCROFT {UK}
(M: 1865 - 1929 Dec 18) Arthur Samuel ALLEN
(M: 1907 - 1929) Vicente de ALMEIDA De EÇA
(M: 1852 - 1929) 21779 Luiz De Camões Marinheiro [Pt-1880] 24533 O Infante D Henrique E A Arte De Navegar Dos Portuguezes [n|Pt-1894] Lisandro ALVARADO {VE}
(M: 1858 Sep 19 - 1929 Apr 10) Henri/Henry AMIC {FR}
(M: 1853 - 1929 Feb 5) Un Bon Garçon [Fr-1921] Samuel Zenas AMMEN {US}
(M: 1843 Oct 22 - 1929 Jan 5) Ammen's Latin Grammar [n|1876] History Of Maryland Commands In The Confederate Service [n|1878-79] Scientific Description Of Lurey Cave [n|1879] Joseph Arthur d'AMOURS
(M: 1865 - 1929) Où Allons Nous? [Fr-?] James Wallace ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1848 Oct 20 - before 1930) Lectures On Medical Nursing [n|1883] The Essentials Of Physical Diagnosis Of The Chest And Abdomen [n|1889] The Power Of Nature In Disease [n|1899] Home Nursing And Hygiene (w George H EDINGTON) [n|1904] Four Chiefs Of The GRI [n|1916] Rev, Kerr Cranston ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1844 Jan 13 - before 1930) The Larger Faith: Some Aspects Of The New Theology [n|1903] The New Theology: An Appeal To Facts [n|1907] William Norman ANDREWS
(M: 1863 - 1929) Charles ANGERS {CA}
(M: 1854 - 1929 Mar 9) (also wrote as: Jean du SOL) Archdeacon, William James ARMITAGE {CA}
(M: 1860 Feb 6 - 1929 Sep 10) The Fruit Of The Spirit [n|?] The Cities Of Refuge [n|?] The Soldiers Of The King [n|?] The Church Year [n|?] The Story Of The Canadian Revision Of The Prayer Book [n|?] Short History Of Ridley College, Havergal College... [n|1927] Prof, William Rosenzweig ARNOLD {US}
(M: 1872 Nov 14 - 1929 Dec 11) Ancient-Babylonian Temple Records [n|1896] The Composition Of Nahum [n|1901] The Divine Name In Exodus iii 14 [n|1905] The Rhythms Of The Ancient Hebrews [n|1908] The Passover Papyrus From Elephantine [n|1912] Ephod And Ark [n|1917] Judge, Llewellyn Archer ATHERLEY-JONES {UK}
(M: 1851 - 1929 Jun 15) (also wrote as: Lionel LANGTON) The Miners' Manual: A Legal Hand-book For Employer And Employed [n|1882] The Miners' Handy Book To The Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1887 [n|1888] The Fall Of Lord Paddockslea (ps: Lionel LANGTON) [f|1901] The Miner's Guide To The...Acts (w H H L BELLOT) [n|1904/10] Commerce In War (w Hugh Hale Leigh BELLOT) [n|1907] The Law Of Children And Young Persons (w Hugh Hale Leigh BELLOT) [n|1909] The Miner's Guide To The Law... (w H H L BELLOT) [n|1914] Looking Back: Reminiscences Of A Political Career [a|1925] Frederick Anthony ATKINS {UK}
(M: 1864 Feb 22 - 1929 Feb 4) (also wrote as: QUO-USQUE) Moral Muscle: A Book For Young Men [n|1891] First Battles, And How To Fight Them [n|1893] Aspiration And Achievement [n|1895] Life Worth While [n|1911] The Durable Satisfactions Of Life [n|1925] Who Laughs Last? [1927] Have We Lost Our Way? (ps: QUO-USQUE) [n|1928] Rebecca (nee)Crittenden ATKINS {US}
(F: 1829 - ?) 'Truth Stranger Than Fiction' [a|1896] Surg-Capt, Edward Leicester ATKINSON {UK}
