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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Cleveland ABBE, Jr {US}
(M: 1872 Mar 25 - 1934 Apr 19) Willis John ABBOT {US}
(M: 1863 Mar 16 - 1934 May 19) Blue Jackets Of 1812 [n|c1887] 15648 American Merchant Ships And Sailors [1902] 22305 The Naval History Of The United States [2v|n|1903] Panama And The Canal [n|1914] * The Nations At War [n|1914] 30047 Aircraft And Submarines [n|1918] Watching The World Go By [a|1934] Albert Holden ABBOTT {CA}
(M: 1871 - 1934) Thoughts On Philosophy And Philosophy And Theology [e|1896] % Experimental Psychology And The Psychological Lab...Toronto [n|1900] Psychologische Und Erkenntnistheoretische Probleme Bei Hobbes [n|Ge-1904] Why Teach Psychology To Teachers-In-Training [n|1908] David Phelps ABBOTT
(M: 1863 - 1934) Mather Almon ABBOTT
(M: 1874 - 1934) ABD Al-SAMAD Ibn Al-TIHAMI KANNUN
(M: ? - 1934) Effendi ABDERAHMAN (ps)
(M: ? - ?) The Boatman Of The Bosphorus: A Tale Of Turkey [f|1854] Alice Dana ADAMS {US?}
(F: 1864 - 1934) The Inclusive Dictionary-Concordance...Bible... (anon) [n|1925] Sir, John ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1857 Jul 2 - 1934 Sep 30 (wrongly 29)) (wrote as: Skelton KUPPORD) Hammond's Hard Lines [f|1894/1901] Fifteen Stamps: The Story Of A Great Enterprise [1895] The Rickerton Medal; Or, Tram Street, Standard VI [1896] Herbartian Psychology Applied To Education [n|1897] The Uncharted Island [f|1899] The Protestant Schools Of The Province Of Quebec [n|1902] A Fortune From The Sky [1903] Primer On Teaching [n|1903] Exposition And Illustration In Teaching [n|1909] The Evolution Of Educational Theory [n|1912] The Student's Guide [n|1917] The New Teaching [n|1918] The Evolution Of Educational Theory [n|1922] Modern Developments In Educational Practice [n|1922] Errors In School: Their Causes And Treatment [n|1927] Everyman's Psychology [n|1929] The Teacher's Many Parts [n|1930] Prof, John Sabin ADRIANCE {US}
(M: 1861 Feb 18 - 1934 Jan 5) Chemical Calculations [n|1886/?/?/1904] Thomas AGIUS {MT}
(M: 1871 Feb 23 - 1934 Oct 19) Rev, Peter AINSLIE {US}
(M: 1867 - 1934) Plain Talks To Young Men On Vital Issues [e|1897] Among The Gospels And The Acts [n|1908] God And Me [n|1909] My Brother And I [n|1911] Working With God:...Pastorate In Baltimore [a|1917] Towards Christian Unity [n|1918] If Not A United Church - What? [n|1920] Book Of Christian Worship For Voluntary Use... (w H C ARMSTRONG) [n|1923] Way Of Prayer [n|1924] Some Experiments In Living [a|1933] Cultivating The Fruit Of The Spirit [n|1968] Frederick Crayton AINSWORTH {US}
(M: 1852 Sep 11 - 1934 Jun 5) Prof, James Richard AINSWORTH-DAVIS {UK}
(M: 1861 Apr 8 - 1934 Apr 7) A Text-book Of Biology [n|1888] The Flowering Plant [n|1890] Elementary Physiology [n|1895] Patella: The Common Limpet [n|1903] The Natural History Of Animals [n|1903] Thomas H Huxley [b|1907] Nature Study [n|1908] Science In Modern Life:...Development, Discovery And Invention [n|1908] Hill's Danish-Norwegian-English Dictionary [n|1919] Crops & Fruits [n|1924] Meat, Fish, And Dairy Produce [n|1924] The Principles Of Agriculture [n|1924] The Story Of Man [n|1926] Cooking Through The Centuries [n|1931] The Pursuit Of Natural Knowledge [n|?] The Ivory Gate [?] King, ALBERT (Léopold Clément Marie Meinrad), I of Belgium {BE}
