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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Willem Jan AALDERS
(M: 1870 - 1945) Karl AAR
(M: 1845 - ?) Raimon d'ABADAL
(M: 1862 - 1945) Yunus Nadi ABALIOGLU
(M: 1880 - 1945) Gustav ABB
(M: 1886 - 1945) Everett Lucius ABBEY {US}
(M: 1855 Oct 10 - 1945 Jan 1) The Religious Drama Of The Tyrol [n|1900] A Twist Of The Lion's Tail [1926] Bp, Henry Pryor Almon ABBOTT {CA/US?}
(M: 1881 Jul 11 - 1945 Apr 4) Help From The Hills [1917] The Man Outside The Church, And Other Sermons [e|1917] The Supreme Sacrifice [n|1918] The Religion Of The Tommy [n|1918] Foundation Stones [n|1925] Things That Matter [n|1941] Comfort From Calvary [n|1941] Rowena (Fischer) (nee)Meeks ABDY {US}
(F: 1887 Apr 24 - 1945 Aug 18) Old California: Being Ten Reproductions Of Orginal Watercolors [n|1924] Freiherr, Hugo (Wilhelm) von ABERCRON {DE}
(M: 1869 Oct 24 - 1945 Apr 16) Der Freiballon In Theorie Und Praxis (w Adolf MEHL) [2v|n|Ge-1911] Aus Nacht Und Not Ins Morgenrot (w Helmut TSCHÖPE) [n|Ge-1923] 500 Fahrten Im Freiballon Erlebnisse Und Erfahrungen [n|Ge-1929] Der Luftwanderer [n|Ge-1931] Offizier Und Luftpionier: Tatberichte...1869-1938 [a|Ge-1938] Adelina ABRANCHES
(F: 1866 - 1945) Henry Girdlestone ACRES {CA?}
(M: 1880 - 1945) Fritz ADAM {DE}
(M: 1906 Mar 13 - 1945 Dec 6) Flucht Aus Dem Alltag [p|Ge-1930] Elinor Proby ADAMS {UK}
(F: 1885 - 1945 Dec 18) Rev, Fred Winslow ADAMS {US}
(M: 1866 Aug 31 - 1945 May 20) The Christian Year [n|?] A Guide To Worship [n|1937] Jesse Earl ADAMS {US}
(M: 1888 Apr 24 - 1945 Mar 9) Study In The Equalization Of Educational Opportunities In Kentucky [n|1928] The Child-Centered Speller [n|1930/1940] An Introduction To Education And...Process (w W S TAYLOR) [n|1932] My Self-Teaching Speller [n|1937] Learning Words [n|1945] New Learning Words [n|1954] John Quincy ADAMS {US}
(M: 1845 - ?) T Narrative Of The Life Of...In Slavery, And Now As A Freeman [a|1872] Henry Arden ADDERLEY, 5th Baron NORTON of Norton-on-the-Moors {UK}
(M: 1854 Sep 26 - 1945 Jan 1) Leonhardt ADELT {DE}
(M: 1881 Jun 17 - 1945 Feb 21) Werden [f|Ge-1898] Der Dritte [Ge-1900] Die Wand [Ge-1901] Der Flieger [f|Ge-1913] Der Ozeanflug [f|Ge-1914] Wielandskinder (ed) [Ge-1914] Mit Dem Flugzeug (ed) [Ge-1914] Der Herr Der Luft [Ge-1914] Studie Zu Sechs Dichtern [Ge-1917] Die Dohle [Ge-1920] Lebendiger Stahl (ed) [Ge-1920] Fürst Zubow [d|Ge-1921] Katastrophen [Ge-1923] Falsche Karten [Ge-1926] Auf Luftpatrouille Und Weltfahrt (w Ernst A LEHMANN) [n|Ge-1936] Ernst A Lehmann, Der Luftschifführer [b|Ge-1937] Zeppelin, The Lighter-Than-Air... (w E A LEHMANN & RODENDAHL) [n|1937] Zeppelin, Der Mann Und Die Idee [n|Ge-1938] Sturz In Den Sieg [Ge-1942] Ernest G ADENEY {UK}
(M: 1866 - 1945) A Dialogue (anon) [p|1933] Vladimir Viktorovich ADORATSKII
(M: 1878 - 1945) Prof, Eugen AELLEN {CH}
(M: 1887 Mar 22 - 1945 Jan 3) Queleen Und Stil Der Lieder Paul Gerhardts [n|Ge-1913] Gedichte [p|Ge-1923] Freie Rhythmen [p|Ge-1928] Gedichte Des Wanderers [p|Ge-1934] Lucie des AGES
(F: 1845 - ?) 26814 La Destinée [Fr-1891] Abandonné [Fr-1913] Sheriff, Jeff AKE {US}
(M: 1845 - ?) They Die But Once... (w James B O'NEIL) [a|1935] Achim (Engelbrecht Gerd) von AKERMAN {DE}
