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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1870 - 1938) Gervaise ABBOTT
(M: ? - ?) The Heirs Of Cheveleigh [f|1858] John Jacob ABEL {US}
(M: 1857 May 19 - 1938 May 26) Prof, Lascelles ABERCROMBIE {UK}
(M: 1881 Jan 9 - 1938 Oct 27) Interludes And Poems [p|1908] Mary And The Bramble [p|1910] The Sale Of St Thomas [p|1911] 15472 Emblems Of Love [p|1912] Deborah [d|1912] Thomas Hardy: A Critical Study [n|1912] Speculative Dialogues [1913] The Adder [d|1913] 10716 The Epic [n|1914] The End Of The World [d|1914] The Staircase [d|1920] The Deserter [d|1922] An Essay Towards A Theory Of Art [n|1922] Four Short Plays [d|1922] Principles Of English Prosody [n|1923] Pho=enix [d|1923] The Theory Of Poetry [n|1924] Idea Of Great Poetry [n|1925] Romanticism [n|1926] Twelve Idylls [1928] Progress In Literature [n|1929] Collected Poems [p|1930] Liberty Of Interpreting [n|1930] The Sale Of St Thomas [d|1931] Poetry, Its Music And Meaning [n|1932] Christmas Greetings [1932] Aspects Of Shakespeare [n|1933] The Poems Of Lascelles Abercrombie [p|1930] Lyrics And Unfinished Poems [p|1940] Art Of Wordsworth [n|1952] Rabbi, Joseph ABRAHAMS {UK/AU?}
(M: 1855 Apr 1 - 1938 Aug 18) The Sources Of The Midrash Echah Rabbah [n|1883] Prof, Charles Darwin ADAMS {US}
(M: 1856 Oct 21 - 1938 May 28) Demosthenes [n|1927] George Russell ADAMS {US}
(M: 1845 Mar 20 - 1938) Friedrich ADLER {CS}
(M: 1857 Feb 13 - 1938 Feb 2) Gedichte [p|Ge-1893] Neue Gedichte [p|Ge-1899] Zwei Eisen Im Feuer [Ge-1900] Don Gil [Ge-1902] Freiheit [d|Ge-1904] Vom Goldenen Kragen [Ge-1907] Der Gläserne Magister [Ge-1910] José AGOSTINHO {PT}
(M: 1866 - 1938) 27689 Jaime De Magalhães Lima [b|Pt-1911] Sir, John AIRD {CA?}
(M: 1855 Nov 15 - 1938 Nov 30) Canadian And World Economic Conditions (w S H LOGAN) [n|1934] Sheriff, (Charles) Jeff(=Jefferson) (Haley) AKE {US}
(M: 1845 (or 1847) - 1938 May 1) They Die But Once (w James B O'NEIL) [a|1935] Konstantin Sergeevich ALEKSEEV {SU}
(M: 1863 - 1938 Aug 7) (wrote as: Konstantin Sergeevich STANISLAVSKY) My Life In Art [a|Ru?-?] (tr J J ROBBINS) [1924] Abbé, Adhémar d'ALÈS
(M: 1861 - 1938) La Theologie De Saint Hippolyte [n|Fr-1906] Dictionnaire Apologetique De La Foi Catholique [n|Fr-?/?/?/1923] Baptism And Confirmation [n|Fr-?] (tr Rev Joseph H HOWARD) [1929] ALETH (ps)
(?: ? - ?) R Ernestin; Or, The Heart's Longing [f|1858] Prof, Samuel ALEXANDER {AU?}
(M: 1859 Jan 6 - 1938 Sep 13) Moral Order And Progress [n|1888] Locke [b|1908] Space, Time And Deity [2v|n|1920] Spinoza And His Time [b|1921] Art And Material Beauty [n|1925] Beauty And Other Forms Of Value [n|1933] Ramón María ALFONZO {VE}
(M: ? - ?) Thomas Wildcat ALFORD {US}
(M: 1860 Jun - 1938 Aug 3) Civilization... [a|1936] Jeanne Marie Bernarde ALLEMAN {FR}
(F: 1885 Mar 14 - 1938 May 8) (wrote as: Jean BALDE) Charles Ricketson ALLEN {US}