(M: 1875 Apr 8 - 1934 Feb 17) John Edmund Paul ALDOUS
(M: 1853 - 1934) John Brevard ALEXANDER {US}
(M: 1834 - ?) Reminiscences Of The Past Sixty Years [a|1908] Charles Herbert ALLEN
(M: 1848 - 1934) Isaac Jackson ALLEN
(M: ? - ?) ...Address Delivered At Farmer's College...June 7th 1854 [n|1854] Address Of President Isaac J Allen [n|1855] Julia Lopez de ALMEIDA
(F: 1862 - 1934) Margaret ALTERTON
(M: 1877 - 1934) Marc AMI
(M: 1834 - ?) Walter Jonathan ANDREW {UK}
(M: 1859 Nov - 1934 Jan 14) Johannes APRENT
(M: ? - ?) Lesebuch Zur Förderung Humaner Bildung... (w Adalbert STIFTER) [n|Ge-1854] Edith Jessie ARCHIBALD, Mrs ARCHIBALD {CA}
(F: 1854 - 1934) (also wrote as: An EYEWITNESS) Life And Letters Of Sir Edward Mortimer Archibald [b|1924] The Token: A Tale Of Cape Breton Island [f|1927] Gufshathi And Herriaman [f|?] One Of The Wonders Of Personal Success (ps: An EYEWITNESS) [b|?] James Francis Jewell ARCHIBALD
(M: 1871 - 1934 May 28) Percy ARMYTAGE {UK}
(M: 1853 Mar 8 - 1934 Jun 4) By The Clock Of St James's [1927] William ARTMAN
(M: ? - ?) A Beauties And Achievements Of The Blind (w Lansing V HALL) [n|1854] Achievements Of The Blind [n|1882] Alfredo ARVELO LARRIVA {VE}
(M: 1883 May 25 - 1934 May 13) Roger ASCHAM {UK}
(M: 1864 Aug 28 - 1934 Mar 29) Prof, Bailey Kelly ASHFORD {US}
(M: 1873 - 1934 Nov 1) Uncinariasis In Porto Rico [n|1911] A Soldier In Science [a|1934] Otis ASHMORE {US}
(M: 1853 Mar 6 - 1934 May 2) 21783 A Manual Of Pronunciation For Practical Use In Schools... [n|1904] John ASHTON {UK}
(M: 1834 - ?) Social Life In The Reign Of Queen Anne... [n|1882] Chap-Books Of The Eighteenth Century (ed) [n|1882] Humour, Wit, & Satire Of The Seventeenth Century... [n|1883] Lord Mayor's Show In The Olden Times [n|1883] The Adventures And Discourses Of Captain John Smith... [n|1883] English Caricature And Satire On Napoleon I [n|1884] Old Times: A Picture Of Social Life At The End Of The 18th C [n|1885] The Dawn Of The XIXth Century In England [n|1886] Romances Of Chivalry Told And Illustrated In Fac-simile [n|1887] A Century Of Ballads (ed) [1887] The Legendary History Of The Cross [n|1887] Eighteenth Century Waifs [1887] Curious Creatures In Zoology [1890] The Fleet: Its River, Prison, And Marriages [n|1888] Modern Street Ballads [1888] Men, Maidens And Manners A Hundred Years Ago [n|1888] Social England Under The Regency [n|1890] Real Sailor-Songs (ed) [1891] * Drinks Of The World (w James MEW) [n|1892] A History Of English Lotteries [n|1893] Charles Letts's Date Book And Chronological Diary [n|1893] 19979 A Righte Merrie Christmasse!!: The Story Of Christtide [n|1894] Varia [1894] The Devil In Britain And America [n|1896] When William IV Was King [n|1896] Hyde Park From Domesday-Book To Date [n|1896] The History Of Gambling In England [n|1898] Florizel's Folly [1899] 30665 Gossip In The First Decade Of Victoria's Reign [n|1903] The History Of Bread From Pre-historic To Modern Times [n|1904] Ernest Horatio ASHWORTH {UK}
