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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Teodor AARON
(M: ? - ?) Anotari Din Istoria Eclesiastica, Despre Urzarea, Si Latarea [?-1850] Jean Baptiste ABADIE
(M: ? - ?) Des Divers Traitements De L'Affection Typhoïde... [n|Fr-1850] Essai Sur Quelques Accidents De La Première Dentition [n|Fr-1885] Charles Kittredge ABBE
(M: 1903 - 1930) Rev, Charles William ABEL {UK}
(M: 1862 (wrongly 1863) Sep 25 - 1930 Apr 10) Kwato, New Guinea, 1890-1900 [n|1900] Savage Life In New Guinea [n|1901] The Aim...An Industrial Branch To The New Guinea Mission [n|1903] The Kwato Association [n|1917] The Incorporated Kwato Extension Association [n|1920] Up From Savagery [n|?] Arthur ACHESON {UK}
(M: 1864 - 1930) 24500 Shakespeare's Lost Years In London, 1586-1592 [n|1920] George (Jefferys) ADAM {UK}
(M: 1883 Sep 6 - 1930 Mar 22) Behind The Scenes At The Front [n|1915] Paris Sees It Through: A Diary, 1914-1919 (w Helen Pearl ADAM) [n|1919] History Of France [n|1921] A Book About Paris (w Pearl ADAM) [n|1928] Treason And Tragedy [n|?] The Tiger, Georges Clemenceau [b|1930] Charles ADAMS
(M: ? - ?) Essay On Christian Union [n|1850] Prof, Ephraim Douglass ADAMS {US}
(M: 1865 Dec 18 - 1930 Sep 1) The Influence Of Grenville On Pitt's Foreign Policy [n|?] The Power Of Ideals In American History [n|?] British Interests And Activities In Texas [n|?] 13789 Great Britain And The American Civil War [n|1925] Jacob ADAMS {US}
(M: 1842 Mar 30 - 1930 May 29) Diary Of Jacob Adams (ed H M POVENMIRE) [a|1930] Lt-Col, Charles Henry Ellison ADAMSON {UK}
(M: 1846 Sep 16 - 1930 Jun 25) A Short Account Of...Jade Mines In Upper Burmah In 1887-1888 [n|1889] Arthur St John ADCOCK {UK}
(M: 1864 Jan 17 - 1930 Jun 9) (also wrote as: A St J A) An Unfinished Martyrdom, And Other Stories [s|1894] Beyond Atonement: A Story Of London Life [f|1896] East End Idylls [1897] The Consecration Of Hetty Fleet [f|1898] In The Image Of God [1898] In The Wake Of The War [s|1900] The Luck Of Private Foster [f|1900] Songs Of The War [1900] From A London Garden [p|1903] More Than Money [1903] In Fear Of Man [f|1904] London Etchings [1904] Admissions And Asides [1905] Love In London [f|1906] London From The Top Of A 'Bus [1906] The Shadow Show [f|1907] The World That Never Was [f|1908] Billicks [f|1909] A Man With A Past [f|1911] Two To Nowhere [f|1911] Famous Houses And Literary Shrines Of London [n|1912] Modern Grub Street And Other Essays [e|1913] The Book Lovers London [n|1913] In The Firing Line [f|1914] Seeing It Through [1915] Australasia Triumphant [n|1916] Songs Of The World War [1916] The Anzac Pilgrim's Progress [?] For Remembrance: Poets Who Have Fallen In The War [1918/19] Tod MacMammon Sees His Soul [f|1920] Exit Homo [p|1921] The Divine Tragedy [p|1922] Hyde Park [?] Gods Of Modern Grub Street [b|1923] With The Gilt Off [s|1923] The Bookman Treasury Of Living Poets [1925] City Songs [1926] The Glory That Was Grub Street [n|1928] Collected Poems [p|1929] London Memories [1931] Joshua Melancthon ADDEMAN {US}
(M: 1840 - 1930) 26747 Reminiscences Of Two Years With The Colored Troops [n|1880] Sir, John ADYE {UK}