(M: 1882 Nov 23 - 1929 Feb 20) Last Year At Cape Evans, v2: Scott's Last Voyage [n|?] Official Narrative Of The Scott Expedition [n|?] Meredith ATKINSON {UK}
(M: 1883 Jan 2 or 3 - 1929 May 13) First Aid To Essay-Writing [n|1914] Trade Unionism In Australia (ed) [n|1916] The New Social Order [n|1919] Australia: Economic And Political Studies (ed) [n|1920] Olav AUKRUST {NO}
(M: 1883 Jan 21 - 1929 Nov 3) Himmelvarden [p|No-1916] Hamar I Hellom [p|No-1926] Solrenning [p|No-1930] Ernst BACH {DE}
(M: 1876 May 10 - 1929 Nov 1) Der Fürst Von Pappenheim (w Franz ARNOLD) [m|Ge-reg:1924] Roy Rutherford BAILEY {US?}
(M: 1876 Jul 7 - 1929 Aug 28) 29260 Sure Pop And The Safety Scouts [s|1915] Alpha Wright BALDWIN
(?: 1860 - 1929) Sir, Graham BALFOUR {UK}
(M: 1858 Dec 2 - 1929 Oct 26) Educational Systems Of Great Britain And Ireland [n|?] The Life Of Robert Louis Stevenson [b|1915] Educational Administration [n|1921] William Henry BARKER {UK}
(M: 1882 Aug 16 - 1929 Jun 19) West African Folk Tales (w Cecilia SINCLAIR) [n|1917] The Making Of Europe (w William REES) [n|1920] The British Isles [n|1922] Junior Regional Geographies (w Leonard BROOKS) [n|1923] Geography In Education And Citizenship [n|1927] The Apocalypse And History (w W H BOULTON) [n|1928] Bion Hall BARNETT {US}
(M: 1857 - 1929) Reminiscences Of Fifty Years In The Barnett Bank [a|c1927] Daniel Moreau BARRINGER {US}
(M: 1860 May 25 - 1929 Nov 20) Elwyn (Alfred) BARRON {UK}
(M: 1855 - 1929 Sep 28) Manders [?] In Old New York (w Wilson BARRETT) [1900] The Ruling Power [d|pro:1904] Marcel Levignet [1905] The Viking [d|?] Lady Ashley [d|?] Out Of The Storm [d|?] When Bess Was Queen [d|?] A Moral Crime [d|?] Romola [d|pro:?] Punchinello [d|pro:?] A Prince Of The People [d|?] King's Mate [d|?] Where Honour Lies [d|?] Rose (M) BARTON {UK}
(F: c1856 - 1929 Oct 10) Familiar London [n|1904] Giulio BAS, Sr
(M: 1874 - 1929) Trattato D'Armonia, pt 1 [1924] Katharine Lee BATES {US}
(F: 1859 Aug 12 - 1929 Mar 28) The College Beautiful And Other Poems [p|1887] English Religious Drama [n|1893] American Literature [n|1898] America The Beautiful And Other Poems [p|1911] Fairy Gold [p|1916] & The Retinue, And Other Poems [p|1918] A Yellow Clover: A Book Of Remembrance [1922] The Pilgrim Ship [1926] 7935 Ballad Book (ed) [?] Fr, Pierre Henri BATIFFOL {FR}
(M: 1861 Jan 27 - 1929 Jan 13) L'Histoire Du Bréviaire Romain [n|Fr-1892/1911] L'Abbaye De Rossano [n|Fr-1892] Tractatus Origenis De Libris Scripturarum [n|La-1900] Etudes D'Histoire Et De Théologie Positive [n|Fr-1902/05] L'Eglise Naissante Et Le Catholicisme [n|Fr-1909] La Paix Constantinienne [n|Fr-1914] Leçons Sur La Messe [n|Fr-1918] Le Catholicisme Du Saint Augustin [n|Fr-1920] Le Siége Apostolique [n|Fr-1924] The Oldest Text Of The Gospels (w Camille PITOLLET) [n|1924] Saint Grégoire [b|Fr-1925] Catholicisme Et Papauté [n|Fr-1926] Cathedra Petri: Études D'Histoire Ancienne De L'Église [n|Fr-1938] Herbert Bemerton BATTLE {US}
(M: 1862 May 29 - 1929) Chemical Conversion Tables... (w ?) [1909] The Battle Book (w H B BATTLE & Lois YELVERTON) [b|1930] E BAYARD