(M: 1870 Jul 27 - 1934 Mar 4) Mussourie Lands And Tenures [n|1904] Walter Scott ATHEARN {US}
(M: 1872 Jul 25 - 1934 Nov 13) The City Institute For Religious Teachers [n|1915] The Perfect Life (ed) [1924] Pioneers Of The Faith (ed) [1924] The Book Of The Kingdom (ed) [1924] Everyday Life In Old Judea (ed) [1924] Heroes And Heroines (ed) [1924] Leaders Of Olden Days (ed) [1924] The Living Wisdom (ed) [1924] My Best Book (jt ed) [1924] Songs Of The Seers (ed) [1924] Canon, Marcus Ethelbert ATLAY {UK}
(M: 1881 - 1934 Jul 30) Seven Deadly Sins [?] Intentions At Holy Communion [n|?] Mary (nee)Hunter AUSTIN {US}
(F: 1868 Sep 9 - 1934 Aug 13) (also wrote as: Gordon STAIRS) 365,L The Land Of Little Rain [n|1903] * The Basket Woman [s|1904] Isidro [f|1905] The Flock [n|1906] Santa Lucia: A Common Story [f|1908] Lost Borders: The People Of The Desert [s|1909] Outland (ps: Gordon STAIRS) [f|1910] 27792 The Arrow Maker [d|1911/15] Fire [d|1912] A Woman Of Genius [f|1912] Christ In Italy [1912] The Green Bough [f|1913] 20359 The Lovely Lady [f|1913] California, The Land Of The Sun (aka: The Lands Of The Sun) [n|1914] Love And The Soul Maker [n|1914] Suffrage And Government (w Anne MARTIN) [n|1914] The Man Jesus (aka: A Small Town Man) [n|1915] What The Mexican Conference Really Means [n|1915] The Ford [f|1917] Merry Christmas, Daddy [d|1916] The Man Who Didn't Believe In Christmas [d|1917] The Young Woman Citizen [n|1918] 9913 The Trail Book [s|1918] No 26 Jayne Street [f|1920] The Green Bough: A Tale Of The Resurrection [1920] The American Rhythm [p|1923/1930] The Land Of Journey's Ending [n|1924] Everyman's Genius [n|1925] A Small Town Man [n|?/1925] The Children Sing In The Far West [p|1928] Taos Pueblo (w Ansel ADAMS) [n|1930] Experiences Facing Death [n|1931] Starry Adventure [f|1931] Earth Horizon [a|1932] One-Smoke Stories [s|1934] Can Prayer Be Answered? [n|1934] Indian Pottery Of The Rio Grande [n|1934] When I Am Dead [n|1935] Mother Of Felipe And Other Early Stories (ed Franklin WALKER) [s|1950] Mary Austin On The Art Of Writing [n|1961] One Hundred Miles On Horseback [n|1963] Rev, A R B (ps)
(M: ? - ?) R Agnes Arlington, The Cotton Planter's Daughter (ed) [f|1854] N B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) R Carrie Lee's Talisman [f|1854] Mary Schell Hoke BACON
(F: 1870 - 1934) (wrote as: Dolores (Marbourg) BACON) 6932 Pictures Every Child Should Know [n|1908] 28711 Operas Every Child Should Know [n|1911] Eduard Georgievich (Dzyubin) BAGNITSKY {SU}
(M: 1895 - 1934) Hermann (Anastas) BAHR {AT}