(M: 1909 May 13 - 1945 Jan) Die Huldigung (w ?) [Ge-1931] Gesichte Der Heimat [p|Ge-1933] Die Stunde Vor Tag [p|Ge-1938] Die Morgengabe (ed) [Ge-1940] Fred Houdlett ALBEE {US}
(M: 1876 Apr 13 - 1945 Feb 15) Bone Graft Surgery [n|1915] Orthopedic And Reconstructyional Surgery [n|1919] Injuries And Diseases Of The Hip [n|1937] Bone Graft Surgery In Disease, Injury And Deformity [n|1940] A Surgeon's Fight To Rebuild Men [a|1943] Manuel ALCÁZAR {VE}
(M: 1870 Jan 17 - 1945 Dec 7) Roger ALEXANDRE
(M: 1845 - ?) Marjorie Hill ALLEE {US}
(F: 1890 Jun 2 (or 1901 Dec 13) - 1945 Apr 30) Jungle Island (w W C ALLEE) [1925] Susanna And Tristram [1929] Judith Lankester [1930] Jane's Island [1931] The Road To Carolina [f|1932] Ann's Surprising Summer [1933] A House Of Her Own [1934] Off To Philadelphia [f|1936] The Great Tradition [f|1937] The Little American Girl [f|1938] Runaway Linda [f|1939] The Camp At Westlands [f|1941] Winter's Mischief [f|1942] The House [f|1944] Smoke Jumper [f|1945] Jules Verne ALLEN {US}
(M: 1883 Apr 1 - c1945) Cowboy Lore [n|1933] Richard Day ALLEN {US}
(M: 1887 May 18 - 1945 Aug 23) Common Problems In Group Guidance [n|1933] Modern Trends In Education [n|1933] Self Measurement Projects In Group Guidance [n|1934] Organization And Supervision Of Guidance [n|1934] Manual For Class Personnel Charts [n|1934] Metropolitan Achievement Tests (w ?) [n|?] Sergei IAkovlevich ALLILUEV {SU}
(M: 1866 - 1945) Charles De Lancey ALTON (Sr) {US}
(M: 1845 May 9 - ?) The Therapeutic Value Of Mountain Forests [n|1895] State Sanatoria For Tuberculosis Patients [n|1900] Prophylaxis In Tuberculosis [n|1905] Karl ALWIN
(M: 1891 Apr 15 - 1945 Oct 15) An AMERICAN (ps)
(?: ? - ?) A At Anchor: A Story Of Our Civil War [f|1865] Rabbi, Moshe Avigdor AMIEL {BE}
(M: 1883 (or 1882) - 1945) ANANDA ACHARYA
(?: 1881 - 1945) James Nesbitt ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1864 Oct 21 - 1945 Jun 16) On The Sources Of Ovid's Heroides [n|1896] Melissa Genett ANDERSON, Mrs MOORE {US}
(F: 1845 - ?) The Story Of A Kansas Pioneer [a|1924] Lt-Col, Pete ANDERSON {DK/CA}
(M: 1868 Apr 14 - 1945 Aug 6) (also wrote as: PERISCOPE) Scout-Sniping (ps: PERISCOPE) [n|1918] I, That's Me: Escape From A German Prison... [a|c1920] Prof, Mário (Raul) de (MORAIS) ANDRADE {BR}
(M: 1893 (or 1892) Oct 9 - 1945 Feb 25) Há Uma Gota De Sangue Em Cada Poema [p|Pt-1917] Paulicéia Desvairada [p|Pt-1922] Hallucinated City [p|Pt-1922] (tr Jack E TOMLINS) [1968] A Escrava Que Não É Isaura [n|Pt-1925] Losango Cáqui [p|Pt-1926] Primeiro Andar [s|Pt-1926] Clã Do Jabuti [p|Pt-1927] Amar, Verbo Intransitivo [f|Pt-1927] Macunaíma [f|Pt-1928] Macunaima [f|Pt-1928] (tr E A GOODLAND) [1984] Ensaio Sobre Música Brasileira [n|Pt-1928/1962] Compêndio De História De Música [n|Pt-1929] Remate De Males [p|Pt-1930] O Aleijadinho De Álvares De Azevedo [n|Pt-1935] Lasar Segall [n|Pt-1935] Belasarte [s|Pt-1934] Poesias [p|Pt-1941] O Movimento Modernista [n|Pt-1942] O Baile Das Quatro Artes [n|Pt-1943] Os Filhos Da Candinha [s|Pt-1943] O Empalhador De Passarinhos [n|Pt-1944] Lira Paulistana [p|Pt-1946] O Carro Da Miséria [p|Pt-1946] Contos Novos [s|Pt-1947] Poesias Completas [p|Pt-1955] Cartas (w Oneyda ALVARENGA) [Pt-1958] Dancas Dramaticas Do Brasil [Pt-1959] O Turista Aprendiz [a|Pt-1977] O Banquete [n|Pt-1978] Frank Capron ANGELL {US}
