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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Zalman Isaac AARONSON
(M: 1876 - 1947) Morris ABBELL {US?}
(M: ? - 1947) Sermons Of A Maggid [e|?-?] (tr Morris TELLER) [1953] George Frederick ABBOTT {UK}
(M: 1874 - 1947 Mar 13) Songs Of Modern Greece [1900] Macedonian Folklore [n|1903] The Tale Of A Tour In Macedonia [n|1903] Through India With The Prince [n|1903] Israel In Europe [n|1907] Greece In Evolution [n|1909] Turkey In Transition [n|1909] The Philosophy Of A Don [1911] The Ambassador Of Loss [1911] The Holy War In Tripoli [n|1912] Turkey, Greece, And The Great Powers [n|1917] Under The Turk In Constantinople, 1674-1681 [n|1920] 22677 Greece And The Allies, 1914-1922 [n|1922] Wilbur Cortez ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1869 Dec 28 - 1947 Feb 3) Colonel Thomas Blood, Crown Stealer, 1618-1680 [1911] Colonel John Scott Of Long Island, 1634(?)-1696 [b|1918] The Expansion Of Europe [n|1918/1924/1938] Conflicts With Oblivion [n|1924] The New Barbarians [1925] A Bibliography Of Oliver Cromwell [n|1929] New York In The American Revolution [n|1929] An...Relating To The International Status Of Gibraltar... [n|1934] Adventures In Reputation [n|1935] Essays In Modern English History [e|1971] George ABBOTT-SMITH {CA}
(M: 1864 - 1947) k A Manual Greek Lexicon Of The New Testament [n|1921/1923/1937] Mustafa ABD Al-RAZIQ
(M: 1886 - 1947) Annie Heloise ABEL, Mrs HENDERSON {US}
(F: 1873 - 1947) The History Of Events Resulting In Indian...Mississippi [n|1908] The Slaveholding Indians [n|1915] 12541 The American Indian As Participant In The Civil War [n|1919] American Indian Under Reconstruction [n|1925] Prof, Herman ABRAMOWITZ {CA?}
(M: 1880 - 1947 Sep) Thomas ADAMS
(M: 1847 - ?) Prof, John William ADAMSON {UK}
(M: 1857 Apr 22 - 1947 Mar 12) Our Defective System Of Training Teachers [n|1904] Pioneers Of Modern Education, 1600-1700 [n|1905] The Practice Of Instruction (ed) [n|1907] The Educational Writings Of John Locke [n|1912] A Short History Of Education [n|1919] A Guide To The History Of Education [n|1920] English Education, 1789-1902 [n|1930] The Illiterate Anglo-Saxon [n|1946] James (Evershed) AGATE {UK}
(M: 1877 Sep 9 - 1947 Jun 6) Lines Of Communication [1917] Buzz, Buzz! [e|1918] Alarums And Excursions [e|1919] Responsibility [f|1919] At Half-Past Eight [e|1921] Fantasies And Impromptus [1922] The Contemporary Theatre For 1923 [n|1922] The Contemporary Theatre For 1924 [n|1923] Blessed Are The Rich [f|1924] White Horse And Red Lion [1924] The Contemporary Theatre For 1925 [n|1924] On An English Screen [1925] The Contemporary Theatre For 1926 [n|1925] The Common Touch [1926] Agate's Folly [1927] Rachel [1928] Gemel In London (w Alan DENT) [f|1928] Their Hour Upon The Stage [1930] The English Dramatic Critics: An Anthology (ed) [1932] My Theatre Talks [e|1932] First Nights [1934] Ego [a|1935] Ego 2 [a|1936] More First Nights [1937] Kingdoms For Horses [1937] Ego 3 [a|1938] Bad Manners [1938] The Amazing Theatre [1939] Speak For England: An Anthology For The Forces (ed) [1940] Ego 4 [a|1940] Express And Admirable [1941] Thursdays And Fridays [1942] Here's Richness: An Anthology Of And By James Agate [1942] Ego 5 [a|1942] Brief Chronicles [1943] These Were Actors [1944] Ego 6 [a|1944] Red Letter Nights [1944] Noblesse Oblige [1945] Immoment Toys [1945] Ego 7 [a|1945] Ego 8 [a|1947] Ego 9 [a|1949] Thomas Radford AGG {US}