(M: 1862 Aug 6 - 1938 Jul 6) Laboratory Manual Of Physics [n|1890] The Instructor, The Man And His Job [n|1919] The Foreman And His Job [n|1921] Vocational Education In A Democracy (w C A PROSSER) [n|?] The Supervision Of Vocational Education (w J C WRIGHT) [n|1926] The Administration Of Vocational Education [n|1927] Efficiency In Education [n|1928] Efficiency In Vocational Education [n|1929] Have We Kept The Faith? [n|1929] Managing Minds (w H A TIEMON) [n|1932] Willis Boyd ALLEN {US}
(M: 1855 Jul 9 - 1938 Sep 11) The Pine Cone Stories [s|1885] Christmas At Surf Point [1886] Silver Rags [1886] The Mountaineers [1887] The Danger Signal [1887] The Northern Cross; Or, Randolph's Last Year At The Boston... [f|1887] Creeping Jenny [1888] Kelp: A Story Of The Isles Of Shoals [f|1888] Prince's Pine [1888] Christmas Evergreens [1889] Fir Boughs [1889] Cloud And Cliff; Or, Summer Days At The White Mountains [f|1889] The Red Mountain Of Alaska (aka: The Gold-Hunters Of Alaska) [f|1889] In The Morning [p|1890] The Lion City Of Africa: A Story Of Adventure [f|1890] The Boyhood Of John Kent [f|1891] John Brownlow's Folks [1891] Gulf And Glacier; Or, The Percivals In Alaska [f|1892] The Pineboro Quartette [1893] Lost On Umbagog [1894] Christmas On Wheels [1895] The Mammoth Hunters [1895] A Son Of Liberty; Or, The Spirit Of Our Fathers [f|1896] The Great Island; Or, Cast Away In Papua [f|1897] Called To The Front [f|1897] Around The Yule Log [1898] Cleared For Action: A Story Of The Spanish-American War Of 1898 [f|1899] Navy Blue: A Story Of Cadet Life...Naval Academy At Annapolis [f|1899] The Head Of Pasht [1900] Under The Pine-Tree Flag [f|1902] Play Away!: A Story Of The Boston Fire Department [f|1902] Sword And Plowshare [1904] The North Pacific: A Story Of The Russo-Japanese War [f|1905] The Violet Book (ed) [p|1909] Edgard ALLIX {FR}
(M: 1874 Dec 16 - 1938 Jun 22) L'Oeuvre Économique De Karl Marlo [n|Fr-1898] Traité Élémentaire De Science Des Finances Et De Législation... [n|Fr-1907] Les Impôts Français; L'Impôt Sur Le Revenu [n|Fr-1926] L'Impôt Sur Le Revenu [n|Fr-1926] La Taxe Sur Le Chiffre D'Affaires [n|Fr-1927] Guide Complet Du Contribuable [n|Fr-1928] Henri d'ALMÉRAS {FR}
(M: 1861 - 1938) (also wrote as: BOSSOLASCHI; Zéphyrin RAGANASSE; Henri de VÉRAC) Charlotte Corday, D'Apres Les Documents Contemporains [b|Fr-1910] Serafín ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO {ES}
(M: 1871 Mar 26 - 1938 Apr 12 (or 13)) Gilito (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1889] El Buena Sombra (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1898] Los Galeotes (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1900] Las Flores (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1901] Papá Juan: Centenario (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1909] Malvaloca (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1912] 16109 Doña Clarines Y Mañana De Sol (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [n|Sp-1915] La Calumniada (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1919] Acacia Y Meliton (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1923] Ganas De Renir (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1923] Cancionera (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-reg:1924] Concha La Limpia (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-reg:1924] Dos Pesetas (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-reg:1924] Mi Hermano Y Yo (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-reg:1924] La Suerte (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-reg:1924] Los Mosquitos (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-1928] Dona Clarines (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-?] Amores Y Amorios (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-?] Asi Se Escribe La Historia (w J ÁLVAREZ QUINTERO) [d|Sp-?] Fernand AMBROISE {HT}
(M: 1881 Dec 9 - 1938 Apr 7) (wrote as: Félix de SAINT-LAURENT) Aleksandr Valentinovich AMFITEATROV {SU}
(M: 1862 Dec 26 - 1938 Feb 26) [Vosmidesyatniki] [f|Ru-1907] [Devyatidesyatniki] [f|Ru-1911] Wolfgang AMMON {DE}
(M: 1869 Mar 3 - 1938 Dec) Chronik Von São Bento [Ge-1923] Hansel Glückspilz [Ge-1926] Der Ersten Jahr Als Kolonist [Ge-1927] Die Glücksleiter [f|Ge-1928] Lebensmut [Ge-1936] Peter B AMSTUTZ {US}
(M: 1846 Jun 6 - 1938 Jan 16) Das Zweite Kommen Christi: Auf Grundlage Der Heiligen Schrift [n|Ge-1926] Domenico ANASTASI {MT}
(M: 1886 Nov 27 - 1938 Nov 25) Florence ANDERSON
(F: ? - ?) R Zenaida [f|1858] James ANDERSON
(M: ? - ?) The Improvement Of Agriculture... [n|1858] The Union Of The British North American Provinces Considered... [n|1859] Rev, W C ANDERSON {US}
(M: ? - ?) The Ocean Telegraph [n|1858] A Notes On Dr Scott's Bible And Politics [n|1859] Gertrude (nee?)Nelson ANDREWS {US}
(F: ? - 1938 Oct 10) The Romance Of A Western Boy [Corse Payton] [b|1901] Launcelot Winchester ANDREWS {CA/US?}
(M: 1856 Jun 13 - 1938 Apr 14) Siegfried ANHEISSER {DE}
(M: 1881 Dec 9 - 1938 Jun) Für Den Deutschen Mozart [Ge-1938] Prince, Gabriele (Rapagnetta) d'ANNUNZIO {IT}
(M: 1863 (or 1864) Mar 12 - 1938 Mar 1) All'Augusto Sovrano D'Italia Umberto I Di Savoia [It-1879] Primo Vere [It-1879] In Memoriam [It-1880] Canto Novo [It-1882] Terra Vergine [It-1882] Intermezzo Di Rime [It-1884] Il Libro Delle Vergini [It-1884] 27825 Isaotta Guttàdauro Ed Altre Poesie [p|It-1886] San Pantaleone [It-1886] L'Armata D'Italia [It-1888] Per Nozze [It-1888] Pro Anima [It-1888] Il Piacere [It-1889] 20015 The Child Of Pleasure [It-1889] (tr G HARDING & A SYMONS) [1898] Per Nozze Di Carmelo Errico E Di Giulia Costantitni [It-1889] L'Isotteo, La Chimera [It-1890] 22642 L'Innocente [It-1892] I Violent [It-1892] Elegie Romane [It-1892] Giovanni Episcopo [It-1892] Gli Idolatri [It-1892] Nell'Assenza Di Lanciotto [It-1892] Odi Navali [It-1892] Poema Paradisiaco: Odi Navali [It-1893] + Trionfo Della Morte [It-1894] Intermezzo [It-1894] Le Vergini Delle Rocce [It-1895] L'Allegoria Dell'Autunno [It-1895] Cantico Per L'Ottava Della Vittoria [It-1896] Canto Novo: Intermezzo [It-1896] Sogno D'Un Mattino Di Primavera [It-1897] k La Città Morta [d|It-1898] Sogno D'Un Tramonto D'Autunno [It-1898] 23297 La Gioconda [It-1899] La Gloria [It-1899] The Virgins Of The Rocks [f|1899] Il Fuoco [It-1900] In Morte Di Giuseppe Verdi [It-1901] La Canzone Di Garibaldi [It-1901] Le Novelle Della Pescara [It-1902] Ditirambo [It-1902] Francesca Da Rimini [It-1902] Nel Primo Centenario Della Nascita Di Vittore Hugo [It-1902] Laudi Del Cielo Del Mare Della Terra E Degli Eroi [2v|It-1903] La Figlia Di Iorio [It-1904] La Fiaccola Sotto Il Moggio [It-1905] Prose Scelte [It-1906] La Resurrezione Del Centauro [It-1907] The Daughter Of Jorio [d|1907] L'Orazione E La Canzone In Morte Di Giosuè Carducci [It-1907] Più Che L'Amore [It-1907] La Nave [It-1908] Fedra [It-1909] Forse Che Sì Forse Che No [It-1910] La Crociata Degli Innocenti [It-1911] Le Martyre De Saint Sébastien [Fr-[It-1911]] Contemplazione Della Morte [It-1912] La Canzone Di Dardanelli [It-1912] Merope [It-1912] La Vita Di Cola Di Rienzo [It-1913] Parisina [It-1913] * Cabiria [It-1914] Favole Mondane [It-1914] Il Ferro [It-1914] La Pisanella [It-1914] Le Parabole [It-1914] Nozze Sangiorgi-Giorgi [It-1914] Parabole E Novelle [It-1914] L'Invincibile [It-1915] Ode Alla Nazione Serba [It-1915] Per La Più Grande Italia [It-1915] La Leda Senza Cigno [It-1916] Ode Agli Eroi Civili [It-1916] Due Orazioni Per La Morte Di Giovanni Randaccio [It-1917] La Beffa Di Buccari [It-1918] La Riscossa [It-1918] Aveaux De L'Ingrat [Fr-1919] Contro Uno E Contro Tutti [It-1919] Disobbedisco [It-1919] Italia O Mort [It-1919] L'Ala D'Italia È Liberata [It-1919] La Pentecoste D'Italia [It-1919] Lettera Ai Dalmati [It-1919] L'Italia Alla Colonna E La Vittoria Col Bavaglio [n|It-1919] Disegno Di Un Nuovo Ordinamento Dell'Esercito Liberatore [It-1920] Italia E Vita [It-1920] Ritratto Di Luisa Baccara [It-1920] Notturno [It-1921] Per L'Italia Degli Italiani [It-1923] Le Faville Del Maglio [2v|It-1924-28] Juvenilia [It-1925] Il Libro Ascetico Della Giovane Italia [It-1926] Carmen Votivum [It-1927] Il Sudore Di Sangue [It-1930] La Penultima Ventura [It-1931] L'Orto E La Prora [It-1934] Aux Bons Chevaliers Latins De France Et D'Italie [Fr-1935] Teneo Te Africa [It-1936] Édouard ANSEELE {BE}
(M: 1856 Jul 26 - 1938 Feb 18) Adm, Robert Hamilton ANSTRUTHER {UK}
(M: 1862 Jun 10 - 1938 Sep 26) Sea-Faring Phrases And Technical Terms (w Raffaele SETTEMBRINI) [n|1894] Cornwallis [?] (Christina Adriana) Dina(=Arendina) APPELDOORN {NL}
(F: 1884 Feb 26 - 1938 Dec 10) Henri ARDEL {FR}
(M: 1863 - 1938) 31032 Le Chemin Qui Descend [Fr-1916] Mrs Robert Ayrey, (Mary) ARMITAGE, nee MARSHALL {UK}
(F: c1838 - after 1910) Worth Or Birth? [f|1865] George Henry ARMSTRONG {CA}
(M: 1858 Jan 2 - 1938 Apr 14) + English Grammar And Composition For Public Schools [n|1901] + The Origin And Meaning Of Place Names In Canada [n|1930] Sir, Harry Gloster ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1861 Jan 17 - 1938 Feb 6) Catechism Of Squad Drill [n|?/?] Words Of Command And Caution Used In Company Drill [n|?] Words Of Command And Caution Used In Battalion Drill [n|?/?] Catechism Of Regulations For Encampment [n|?] Frank ARNOLDI {CA}
(M: 1848 Apr 3 - 1938) An Epoch In Canadian History [n|1904] Eduard (Philibert) ASSMUSS
(M: 1838 - ?) 19673 Die Parasiten Der Honigbiene...Krankheiten Dieses Insects [n|Ge-1865] Marjorie ASTIN {UK}
