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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Alice Balch ABBOT {US}
(F: 1867 Feb 11 - 1937) A Frigate's Namesake [f|1901] Twyman Osmand ABBOTT {US}
(M: ? - 1937) Real Property Statutes Of Washington Territory From 1843 To 1889 [n|1892] Treatise On Probate Law And Practice [n|1904] Abbott's Automobile Law For Motorists [n|1909] Road Rights Of Motorists [n|1910] Primer Of The Law Of Negligence For Conductors And Motormen... [n|1909] California Primer Of The Law Of The Public Highways... [n|1924] Synopsis Of California Vehicle Act...For Motorists [n|1925] 'Sound' And 'Unsound' Money [n|1934] ABDULHALIK HAMID {TR}
(M: c1850 - 1937 Apr 13) Ludwig (Wilhelm) ABELS {AT}
(M: 1867 Mar 16 - 1937 Jun 2) Am Zahltag [Ge-1893] Aus Der Schule Der Liebe [f|Ge-1897] Prof, Alfred (F) ADLER {US}
(M: 1870 Feb 7 - 1937 May 28) Gesundheitsbuch Für Das Schneiderbewerbe [n|Ge-1898] Studie Über Minderwertigkeit Von Organen... [n|Ge-1907] Study Of Organ Inferiority... [n|Ge-1907] (tr ?) [1917] Über Den Nervösen Charakter [n|Ge-1912] The Neurotic Constitution [n|Ge-1912] (tr B GLUECK & J LIND) [1917] Theorie Und Praxis Der Individualpsychologie [n|Ge-1918] Practice & Theory Of Individual Psychology [e|Ge-1918] (tr RADIN) [1924] Problem Der Homosexualität [n|Ge-1919] Die Andere Seite [n|Ge-1919] Menschenkenntnis [n|Ge-1921] Understanding Human Nature [n|Ge-1927] (tr Walter B WOLFE) [1927] Technik Der Individualpsychologie [2v|n|Ge-1928-1930] Problems Of Human Nature [n|1928] The Case Of Miss R [n|Ge-1929] (tr E JENSEN & F JENSEN) [1929] Individualpsychologie In Der Schule [n|Ge-1929] Individual Psychology In The School [n|Ge-1929] (tr ?) [?] The Science Of Living [n|1929] Problems Of Neurosis [n|1929] The Education Of Children [n|1930] The Pattern Of Life [n|1930] What Life Should Mean To You [n|1931] Der Sinn Des Lebens [n|Ge-1932] Religion Und Individualpsychologie (w Ernst JAHN) [n|Ge-1933] Social Interest: A Challenge To Mankind [n|1938] The Individual Psychology Of... (ed H ANSBACHER & R ANSBACHER) [e|1956] Superiority And Social Interest [n|1970] Max ADLER {AT}
(M: 1873 Jan 15 - 1937 Jun 28) Canon, Francis Keyes Yates AGLIONBY {UK}
(M: 1848 Nov 22 - 1937 Nov 6) The Better Choice And Other Sermons [e|1906] The Life Of The Rt Rev Edward Henry Bickersteth, DD, Bishop... [b|1907] Private Judgement [n|1907] Delfín Aurelio AGUILERA {VE}
(M: 1865 Feb 23 - 1937) Richard ALDRICH {US}
(M: 1863 Jul 31 - 1937 Jun 2) Guide To Parsifal [n|1904] Guide To The Ring Of The Nibelung [n|1905] Musical Discourse [n|1928] Concert Life In New York 1902-1923 [n|1941] Frederick William ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1859 Feb 16 - 1937 Mar 14) Vitamins: Accessory Food Factors [n|1922] Arsène ALEXANDRE {FR}
(M: 1859 - 1937 Oct 1) Histoire De La Peinture Militaire En France [n|Fr-1889] Sir, Ernest King ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1864 Sep 22 - 1937 Jul 9) The Stamp Duties On Sea Insurances [n|1890/1903] The Law Of Corporate Executors And Trustees [n|1906] Susan (Louisa) ALLISON, nee MOIR {CA}