(M: 1878 May 17 - 1947 May 7) The Construction Of Roads And Pavements [n|1916/20/1924/1929/1939] 29420 American Rural Highways [n|1920] Highway Transportation Costs (w H S CARTER) [n|1924] Highway Administration And Finance (w John E BRINDLEY) [n|1927] Preparation Of Engineering Reports (w W L FOSTER) [n|1935] Engineering Valuation (w Anson MARSTON) [n|1936] Enrique AGUIAR {DO}
(M: 1887 - 1947) Salvador AGUILAR TORO {VE}
(M: 1915 - 1947) Jean AJALBERT
(M: 1863 - 1947 Jan 14) Homer ALBERS {US}
(M: 1863 Feb 28 - 1947 Jan 9) Judge, Gordon ALCHIN {UK}
(M: c1894 - 1947 May 14) Oxford And Flanders (ps: Observer, RFC) [p|1916] Practical Building Law: A Guide For Builders, Architects... [n|1933] Manual Of Law For The Cinema Trade [n|1934] Sir, Walter Galpin ALCOCK {UK}
(M: 1861 Dec 29 - 1947 Sep 11) Treatise On Organ Playing [n|1936] Joseph ALLARD {CA}
(M: 1873 Feb 1 - 1947 Nov 14) Alfred ALLEN {US}
(M: 1866 Apr 8 - 1947 Jun 18) The Heart Of Don Vega [f|?] Judge Lynch [f|?] Chivalry [d|1901] The Cup Of Victory (w Richard HOVEY) [d|?] Playmates [d|?] The Earth Born (w Hughes CORNELL) [d|?] The Heart Of A Star (w Hughes CORNELL) [d|?] Br'er Rabbit And Tar Baby (w Ruth Comfort MITCHELL) [d|pro:1938] Egbert Chesley ALLEN {CA}
(M: 1882 - 1947) Our Northern Year [1937] John Harden ALLEN
(M: 1847 - ?) Roland ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1868 (or 1869) Dec 29 - 1947 Jun 9) The Siege Of The Peking Legations [n|1901] Missionary Methods: St Paul's Or Ours [n|1912] Missionary Principles [n|1913] Pentecost & The World [n|1917] Educational Principles And Missionary Methods [n|1919] 13360 Missionary Survey As An Aid To Intelligent... (w T COCHRANE) [n|1920] Voluntary Clergy [n|1923] The Spontaneous Expansion Of The Church [n|1927] Devolution And Its Real Significance (w Alexander McLEISH) [n|1927] Sidney James Wells Clark: A Vision Of Foreign Missions [n|1937] Marcos/Mordekhai ALPERSON / ALPERSOHN / ALPHERSON {SU/AR?}
(M: 1860 - 1947 Jul 24) Dreisig Yor In Argentine [Yi-1922-1928] Lindzshera [f|?-1937] Rev, Andrew Joseph AMBAUEN {US}
(M: 1847 Mar 7 - ?) Rays Of Light [n|1887] Suggestions To Girls At Service [n|1889] The Catechists Manual [n|1890] Floral Apostles [n|1892] Late Civil War And Some Of Its Religious And Patriotic Lessons [n|1903] Forget-Me-Nots [n|1906] Jewels Of History [1911] The World's Symbolism [n|1916] 'Winged Words' [n|1921] Pearls Of Devotion [n|1923] The Devout Companion [n|?] The People's Friend [?] Dora AMSDEN, nee BEASLEY {UK/US?}
(F: 1853 Jun 11 - 1947 Jun 12) + The Heritage Of Hiroshige:...Japanese Landscape Art [n|1912] Arthur Edward ANDERSEN {US}