(M: 1845 - after 1924) Looking Backward, Four Score Years, 1845-1925 [a|1925] Lady, Maude ANNESLEY (ps) {UK}
(F: ? - ?) The Dashing Girls Of London; Or, The Six Beauties Of St James's [1865] Prof, Henry Edward ANNETT {UK}
(M: 1871 Jun 5 - 1945 Apr 10) Report Of The Malaria Expedition... (w J E DUTTON & J H ELLIOTT) [n|1901] Hamilton Bell ARBUCKLE {US}
(M: 1870 Oct 5 - 1945 Jul 19) Laboratory Manual In Household Chemistry [n|1912] The Life And Habits Of The Honey Bee [n|1925] Ethel (Marie) ARMES {US}
(F: 1876 - 1945) Midsummer In Whittier's Country [1905] The Story Of Coal And Iron In Alabama [n|1909] The Washington Manor House [n|1922] Stratford On The Potomac [n|1928] Stratford Hall, The Great House Of The Lees [n|1936] Edward Frankland ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1878 - 1945 Dec 15) The Simple Carbohydrates [n|1910] Chemistry In The Twentieth Century [n|1924] The Glycosides [n|1931] The Sea As A Storehouse [n|1945] George Gilbert ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1870 - 1945 Feb 24) Richard Acland Armstrong [b|1906] Our Ultimate Aim In The War [n|1916] Peace With Security [n|1917] Russia's Idea Of Peace [n|?] The World's New Hope [n|?] Richard Acland Armstrong [b|?] Why Another World War?: How We Missed Collective Security [n|1941] Memoirs Of George Gilbert Armstrong: Journalist, Politician... [a|1944] Memories Of George Gilbert Armstrong: Apologia Pro Vita Sua [a|1944] Alex Matthews ARNETT {US}
(M: 1888 Feb 13 - 1945 Aug 7) The Populist Movement In Georgia [n|1922] Story Of North Carolina (w W C JACKSON) [n|1933] Claude Kitchin And The Wilson Was Policies [n|1937] The South Looks To Its Past (w B B KENDRICK) [n|1935] Prof, Albert William ARON {US}
(M: 1886 Feb 28 - 1945 Oct 31) Die Progressiven Formen In Mittlehochdeutschen... [n|Ge-1914] Traces Of Matriarchy In Germanic Hero-Lore [n|1920] Ich Lerne Deutsch (w A E ROSS & F E ROSS) [n|Ge-1935] George Sydney ARUNDALE {UK}
(M: 1878 Dec 1 - 1945 Aug 12) (also wrote as: ARUNDALE) Indian Students And Politics [n|1914] Home Rule Work [n|1916] Home Rule For India [n|1916] National Education [n|1916] Man's Waking Consciousness [n|1916] The Home Rule League [n|1916] The Spirit Of Freedom [n|1917] Student Citizenship [n|1917] Thoughts On 'At The Feet Of The Master' [n|1918] The Problem Of Education [n|1919] 'Where There Is No Vision The Peoples Perish' [n|1921] The Fellowship Of Teachers [n|1921] Theosophy And The Ideals Of Education [n|1922] The Centre And The Circumference [n|1923] The League Of Youth (Indian Section) [n|1923] The Youth-Spirit [n|1923] The Bedrock Of Education [n|1924] The Brotherhood Of Youth [n|c1924] The Ashrama Ideal [n|1924] Thoughts Of The Great [n|1924] Nirvana [n|1926] Self-Preparation: A Year's Study And Meditation... [n|1926] The Path Of Happiness (ps: ARUNDALE) [f|1926] 'The Lord Is Here' [n|1927] You [n|1935] Freedom And Friendship [n|1935] Gods In The Becoming [n|1936] Kundalini [n|1938] Peace And War In The Light Of Theosophy [n|1938] A Guardian Wall Of Will: A Form Of Tapas-Yoga [n|1939] The Lotus Fire [n|1939] A Fragment Of Autobiography [a|1940] Adventures In Theosophy [n|1941] Personal Memories Of G S Arundale [a|1967] Sergey Alekseevich Alekseev ASKOLDOV {SU}
