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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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E S A (ps)
(?: ? - ?) A History Of Our Lord's Life On Earth (ed W E HEYGATE) [b|1871] Charles Dettie AARON {US}
(M: 1866 May 8 - 1951 (or 1961)) The Examination Of The Function Of The Intestines... (w A SCHMIDT) [n|1906/09] Diseases Of The Stomach [n|1911] Diseases Of The Digestive Organs [n|1915/?/?/1927] Gordon Crowell ABBOTT
(M: 1882 - 1951) King, ABDULLAH / ABDALLAH, I of Jordan {JO}
(M: 1882 Feb - 1951 Jul 20) My Memoirs Completed, 'Al-Takmilah' [a|Ar-?] (tr H W GLIDDEN) [1954] Hans Karl ABEL {DE}
(M: 1876 Aug 8 - 1951 Mar 10 or 11) Die Waldmühle [f|Ge-1901] Im Herbstnebel [d|Ge-1901] Unsri Chöne Rawe [d|Ge-1902] In Halm Und Feder [p|Ge-1904] Conceptio Divina [p|Sp-1904] Michelangelo [n|Ge-1909] Die Elsässische Tragödie (aka: Ruf In Der Nacht) [f|Ge-1911] Die Silbernen Glocken [d|Ge-1914] Nach Mariä Lichtmeß [d|Ge-1917] Was Mein Ernst War [Ge-1917] Die Melker Im Tauben Klang [Ge-1918] Briefe Eines Elsässischen Bauernburschen... [a|Ge-1922/1941] Die Forellen [n|Ge-1922] Am Römerwall [Ge-1925] Die Forellen [Ge-1927] Reise-Humor [Ge-1929] Sporthumor [Ge-1929] Veits Aufstieg Und Liebe [b|Ge-1931] Liebe Und Verhängnis [Ge-1934] Der Schwäbische Wald [n|Ge-1938] Do Lacht Mi Elsaß [Ge-1941] Der Heimat Wiegenlied [p|Ge-1942] Morgenssonne Im Herbst [p|Ge-1942] Ashley (Perry) ABRAHAM {UK}
(M: 1876 Feb 20 - 1951 Oct 9) Rock Climbing In North Wales (w George ABRAHAM) [n|1906] Rock Climbing In Skye [n|1908] Dimitrii Ivanovich ABRIKOSOV
(M: 1876 - 1951) Jessie A ACKERMANN / ACKERMAN {US}
(F: 1857 Jul 4 - 1951 Mar 31) The World Through A Woman's Eyes [n|1896] What Women Have Done With The Vote [n|1913] Australia From A Woman's Point Of View [n|1913] Louis ADAMIC, aka Alojzij ADAMIC {US:1913on?}
(M: 1898 (wrongly 1899) Mar 23 - 1951 Sep 4) Facts You Should Know About California (w others) [n|1928] Dynamite: The Story Of Class Violence In America [n|1931/1934] Laughing In The Jungle:...An Immigrant In America [a|1932] The Native's Return: An American Immigrant Visits Yugoslavia... [n|1934] Grandsons: A Story Of American Lives [f|1935] Cradle Of Life [f|1936] The House In Antigua [f|1937] My America, 1928-1938 [n|1938] From Many Lands [1940] Two-Way Passage [1941] What's Your Name? [1942] My Native Land [1943] A Nation Of Nations [1945] Dinner At The White House [1946] The Eagle And The Roots [1952] Agnes (Louise Logan) ADAMS {UK}
(F: 1891 - 1951 Jun 6) (also wrote as: Agnes LOGAN) Doddles: A School Story [f|1920] Our Lil: A Village Story [f|1923] That Barbara Moore [f|1924] The Boy Next Door [s|1925] The Cottage In The Woods [f|1925] Jesus Of Nazareth: Stories Of The Master & His Disciples [n|1926] Doddles Makes Things Hum [f|1927] Ella Of Berry Farm [f|1927] Stephen Jeffreys [1928] Those Shepton Children [f|1928] The Necessary Man (ps: Agnes LOGAN) [f|1929] There Is A Tide (ps: Agnes LOGAN) [f|1930] The Story Of Jacob [b|1936] An English Girl [f|1936] Comfort Me With Apples (ps: Agnes LOGAN) [f|1936] Mrs Crosby, (Juliette) ADAMS, nee GRAVES {US}