(?: 1829 - ?) Barbara (Jane/Janet Ainsleigh) BAYNTON, nee LAWRENCE, 1:Mrs FRATER, 3:Mrs ALLANSON-WINN, Baroness HEADLEY {AU}
(F: 1857 Jun 4 - 1929 May 28) #Z Bush Studies [s|1902] # Human Toll [f|1907] Cobbers [s|1917] Ardern George Hulme BEAMAN / HULME-BEAMAN {UK}
(M: 1857 - 1929 Jul 23) M Stambuloff [b|1895] Twenty Years In The Near East [n|1898] Pons Asinorum; Or, Bridge For Beginners [n|1899] English And Continental Bridge [n|1902] William Worby BEAUMONT {UK}
(M: 1848 - 1929 Apr 14) A Practical Treatise On The Steam Engine Indicator (w AMICE) [n|1888] Practical Electrical Engineering [n|1894] Cantor Lectures [e|1895] Motor Vehicles And Motors [n|1900/02] Industrial Electric Vehicles And Trucks [n|1920] Origin Of Rail Corrugation [n|?] Modern Development Of Paper Mill Plant [n|?] Modern Motor Car Design [n|?] Charles Minnegrode BECKWITH {US}
(M: 1851 Jun 3 - 1929) The Trinity Course Of Church Instruction [n|1901] The Teacher's Companion To The Trinity Course [n|1902] Rightly Instructed In God's Holy Word [n|1905] The Church School In The Book Of Common Prayer [n|1928] Mirza Qalic BEG
(M: 1853 - 1929) (Edward) Harold BEGBIE {UK}
(M: 1871 - 1929 Oct 8) (also wrote as: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster; A SURVIVOR) The Political Struwwelpeter [1899] The Handy Man [1900] 17300 The Story Of Baden-Powell: 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps' [b|1900] The Fall Of The Curtain [1901] The Curious And Diverting Adventures Of Sir John Sparrow, Bart [f|1902] Bundy In The Greenwood [1902] Bundy On The Sea [1903] Master Workers [1905] The Priest [f|1906] Tables Of Stone [f|1908] Racket And Rest [f|1908] The Vigil [f|1908] Broken Earthenware [f|1909] The Cage [f|1909] The Gateway [1909] The Challenge [f|1911] In The Hand Of The Potter [1911] Other Sheep [1911] The Ordinary Man And The Extraordinary Thing [1912] The Lady Next Door [1912] The Distant Lamp [f|1912] Religion And The Crisis [1913] Rising Dawn [1913] The Proof Of God [1914] 13457 The Bed-Book Of Happiness [1914] Millstone [1915] Fighting Lines [1915] Workshops Of Destruction [1915] The Queen's Net [1915] On The Side Of The Angels [f|1915] & Kitchener, Organizer Of Victory [b|1915] Mrs O'H [1916] You [1916] The Vindication Of Great Britain [1916] Tributaries [1916] The Proud Citizen [1917] The Little That Is Good [1917] Albert, Fourth Earl Grey [1918] Mr Sterling Sticks It Out [1919] An English Family: The Memoirs Of Hugh Frothingham Of Longworthy [f|1918] The Life Of William Booth, Founder Of The Salvation Army [2v|b|1920] The Latest Thing [1920] 15306 The Mirrors Of Downing Street (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [f|1920] The Ways Of Laughter [1921] The Glass Of Fashion (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [1921] Shackleton: A Memory [b|1922] 14996 Painted Windows (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [n|1922] Life Changers [1923] The Conservative Mind (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [n|1924] J H Taylor [1925] Declension (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [e|1925] The Great World (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [1925] Broken Lights [1926] The Other Door (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [f|1926] Punishment And Personality [n|1927] Julius Levine (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [f|1927] Pomps And Vanities (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [1927] The Howling Mob (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [1927] Black Rent [f|1928] + The Laslett Affair (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [1928] Plain Sailing (ps: A GENTLEMAN with a Duster) [f|1929] The Case Of Dora Manstey [?] Life Without Servants (ps: A SURVIVOR) [?/1930] Julius BELOCH
(M: 1854 - 1929) Campanien [n|Ge-1890] Sir, James BELL, 1st Baronet BELL of Marlborough Terrace {UK}
(M: 1850 Jan 16 - 1929 Dec 13) Glasgow: Its Municipal Organization... (w James PATON) [n|1896] James Pinkney Pleasant BELL {US}
(M: 1829 - ?) Our Quaker Friends Of Ye Olden Time (anon) [n|1905] Lilian (Lida) BELL, Mrs BOGUE {US}
(F: 1867 - 1929 Jul 18) 22047 The Love Affairs Of An Old Maid [1893] A Little Sister To The Wilderness [1895] The Under Side Of Things [1896] 11608 From A Girl's Point Of View [f|1897] 12416 As Seen By Me [f|1898] The Expatriates [1900] Sir John And The American Girl [1901] 12184 Abroad With The Jimmies [f|1902] Hope Loring [1903] The Interference Of Patricia [1904] 18895 At Home With The Jardines [f|1902] Why Men Remain Bachelors And Other Luxuries [1906] Carolina Lee [1907] The Concentrations Of Bee [1908] Angela's Quest [1909] The Runaway Equator [1911] The Story Of The Christmas Ship [1915] About Miss Mattie Morningglory [1916] The Land Of Dont-Want-To [1916] Robert Augustus BENNETT {UK}
(M: 1855 May 18 - 1929 Aug 26) (wrote as: Samuel PEPYS, Junior (1)) Mrs Theodore, (Mabel Virginia Anna) BENT, nee HALL-DARE {UK}
(F: c1846 - 1929 Jul 3) 21569 Southern Arabia, Soudan And Sakotra (w Theodore BENT) [n|1900] A Patience Pocket Book [n|1904] Anglo-Saxons From Palestine [n|1908] Emile BERLINER {US}
(M: 1851 May 20 - 1929 Aug) Conclusions [1899] Muddy Jim And Other Rhymes [p|1920] A Bas Les Maladies [1921] Arthur BERRY {UK}
(M: 1862 - 1929 Aug 15) A Short History Of Astronomy [n|1898] Walter Ambrose BETTESWORTH {UK}
(M: 1856 Nov 24 - 1929 Feb 23) William BEVAN-LEWIS {UK}
(M: 1847 May 21 - 1929 Oct 14) The Human Brain [n|1882] A Text-book Of Mental Diseases [n|1889/1899] Annette Susannah BEVERIDGE, nee AKROYD {UK}
(F: 1842 - 1929 Mar 29) Prof, Alexander William BICKERTON {UK}
(M: 1842 Jan 7 - 1929 Jan 22) Materials For Lessons In Elementary Science [n|1883] A New Story Of The Stars [n|1894] The Romance Of The Earth [n|1900] The Romance Of The Heavens [n|1901] The Birth Of Worlds And Systems [n|1911] Atoms, Suns, And Systems [n|?] Perils Of A Pioneer [n|?] A Natural System Of Map Drawing [n|?] Rev, Reginald (Fitz Hugh) BIGG-WITHER {UK}