(M: 1857 Nov 18 - 1930 Oct 26) Soldiers And Others I Have Known [n|1925] At The Home Of The Priest [f|1925] The Golden Scarab [f|1926] A Flash Of Lightning [1927] Napoleon Of The Snows [n|1931] Prof, Faxon Franklin Duane ALBERRY {US}
(M: 1848 Dec 3 - 1930 Jan 18) Michael Ryan, Capitalist [1913] Isabella (nee)MacDonald ALDEN {US}
(F: 1841 Nov 3 - 1930 Aug 5) (also wrote as: PANSY) Helen Lester [1865] Bernie's White Chicken [1867] 9648 Tip Lewis And His Lamp (ps: PANSY) [1867] 13234 Ester Ried: Asleep And Awake (ps: PANSY) [1870] Docia's Journal; Or, God Is Love [1871] 20808 Three People [1871] Julia Ried: Listening And Led [1872] The King's Daughter [1873] Wise And Otherwise [1873] Household Puzzles [1874] Modern Prophets And Other Sketches (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [1874] A Christmas Time [1875] Cunning Workmen [1875] Grandpa's Darlings [1875] Dr Dean's Way (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [1876] 12662 Four Girls At Chautauqua (ps: PANSY) [1876] Little Minnie, And Other Stories [s|1876] Pansy's Picture Book [1876] Pansy's Picture Library [1876] Pictures From Bobby's Life, And Other Stories [s|1876] The Randolphs [1876] 26742 The Chautauqua Girls At Home (aka: Obeying The Call) (ps: PANSY) [f|1877] Getting Ahead [1877] The Lesson In Story [2v|1877] Little People In Picture And Story [1877] Two Boys [1877] From Different Standpoints (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [1878] Little Fishes, And Their Nets [1878] Little Hands [1878] Our Darlings [1878] Links In Rebecca's Life [f|1878] Pretty Soon [1878] Red Ribbon [1878] Sidney Martin's Christmas [f|1878] Six Little Girls [1878] 20436 Sunshine Factory (ps: PANSY) [f|1878] Little By Little [1879] Miss Pricilla Hunter, And My Daughter [1879] My Daughter Susan [1879] Ruth Erskine's Crosses [f|1879] 17785 Divers Women (w Mrs C M LIVINGSTON) [1880] A New Graft On The Family Tree [f|1880] Next Things And Dorrie's Day [f|1880] People Who Haven't Time [1880] That Boy Bob (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [1880] What She Said, And What She Meant [f|1880] The Hall In The Grove [f|1881] Mrs Harry Harper's Awakening [f|1881] The Pocket Measure [f|1881] Perry Harrison's Mistake (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [f|1881] Five Friends [1882] Mary Burton Abroad And Other Stories (w others) [s|1882] Mrs Solomon Smith Looking On [f|1882] Some Young Heroines [1882] 9091 Ester Ried Yet Speaking [f|1883] The Man Of The House [1883] Pansy's Home Story Book [1883] Side By Side [1883] Christie's Christmas [f|1884] An Endless Chain [f|1884] A Hedge Fence [f|1884] An Hour With Miss Streator [1884] Interrupted [1884] New Year's Tangles And Other Stories [s|1884] Pansy's Stories Of Child Life [s|1884-1889] Gertrude's Diary [1885] In The Woods And Out, And Other Stories [s|1885] One Commonplace Day [1886] The Browning Boys [1886] Spun From Fact [1886] Stories And Pictures From The Life Of Jesus [s|1886] Eighty-Seven [1887] A Golden Thought, And Other Stories [s|1887] At Home Stories [1887] Mother's Boys And Girls [1887] Six O'Clock In The Evening [1887] Sunday Chat [1887] A Dozen Of Them [1888] Judge Burnham's Daughters [1888] Monteagle [1888] Pansies For Thoughts (ed Mrs C M LIVINGSTON) [1888] Profiles (w Mrs C M LIVINGSTON) [1888] Chrissy's Endeavor [f|1889] A Sevenfold Troubl fe [1889] We Twelve Girls [f|1889] Young Folks Worth Knowing [1889] Aunt Hannah And Martha And John (w Mrs C M LIVINGSTON) [1890] The Prince Of Peace [1890] An April Walk And Other Stories From The Pansy [s|1890] Helen The Historian [1891] Her Associate Members [1891] Miss Dee Dunmore Bryant [1891] Glimpses Of Girlhood [1892] John Remington Martyr [1892] Pansy's Stories Of American History [1893] Stephen Mitchell's Journey [f|1893] Twenty Minutes Late [1893] Worth Having [1893] Stories And Pictures From The New Testament [1893] Only Ten Cents [1894] Wanted [1894] Pansy's Boys And Girls Picture Book (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [1895] What They Couldn't: A Home Story [f|1895] Making Fate [f|1896] Their Vacation And Other Stories Of Striving And Doing [s|1896] The Older Brother [f|1897] Overruled [f|1897] Sunday Book [1897] Agatha's Unknown Way [f|1898] As In A Mirror [f|1898] Reuben's Hindrances [f|1898] Yesterday, Framed In Today [1898] By The Way Of The Wilderness (w Mrs C M LIVINGSTON) [1899] A Modern Sacrifice...Kissie Gordon's Experiment [1899] Three Times Three: A Story For Young People (w Faye HUNTINGTON) [f|1899] Her Mother's Bible [1900] Missent; Or, The Story Of A Letter [f|1900] Pauline [f|1900] Mag And Margaret: A Story For Girls [f|1901] Unto The End [f|1902] Mara [f|1903] Doris Ferrand's Vacation [f|1904] David Ransom's Watch [f|1905] Ester Ried's Namesake [f|1906] Ruth Erskine's Son [f|1907] The Browns At Mt Heron [f|1908] Lost On The Trail [f|1911] The Long Way Home [f|1912] Four Mothers At Chautauqua [f|1913] Tony Keating's Surprises [f|1914] The Fortunate Calamity [f|1927] An Interrupted Night [f|1929] Memories Of Yesterdays (ed Grace Livingston HILL) [a|1931] Santeri ALKIO {FI}
(M: 1862 Jun 17 - 1930 Jul 24) Teerelän Perhe [Fi-1887] 13991 Puukkojunkkarit: Kuvauksia Nyrkkivallan Ajalta [Fi-1894] 14292 Murtavia Voimia [Fi-1896] 14349 Jaakko Jaakonpoika [Fi-1913] Uusi Aika [Fi-1914] Patriarkka [Fi-1916] Ihminen Ja Kansalainen [Fi-1919] Yhteiskunnallista Ja Valtiollista [Fi-1919] Maalaispolitiikkaa I - II [Fi-1919-21] Kootut Teokset I - XIII [Fi-1919-1928] Valitut Teokset [Fi-1953] Sir, William Lamond ALLARDYCE {UK}
(M: 1861 Nov 14 - 1930 Jun 9) Ai Vola Ni Lawa I Taukei Ka Vakatekivu...1877...1893... (ed) [n|?-1894] Ai Vola Ni Lawa I Taukei...1893...1900 (ed) [n|?-1902] The Story Of The Falkland Islands...Their Discovery [n|1909] Canon, John ALLDIS {AU}
(M: 1849 Apr 14 - 1930) Doctrine Of Baptism [n|1890] Unity In The Church [n|?] Why Believe In The Anglican Church? [n|1904] Jubilee Recalls [n|1920] Church And Communism [n|1923] Can Australia Be Saved? [n|1928] Are Stories Of The Bible True? [n|1929] What We Should Believe [n|1929] Maj-Gen, Henry Tureman ALLEN {US}
(M: 1859 Apr 13 - 1930 Aug 30) Reconnaissance Of Copper Tanana And Koyukuk Rivers [n|1886] Military System Of Sweden [n|1895] My Rhineland Journal [n|1924] George Underwood ALLEY {AU}
(M: ? - ?) Original Songs [p|1850] Henry ALLIZÉ
(M: 1860 - 1930) Prof, Elisabeth ALTMANN-GOTTHEINER {DE}