(M: 1885 May 30 - 1947 Jan 10) Complete Accounting Course [n|1917] The Accounting Treatment Of Overhead Construction Costs... [n|1917] Financial And Industrial Investigations [n|1924] The Major Problem Created By The Machine Age [n|1931] Duties And Responsibilities Of The Comptroller [n|1934] The Future Of Our Economic System [n|1934] Present Day Problems Affecting...Financial Statements [n|1935] A Layman Speaks [n|1941] Frederick Irving ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1877 Nov 14 - 1947 Dec 23 or 24) The Farmer Of To-morrow [n|1913] The Adventures Of The Infallible Godahl [s|1914] 27257 Electricity For The Farm [n|1915] The Notorious Sophie Lang [f|1925] The Book Of Murder [n|1930] William Gilbert ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1860 Sep 9 - 1947 Jul 7) Light Gymnastics [n|1887] Methods Of Teaching Physical Education [n|1898] A Manual Of Physical Training... (w William L ANDERSON) [n|1913] Rev, William Ketcham ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1888 Apr 27 - 1947 Feb 7) The Student's Handbook (ed) [n|1942/1945] A Church Membership Manual... (w others) [n|1943] Pastor And Church [n|1943/1945] The Minister And Human Relations [n|1943] Protestantism [n|1944] Making The Gospel Effective [n|1945] Christian World Mission [n|1946] Methodism [n|1947] Stephen Philbin ANDERTON {US}
(M: 1874 Aug 4 - 1947 Jul 10) Washington's Appeal: The Foundations Of Constructive Democracy [n|1935] Bp, Tor ANDRAE
(M: 1885 - 1947) Emil ANDRES {CH}
(M: 1887 Oct 8 - 1947 Jul 3) Krisezyt [Ge-1935] Im Rockhall [d|Ge-1937] Cagliostro [Ge-1939] Im Drizähte Regimänt [Ge-1940] Gedichte [p|Ge-1941] Dr Wyberfind [d|Ge-1947] Matthew Page ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1879 Jul 15 - 1947 Jun 20) A Histor Yof The US [n|1913] A Brief History Of The United States [n|1916] A Heritage Of Freedom [n|1918] Birth Of America [d|1920] American History And Government [n|1921] The Book Of The American's Creed [1921] The Biggest Book In The World [1925] History Of Maryland - Province And State [n|1929] The Founding Of Maryland [n|1933] Soul Of Maryland: Pageant Of The Founding [n|1934] Virginia, The Old Dominion [n|1937] The Soul Of A Nation [n|1943] Social Planning By Frontier Thinkers [n|1944] Fountain Inn Diary: Washington's Inn Site [n|1947] Louis Kaufman ANSPACHER {US}
(M: 1878 Mar 1 - 1947 May 10) Tristan & Isolde [d|1904] The Embarrassment Of Riches [d|pro:1906] Anne And The Archduke John [d|1907] A Woman Of Impulse [d|pro:1909] The Glass House [d|1912] The Washerwoman Duchess [d|1913] Our Children [d|pro:1915] The Unchastened Woman [d|pro:1915] That Day [d|1917/pro:1922] Madame Cecile [d|1918] The Rape Of Belgium (w Max MARCIN) [1918] Daddalums [1919] The Dancer (w Max MARCIN) [1919] All The Kings Horses [1920] The New House [d|1921] Dagmar [d|pro:1923] The Rhapsody [d|pro:1930] Our Children [1933] The Jazz Clown [1933] The Intruder [1934] This Bewildered Age [1935] A Way Of Life [1937] Passing The Torch [1939] The Achievement Of Happiness [1940] They Saw The Light [1941] Slow Harvest [1943] The Story Of Liberty [1944] Shakepseare As Poet And Lover [1944] The Master Race Mentality [1945] Anniversary Ode [1946] Challenge Of The Unknown [n|1947] William Arthur Jobson ARCHBOLD {UK}
(M: 1865 May 5 - 1947 Jun 1) The Romantic Movement In English Literature [n|1921] Recent Essays [e|1923] Outlines Of Indian Constitutional History [n|1926] Twentieth Century Essays [e|1927] Bengal Haggis [1928] Rev, John Roche ARDILL {IE?}