(F: 1845 Aug 18 - 1937 Feb 1) A Pioneer Gentlewoman In British Columbia [a|?] Charles De Lancey ALTON (Sr) {US}
(M: 1845 May 9 - 1937) The Therapeutic Value Of Mountain Forests [n|1895] State Sanatoria For Tuberculosis Patients [n|1900] Prophylaxis In Tuberculosis [n|1905] Larz ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1866 Aug 15 - 1937 Apr 13) Letters And Journals Of A Diplomat (ed Isabel ANDERSON) [a|1940] William J ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1811 - ?) T Life And Narrative Of...Twenty-Four Years A Slave [a|1857] Lou(=Louise) (Gustavovna) (Mrs)ANDREAS-SALOMÉ {SU}
(F: 1861 Feb 12 or 18 - 1937 Feb 5) Im Kampf Um Gott [Ge-1885] Henrik Ibsens Frauengestalten [Ge-1992] Friedrich Nietsche In Seinen Werken [Ge-1894] Ruth [s|Ge-1895] Aus Fremder Seele [s|Ge-?] Fenitschka: Eine Ausschweifung [s|Ge-1898] Menschenkinder [Ge-1899] Ma [Ge-1901] Im Zwischenland [Ge-1902] Die Erotik [Ge-1911] Drei Briefe An Eienen Knaben [Ge-1918] Das Haus [s|Ge-1919] Der Teufel Und Seine Großmutter [p|Ge-1920] Die Stunde Ohne Gott Und Andere Kindergeschichten [s|Ge-1921] Ródinka: Russische Erinnerung [a|Ge-1922] Rainer Maria Rilke: Ein Gedenkbuch [Ge-1928] Mein Dank An Freud [Ge-1931] Lebensrückblick [a|Ge-1951/68] Briefwechsel Mit Rilke (w R M RILKE) (ed E PFEIFFER) [a|Ge-1952] In Der Schule Bei Freud (ed E PFEIFFER) [a|Ge-1958] Briefwechsel Mit Sigmund Freud (w S FREUD) (ed E PFEIFFER) [a|Ge-1966] Diego ANGELI {IT}
(M: 1869 - 1937 Jan 23) Gen, John Macquarie ANTILL {AU}
(M: 1866 Jan 26 - 1937 Mar 1) The Emancipist (w Rose ANTILL-de WARREN) [d|pub:1936] George Latimer APPERSON {UK}
(M: 1857 - 1937 Jan 17) An Idler's Calendar [1901] Bygone London Life [n|1903] Gleanings After Time: Chapters In Social And Domestic History (ed) [e|1907] 18096 The Social History Of Smoking [n|1915] A Historical Dictionary Of English Proverbs And Proverbial Phrases [n|1929] A Jane Austen Dictionary [n|1932] George ARBUTHNOT {UK}
(M: ? - ?) Sir Robert Peel's Act Of 1844, Regulating...Bank Notes... [n|1857] Prof, Henry Edward ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1848 May 6 - 1937 Jul 13) A Introduction To The Study Of Organic Chemistry [n|1876] Origin Of Life: A Chemist's Fantasy [n|1913] Essays On The Teaching Of Scientific Method [e|?/1925] The Art And Principles Of Chemistry [n|1927] Maurice ARNOLD(-STROTHOTTE) {US}
(M: 1865 Jan 19 - 1937) Walter ASHLEY {UK}
(M: 1893 - 1937 Jan 20) The Cinema And The Public [n|1934] Official History Of The Peace Ballot (ed) [n|1935] Prof, Algernon Bennet Langton ASHTON {UK}
(M: 1859 Dec 9 - 1937 Apr 10) Truth, Wit, And Wisdom: 525 Letters To The Press [e|1905] More Truth, Wit, And Wisdom: 656 Letters To The Press [e|1908] Joseph François Olivar ASSELIN {CA}
(M: 1874 Nov 8 or 9 - 1937 (or 1938) Apr 18) Archdeacon, Edward Dupré ATKINSON {UK}
(M: 1855 Feb 2 - 1937 Apr 26) An Ulster Parish: Being A History Of Donaghcloney, Waringstown [n|1898] Private Prayers For Irish Church People [n|1915] Story Of St Patrick As Told By Himself [b|1920] Dromore: An Ulster Diocese [n|1925] Recollections Of An Ulster Archdeacon [a|1934] Science And Health And Holy Scripture [n|?] Charles Leete ATTENBOROUGH {UK}
