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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Félix A
(M: ? - ?) Petit Manuel Encyclopédique À L'Usage Des Jeunes Enfants [n|Fr-1862] Otto AARNISALO {FI}
(M: 1864 - 1942) Charles ABADIE
(M: 1842 - ?) Lt Gov, Othman A ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1842 - ?) Recollections Of A Pioneer Lawyer [a|1929] Baiymbet ABDYRAKHMANOV {SU}
(M: 1860 - 1942) (wrote as: Togolok MOLDO) [Tandalgan Yrlar] [?-1951] [Chygarmalar] [?-1954] Prof, Rudolf ABEL {DE}
(M: 1868 Dec 21 - 1942) Taschenbuch Für Die Bakteriologischen Praktikanten [n|Ge-1894] Über Einfache Hilfsmittel Zur Ausführung Bakteriologischer... [n|Ge-1899/1908] Die Vorschriften Zur Sicherung Gesundheitsgemäßer... [n|Ge-1911] Bakteriologisches Taschenbuch [n|Ge-1921] Vasudevasastri ABHYANKARA
(M: 1863 - 1942) Mary E ACKLEY, nee ? {US}
(F: 1842 - ?) Crossing The Plains:...Girlhood Days In California's Golden Age [a|1928] Emily Anne ACLAND, nee SMITH {UK}
(F: 1859 - 1942 Jan 28) Love In A Life [f|1893] Albert ACREMANT {FR}
(M: 1885 - 1942 Jul 27) Ces Dames Aux Chapeaux Verts [d|Fr-1929] James ACTON {CA}
(M: c1863 - 1942) (also wrote as: S DAVIDSON) Stray Shots From Solomon [e|1907/1929] Frank Dawson ADAMS {CA}
(M: 1859 Sep 17 - 1942 Dec 29) History Of The Birth And Development Of The Geological Sciences [n|?] History Of Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal [n|?] Prof, Romanzo Colfax ADAMS {US}
(M: 1868 Mar 22 - 1942 Sep 8 or 10) Taxation In Nevada [n|1918] Statistical Studies Of The Japanese In Hawaii [n|1923] The Poeples Of Hawaii: A Statistical Study [n|1925] Interracial Marriage In Hawaii [n|1937] Canon, James (Granville) ADDERLEY {UK}
(M: 1861 Jul 1 - 1942 Jun 1) Stephen Remarz [1894] Francis, The Little Poor Man Of Assisi [b|1900] In Slums And Society [n|1916] And Behold We Live [n|1918] Old Seed On New Ground [n|1920] Prof, George (Benjamin Johnston) AITKEN {UK}
(M: 1866 - 1942 May 11) Tobias Matthay And His Teachings [n|1908] Evelyn May ALBRIGHT {US}
(F: 1880 May 1 - 1942 Apr 19) The Short-Story, Its Principles And Structure [n|1907] Dramatic Publication In England, 1580-1640 [n|1927] Rev, Archibald ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1874 Mar 8 - 1942 Jun 3) The Glory In The Grey [1914] A Day At A Time [1916] The Stuff Of Life [e|1919] By Sun And Candle-light [1923] Turn But A Stone [1924] Feathers On The Moor [1927] Sparrows In The Organ [1928] Lt-Col, Heber Maitland ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1881 Feb 1 - 1942 Dec 9) On Two Fronts [n|1917] Leon Pratt ALFORD {US}
(M: 1877 Jan 3 - 1942 Jan 2) Bearings And Their Lubrication [n|1912] Artillery And Artillery Ammunition [n|1917] Management's Handbook [n|1924] Laws Of Management [n|1928] Cost And Production Handbook [n|1934] Life Of Henry Laurence Gantt [n|1934] Principles Of Industrial Management [n|1940] Marguerite Martha ALLAN {CA}
(F: 1895 - 1942 Mar 31) Charles Morse ALLEN {US}
(M: 1859 Apr 6 - 1942 Apr 3) Laboratory Notes On General Chemistry [n|?] Quantitative Chemical Analysis [n|?] Edward Tyson ALLEN {US}
(M: 1875 - 1942) 18680 Practical Forestry In The Pacific Northwest [n|1911] Prof, Freeman Harlow ALLEN {US}