(M: c1861 - 1947 Jan 19) Leonardo ARGÜELLO (BARRETO) {NI}
(M: 1875 Aug 29 - 1947 Dec 15) Por El Honor De Un Partido [Sp-?] El Caso Nicaragua [Sp-?] Paz, Patria Y Liberalísmo [Sp-?] La Política [Sp-?] Warwick Windridge ARMSTRONG {AU}
(M: 1879 May 22 - 1947 Jul 13) Art Of Cricket [n|1922] Willimina Lenora ARMSTRONG {US?}
(F: 1866 - 1947) (wrote as: Zamin Ki DOST) 19970 Son Of Power (w Will Levington COMFORT) [f|1920] Leon ARPEE {US}
(M: 1877 - 1947 Nov 24) The Atonement In Experience: A Critical Study [n|1932] Rafael Angel ARRÁIZ {VE}
(M: 1884 Oct 6 - 1947) Wilhelm Ernst ASBECK {DE}
(M: 1881 Apr 16 - 1947 Mar 22) (wrote as: Ernst HELM) Ringende Kräfte [Ge-1912] König Drosselbart [Ge-1914] Prinz Heldenmut [Ge-1914] Wie Hans Und Trudchen Ihren Vater Suchten [Ge-1915] Lens [Ge-1917] Meine Kleine Bescheidene Frau [Ge-1919] Die Wundergeige [Ge-1923] Der Schneider Von Borgfeld [Ge-1923] Hans Der Träumer [d|Ge-1924] Schuster Dickkopf [Ge-1927] Käpp'n Smidt, Hamburger [f|Ge-1934] Die Letzten Keiths Auf Balumoog [f|Ge-1935] Uwe Jenisch [Ge-1935] Luthard Von Steegen [Ge-1935] Hildings Tod [Ge-1935] Siegeszug? [Ge-1935] Die Dithmarscher Schnapphähne [Ge-1935] Nordstrands Untergang [Ge-1935] Das Elefantenschiff [Ge-1935] Meer, Sturm Und Mensch [Ge-1935] Eine Stenotypistin Stellt Sich Vor [d|Ge-1935] Käpp'n Smidt [Ge-1935] Plattdeutsche Fassung Von Adolf Woderich [Ge-1936] Meine Kleine Bescheidene Frau [d|Ge-1935] Der Filibustierkapitän [Ge-1936] Bruder Gegen Bruder [Ge-1936] Die Insel Der Geächteten [Ge-1936] Der Falke Vom Falkenberg [Ge-1936] Die Brücke Nach Ispahan [f|Ge-1937] Das Märchen Vom Glückspilz [d|Ge-1937] Tjede Peckes [f|Ge-1938] Starker Tobak [d|Ge-1938] Schloß Bergedorf In Strumbewegter Zeit [Ge-1938] Wibe Balje [f|Ge-1938] Wetterleuchten Über Schwarzwald [f|Ge-1939] Der Geheimnisvolle Hof [f|Ge-1940] Klein Gesche Sucht Den Frühling [d|Ge-1941] Seelenverkäufer [f|Ge-1942] Clifford Warren ASHLEY {US}
(M: 1881 Dec 18 - 1947 Sep 18) The Yankee Whaler [n|1926] Whaleships Of New Bedford [n|1929] The Ashley Book Of Knots [n|1944] Raymond Harman ASHLEY {US?}
(M: 1881 Mar 29 - 1947 Dec 1) Herbert ASQUITH {UK}
(M: 1881 Mar 11 - 1947 Aug 5) The Volunteer And Other Poems [p|1915/17] A Village Sermon [p|1921] Wind's End [f|1924] Pillicock Hill [p|1926] Young Orland [f|1927] Roon [f|1929] Poems 1912-33 [p|1934] Youth In The Skies, And Other Poems [p|1940] Mary Dallon [f|?] Moments Of Memory [a|?] Tilly(=Matilda Ann) ASTON {AU}
(F: 1873 Dec 11 - 1947 Nov 1) Maiden Verses [p|1901] The Woolinappers; Or, Some Tales From The By-Ways Of Methodism [f|1905] The Austral Year [p|c1915] Singable Songs [p|1924] Songs Of Light [p|1935] Old Timers: Sketches And Word Pictures Of The Old Pioneers [s|1938] The Inner Garden [p|1940] Memoirs Of Tilly Aston, Australia's Blind Poet, Author... [a|1946] Helen Woodward ATWATER {US}
(F: 1876 May 29 - 1947 Jun 26) The Food Values And Uses Of Poultry [n|1916] B C AUSTIN
(F: ? - ?) Landmarks Of A Life [f|1867] Ernest AUSTIN {UK}
(M: 1874 Dec 31 - 1947 Jul 24) Henry Godfrey AVERS {US}