(F: 1903 - 1938 Jun 24) Mrs Pepys: Her Book [1929] Mary Russell Mitford: Her Circle And Her Books [n|1930] Sir, George (Grey) ASTON {UK}
(M: 1861 Dec 2 - 1938 Dec 2) (also wrote as: [George SOUTHCOTE]) Letters On Amphibious Wars [n|1911/20] Staff Duties, And Other Subjects [n|1913] Sea, Land And Air Strategy [n|1914] The Triangle Of Terror In Belgium [n|1918] War Lessons, New And Old [n|1919] Memories Of A Marine [a|1920] Mostly About Trout [n|1921] The Problem Of Defence [n|1925] Letters To Young Flyfishers [n|1926] The Navy Of To-day [n|1927] The Life Of Nelson [b|1928] The Biography Of Marshal Foch [b|1929] His Royal Highness The Duke Of Connaught... (w Evelyn GRAHAM) [b|1929] History Of The Great War [n|?] Secret Service [n|1930] TR Pres, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK {TR}
(M: 1881 Mar 12 - 1938 Nov 10) Harold (Richard) ATTERIDGE {US}
(M: 1886 Jul 9 - 1938 Jan 15) A Winning Miss [d|?] The Girl In The Kimono [d|pro:1907] Vera Violetta [d|?] The Whirl Of Society [d|?] The Honeymoon Express [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1913 [d|?] Two Little Brides [d|?] The Man With Three Wives [d|?] The Whirl Of The World [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1914 [d|1914] Dancing Around [d|?] Maid In America [d|?] The Peasant Girl [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1915 [d|1915] A World Of Pleasure [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1916 [d|1916] Robinson Crusoe, Jr [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1917 [d|1917] Show Of Wonders [d|?] Doing Our Bit [d|?] Sinbad [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1918 [d|1918] Monte Cristo, Jr [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1919 [d|1919] The Little Blue Devil [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1921 [d|1921] The Last Waltz [d|?] Bombo [d|?] The Rose Of Stamboul [d|?] Make It Snappy [d|?] The Passing Show Of 1922 [d|1922] The Dancing Girl (w Harry Wagstaff GRIBBLE) [d|1923] Passing Show Of 1923 [d|1923] The Passing Show Of 1925 [d|1925] Big Boy [d|?] Artists And Models [d|?] Gay Paree [d|?] Everybody's Welcome [d|?] Maj, Ernest Edward AUSTEN {UK}
(M: 1867 Oct 19 - 1938 Jan 16) A Monograph Of The Tsetse Flies [n|1903] British Blood-Sucking Flies [n|1906] African Blood-Sucking Flies [n|1909] A Handbook Of The Tsetse-Flies (Genus Glossina) [n|1911] The House Fly [n|1920] Tsetse Flies, Their Characteristics, Distribution... (w E HEGH) [n|1922] Blood-Sucking Flies, Ticks...And How To Collect Them [n|?] Clothes Moths And House Moths (w A W McKenny HUGHES) [n|1932/1935] Bombyliidae Of Palestine [n|1937] Clothes Moths And House Moths (3e w A W McK HUGHES & H STRINGER) [n|1942/1948] Ellen Lockhart Piercy AUSTIN {UK}
(F: c1866 - 1938 Jul 7) (wrote as: E A) Impressions Of L H M S (jt ed) [b|1927] Mrs I D AYLMER, nee FENTON {ZA?}
(F: ? - ?) Adventures Of Mrs Colonel Somerset... (aka: Bush Life) [n|1858] Sir, Edward Denny BACON {UK}
(M: 1860 Aug 29 - 1938 Jun 5) Catalogue Of The Philatelic Library Of The Earl Of Crawford, KT [n|1911] The Postage Stamps Of The Turks Islands [n|1917] The Line-Engraved Postage Stamps Of Great Britain [2v|n|1920] The Essays, Proofs, Colour Trials... [n|1936] Grenada [n|?] Arthur Rudolph BAILEY {AU}