(F: 1858 - 1951) Four Little Wrist Studies... [n|1898] Chapters From A Musical Life [a|1903] What The Piano Writings Of Edward MacDowell Mean...Student [n|1913] Those Five Fingers: A Group Of Training Students...Development [n|1920] Recent Developments In Teaching Children To Play The Piano [n|1923] Work And Play Book: A Help In Musicianship [n|1926] In The Rocking Chair [1929] Dance Of The Marionettes [1929] Chicos [1935] Randolph Greenfield ADAMS {US?}
(M: 1892 - 1951) (wrote as: R G A) Passports Printed By Benjamin Franklin At His Passy Press (anon) [n|1925] A Brief Account Of Ralegh's Roanoke Colony In 1585... (anon) [n|1935] Samuel Vyvyan Trerice ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1900 Apr 22 - 1951 Aug 13) (also wrote as: WATCHMAN) Right Honourable Gentlemen (ps: WATCHMAN) [1939] What Of The Night? (ps: WATCHMAN) [1940] Churchill: Architect Of Victory (ps: WATCHMAN) [n|1940] A Letter To A Young Politician [n|1946] The British Co-operative Movement [n|1948] (George Ernest) Bartlett ADAMSON {AU}
(M: 1884 Dec 22 - 1951 Nov 4) (also wrote as: The Red BARD; BARTADAMSON) Twelve Sonnets [p|1918] Mystery Gold [f|1925] These Beautiful Women [p|1932] Beyond The Sun [p|1942] Nice Day For A Murder And Other Stories [s|1944] Frank Clune [n|1944] Bringer Of Light [p|1945] Comrades All And Other Poems For The People [p|1945] Christopher ADDISON, 1st Viscount ADDISON {UK}
(M: 1869 Jun 19 - 1951 Dec 11) With The Abyssinians In Somaliland (w James Willes JENNINGS) [n|1905] The Betrayal Of The Slums [n|1922] Politics From Within [2v|n|1924] Practical Socialism [2v|n|1926] Four And A Half Years [2v|n|1934] A Policy For British Agriculture [n|1939] Franz Xaver AENDERL {DE}
(M: 1883 Nov 25 - 1951 Oct 26) Bavaria: The Problem Of German Federalism [n|1943] Prof, Wilfred Eade AGAR {AU}
(M: 1882 Apr 27 - 1951 Jul 14) Cytology [n|1920] The Theory Of The Living Organism [n|1943] George Russell AGASSIZ {US}
(M: 1862 Jul 21 - 1951 (or 1953)) Letters And Recollections Of Alexander Agassiz [a|1913] Mother, AGNÈS De JÉSUS
(F: 1861 - 1951) Prof, Robert Grant AITKEN {US}
(M: 1864 Dec 31 - 1951 Oct 29) The Binary Stars [n|1918/1935] New General Catalogue Of Double Stars Within 120deg... [n|1932] Herman ALADORE {HU/US}
(M: 1870 Jan 3 - 1951 Apr 24) (wrote as: Albert Herman WOODS) Vasilii Mikhailovich ALEKSEEV {SU?}
(M: 1881 - 1951) Miguel ALESSIO ROBLES {MX}
(M: 1884 (or 1885) Dec 5 - 1951 Nov 10) Grace (Caroline) ALEXANDER {US}
(F: 1872 - 1951) Prince Cinderella [f|?] Judith: A Story Of The Candle-Lit Fifties [f|?] ALFREDUS (ps)
(?: ? - ?) R The Needle-Woman [f|1871] J R ALLAN {AU}
(?: ? - ?) (wrote as: Gabriel Bumpkin BIGFELLOW) Rhyme And Reason [p|1871] Robert Moir ALLARDYCE {UK}
(M: 1882 May 22 - 1951 Jan 22) New Latin Course [n|1910] Something About Education [n|1919] Latin For Beginners [n|1929] Bernard Meredith ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1864 - 1951 May 8) Sir Robert Morant: A Great Public Servant [b|1934] Clarence Edgar ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1871 Nov 21 - 1951 Dec 24) The Modern Locomotive [n|1912] Screw Threads [n|?] Prof, John Robert ALLEN {US}