(M: 1853 Jan 12 - 1937 Mar 6) Marguerite AUDOUX {FR}
(F: 1863 Jul 7 - 1937 Jan (or Feb) 31) Marie Claire [f|Fr-1910] 20572 Marie Claire [f|Fr-1910] (tr John N RAPHAEL) [1911] Valserine, And Other Stories [s|1912] L'Atelier De Marie-Claire [f|Fr-1920] De La Ville Au Moulin [f|Fr-1926] Douce Lumière [f|Fr-1937] Brig-Gen, Herbert Henry AUSTIN {UK}
(M: 1868 Jun 1 - 1937 Apr 27) Among Swamps And Giants In Equatorial Africa [n|1902] With Macdonald In Uganda [n|1903] A Scamper Through The Far East [n|1909] The Baqubah Refugee Camp [n|1920] Gun-Running In The Gulf And Other Adventures [n|1926] Some Rambles Of A Sapper [n|1928] Maj, Baden Fletcher Smyth BADEN-POWELL {UK}
(M: 1860 May 22 - 1937 Oct 3) In Savage Isles And Settled Lands [1891] War In Practice [n|1903] Ballooning As A Sport [n|1907] Practical Aerodynamics [n|1908] George Fisher BAKER {US}
(M: 1878 Mar 19 - 1937 May 30) Newton Diehl BAKER {US}
(M: 1871 Dec 3 - 1937 Dec 25) Meliton BALANCHIVADZE {SU}
(M: 1862 - 1937) Maj-Gen, Thomas Stanford BALDOCK {UK}
(M: 1854 Jan 12 - 1937 Aug 28) Cromwell As A Soldier [b|1899] Prof, Henry Arthur BALLOU {US}
(M: 1872 - 1937 Nov 3) Insect Pests Of Lesser Antilles [n|?] William Hosea BALLOU {US}
(M: 1857 Sep 30 - 1937 Nov 30) A Ride On A Cyclone [f|1889] The Bachelor Girl [f|1890] The Upper Ten [f|1891] An Automatic Wife [f|1891] Spectacular Romances [f|1892] Herbert Lee BARBER {US}
(M: 1865 May 20 - 1937) Making Money Make Money [n|1916] The Story Of The Automobile: Its History...From 1760 To 1917 [n|1917] Investing For Profits:...Making Money Through Investments [n|1920] Canon, James Wareing BARDSLEY {UK}
(M: c1837 - ?) Illustrative Texts And Texts Illustrated [n|1873] Reginald Charles BARKER {UK/US?}
(M: 1881 May 15 - 1937 Oct 21) Grizzly Gallagher [f|1927] Wild Horse Ranch [f|1927] Gentleman Grizzly [f|1928] Hair-Trigger Brand [f|1929] Rev, Herbert BARNETT {UK}
(M: 1851 May 14 - 1937 Nov 23) Glympton: The History Of An Oxfordshire Manor [n|1923] John Henry BARR {US?}
(M: 1861 - 1937) Elements Of Machine Design (w Dexter S KIMBALL) [n|?/1923] Sir, James Matthew BARRIE, 1st Baronet BARRIE of Adelphi Terrace {UK}
(M: 1860 May 9 - 1937 Jun 19) (also wrote as: Gavin OGILVY) 20807 Better Dead [1887] When A Man's Single [1888] 20918 Auld Licht Idylls [1888] An Edinburgh Eleven [1888] 20914 A Window In Thrums [1889] 18934 My Lady Nicotine [1890] * The Little Minister [f|1891] The Professor's Love Story [d|1894] 342,& Margaret Ogilvy [f|1896] 14961 Sentimental Tommy: The Story Of His Boyhood [f|1896] 5093 The Little Minister [d|1897] 11901 Tommy And Grizel [1900] The Wedding Guest [d|1900] 21366,kHQuality Street [d|1901] 3490 The Admirable Crichton [d|1902] 1376,& The Little White Bird [s|1902] Little Mary [d|1903] #D Peter Pan; Or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up [d|1904] 6965 Alice Sit-By-The-Fire [d|1905] 26998,D Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens [f|1906] Josephine [1906] Punch [1906] 5654 What Every Woman Knows [d|1908] When Wendy Grew Up [1908] An Englishman's Home (w Guy DU