(M: 1886 Mar 6 - 1947 Jan 19) Hypsometry: Precise Leveling From Reno... (w George D COWIE) [n|1916] Precise Leveling In Texas [n|1922] Precise Leveling In Georgia [n|1923] Manual Of First-Order Leveling [n|1928] Triangulation In Utah (1927 Datum) [n|1937] Sir, M AZIZUL HUQUE / HAQUE / HUQ
(M: 1892 Nov 27 - 1947 Mar 22) History And Problems Of Muslim Education In Bengal [n|1917] Education And Retrenchment [n|1924] A Plea For Separate Electorate In Bengal [n|1931] The Man Behind The Plough [n|1939] The Sword Of The Crescent Moon [n|?] Cultural Contributions Of Islam To Indian History [n|?] A F B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Original Designs For Wood-Carving... [n|1867] David Josef BACH {AT/UK?}
(M: 1874 Aug 13 - 1947 Jan 31) Joseph M BACHELOR {US?}
(M: 1889 - 1947) (also wrote as: Joseph MORRIS) 10763 It Can Be Done: Poems Of Inspiration (w St Clair ADAMS) [p|1921] 10073 The Century Vocabulary Builder (w Garland GREEVER) [n|1922] The Book Of Baby Verse (w St Clair ADAMS) [p|1923] The Century Book Of Selections (w Garland GREEVER) [1923] The Book Of Mother Verse (jt ed) [p|1924] The Book Of Friendship Verse (jt ed) [p|1924] Charles Sumner BACON {US}
(M: 1856 Jul 30 - 1947 Jul 10) Synopsis Of Lectures On Obstetrics [n|1913] Obstetrical Nursing [n|1915] Gov, Gaspar Griswold BACON {US}
(M: 1886 Mar 7 - 1947 Dec 25) The Constitution Of The United States [n|1928] Government And The Voter [n|1931] Individual Rights And The Public Welfare [n|1935] Sir, Reginald (Hugh Spencer) BACON {UK}
(M: 1863 - 1947 Jun 9) Benin, The City Of Blood [n|?] The Dover Patrol [1915] The Jutland Scandal [1925] A Naval Scrap Book [n|1924] A Simple Guide To Wireless [n|1926/?/1930] The Motor Car And How It Works [n|1927] A Social Sinner [1928] The Life Of Lord Fisher Of Kilverstone [b|1929] The Concise Story Of The Dover Patrol [n|1932] The Life Of John Rushworth, Earl Jellicoe [b|1936] From 1900 Onward [1939] Modern Naval Strategy (w Francis E McMURTRIE) [n|1940] Halsey Joseph BAGG {US}
(M: 1889 Oct 23 - 1947 Apr 14) Individual Differences & Family Resemblances In Animal Behavior [n|1920] Prof, William Seaman BAINBRIDGE {US}
(M: 1877 Feb 17 - 1947 Sep 22) A Compend Of Operative Gynecology [n|1906] Life's Day Guide-Posts And Danger Signals In Health [n|1909] The Cancer Problem [n|1914] Henry BAKER
(M: ? - ?) Translations And Choice Pieces From...French And German Authors [1867] Archdeacon, John Percy BAKER {UK}
(M: 1871 Feb 9 - 1947 Dec 28) The Church Of Plymouth, Called Charles Church [n|1915] The Story Of Mosslake Hill [n|?] Edward Robinson BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1864 Sep 8 - 1947 May 6) Stanley BALDWIN, 1st Earl BALDWIN of Bewdley {UK}
(M: 1867 Aug 3 - 1947 Dec 14) Peace And Goodwill In Industry [n|1925] The Classics And The Plain Man [n|1926] On England And Other Addresses [e|1926] Our Inheritance [e|1928] This Torch Of Freedom [n|1935] Speeches And Addresses [e|1935] Service Of Our Lives [n|1937] An Interpreter Of England [1939] John BALL {US}
(M: 1847 - ?) (wrote as: LUCIFER) Baptism Of Fire: An Autobiographical Sketch [a|1877] Henry Nugent BANKS
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: Henry AITCHENBIE) Melchior Gorles: Tale Of Modern Mesmerism [f|1867] Prof, Paul BARBIER {UK}