(M: 1851 Nov 22 - ?) Man, Money And The Bible [n|1891] Form Book For Methodist Church Courts [n|1887] The Itinerant's Guide [n|?] William Sims ALLEN {US}
(M: 1888 Oct 27 - 1951) A Study In Latin Prognosis [n|1923] Albert Edwin ALLIN {CA}
(M: 1867 - 1951) The Ethics Of Marriage And Divorce [n|1919] Frank Drummond ALLISON {CA}
(M: 1883 - 1951) Prof, Arthur John ALLMAND {UK}
(M: 1885 - 1951 Aug 4) Principles Of Applied Electro-Chemistry [n|1912/1925] Prof, Rafael ALTAMIRA (y CREVEA)
(M: 1866 Feb 10 - 1951 Jun 1) Wilhelm ALTMANN {DE}
(M: 1862 Apr 4 - 1951 Mar 25) Handbuch Für Streichquartettspieler [4v|n|Ge-1928-1931] Katalog Der Theatralischen Musik [n|Ge-1935] Tonkünstler-Lexikon [n|Ge-1936] Handbuch Für Klaviertriospieler... [n|Ge-1937] Kammermusik-Katalog [n|Ge-1941] Baroness, (Constance) Léonie (Caroline) AMINOFF, nee BORGSTRÖM {FI}
(F: 1870 Nov 6 - 1951 Feb 23) Ett Modernt Äktenskap: Af Gref Said Sara [Fi-1909] Katarina: En Ful Kvinnas Historia [Fi-1910] The Broad Walk [1912] Torchlight - Revolution [f|1921] Love [f|1922] Ambition [f|1923] Success [f|1924] Victory [f|1925] Fackelsken [Fi-1925] Triumph [f|1926] Glory [f|1927] Arrogance [f|1928] Storm [f|1930] Retreat [f|1938] Bernhardt ANDERS {AT}
(M: 1874 Feb 17 - 1951 Mar 30) Zwischen Krieg Und Frieden [p|Ge-1914] Vom Krieg Zum Frieden [p|Ge-1915] Fromme Und Fröhliche Legenden [Ge-1939] Pfaff Konrad Von Pottendorf [Ge-1942] Auf Vorpaß [Ge-?] Barbara Hunter ANDERSON {CA}
(F: 1874 - 1951) Two White Oxen: A Perspective Of Early Saskatoon, 1874-1905 [n|1972] John Piter ANDERSON
(M: 1851 - ?) Angelic Wisdom Concerning The Opening Of The First Of The Seven... [n|1904] Robert Gordon ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1881 - before 1952) Cross Of Fire [f|1918] Not Taps, But Reveille [1918] Little Chap [1919] Leader Of Men [1920] 7802 Seven O'Clock Stories [s|1920] Isle Of Seven Moons [f|1922] 7505 Half-Past Seven Stories [s|1922] Eight O'Clock Stories [s|1923] For Love Of A Sinner [1924/1924] Over The Hill Stories [s|1925] You're On The Air [1926] Those Quarrelsome Bonapartes [1927] American Family Abroad [1931] Tavern Rogue [1934] Villon: A Lyric Drama Of François Villon [1937] Biography Of A Cathedral [n|1944] City And The Cathedral [n|1948] A M ANDREWS {AU}
(?: ? - ?) Card Only: A Tale Of Christmas And The West Coast Of Tasmania [f|1871] Freiherr, Leopold (Ferdinand) von ANDRIAN (Zu WERBURG) {AT}
(M: 1875 May 9 - 1951 Nov 19) Hannibal [Ge-1888] Der Garten Der Erkenntnis [f|Ge-1895] Gedichte [p|Ge-1913] Das Fest Der Jugend [p|Ge-1919] Die Ständeordnung Des Alls [Ge-1930] Österreich Im Prisma Der Idee [Ge-1937] Briefwechsel Mit Hofmannsthal (w HOFMANNSTHAL) (ed W H PERL) [a|Ge-1968] Frühe Gedichte (ed Walter H PERL) [p|Ge-1972] Fred Antoine ANGERMEYER / ANGERMAYER {AT}