(M: 1842 Jan 9 - 1929 Nov 7) History Of The Foundation...St Thomas' Home, Basingstoke [n|1887] Materials For A History Of The Wither Family [b|1907] Conversion Of The Slavs [n|1915] A Short History Of The Church Of Russia [n|1920] BILLAUDELLE
(?: ? - ?) Remarques Et Observations Sur Le Choléra-Morbus Aqueux [n|Fr-1849] George BIRTWISTLE {UK}
(M: 1877 Apr 13 - 1929 May 21) The Principles Of Thermodynamics [n|1925] The Quantum Theory Of The Atom [n|1926] The New Quantum Mechanics [n|1928] Elizabeth BISLAND, Mrs WETMORE {US?}
(F: 1861 - 1929) In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around The World [n|1891] The Secret Life: Being The Book Of A Heretic (anon) [1906] * The Life And Letters Of Lafcadio Hearn [b|1906] Douglas BLACKBURN {UK}
(M: 1857 Aug 6 - 1929 Mar 28) (also wrote as: Sarel ERASMUS) Prinsloo Of Prinsloosdorp [f|1899] A Burgher Quixote [f|1902] Richard Hartley, Prospector [f|1905] I Came And Saw [f|1908] Leaven: A Black And White Story [f|1908] 25532 The Detection Of Forgery (w Waithman CADDELL) [n|1909] Love Muti [f|1915] Secret Service In South Africa (w Waithman CADDELL) [n|?] Humphrey Purnell BLACKMORE {UK}
(M: 1835 (wrongly 1822) May 13 - 1929 Feb 2) Thomas Holmes BLAKESLEY {UK}
(M: 1847 - 1929 Feb 13) Alternating Currents Of Electricity [n|1899] Geometrical Optics [n|1903] (Pierre François Joseph Benoit) Rosalvo BOBO {HT}
(M: 1873 Jan 29 - 1929 Nov 29 or 30) (Arnold) Wilhelm von BODE {DE}
(M: 1845 Dec 10 - 1929 Mar 1) Vorderasiatische Knüpfteppiche Aus Älterer Zeit [n|Ge-1901/14/22] Antique Rugs From The Near East [n|Ge-1922] (tr R M RIEFSTAHL) (n) [1922] Studien Zur Geschichte Der Hollandischen Malerei [n|Ge-1883] Geschichte Der Deutschen Plastik [n|Ge-1887] Rembrandt (w C HOFSTEDE De GROOT) [8v|n|Ge-1897-1905] Der Cicerone:...Kunstwerke Italiens Von Jacob Burckhardt [n|Ge-1900-01] Kunst Und Kunstgewerbe Am Ende Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts [n|Ge-1901] Florentiner Bildhauer Der Renaissance [n|Ge-1902] 18733 Die Italienische Plastik [n|Ge-1911] Die Meister Der Holländischen Und Vlämischen Malerschulen [n|Ge-1917] Florentiner Bildhauer Der Renaissance [n|Ge-1921] Florentine Sculptors Of The Renaissance [n|Ge-1921] (tr J HAYNES) [1928] Sandro Botticelli [n|Ge-1921] Sandro Botticelli [n|Ge-1921] (tr F RENFIELD & F L RUDSTON BROWN) [1925] Die Italienischen Bronzestatuetten Der Renaissance [n|Ge-1922] Mein Leben [2v|n|Ge-1930] Archdeacon, Eric James BODINGTON {UK}
(M: 1862 Dec 17 - 1929 Oct 25) The Apostles' Creed [n|?] God With Us [n|1923] Gerrit Rinse Voormeulen van BOEKEREN
(M: ? - ?) Reizen En Ontdekkingstogten Van Abel Jansz Tasman [n|Du-1849] Richard Constant BOER {NL}
(M: 1863 Jan 31 - 1929 Aug 20) De Studie Van Het Oudnoorsch [n|Du-1894] Grettis Saga Ásmundarsonar (ed) [Ge-1900] Untersuchungen Über Den Ursprung...Nibelungensage [3v|n|Ge-1906-09] Die Sagen Von Ermanarich Und Dietrich Von Bern [n|Ge-1910] Die Altenglische Heldendichtung [n|Ge-1912] Studiën Over De Metriek Van Het Alliteratievers [n|Du-1916] Oudnoorsch Handboek [n|Du-1920] 13591 Noorwegens Letterkunde In De Negentiende Eeuw [n|Du-1922] Oergermaansch Handboek [n|Du-1924] Korte Deensche Spraakkunst [n|Du-1930] Boris D BOGEN {US}