MAURIER) [d|1909] + Old Friends [1910] A Slice Of Life [1910] The Twelve-Pound Look [d|1910] 26654,WOPeter And Wendy [f|1911] The Dramatists Get What They Want [1912] The Will [d|1913] The Adored One [d|1913] k Half An Hour [d|pro:1913/pub:1928] k Half Hours [d|1914] Rosy Rapture [d|1915] The Fatal Typist [1915] + A Kiss For Cinderella [d|1916] Irene Vanbrugh's Pantomime [1916] Shakespeare's Legacy [1916] 4021 Dear Brutus [d|1917] Reconstructing The Crime [1917] The Old Lady Shows Her Medals [d|1917] 9617 Echoes Of The War [s|1918] Rosalind [d|1919] Truth About The Russian Dancers [d|c1920] Mary Rose [d|1920] 10767 Courage [n|1922] k Shall We Join The Ladies? [d|1922] Neil And Tintinnabulum [f|1925] Farewell Miss Julie Logan: A Wintry Tale [f|1932] The Boy David [d|1936] The Two Shepherds [f|1936] The Greenwood Hat [1937] + Seven Women [d|?] + Jess [?] John BARTHOLOMEW {UK}
(M: 1870 Jan 20 - 1937 Sep 3) Elements Of Conveyancing (w John CRAIGIE) [n|1908] Sir, Augusto/Augustus BARTOLO {UK}
(M: 1883 Oct 17 - 1937 Feb 20) The Sovereignty Of Malta And The Nature Of Its Title [n|1909] Malta: A Neglected Outpost Of Empire [n|1911] Malta, Past And Present [n|?] A History Of The Maltese Island [n|?] Malta And Sea Power [n|?] Dio Nella Natura E Nel Sentimento Umano [n|It-?] Sir, Dunbar (Plunket) BARTON, 1st Baronet BARTON of Fethard {UK}
(M: 1853 Oct 29 - 1937 Sep 11) The Land Law - Ireland - Act, 1896 [n|1897] Bernadotte, The First Phase, 1763-1799 [b|1914] Links Between Ireland And Shakespeare [n|1919] Bernadotte And Napoleon, 1800-1810 [b|1920] The Story Of Our Inns Of Court [n|1924] Bernadotte, Prince And King, 1810-1844 [b|1925] The Amazing Career Of Bernadotte, 1763 To 1844 [b|1929] Links Between Shakespeare And The Law [n|1929] Timothy Healy: Memories And Anecdotes [b|1933] Mrs D B BATES, nee ? {US}
(F: ? - ?) A& Incidents On Land And Water; Or,...The Pacific Coast [a|1857] Max BAUM {AT}
(M: 1872 May 27 - 1937) (wrote as: Max JUNGK) John Thomas BAVIN {UK}
(M: 1869 Jun 28 - 1937 Jun 20) Music For School And Home [n|?] Pathways To Music [n|?] A Piano Class Instructor [n|?] A String Class Instructor [n|?] Aids To Music [n|?] Prof, Émile BAYARD {FR}
(M: 1868 - 1937) L'Art De Reconnaître Les Tapisseries [n|Fr-1927] Lilian Mary BAYLIS {UK}
(F: 1874 May 9 - 1937 Nov 25) The Old Vic (w Cicely HAMILTON) [n|1926] George Allan BEAUCHAMP {US}
(M: 1855 Mar 16 - 1937) Masonic Manual: Grand Lodge Of Alabama [n|1908] Rev, Samuel BEAUFOY
(M: ? - ?) The Ringer's True Guide [n|1857] Amanda Kathryn BECK
(F: 1870 - 1937) A Reference Hand-book For Nurses [n|1905/08/18/19/1924/1929/1932/1934] Richard BECKETT {UK}
(M: 1837 Nov 7 - ?) Prof, Samuel Hume BECKETT {US}
(M: 1883 - 1937 Sep 17) Evaporation From Irrigated Soils (w Samuel FORTIER) [n|1912] Investigations Of The Economical Duty Of Water... (w Frank ADAMS) [n|1917] Adriaan BEETS {NL?}
(M: 1860 - 1937) Paul BEKKER {DE}
(M: 1882 Sep 11 - 1937 Mar 7) George (William) BELDAM {UK}
(M: 1868 May 1 - 1937 Nov 23) Great Batsmen: Their Methods At A Glance (w C B FRY) [n|1905] Great Bowlers And Fielders: Their Methods At A Glance (w C B FRY) [n|1907] Albert Martin BELDING {CA}