(F: 1874 Mar 26 - 1930 Mar 23 or 30) Die Berufsaussichten Der Deutschen Akademikerinnen [n|Ge-1921] Karl von AMIRA
(M: 1848 - 1930) Georges Élie AMYOT
(M: 1856 - 1930) Bp, Charles Palmerston ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1865 Sep 8 - 1930 Jan) Religion Of Our Lord [n|1923] Religion And Morality [n|1924] The Kingdom Of God [n|1926] Sir, (Warren) Hastings ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1872 Jan 9 - 1930 Dec 10) The History Of The 22nd Cheshire Regiment, 1689-1849 [n|1920] Outline Of The Development Of The British Army [n|1920] General, The Lord Horne Of Stirkoke (w Herbert UNIACKE) [n|?] Prof, John Wemyss ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1868 - 1930 Apr 27) Refrigeration: An Elementary Text-book [n|1908] Marian ANDERSON
(F: 1896 - 1930) A Piper Plays [1974] Joseph ANGLADE
(M: 1868 - 1930) 9053 Poesies Du Troubadour Peire Raimon De Toulouse [Fr-?] * Les Troubadours [Fr-?] John Howard APPLETON {US}
(M: 1844 Feb 3 - 1930 Feb 18) The Young Chemist [n|1878] Qualitative Analysis [n|1878] Quantitative Analysis [n|1881] Chemistry Of Non-Metals [n|1884] Lydia Ann APPLETON
(F: ? - ?) Miscellaneous Poems, Moral And Religious [p|1850] Frances (Charlotte) ARMSTRONG {UK}
(F: 1838 - 1930 Oct 13) Pirates Of The Foam [f|1863] Queen Of The Seas [f|1864] Naval Lieutenant [f|1865] Wild Gazelle, And Other Tales [s|1868] Her Own Way; Or, Kitty's Promise [f|1889] Changed Lots [f|1891] Old Caleb's Will; Or, The Fortunes Of The Cardew Family [f|1893] A Fair Claimant: Being A Story For Girls [f|1894] A Girl's Loyalty [f|1896] Mrs William H, (Sarah Matilda) ARMSTRONG, nee GRAYSON
(F: 1830 - ?) Prof, John Oliver ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1858 - 1930 Mar 27) Steel Works Analysis [n|1895/?] Steel Works Analysis (3e w Fred IBBOTSON) [n|1907/19] Sir, Thomas Walker ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1864 Apr 19 - 1930 Jun 9) The Preaching Of Islam [n|1896/1913] The Little Flowers Of St Francis Of Assisi [n|1898] Al Mutazilah [n|1902] Islam In India [n|?] The Encyclopaedia Of Islam (jt ed) [5v|n|1908] The Court Painters Of The Grand Moguls (w Laurence BINYON) [n|1921] The Caliphate [n|1924] Survivals Of Sasanian And Manichæan Art In Persian Painting [n|1924] Painting In Islam [n|1928] The Islamic Faith [n|1928] The Old And New Testaments In Muslim Religious Art [n|1928] Bihzad [n|1929] The Islamic Book (w A GROHMANN) [n|1929] The Legacy Of Islam (jt ed) [n|1931] ASMODEUS (ps)
(?: ? - ?) The Jenny Lind Mania In Boston; Or, A Sequel To Barnum's Parnassus [f|1850] Rev, Hugh John Dukinfield ASTLEY {UK}
(M: 1856 Sep 29 - 1930 Mar 2) The Resurrection And Modern Thought [n|1889] Anglo-Catholic Teaching On The Holy Eucharist [n|1899] Northborough Church And Manor House [n|1899] Two Norfolk Villages [n|1901] Religious And Magical Ideas [n|1901] History Of Lindisfarne [n|1902] Tree And Pillar Worship [n|1903] Portuguese Parallels To The Clydeside Discoveries [n|1904] Roche Abbey, Yorks: Its History And Architectural Remains [n|1904] Scandinavian Motifs In Anglo-Saxon And Norman Ornamentation [n|1905] The Saxon Church At Bradford-On-Avon [n|1905] The Higher Critics And Holy Writ [n|1905] Norman Fonts In North-west Norfolk [n|1906] Bury St Edmunds: Notes And Impressions [n|1907] Memorials Of Old Norfolk (ed) [n|1908] A Short Historical Guide To The Ancient Village Of Castleacre [n|1908/13/?/1935/1931] Prehistoric Archaeology And The Old Testament [n|1908] Norfolk Marriage Registers, v7 (w T M BLAGG) [n|1914] Biblical Anthropology [n|1929] Léo AUDAIN {HT}