(M: 1873 Aug 6 - 1947 Aug 11) The Age Of Owain Gwynedd [n|1908] William Singer BARCLAY {UK}
(M: 1871 Jun 15 - 1947 Mar 15) From Buenos Aires To The Iguazu [n|1903] Magellanes, The Ona And Other Indians [n|1904] The River Parana [n|1908] The Geography Of South American Railways [n|1917] Philip's Library And Commercial Map Of S America (ed) [n|1922] The Land Of Magellan [n|1926] The Basin Of The R Parana [n|1931] Sir, Joseph BARCROFT {UK}
(M: 1872 Jul 26 - 1947 Mar 21) The Respiratory Of The Blood [n|1914] The Respiratory Functions Of The Blood [n|1925] The Cambridge Comparative Physiology (ed) [n|1927] William Nichols BARNARD {US}
(M: 1875 Apr 24 - 1947 Apr 3) Valve Gears [n|1907] Elements Of Heat-Power Engineering (w C F HIRSHFELD) [n|1912] Heat-Power Engineering (w F O ELLENWOOD & C F HIRSHFELD) [n|1926-1933] Edward Lawry BARNWELL
(M: ? - ?) Perrot Notes... [1867] Ema de la BARRA De LLANOS
(F: 1861 - 1947) Walter Augustus BARRATT {UK}
(M: 1873 - 1947 Apr 12) Tomás Guillermo BARRIOS {VE}
(M: ? - 1947) Herbert BARRY {US}
(M: 1867 Feb 25 - 1947 Jun 19) King Can Do No Wrong, And Other Papers...Virginia Law Review [e|1930/1931/1933] Squadron A: A History Of Its First Fifty Years, 1889-1939 [n|1939] Viewed With Detachment [e|?] Philip Beaufoy BARRY {UK}
(M: 1878 - 1947) The Secret Power: A Handbook To The Art Of Living [n|1927] How To Succeed On The Stage [n|1927] How To Succeed As A Writer [n|1927] Twelve Monstrous Criminals From Nero To Rasputin [n|1927] The Mystery Of The Blue Diamond [f|1928] How To Succeed As A Playwright [n|1928] Amateur Acting From A New Angle [n|1928] Twenty Human Monsters, In Purple And In Rags... [n|1929] Sinners Down The Centuries [n|1929] 99 Points, For Amateur Actors [n|1936] Back-Stage [e|1947] Philip (Henry) BARTHOLOMAE {US}
(M: 1880 Jul 3 - 1947 Jan 5) A Dollar Down (w John Edward HAZZARD) [d|reg:1924] John Thomas BARTLETT {US}
(M: 1892 Jan 15 - 1947 Jan 23) Retail Credit Practice (w Charles M REED) [n|1928] Credit Department Salesmanship (w Charles M REED) [n|1932] Methods Of Installment Selling And Collection (w Charles M REED) [n|1934] Rev, Richard Grosvenor BARTLETT, later BARTELOT {UK}
(M: 1868 - 1947 May 8) (wrote as: R G B) A Book Of Remembrance (w Hilda POPE) (anon) [n|1919] Capt, Francis Rickman BARTON {UK}
(M: 1865 Jan 4 - 1947 Oct 4) Roy Franklin BARTON {US}
(M: 1883 - 1947) * Ifugao Law [n|1919] Frans BASTIAANSE
(M: 1868 - 1947) 15273 Gedichten [p|Du-1909] Roger BATCHELDER {US}
(M: 1897 Jun 5 - 1947 Dec 13) Watching And Waiting On The Border [n|1917] Camp Devens [n|1917] Camp Dix [n|1918] Camp Lee Described And Photographed [n|1918] Camp Upton Described And Photographed [n|1918] Secrets [f|1925] The Book Of Fort Dix [n|?] The Book Of Fort Devens [n|?] The Book Of Fort Camp Edwards [n|?] The Book Of Fort Camp Claiborne [n|?] The Book Of Fort Camp Livingstone [n|1941] Lt-Col, (Allen) Benjamin BATHURST {UK}
(M: 1872 - 1947 Oct 8) Letters Of Two Queens [1924] Antonio BATRES JÁUREGUI
(M: 1847 - ?) * Los Indios: Su Historia Y Su Civilizacion [n|Sp-?] Henri BAUCHE {FR}
(M: 1880 May 31 - 1947 Oct 2) Les Drames Celebres Du Grand Guignol (w André de LORDE) [Fr-1923] R-Adm, Charles Marsh BEADNELL {UK}