(M: 1871 - 1945) (Emma Alice) Margot(=Margaret) ASQUITH, Countess of OXFORD and ASQUITH, nee TENNANT {UK}
(F: 1864 Feb 2 - 1945 Jul 28) 4321 An Autobiography [2v|a|1920] 31110 My Impressions Of America [n|1922] Places & Persons [n|1925] Lay Sermons [n|1927] Octavia [1928] More Memories [a|1933] More Or Less About Myself [a|1934] Margot Asquith's Great War Diary 1914-16 [a|2014] Francis William ASTON {UK}
(M: 1877 Sep 1 - 1945 Nov 20) Isotopes [n|1922] Mass-Spectra And Isotopes [n|1933/1942] Lt-Col, John ATKINSON {UK}
(M: 1877 - 1945 Jul 5) (wrote as: John AYE) Boy Scout's Pocket Book [n|?] Harland's Annual [1907] Guide For Infantry Territorial Officers [n|?] Guide For ASC Territorial Officers [n|?] Handbook For Drivers Of The Mounted Services [n|?] Fifty Years Of Bisley [n|1909] ABC Of The Army [n|1910] What I Shall Find On Joining The Army [n|1916] Transport In War [n|1918] Guide To Army Schools Of Instruction [n|?] Humour Of The Civil Service [n|1928] Humour Of Parliament And Parliamentary Elections [1931] Humour Among The Lawyers [1931] Humour On The Rail [1931] Humour Among The Doctors [1931] Humour Among The Clergy [1931] Humour In The Army [1931] Humour In Our Streets [1933] The Humour Of Drinking [1934] I Am The Joker [1933] Wine Wisdom: A Simple And Concise Guide... [n|1934] Clerical Chuckles [1934] A Guide To Speechmaking [n|1935] In Praise Of Cricket: An Anthology For All Lovers Of Cricket (ed) [1946] Albert ATTINGER {CH}
(M: 1900 - 1945) Bp, Julius Walter ATWOOD {US}
(M: 1857 Jun 27 - 1945 Apr 10) The Spiritual Influence Of John Greenleaf Whittier [n|1893] An AUSTRALIAN (ps) {AU}
(?: ? - ?) Australian Gleanings [2v|p|1865-66] Robert AWDE
(M: ? - ?) Waiting At Table [1865] Jubilee, Patriotic, And Other Poems [p|1887] I Winslow AYER
(M: ? - ?) 8543 The Great North-Western Conspiracy In All Its...Details [n|?/?/1865] Bp, Vedanayagam Samuel AZARIAH
(M: 1874 Aug 17 - 1945 Jan 2) India And The Christian Movement [n|?] Christ In Indian Villages (w WHITEHEAD) [n|?] [Holy Baptism] [n|?-?] [Confirmation] [n|?-?] [Studies in First Corinthians] [n|?-?] [India and the Christian Movement] [n|?-?] [Evangelism] [n|?-?] [Christian Giving] [n|?-?] [Studies in the Book of Job] [n|?-?] [A Commentary on Second Corinthians] [n|?-?] A A B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) The Reciprocity Treaty [c1865] George BACCHUS {UK}
(M: 1873 - 1945) The Story Of Nemesis Hunt (anon) [f|c1907] Pleasure Bound 'Afloat' [f|1908] Pleasure Bound 'Ashore' [f|1909] Maudie [f|1909] Salomeja BAČINSKAITE-BUČIENE {LT/SU}
(F: 1904 Nov 17 - 1945 Jul 7) (wrote as: NERIS; Salomeja NERIS) Rev, Wilson Marvin BACKUS {US}
(M: 1865 Feb 11 - 1945 Sep 4) The Religion Of Abraham Lincoln [n|1910] What Is Truth? [n|?] Sir, Hickman Beckett BACON, 11th & 12th Baronet BACON {UK}
(M: 1855 Apr 14 - 1945 Apr 13) Welbore Saint Clair BADDELEY {UK}