(M: 1889 Jul 7 - 1951 Jul 21) Das Blut [p|Ge-1922] Messe Der Vergangenheit [p|Ge-1922] Raumsturz [Ge-1922] Reliquien [d|Ge-1923] Komödie Um Rosa [Ge-1924] Kirschwasser [d|Ge-1924] Das Dramatisches Theater (w Paul ZECH) [n|Ge-1924] Komödie Um Mittag [d|Ge-1926] Berenga [Ge-1926] Die Große Schiebung [Ge-1929] Flieg, Roter Adler Von Tirol [Ge-1929] Achtung - Parade [Ge-1931] Der Weltmeister [d|Ge-1931] Der Wolf Im Schafspelz [d|Ge-1931] Der Stricht Durch Die Rechnung [d|Ge-1931] Drei Kaiserjäger [Ge-1931] Der Dreizehnte Juni [Ge-1932] Das Wunderwasser [d|Ge-1933] Anna Kronthaler [d|Ge-1934] Legionäre [d|Ge-1934] Der Klein Verwandte [Ge-1935] Andreas Und Sein Hund [d|Ge-1936] Die Schlacht Bei Abensberg [d|Ge-1936] Nizza-Paris [d|Ge-1937] Wer Andern Eine Grube Gräbt [d|Ge-1938] Tiroler Bergbauerngeschichten [s|Ge-1938] Der Mann Aus Dem Expreß [d|Ge-1939] Gloria Grieg [Ge-1942] Der Hai Vom Eriesee [John D Rockefeller] [b|Ge-1942] Träume [Ge-1948] Sturz Des Tyrannen [d|Ge-1950] Erosine [d|Ge-1951] Marion Isabel ANGUS, nee HAND {CA}
(F: 1902 - 1951) Sea Mist And Other Poems [p|1926] Fragrant Wisdom [p|1931] Sir, Edward (Reynell) ANSON, 6th Baronet ANSON of Hatch Beauchamp {UK}
(M: 1902 Jan 31 - 1951 Jun 26) Arthur ANSTEY {UK/CA?}
(M: c1873 - 1951 Oct 6) The Romance Of British Columbia [n|1927/1931/1942] The British People: A Story Of Social Development [n|c1940/?] British Columbia: A Short History (w Neil SUTHERLAND) [n|1957] Honor Charlotte APPLETON {UK}
(F: 1879 Feb 4 - 1951 Dec 30) 24610 Dumpy Proverbs [1903] Harry(=Henry W) ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1879 Jul 22 - 1951 Feb 28) John I ARMSTRONG {US?}
(M: ? - before 1952) Elders That Rule Well [1923] Victor Rees ARONSON {UK}
(M: 1880 Dec 5 - 1951 Jan 1) Sir, Cyril Ernest ASHFORD {UK}
(M: 1867 Jun 17 - 1951 Apr 29) (also wrote as: C E A) Note Book Of Observations In Practical Physics (ps: C E A) [n|1900] Electricity & Magnetism, Theoretical & Practical [n|1903/11/20] A Preliminary Course Of Practical Physics [n|1904] The Elementary Theory Of...Electric Machinery (w E W KEMPSON) [n|1908] Elementary Experimental Dynamics For Schools [n|1913/16] Practical Physics [n|1950] Rev, William ASHMORE {US}
(M: 1851 Sep 28 - ?) [The Lord's Day] [Ch-?] John William Hey ATKINS {UK}
(M: 1874 Oct 22 - 1951 Sep 10) Literary Criticism In Antiquity [2v|n|1934] English Literary Criticism - Medieval [n|1943] English Literary Criticism - The Renascence [n|1947] English Literary Criticism - 17th And 18th Centuries [n|1951] Paolo ATTARD {MT}
(M: 1889 Apr 26 - 1951 Oct 8) Elijah Francis ATWOOD {US?}
(M: 1871 - 1951) Bible And Science [n|1931] George Edward ATWOOD {US}
(M: 1851 Nov 8 - ?) Complete Graded Arithmetic [n|1893] Standard School Algebra [n|1896] Exercises In Algebra [n|1896] Grammar School Algebra [n|1901] Arithmetic By Grades In Six Books [n|1901] Her AUNT (ps)
(F: ? - ?) The Drooping Snow-Drop [1871] BABA {NG}
(F: c1877 - 1951) Baba Of Karo: A Woman Of The Muslim House [a|1954] Ivor Gordon BACK {UK}
(M: 1879 - 1951 Jun 13) (also wrote as: I B) Round The World - And Back [n|1913] Synopsis Of Surgery (w Arthur Tudor EDWARDS) [n|1921] Albert Edward BAILEY (Sr) {US}