(M: 1863 Jul 19 - 1934 Jan 15) Die Einsichtslosigkeit Des Herrn Schäffle [Ge-1886] Die Neuen Menschen [d|Ge-1887] Die Gute Schule [f|Ge-1890] Zur Kritik Der Moderne [n|Ge-1890] Die Mutter [d|Ge-1891] Neue Studien [n|Ge-1891] Die Überwindung Des Naturalismus [n|Ge-1891] Fin De Siècle [Ge-1891] Dora [f|Ge-1893] Neben Der Liebe [f|Ge-1893] Die Häusliche Frau [d|Ge-1893] Symbolisten [n|Ge-1894] Das Tschaperl [d|Ge-1897] Theater [n|Ge-1897] Der Star [d|Ge-1899] Wiener Theater [n|Ge-1899] Wienerinnen [d|Ge-1900] Bildung [n|Ge-1900] Secession [n|Ge-1900] Der Apostel [d|Ge-1901] Premièren [n|Ge-1902] Der Krampus [d|Ge-1902] Dialog Vom Tragischen [n|Ge-1903] Sanna [d|Ge-1905] Die Andere [d|Ge-1905] Ringelspiel [d|Ge-1907] Die Rahl [Ge-1908] Das Konzert [d|Ge-1909] Stimmen Des Bluts [f|Ge-1909] Drut [n|Ge-1909] O Mensch [Ge-1910] Die Kinder [d|Ge-1911] Das Prinzip [d|Ge-1912] Frauenrecht [n|Ge-1912] Inventur [n|Ge-1912] Der Querulant [d|Ge-1914] Der Meister [d|Ge-1914] Himmelfahrt [n|Ge-1916] Expressionismus [n|Ge-1916] Die Rotte Korahs [n|Ge-1919] Burgtheater [n|Ge-1920] Selbstbildnis [a|Ge-1923] Österreich In Ewigkeit [Ge-1929] Arthur Latham BAKER
(M: 1853 - 1934) 31076 Elliptic Functions: An Elementary...Students Of Mathematics [n|1890] Graphic Algebra [n|1892] Elements Of Solid Geometry [n|1893] The Art Of Geometry [n|1905] Quaternions As The Result Of Algebraic Operations [n|1911] Sophia (nee)Metcalf BAKER
(F: 1859 - 1934) Poems [p|1935] Prof, James Mark BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1861 Jan 12 - 1934 Nov 8) Handbook Of Psychology [2v|n|1889-91] Elements Of Psychology [n|1893] Mental Development In The Child And The Race [n|1895/?/1906] Social And Ethical Interpretation In Mental Development [n|1897/?/?/1906] 20522,& The Story Of The Mind [n|1897] Dictionary Of Philosophy & Psychology (ed) [4v|n|1901-06] Fragments In Philosophy And Science [n|1902] Development And Evolution [n|1902] Thought And Things, Or, Genetic Logic [3v|n|1906-11] Darwin And The Humanities [n|1909] The Individual And Society [n|1910] History Of Psychology [2v|n|1913] Genetic Theory Of Reality [n|1915] American Neutrality [n|1916] The Super State [n|1916] France And The War [n|1916] Paroles De Guerre D'Un Americain [n|Fr-1919] Volume I - Memories [a|1926] History Of Psychology In Autobiography (w ?) [n|1930] Harlan H BALLARD {US}
(M: 1853 - 1934) 13853 New National First Reader (w Charles J BARNES & S Proctor THAYER) [1883] Adventures Of A Librarian [a|1929] Rev, (Charles) Gerard Winstanley BANCKS {UK}
(M: 1856 - 1934 Feb 20) 24510 The Production Of Vinegar From Honey [n|1896] Sir, Alexander BANNERMAN, 11th Baronet BANNERMAN of Elsick {UK}
(M: 1871 Dec 16 - 1934 Mar 10) The Man With The Rubber Soles [1920] Leaders Of The Blind [1921] Mahommah Gardo BAQUAQUA
(M: ? - ?) T Biography Of Mahommah G Baquaqua, A Native Of Zoogoo... [a|1854] Eric Pitty BARBOUR {AU}
(M: 1891 Jan 27 - 1934 Dec 7) The Making Of A Cricketer [n|?] Cricket Coaching [n|?] Anti Bodyline (w Alan KIPPAX) [n|1933] Henry James BARKER {UK}