(M: c1857 - 1945 Feb 14) Rome And Its Story (w Lina DUFF GORDON) [n|1904] Wilfrid BADE {DE}
(M: 1906 Feb 4 - 1945 Apr) Agnes (Smyth) BADEN-POWELL, formerly POWELL {UK}
(F: 1858 Dec 16 - 1945 Jun 2) The Handbook For The Girl Guides... (w Robert BADEN-POWELL) [n|1912] 28983 How Girls Can Help Their Country (w R BADEN-POWELL & J LOW) [n|1917] Robert BAKER
(M: ? - ?) Noel; Or, It Was To Be [f|1865] Sara Josephine BAKER {US}
(F: 1873 Nov 15 - 1945 Feb 22) Healthy Mothers [n|1920] Healthy Babies [n|1920] Healthy Children [n|1920] The Growing Child [n|1923] Child Hygiene [n|1925] Fighting For Life [a|1939] Frank Conger BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1869 Jun 13 - 1945 Nov 25) Baldwin's Specification Index [n|1904] Gerald William BALFOUR, 2nd Earl of BALFOUR {UK}
(M: 1853 Apr 9 - 1945 Jan 14) Ear Of Dionysius [1920] Margaret Ida BALFOUR {UK}
(F: c1866 - 1945 Dec 1) First Lessons For Country Mid-wives [n|1920] Hukm Dey And Her Baby [n|1921] The Care Of The Baby [n|1922] Infant Mortality In India And England [n|1923] Maternal Mortality In Childbirth In India [n|1927] Anaemia Of Pregnancy [n|1927] The Work Of Medical Women In India (w ?) [n|1929] Maternity Conditions Of Women Millworkers, Bombay [n|1930] Indian Mothercraft [n|1932] A Study Of The Effect On Mother And Child Of Gainful Occupation... [n|1938] Supplementary Feeding In Pregnancy [n|1944] Sir, William Girling BALL {UK}
(M: c1881 - 1945 Jul 16) Diseases Of The Kidney (w Geoffrey EVANS) [n|1932] General Surgical Pathology And Bacteriology [n|?] Erwin Toku BÄLZ {JP?}
(M: 1889 May 23 - 1945 Mar 30) Frederic BANCROFT {US}
(M: 1860 Oct 30 - 1945) A Sketch Of The Negro In Politics... [n|1885] The Domestic Slave Trade In Southern States, 1850-60 [n|?] The Life Of William H Seward [2v|b|1900] The Public Life Of Carl Schurz (w William A DUNNING) [b|1908] Why The American Historical Association Needs Thorough Reorganization [n|1915] Calhoun And The South Carolina Nullification Movement [n|1928] Slave Trading In The Old South [n|1931] Eusebio BAPTISTA {VE}
(M: 1914 - 1945 Apr 25) Frank Louis BARBER {CA}
(M: 1877 - 1945) Rev, William Theodore Aquila BARBER {UK}
(M: 1858 Jan 4 - 1945 Oct 18) Proceedings Of The Shanghai Missionary Conference (ed) [n|?] David Hill, Missionary And Saint [b|1898] Raymond Lull, The Illuminated Doctor [b|1903] David Hill, An Apostle To The Chinese [b|1906] The Morning Of Life [n|?] The Unfolding Of Life [n|?] Elmore BARCE {US}
(M: 1872 - 1945) 30244 The Land Of The Miamis:...End Of The Revolution Until 1812 [n|1922] Wg-Cdr, Maurice BARING {UK}
(M: 1874 Apr 27 - 1945 Dec 14 (or 15)) Hildesheim [f|1900] The Black Prince [1902] Gaston De Foix [d|1903/13] With The Russians In Manchuria [n|1905] Mahasena [d|1905] The Story Of Forget-Me-Not [f|1905] Desiderio [d|1906] Sonnets And Short Poems [p|1906/11] Thoughts On Art And Life [n|1907] A Year In Russia [n|1907] Proserpine [1908] Russian Essays And Studies [e|1908] 2492 Orpheus In Mayfair, And Other Stories And Sketches [s|1909] Forget Me Not [1909] Landmarks In Russian Literature [n|1910] Dead Letters [1909] The Glass Mender And Other Stories (US: Blue Rose Fairy Book) [s|1910] Diminutive Dramas [d|pub:1911] Collected Poems [p|1911/1925] The Russian People [n|1911] The Grey Stocking [d|pub:1913] What I Saw In Russia [n|1913] Palamon And Arcite [d|1913] Letters From The Near East [n|1913] Lost Diaries [f|1913] The Mainsprings Of Russia [n|1913] Outline Of Russian Literature [n|1914] Round The World In Any Number Of Days [n|1915] English Landscape [n|1916] The Brass Ring [f|1917] Poems 1914-17 [p|1918] Translations, Ancient And Modern [1919] Diminutive Dramas [1919] Round The World In Any Number Of Ways [1919] RFCHQ, 1914-1918 [n|1920] Manfroy [d|1920] Poems, 1914-1919 [p|1921] Passing By [f|1921] * The Puppet Show Of Memory [a|1922] Overlooked [f|1922] His Majesty's Embassy [d|1923] A Triangle [f|1923] # C [f|1924] Punch And Judy And Other Essays [e|1924] Half A Minute's Silence [s|1925] Collected Poems [p|1925] Translations, With Originals [1925] Cat's Cradle [f|1925] Daphne Adeane [f|1926] + Tinker's Leave [f|1927] Fantasio [f|1927] Comfortless Memory [f|1928] Algæ [1928] When They Love [f|1928] The Coat Without Seam [f|1929] Robert Peckham [f|1930] In The End Is My Beginning [f|1931] Lost Lectures [1932] Friday's Business [f|1932] Sarah Bernhardt [b|1933] The Lonely Lady Of Dulwich [f|1934] Unreliable History [1935] Darby And Joan [f|1935] Have You Anything To Declare? [1936] Russian Lyrics [1943] Rev, Johnson BARKER {UK}
(M: 1860 - 1945 Mar 23) Prof, Gilbert Hobbs BARNES {US}
(M: 1889 Mar 30 - 1945 Aug 12) The Antislavery Impulse, 1830-44 [n|1933] Otto Raymond BARNETT {US}
(M: 1868 Sep 21 - 1945 Mar 27) Patent Property And The Anti-Monopoly Laws [n|1943] Rev, Jesse Homer BARNHARDT {US}
(M: 1873 Feb 22 - 1945 Jan 21) Looking Them Over [1931] Alfred William/(later)Wilson BARRETT / WILSON-BARRETT {UK}
(M: 1870 (wrongly 1871) - 1945 Nov 16) The Golden Lotus [f|1901] The French Master [f|1903] The Silver Pin [f|1905] The House Over The Way [f|1906] The Man With The Opals [f|1906] Father Pink [f|1907] The Shadow On The House [f|1909] Justus Wise [f|1911] The Jew Of Prague [f|1912] The Secret Marriage [f|1912] A Soldier's Love [f|1912] The Tower Hill Mystery [f|1912] The Silver King [f|1914] The Blue Taxi [f|1915] The Third Mistake [f|1917] Lady, Florence Elizabeth BARRETT, nee PERRY/WILLEY {UK}
(F: c1850 - 1945 Aug 7) A Plea For The Feeding Of Nursing Mothers [n|1912] Diseases Of Women: A Handbook For Nurses [n|1912] 13906 Conception Control And Its Effects On The Individual... [n|1922] Personality Survives Death [n|1937] Sir, James William BARRETT {AU}
(M: 1862 Feb 27 - 1945 Apr 6) The Twin Ideals [e|1918] The Australian Army Medical Corps In Egypt (w Percy E DEANE) [n|1919] The War Work Of The YMCA In Egypt [n|1919] A Vision Of The Possible: What The RAMC Might Become [e|1919] The Diary Of An Australian Soldier [n|1921] Save Australia [n|1925] Rev, Leonard Andrew BARRETT {US}
(M: 1874 Nov 1 - 1945 Feb 27) The Essence Of Christianity [n|1927] A BARRISTER (ps)
(M: ? - ?) The Orator: A Treasury Of English Eloquence [n|1865] Prof, Adolf BARTELS {DE}
(M: 1862 Nov 15 - 1945 Mar 7) Frederick Orin BARTLETT {US?}