(M: 1862 Oct 22 - 1942 Jun 11) Manual Of Arithmetic Methods [n|1896] Syllabus-Studies In European History [n|1915] Glover Morrill ALLEN {US}
(M: 1879 Feb 8 - 1942 Feb 14) The Birds Of Massachusetts (w R H HOWE, Jr) [n|1901] 19042 Animal Figures In The Maya Codices (w Alfred M TOZZER) [n|1910] Birds And Their Attributes [n|1925] Bats: Biology, Behavior And Folklore [n|1939] Sir, James ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1855 Feb 10 - 1942 Jul 28) New Zealand And Federation, The Financial Aspect [n|1899] New Zealand's Possessions In The South Seas [n|1903] New Zealand And Naval Defence [n|1930] René(-Félix) ALLENDY {FR}
(M: 1889 Feb 19 - 1942 Jul 12) Journal D'Un Médecin Malade; Ou, Six Mois De Lutte Avec La Mort [Fr-?] AR Pres, Marcelo Torcuato de ALVERA {AR}
(M: 1868 Oct 4 - 1942 Mar 23) John Henry AMSCHEWITZ {UK}
(M: 1882 Dec 19 - 1942 Dec 6) Dice Robins ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1880 Apr 18 - 1942 Oct 23) William Branch Giles - A Study In The Politics Of Virginia... [n|1914] William Branch Giles [b|1915] Edmund Randolph, Second Secretary Of State [b|1927] James Mace ANDRESS {US}
(M: 1881 Jul 30 - 1942 Feb 5) Johann Gottfried Herder As An Educator [n|1916] The Teaching Of Hygiene In The Grades [n|1918] Health Education In Rural Schools [n|1919] Rosy Cheeks And Strong Heart [1920] Suggestions For A Programme Of Health Teachings In The Elementary Schools [n|1921] The Boys And Girls Of Wake-Up Town [1924] A Journey To Health Land (w Annie Turner ANDRESS) [1924] Health And Success [n|1925] Health And Good Citizenship [n|1925] The Sunshine School [n|1928] Health Essentials [n|1928] Essentials Of Healthy Living [n|1928] Science And The Way To Health [n|1929] Experiments In Health [n|1929] Understanding The Child (ed) [n|1930] Summer Fun [n|1931] Broadcasting Health [n|1933] The Health School On Wheels [n|1933] Andrew Jackson ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1842 - ?) A Sketch Of His Boyhood Days...Experience As A Soldier... [a|1905] Henry Russell ANDREWS {UK}
(M: 1871 Sep 13 - 1942 May 7) Midwifery For Nurses [n|1906] Midwifery (w ?) [n|1916] Diseases Of Women (w ?) [n|1918] Thomas Galphin ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1882 Aug 29 - 1942 Sep) The Jericho Road: The Philosophy Of Odd Fellowship [n|?] The Mountain [?] A Juridical History [?] ANTIETAM (ps)
(?: ? - ?) A McClellan And Fremont, A Reply... [n|1862] Anna ARGYLE
(F: ? - ?) R Money And Marriage [f|1862] R The Cecilias; Or, The Force Of Circumstances [f|1866] R Olive Lacey [f|1874] Rev, Simon Carter ARMSTRONG {IE}
(M: 1856 Aug - 1942 Jul 31) The Cooneyites Or Dippers: Being A Plain Refutation Of Their Errors [n|?] William ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1856 or 1858 - 1942 May 18) Thekla: A Story Of Viennese Musical Life [f|1887] Cleopatra's Daughter [f|1889] An American Nobleman [f|1892] The Romantic World Of Music [e|1922] Bion Joseph ARNOLD {US}
(M: 1861 Aug 14 - 1942 Jan 29) Foundation Principles Of Utility Valuation [n|1916] Rev, Richard Staines ARROWSMITH {UK}
(M: 1873 - 1942) The Prelude To The Reformation [n|1923] Joseph Charles ARTHUR {US}