(M: 1852 Feb 1 - 1934 Jan 5) Lays And Ballads Of Heroism [p|1884] Comic Side Of School Life [1889] Our Boys And Girls At School [1890] Scarlet Feather [f|1897] The Wonder Seekers [1901] Comic School Tales [s|1905] Merry Moments With Scholars [1909] King Edmund The Martyr [1909] A Nice Pair, And Others [1909] To Algernon Charles Swinburne, And Other Poems [p|1912] Little Humorists At School [1913] A Nice Pair [f|?] Scarlet Feather [f|?] The Wonder Seekers [f|?] Lays And Ballads [p|?] King Edmund The Martyr, And Other Poems [p|?] Practical Aid In Composition [n|?] James Francis BARRETT
(M: 1888 - 1934) 26217 The Loyalist: A Story Of The American Revolution [f|1920] Victor BARRUCAND {FR}
(M: c1866 - 1934 Mar 13) Rythmes Et Rimes À Mettre En Musique [p|Fr-?] Edmond BARTHÉLEMY {FR}
(M: ? - 1934 Sep 30) Elam BARTHOLOMEW {US}
(M: 1852 - 1934) Jean Louis BARTHOU {FR}
(M: 1862 Aug 25 - 1934 Oct 9) Francis Arthur BATHER {UK}
(M: 1863 - 1934 Mar 20) The Crinoidea Of Gotland [n|1893] The Echinoderma [n|1900] Triassic Echinoderms Of Bakony [n|1909] Cystidea From Girvan [n|1913] Studies In Edrioasteroidea [n|1915] Guide To The Exhibition Galleries Of Geology And Palaeontology [n|1923/1936] Rhodesian Man And Associated Remains (ed) [n|1928] Charles Fisk BEACH, Jr {US}
(M: 1854 Feb 4 - 1934 Jun 6) A Practical Treatise On The Law Of Receivers [n|1887] Manual Of The Law Of Wills [n|1888] Modern Law Of Railways [n|1890] A Treatise On The Law Of Private Corporations [n|1891] Commentaries On Modern Equity Jurisprudence [n|1892] A Treatise On The Law Of Contributory Negligence... [n|?/1892/99] Commentaries On The Law Of Public Corporations... [n|1893] Modern Equity Practice [n|1894] Commentaries On The Law Of Injunctions [n|1895] Commentaries On The Law Of Insurance... [n|1895] Treatise On The Modern Law Of Contracts... [n|1896] George Bailey BEAK {UK}
(M: 1872 Sep 14 - 1934 May 30) A Compendious German Reader [n|1900] The Aftermath Of War [n|1906] Index And Precis Writing, With Key [n|1908] A Trip Across Central Africa [n|1908] A Plea For Cinderella [1917] Die Freiheit Der Meere [n|Ge-1919] Delilah Leontium BEASLEY {US}
(F: 1871 - 1934) The Negro Trail Blazers Of California [b|1919] Georg BECKER
(M: 1834 - ?) Sir, Herbert Eversley BELFIELD {UK}
(M: 1857 Sep 25 - 1934 Apr 19) The Belfield Family [b|1930] F A BELGRAVE
(M: c1834 - ?) David W BELISLE
(M: ? - ?) 24621,R The American Family Robinson [f|1854] James Mackintosh BELL {CA}
(M: 1877 Sep 23 - 1934 Mar 31 (or 30)) Tales Of The Red Children (w Abbie Farwell BROWN) [1910] The Wilds Of Maoriland [n|1914] Sidelights On The Siberian Campaign [n|1921] Far Places [n|1931] John Joy BELL {UK}
(M: 1871 May 7 - 1934 Nov 14) (also wrote as: J J B) The New Noah's Ark [p|1899] Jack Of All Trades [p|1900] + Wee Macgregor (aka: Wee Macgreegor) (ps: J J B) [f|1903] Ethel (ps: J J B) [f|1903] Jess & Co (ps: J J B) [f|1904] Mistress MacLeerie (ps: J J B) [f|1904] Mr Lion Of London, And Some Affairs Of The Heart [f|1905] Mr Pennycook's Boy (ps: J J B) [f|1905] Clyde Songs, And Other Verses (ps: J J B) [p|1905/10] Thou Fool (ps: J J B ?) [f|1907/1924] Joseph Redhorn (ps: J J