(M: 1863 Dec 17 - 1930 Sep) Charles Young AUDENRIED {US?}
(M: 1863 - 1930) Leopold AUER {HU}
(M: 1845 Jun 7 or 9 - 1930 Jul 15) Violin Playing As I Teach It [n|1921] My Long Life In Music [a|1923] Violin Master Works And Their Interpretation [n|1925] Louise d'AULNAY
(F: c1830 - ?) (wrote as: Julie GOURAUD) Mémoires D'Un Caniche [Fr-1866] (tr Mrs Sale BARKER) [c1876] George McKendree AUSTIN {US}
(M: 1856 Aug 23 - 1930 Oct 25) Surface Geology Of Clinton County [n|1930] Mrs J E, (Isabella) AYLMER {NZ}
(F: c1830 - ?) Distant Homes; Or, The Graham Family In New Zealand [f|1862] Christóvam AYRES De MAGALHÅES SEPÚLVEDA
(M: 1857 - 1930) 18982 Manuel Da Maya E Os Engenheiros Militares Portugueses... [n|Pt-1910] Alex(=Alexander) BAERWALD {DE}
(M: 1877 - 1930) Esther [1920] Emma Eugene Hall BAKER
(F: 1844 - 1930) (wrote as: Eugene HALL) Frederick Grenfell BAKER {UK}
(M: c1853 - 1930 May 5) The Model Republic:...The Rise And Progress Of The Swiss People [n|1895] Joseph Percy BAKER {UK}
(M: 1859 Mar 4 - 1930 Dec 12) Church Music [n|?] Choir Boys' Handy Book [n|?] Questions And Exercises For The Use Of Students (w F W DAVENPORT) [n|1891] A Guide For Pianoforte Students (w F W DAVENPORT) [n|1891] Alice (nee)Blackwood BALDWIN {US}
(F: c1845 - 1930) Memoirs Of The Late Frank D Baldwin... [b|1929] Arthur James BALFOUR, 1st Earl of BALFOUR {UK}
(M: 1848 Jul 25 - 1930 Mar 19) A Defense Of Philosophic Doubt [n|1879] The Religion Of Humanity [n|1888] Essays And Addresses [e|1893/1905] The Foundation Of Belief [n|1895] Economic Notes On Insular Free Trade [n|1903] Reflections Suggested By The New Theory Of Matter [n|1904] Speeches On Fiscal Reform [e|1906] Questionings On Criticism And Beauty [n|1909] Theism And Humanism [n|1915] Essays, Speculative And Political [e|1920] Theism And Thought [n|1923] Opinions And Argument [n|1927] Chapters Of Autobiography [a|1930] Thomas Alexander BARNS {UK}
(M: 1880 or 1881 Jun 4 - 1930 Mar 4) The Wonderland Of The Eastern Congo [n|1922] Tales Of The Ivory Trade [1923] Across The Great Craterland To The Congo [n|?] An African Eldorado [n|?] The Belgian Congo [n|?] Angolan Sketches [n|?] Col, Willie Netterville BARRON {UK}
(M: 1872 - 1930 Oct 30) The Three Brothers [d|?] William BARRY {UK}
(M: 1849 - 1930 Dec 15) The New Antigone [f|1887] Arden Massiter [f|1900] The Wizard's Knot [f|1901] The Dayspring [f|1903] Msgr, William Francis BARRY {UK}
(M: 1849 Apr 21 - 1930 Dec 15) The New Antigone [n|1887] Place Of Dreams [n|1894] Two Standards [n|1899] Arden Massiter [n|1900] Papal Monarchy [n|1902] Newman [n|1904] Heralds Of Revolt [n|1904] Renan [n|1905] Tradition Of Scripture [n|1906] Memories And Opinions [a|1926] Roma Sacra [n|1927] The Triumph Of Life; Or, Science And The Soul [n|1928] The Coming Age And The Catholic Church [n|1929] Albert BARTELS