(M: 1871 - 1951) On Nazareth Hill [n|1915] Wise Man's Story: A Christmas Tale For Dreamers [1916] The Gospel In Art [n|1916] Art Studies In The Life Of Christ [n|1917] Teacher's Manual To Accompany 'Art Studies In The Life Of Christ' [n|1917] History Of The Hebrew Commonwealth [n|1920] The Use Of Art In Religious Education [n|1921] Religion In Art Series, A: The Life Of Christ [n|1924] Christ In Recent Art [n|1935] History Of The Hebrew Commonwealth (2e w Charles Foster KENT) [n|1935] Art And Character [n|1938] Jesus And His Teachings: The Approach Through Art [n|1942] Daily Life In Bible Times [n|1943] + The Gospel In Hymns [n|1950] Kenneth Claude BAILEY {IE}
(M: 1896 May 9 - 1951 Sep 18) Etymological Dictionary Of Chemistry And Mineralogy (w Dorothy BAILEY) [n|1929] The Elder Pliny's Chapters On Chemical Subjects [2v|n|1929-1932] The Retardation Of Chemical Reactions [n|1937] History Of Trinity College, Dublin From 1892 To 1945 [n|1947] Rev, Frank BAIRD {CA}
(M: 1870 - 1951) Roger Davis, Loyalist [f|1907] Rob Macnab: A Story Of Old Pictou... [f|1923] Parson John Of The Labrador [f|1924] Addresses At The Celebration...James Drummond MacGregor... (ed) [b|1937] Boy Number Nine [?] George Philip BAKER {UK}
(M: 1879 May 21 - 1951 Apr 19) The Magic Tale Of Harvanger And Yolande [1914] The Romance Of Palombris And Pallogris: The Second Magic Tale [1915] Sulla The Fortunate [n|1927] Tiberius Caesar [n|1929] Hannibal [n|1930] Constantine The Great [n|1931] The Fighting Kings Of Wessex [n|1931] Justinian [n|1932] Charlemagne And The United States Of Europe [n|1933] Twelve Centuries Of Rome [n|1934] A Quaker Journal (jt ed) [n|1934] A Book Of Battles [n|1935] Augustus: The Golden Age Of Rome [n|1937] Prof, Boris Aleksandrovich BAKHMETEFF {SU}
(M: 1880 - 1951) The Mechanics Of Turbulent Flow [n|1936] Lydia Ray BALDERSTON {US}
(F: 1873 - before 1952) Laundering, Home - Institution [n|1923] Housewifery: A Manual And Text Book Of Practical Housekeeping [n|1919/21/1924/1928/1934] Prof, Henry Winthrop BALLANTINE {US}
(M: 1880 Oct 12 - 1951 Dec 4) Problems In Law For Law School...Review (w others) [n|?/1937] Talcott Miner BANKS, Sr {US?}
(M: 1868 Apr - 1951) From The Editor's Window [1924] Prof, César BARJA {ES/US:1931on}
(M: 1890 Oct 1 - 1951 Jun 17) Libros Y Autores Clásicos [n|Sp-1922] Libros Y Autores Modernos [n|Sp-1925] Libros Y Autores Contemporáneos [n|Sp-1935] Prof, Robert Hayward BARLOW {US}
(M: 1918 May 18 - 1951 Jan 1 or 2) Poems For A Competition [p|1942] View From A Hill [p|1947] Albert Coombs BARNES {US}
(M: 1872 Jan 2 - 1951 Jul 24) The Art In Painting [n|1925/1928/1937] French Primitives And Their Forms... (w Violette DE MAZIA) [n|1931] Case Of Bertrand Russell Versus Democracy And Education [n|1944] Mary (nee)Clark BARNES {US}
(F: 1851 Feb 4 - ?) Athanasia [1907] Early Stories And Songs For New Students Of English [1912] The New America: A Study In Immigration (w Lemuel C BARNES) [n|1913] Neighboring New Americans [n|1920] Pioneers Of Light (w Lemuel C BARNES) [n|1924] Life Exultant [n|1925] We, The People, And Our Constitution [n|1927] How Came Our Constitution? [n|1930] John Smith, Usher [b|1933] Alice Frances BARRY {UK}