(M: 1859 - c1937) Heart-Broken Coroner, And Other Wonders (w H A WOODWORTH) [s|1895] Harry Charles Purvis BELL {UK}
(M: 1851 Sep 21 - 1937 Sep 6) Julian Heward BELL {UK}
(M: 1908 Feb 4 - 1937 Jul 18) Chaffinches [p|1929] Winter Movement And Other Poems [p|1930] We Did Not Fight: 1914-1918 Experiences Of War Resisters (ed) [n|1935] Work For The Winter And Other Poems [p|1936] Essays, Poems And Letters (ed Quentin BELL) [e|1938] Lora BELLAMY, nee DAVIS {CA}
(F: 1855 - 1937) Richard BENNETT {UK}
(M: 1860 - 1937 Aug 13) Felix BERAN {AT}
(M: 1868 Apr 17 - c1937) Henry van den BERGH {NL}
(M: 1851 Sep 6 - 1937 Mar 12) The Incas And Their Industries [n|1921] The Incas And Their Industries (2e w J H RUS) [n|1934] Josef August BERINGER {DE}
(M: 1862 Jan 27 - 1937 Dec 6) Arthur BERNÈDE {FR}
(M: 1871 Jan 5 - 1937 Mar 20) Les Sacrifées [Fr-1923] Vidocq [Fr-1923] Carl Albrecht BERNOULLI {CH}
(M: 1868 Jan 10 - 1937 Feb 13) (wrote as: Ernst KILCHNER) Sir, Anton BERTRAM {UK}
(M: 1869 Feb - 1937 Sep 16) Report Of The...Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem (w H C LUKE) [n|1921] Report...Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem (w J W A YOUNG) [n|1926] The Colonial Service [n|1930] Henry BEST
(M: ? - ?) Rural Economy In Yorkshire In 1641 (ed C B ROBINSON) [n|1857] Tom BEVAN {UK}
(M: 1868 Jul 17 - 1937 (wrongly 1938 Jun 2)) (also wrote as: Walter BAMFYLDE) The Thane Of The Dean: A Tale Of The Time Of The Conqueror [f|1899] White Ivory And Black (w E H BURRAGE & J A HIGGINSON) [s|1899] Dick Dale, The Colonial Scout:...Transvaal War Of 1899-1900 [f|1900] The 'Polly's' Apprentice [f|1900] A Lion Of Wessex; Or, How Saxon Fought Dane [f|1902] Against The King [f|1903] The Fen Robbers [f|1903] Beggars Of The Sea: A Story Of The Dutch Struggle With Spain [f|1904] A Hero In Wolf-Skin: A Story Of Pagan And Christian [f|1904] The War-God And The Brown Maiden [f|1904] Red Dickon The Outlaw: A Story Of Mediæval England [f|1905] A Trooper Of The Finns: A Tale Of The Thirty Years' War [f|1905] Held By Rebels [1] [f|1906] 25670 Sea-Dogs All!: A Tale Of Forest And Sea [f|1907] The 'Grey Fox' Of Holland:...Holland During...Philip II [f|1908] The Goldsmith Of Chepe: A Tale Of The Plague Year [f|1908] Runners Of Contraband: A Story Of Russian Tyranny [f|1908] The Chancellor's Spy:...Life In The Reign Of Henry The Eighth [f|1909] The Secret Men [f|1910] The Insurgent Trail: A Story Of The Balkans [f|1910] Stories From British History, BC 54 - AD 1485 [1910] The House Of Hanover, 1714 To 1901 [1911] Rebels And Rogues [1911] Out With The Buccaneers; Or, The Treasure Of The Snake [f|1911] The Baymouth Scouts: A Story Of The Napoleon Scare [f|1912] Trapped In Tripoli; Or, A Boy's Adventures In The Desert [f|1912] One Of The Awkward Squad [f|1912] With Bandit And Turk [f|1913] The Uplanders (ps: Walter BAMFYLDE) [1914] The Last Of The Giants: A Story Of Arctic Canada [f|1915] Midsummer Magic (ps: Walter BAMFYLDE) [1915] Doing His 'Bit'; A Story Of The Present War [f|1916] With Haig At The Front: A Story Of The Great Fight [f|1916] The Road