(M: ? - ?) The Modern Linguist [n|1850/?/?/58] Rev, George BARTLE {UK}
(M: c1830 - ?) Rev, William Eleazar BARTON {US}
(M: 1861 - 1930) 30561 His Last Week (w T G SOARES & S D STRONG) [b|1905] 16184 His Life (w T G SOARES & S D STRONG) [b|1906] The Soul Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1920] The Paternity Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1920] More Parables Of Safed The Sage (4th series) [1924] The Life Of Abraham Lincoln [2v|b|1925] The Great And Good Man [b|1927] The Women Lincoln Loved [b|1927] The Lincoln Of The Biographers [b|1930] Autobiography... [a|1932] Alfred Barnard BASSET {UK}
(M: 1854 Jul 25 - 1930 Dec 5) A Treatise On Hydrodynamics [2v|n|1888] An Elementary Treatise On Hydrodynamics And Sound [n|1890] A Treatise On Physical Optics [n|1892] An Elementary Treatise On Cubic And Quartic Curves [n|1901] A Treatise On The Geometry Of Surfaces [n|1910] Alexander BATHGATE {UK/NZ?}
(M: 1845 - 1930 Sep 9) Colonial Experiences: Sketches Of People And Places In...Otago [n|1874] Waitaruna: A Story Of New Zealand Life [f|1881] Far South Fancies [p|1889] The Legend Of The Wandering Lake [p|1905] Sodger Sandy's Bairn: Life In Otago Fifty Years Ago [f|1913] Octavius Charles BEALE {AU}
(M: 1850 Feb 30 - 1930 Dec 16) Racial Decay: A Compilation Of Evidence From World Sources [n|1910] John Watt BEATTIE {AU}
(M: 1859 Aug 15 - 1930 Jun 24) Glimpses Of The Lives And Times Of The Early Tasmanian Governors [n|1904] Pakenham Thomas BEATTY {UK}
(M: 1855 Jun 23 - 1930 Apr 5) To My Lady [?] Three Women Of The People, And Other Poems [p|?] Marcia [?] Spretae Carmina Musae [?] Songs For Hellas [?] Henri BEAUDÉ {CA}
(M: 1870 Sep 9 - 1930 Jul 11) (wrote as: Henri d'ARLES) Dame, Florence Eveleen (Eleanore) BELL, nee OLLIFFE {UK}
(F: 1851 Sep 9 - 1930 May 16) The Story Of Ursula [f|1895] 24794 The Arbiter [f|1901] The Dean Of St Patrick's [f|1903] Time Is Money [d|1905] Down With The Tariff!: A Tale Of Free Trade [f|1908] The Way The Money Goes [d|1910] The Good Ship Brompton Castle [f|1915] The Cat And Fiddle Book (w Mrs Herbert RICHMOND) [p|1922] + Nursery Comedies 2 [d|?] + Nursery Comedies 3 [d|?] (Henry Thomas) Mackenzie BELL {UK}
(M: 1856 Mar 2 - 1930 Dec 13) Charles Whitehead [1894] Spring's Immortality And Other Poems [p|1896] Christina Rossetti: A Biographical And Critical Study [b|1898] Pictures Of Travel, And Other Poems [p|1898] Collected Poems [p|1901] John Clifford: God's Soldier [b|1908] For God, And For The Commonwealth [n|1909] Poems [p|1909] War's Use [n|1916] Poetical Pictures Of The Great War (1st series) [1917] Poetical Pictures Of The Great War (2nd series) [1917] Poetical Pictures Of The Great War (3rd series) [1917] Britain's Future Education [n|1918] Poetical Pictures Of The Great War (4th series) [1919] Selected Poems [p|1920] Half-Hours With Representative Novelists Of The 19th Century [n|1927] Swinburne [n|1929] José Pedro BELLAN {UY}
(M: 1889 - 1930) Amor [d|Sp-1911] Huerco [s|Sp-1914] Doñarramona [s|Sp-1918] Primavera [s|Sp-1920] Dios Te Salve! [d|Sp-1920] Los Amores De Juan Rivault [s|Sp-1922] La Ronda Del Hijo [d|Sp-1924] El Pecado De Alejandra Leonard [s|Sp-1926] Blancanieve [d|Sp-1929] El Centinela Muerto [d|Sp-1929] Jean-Louis Windsor BELLEGARDE {HT}