(M: 1863 Aug 21 - 1938 Apr 25) Digest Of The New And More...British Pharmacopaeia (w S PLOWMAN) [n|1915] Ebenezer BAIN {CA}
(M: c1838 - ?) Ramblings In Rhymeland [p|1918] Aksel BAKOUTS {SU}
(M: 1899 - 1938) Henry Alexander BALBI {MT}
(M: 1867 Oct 14 - 1938 Jul 11) (wrote as: G W COWPER) Guide To The Church Of St John, Malta [n|1939] Byron Anastasius BALDWIN
(M: 1838 - ?) Charles BALL
(M: ? - ?) The History Of The Indian Mutiny [n|1858] John Bright BANISTER {UK}
(M: 1880 Apr 3 - 1938 Apr 16) Elizabeth (L) BANKS {US}
(F: 1870 - 1938 Jul 18) (also wrote as: ENID; Mary Mortimer MAXWELL) Campaigns Of Curiosity:...American Girl In Late Victorian London [a|1894] The Autobiography Of A 'Newspaper Girl' [a|1902] The Mystery Of Frances Farrington [f|1909] The Luck Of The Black Cat [s|1910] Dik, A Dog Of Belgium [1914] Dik's Fund For The Allies [1918] Land Of Hope [1925] School For John And Mary: A Story Of Caste In England [f|1925] The Remaking Of An American [a|1928] An Englishwoman In New York [?] The All-British Woman [?] Captain Jinks [?] Sergeant-Major, Of Canada [?] On The Boat That Uncle Sam Built [?] Simón BARCELÓ {VE}
(M: 1873 Jun 2 - 1938 Oct 22) Ernst BARLACH {DE}
(M: 1870 Jan 2 - 1938 (wrongly 1939) Oct 24) Amy Beatrice BARNARD {UK}
(F: 1862 - 1938 Nov 15) The Girl's Encyclopædia [n|1909] The Home Training Of Children [n|1910] The Golden Book Of Youth [1910] Talks With Children About Themselves [n|1911] The Girl's Book About Herself [n|1912] Memory [n|1923] Mind And Brain: Phrenology For Beginners [n|1929] Evan G BARNARD {US}
(M: 1865 Jul 11 - 1938) A Rider Of The Cherokee Strip [a|1936] Lemuel Call BARNES {US}
(M: 1854 - 1938) The New America: A Study In Immigration (w Mary Clark BARNES) [n|1913] Pioneers Of Light (Mary Clark BARNES) [n|1924] Two Thousand Years Of Missions [n|?] Missions To The Heathen [n|?] Sir, James BARR {UK}
(M: 1849 Sep 25 - 1938 Nov 16) Causes And Mechanism Of The Cardiac Impulse [n|1884] Post-Scarlatinal Nephritis [n|1887] Alcoholic Asthenia [n|1888] Treatment Of Typhoid Fever [f|1892] Diuretics [n|1897] Meningitis [n|1899] Pneumonia [n|1900/1928] Circulation Viewed From The Periphery [n|1906] Pleural Effusion And Its Treatment [n|1907] Bronchitis And Emphyema [n|1908] Treatment Of Heart Disease [n|1909] What Are We? What Are We Doing Here?... [n|1912] The Preservation Of A Healthy And Efficient Circulatory System... [n|1930] Martin W BARR {US}
(M: 1860 - 1938) Mental Defectives: Their History, Treatment, And Training [n|1904] Tomás BARRERA {ES}
(M: 1870 - 1938) El Nino De La Suerte [d|Sp-1923] Urbana Y Cortes (w Francisco ALONSO) [m|reg:1924] Wolfgang von BARTELS {DE}
(M: 1883 Jul 21 - 1938 Apr 21) Otto BAUER {AT}
(M: 1881 Sep 5 - 1938 Jul 4) Die Nationalitätenfrage Und Die Sozialdemokratie [n|Ge-1908] Das Arbeitende Volk Und Die Nationalitätenfrage [n|Ge-1911] Die Sozialisierungsaktion Im Ersten Jahre Der Republik [n|Ge-1919] Der Weg Zum Sozialismus [n|Ge-1919] Bolschewismus Oder Sozialdemokratie? [n|Ge-1920] Kapitalismus Und Sozialismus Nach Dem Weltkrieg [n|Ge-1931] Der Aufstand Der Österreichischen Arbeiter [n|Ge-1934] Zwischen Zwei Weltkriegen? [n|Ge-1936] Die Illegale Partei [n|Ge-1939] Eine Auswahl Aus Seinem Lebenswerk [e|Ge-1961] Edward Algernon BAUGHAN {UK}