(M: 1869 - 1929) Born A Jew [a|1930] 'Gen', (William) Bramwell BOOTH {UK}
(M: 1856 Mar 8 - 1929 Jun 19) Books That Bless [n|?] Servants Of All [n|?] Social Reparation; Or,...Work For Darkest England [n|1899] On The Banks Of The River [n|c1900] Bible Battle-Axes [n|?/1901] 8191 Our Master: Thoughts For Salvationists About Their Lord [n|1908] Papers On Life And Religion [e|1920] Extracts From General Booth's Journal, 1921-22 [a|1925] Echoes And Memories [a|1925] These Fifty Years [a|1929] 'Commissioner', Frederick St George de Lautour BOOTH TUCKER {UK}
(M: 1853 Mar 21 - 1929 Jul 17) The Life Of Colonel Weeresooriye [b|1888] 11468 Darkest India [n|1891] The Life Of Catherine Booth, The Mother Of The Salvation Army [2v|b|1893] The Short Life Catherine Booth [b|1893] The Consul: A Sketch Of Emma (Moss) Booth-Tucker [b|1904] Colonel Weerasooriya [b|1905] Jesus At His Home In Nazareth [p|1923] Muktifauj; Or, Forty Years With The Salvation Army In India... [n|1923] Freeman Of Shanghai [n|1928] Maurice BOUCHOR {FR}
(M: 1855 Nov 18 - 1929 Jan 18) Le Poème De La Vie Humaine [p|Fr-1902] Poèmes Historiques Et Légendaires [p|Fr-1914] Pendant La Guerre, Poèmes, 1914-1919 [p|Fr-1920] 17363 Israël En Égypte: Étude Sur Un Oratorio De G F Hændel [n|Fr-?] Preb, William St Hill BOURNE {UK}
(M: 1846 Aug 24 - 1929 Mar 22) The Sower Went Forth Sowing [n|?] Christ, Who Once Among Us, And Many Other Hymns [n|?] Studies Of The Spiritual Life [n|?] The King Of Sorrow [n|?] Joseph BOUSSINESQ
(M: 1842 - 1929) Sir, Anthony Alfred BOWLBY, 1st Baronet BOWLBY of Manchester Square {UK}
(M: 1855 May 10 - 1929 Apr 7) Frederick Gaspard BRABANT {UK}
(M: 1855 - 1929 Mar 13) History Of Durham [n|1888] Elements Of Plane And Solid Mensuration [n|1888/89] Sussex [n|1900/?/10/13/?/20/1924/1928] The English Lakes [n|1902/20/1927] Oxfordshire [n|1906/14/19/1924/1933] Rambles In Sussex [n|1888?/1909/22] Berkshire [n|1911/19/?/1934] Snowdonia [n|1920] Sussex (9e w Ronald F JESSUP) [n|1938/1949] The English Lakes (4e w B L THOMPSON) [n|1952] Reginald BRABAZON, 12th Earl of MEATH {UK}
(M: 1841 Jul 31 - 1929 Oct 11) The Soldier's Pocket Companion (ed) [n|1915] Paul BRANDT
(M: 1875 - 1929) (wrote as: Hans LICHT) Sittengeschichte Greichenlands [n|Ge-?] Sexual Life In Ancient Greece [n|Ge-?] (tr J H FREESE) [1931] Bp, Charles Henry BRENT {CA}
(M: 1862 Apr 9 - 1929 Mar 27) With God In The World [n|?] The Consolations Of The Cross [n|?] The Splendour Of The Human Body [n|?] Liberty And Other Sermons [e|?] Adventure For God [n|?] The Mind Of Christ Jesus In The Church Of The Living God [n|?] Leadership [n|?] With God In Prayer [n|?] The Sixth Sense [n|?] Presence [n|?] The Revelation Of Discovery [n|?] Prisoners Of Hope, And Other Sermons [e|1915] A Master Builder:...Life And Letters Of Henry Yates Satterlee [b|?] Adolfo BRICEÑO PICON {VE}