(M: 1850 Jan 11 - 1942 Apr 30) Handbook Of Plant Dissection (w Ch R BARNES & John M COULTER) [n|1886] Living Plants And Their Properties (w D T MacDOUGAL) [n|1898] The Plant Rusts (w others) [n|1929] Manual Of The Rusts In United States And Canada [n|1934] Leo ASCHER {AT}
(M: 1880 Oct 17 - 1942 Feb 25) Charles Robert ASHBEE {UK}
(M: 1863 May 17 - 1942 May 23) A Few Chapters In Workshop Reconstruction And Citizenship [n|1894] Craftsmanship In Competitive Industry [n|?] Modern Silverwork [n|?] The Treatises Of Benvenuto Cellini [n|?] Book Of Cottages And Little Houses [n|?] The Building Of Thelema [?] Echoes From The City Of The Sun [?] The Masque Of The Edwards [?] Lyrics Of The Nile [p|?] Should We Stop Teaching Art? [n|1911] The Hamptonshire Experiment In Education [n|?] Where The Great City Stands [?] The Private Press: A Study In Idealism [n|?] The American League To Enforce Peace [n|1917] Jerusalem, 1918-1920 [n|?] A Palestine Notebook, 1918-1923 [n|?] Jerusalem, 1921-1922 [n|?] Caricature [n|1928] Peckover: The Abbotscourt Papers [1932] Kingfisher Out Of Egypt [1934] Kings Of Minzaman [1937] Grannie [1939] Frederick William ASHLEY {US}
(M: 1863 Jan 12 - 1942 Jun 14) 'If You're Off For Old Ohio In The Morning' [1932] Julian Rossi ASHTON {AU}
(M: 1851 Jan 27 - 1942 Apr 27) Now Came Still Evening On [a|1941] George Ranken ASKWITH, 1st Baron ASKWITH of St Ives {UK}
(M: 1861 Feb 17 - 1942 Jun 2 or 3) Roddy Owen (w Mai BOVILL) [b|1897] Industrial Problems And Disputes [n|1920] British Taverns, Their History And Laws [n|1928] Lord James Of Hereford [b|1930] Mary ASQUITH
(F: 1873 - 1942 Dec 22) Prof, Henry Gibson ATKINS {UK}
(M: 1871 Jan 3 - 1942 Aug 13) A Short History Of French Literature (w Léon Émile KASTNER) [n|1900/1926] A Skeleton German Grammar [n|1902] A Skeleton French Grammar [n|1902] Johann Wolfgang Goethe [b|1904] French Exercises Specially Arranged...Skeleton French Grammar [n|1905] The Teaching Of Modern Foreign Languages (w H L HUTTON) [n|1920] A History Of German Versification [n|1923] Heine [b|1929] German Literature Through Nazi Eyes [n|1941] A Skeleton German Grammar (2e w M O'C WALSHE) [n|1957] John Ringwood ATKINS
(M: ? - ?) Eleanor ATKINSON, nee STACKHOUSE {US}
(F: 1863 - 1942 Nov 4) (also wrote as: [Nora MARKS]) Mamzelle Fifine [f|1903] The Boyhood Of Lincoln [b|1908] Lincoln's Love Story [1909] The Story Of Chicago [n|1910] 2693 Greyfriars Bobby [f|1912] A Loyal Love [1912] The 'how And Why' Library [n|1913] Johnny Appleseed: The Romance Of The Sower [f|1915] Pictured Knowledge [1916] Hearts Undaunted: A Romance Of Four Frontiers [f|1917] Poilu, A Dog Of Roubaix [1918] Louis Arthur AUDETTE {CA}
(M: 1856 Dec 14 - 1942 Jan 19) The Practice Of The Exchequer Court Of Canada [n|1895/1909] James Muir AULD {AU}
(M: 1879 Jun 19 - 1942 Jun 8) PY Pres, Eusebio AYALA {PY}
(M: 1875 Aug 14 - 1942 Jun 4) Temas Monetarios Y Afines [n|Sp-1917] Samuel Gardiner AYRES {US}
(M: 1865 Apr 25 - 1942 Dec 29) Drew Theological Seminary Record [n|1895] Fifty Literary Evenings... (1st series) [n|1897] Fifty Literary Evenings... (2nd series) [n|1904] History Of The English Bible (w Charles Fremont SITTERLY) [n|1899] Index To Tthe Expositor's Bible [n|1905] Alumni Record Of Drew Theological Seminary, 1867-1905 [n|1906] Jesus Christ Our Lord: An English Bibliography Of Christology... [n|1906] Methodist Heroes Of Other Days [n|1916] Asbury And His Helpers [n|1916] The Troy Conference Centenniel Pageant [n|1932] Florence AYSCOUGH, nee WHEELOCK, 2:Mrs MacNAIR {CA}