(M: 1872 Feb 17 - 1947 Sep 27) On The Decline Of Scurvy Afloat [n|1899] Atavistic Mental States [n|1908] Environmental Factors Afloat [n|1913] Origin Of Speech, Song And Dance [n|1915] Modern Bullets In War And Sport [n|1918] The Reality Or Unreality Of Spiritualistic Phenomena... [n|1920] A Picture Book Of Evolution, Adapted From...Late Dennis Hird [n|1932] Dictionary Of Scientific Terms, As Used In The Various Sciences [n|1938/1942] The Origin Of The Kiss, And Other Scientific Diversions [n|1942] An Encyclopaedic Dictionary Of Science And War [n|1943] Fireside Science [n|1947] Nature's Own Zoo [n|1948] Evolution And Dreams [n|?] Some Functions Of Modern Cylindro-Conoidal Projectiles [n|?] William Jackson BEAN {UK}
(M: 1863 May 26 - 1947 Apr 19) Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: An Historical And Descriptive Account [n|1908] Trees And Shrubs Hardy In The British Isles [n|1914] Shrubs For Amateurs [n|1924] Ornamental Trees For Amateurs [n|1926] Wall Shrubs And Hardy Climbers [n|1939] Bessie BEATTY {US}
(F: 1886 Jan 27 - 1947 Apr 6) Political Primer For The New Voter [n|1912] The Red Heart Of Russia [n|1918] Salt Chunk Mary (w ?) [d|1927] Jamboree (w ?) [d|1932] James BEATTY {UK}
(M: 1870 Jul 7 - 1947 Oct 16) The Method Of Enzyme Action (w ?) [n|1917] Henry BEAUMONT {US}
(M: 1902 Jun 7 - 1947 Feb 21) Psychology Of Personnel [n|1945] Psychology Applied To Personnel [n|1946] Psychological Factors In Education (w Freeman Glenn MACOMBER) [n|1949] Edward Henslowe BEDFORD
(M: ? - ?) The Intermediate And Final Examination Guide To Equity [n|1867] The Intermediate Examination Guide To 'Chitty On Contracts' [n|1868] The Preliminary, Army, And Civil Service Guide To Latin Grammar [n|1872] A Digest Of The Preliminary Examination Questions In English... [n|1873] Outline Of An Action In The Chancery Division [n|1878] Bettina BEDWELL, Mrs RATTNER {US}
(F: ? - 1947) Yellow Dusk [1937] Maj, Stanley Welch BEEMAN {UK}
(M: 1879 Dec - 1947 Feb 22) The Great Day In 1920 [?] 'Spidercode' For Use With Radiotelegrams, Cables And Telegrams [n|1930] George Emerson BEERS {US}
(M: 1865 Oct 7 - 1947 Dec 25) Rev, Henry BEETS {NL/US?}
(M: 1869 Jan 5 - 1947 Oct 29) [Life Of President McKinley] [b|Du-1901] [Life And Times Of President Lincoln] [b|Du-1909] [Triumphs Of The Cross] [b|Du-1909/14] Compendium Of The Christian Religion Explained [n|1915/19/1924] [History Christian Reformed Church] [n|Du-1918] The Christian Reformed Church [n|1923] Student's Compendium Of The Heidelberg Catechism [n|1925] The Reformed Confession Explained [n|1929] Bible History, Book By Book [n|1934] The Man Of Sorrows [n|1935] Johanna Of Nigeria [b|1937] Toiling And Trusting:...Christian Reformed Mission Work [n|1940] George (Frederick Arthur) BELCHER {UK}
(M: 1875 Sep 19 - 1947 Oct 3) Characters [1922] Odd Fish (w Stacy AUMONIER) [1923] By George Belcher [1926] Taken From Life [1929] Potted Char [1933] Preb, George Milner BELL {UK}
(M: 1872 - 1947 Mar 9) Social Service: A Handbook For Workers And Visitors In London... [n|1908] Marie (Adelaide Julie Elizabeth Renée) (nee)BELLOC LOWNDES {UK}
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