(F: c1861 - 1951 Jul 10) Last Poems [p|1952] Adamson BARTLET {AU}
(M: 1884 - 1951) William Sylvester BARTLETT {US}
(M: 1851 - ?) My Foot's In The Stirrup [a|1937] Daisy (May) BATES, nee O'DWYER, 1:Mrs MURRANT {AU}
(F: 1859 (or 1861) or 1863 Oct 16 - 1951 Apr 18 or 19) # The Passing Of The Aborigines (w Ernestine HILL) [n|1938] Tales Told To Kabbarli (w Barbara Ker WILSON) [n|1972] The Native Tribes Of Western Australia (ed Isobel WHITE) [n|1985] Edmond Franklin BATES
(M: 1851 - ?) Prof, Jerry Raymond BEACH {US}
(M: 1888 Dec 21 - 1951 Jan 4) Lewis BEACH {US?}
(M: 1891 - before 1952) 3068 The Clod [d|pub:1921] Burning Torch [d|1923] Ann Vroome [d|reg:1924] Chattels [d|reg:1924] The Goose Hangs High [d|reg:1924] A Square Peg [d|reg:1924] Isaac BEARFOOT
(M: ? - ?) I Ne Karorouh Ne Teyerihwahkwathaokouh Shonagarowane... [p|Mk-1871] Lorraine BEIM, nee LEVEY / LEVY {US}
(F: 1909 - 1951 (or 1952) Jun 15) The Burro With No Name (w Jerrold BEIM) [f|1939] Sasha And The Samovar (w Jerrold BEIM) [f|1944] Two Is A Team (w Jerrold BEIM) [f|?] Hurry Back [f|?] Emery(=Imre) BÉKESSY, aka Emmerich BÉKESSY {HU}
(M: 1887 Nov 13 - 1951 Mar 17) Barrabas [f|?] Cläre BEKKER {DE}
(F: 1884 Jul 7 - 1951 Feb 11) H J S BELL {ZA}
(M: ? - 1951 Jul) A Modern Hermit [p|1899] Rev, Kenneth Norman BELL {UK}
(M: 1884 Sep 3 - 1951 Oct 13) Select Documents In British Colonial History, 1830-1860 (w W P MORRELL) [n|1928] Hemda BEN-YAHUDA
(F: 1873 - 1951) Victor E BENDIX
(M: 1851 - ?) Frank Weston BENSON {US}
(M: 1862 Mar 24 - 1951 Nov 14 or 15) Etchings And Drypoints, v3 [n|1923] Jörgen BENTZON {DK}
(M: 1897 Feb 14 - 1951 Jul 9) Alexander BERCOVITCH {CA}
(M: 1891 - 1951) Luther Lee BERNARD {US?}
(M: 1881 - 1951) Instinct: A Study In Social Psychology [n|1924] Rev, James Franklin BETHUNE-BAKER {UK}
(M: 1861 Aug 23 - 1951 Jan 13) The Influence Of Christianity On War [n|1888] The Sternness Of Christ's Teaching [n|1889] The Meaning Of Homoousios In The Constantinopolitan Creed [n|1901] An Introduction To The Early History Of Christian Doctrine [n|1903] Nestorius And His Teaching [n|1908] The Faith Of The Apostles' Creed [n|1918] The Way Of Modernism, And Other Essays [e|1927] Early Traditions About Jesus [n|1929] The New View Of Christianity (w W GRIERSON) [n|1930] Siegfried BETTMANN {UK}
(M: 1863 Apr 18 - 1951 Sep 23) In The Land Of The Pharoes [n|?] South African Journeyings [n|?] A Glance At India [n|?] South Africa Revisited [n|?] On The Sacred Road [n|?] Origins And Causes Of The War [n|?] Edward Morris BEVAN {UK}
(M: c1883 - 1951 Jan 20) Homeland Journeys [1935] Utility Arithmetic, v3 & 4 [n|1938] Ernest BEVIN {UK}
(M: 1881 Mar 9 - 1951 Apr 14) The Job To Be Done [e|1942] Paul BEYER {DE}
(M: 1893 May 15 - 1951 May 25) Francis Marion BEYNON {CA}
(F: 1884 - 1951) J Aleta Dey [f|1919] Augusto Guido BIANCHI {IT}
(M: 1868 - 1951) * Der Roman Eines Geborenen Verbrechers [Ge-1894] Prince, Antoine/Anton BIBESCO / BIBESCU {RO}