(M: 1876 - 1945) (also wrote as: William CARLETON) 20429 The Seventh Noon [f|1908] 29104 The Web Of The Golden Spider [f|1909] 28315 One Way Out: A Middle-Class New-Englander... (ps: William CARLETON) [1911] The Red Geranium (ps: William CARLETON) [1915] 29654 The Wall Street Girl [f|1916] One Year Of Pierrot (anon) [1917] 20458 The Triflers [1917] Jane And I (anon) [1922] Béla (Viktor János) BARTÓK {HU}
(M: 1881 Mar 25 - 1945 Sep 26) Hungarian Folk Music [n|1931] Prof, Florence BASCOM {US}
(F: 1862 Jul 14 - 1945 Jun 18) Prof, Charles Francis BASTABLE {IE}
(M: 1855 - 1945 Jan) Theory Of International Trade [n|1887/97/1900/03] Commerce Of Nations [n|1892/?/?/?/1911/?/?/17] & Public Finance [n|1892/?/1917] Commerce Of Nations (9e w T E GREGORY) [n|1923] Theodore BAUGHMAN {US}
(M: 1845 - ?) The Oklahoma Scout [a|?] Col, Roger Hammet BEADON {UK}
(M: 1887 Jan 16 - 1945 Dec 14) History Of The Transport And Supply Services Of The British Army, v2 [n|?] Some Memoirs Of The Peace Conference [n|?] Robert Blake [?] James Hartley BEAL {US}
(M: 1861 Sep 23 - 1945 Sep 20) Notes On Equation Writing And Chemical...Arithmetic [n|1896/?/1903] Pharmaceutical Interrogations [n|1896] Interrogations In Dental Metallurgy [n|1900] Practical Pharmacy [n|1907] Prescription Practice And General Dispensing [n|1908] Elementary Principles Of The Theory And Practice Of Pharmacy [n|1910] Principles Of Theory And Practice Of Pharmacy [5v|n|1910] Common Poisons And Their Antidotes And Dose Tables (anon?) [n|1910] Simple Course...In Applied Pharmacy (w G B KAUFFMAN & J B KOCH) [n|1905/?/18] Lady, Mary BEALE, nee THOMPSON {UK}
(F: c1845 - ?) (wrote as: Marie de JONCOURT) Wholesome Cookery [n|1882] Letters To Young Housekeepers [n|1912] Richard Joseph BEAMISH {US}
(M: 1869 (or 1879) Nov 6 - 1945 Oct 1) 18993 History Of The World War (w Francis A MARCH) [7v|n|1919] America's Part In The World War (w Francis A MARCH) [n|1919] The Boys' Story Of Lindbergh, The Lone Eagle [b|1928] Lt-Col, Angus John BEATON {UK}
(M: 1858 - 1945 Sep 29) Illustrated Guide To Fortrose And Vicinity [n|1885] The Social And Economic Condition Of The Highlands Of Scotland... [n|1906] Prof, Carl (Lotus) BECKER {US}
(M: 1873 Sep 7 - 1945 Apr 10) History Of Political Parties In...New York, 1760-1776 [n|1909] 21501 The Beginnings Of The American People [n|1915] 3093 The Eve Of The Revolution [n|1918] The Declaration Of Independence [n|1922] Our Great Experiment In Democracy: A History Of The United States [n|1924] The Spirit Of '76 (w J M CLARK & W E DODD) [e|1927] Modern History [n|1931] The Heavenly City Of The Eighteenth-Century Philosophers [n|1932] Everyman His Own Historian: Essays On History And Politics [e|1935] Progress And Power [e|1936] Story Of Civilization (w Frederic DUNCALF) [n|1938] Modern Democracy [n|1941] New Liberties For Old [n|1942] The Founding Of Cornell University [n|1943] How New Will The Better World Be? [n|1943] Paul Hellmut BECKER {DE}
(M: 1885 Dec 24 - 1945 Mar 2) Mrs S BECKETT, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) (wrote as: Cecil GRIFFITH) The Uttermost Farthing [f|1865] Victory Deane [f|1867] Maud Mainwaring [f|1868] Valentine Forde [f|1870] Nor Love, Nor Lands [f|1873] Corinthia Marazion [f|1892] Herbert BEDFORD {UK}
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