(M: 1872 Jan 26 - 1930 Feb 16) Charles Andrew Armstrong BENNETT
(M: 1885 - 1930) A Philosophical Study Of Mysticism [n|1923] The Dilemma Of Religious Knowledge [n|?] Clarence BENNETT
(M: ? - 1930 Jul 3) George John BENNETT {UK}
(M: 1863 May 5 - 1930 Aug 20) Rev, Louis FitzGerald BENSON {US}
(M: 1855 Jul 22 - 1930 Oct 10) The Chapel Hymnal [n|1898] The School Hymnal (ed) [n|1900] Studies Of Familiar Hymns (1st series) [n|1903] The English Hymn: Its Development And Use In Worship [n|1915] Studies Of Familiar Hymns (2nd series) [n|1923] Hymns: Original and Translated [m|1925] k The Hymnody of the Christian Church [e|1927] The Hymns Of John Bunyan [n|1930] Friedrich BENTE
(M: 1858 - 1930) 20941 American Lutheranism [?v|n|1919] 26909 Historical Introductions To The Symbolical...Lutheran Church [n|?] Gen, Friedrich/Frederick (Adolf Julius) von BERNHARDI {DE}
(M: 1849 Nov 22 - 1930 Nov 12) Videant Consules: Ne Quid Respublica Detrimenti Capiat (anon) [n|?-1890] 28298 Cavalry In Future Wars [n|Ge-?] (tr C S GOLDMAN) [1906/09] Deutschland Und Der Nächste Krieg [n|Ge-1912] 11352 Germany And The Next War [n|Ge-1912] (tr Allen H POWLES) [1912] Vom Heutigen Kriege [n|Ge-1912] The New Bernhardi: 'World Power Or Downfall' [n|Ge-?] (tr ?) [1915] Vom Kriege Der Zukunft, Nach Den Erfahrungen Des Weltkrieges [n|Ge-1920] The War Of The Future [n|Ge-1920] (tr F Appleby HOLT) [c1919/1920] Francisco BETANCOURT {VE}
(M: 1885 Jan 16 - 1930 Aug 28) (wrote as: Pako BETANCOURT) Harriet BICKERSTETH, Mrs COOK {UK}
(F: c1830 - ?) Mothers In Council [?] New Series Of Children's Sunday Books (anon w Charlotte BICKERSTETH) [n|1865] (Carl Julius Adolf) Alfred BIESE
(M: 1856 - 1930) 13814 The Development Of The Feeling For Nature... [n|Ge?-?] (tr anon) [1905] Hugh Baron BIGNOLD {AU}
(M: 1870 Jun 22 - 1930 Jan 24) (also wrote as: BARONI) Adrian North (ps: BARONI) [s|1889] Australian Chess Annual (ed) [n|1896] Wills, Probate and Administration Act (w W A WALKER) [n|1898] Bignold's Banking Manual [n|1909] Likewise [1919] Auction Simplified [n|1922] Edfrid(=Erfout) Albertus BINGHAM {US}
(M: 1870 Dec 17 - 1930 May 2) 29797 The Heart Of Thunder Mountain [?] Rev, John Turnbull BIRD {UK}
(M: 1862 Oct 3 - 1930 Jul 21) Christianity And Nature [n|1927] Bahadur, Vidyabenode BISWAMBHAR RAY
(M: 1855 - 1930 Oct 30) Vicissitudes Of Fortune; Or, Bhagya-Biparjaya Kabya [?] The History Of The Barendra Kayastha Nag Family [?] Sir, Frederick William BLACK {UK}
(M: 1863 Apr 25 - 1930 Jun 7) A Prologue To A History Of The Isle Of Wight [n|1921] An Outline...The Parliamentary History Of The Isle Of Wight [n|1929] Anna BLACKWELL
(F: ? - ?) Vernon BLAKE {UK}
(M: 1875 Sep 22 - 1930 Apr 19) Relation In Art [n|1925] The Way To Sketch [n|1925] The Art And Craft Of Drawing [n|1927] Drawing For Children And Others [n|1927] Art In Ashanti [n|1927] Nor Rhone Nor Reason [n|1929] Fatuity And Figure Drawing [n|1929] Thomas Augustus BLAND
(M: 1830 - ?) R Farming As A Profession; Or, How Charles Loring Made It Pay [f|1870] Mary (E) BLUNDELL, nee SWEETMAN {UK}
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