To Arcady (ps: Walter BAMFYLDE) [f|1917] With Cossack And Car In Galicia [f|1917] The Jungle Spies [2] [f|1919] The House Divided [f|1919] Young Lion-Heart [3] [f|1920] Margaret Bateman [f|1920] The Mystery Trail [f|1923] Bob Blair, Plainsman [f|1924] The Heroic Impostor [f|1925] Rivals Of The Fourth [f|1925] The Ship That Was Eaten [f|1925] The Tudor Period [n|1926] The Unknown Trail [f|1926] The Secret Of The Downs [f|1927] The Revolution To Waterloo [1927] From Waterloo To The Present Day [1927] The Ancient World [1929] The British Empire Overseas, Historical And Geographical [n|1930] The Mystery Of Worton Keep [f|1931] The Lower Fourth At Underhill [f|1932] Tom Bevan Omnibus [1+2+3] [s|1933] Rev, Samuel BICKERSTETH {UK}
(M: 1857 Sep 9 - 1937 May 18) The Life And Letters Of Edward Bickersteth, DD, Bishop Of S Tokio [b|?] Citizens All [1918] J T BICKFORD
(?: ? - ?) R Scandal [f|1857] Harriet Hamline BIGELOW
(F: ? - ?) R The Curse Entailed [f|1857] William Earle BINDER
(M: ? - ?) R Madelon Hawley; Or, The Jesuit And His Victim [f|1857] R Viola; Or, The Triumphs Of Love And Faith [f|1858] Robert Worth BINGHAM {US}
(M: 1871 Nov 8 - 1937 Dec 18) Herbert Ernest BINSTEAD {UK}
(M: 1869 Oct 28 - 1937 Feb 21) The Furniture Styles [n|1904/1930] The Creed Of A Modern Christian [n|1905] Useful Details [n|1906] In Doubt, Debt, Or Difficulty [n|1910] Furniture [n|1920] Nathan BIRNBAUM {AT}
(M: 1864 May 16 - 1937 Apr 2) (also wrote as: Mathias ACHER) Die Assimilationssucht (anon) [Ge-1884] Die Nationale Wiedergeburt Des Jüdischen Volkes... [n|Ge-1893] Die Jüdische Moderne (ps: Mathias ACHER) [Ge-1896] Ich Bin Salomo [d|Ge-1909] Ausgewählte Schriften Zur Jüdischen Frage [2v|e|Ge-1910] Juden Als Erfinder Und Entdecker [n|Ge-1913] Den Ostjuden Ihr Recht! [n|Ge-1915] Gottes Volk [n|Ge-1918] Vom Freigeist Zum Gläubigen [n|Ge-1919] Vor Dem Wandersturm [n|Ge-1919] Edom (w Hugo HERRMANN) [Ge-1919] Um Die Ewigkeit: Jüdische Essays [e|Ge-1920] Im Dienste Der Verheissung [n|Ge-1927] Rufe [Ge-1937] Charles Crofton BLACK (Jr) {UK}
(M: 1880 Mar 11 - 1937 Jan 20) Land Value Duties [n|1910] Corn Production Act [n|1917] Agricultural Act [n|1920] Wilfred BLACKET {AU}
(M: 1859 Sep 27 - 1937 Feb 6) May It Please Your Honour: Lawyers...In New South Wales [n|1927] Lucretia M BLANKENBURG, nee LONGSHORE {US}
(F: c1845 - 1937 Mar 28) The Blankenburgs Of Philadelphia [b|1928] Alden Joseph BLETHEN (Sr) {US}
(M: 1845 - 1937 Oct 7) Genealogy Of The Blethen Family [b|1911] Elizabeth Adeline Mary BLIGH, Baroness CLIFTON of Leighton Bromswold {UK}
(F: 1900 Jan 22 - 1937 Jul 5) (wrote as: Lenox FANE) Frederick Jones BLISS {US}
(M: 1859 - 1937) Excavations In Jerusalem, 1894-1897 (w A C DICKIE) [n|1898] Excavations In Palestine (w R A S MACALISTER) [n|?] Godfrey BLOUNT {UK}
(M: 1859 - 1937 Jul 6) The Gospel Of Simplicity: A Plea For Country Life & Handicrafts [n|1903] Theodor Ferdinand BOCK {AT}
(M: 1859 Dec 27 - 1937 Apr 14) (wrote as: Ferdinand STIEBER) Richard(=Ryszard) BOLESLAVSKI / BOLESLAVSKY / BOLESLAWSKI / BOLESLAWSKY, ne SRZEDNICKI ? {PL/US?}