(M: 1846 Sep 18 - 1929 Jun 11) Joseph Cox BRIDGE {UK}
(M: 1853 - 1929 Mar 29) Horns [n|?] Chester Madrigalists [n|?] Recorders [n|?] Cheshire Soldiers Of Fortune [n|?] Ludlow And The Masque Of Comus [n|?] Chester Miracle Plays [n|?] Cheshire Proverbs And Sayings [n|?] Rev, William Edward BROMILOW {AU}
(M: 1857 Jan 15 - 1929 Jun 24) Twenty Years Amongst Primitive Papuans [a|1929] Prof, Thomas John I'Anson BROMWICH {UK}
(M: c1875 - 1929 Aug 24) Introduction To The Theory Of Infinite Series [n|?] Table Of Elementary Integrals [n|?] Quadratic Forms And Their Classification...Invariant Factors [n|?] Samuel Edward BROWN {UK}
(M: 1868 Aug 20 - 1929 Jun 16) Note-book Of Practical Chemistry [n|?] Experimental Science [5v|n|1913] Science For Beginners [n|?] The Requirements Of Modern Education [n|?] The School World [n|?] Sterling Nelson BROWN {US}
(M: 1858 - 1929) T My Own Life Story [a|1924] Will(=William) Herbert BROWN {US}
(M: 1864 - 1929) Call Of Service [n|1913] Illustrative Incidents For Public Speakers [n|1915] Wit And Humor For Public Speakers [n|1917] The Sex Life Of Boys And Young Men [n|1917] Poems Of Pep And Point For Public Speakers [p|1918] Patriotic Illustrations For Public Speakers [n|1919] Tobacco Under The Searchlight [n|1925] Activities For Active Bible Classes [n|1926] William BROWN {US}
(M: ? - ?) America - A Four Year's Residence... [a|1849] John Mitchell BRUCE {UK}
(M: 1846 - 1929 Jul 7) Materia Medica And Therapeutics [n|?] Principles Of Treatment [n|?] Arabella (nee?)Burton BUCKLEY, 2:Mrs FISHER {CA?}
(F: 1840 - 1929) 5726,k The Fairy-Land Of Science [n|1879] Life And Her Children... [n|1880] Winners In Life's Race [n|1882] I High School History Of England (w W J ROBERTSON) [n|1891] L M BUDGEN
(?: ? - ?) (wrote as: Acheta DOMESTICA) Episodes Of Insect Life [n|1849-51] Thomas BULL
(M: ? - ?) 10383 The Maternal Management Of Children, In Health And Disease [n|1849] Fürst, Bernhard (Heinrich Martin Karl) von BÜLOW {DE}
(M: 1849 May 3 - 1929 Oct 28) Fürst Bülows Reden Nebst Urkundlichen Beiträgen...Politik [n|Ge-1907] Memoirs [a|1931] Sir, Alan Hughes BURGOYNE {UK}
(M: 1880 Sep 30 - 1929 Apr 26) A Short History Of Submarine Navigation [n|1902] Submarine Navigation, Past And Present [2v|n|1903] Trafalgar Refought (w W LAIRD-CLOWES) [n|1905] The War Inevitable [n|1908] Lusts Of Hate [1912] What Of The Navy? [n|1913] As The Spirit Moved Me [p|1918] Bp, Winfrid Oldfield BURROWS {UK}
(M: 1858 Nov 9 - 1929 Feb 13) The Mystery Of The Cross [n|1896] John Dearden BUSH / DEARDEN-BUSH {UK}
(M: c1842 - 1929 Mar 9) Five Years On A Training Ship (w E T MILLER) [1913] Sir, Geoffrey BUTLER {UK}
(M: 1887 Aug 15 - 1929 May 2) The Edmondes Papers [n|1914] The Tory Tradition [n|1914] Handbook To The League Of Nations [n|1919/1925/1928] Studies In Statecraft [n|1920] Historical Manuscripts In The Library Of Corpus, Cambridge [n|1920] The Development Of International Law (w S MACCOBY) [n|1928] (Anders) Leonard BYGDEN {SE?}
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