B) [f|1908] Whither Thou Goest: A Love Story [f|1908/1924] Oh! Christina! [f|1909] Dancing Days: An Impression Of Youth [1910] Jim Crow [f|1911] A Kingdom Of Dreams [f|1911] Wee Macgreegor [d|1912] Courtin' Christina [f|1913] The Whalers [f|1914] Bobby [f|1914] 12269 Wee Macgreegor Enlists [f|1915] Cupid In Oilskins [f|1916] Little Grey Ships [f|1916] Kiddies [f|1916] 9873 Till The Clock Stops [f|1917] Kitty Carstairs [f|1917] The Misadventures Of Joseph [f|1917] Five-And-Twenty Turkeys, And Other Good Cheer [1917] All Ages [f|1917] Johnny Pryde [f|1917] Atlantic Gold [f|1918] The Middle Strip [f|1919] Jimmy Johnny [f|1921] Secret Cards [f|1922] The Pie In The Oven [d|pub:1922] Wee Macgreegor's Party [d|pub:1922] The Nickums [f|1923] Some Plain - Some Coloured [s|1923] Thread O' Scarlet [d|pub:1923] Courtin' Christina [d|pub:1924] Those Class Distinctions [d|pub:1924] Mr Craw [f|1924] The J J Bell Reciter [1924] The Braw Baillie [f|1925] Wolves [d|pub:1925] The Invisible Net [f|1926] Mr And Mrs Craw [f|1926] Exit Mrs McLeerie [d|pub:1926] The Laird's Lucky Number [d|pub:1926] Betty [f|1927] 'Hoots!' [1929] The Whale Hunters, And Other Stories [s|1929] Meet Mr Craw [f|1929] Gambler's Hope [f|1930] Good Morning, Sir John! [d|pub:1930] A Relapse In 'Consols' [d|pub:1930] Laird Of Glen Laggan [f|1931] The Fortune Of Ruth [f|1931] I Remember [a|1931] The Glory Of Scotland [n|1932/1935] The Women [f|1933] Scotland's Rainbow West [n|1933] Breaking Point [d|pub:1934] Hamish [f|1934] Scotland In Ten Days [n|1934] Do You Remember? [a|1934] Melodies And Memories [n|1934] The Fortune Of Ruth [f|1931] Scotland For The Holidays [n|1937] British Trawlers In War Time [n|1939] Thirst: A Medieval Episode [?] Clara BELMONT
(F: ? - ?) R The City Side; Or, Passages From A Pastor's Portfolio [f|1854] Prof, Benjamin Arthur BENSLEY {CA}
(M: 1875 Nov 5 - 1934 Jan 20) Gabriel BERNARD {FR}
(M: ? - 1934 Jun 3) Capt, Joseph Elzéar BERNIER {CA}
(M: 1852 Jan 1 - 1934 Dec 26 or 27) Report On The...Expedition To The Arctic Islands... [n|1910] Master Mariner And Arctic Explorer [a|1939] Lady, Frances May (nee)Dickinson BERRY {UK}
(F: 1857 - 1934 Apr 15) The Story Of A Red Cross Unit In Serbia (w others) [n|1916] Austria-Hungary And Her Slav Subjects [n|1918] Georges BESANÇON
(M: 1866 - 1934 Oct 28) Paul Albert BESNARD {FR}
(M: 1849 Jun 2 - 1934 Dec 4) L'Homme En Rose [Fr-1913] Voyage Dans L'Inde [n|Fr-?] Sous Le Ciel De Rome [Fr-?] Souvenirs D'Italie [Fr-?] Prof, George Herbert BETTS {US}
(M: 1868 - 1934) 18698 The Recitation [n|1910] 21213 New Ideals In Rural Schools [n|1913] 20220 The Mind And Its Education [n|1916/?/1923] Hygiene And Health (w Charles P EMERSON) [n|1919/1923] Physiology And Hygiene (w Charles P EMERSON) [n|1920/1923] 15800 How To Teach Religion: Principles And Methods [n|1926] Habits For Health (w Charles P EMERSON) [n|1936] Chaim/Hayyim Nachman/Nahman BIALIK {SU}