(M: 1865 Dec 2 - 1938 Nov 26) Music And Musicians [n|1906] Ignaz Jan Paderewski [b|1908] Sir, Lewis BAYLY {UK}
(M: 1857 Sep 28 - 1938 May 16) Pull Together: The Memoirs Of Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly [a|1939] Edward C BAYNE {US}
(M: 1880 - 1938) Verses [p|1938] The Venerable BEADLE (ps) {CA}
(M: ? - ?) A Seasonable Shove To The Members Of The Anglican...Quebec [n|1858] Sidney Hartnoll BEARD {UK}
(M: 1862 - 1938 Oct 20) * A Comprehensive Guide-Book To Natural, Hygienic And Humane Diet [n|1913] Our Real Relationship To God [n|?] Is Flesh-Eating Morally Defensible?:...Hygienic And Humane Diet [n|?] The Testimony Of Science In Favour Of Natural And Humane Diet [n|?] The Coming Revival Of Spiritual Religion [n|?] The Greatest Law In The Universe [n|?] George Russell BEARDMORE {UK}
(M: 1858 - 1938 Sep 15) A White Lie [1909] The Career Of Freda [1910] Sir, Harold BEAUCHAMP {AU}
(M: 1858 - 1938 Oct 5) Prof, (Charles Marie) Joseph BÉDIER {FR}
(M: 1864 Jan 28 - 1938 Aug 29) Les Fabliaux [Fr-1893] Le Roman De Tristan Et Iseut [n|Fr-1900] 14244 The Romance Of Tristan And Iseult [n|Fr-1900] (tr Hilaire BELLOC) [1907] Le Roman De Tristan [n|Fr-1902] Les Chansons De Croisade [Fr-1909] Le Lai De L'Ombre [Fr-1913] Les Légendes Épiques [Fr-?/1921] L'Effort Français [Fr-1919] La Chanson De Roland [Fr-1922] Commentaire De La Chanson De Roland [n|Fr-1924] Histoire De La Litterature Française... (w P HAZARD) [n|Fr-1923] La Chatelaine De Vergy [Fr-1927] Archibald Stansfeld BELANEY {CA}
(M: 1888 Sep 18 - 1938 (wrongly 1934) Apr 13) (wrote as: Grey OWL; WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) k The Men Of The Last Frontier (ps: Grey OWL) [n|1931] k Pilgrims Of The Wild (ps: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) [n|1934] k The Adventures Of Sajo And Her Beaver People (ps: Grey OWL) [s|1935] Tales Of An Empty Cabin (ps: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) [f|1936] The Tree (ps: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) [f|1937] Biographical Note:...At Beaver Lodge (ps: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) [a|1937] Farewell To The Children... (ps: WA-SHA-QUON-ASIN) [n|1938] A Book Of Grey Owl (ed E E REYNOLDS) [n|1938] On The Trail (ed E E REYNOLDS) [1940] Charles William BELL {CA}
(M: 1876 Apr 25 - 1938 Feb 8) Her First Divorce [d|pro:1913] Parlor, Bedroom And Bath [d|pro:1917] Elsie (w others) [m|pro:1923] Girl And The Prophet [m|reg:1924] Little Peach [d|reg:1924] Paradise Alley (w others) [m|reg:1924] Who Said Murder? [n|1935] Lt-Col, Charles Vincent BELLAMY {UK}
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(M: c1867 - 1938 Jan 15) Byron The Man [b|1924] The Gift Of Suffering: Short Readings For The Sick [1926] Charles (Henry) BENNETT
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