(F: 1875 or 1878 - 1942 Apr 24) Friendly Books On Far Cathay [?] * Fir-Flower Tablets (tr) (w Amy LOWELL) [p|1921] A Chinese Mirror [1925] The Autobiography Of A Chinese Dog, Ed By His Missus... [f|1926] Tu Fu: The Autobiography Of A Chinese Poet... [n|1928] Fire-Cracker Land [1932] Travels Of A Chinese Poet [1934] Chinese Women Yesterday And To-day [1937] Florence Ayscough And Amy Lowell (w Amy LOWELL) (ed MacNAIR) [b|1945] Louisa BACON, nee CROWNINSHIELD {US}
(F: 1842 - ?) Reminiscences [a|1922] Theobald BAERWART {CH}
(M: 1872 May 14 - 1942 Oct 5) Vernon (Orlando) BAILEY {US}
(M: 1864 Jun 21 - 1942 Apr 20 (or Feb 14)) Spermophiles Of The Mississippi Valley [n|1893] Pocket Gophers Of Mississippi Valley [n|1895] Mammals Of District Of Columbia [n|1900/1923] Handbook Of Birds Of The Western United States (w F M BAILEY) [n|1902] Biological Survey Of Texas [n|1905] Life Zones And Crop Zones Of New Mexico [n|1913] Wild Animals Of Glacier National Park [n|?] Beaver Habits And Beaver Farming [n|1923] Biological Survey Of North Dakota [n|1927] Animal Life Of Carlsbad Cavern [n|1928] Birds Of New Mexico (w Florence M BAILEY) [n|1928] Animal Life Of Yellowstone National Park [n|1930] Mammals Of New Mexico [n|1931] Mammals Of Oregon [n|1936] Cave Life Of Kentucky [n|?] (Jessie) Joy BAINES {UK}
(F: 1898 - 1942 Aug 2) (also wrote as: Basil CAREY; Richard HAWKE) Masquerade (ps: Richard HAWKE) [f|1926] The Dangerous Isles: A Romance Of Pearl-Hunger (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1926] The Dreaming God (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1927] Mountain Gold (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1929] Wife To Hugo [f|1930] Gray Amber (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1930] Seventh Sin [f|1931] Dead Man's Shadow (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1931] The Secret Enterprise (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1932] Captain Christine (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1932] Bitter Comedy [f|1933] Left For Dead (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1934] Fiddler's Folly [f|1935] The Master Of Chetwynd [f|1937] The Secret Of Ayanora (ps: Basil CAREY) [f|1937] Sweet Briar [f|1941] Prof, Alfred BAKER {CA}
(M: c1850 - 1942 Oct 27) Elementary Plane Geometry, Inductive And Deductive [n|1903] Geometry For Schools, Theoretical [n|1905] Analytical Geometry For Beginners [n|1905] Daniel B BAKER {US}
(M: 1842 - ?) A Soldier's Experience In The Civil War [a|1914] Frank Collins BAKER {US}
(M: 1867 Dec 14 - 1942 May 7) A Naturalist In Mexico: Being A Visit To Cuba...And Mexico [n|1895] Mollusca Of The Chicago Area [n|1898] Shells Of Land And Water: A...Study Of The Mollusks [n|1903] Molluscan Fauna Of McGregor, Iowa [n|1905] Chicago Academy Of Sciences: Its Past History And Present... [n|1908] Ecology Of The Skokie Marsh Area [n|1910] The Lymnaeidae Of North And Middle America [n|1911] Relation Of Mollusks To Fish In Oneida Lake [n|1916] Life Of The Pleistocene Or Glacial Period [n|1920] Molluscan Fauna Of The Big Vermilion River, Illinois [n|1922] Cahokia Mounds [n|1923] Fresh Water Mollusca Of Wisconsin [n|1928] The Mollusca Of The Shell Heaps...Of Northern Algeria [n|1939] Fieldbook Of Illinois Land Snails [n|1939] Molluscan Family Planorbidae [n|1945] Josephine (nee)Turck BAKER {US}