(M: 1873 Jan 9 - 1934 Jul 4) [Poems] [p|He-1901] [Poems] [p|He-1908] [The Writings Of H N Bialik] [He-1924] [Poems And Songs] [p|He-1933] [The Writings Of H N Bialik] [4v|He-1938] Aftergrowth [1939] [Collected Poems] [p|He-1983-90] Prof, Edward John BICKNELL {UK}
(M: 1882 - 1934 Jan 1) A Theological Introduction To The Thirty-Nine Articles [n|1919/1925] The Christian Idea Of Sin And Original Sin [n|1922] In Defence Of Christian Prayer [n|1925] Ada Irene BIDGWAY, nee CREWS
(F: 1890 - 1934 Jan 17) (wrote as: Rene RETCLIFFE) Joan's Romance [1933] Minerva Clarissa BINGHAM, nee BREWSTER
(F: 1834 - ?) Charles Fergus BINNS
(M: 1857 - 1934) The Potter's Craft [n|1910] Yellow BIRD (ps)
(?: ? - ?) R The Life And Adventures Of Joaquin Murieta...Calif Bandit [f|1854] Vojtěch BIRNBAUM {CS}
(M: 1877 Jan 7 - 1934 May 30) Rev, James Martindale BLAKE {UK}
(M: 1863 - 1934 Jul 24) Luca Della Robbia, And Other Verses [p|?] In The Wind Of The Day [?] Joy Of Tirol [?] A Reasonable View Of Life [?] The Making Of Heaven And Hell [?] Fragment Of An Epistle [?] A Garden Of The Presence: Canticles Of The Open [1927] Prof, Ethelbert BLATTER {UK}
(M: 1877 - 1934) The Palms Of British India And Ceylon [n|1926] The Flora Of The Indus Delta [n|?] The Bombay Grasses [n|?] Flora Of Aden [n|?] The Flora Of The Indian Desert [n|?] Jean BLEWETT, nee McKISHNIE {CA}
(F: 1862 Nov 4 - 1934 Aug 19) Out Of The Depths [1890] I Heart Songs [p|1897] * The Cornflower And Other Poems [p|1906] Heart Stories [s|1919] Jean Blewett's Poems [p|1922] Rev, William Ernest BLOMFIELD {UK}
(M: 1862 Oct 23 - 1934 Jul 22) History Of The Baptists Of 17th And 18th Centuries In Yorkshire [n|?] Prof, David Simon BLONDHEIM
(M: 1884 Aug 25 - 1934 Mar 19) Les Parlers Judeo-Romans Et La Vetus Latina [Fr-1925] Poémes-Judéo-Français [p|Fr-1927] Les Gloses Françaises Dans Les Commentaires Talmutiques [Fr-1929] Le Glossaire D'Oxford [Fr-?] John E BLOX
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: PHILALETHES) R Justo Ucundono, Prince Of Japan [f|1854] Sir, Herbert Edward BLUMBERG {UK}
(M: 1869 Mar 20 - 1934 Aug 16) Britain's Sea Soldiers: A Record Of The RM 1914-1919 [n|1927] Clara BLÜTHGEN {DE}
(F: c1856 - 1934 Jan 24) María Adela BONAVITA {UY}
(F: 1900 - 1934) Conciencia Del Canto Sufriente [p|Sp-1928] Poesías [p|Sp-1940] John BONHAM
(M: 1834 - ?) Carsten Egeberg BORCHGREVINK {NO}
(M: 1864 Dec 1 - 1934 Apr 21) Nærmest Sydpolen [n|No-1900] First On The Antarctic Continent [n|No-1900] (tr anon) [1901] The Game Of Norway [1920-1925] William Cline BORDEN {US}
(M: 1858 May 19 - 1934 Sep 29) Use Of The Röntgen Ray In The War With Spain, 1898 [n|1900] Fr, Peter Paul BORG {MT}
(M: 1843 - 1934) James Henry BOTTOMLEY {UK}
(M: 1857 Nov 8 - 1934 Oct 4 (wrongly 3)) Humour In Politics [n|?] Political Buzzings By The Little Bee [n|?] Why I Am A Conservative [n|?] Socialism Exposed [n|?] A Liberal Government Arrested, Examined, And Exposed [n|?] Charles Lovell Fletcher BOUGHEY {UK}
(M: 1887 May 10 - 1934 Oct 16) The Headmistress (w J W IVIMEY) [m|1922] Rev, Basil Graham BOURCHIER {UK}
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