(M: 1889 Feb 4 - 1937 Jan 17) Lances Down: Between The Fires In Moscow (w Helen WOODWARD) [1932] The Way Of The Lancer (w Helen WOODWARD) [n|1932] Acting: The First Six Lessons [n|1933] New Features In Acting [n|1935] Prof, Johannes BOLTE {DE}
(M: 1858 Feb 11 - 1937 Jul 25) Niederdeutsche Schauspiele Älterer Zeit (jt ed) [n|Ge-1885] Name Und Merkmale Des Märchens [n|Ge-1920] Zeugnisse Zur Geschichte Der Märchen [n|Ge-1921] Harvey S BOMBERGER {US}
(M: 1860 - 1937) Historical Sketch Of The First Monument... (anon) [n|1907] Alexander Russell BOND {US}
(M: 1876 - 1937) 15831 The Scientific American Boy; Or,...Willow Clump Island [f|1905] The Scientific American Boy At School [f|1910] With The Men Who Do Things [f|1913] Pick, Shovel And Pluck [f|1914] Sir, Robert Laird BORDEN {CA}
(M: 1854 Jun 26 - 1937 Jun 10) Canadian Constitutional Studies [n|1922] Canada In The Commonwealth [n|1929] Robert Laird Borden: His Memoirs (ed Henry BORDEN) [2v|a|1938] Letters To Limbo (ed Henry BORDEN) [a|1971] John Ernest BORLAND {UK}
(M: 1866 - 1937 May 15) The Instruments Of The Orchestra [n|1926] Musical Foundations: A Record Of Musical Work In Schools... [n|1927] Sir, Jagadis Chandra BOSE
(M: 1858 Nov 30 - 1937 Nov 23) 18986 Response In The Living And Non-Living [n|1902] 22085 Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose: His Life And Speeches [a|1920] * Life Movements In Plants [n|?] Plant Response [n|?] Comparative Electro-physiology [n|?] Irritability Of Plants [n|?] The Physiology Of The Ascent Of Sap [n|?] The Physiology Of Photosynthesis [n|?] The Nervous Mechanism Of Plants [n|?] Plant Autographs And Their Revelations [n|?] Collected Physical Papers [e|?] The Motor Mechanism Of Plants [n|?] Growth And Tropic Movements Of Plants [n|?] George Albert BOULENGER {UK?}
(M: 1858 Oct 19 - 1937 Nov 23) Catalogue Of The Batrachia Salientia S Ecaudata... [2v|n|1882] Catalogue Of The Lizards In The British Museum... [3v|n|1885-87] Catalogue Of The Chelonians, Rhynchocephalians And Crocodiles... [n|1889] Reptilia And Batrachia [n|1890/1912] Catalogue Of The Snakes In The British Museum... [3v|n|1893-96] Catalogue Of The Perciform Fishes In The British Museum... [n|?/1895] The Tailless Batrachians Of Europe [n|1897] Guide To The Galleries Of Reptiles And Fishes... [n|1898] Les Poissons Du Bassin Du Congo [n|Fr-1901] The Fishes Of The Nile [2v|n|1907] Catalogue Of The Fresh-Water Fishes Of Africa... [4v|n|1909-16] A List Of The Reptiles And Batrachians Of Cyprus [n|1910] Johannes Müller [b|1912] The Snakes Of Europe [n|1913] Animal Life By The Sea-Shore (w Charles Leopold BOULENGER) [n|1914] A Monograph Of The South Asian, Papuan, Melanesian...Frogs... [n|1920] Monograph Of The Lacertidæ [2v|n|1920-21] Les Roses D'Europe De L'Herbier Crépin [2v|n|Fr-1924-32] William BOWEN {US?}
(M: 1877 - 1937) The Enchanted Forest [f|1920] 26977 The Old Tobacco Shop [f|1921] Solario The Tailor, His Tales Of The Magic Doublet [1922] Merrimeg [1923] Philip And The Faun [1926] Gossip From The Sixteenth Century [1938] Sidney/Sydney BOWKETT
(M: c1868 - 1937 Oct 10) Mary Stuart BOYD, nee KIRKWOOD {NZ}
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