(F: 1873 Mar 30 - 1942 May 30 or 31) Correct English [n|1907] Correct English In The School [n|c1909] Correct English In The Home [n|1909] The Art Of Social Letter Writing [n|1909] The Art Of Conversation [n|1907] How Can I Increase My Vocabulary? [n|1909] The Correct Word [n|1910] The Correct Preposition [n|1911] Correct Business Letter Writing And Business English [n|1911/1927] Correct Standardized Pronunciation [n|1912] The Literary Workshop: Helps For The Writer [n|1912] Your Every-day Vocabulary [n|1912] Correct Synonyms And Antonyms [n|?] The Burden Of The Strong [f|1915] Correct English Daily Drill Book [n|1915] Correct English Complete Grammer And Drill Book [n|1927] Madame De Staël [d|1927] Songs Of Triumph [p|1933] Thomas Minard BALLIET {US}
(M: 1852 Mar 1 - 1942 Feb 18) The Silver-Burdett Readers (w Ella M POWERS) [n|1900] Morse Readers: Practical Graded Text (w Ella M POWERS) [n|1902] Konstantin (Dmitriyevich) BALMONT {SU}
(M: J 1867 Jun 3 - 1942 (wrongly 1943) Sep 23) Sydney George BARKER {UK}
(M: 1887 Mar 29 - 1942 Aug 28) Wool: A Study Of The Fibre [n|1929] Wool Quality (anon) [n|1931] Sisal [n|1933] Coir [n|1933] Survey Of The Indian Jute Industries [n|1935] Jute Research In 1935-1936 [n|c1937] Wool Quality [n|1939] Robert John BARRETT {UK}
(M: 1861 Dec 31 - 1942 Aug 21) Canada's Century [n|1907] Russia's New Era [n|1908] John Daniel BARRY {US}
(M: 1866 Dec 31 - 1942 Nov 3) The Intriguers [f|1896] Julia Marlowe [f|1899] The Congressman's Wife: A Story Of American Politics [f|1903] A Daughter Of Thespis [f|1903] Mademoiselle Blanche [f|1904] Our Best Society (anon) [f|1905] Intimations [e|1913] Outlines [s|1913] 3151 The City Of Domes [n|1915] The Meaning Of The Exposition [n|1915] Dilemma [d|pub:1925] Tribute To Albert M Bender [b|1938] The Palace Of Fine Arts... [n|?] Reactions [e|?] The Princess Margarethe [f|?] Montagu BARSTOW {UK?}
(M: c1864 - 1942) Old Hungarian Fairy Tales (w Baroness ORCZY) [s|1895] Beau Brocade (w Baroness ORCZY) [d|1908] Edmond BARTHÉLEMY {FR}
(M: 1909 Sep 28 - 1942) Sélection De Problèmes D'Échecs [n|Fr-1940] Maj, Frederick James BARTHORPE {UK}
(M: 1869 - 1942 Feb 28) Consols And The Sinking Fund [n|1913] Indian Currency: Its First And Second Lines Of Defence [n|1913] War Finance [n|1916] Rev, Dana Webster BARTLETT {US}
(M: 1860 Oct 27 - 1942 Jul 16) The Better City: A Sociological Study Of A Modern City [n|1907] The Better Country [n|1911] The Bush Aflame [1923] Our Government In Social Service; Or, A Nation At Work In Human Uplift [n|?] Edward Everett BARTLETT {US?}
(M: 1863 - 1942) The Manual Of Linotype Typography (w William Dana ORCUTT) [n|1923] The Typographic Treasures In Europe [n|1925] Gertrude BARTLETT, Mrs TAYLOR {CA}
(F: 1876 - 1942) Prof, George Aaron BARTON {CA/US?}