(M: 1878 Jul 19 - 1951 Sep 2) Le Jaloux [d|Fr-?] Laquelle? [d|Fr-?] Quatuor [d|Fr-?] Mon Héritier [d|Fr-?] Anne [d|Fr-?] Rev, Joseph Warwick BIGGER {UK}
(M: 1891 Sep 11 - 1951 Aug 17) Handbook Of Bacteriology [n|?/?/?/?/?/1949] Handbook Of Hygiene [n|?/1941] Man Against Microbe [n|1939] Fritz Oswald BILSE {DE}
(M: 1878 Mar 31 - 1951) (also wrote as: Fritz von der KYRBURG; Fritz WERNTHAL) Aus Einer Kleinen Garnison (ps: Fritz von der KYRBURG) [f|Ge-1903] Life In A Garrison Town (ps: KYRBURG) [f|Ge-1903] (tr ?) [1904] 31248 A Little Garrison (ps: KYRBURG) [f|Ge-1903] (tr W von SCHIERBRAND) [1904] Zwei Militär-Humoresken: Der Alarm; Ein Glücklicher Reinfall [s|Ge-1903] Das Blaue Schloß [f|Ge-1904] Wahrheit [d|Ge-1904] Fallobst [d|Ge-1905] Lieb' Vaterland: Roman Aus Dem Soldatenleben [f|Ge-1905] Die Große Schlacht [d|Ge-1906] Stille Wege [f|Ge-1907] Verklärung [f|Ge-1909] Die Technik Des Romans [n|Ge-1909] Gottes Mühlen: Roman Aus Einer Großen Nation [f|Ge-1924] Die Schwarze Welle: Ein Negerroman Von Afim Assanga... [f|Ge-1925] Wie Kann Der Bauer Die...Schweren Zeiten Überstehe... [n|Ge-1928] William Riddell BIRDWOOD, 1st Baron BIRDWOOD of Anzac and of Totnes {UK}
(M: 1865 Sep 13 - 1951 May 17) Khaki And Gown [a|1941] In My Time [a|1946] Prof, Karl BECK {AT/DDR?}
(M: 1887 - 1951 Oct 15) Die Erziehung Des Schauspielers [n|Ge-?] Viola (Bee) BIVINS, nee COBB {US}
(F: 1863 Dec 15 - 1951 Sep 14) Memoirs [a|1942] Vilhelm Friman Koren BJERKNES {NO}
(M: 1862 Mar 14 - 1951 Apr 9) Edwin (August) BJÖRKMAN {SE}
(M: 1866 Oct 19 - 1951 Nov 16) Gleames [1912] Voices Of Tomorrow [1913] 12283 The Soul Of A Child [f|1922] Gates Of Life [f|1923] John McConnel BLACK {AU}
(M: 1855 Apr 28 - 1951 Dec 2) The Naturalised Flora Of South Australia [n|1909] The Flora Of South Australia [4v|n|1922-1929/1943-1953] Hugh BLACKBURN
(M: ? - ?) * Elements Of Plane Trigonometry [n|1871] Gertrude Mary Ireland BLACKBURNE {UK}
(F: 1861 (or 1862) May 13 - 1951 Nov 28) Algernon Sidney [f|1885] Zig-Zag: A Quiet Story [f|1885] In Opposition [f|1888] A Girl's Difficulties [1895] How God Is Love [n|1900] In Sunday School [1904] Along The Road: A Book Of Verse For Common Days (ed) [p|1907] S Paul: His Story And His Writings Sketched In Outline [b|1910] The Old Testament: An Outline Of Great Facts In Its Story [n|1913] The New Testament: Some Notes Upon Its Coming And Its Contents [n|1927] Dean, Lionel Edward BLACKBURNE {UK}
(M: 1874 Nov 2 - 1951 Aug 4) Charles (Lieutenant-Colonel C H Blackburne, DSO) [b|1919] Maj-Gen, Robert James BLACKHAM {UK}
(M: c1869 - 1951 Jan 23) Scalpel, Sword And Stretcher: Forty Years Of Work And Play [1931] White Cross Of St John [n|?/?/?] London's Livery Companies [n|1931] The Soul Of The City [n|?] Wig And Gown: The Story Of The Temple, Gray's And Lincoln's Inn [n|1932] London For Ever!: The Sovereign City [n|1932] Incomparable India [n|1933] The Crown And The Kingdom: England's Royal Family [n|1933] Apron Men: The Romance Of Freemasonry [n|1934] Sir Ernest Wild, KC [b|1935] Woman: In Honour And Dishonour [n|1936] Algernon (Henry) BLACKWOOD {UK}
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