(M: 1859 Nov 12 - 1942 Jun 28) A Sketch Of Semitic Origins, Social And Religious [n|1902] The Roots Of Christian Teaching As Found In The Old Testament [n|1902] A Year's Wandering In Bible Lands [n|1904] The Haverford Library Collection Of Cuneiform Tablets [3v|n|1905-14] The Heart Of The Christian Message [n|1910/12] The Origin And Development Of Babylonian Writing [n|1913] Sumerian Business And Administrative Documents From The Earliest... [n|1915] Archæology And The Bible [n|1916/?/?/?/?/?/1937] The Religions Of The World [n|1917/?/?/1937] Sumerian Religious Texts [n|1918] The Religion Of Israel [n|1918/1928] Jesus Of Nazareth [b|1922] Royal Inscriptions Of Sumer And Akkad [n|1929] Hittite Studies [2v|n|1928-1932] Studies In New Testament Christianity [n|1928] A History Of The Hebrew People [n|1930] A Sketch Of Semitic And Hamitic Origins [n|1934] Christ And Evolution [n|1934] The Apostolic Age And The New Testament Bohlen Lectures [n|1936] Allen Algernon BATHURST, Lord APSLEY {UK}
(M: 1895 Aug 3 - 1942 Dec 17) The Amateur Settlers (w Viola BATHURST) [1926] Cardinal, Alfred (Henri-Marie) BAUDRILLART {FR}
(M: 1859 Jan 6 - 1942 May 19 (or 18)) The Catholic Church, The Renaissance, And Protestantism [n|1908] Philippe V Et La Cour De France [n|Fr-?] La Renaissance Et Le Protestantisme [n|Fr-?] Quatre Cents Ans De Concordat [n|Fr-?] L'Enseignement Catholique Dans La France Contemporaine [n|Fr-?] La Vie De Mgr D'Hulst [b|Fr-?] La Vocation Catholique De La France [n|Fr-?] Gottfried BAUMECKER {DE}
(M: ? - 1942) Karl Dietrich BAUMGÄRTEL {DE}
(M: 1915 Oct 3 - 1942 Feb 20) (wrote as: Dieter BAUMGÄRTEL) Junges Laub [p|Ge-1936] Bp, Arthur Hamilton BAYNES {UK}
(M: 1854 - 1942 Jul 30) My Diocese During The War [n|1900] S Africa [n|1908] Two Centuries Of Church Life [n|1915] George William BEALE
(M: 1842 - ?) A Lieutenant Of Cavalry In Lee's Army [a|1918] Cecilia BEAUX {US}
(F: 1866 (or 1855 or 1863) May 1 - 1942 Sep 17) Background With Figures [a|1930] Stephen C BECK
(M: 1842 - ?) A True Sketch Of His Army Life [a|c1912] Sir, George Stephenson BEEBY {AU}
(M: 1869 May 23 - 1942 Jul 18) Three Years Of Industrial Arbitration In New South Wales [n|1905] Concerning Ordinary People [d|pub:1923] In Quest Of Pan [1924] Merely Margaret [d|pro:1927] A Loaded Legacy [f|1930] Alexander BELAYAV {SU}
(M: 1884 - 1942) Walter George BELL {UK}
(M: c1868 - 1942 May 24) Fleet Street In Seven Centuries [n|?] Unknown London [n|?] The Great Fire Of London In 1666 [n|?] The Tower Of London [n|?] More About Unknown London [n|?] The Great Plague In London In 1665 [n|?] Where London Sleeps [n|?] Solar Eclipse Of 1927 [n|c1927] London Rediscoveries [n|?] A Short History Of The Tylers And Bricklayers Company [n|?] London Tells Her Story [n|?] Rep, John Dillard BELLAMY {US}
(M: 1854 Mar 24 - 1942 Sep 25) Memoirs Of An Octogenarian [a|1942] André BELLESSORT {FR}
(M: 1861 or 1866 Mar 19 - 1942 Jan 22 (or 26)) Reine Coeur [Fr-1896] En Escale: Une Promenade À Ceylan, Singapour, Saïgon, Hong-Kong [n|Fr-1900] Sainte-Beuve Et Le Dix-Neuvième Siècle [n|Fr-1927] Virgile Et Son Temps [n|Fr-?] Etudes Et Figures [n|Fr-?] La Societè Du Second Empire [n|Fr-?] Lilian BENNET-THOMPSON {US?}
(F: 1883 - 1942) In The Dark (w George HUBBARD) [d|1922] A Narrow Squeak (UK: A Near Squeak) (w George HUBBARD) [1922] Without Compromise (w George HUBBARD) [f|1922] The Golden Ball (w George HUBBARD) [f|1929] The Love Doctor (w George HUBBARD) [f|1932] Fruit Of Folly (w George HUBBARD) [f|1934] Charles Alpheus BENNETT {US}
(M: 1864 Mar 18 - 1942 Jun 22) Joseph Harry(=Henry) BENRIMO {US}
(M: 1871 or 1874 Jun 21 - 1942 Mar 26) The Yellow Jacket (w George C HAZELTON) [d|pro:1912/pub:1913] Prof, Abraham BERGLUND {US}
(M: 1875 Dec 10 - 1942 May 28) United States Steel Corporation: A Study Of The Growth... [n|1907] The Tariff On Iron And Steel (w ?) [n|1929] Labor In The Industrial South (w ?) [n|1930] The Principles Of Ocean Transportation [n|1931] Louis Charles BERNACCHI {BE/AU:1886on}
(M: 1876 Nov 8 - 1942 Apr 24) To The South Polar Regions: Expedition Of 1898-1900 [n|1901] A Very Gallant Gentleman [Capt Oates] [b|1933] Antarctic Exploration, Past And Present [n|1935] Saga Of The 'Discovery' [n|1938] Manuel BERNÁRDEZ (FILGUEIRA) {ES/UY}
(M: 1867 Aug 13 - 1942) Confidencias, A Una Joven Amiga [p|Sp-1885] Claros De Luna [Sp-1886] Memorias De Campo [Sp-1887] La Muerte De Artigas [Sp-1891] El Tratado De La Asunción [n|Sp-1894] De Buenos Aires Al Iguazú [n|Sp-1901] The Argentine Estancia [n|1903] El Brasil, Su Vida Su Trabajo, Su Futuro [n|Sp-1908] Aspectos Ejemplares De La Nueva Bélgica [n|Sp-1928] Política Y Moneda [Sp-1931] Viajes Por La República Argentina [n|Sp-?] La Nación En Marcha [n|Sp-?] Jornadas del progreso argentino [n|Sp-?] Georges BERR {FR}
(M: 1867 Jul 30 - 1942 Jul 25) Martha McChesney BERRY {US}
(F: 1866 Oct 7 - 1942 Feb 27) The Southern Highlander [?] The Mount Berry News [?] Mordecai BERTIG {PL}
(M: 1877 May 4 - 1942 Jun 4) (wrote as: Mordecai GEBIRTIG) Giulio BERTONI {IT}
(M: 1878 Aug 6 - 1942 May 28) Il Dialetto Di Modena: Introduzione, Grammatica, Testi Antichi [n|It-1905] Il Duecento [It-1911] L'Elemento Germanico Nella Lingua Italiana [n|It-1914] I Trovatori D'Italia [n|It-1915] Italia Dialettale [n|It-1916] L'Orlando Furioso E La Rinascenza A Ferrara [n|It-1919] I 'Lais' Del Romanzo In Prosa Di Tristano [n|It-1921] Ludovico Ariosto [n|It-1925] Breviario Di Neolinguistica (w Matteo BARTOLI) [n|It-1925] La Letteratura Provenzale [n|It-1926] Lingua E Pensiero: Studi E Saggi Linguistici [n|It-1932] Muratori E Le Opere Varie Critiche Di L Castelvetro [n|It-1933] I Nuovi Problemi Della Linguistica Romanza [n|It-1933] La Lingua Della 'Scuola Poetica Siciliana' [n|It-1935] De Petrarque A Montaigne [n|It-1936] Antiche Liriche Portoghesi [n|It-1937] Cantari Di Tristano [n|It-1937] Prontuario Di Pronuncia E Ortografia (w F A UGOLINI) [n|It-1939] Lingua E Cultura [n|It-1939] Poesia Provenzale Moderna: La Pleiade Del Felibrismo [n|It-1940] Rudolf (Wilhelm) BESIER {NL/UK?}
(M: 1878 Jul 2 - 1942 Jun 15) The Virgin Goddess [d|pub:1907] Olive Latimer's Husband [d|1909] Don [d|pub:1909] Lady Patricia [d|1911] Secrets (w May EDGINTON) [d|1923] k The Barretts Of Wimpole Street [d|pub:1930] Kipps (w H G WELLS) [d|?] Kings And Queens [d|?] Buxell [d|?] Robin's Father (w Hugh WALPOLE) [d|?] The Prude's Fall (w May EDINGTON) [d|?] The Ninth Earl [d|?] María de BETANCOURT FIGUEREDO {VE}
(F: 1873 Nov 18 - 1942 Jul 29) Frederick George BETTANY {UK}
(M: 1868 - 1942 Feb 27) Stewart Headlam [b|1926] Prof, Francis Sales/Salesius BETTEN {US}
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